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"Clean Up Weeli" Observed.
Death of Mr. J. S. Park
man. Afternoon Pic
nic Held.
"Clean-up-Week" was observed
here during the past week, the move
ment being put on by the council, and
a prize of $5 was offered for the
most attractive back yard. At many
of the homes the back yards are just
as attractive as the front, with flow
ers, shrubbery and shade trees, and
the town, in a general way, is a pret
ty spot. The movement, though was
a good one and such will keep any
town an attractive and healthy place.
The council went around on a tour
of inspection and found it a hard
matter in making a decision, for
everywhere looked so nice. They are
wishing it had been a blue ribbon of
fered, so then a blue ribbon could
have been tied on every back gate.
The times do not ^?rmit of $5 being
placed at every gate..
Much interest has been manifested
here in the radio, and Mr. Steely
Ouzts, the son of Dr. Walter Ouzts,
as an outfit, which he has ready now
for catching all kinds of air news.
. The radio has been the center of
much interest since it is ready for re
Mr. and Mrs. Will Bradford, of
Greenwood, are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Carson.
Mrs. Ona Denny Reese nad Miss
Martha Reese of Columbia are guests
of relatives.
Mr. Charlie Lewis whc is now re
siding in Georgia, has been visit
ing Mr. J. C. Lewis.
Mrs. DeSaussaure Hogan, of Co
lumbia is the guest of relatives.
Miss Hortense Padgett, who has
been teaching at Greenwood, spent.
the past week here with relatives.
Miss Lottie Bean is attending a
summer school in North Carolina.
Miss Catherine Wright has been,
visiting" Misses Louelle and Sara
Norris in Columbia.
Misses Clara, Daisy, Maude and
Gladys Sawyer are at home from a
visit to their sister, Mrs. Henry
Clark at Aiken.
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Hazel who will
soon come here from Saluda, have
rented the residence of Mr. Jack A.
Lott and will reside -there.
During the week the young people
have enjoyed many afternoon picnics,
these being arranged for visitors.
Two of the picnics were had at Sal
ters' pond and all enjoyed a dip in
the water.
Miss Mary Wafters entertahied
with a party on last Thursday even
ing in honor of her cousin, Miss Ruth
Phillips. Progressive conversation
was the chief form of entertainment,
and during the latter part of the
evening ices and cake were served.
Mr. Russell Wright who has been
spending the past few months in Flor
ida, in the home of his brother, has
returned to his home here.
Miss Lena Stevens of Bennets
ville, spent the past week here with
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Allen, John, Jr.,
of Meeting Street and Mrs. M. D.
Lyon, Jr., of Edgefield, visited in the
home of Mrs. Willie Tompkins dur
ing the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bartow Walsh, Billie
and Bartow, are at home from a two
week's visit in Sumter.
Mrs. David Phillips and Miss Ruth
Phillips have returned to Springfield
after a week's visit to relatives.
Mrs. Eula Wright Gleaton spent
the past week in Springfield.
Miss Ella Jacobs has accepted a
position in the High School at Dar
Mr. Leroy Wertz of Belton is the
guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0.
S. Wertz.
Mr. J. Stewart Parkman was bur
ied here Saturday in the Mt. of Olives
cemetery. He had been ill for about
two months, having had pneumonia,
and was at the Baptist hospital at the
time of his death. Mr. Parkman was
reared in the Bethlehem section and
was a good Christian man, and was
32 years of age. He had a brother,
who resided in Columbia, who was
at his bedside constantly. The body
arrived on the midday train and was
carried to the Baptist church where
the funeral services were conducted,
the interment folowing.
Mr. Sumter Cassels of Ellenton, is I
visiting his brother, Mr. W. P. Cas
sels. .
Mr. and Mrs. Huiet Waters have
returned from Alabama, making the
trip in their car. They visited the lat
ter's mother.
Miss Ena Barre of Lexington, has
been for a visit to Miss Ella Jacobs.
Misses Louise and Rae Jones are
guests of relatives in Lexington.
Miss Mildred Crouch is spending
a while in Columbia.
Misses Louise and Inez Rhoden
have gene to Marietta, Ga., to visit
their grandmother, Mrs. Wheeler.
Miss Pearl Carver has been quite
sick for the past two weeks.
Misses Annie Holmes Harrison and
Thelma Milford will attend summer
school at Winthrop and will go this
Mrs. Coy Ethredge and little
daughter, of Trenton have been for a
visit to Mrs. M. R. Wright.
Mrs. Henry Wright of Pittsburg, is
here for a visit.
The Summerland Creamery.
Batesburg, June 19.-The Sum
merland Creamery, which has been in
operation less than two months, is
proving to be just what the farmers
of this section needed, according to
D. C. Dadger, District Dairy Hus
bandman, who reports that the cream
ery is' helping to put the farmers on
a cash basis-the greatest need per
haps of South Carolina farmers to
The creamery, the establishment
of which was promoted by the Ex
tension Service, is run in connection
with the Batesburg Beverage and Ice
Co.. so that the power refrigeration
and space were provided without the
usual expense of money and time for
these things. Beginning with an ini
tial churning of only 122 pounds of
butter, it is now receiving 1200 to
15000 pounds of cream per week
from which are made 600 to 700
pounds of butter. A first class prod
uct is being made and there is no
trouble in selling it to advantage in
Columbia, Augusta, Aiken and Bates
burg. In fact, the supply cannot meet
the demand.
Since the creamery has been in
operation, the Manager, Mr. M. P.
Hazel, has also put in a milk-feeding
station for poultry, which provides
a market for all kinds of poultry. The
broilers received are placed in bat
teries and bed on buttermilk mash
for fourteen days and then shipped
to Northern markets at a fancy
During May the creamedy and the
poultry market paid to the farmers
a little over $1400. Of this amount,
the creamery alone paid $760. The
farmers in the vicinity of Batesburg
are naturally very well pleased, and
if it continues to manufacture the
quality of butter now being turned
out, it will have a splendid growth.
Eureka News.
There will be a picnic at the chain
gang camp Saturday, June 24. The
camp is located at the grove in front
of Jerry Johnson's. Everybody is in
Miss Lucy Plunkett left Sunday
for Rock Hlil where she will attend
Summer school.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Clarke and
family of the Long Branch section
dined in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. McGee Sunday.
Mrs. J. M. Derrick of the Pine
Grove section visited Mrs. George
Rhoden recently..
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jackson and
family were the spend-the-day guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Randall Sunday.
Misses Dorothy and Evelyn Wil
liams and Miss Sue Timmerman vis
ited Miss Maggie Mae Bryant re
Mr. Elbert Timmerman and Miss
Sue Timmerman visited relatives in
Ridge Spring Friday.
Several from Eureka attended all
day services at Mt. Calvary Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mahl on Clarke and
Mr. Dock Clark of the Long Branch
section spent the day with Mr. and
Mrs. Jess Williams Sunday.
I am now prepared to sell ice in
any quantity. Will deliver anywhere
in town.
McMurrain's old stand near depot
Don't say shock absorbers
say "Hasslers."-Y. M. C.
The Women Sh?\
Fourteen Fundamentals for :
Successful Dairying.
Clemson College, June 19.-Here ;
are the dairy farmer's "fourteen j
points" which he should know and re- \
gard if he would be successful, ac
cording to the dairy specialists of the j
1. That cows handled gently give
more milk.
2. That cows are creatures of hab
it and should be fed and milked at
regular intervals.
3. That milkers should not be
changed except when absolutely nec
4. That a good milker should milk
at le?st eight cows per hour.
5. That one good man can do all
the work connected with handling
twenty cows and their product, when
the product is sold to a nearby
6. That a good cow has a large
stomach, divided into four chambers,
and that this stomach must be kept
full for best results.
7. That she needs therefore large
quantities of rough feed and that
this feed must be grown at home.
8. That she should be fed grain ac
cording to the amount of milk and
butter fat which she is capable of
pr educing.
9. That the number of cows kept
on the farm is not as important as
the quality of cows kept.
I.0. That a prepotent purebred bull,
from a line of heavy-producing an
cestry, is a large per cent of the fu
ture herd and will build it up to a
profitable basis.
II. That a scrub bull, whether
grade or purebred, will make himself
100 percent of the future herd by
making them all scrubs and will
soon put the owner out of business.
12. That good milk cows are well
developed heifers.
13. That skimmilk should not be
wasted-on scrub bull calves.
14. That milk is an article of food
and should be handled accordingly.
We the undersigned jury commis
sioners of Edgefield county will draw
in the Clerk of Court's office, June
29th, 36 petit jurors for the July
term of court at 12 o'cl ck.
Jury Com. for Edgefield Co.
vM Enroll for the F
-^ ?ptate 'Campaign Meetings.
The State campaign opened in Co
lumbia Tuesday and the fourth meet
ing of the series will be 1 held at
Edgefield Friday. As our farmers are
greatly behind with their work, it is ?
not probable that the attendance ;
will be large, especially if it does not
rain again before Friday.
Following is the itinerary and the ;
dates at which the members of the
campaign party will speak:
Columbia-Tuesday, June 20.
Lexington-Wednesday, June 21. <
Saluda-Thursday, June 22.
Edgefield-Friday, June 23.
Aiken-Saturday, June 24.
Barnwell-Monday, June 26.
Allendale-Tuesday, June 27.
Hampton-Wednesday, June 28.
Beaufort-Thursday, June 29.
Ridgeland-Friday June 30.
Walterbor o-Saturday, July 1.
Monek's Corner,-Monday, July 3.
Charleston-Tuesday, July 4.
St. George-Wednesday, July 5.
Bamberg-Thursday, July 6.
St. Matthews-Friday, July 8.
St. Matthews-Friday, July 7.
Orangeburg-Saturday, July 8.
Rest Eight Days.
Sumter-Monday, July 17.
Bishopville-Tuesday, July 18.
Darlington-Wednesday, July 19.
Bennettsville-Thursday, July 20.
Chesterfield-Friday, July 21.
Florence-Saturday, July 22.
Conway-Monday, July 24.
Marion-Tuesday, July 25.
Dillon-Wednesday, July 26.
Kingstree-Thursday, July 27.
Georgetown-Friday, July 2S.
Manning-Saturday, July 29.
Camden-Monday, July 31.
Lancaster-Tuesday, August 1.
York-Wednesday, August 2.
Winnsboro-Thursday,- August 3.
Chester-Fridty, August 4.
Union-Saturday, August 5.
Rest Eight Days.
Newberry-Monday, August 14.
Greenwood-Tuesday, August 15.
Laurens^-Wednesday, August 16.
Abbeville-Thursday, August 17.
McCormick-Friday, August 18
Anderson-Saturday, August 19.
Walhalla-Monday, August 21.
Pickens-Tuesday, August 22.
Greenville-Wednesday, Aug. 23.
Gaffney-Thursday, August 24.
.Spartanburg-Friday, August 25.
Buy a FORD and bank the
SI ?ushne^
\imary Election
Official List of Candidates.
The list of those qualified to mal
the various races, as announced t
General Jones is as follows:
For governor: C. L. Blease, J. .
Cantey, William Coleman, John 1
Duncan, George K. Laney and Thon
as G. McLeod.
For lieutenant governor: E. C. 1
Adams ,E. B. Jackson and Jennine
K. Owens.
For superintendent of education
Mrs. Bessie Rogers Drake, J. E
Hope, O. D. Seay, C. H. Seigler an
J. E .Swearingen.
For congress: I. S. Hutto, W. Tui
ner Logan and J. B. Morrison, Firs
district; James F. Byrnes, Seeon
district; Fred H. Dominick, Sam B
Sherard and E. P. McCravy, Thin
district; J. J. McSwain, Fourth dis
trict; W. F. Stevenson, Fifth district
W. R. Barringer, A. H. Gasque, Je
rome F. Pate and Philip H. Stoll
Sixth district; A. J. Bethea, H. P
Flumer and John J. McMahon, Sev
enth district.
For adjutant general: Robert E
Craig and Thomas B. Marshall.
For state treasurer: Sam T. Car
For attorney general: Harold Eu
banks, D. M. Winter and Samuel M,
For commissioner of agriculture;
B. Harris and George W. Wightman.
For secretary of state: James C.
Dozier and W. Banks Dove.
For controller general: Walter E.
Duncan and T. Hagood Gooding.
For solicitorships: Frank A. Mc
Leod and John G. Dinkins, Third cir
cuit; A. Fletcher Spigner, Fifth cir
cuit; L. M. Gasque and C. W. Mul
drow, Twelfth circuit.
Sam T. Carter, who has been treas
urer for a number of years, is the
only state official to have no opposi
Three congressmen have no oppo
sition, James F. Byrnes from the Sec
ond district, J. J. McSwain from the
Fourth district and W. F. Stevenson
from the Fifth district.
Solicitor A. F. Spigner of Colum
bia has no opposition from the Fifth
judicial circuit.
Rufus W. Grant, the adjutant gen
eral, is the only state officer not of
fering for election. General Grant
was appointed by Governor Cooper
to fill out the unexpired term of Gen
W. W. Moore. He did not desire to
make the race this summer.-The
"Uncle Iv" Morgan Writes
Interesting Letter.
Harlem, Ga.,
June 6, 1922* \
Dear Old Edgefield Advertiser:
I am now entering into my seven
ty-ninth year, since the tenth of this
month, and with the exception of a
short period of my life I have been
reading The Advertiser since I was
a ten-year-old boy.
I notice occasionally the question
is asked by some of your correspond
ents, "Where is Uncle Iv?" And my
answer is, I am still in Georgia, ex-i
cept a part of every Friday, the day
the paper from Edgefield comes, and
for a while my mind is over there, as
I read the letters from almost all
sections of the county.
On last Saturday the 11th nine of
my thirteen children now living took
dinner with me. Children and grand
children in all, twenty-nine, and a
birthday cake with seventy eight lit
tle red and white candles placed in
the center of the table ,and as each,
one took their seats at the table they
lit a candle and after burning them
a while they were blown out.
And the thought came to me, yes,,
our lives will go out, and the verses
of two songs have been ringing in.
my ears all this week. One of the
verses goes like this:
"A few more days shall come,
A few more seasons roll,
And we will be at rest with those
that sleep beneath the tomb."
The other song has these words- *
"The evening sun is sinking low,
A few more days and I must go."
Go where? The old body of flesh;
to the grave, but where does the ten
ant of the body go? Well, 'tis owing
to how we have treated this tenant if
we have invited the Christ in to keep
the tenant (the soul) company, then
all is well with the soul. Yes, my
soul and your soul. And when death
calls us from this world, we have ai}
house not made, with . hands eterna^
in the heavens, where ?Christ has gone
to' prepare a place for all who will,
accept that home.
And in closing let me say to the
young that the best time to prepare
for that home is while young. Why?
Well, you can put out a little tree,
and with care make it grow up
straight, but when the tree grows
large it is too late then to straighten
it. Don't wait till old age comes on to
prepare for eternity.
Love to all of old Edgefield from:
Kirksey News.
Miss Annie Davis of Greenwood is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Homer Ouzts
Mr. an 1 Mrs. Melbourne Ouzts and
family spent last Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Hall.
Misses Viola and Gladys Robertson
called on Miss Clarie Faulkner Fri
day afternoon.
Mrs. W. L. Mellichamp was a visit
or in the home of Mrs. Homer Ouzts
last Thursday.
Mrs. Trapp McDowell has return
ed to her home in Greenwood after
spending a while with Mrs; Bill Mc
Miss Ruth Hamilton spent last
Tuesday night with Mrs. Homer
Mrs. Carrie Faulkner, Mrs. Pamie
Faulkner and Miss Clarie Faulkner
spent one night last week with Mrs.
Sam Whatley of Epworth.
Mrs. Mamie Cogburn spent a few
days with her daughter, Mrs. J. M.
Johnson last week.
Miss Ruth Johnson of Greenwood,
is spending a while with her sister,
Mrs. Clyde,Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Goode Williams and
family were visitors in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Ouzts last Sun
Mrs. Heber Wheeler spent last
Thursday night with her sister, Mrs.
J. M. Johnson.
Miss Evelyn Johnson spent a few
days last week with her sister, Mrs.
J. A. Bryan of Good Hope.
Master J. T. McDowell of Green
wood is spending a while with his
grandmother, Mrs. Bill McDowell.
Miss Ruth Johnson spent Wednes
day night with Mrs. Homer Ouzts.
Miss Lillie Mae Bryan spent last
Thursday night with Miss Josie John
Mr. T. W. Mellichamp has gone to
Asheville to spend a while with his
son, Mr, Kenny Mellichamp.

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