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Office No. 61.
Residence, No.l 7.
Wednesday, March 29
Trenton: Service at the Presbyte
rian church at 8:15 o'clock Sunday.
Edenfield: Service at 11:15 in
Presbyterian church Sunday.
Rev. W. S. Boggs representing
Presbyterian standard is in town
Mr. AlbertS. Fant, of Belton, a
candidate for % place on the rail
road? commission, was in Edgefield
Mr. J. C. Auman of Limar, Dar
lington county, ia now serving Penn
& Holstein as pharmacist.
Mrs. James Velix has gone to
visit her parents in Swainsboro, Ora.
They had the misfortune to lose
their home and its contents by fire
last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Lott of John
ston were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. Cogburn last Sunday, wor
shipping in the Baptist church in
the morning.
Hon. .Tor-n E. Swearingen, the
past, present and future State Su
perintendent of Education, spent
Saturday in Edgefield. He was very
warmly greeted by his friends here.
The regular monthly meeting of
the '.y.O.T. TJ.,will be held Monday
afternoon. April 3, at the h*?me of
Mrs. A. E. Padgett. Mrs. W. S.
Coeburn will have charge of the
Yon can't give a bride anything
she wijl appreciate more than one
more pieces of white and gold china
with her initial on it. Send an or
der to Miss Eliza Miras in time.
The Advertiser suggests that the
obsolete name of the public road
leading from Edgefield to Augusta
hy the Pine House be changed from
the "Plank Road" to the "George
Swearingen Road." Everybody is
taltcinp; about this improved high
way and commending in the high
est terras George Swearingen and
his faithful co-workers along the
We have jost added a complete
line of cut glass to our stock. New
and very attractive designs, with
prides ranging from 75 cents to
$11.50 per piece.
Collett & Mitchell.
We are prepared with the great
est line of merchandise ever shown
in this section. Each department is
filled up with the latest merchan
dise the market cati afford.
We carry the largest line of skirts
in this section. We have everything
in wash skirts in white and colors,
prices from 75 cents up to |!5.00. A
bis line of Paim beach and velvet
corduroy, also a large assortment
of wool skirt?* in serges and nth ;r
kind of material from ?2.00 up t"
$9.00. We also carry doe piece silk
dresses. Prices $7.5.0, $K, ?15.
It is reported by Penn & H? 1"
fitetn, druggist, that much Adler-r
ka 'is sold in Edgefield. People
have found out that ONE SPOON
FUL of this simple buckthorn bark
and glycerine mixture relieves al
most ANY CASE of constipation,
soar or ea?sj' stomach. It is so
powerful that it is used sur-oe**
fullyin appendicitis ONE MINUTE
after you take it the gasses rumble
and pass ont. It in perfectly safe
to use and cannot gripe. 5
Notice to all Progressive Color
ed Men of Edgefield County.
All preliminaries having been ar
ranged with the Edgefield Fair as
sociation a p.sblic meeting will be
held at Edgefield on Saturday a.
m. April 8, at the colored Metho
dist church for the purpose of or
ganizing an association to hold a
colored fair at Edgefield next fall.
The promoters of this movement
have been very much encouraged by
the colored citizens that thev have
seen and talked with alao have been
promised the support and co-opera
tion of the white people. We urge
all progressive colored men that
have the interest of the people and
county at heart toN meet on above
named place and date and lets have
a fair that will reflect credit on the
county in which we live.
All are invited to come and join
in this movement.
J. S Ram ey,
J. H. Cbeathara.
Nephew of Mr. James C
Brooks Also.
In the notice of the death of Mi
W, Brooks Dunovant last week Th
Advertiser stated that he was
nephew of Col. Preston Brooks an
of Capt. J. Hampden Brooks, omit
tins:, unintentionally, the name o
his other uncle, Capt. James Cai
roll Brook?, vvho was a captain i
tlie Confederate army. Capt. Jame
Brooks' children are Gen. U. Ii
Brooks and Mrs. Ellie Brooks Jon?
of Columbia and Mrs. Sallie Brook
Moseley and Mrs. J. L. Morgan o
Linie Mims Allen.
The resolutions which follow thi
short sketch are the loving expr?s
sion of the members of the "ON
Niuety Six District chapter Daugh
tere of the American Revolulion"fo
one of the charter members of tb ii
Emeline Rebecca Mirna was bon
near Meeting Street,Edgetield coun
ty, February 8, 1877. When yet s
child her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M
H. Miras removed to Edgefield am
occupied the ancestral home of th<
Minis family.
Linie Mims was married Apri
10, 1906 to Mr. J. Horde Allen
Two children, John and Rebecca
died in infancy. This fact is easy t<
record, but the experience was bit
ter. No human pen can ever portray
the peculiar sorrow of father and
mother bereft of their children ol
tender years.
Mrs. Allen after a very short ill
ness with pneumonia, passed a wa}
from her happy home in Edgefielc
in the early morning hours of De
cember 31, 1916, having succumbed
to the disease on Christmas day
she had enjoyed the preparation*
for the holidays and had helped tc
till the Christmas stockings for tht
two children. Margaret and Albert,
the comfort and delight of the home.
As a charter member of the "Old
Ninety-Six" chapter, D. A. R., Mrs.
Allen was a descendant of several
lines of Revolutionary ancestry, all
of whom had been among the early
and honored makers of Edgefield
town and county.
One of the last meetings which
Mrs. Allen attended just before
the Christmas holidays was a meet
ing of the D. A. R. There she was
looking so well and found such.real
enjoyment in the program that those
who saw her theu remember her as
haviug been unusually happy and
young and full of hope. Her pass
ing oat has caused great sadness
in the chapter.
Whereas our Heavenly Father,
through His unerring wisdom and
unfathomable dispensation and
through thal perfect foresight which
is so infinitely deeper and superior
to that of man, realizing that the
time was ripe, and the fruit ready
to be gathered in, folded back the
veil of eternity, set the gates ajar,
and beckoned unto Mrs. Linie M.
Allen with the hand of love, bid
ding her to cross to the other shore,
and there to entei into the hom^
prepared for,her, to which home in
the far away spirit land, w?fted up
on the gentle zephers of God's eter
nal love, the soul of that noble wife,
mother and member of the D. A.
R's. took its flight.
And whereas Linie was one of
our most valued members, always
responsive to the call of duty, ever
ready to do her uart.
And whereas we realize that her
vacant chair will be, always, a
source of many pleasant memories
as well as of greatest madness, to
our membership, Therefore be it
resolved :
1st. That whereas God has seen
tit to send the messenger of Death
into our ranks and remove there
from Linie Muns Allen, our order
h:is suffered a great loss, she beii g
one of our most faithful workeis,
but realizing that He doeth all
things well, we therefore submit
most humbly to his will.
2nd. That in the death of Linie
Mims Allen the Ninety-Six District
chapter has lost a member whose
untiring efforts and zealous labors,
and whose faithful discharge of
duty as registrar, have added much
to the material progress and wel
fare of our organization, and that
she will be greatly missed; and
though she be absent, the fond and
cherished recollections of the past,
will linger in our midst.
Be it further resolve! that a page
in our minute book be left blank
and dedicated to her memory; also
that a copy of these resolutions be
spread upon our minutes and that
a copy be sent to the family of de
Respectfully submitted.
Mrs. J. NV. Peak,
Mrs. Maggie T. Hill,
Mrs. J. H. Cautelou.
WAN TE h-To renta small cot
tage in the town of Edgefield. Ad
dress P. O. Box 158, Edgefield, S.
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being a fine Christian woman of the
best type of our Chinese Baptists.
And now this will particularly
interest you there at horne. When a
committee of South Carolina breth
ren, most of them members of your
church, undertook the support of
Mr. Sn negs and his wife until they
were re-appointed by the board and
sent to open up a new work at Pak
Hoi in another part of this same
Canton province (or state) he, with
the financial and mural support that
some of us could give, as in Honan,
fitted it up for a Baptist chapel, es
tablishing another schools for giris,
that was three quarters of an hour's
walk from one other school there,
so there was no possibl? semblance
of conflict, established a school for
boys; located a Chinese pastor
baptized a little band of converts
and finally organized a church, the
fifth Baptist church of Canton city.
Just before our return from fur
lough. Brother Suuggs having gone
to his new field, where he has now
gotten a good start, I am glad to
say-he deserves success-the mis
sion, at the board's suggestion, vot
ed to put the work on Honan
(South Canton) in our charge and
we came back to take up that and
all our former evangelistic work
(field work), and more, and we were
rejoiced to find the Honan church
getting a good start, having 48
members (14 of them added by bap
tism and four by letter in 1915,)
having raised the equivalent of over
8100 in American mouey towards
self-support during the year, that
was a good start, and having a:
Sunday school with eighteen mem
bers. In other words we found a
live, growing church which reflects
ureat credit on its builders.
Several months ago a fire Rwept
up the street to within one house of
the chapel, a narrow business hou"e,
whose walls adjoined the chapel and
was extinguished partly with water
from the baptistry. On the other
side of the very narrow streets, as
most Of the .streets are in Canton',
the fire destroyed the house exactly
opposite our chapel and was put
out. Now listen
A few days ago wife ind I re
turned from a two week's trip which
I have just written up for the
Courier, to find, that, a large fire,
destroying -sixty-four houses, had
swept dowD that street, both sides,
from the opposite direction from
which the other tire had come, had
destroyed the house opposite the
chapel again, and had also destroy
ed the one next to the chapel, their
wails also adjoining, damaging the
chapel, but not necessitating more
than rebuilding a cracked wall, re
pairing the roof, &c, and there the
lire was put out partly with water
from the baptistry, for the native
pastor had baptized a convert two
hours before. The heathen are say
ing that it pays to be a Christian,
and others are saying that it pa>s
to be a Baptist! This much is true,
if Edgefield got a better church
after her fire, and Honan thus nar
rcwly'escaped two tires since then,
we ought at least to rejoice tba?all
things can work togetbei for.gd?d?
And we do, and as we'lookiforward
to worshipping with that lillie con
gregal ioD again to-morrow and
regularly, between trips to the oth
er churches and chapels and schools
committed to the charge of us two
with the help of some splendid
native preachers and teacheus aud
Bible women and cilporters, we do
so with renewed faith and hope and
love. We can count on your prayers
at home, loo, can't we? For we
want to do the very best work of
otu- lives now in the strength that
God has given us through that touch
with the howie,and and the home
('auton, China. John Lake.
We handle groceries, of course,
bat the KIND of groceries we
handle and the WAV we handle
them and the way we SELvVE
YO LT that is what constitutes the
superior service one gets who deals
D. J. LaGrone. Mgr,
FOR SALE-Fifty bushels tine)
Improvnd Toole cotton seed at I
$1.00 per bushel. Long staple at
$1.50. Jas. D. Mathis, Trenton,
FOR SALE: Pure long staple
cotton seed for planting. Apply
Mrs. Emma Marsh,
3-29-2t-pd.' Edgefield, S. C.
The large amount of business we
have done in that line for the past
ten days was beyond our record.
We have sold more hats up to uaw
than ever before. We are going to
keep a complete line from now on,
so we can supply >our wauls.
A Twice-Told Tale.
One of Interest to our Readers.
ft??d MP ?vi l?4-?r*? repeating, and
when it is confirmed after a long
lap?.- "f HUI?-, even if we hesitated
to belipve it at first hearing, we
feel secure in accepting its truth
now. The following experiencej>f
an Edgefield woman is continued
after thr-t years.
Mrs. K L I jowe, Cedar Row,
Edgefield, says: "My back had both
ered rae for months and I became
weak and all run down. From other
symptoms, I knew tl at mv kidneys
were at fault and as Doan's kidney
pills had rid another of my family
of kidney trouble, I d Td n't hesitate
to try them. They gave me quick
and positive relief." (Statement giv
en April 12, 1911.) No trouble
since. More than three years later
Mrs. Lowe said: *I have had no oc
casion to use Doan's kidney pills
for some years, as they cured rae of
all symptoms of kidney disease.
There is no better medicine for kid
ney trouble."
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's kidney pills-the same
that Mrs Lowe has twice publicly
recommended. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
FOR RENT-A five-room resi
dence near the high school. Pos
session given at once. Apply to
J. L. Miras.
Statement of the ownership, man
agement, circulation, etc., required
by the Act of Congress of August
24, 1912, of Edgefield Advertiser,
published weekly at Edgefield, S.
C , for April, 1916.
State of South Carolina. County
of Edgefield.
Vefore me, a notary public in and
for the State and county, aforesaid,
personally appeared J. L. Minis,
^ho,'having been duly sworn ac
cording to law, .says that he is the
editor and owner of ' the Edgefield
Advertiser and that the followi. g
is; to the best of his knowledge and
be'ief, a true statement of the own
ership, management (and if daily
paper, the circulation) etc., of the
Dear Friends:-Y
and we cordially in
made eveiw effort t
treatment right. 1
Customers, and if ar
reason or canse we
to you. Therefore
same our attention,
safe, as we buy all (
have in our store a
Our Dry Goods ai
shoe stock is the bi;
cia! attention to om
to arrive in a few d
shoes in the conn tr
as it is nsuallv sold
See our eleganl
Boys. Come in ?
prices are as lo\
Let us show you
show them. We
we failed to mak
confidence, and u
lose that. Hopii
we are
Edgefield, South Cardin
Which Dol?
It is important for :
practical economy ia
to ask herself this qu
Do I prefer a pur
Royal, made of cream
grapes, or am I wilii
powder made of alun
derived from mineral s
The names of thi
on the label show w
are now using or any
that may be offered
of tartar powder, or
or .alum compound.
Royal Baking Pow
nor phosphate.
New '
aforesaid publication for the date
shown in the above caption, requir- i
ed by the Act of August 24, 1912, i
embodied in section 443, Postal \
Laws and Regulations, printed on i
the reverse of this form to wit:
1. That the names and addresses
of the publisher, editor, managing l
editor, and business manager are:
Publisher, J. L. Miras, Edgefield,
Editor, J. L. Miras, Edgefield, '
Managing Editor, J. L. Miras,
Edgefield, S. C.
Business Manager, J. L. Miras, '
Edgefield, S. C.
That the known bondholders,
mortgagees, and other security hoi
delis owning or holding 1 percent
or more of total amount of bonds,
mortgages, or other securities are: ?
That the two paragraphs next
above, giving the names of the
owners, stockholders, and security
holders, if any, contain not only
the list of stockholders and security
holden- as they appear upon the
on are going to do von
vite von to come in to o
0 have our goods, prie
Ne always aim to entire
iv dissatisfaction arises
ask vou to be as fair to
kindlv let us know so w<
In trading with us
)f our goods from the le
splendid variety of Spri
.e the best we have e^
ggest we have ever bon?
. WALK OVER Sho?s n<
ays. This is one of the
f, and we are fortunate
only bv large city stor<
t line of SPRING SU
md inspect every d<
v as dependable go<
the goods. It is no
1 protect you by ou:
e good our gu?rante*
nder no circumstanc
ig to see you soon
Yours respectfully,
s^ain H(
rou Prefer?
reasons of health and
r every housekeeper
estion :
e baking powder like
of tartar derived from
ng to use a baking
i or phosphate, both
ources ? "
s ingredients printed
nether the kind you
\ brand, new or old,
is a genuine cream
merely a phosphate
der contains no alum
books of the company bat also, in
cases where the stockholder or se
curity holder appears upon the
books of the company as trustee or
my other fiduciary relation, the
name of the person or corporation
for whom such trustee is acting, is
given; also that the said two para
graphs contain statements embrac
ing affiants full knowledge and be
lief as the circumstances and con
ditions under which stockholders
and security holders who do not
appear upon the books of the com
pany as trustees, hold stock and
securities in a capacity other than
that of bona fide owner; and this
affiant has no reason to believe that
any other person association, or
corporation bas any interest direct
or indirect in the stock, bonds or
other securities than as so stated by
Editor of Advertiser.
Sworn to and subscibed before
ne this 27th day of March: 1916.
[Seal] E. J. MIMS,
Notary Public for S. C.
pers ?
r spring shopping,
ur store, as we Have
es and methods of
?y please all of our
at any time for any
us as we try to be
e can promptly give
you are absolutely
ading houses. We
ng goods.
rer shown, and pur
y\\t We call espe
)w on the road, and
5 best lines of dress
in getting the line,
ITS for Men and
apartment. Our
}ds can be sold,
trouble to us to
r guarantee. | If
3 we'd lose ybur
e do we wisl? to
and serve you,

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