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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, December 13, 1916, Image 6

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I 3Tor women must wear BO men mus?
,earn !
i _
j After tuuburn, Chen comes the sport
j of peeling oCf.
But If we destroy all our cats who
will destroy the ratsT
The easiest way to quit ealing meat
! la to order a ham sandwich,
Raising the price of collars seems to
I have raised a good deal of choler.
I Every man thinks he can paint as
[well as a painter, and every girl can.
Nobody's, pinning medals on the man
'who predicted a si'mmerless summer.
The great n?ed of the world of the
present is just a little Deuce and quiet.
One of the dear delights of vacation
ls the realization that there's no place
like home.
The high cost of dyestuffs should not
affect a little thing like fashionable
bathing suits.
"What is an education?" asks a con
tributor.' To know the answer would
be an education.
Time's mutations are seeing to it
that Africa shall eventually belong to
everybody except the natives.
Emperor Francis Joseph at eighty
six is thriving as well on war as if he
had been brought up on buttermilk.
The notion that love ls blind may
have originated with the youngster
whose girl married tito other fellow.
There are some signs that Europe
would like a chance to trade its hero
Ism Cor plain, self-governing citizen
One of the sorrows of summer ls
that the casual observer cannot tell the
homegrown from the imported sun
An Interesting article on the causes
of divorce strangely omits any refer
ence to ministers and Justices of the
Under the new regulations some
British multimillionaires make almost
enough Income annually to pay the
tax on lt.
Wireless music has been provided
for passengers on an ocean liner. One
advantage of this scheme ls that there
is nobody to tip.
An eastern report says that a church
proposes to cut ?ovgR the Lord's pray
er. Nothing seems to be sacred to the
efficiency experts.
What has become of the old-fash
T?neU man who, every four years, used
to be Introduced to the audience as
the next president?
If baldness is hereditary,/as that
woman investigator declares in the
J?urnal.of Heredity, whenl did it be
gin? Was Adara bald?
Every now and then the Emperor
Francis Josef is reported to be seri
ously ill, but it doesn't seem to have
much effect on his health.
The man who works and earns a
million dollars will be a blamed sight
longer at it than the fool who In
herits it a h .i starts to blow.
A dramatic critic sneaks of a vaude
ville performer having a "convulsion
on one ear." The average vaudeville |
patron never tires of acrobatic novel- j
Swatting the flies by means of the
vacuum cleaner appears to be very
efficient a,nd it has an added recom
mendation in saving the self-respect of
the flies.
Eclipses of the moon are all right
in their way, but what the world
wants in the* face of recent tempera
tures is some way of keeping the sun
.under cover.
At least the ship captain who re
ported that an Island in the Gulf of
Mexico had been broken into 12 parts
und moved out of its former position,
didn't blame lt on the sharks.
The United States government Is
.trying to prevent hay fever. But as
?lung as the northern summer resorts
offer the usual inducements it Is doubt
ful that the effort will be successful.
It ls pretty hard to tell sometimes
whether some of the highly paid men
strike because they want more money
or because they just want a little time
'Ju which to spend what they already
Europe ls said to have lost 25,000,000
'of Its inhabitants during the plagues
.of the fourteenth century, so that the
twentieth century still has a little dis
tance to go before breaking a grue
some record.
In the sweat of their faces men must
eat bread, but the Sons of Rest find lt
no trouble to get up a perspiration at
this time of the year when they must
walk at least three squares to reach
po?b free lunch.
The meanest and most spiteful man
has been discovered in a Pennsylvania
town. He smashed his wife's brand
new' tombstone because she left all
her savings, made by washing, to bur
lt Instead of leaving them to him.
Hot give yonr
boy and girl an
opportunity to
male their home
study easy and
effective? G i Ve
them the same
chances to win pro
motion and success
as the lad having the
advantage of
jp5s5?-* WEBSTER'S
I Dictionary in his home. This new |
1 creation answers with final author- ?
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I in history, geography, Diography,
? spelling, pronunciation, sports, arts,
i and sciences.
1 400,000 Vocabulary Terms. 2700 Pages.
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Bank of Parksvilie
Established 1908
Capital $18,000.00
Resources $47,370.00
Pays Five Per' Cent. 91 i n ?
Certificates of Deposits
We have all the resources of
this big country behind us to
lend yon money to the extent of
your needs.
We are Conservative
We are Safe
should be "nipped in the
I biid", fer if allowed to run
unchecked, serious results
may follow. Numerous
cases of consumption, pneu
monia, and other fatal dis
eases, can be traced back to
a cold. At the first sign of a
cold, protect yourself by
thoroughly cleansing your
system with a few doses of
the old reliable, vegetable}
liver powder.
Mr. Chas. A. Raglar.d, O'
Madison Heights, Va., says:
"I have been using Thed
ford's Black-Draught for
stomach troubles, indiges
tion and colds, and find Uto
be the very best medicine 1
ever used. It makes an old
man feel like a young one."
Insist on Thedford's, the
original and genuine. E-67
A hacking cough weakens the
whole system.drains yourenergy and
gets worse if neglected; your throat
is raw, your chest aches and you
feel sore all over. Relieve that
cold at once with Dr. King's New
Discovery. The soothing pine bal
sam heals the irritated membranes,
and the antiseptic and laxative
qualities kill the germs and break
up your cold. Don't let a cold lin
ger. Get Dr. King's New Discov
ery to-day at your Druggist, 50. 1
WANTED.-Five hundred bun
dles of fodder. Apply at The Ad
vertiser office.
WANTED-Highest cash price |
paid for scrap iron, including plow
points, plow steels, wagon and bug
gy tires, stoves, mowers and old
farra machinery cut te- pteees, brass- j
es and auto tires.
Capital and Surplus Profit.-,.$120,000.00
Total Assets Over- - - - - - - - $400,000.00
Does a General Banking Business. Offers its Services to. You as a Safe
Guardian and Depository for^Your Money.
Invest in One of Oar Certificates of Deposits Bearing Interest.
It is a better investment for you than a mortgage of real estate.
You do not have to consult an attorney about titles. It does not shrink
in value like lands and houses. You do not have to insure against fire.
Finally you do not have to employ an attorney to foreclose to get your
money. You can get your interest and principal the day it falls due.
. ' . ... . *
Safety is the First Consideration in Placing Your Earnings.
California . Fruit. Store &
GEO. COCLIN & BROS. Proprietors
Fruit From Every Clime
Fre.sh Vegetables
Importers of the World's Best Goods
Cigars . Cigarettes . Tobacco . Etc.
We Solicit the Patronage of Our Edgefield
Corner Jackson and Ellis Sts.
Coo?rl?ht 1909. bj C. E. Zimmerman Co-No. 4* [
f|F all the unhappy homes;
^ not one in a hundred has a bank^
account and not one home in a hundred who has a
bank account is unhappy. It seems almost foolish to
put it off any longer, when it is such a simple, easy
matter to start a bank account.
OFFICERS : J. C. Sheppard, President; B. E. Nicholson, vice-President
E. J. Mim8, Cashier; J. H. Allen. Assistant Oashier.
DIRECTORS : J. C. Sheppard, Thos. H. Rainsford, John Rainsford, B. E.
Nicholson, A. S. Tompkins, C. C. Fuller. E. J. Mims. J. H. Allen.
Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in
Corn, Oats, Hay and all
Kinds of Seeds
Corner Cumming and Fenwick Streets
On Georgia R. R. Tracks
August a, Ga.
g See our representative, C. E. May.
* Licensed agent f or regular li
censed companies by the State
of South Carolina can insure
country homes, barns, etc., coun
try1 churches and schools, well
rated country merchants, cotton
on farms, gin-houses, seed.
: Write me before the fire.
Edgefield Friends Invited
We are showing the largest and best
selected stock of Clothing, Hats and
Gents' Furnishings that we have ever
brought to Augusta, and invite our Edge
field friends to come in and inspect it
when in the city.
We also have , an Up-to-Date Ladies'
.Department on our second floor and in
vite the Edgefield ladies to make our
store their shopping headquarters.
Come in to see us, when in the City
J Willie Levy Company
I Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a
General Tonic because it contains the
well known tonic propertiesof QUININE
and IRON, lt acts on the Liver, Drives
ont Malaria, Enriches the Blood and
Builds np the Whole System. SO cents.
Will Surely Sioo That Couch.
Teachers' Notice.
The white teachers of Edgefield
county are requested to meet in the
court house Saturday, Dec. 9, to
organize our Teachers* Association,
and arrange for a good meeting in
january. All teachers are urged to
T. J. LY???, Pres.
W. W. Fuller. C. 'S. E. 1
I Stock at Reasonable Prices jj
% We desire to inform our Edgefield friends that our g
I buyers went into the Northern and Eastern markets |
I early, and we secured many lines at the old prices. We g
g are showing the largest line of Clothing for men and g
g boys that we have ever shown.* We also have a big S
g stock of staple dry goods that we .ought early. Come g
g in to see us and let us show you that we can save you g
I money. Every department is chock full of the new
g est and best of everything.
5 We extend a cordial invitation to the ladies to come in to see our
5 Millinery and Ready-to-Wear Department. We have all of the latest
g shapes and trimmings, and our milliners can make just the hat you want
g if we haven't it in stock. We are showing the largest assortment of
'6 tailor-made suits for women that has ever been shown in Augusta. All
g the new fabrics in the popular colors. All going at very reasonable
? prices. Do not fail to come in to see us at the same old stand, where
6 many Edgefield people have been trading for years.
Augusta Bee Hive
916-918 Broad Street
ABE COHEN, Proprietor
Garrett & Calhoun
. 15 8th Street
Established Over a Quarter Century
Davison & Fargo
Cotton' Commission Merchants
Augusta, Ga.
Correspondence Invited!
Liberal Advances on Cotton Shipments

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