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Programme of Entertainment to
be Given August 10.
On Thursday evening, August 10,
in the opera house, Miss Marie Ab
ney will give a most attractive en
tertainment for the Edgefield li
brary. The library is in much need
of funds for books and rent, so Miss
Abney begs that the good people of
the town will give her a full house
as they have always so kindly done.
Come one and all and have a joyous
Play, "The Goddess of Love."
Aphrodite, a Greek Goddess, Miss
Eva Pickens Tarrant.
Knott Jones, a tramp, Mr. Wad
Scene in the city park in the early
Aphrodite, a Greek goddess, is a
statue in the park. According to
tradition, although a marble statue,
she can be brought to life by plac
ing a gold ring on her finger.
Knott Jones, who has slept in the
park, discovers Aphrodite; thinks
she is a live woman, but soon dis
covers his mistake.
The Gypsy countess sang and
acted in costume.
Gypsy maiden, Miss Ruth Tomp
Count. Mr. Ben Parker.
Solo, Miss Miriam Norris.
Solo, "The Swallows," Miss Ruth
Solo, Mrs. Shannonhouse.
Vera Bright, Miss Florence Mims.
Her eccentric widow aunt, Miss
Hortense Woodson.
Lieut. Percival Mortimer Mont
gomery, Mr. Diomede Hollings
Reserved seats, 35 cents; general
admission, 25 cents.
Work on the woman's building,
colloquially known as a ''shack," is
being rushed, and the State tuber
culosis camp ai. State Park will soon
be able to tai:e care cf the in wo
men to whom the institution will ex
tend its shelter and medical help.
This building is, the gift of the last
legislature to the people of the State,
and was earnestly advocated by the
. women of the State, by Governor
Manning and by the Columbia Rec
This camp is six miles east of Col
umbia on the hir'-test point of the
property acquired by thc- State some
six years ago through the wisdom
and foresight of Dr. J. W. Babcock
and associates. The tuberculosis
camp is separate and distinct from
the Slate hospital, and is not even
under the same management, but is
under the control of the Stat;? Board
of Health. Dr. Ernest Cooper of Col
umbia is the resident physician.
The ward for male patients was
opened just one year ago and more
than 35 patients have been receiv
ed and given benefit. Some have gone
home entirely restored, judging from
th ?T appearances. Others have been
greatly benefited. One gained 72
pounds in six months time. The feat
ures of the treatment are rest, care
ful, regular hours, plenty of sunshine
and fresh air. The men's shack is lo
cated on the highest point on the
property, and commands a view of
the hills for many miles. The woman's
shack will be equally as attractive
as to location and will be fitted with
every comfort.
The woman's shack will be ready
for the reception of patients in about
two weeks. There will be three free
beds, and the counties in the State
will be given opportunity to apply
alphabetically for the benefits there
of. The other beds are to be paid for
at the rate of ?1.00 a day, which
pays for medical attention, diet, med
icines and everything else. Dr. J.
Adams Hayne, State health officer,
says that the camp has the best cook
in the State, and that the $1.00 really
just pays for the table fare.
Dr. Hayne begs the people of Col
umbia to visit the camp on Sundays
or other days, just a 20 minutes ride,
and they will find a lot of cheerful
young men, making a brave fight to
get back upon their feet and back
into the busy world. Some of them
are Columbia boys. Some have been
patients at the famous camp in the
. Adirondacks,?-and declares that the
treatment and the tonic atmosphere
of State Park are just as beneficial.
There may be a house warming
when the woman's building is regdy
to be occupied.
It is planned to keep on extending
this plant until finally not less than
250 men and women can be taken
care of and nursed back to health
and told how to go out into the world
and take care of themselves.-Col
umbia Record.
An Announcement Vitally Im
At the meeting of the South Caro
lina Press Association in York, June
7 to .10, a resolution was unanimous
ly passed indorsing the campaign
that Mrs. I. Rembert is con
ducting for a State Sanitarium to
care for the unfortunate, who have
been stricken with tuberculosis. As
you know the press of the State is a
powerful agency in correcting
wrongs. I think that it is the duty of
the editors to join heartily in this
movement to create sentiment in fa
vor of the sanitarium. I realize the
heavy demands on space now, but a
short notice every now and then in
the interest of this movement will be
highly appreciated. It is a form of
public service and the problem of
stamping out the dread disease is one
that every newspaper should help to
Within the next few days Mrs.
Rembert will send you slipsheets to
be inserted in your editions. I will
personally appreciate your carrying
these in your paper. The sheet will
contain a message for humanity.
The following is the resolution that
was adopted at the meeting of the
Press Association in York:
"Resolved that the members of the
South Carolina Press Association
print an article describing the South
Carolina Sanitarium and the work of
the institution during the first week
in August." "T
"Resolved further that this asso
ciation pledge its support and co-op
eration of the movement towards the
eradication of tuberculosis, and that
it give its aid to this work now being
done under the auspices of the State
Board of Health of South Carolina."
Hints for Poultry Raisers.
Sour milk is valuable in any ra
Summer shade insures thrifty
Remove over-active cockerels to a
separate yard.
Clean up the incubator, remove
the lamp, and throw away the
Soft, fresh dirt is an insurance
against leg weakness chicks.
Add to the grain feeds with a
mixture such as bran, shorts, and
corri meal.
Do not keep unnecessary male
birds. An extra hen eats no more
aud may lay eggs.
When range is limited shape np
the runs or move the brood coop a
short distance daily.
Spoiled or decaying tlesh, if eaten,
will surely cause limberueck. Burn
or bury the dead.
Watch for head lice on the
chicks. If found, rub top of head
with a small piece of lard free from
Avoid crowding by keeping in
small docks and by providing roomy
coops. Thin out if there are too
Broody hens should be .removed
to slat-bottomed coops as soon as
discovered. Leave them there un
til they forget it. '
If hens are lousy, rub a piece of
blue ointment the size of a pea
into the skin just beneath the
vent and on the underside of the
Mites are sure to accumulate if
the droppings are not removed
every week, and the roosts sprayed
with kerosene emulsiou or disinfec
After the grass gets tough chicks
can catch more bugs and worms
and will grow better on loose
soil. The cornfield furnishes ideal
conditions.-II. L. Kernpster, Mis
souri College of Agriculture.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to extend our sincere
thanks to our neighbors and friends
who so kindly aided us during the
illness of our dear brother, S. M.
Strom. Their kind deeds shall be
held in loving memory by us.
Mrs. T. E. Byrd,
Mrs. Emma Logan,
Mrs J. N. Strom,
Mr. R. T. Strom.
The citizens of the Town of
Edgefield, S. C., are hereby request
ed to meet in the Court House, at
4 o'clock p. m., on Monday the 7th
day of August 1910, for the purpose
of devising ways and means to raise
funds to pay for heating plant and
water-works and other improve
ments in the main school building
of the Edgefield Graded and High
A. E. Padgett,
A. S. Tompkins,
J. T. McManus.
As trustees of the Edgefield Graded
and High School.
August 1, 1916.
To PreveHt Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR
pical dressing tbr.t relieves pain ?and hgnjs a:
the same time. Not i> liniiaaut. ihc.^^Koc
(Continued from First Page,)
jorie Ryau were hostesses on Thurs
day evening at a lovely bridge par
ty for Miss Lucy Kyle, from Roa
noke, Ala. ; Miss Bessie Howard,
from Beech Island, and Miss Donna
Coleman, from Conway.
Trenton and Harmony met on
the Trenton diamond for a game of
ball Friday afternoon. At its close
the score stood 10 to 1 in favor of
The W. C. T. IT. had avery
pleasant and profitable meeting with
Mrs. W. B. Posev on Tuesday af
ternoon, and the hostess served a
lovely salad cour.-e and tea at the
close of the meeting.
Miss Orrie Miller entertained
with a rook party very delightfully
Friday eveuing, four tables being
arranged for the merry players.
The occasion was one of unusual
pleasure for those who were so for
tunate as to be honored with invi
tations. At the conclusion of the
game the very charming hostess
served elaborate refreshments.
Dr. and Mrs. S. A. M orrall nave
returned from their mountain tour
in their new car. They had some
rough experiences in the flooded
Governor Manning Pleased
With Campaign and is Con
fident of Re-Election.
Columbia, S. C., August 3,
1916. Special.- "I am very much
pleased with the progress of the
campaign and am confident of ray
re-election," said Governor Man
ning here Tuesday before leaving
for Sumter to begin the sixth weeks
swine: around the state: Governor
Manning is bearing up well under
the incessant strain of campaigning,
is very enthusiastic over the sup
port that he has found in every
part of South Carolina and is thor
oughly optimistic over his chances
of serving the people a second term
as their chief executive.
"It is a campaign that is worth
fighting," emphatically continued
the governor; 'there is no place in
it for compromise or for a neutral
position. The issues are as closely
defined as they were in 19M. The
main question is simply whether the
law shall continue to be enforced
and respect for the law upheld on
the plane to which it has been
restored in the past year and a half,
or whether the verdicts of the ju
ries and the decrees of the courts^
shall be set aside.
"Besides this there is the im
provement in condition of labor to
be carried on; the education of our
boys and eirls to be continued
along the line already mapped out;
and the welfare of the unfortunates
in the state hospital for the insane
to be safeguarded with sympathy,
intelligence and care. For all these
things I stand.
"Those who would violate the
law will vote against me; those who
oppose tho le? islation I have rec
ommended and signed for labor's
betterment will vote against me;
those who oppose better education
for the children of the state will
vote against me, and they will be
wise to do so, for these things to
my mind are fundamental and I
will not compromise them.
"Bul the course of the campaign
has already shown that these per
sons are in the minority; that they
do not and cannot control the state;
the cause of progress in law en
forcement and education will go
forward. This cause, which was my
platform two years ago and is ray
platform now, is becoming each day
more and more a fixed policy de
manded by the level-headed masses
of the people.
The Best Hot Weather Tonic
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC enriches the
blood, builds up the whole system and will won
derfully strengthen and fortify you to withstand
the depressing effect of the hot summer. 50c.
Would Buy a Dozen
Bottles If He Could.
Wife and Son III-WI O. King,
In amazing Statement, Says
Tanlac Gave Them Won
., derful Relief at Once.
"A^ter making almost every pos
sible effort to find relief from their
ills and failing- in every instance,
my wife and my son, Charlie were
given really wonderful relief by
just a few doses of Tanlac," declar
ed Mr. W. 0. King, a farmer liv
ing between Anderson and Pendle
ton. His address is Pendleton, R.
F. D.
Mr. King came iuto Evam' Phar
macy, at Anderson, to buy a bottle
of Tanlac, and while there told the
Tanlac representative of the great
value of this wonderflhl remedy had
been to his family. "I wish I had
Compensating Vapor Plug
Can be attached in 5 minutes. No adjustments needed.
Simply tap hole and screw in
"30 per cent, more speed" 00 Makes starting easy
"30 per cent, more power" f ^fT^-- Instantaneous results
"40 per cent, more mileage
No connections
Made for all sizes of cars and carburetors
Pnrccl Post
Never wears out
You cannot afford to be without the Compensating Vapor Plug another day.
Robbie Jennings, who recently made the world's record, used one on his car,
and was so well pleased that he has ordered a Vapor Plug placed on his new
racer now being built. K
Edgefield, S. C.
Gentlemen:-After testing your Vapor
Ping I feel satisfi'd that it does all yon
claim for it in saving of gas and in the
running of ray motor.
Yours truly,
P. B. DAY, JR.
Edgefield, S. C.
This is to certify that I have used the
Vapor Plug, and find that I get an in
crease in mileage per gallon of gasoline;
also, more power from engine.
I recommond it is a good addition.
Edgefield, S. C.
July 5, 1916.
CANTELOU ?fe Mntg,
Edgefield, S. C.
I have tried the Vapor Plug sold by
Cantelou & Mims. It saves gas and gives
July 5, m 16. Sheriff.
Edgefield, S. C.
Dear Sir:-Referring to our conversa
tion relative to the Vapor Plug which
you attached to my Ford automobile.
On a trip to Greenwood from Edge
field and return, I was impressed with the
small amount of gasoline consumed. As I
have been for more than a year makins
the trip almost weekly, I therefore de
cided to make an accurate measurement,
and accordingly had my ten-gallon tank
filled before leaving Edgefield. I made
the trip to Greenwood, and after arriving
there Mr. J. P. Abney and myself meas
ured the grasoline in my tank and found
that I bad made the trip of 36 miles on
one gallon and three quarts of gasoline.
I am satisfied that your plug not only
saves gasoline, but that it likewise gives
the engine more power, which is easily
perceptible to any one that is accustomed
to driving his machine.
Yours very truly,
July 21, 1916.
Edgefield, S. C.
This is to certify that I ara using a
Vapor Plug sold by Cantelou & Mims,
and am glad to recommend it as a money
saver. As near as I can judge the mile
age per gallon is increased as much, or
more, than the manufacture claims for
Edgefield, S. C.
Gentlemen:-In reply to your inquiry
as to the satisfaction given rae by the at
tachment of your Vapor Plug to my car,
I will say that I am thoroughly well
pleased with it, as it is not only a gaso
line saver, but it materially benefits the
car in climbing hills, giving more power,
and it enables one to throddle down the
car on a level road to a much lower speed
than without its use. I am also con
vinced that it makes the car easier to
While ray experience with automobiles
is decidedly limited, I can say without
hesitation that I would not be without
this plug if I could L'et one. <
Yours truly,
C. A. Griffin.
the money to buy a dozen bottles
this afternoon," he declared, for
I need to take Tanbie myself, but
this is the tight money time for the
farmer and T will have to buy Tan
lac now only for those who need it
Continuing. Mr. King said: "My
wife suffered from a generally run
down condition, complicated with
other peculiar troubles and a very
bad case of indigestion. She had
been in ill health a long time be
fore she began taking Tanlac, and I
once paid out *75 for medical ser
vices for her, and she did not get
as much benefit then as she did from
her first bottle of Tanlac, which
cost just one dollar.
She had no energy and felt bad
ly all the time. She was not able,
hardly, to do anything around the
house, and was under a doctor for
a solid year, but got no better. She
now has taken two (2) bottles of
Tanlac, and it has proven in her
case the best medicine in the world.
Her strength has increased a great
deal and her appetite is better than
it has been in years. Nothing she
eats causes her indigestion now.
She sure is pleased with the results.
It is just wonderful the way she has
"My boy, Charlie, suffered one
whole year with a very peculiar and
distressing trouble, which about a
dozen doses of Tanlac broke up.
All last summer he could not work
over half a day. He would get so
weak he would have to stop for the
day. This summer he was not any
better.- Charlie's appetite would be
good until he got to the table, but
then he would become sick. Often
at night his breath would almost
leave him. He lost a lot of weight
and strength. I had taken him to
a dozen doctors, but he got no bet
ter. It was said he had nervous in
"I am certainly glad to tell you
these things for use in your adver
tising, for it may show some poor
sufferers the way to regain their
health. I hope my words maj help
some who suffer, and you bet I
can't say too much for Taniac. "
Tanlac, the master medicine, is
sold exclusively by the following
Penn & Holstein, Edgefield;
Johnston Dpug Co., Johnston; J.
W. Bracknell & Son, Plum Branch;
E. P. Winn & Bro., Plum Br a an ch,
R. F. D. 6; G. W. Wise, Trenton;
Robertson & Co., Park6ville.
?field County Fair will be
November 1-2-3. Begin
an your exhibit.
Isle of Palms
Sullivan's Island
Thursday, Aug. 3rd
Leesville and Intermediate Points
Southern . Railway
Round-Trip Fare to
Charleston from Edgefield -
Special train will leave 7:20 A. M.
Through Coach from Edgefield
Tickets will be good to leave Charleston on all regu
lar trains up to and including train No. 15 leaving 3:20
A. M. Monday morning, August 7th.
Visit Historic Charleston, Ports Sumter and Moul
trie and United States Navy Yard. Boating, Fishing,
Surf Rathing and Diversified Sports.
RASE RALL GAMES-Charleston and Columhus
teams of South Atlantic League will play at Charles
ton August 8, 4 and .5.
For complete information apply to
Ticket Agt. District Passenger Agt.
Augusta, C?a.

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