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?stablis^ 1B35.
/. L. M ?MS.....Editor
Published everv Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at SI.50 per year
" in advance.
Entered as second class matter at
he postoffice at Edgefield, S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Wednesday, Oct. 25
The clowns and clownesses will all
be on the midway.
Using press parlance, Mr. J. Sparks'
sketches of Mr. B. Weevil in The
State are good stuff.
One unfortunate attendant or result
of prosperity is that it increases the
acreage of "wild oats."
Mean liquor not only puts more
meanness into a fellow but it also
arouses all of the latent meanness
already in him.
The Advertiser is justabit "jubous"
about Columbia being able to furnish
"square meals" to upwards of a hun
dred thousand visitors this week.
We've been looking for an announce
ment from Harold Booker to the effect
that he will exhibit a cow at the State
fair that will give buttermilk "right
off the bat."
You know how vigorously plowing is
pressed in the early spring preparing
for cotton; well, every farmer should
be stirring early and late putting in a
large grain acreage.
All of the nations at war have more
endurance than was at first credited to
them. Some of the fourteen nations
appear to have as many lives as are
credited to a feline.
The snap and ginger in the Edgefield
cotton market this season has
been especially pleasing to sellers.
Maybe the phenomenal price has had
something to do with it.
Western mules and horses are al
ready being shipped into the cotton
States. But we would rather see the
average farmer buy a? western mule
than a western automobile.
Two fools met when an eighty-year
old New York man married a seven
teen-year-old girl. While an old fool
is generally the biggest, wasn't this
young one just about as big as he?
If you don't believe the merry-go
round music is something of a trans
former, making old men young again,
you just keep an eye on the merry-go
round at the county fair next week.
Almost all of the counties are hold
ing fairs, which seem to be taking the
place of shows. The State has not
bean overrun with shows this fall as
one would expect with cotton approach
ing twenty cents.
It's a mighty good time to start a
bank account, if you haven't one al
ready, and if you have one, swell it to
the largest possible limit while dollar
bills are floating around almost as free
ly as autumn leaves.
While most people are rushing pell
mell into all forms of extravagance,
it's a mighty good time for the pru
dent, far-seeing individual to lay aside
something for a rainy day. We will
not have the sunshine of prosperity all
the time.
The re-union of former slaves in
Washington this week is a unique
gathering. Would that these old col
ored people of former days could live
on and on. They are a sort of ballast
to the race, helping the younger set to
maintain their equilibrium.
The fellow who is ordering his gal
lon-a-month regularly had better
begin to "taper off." We have a
sneaking notion that the next legisla
ture will tighten the screws and lower
the flood-gates, shutting out some of
the mean liquor that is flowing into
South Carolina and into Edgefield
Come Right Along.
Acting upon the theory that "All
work and no play makes Jack a dull
boy," lay aside all work and come to
the fair all three days next week.
Everybody else is coming and you'll be
mighty lonesome if you stay away.
In addition to the pleasure derived
from elbowing your friends on the fair
grounds, you will be benefitted by the
agricultural and other features. Take
The Advertiser's word for it and
Should be Shut Ont.
Indications point to a larger crop of
Christmas whiskey circulars than
usual. Really, the mails should be
closed to them, especially those sent
into prohibition States. Public senti
ment is crystalizing along that line,
however, and the time is not far dis
tant when a man's mail will not be
cumbered with abominable liquor liter
Heed the Warning.
However unwelcome a visitor Mr.
B. Weevil may be, it will not be more
than a year or two before he will take
up his abode on your farm. He's go
ing to pitch his tent on your best land,
your pet fields, and tell you if there's
any moving done, you'll have to do it,
for he has come to stay. If farmers fail
to diversify and get caught, they have
no one to blame except themselves.
The crash of 1914, caused by the Eu
ropean war, carne like a thunderbolt
from a cloudless sky, but you have
been forewarned of the weevil pest.
Being forewarned should cause every
farmer to be forearmed.
An Advance Will be Forced.
When the price of leather advances
the manufacturer of shoes raises prices.
When the price of wheat goes up flour
keeps pace. When the price of cotton
goes up the manufactured goods ad
vance. But when the price of print
paper more than doubles in price some
how or other people expect the sub
scription price of a newspaper to re- i
main the same. Is that reasonable?
The cost of producing a newspaper
was never greater than at this time,
yet some unthinking people complain
at the very low subscription price asked.
Unless there is a change before the
close of another year, every publisher
who issues a creditable paper will be
compelled to advance his subscription
price. _
McDuffie Literary Society.
The McDuffie Literary Society
was called to order by the President
Friday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock.
We were delighted to have so many
visitors present, Miss Helen Strom,
Mrs. Frank Logan, Mrs. Harry
Strom, Misses Jeanie Simkins and
Annabel Saunders. Before the reg
ular progam began, Mr. Lyon made
a motion that the society have a
public meeting some time in the
near future, and the society adopt
ed the plan.
A committee was appointed to
form a program and select a speak
er for this meeting. The first num
ber on thu program was Reader.
Marie Holson and J. W. Hudgens
appeared before 'he society for the
first time and rendered a splendid
paper of current events,-Declama
tion, William Gaines, and the de
bate followed. R ?solved: "That
Man's Intellect is Greater than Wo
mins." Affirmative, Sunie Talbert,
Eiiirene Tim mons. Negative, Em
mie Bnadwater, Strom Thurmond.
Many impromptu speeches were
made, which helped to make the de
bate an exceedingly lively one. Ed
win Folk, Lee Timmons and Lydia
Brunsen w*?re appointed to act as
judges and their decision was ren
dered in favor of the affirmative.
We attribute this decision to the
fact that two of the judges wee
bo^s. The lollowing subject for
debate at the next meeting was
alopted. Resolved, "That the South
Will be Benefitted by the Negro
Moving to the North." After the
report of the Critic, the Society ad
The Edirefield basket-ball team
will play the Johnston basket-bail
team, Friday afternoon at Johnston.
Thia is the first game of the season,
ahd we want everybody to come
and yell for the E. H. S. Price 10c.
The flag, purchased by the pupils,
is now in position near the building. 1
Mr. Lyon made a short talk in the
Chapel Monday morning, on how
we should respect and treat our
flag. He said it was cuftomary to
raise the flag at sunrise and low
er it at sunset, while the Star Span
gled Banner was sung. As we are
not present at those hours, this cer
emony will have to be dispensed
with. However, there are numer
ous other ways in which our love
for the flag can be exhibited.
A very spirited game of basket
ball was played between the Edge
field high school and graded school
Saturday morning. The score was
16 to 15 in favor of the high school.
Some of the girls are developing in
to real star players, and here's hop
ing they will do good work Friday
in the game between Edgefield and
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey con
tains all the soothing elements of
the pine forest. It heals the irrita
ted membrane, and by its antisep
tic properties loosens the phlegm,
you breathe easier, and what prom
ised to be a severe cold has been
broken Uy. For that stuffed-np
feeling, tight chest or sore throat
take a dose of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar
Honey and prevent a wearing,
hacking: cough dragging through
the winter. At your Druggist,
.25c. 3
Union Meeting at Bold Springs.
The union meeting of the Edge
field Association will convene with
Bold Springs Baptist church on
Saturday before the 5th Sunday in
October. The opening devotional
exercises will be conducted by the
Theme for discussion on Satur
day: The practicability and impor
tance of co-operation of our Baptist
churches in pastorates and having
resident pastors. The messengers
from all churches in the union are
expected to participate in the dis
cussion, with a view to practical
On Sunday, the Missionary ser
mon will be preached by Rev. E.
Pendleton Jones, D. D , of Edgj
field, or by Rev. W. R. Smith, al
ternate, of Troy. A collection will
be taken for State Missions.
Topic for Sunday afternoon: Tho
Budget Plan of Church Finances.
The plan will be explained and dis
cussed, and an opportunity will be
given for questions of a practical
nature. For the church, by
C. G. Wells, Pastor.
With Victory Near he
Almost Give up
Columbian Now Has Wife to
Thank For Urging Him on
-Won After 30 Years.
There is a moral in this. It has
to deal with a person who came
very near giving up too soon. And
the story is told by his wife-a sto
ry that perhaps is true with iegard
to many others.
Mrs. Mary Gordon, of V50 Seventh
St., Olympia, a suburb of Colum
bia, says Tanlac made a well man
of her husband, though he had -suf
fered more than 50 years with a
severe form of stomach trouble be
fore he began taking it. And the
moral in this is: "Don't give up,"
for she says her husband almost
lost heart when the first bottle of
Tanlac failed to give him the re
lief he expected, and it was only
because of his wife's urging that
he continued to take Tanlac until
she says he was a well man when
the fourth bottle was taken. T-*
Mrs. Gordon's statement in in
dorsement of Tanlac following:
"My husband suffered from ca
tarrh of the stomach almost all his
life-for more than 30 years-and
he "'-ad it very badly. He got in
such bad shape that almost every
thing he ate hurt him and nothing
seemed to nourish him. He would
have sick spells and could not work,
and his troubles caused him to lose
a lot of time from his work.
"Ho was in bad shape and could
not go anywhere hardly, and he had
lost a lot of weight. It was almost
impossible for him to sleep well at
night, and sleeplessness troubled
him a lot. Finally he decided to
take Tau lac, for he had read a lot
about it and knew several people
who had endorsed it.
"He said Tanlac cured him of
that stomach trouble. He sleeps
well now, and he is in fine shape in
every way. The last Tanlac he
took was taken two or three months
ago, and he never has any trouble
with his stomach now and he can
eat auything he wants and it never
hurts him. He says he feels better
Is an assortment complete
oring, exquisitely tailored
tion to every detail that n
refined elegance. And 3
than the ordinary kind
Fine Suits and Overcoa
Boys' Norfolk Suits, )
the kind that wear )
And don't forget: V
Knox Hats, Edwin Clap]
Shoes, Manhattan and Ec
Gloves and N?taseme t?o;
Outfitting Headquarte
The annual count
people from all par
week, and we exter
and the people gen?
their stopping plac
pleased to see you,
ing your stay in Ed
that you may have
of them. We will ?
all lines next week
We would like tc
we have here for tl
preciative, but we 1
worthy of greatest
Sweaters f
Men and Boy?
Ladies' Goa
Separate Skii
Blankets, 1
Cotton and V
tie tots.
Next Doi
now than he has in years.
'We spent a lot of moi.ey for]
professional treatment of bis
troubles, but it seemed that the]
medicines he was given did not suit
his case. But he sure was won
derfully helped by Tanlac, and be
told me the other day that he want
ed to give a testimonial. We can
not say too much for Tanlac.
"He took four bottles uf Tanlac.
The first bottle did not help him
and he did not want to get any
more, but I persuaded him to get
the second and it helped him a right
smart bit. And the next too bottles
broke up his troubles and he is in
fine shape now. I sure can recom
mend Tanlac, because Tanlac did
more for my husband than all the
other medicine he ever took and
made atwell man of him, even
though he had suffered with this
stomach trouble more than 30
Penn & Holstein, Edgefield;
Johnston Drug Co., Johnston; J.
W. Bracknell & Son, Plum Branch;
R. P. Winn & Bro., Plum Braanch,
E. F. D. 6; G. W. Wi8e, Trenton;
Robertson & Co., Parksville.
in rich material and col
with painstaking atten
takes for perfect fit and
ret they cost no more
ts - $12.50 to $35.00
- - $ 5.00 to $12.50
Ve're Headquarters for
3 and Howard & Foster
lipse Shirts, Mark Cross
ds Company
rs for Men and Boys
Bid County Fair
;y fair will bring many hundreds of
ts of the county to Edgefield next
id a hearty invitation to our friends
orally to come in and make our store
te when in Edgefield. We shall be
and will do all we can toward mak
Igefield pleasant. Leave any articles
at our store and we will take care
also sell you the best merchandise in
at very reasonable prices.
> mention a thousand things which
ie inspection of the critical and ap
nention only a few which we think
or Ladies and Children,
t Suits, Shirt Waists and
Ul Wool and All Cloth,
Tool Mixed Blankets,
for Dad, Mother and Lit
y Bargain House
or to Dunovant & Company
Winter Is Upon Us
The weather which makes us lay aside summer
wear and don winter apparel has come and we
are prepared to help you solve the winter cloth
ing problem. Our stock is large and varied, of
fering the best possible advantage to fall shop
Come In To See Us
when in Augusta, and let us show you through
our new store and every department of our large
We Are Outfitters
for Men and Boys, and can not be excelled in the
New Line
Sterling Silver
Cut Glass
We have just received our Fall and Holiday
line of Silver and Cut Glass, which embraces
all the newest things in this line to be had in
New York. We invite your inspection. Our
prices as usual are right. -
Penn & Holstein.

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