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American Genius Quickly Produced
Precision Brocks Accurate ta
Millionth Part of lack
One of America's IfttJekirown war
romances is revealed by John H. Vt?o
Deventer in hts story of precision
gauges, which appears lo Everybody's.
Virtually all of our munitions had to
be made to limit gauges which had to
be corrected by means of precision
blocks to within a few millionths of
an inch. "Twenty years aga" writes
Mr. Van Deventer, "a Swedish tool
maker named Johansson made up his
mind that the millionth of an inch was
the coining thing-hunted during nine
years for a practical way to get it
and got it How? Nobody knows ex
cept Johansson, and he wont telL
Por over nine years he kept everybody
guessing. Our best shops irajwrted
his blocks and used them for cheek
ing the gauges.
"Then came the war, with Its won
derful stimulation of Armsica-n ge
nius. With it came also the need of
being independent of the old world
tn the matter of gauges.
"The war took E. C. Peck away
from his Job of running a great fac
tory In Cleveland and brought him
to Washington to take charge of the
gauging of ordnance products. It
brought William E. Hoke of St. Louts
to the bureau of standards, with an
Idea of bow to produce precision j
blocks. Colonel Peck and Major Hoke
got together, and in six months were
turning out precision blocks accurate
to the millionth part of an inch."
Statisticians Figure in Btilrons When
They Make Computations of
Live Stock Business.
The live stock industry ls the larg
est and, In more than one sense,
the most important industry In the
United States. Its extent, measured
by the value of live animals, amounts
to more than $8.0M,000,000. Its im
portance rests in the necessity for
live stock to consume the products of
farms and ranges, 80 per cent of which,
according to census reports, is fed to
live stock; In the maintenance, of soil
fertility, which cannot be kept up con
tinuously and economically without a
considerable number of animals as a
part of the farm system; in the In
dispensable place which animal food
occupies In the American diet, of
which lt makes up 38 per cent, based
on tho average consumer's food-ex
pense account; and finally, in the far
reaching influence which the growing,
fattening and marketing of live stock
has upon the social and economic wel
fare of all classes of people, Including
producers, distributors, and the meat
ccnsuraing public.
The slaughtering and meat pack
ing business is the largest manufac
turing industry in the United States,
according to the United States census
of manufacturers. The sales of live
stock in the Chicago market alone to
taled nearly $1,000.000.000 in 1918. or
over $3,000,000 a day, and the dally
sales at all of the "centralized live stock
markets of this country total close to
England Harbors Ex-Queens.
England will soon be the land of five
queens, a potential and powerful group !
either in politics or poker. The figure
resembles a misdeal, but it is ex
plained by the fact that England has
a queen and a queen mother, while
there are in England the one-time
queens of two" other countries. They
are soon to 10 joined by another, Em
press Marie of Russia. She and the j
two other foreign ladies are deep in j
unhappiness - three of ? the saddest i
queens, as an observer has remarked, I
in modern history. The two whom i
Empress Marie will join are Empress j
Eugenie and the queen mother of Por
These three women plainly tell the
story of greatness. One of them was
driven from her throne and her son
was killed fighting for another coun
try; another was exiled after having
been robbed of her husband and son,
and her other son driven from the
throne; the last was widowed and her
6on, her grandson and her grand
daughters brutally murdered.
Breeding Makes No Difference.
It has been claimed by lovers of do
mestic cats that highly bred members
of the species do not engage in hunt
ing insectivorous and song birds. A
few days ago a city gardener captured
a handsome cat In the,act of killing a
young robin which had just left its
nest near his house. He did not kill
the bird hunter, under the authority
recently granted by the Conservation
Commission, but took the animal and
its victim to the home of the cat's
owner. There he learned that the cat
was a highly prized ribbon-taker; and
the owner was indignant at its cap
ture.-Rochester Democrat and Chron
Get Revenue From Pests.
Rabbit skin* from Australia and
New Zealand were among the largest
offerings in the recent international
fur auction at St." Louis. Half a mil
lion poonda of Australian rabbit and
50,000 pounds of New Zealand wees
sold for a total of $335,000. Thc larg
est lots went to hatters and felt man
ufacturers. ,
Nothing Doing.
Fisherman-ls this public water?
Fisherman-Then it won't be .
crime if I land a fish?
Hatlve-No; It'll be a miracle I
Battrmore Admirer Declares the Breath
of the Lilac Stands Unmatched
tar Sweetness.
When the Mares breathe, odor? of
Araby become fetid and astringent in
comparison. When tire lilacs breathe,
their odorous breath carries the fra
grance of the distl?atton of a genera*
tten of life and love that they have
gathered to tfienwexves, wi tere they
have bloomed by the garden wall or
against the porch pillar. The oW
home-wonderful m the vividness of
Rs memories and associations-Is cre
ated by the picturing of beauty and
tend er ness that the fragrance bf the
blossoming lilacs brings to the mind.
One sees the path through the garden
winding down to the clamp of lilacs.
The faces of other days ?tre framed
in the pretores that fancy creates
through the magic of the limes.
The panicles of bloom are in fofl
flower and the blooms will be hailed
with joy by the multitudes who have
In their feelings the senilments to
which lilacs appeal. They are a medi
tative and reflective kind of flower.
They come so quietly In the spring.
They bloom forth so abundantly and
magnificently. They sing- their con
cert to the airs of April and cause the
four winds of the heavens to become
their survivors to the Joy of man
kind, j
The lilacs are the softest and most
persuasive of all tints, those of laven
der and purple, with some of driven
whiteness. How wonderful their
beauty, the assembling of the blossoms
and their disposition upon the branch !
How foll of art! How exquisitely
Dresden ls the lilac as It swings ra
the breeze-? And every Iliac bush Is
a product of years of growth, and that
growth goes cn perennially until one
and another generation Is laid be
neath the sod. and the lilac has been
Intrusted with the cherished memories
of youth and maturity and age-passed
out of life,-Baltimore American.
French Physician's Method of Admav
istering Chloroform Said to Be
Pronounced Success.
A new method of administering
fliloroform, brought out In France by
Dr. Gulsez, ls described In the Scien
tific American. The doctor no longer
applies the drug by the nsual com
press or mask placed over the month,
but introduces the chloroform vapor
directly into the lungs throuprh a tube
running into the windpipe. The tube
method has already been employed
in several hundred cases, and with
great success. Besides being very
useful for operations to be performed
on the head and neck, it is of great
Interest because lt never produces
The effects of the new method will
serve to explain the reasons why chlo
roform operations always produced
nausea when operating by the former
method, for It appears evident thnt
the nausea was caused by a part of
the chloroform vapors being absorbed
by the oesophagus and the stomach.
Average Intelligence.
There have been a number of re
ports atKuit the results of the psy
chologic tests in the army which are
not particularly encouraging. Of
course it is all very well to lind that
more than half of those taken in the
draft were of an average or of a
higher Intelligence and that four out
of every 100 were of a "very superior"
Intelligence and eight to ten out of
every 100 of "superior" intelligence.
This will probably average up higher
than what would be secured in any
European country, hut the fly in the
ointment is the high relative percent
age of those who are "below average"
Intelligence, or of an "inferior" intelli
gence or are "very inferior," with
several grades and degrees even below
the "very inferior."
Nelson's Victory Cups.
Recognition of the English "silent
navy" which did so much to win the
war has come In the presentation of
two communion cups to the Royal Na
val Barracks church of Portsmouth.
England. These cups were used on
Nelson's flagship Victory in the battle
of Trafalgar. Thus the glory that was
England's In the earlier days Joins
bands with the glory of the present,
and the spirit of Nelson Is linked with
the spirits of the brave men who stood
by in all the long months of the North
sea vigil. Nine years ago these cup?
were ??ven to a church In Glasgow.
The widow of the rector of this par
ish now gives them to the navy as the
most fitting holder of the goblets,
which were made about 1S00.
"The Germans are always being mis
understood, and this misunderstanding
ls always to the poor fellows' disad
The speaker was Adolph Junck, the
millionaire dye importer of Duluth.
"I know a German motorist," he
went on, "who arrived one June eve
ning nt a crowded country road house.
When the clerk told him the house was
fulfc, he said desperately:
" 'Can't you at least give me a bun
dle of hay somewhere?*
" 'There ain't a thing left, mister,'
said the clerk, 'but a bit of cold mutton
stew.' "
New Substitute for Oil.
A factory has been started in Swe
den for extracting oil from schist, thus
adding one more to the number of s >
stltutes already on the market. Larg*
quantities of alum schist are found ir
the district, yielding benzine and crudt
lt ls Said Only Experts Art; Able
te Tell the Difference Be
j . ? tween the Two.
There ls a growing disposition to
give the goat his due. Heretofore this
robbish-eattng animal has been re
garded pretty much a9 a joke, but he
has continued to eat tin cnns and
thrive until now hts race has ac
quired census-listing proportions and
a market has been established In a
middle-western city where surplus
goats will be converted Into "spring
lamb"*"*for the benefit of our non-vege
tarians. As an addition to the poor
man's meat perhaps the goat will be
welcome, especially If his advent tends
to lower the present high prices.
Goat meat tastes much the same as
'mutton, It Is claimed, and that the dif
ference cannot bp told save by an ex
pert. Perhaps that Is just as well.
Our Imagination has much to do with
our taste. Many people are eating
horse meat in this country under the
Impression that ft Is beef, for horses
are slaughtered, but almost nowhere
ls their meat exposed for sale under
Its true name. No doubt the easiest
way for us to get used to goat meat ts
to camouflage It as mutton. It Is an
other case of Ignorance being bliss.
But, as we are assured by the ex
perts that It is wholesome, a name
win not make much difference in the
end. Mutton, the world over, has been
.tlie poor man's meat If goat meat
cnn add to the supplj, so mu dh the
better. The meat of goats was a
favorite In the days of the patriarchs.
It Is still highly prized In the East
There seems to be no reason why It
should not ultimately hold a respect
able place on our menus.
Bert Many Will See Deep Significance
in That Kiss Bestowed by
Minister's Wife.
Now, everyone knows that the min
ister's wife must not say harsh things
about anyone, "no matter how she
thinks. Also that though she be forced
to listen to criticism she herself must
not give any. The other evening an
Indianapolis parsonage woman was sl.t
tlng on her front porch, when one of
the young girls of her husband's con
gregation came to call. Hardly had
she settled herself comfortably before
the young miss began to condemn vig
orously a very parsimonious member
of the church.
"He wouldn't give a cent to recar
pering the parsonage," stormed the
visitor, "yet he had plenty of money
to buy himself a new seven-passenger
touring car. I just hope that every
time he starts out in lt he'll have o
The minister's wife had only thal
morning spent three hard hours mend
ing the old enrpet. She didn't s?*y?;
word of reproof-merely looked at the
youn? girl a minute and then went
across the veranda and kissed ner
cheek.-Indianapolis News.
Ticklish Bit of Tunneling.
A very interesting bit of tunneling
was recently done on the Fourteenth
street tube under the East river, New
York. The heading was being run in
rock and nt one point test holes
showed a thickness of only eight
inches of sound dry rock above the
line along which the top of the tunnel
was to run. As the tunnel was being
driven without the use of compressed
air it was decided to drop the upper
heading four feet until this thin cover
of rock was passed. The cast iron
lining was set in place at each side
of this section and then the rock was
removed very carefully by using a
great many holes each loaded with
about one-eighth of a stick of dyna
mite. As each bit of rock was removed
the arch of the tunnel lining was set
in place. By this means the dangerous
section was tunneled without breaking
through the thin shell.-Scientific
His Desire.
Last autumn Boland was much In
love with his new teacher, and tried to
prove his affection by doing many er
rands for her. One of them was the
hauling of the fertilizer from his fath
er's barn to her flower garden.
lilis spring Boland became interest
ed in a victory garden and started one.
One day he journeyed to the home of
his last term teacher, told her of his
garden and then ended the conversa
tion with, "Do you remember that fer
tilizer I gave you last foll? Well, I'd
like to have it back now for my own
Ingenious Automobile Thief.
~ An automobile owner at Hallowell,
leaving his car, hitched it to a tree by
winding a chain around one of the
wheels of the machine and fastening
tine end of the chain around a tree.
An automobile thief jacked up the car,
loosened The wheel which was chained
to the tree, took it off, and then re
moving the extra wheel from the rear
of th?? car put it on in the place of the
wheel which had been dropped off and
drove away, leaving the single wheel
chained to the tree.
Big Game Hunters Protest
A proposal that Canada Increase Its
meat supply by using airplanes to drive
the great herds of caribou from the
barrens of the northern provinces Into
corrals on the shore of Hudson bay for
slaughter has called forth loud protests
from the big game hunters of Africa.
They foresee an extension of the prac
tice to the wholesale slaughter of ele
phants. !ions. zebras, giraffes, and vari
ous kinds of deer which abound In the
no-longer dark continent.-Oregonian.
ts cozy nome may
o u ri lom e.
An attractive, snug, convenient, roomy
little bungalow;
Graceful lines, embodying the most modern of architectural
ideas; securely, substantially built to make it lasting and com
fortable in the most severe weather. Built with a view to con
venient arrangement. While small in appearance, its rooms ar?:
in reality of ample size for ever/ comfort.
vrhlle beautiful, convenient, roomy and thoroughly sub
stantial. Is built at a tremendously reduced cost, due to the
Immense savings In quantity production. From the flooring
to the roof, from the siding to the interior finish, it ls al
ready prepared for erection and partially built. In buying,
a QUICKBI LT Bungaluw you
T iving
All the material ls already prepared and the larg*
Waste piles of scrap lumber are thus eliminated.
Every foot of lumber is used. You buy no surplus material.
TIMF" ?vcr>' I>leco ot material has its own place. Everything
J J?F.??i"?3 numbered and systematized. The Instructions to tho
carpenter are complete and tho order of erection simple. No time
is lost in looking for material. The time ordinarily required ia
preliminary cutting and trimming is saved. Furthermore, as a larg?
portion of the house is already ?uilt in panels, just that much time
and cost is eliminated in construction.
? A /?/")/? With the entire process of erection systematized and Instructions com
*-'"*,*-'**""]ilete and the great building "bugaboo"-preliminary preparations
?eliminated, tho labor in the erection of a QUICKBI LT Bungalow is reduced to a mini
mum, and therefore, of minor consideration. A carpenter of average speed and.
experience With two laborers, can erect tho house in 8 days. The ordinary house
will take almost as many weeks.
JWClJ\JT7Y A saving in waste of material, time and labor, ls a saving
iriyjl^L^l ** Ja money. With a QUICKBI LT Bungalow the expense of
erection is cut In half, but that ls not all. You need not pay a contractor's
fee. Tba cree: ?on ls so simple and systematic that any carpenter of average
intelligence can erect lt with ease. Many owners build them themselves. You
pay no architect's fee. The complete plans with all specifications and In
structions are furnished FitEE. And yet, the plans are made after careful
study by thc best and most experienced of architects, with a view to eliminat
ing waste and gaining the greatest possible convenience, economy and
strength. Thu cost of the material is further reduced by tho fact that you
buy it from the Juill, manufacturer and forest in one. Our complete plants cover the en
tire process, from the tree to tho completed house. You pay no middle-man a profit.
.You buy direct from the source of material. In our complete plants in which hundreds
cf hour.es are built simultaneously, every short cut to perfection ls used and every waste
avoided. As the horses pro made in great quantities you gain the advantage of the lovr
cost of Quantity production.
jr. O. B. Charleston. The price includes all necessary material, e:ccept the brick work
juul plumbing. Size over all, 21-ft. 5-ln. x 30-ft. 6V4Mn. There are two large bedrooms,
one 9-ft. x 12-ft., the other 12-ft. x 12-ft, one spacious living room 12-ft. x 18-ft., a
kitchen 9-ft. x 12-ft., a bath room 9-ft. x 6-ft., and an attractive front porch 12-ft. x 6-ft.
The house ls well lighted, spacious, well ventilated and convenient. The construction ls
largely of North Carolina pine-"the Wood I'nlversal," thoroughly kiln dried. Excellent
flooring and celling. Walls built In panels of siding, lined with heavy builders' paper to In
sure warmth. Durable, fire-resisting, standard asphalt strip shingles with slate green or
red finish. Artistic paneled inside finish. Excellent doors and sash. All necessary
nails and hardware furnished. House comes with exterior walls stained any one of a
number of atainiard colors or painted ont heavy coat of priming paint. Exterior trim
and inside finish painted with one heavy coat of priming paint.
for further Information .-.nd a copy of our attractive, illustrated book, "QUICKBILT
Bungalows" No. A-llu. lt will explain all about No. -14 and ?nany other attractive
QUICKBILT Bungalows, it is FREE for the isklng. Merely fill out the coupon
below and mail lt. netter still, if Bungalow No. 44 fills your needs, tell us the
color desired and Instruct us to ship immediately.
I wM 9M BBM BM BM mm SH mm u M IB O WW WM BM BM mm mW mW mW KM m fM om ta WM DH WM MW MW) Kl mw, ?M %w\ mw BB mm mw mW^
QUICKBILT Bungalow Dept., j
A. C. Tuxbury Lumber Co., Charleston, S. C. J
Please send me your book "QUICKBILTBungalows" No. A-1 IO. ?
Am especially interested in a . room house.
NAME ...
The Greenwood Piano Man.
The largest dealer in musical instru
ments in Western South Carolina. Sells
pianos, self-player pianos, organs and
sewing machines, Reference: Thc
P>:ink nf Greenwood, the oldest and
st longest Bank in Greenwood Count"
Made A New Man Ov ;
"I waa suffering from pain ir-, my
stomach, head and back," writed H. ?
T. Alston, Raleigh, N. C., "and my S
liver and kidneys did not work right, *
but four bottles of Electric Bitters t
made nee feel like a new man." B
The C. & B. Hat Company
123 Broad Street
is the owner of and is carrying on the
Mail Order business formerly handled
by the H. W. Clarke Hat Company.
All orders should be sent to them.
To Preveut Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reHarle DI
eical dressing that relieves pain and heals a
?'if sim* lime. Not a liniment. 25c.50c.jl.ee
I have moved mv stock into the
store on the comer which has been
occupied by the postoffice, and will
confine my business to Heavy and
Fancy Groceries. I have greatly in
creased my stock and will be in better
position than ever to serve our patrons.
I appreciate the very generous patron
age that has been accorded me in the
past, and will do my utmost to render
the best possible service at the new
store. ,

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