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Death of Mrs. Schnell. Mrs.
Howard Payne Entertain
ed With Spend the
Day Party.
Mrs .E. A. Schnell died at her
home in Greenwich, Conn., on last
Tuesday and the body was brought
here Friday for interment. She had
been in ill health for several months,
and every means was used for her
restoration, her husband being a
physician of note. The news of her
death was received here with sad
ness, for she had many warm friends
here, her girlhood days having been
. spent ni Johnston. Before her mar
riage she was Miss Ellie Ivey, the
daughter of Capt. and Mrs. J. R.
Ivey. She was a trained nurse and
attained a high degree in this pro
fession and was superintendent of a
large hospital in New York, also oe- j
cupying other very responsible posi
tions in this line. It was while thus
occupied that she met Dr. Schnell.
She was a woman of strong charac
ter and very intellectual, and was an
interesting conversationalist. Her
love for her old home and friends
was marked and her home coming
was always hailed with delight by
those who knew her best. After the
death of her parents she retained the
home, and it was here her body was
brought and reposed through the day
and night to await the burial. Sym
pathizing friends, coming with flow
ers literally covered the casket, and
all around it were these silent tok
ens of love. The funeral services j
were conducted by Rev. David D.
Kellar , pastor of the Methodist
church, and the two hymns sung
were "Asleep in Jesus" and "Some
time We'll Understand." The pall
bearers were Messrs. J. C. Lewis, 0.
D. Black, W. M. Wright, W. J. Hatch
er, John R. Hoyt and Jesse Derrick.
After the service the body was car- J
ried to the Mt. of Olives cemetery j
?.r.dy.-iujnd&iiy- laid' -to' r?fci; "?Bf s?d?s
the husband are left, an only child,
Mrs. Iva Turner Ruff, and a step
son, to whom she was a real mother,
and two brothers, Preston Ivey, of
Columbia, and Hugh Ivey, of Au
Mr. Jesse Ballentine has returned
to Johnston to reside, and his friends
welcome him back.
Miss Mary Walker has returned
from Newberry whese she" visited
Misses Caroline Epps and Bessie Mc
Misses Ora May Herlong and Wil
lie Ruth Wheeler of Saluda are vis
iting Mrs. Claude Herlong.
Mrs .Alexander and little Laddie
are at home from a visit to relatives
at Edgefield.
Miss Luelle Norris of Columbia,
spent the past week here with the
home folks.
Dr. Mary Huggins and her
.daughters, Misses Laurie, Mary and
Linda will soon go to Columbia to re
Mrs. Monsurat of Charleston is
the guest of Mrs. James Westmore
Miss Ruth Phillips has returned to
Springfield, being accompanied by
her cousin, Miss Mary Waters.
Mrs. J. Howard Payne entertained
a few of her intimate friends with a
spend-the-day party on last Wedh
nesday, and a very happy time was
spent, nearly all of her guests being
class mates. A tempting dinner was
beautifully served.
Mrs. Morgan of Parksville has
been visiting in the home of her
father, Mr. H. W. Dobey.
Miss Elizabeth Crim has gone to
Birmingham, Ala., to visit in the
home of her uncle, Mr. David Crim.
Mrs. Frank Weirse and little Min
nie of Charleston, are spending a !
while in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
James Westmoreland.
Mrs. J. W. Marsh has as her guests
this week, her sisters, Mrs. Isom and
Mrs. Wilson of Spartanburg, and
Mrs. W. J. Wilson of Spartanburg,
and Miss Theora Fleming of Gaines
ville, Fla.
Miss Marion Turner spent the
week in Edgefield with her cousin,
Miss Eleanor Mims.
Mrs. John Wright has gone to
Bamberg to visit Mrs. Sallie Rice
Owen, and from there both will go
to Asheville, N. C.
Mr. T. R. Hoyt went to the Uni
versity hospital on Sunday for
Master Johnnie Hoyt has been ill
with fever, but it is hoped that his
condition indicates a change for the
Mrs. Walter Sawyer is at home
from the University hospital, follow
ing an operation for appendicitis.
Mr. J. W. Marsh has gone to Glenn
Springs to spend a few weeks.
Miss Eva Rushton is at home, hav
nig taken a special summer school
course in Columbia.
Miss Hortense Padgett is the guest
of relatives here.
Mr. O. S. Wertz has been quite ill
but is nov/ improving. His sickness
necessitated the home*- coming of
Mrs. Wertz who was in Chattanooga,
Tenn., for treatment. His children
were wired for also, and it was a
comfort to him to have them all here
with him.
Mr. and Mrs. Motte Payne, of
Lake View, Fla., spent the week here
with relatives.
Mrs. Carrie Dorn of Meeting
Street has been visiting in the home
of Dr. G. D. Walker.
Mr. M. D. Lyon, Jr., is now operat
ing the store which has recently
been in charge of Mr. Claude Hart.
It is hoped that he and his wife will
make Johnston their home, and a
cordial welcome awaits them.
Mr. and Mrs. H. ?. Strother, Har
ry and Josephine are at home from
a visit to relatives in Newberry.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Waters, Mr.
and Mrs. Wallace Turner and Billie,
made a car trip to Vidalia, Ga., for
the week-end to visit relatives.
Mrs. James Halford entertained
the Bridge club on Wednesday morn
ing in a most pleasant manner, the
honorees being Mrs. Olin Sawyer of
Georgetown and Mrs. Wilbur Wertz
of Columbia. After the game the top
store being held by Miss Gladys Saw
yer, she received the prize, and the
consolation fell to Mrs. Julian P.
Blandy Mrs. Frank Bland drew the
guest .prize a:Hif bfe.th the -honorees1
were presented with lovely gifts. An
elaborate salad course was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Hazel are now
residing here, having come from Sa
luda, and a very cordial welcome is
extended to them. Mr. Hazel is as
sociated with Mr. G. G. Waters in
the Job Printing office.
Mrs. Thomas Mitchell of Leesville
is the guest of Mrs. Archie Lewis.
Messrs. William Gleaton and Lon
Courtney have been to Springfield
on a visit to friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eidson and
children are spending a while in the
mountains of North Carolina.
Dr. and Mrs. Olin Sawyer, and
Misses Ray and Olin Sawyer of
Georgetown have been guests in the
home of the Misses Sawyer.
Rev. W. S. Brooke has just closed
a fin? meeting at Rocky Creek
church that has meant much for the
spiritual uplift of the church. There
were several additions to the church
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Hart will go
to Macon, Ga., to reside. Their de
parture will be a regret to their
many friends here. .
Meeting Street News.
A good many from this section at
tended the prayer services last Wed
nesday night at the home of Mrs.
Perminter, conducted by Rev. Tuck
er, pastor of McKendree church.
Mr. Arch Wingard of Greenwood
was a visitor in this section last Sat
G. R. Logue and S. C. Cogburn
were visitors in Edgefield last Satur
The people of this community
were very much grieved to hear of
the sad death of Mr. Arthur Tomp
kins. He will be greatly missed by
the people of old Meeting Street as
well as Edgefield, and we extend to
the bereaved family our entire sym
Mrs. C. W. Owdom has been cn
the sick list for the last few days.
Hope she will soon be well again.
We, the people of Meeting Street
wish to thank Mr. Gus Edmunds for
the splendid road he is giving us
leading to old Edgefield and especial
ly the road to Stevens Creek church
Mr. W. S. Stevens of Bennettsville
spent Sunday with his brother, Mr.
M. L. Stevens of this section.
Mr. and Mrs. Heber Williams and
Mrs. Mamie Cogburn of Celestia
State Enrollment Given ty.. *i
The enrollment in South Craolrna^
for the coming Democratic primary;' |
elections, and for 1920 makes an 4,n; !f
teresting comparison. The total en- ?
rollment this year is 226,581 com- |
pared with 152,035 in 1920. Gre?n-;^
wood county has a total enrollment ^
!of 5134 this year compared with '3,-}r.
716 in 1920. ." m
Women are believed to number^aty
least this increase and possibly. m?reTt
and the indications are that over;7^ip
OOO women will participate in':Vra?J'?e
I primary this year for the first tibie, j*
Oconee-county is the only county I?
in the state showing a decrease?.:.5eaHf
rollment from 1920,. according ^t'ofrs
the figures received by Mr. Edmund^-f '
In 1920 this county enrolled ;4,l?i'H
voters and this year only 3,790, ha**
been enrolled .
Greenville leads the state with,3W
131 with Spartanburg second with'
(14,787. Charleston is third with 12,
The enrollment by counties fhis';
year and in 1920 is as follows:
1922 19gg?
Abbeville_ 3,264 J
Aiken_5,412 4,4^4^
Allendale_ 1,587 . 79J"j '
Anderson __ _11,250 8,0?^'
Berkeley _2,279
Calhoun._ 1,469
Charleston ___ "12,841
Chester _. 3,472
Clarendon_ 2,906
Dillon_: 3,256
Dorchester_" 2,756
Edgefield " -_2,043
Fairfield_- 2,225 '
Florence __ i?. 7,087
Georgetown ". ,". 2,393 . >? v .
Greenville^' ' ^.16^31;: l-lp
Greenwood_ 5,134
Jasper_ 715
Kershaw __ __ __ 4,130
Lancaster _4,621
Lee __ __ " __ 2,932
McCormick __ __ 1,303
Marion " __ 3,230
Oconee __._3,790
Orangeburg_ 7,091
Pickens ___5,641
Richland _12,669
Spartanburg __ "14,787 :
Sumter_" 3,331 ;
Union ___5,554
Williamsburg.. 3,648
Total_ 226,581 152,035
There's no peace and little rest
for the one who suffers from a bad
back, and distressing urinary disor
ders. ' Edgefield people recommend
Doan's Kidney Pills. Be guided by
their experience.
Mrs. Maria Benson, 701 Gully
Row, Edgefield, says: "When I re
covered from the flu my kidneys be
gan to trouble me. Mornings I felt
tired an dmy back was sore. The
longer I was on my feet the worse I
felt and it was like being pulled
down by weight. When evening came
I could hardly keep up. There was a
severe pain across my kidneys, espe
cially if I stooped or got up from a
chair. I was run down and nervous.
A member of the family told me
about Doan's Kidney Pills and I used
them. Doan's rid me of the trouble
and I was able to do my work with
out any misery.
60c, at. all dealers. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
I were pleasant visitors in the home
j of Mrs. J. F. Logue last Sunday.
Alvin Still was a visitor in the
I home of Mr. Henry Suddath Sunday.
A good many from this section at
tended the funeral services of Mr.
Arthur Tmopkins last Sunday after
Miss Angie McKie and Mr. Roy
[Walton of the Good Hope section vis
ited Mrs. J. W. Logue Sunday.
fifhy Figure Hogs on Our
. .'Clemson College, Aug. 14.-Ow
?g? to the fact that new money crops
i?e' much in demand in South Caro
ma at the present time, it is well to
rpnsider the relative merits of- the
rarious possibilities along this line.
Farmers are diversifying but are
irving trouble finding crops which
:an be produced at any considerable
let profit with any degree of cer
tainty. There have been two large
bumbling blocks in the way of the
iverage South Carolina farmer un
ter the one-crop cotton system first,
1/large 'fertilizer bill, regaruiess of
irop production; second, having to
iel! on a market not controlled in
ihy large measure by supply and de
nand. .
The hog crop is not endangered
>y these stumbling blocks, and aside
rom these facts it has several oth
ir points much in its favor, says S.
^".?ims, Extension Swine Specialist,
vho .calls attention to the following
iaejts. The crops grown for pork feed
ire in the main legume crops which
?aturally build up the soil, If these
:rops are pastured, over three
'ourths of the plant food, containned
n the crop is returned to the oil.
t can be readily seen therefore that
>y a continuous system of livestock
nan?gement, the soil can be enrich
ie!; and at the same time, the far
ner will have a sure source of prof
il-without spending large sums for
Commercial fertilizers.
..In regard to the matter of mar
:eting, there are few crops which
ire so nearly dependent on supply
md demand for their selling pri?e
is. are hogs. Slightly high. .' prices
isually prevail in April and Septem
ter, since in these months fewer ?
logs are coming on the market. The
najority of the hogs come from the
/om Belt and are put oh the market
n June and July and December and
Mtw^^3^rt;;does.:_not pay to go.1
o>??^^?ir^^.?^ei^/in. order . to.
inish pork' for the higher markets,
?ecause the difference is so slight,
hough with the favorable climate
travailing in our state for a contin
lous growing season, we can come
tearer catering to high price periods
han producers in more rigorous cli
Other salient features of this
preat crop are small initial invsst
nent and rapid increase. Very little'
?quipment is needed besides shade
md water. Cheap individual houses
ire all that are necessary. The in
rease ranges from 500 to 2000 per
:ent per year, and the offspring
each breeding age before they are
i year old.
Philippi News.
Mr. L. A. McGee spent Monday
vith Mr. John Scott.
Misses Sadie and Lucile Frank
in, Ruby and Kathlene Jackson and
luth Coursey spent a delightful time
vith Mrs. George Holmes of Rocky
jieek section last wek.
Mrs. J. E. Franklin, Misses Bessie
fonce and Grace Satcher were the
ipend-the-day guests of Mrs. Eugene
.landall Friday last.
Miss Maggie Mae Bryant, after
?pending a few days with Miss
tfadge Baker of Ridgeland, returned
lome Thursday.
Mrs. John Bryant, Mrs. J. E.
Tranklin, Mrs. G. D. Rhoden, Mrs.
Tommie Lott and Mrs. Lillie Rhoden
visited Mrs. L. A. McGee recently.
Mr. J. E. Franklin made a business
rip to Graniteville one day last
Misses Maggie Mae and Marie Bry
int and Miss .Maggie Mae Satcher
visited Misses Nora and Ruth McGee
friday. ?
Misses Lottie and Mertie Derrick
md Ivy Claxton returned home
Thursday after spending a pleasant
:ime in Georgia.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Satcher dined
(vith Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rhoden Fri
Mrs. Eugene Randall, Mr. and
Mrs. Yancie Hite, Mrs. W. H. Pardue
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tommie
Lott, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Moyer
and Miss Maggie Mae Satcher were
the spend-the-day guests of Mri and
Mrs. J. E. Franklin Sunday.
Mrs. Dock Long is spending a few
days with her daughter, Mrs. Clar
ence Satcher.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Johnson dined
with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jackson Sun
Mrs. Tommie Lott and Miss Mag
gie Mae Satcher.spent the week-end
with their mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clark and fam
ily were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
A. B. Franklin Sunday last.
Mr. L. A. McGee, Mrs. A. B. Satch
er, Miss Ruth McGee motored to Cle
ora, S. C., to a double birthday din
ner Saturday. Mr. John McGee cele
brated his sixty-seventh birthday and
his daughter, Mrs. Charlie Griffis cel
ebrated her twenty-seventh birthday,
a large number of guests attended
and the day was greatly enjoyed.
Rev. J. L. Pittman of Warrenville
preached an interesting sermon at
Philippi Sunday.
Mr. Quinton Ouzts had the misfor
tune to break his arm last week.
Eureka News?
Miss Thelma Parks, after a de
lightful visit in this section with
friends has gone to Edgefield where
she will visit relatives before return
ing to her home in Parksville.
Misses Nelle nd Cleo Rhoden and
Mattie Cartledge spent Saturday
night with Misses Verna and Vera
i Miss Sadie Franklin had as her
spend-the-day guests" Tuesday Misses
Mattie Cartledge and Thelma Parks
of Parksville, Misses Nelle and Cleo
Rhoden and Ruby Jackson.
Mr. Peter Stahoritz of Columbia
spent the week-end here with Mr.
Paul Seigler.
Miss Irene Rutledge after a visit
to Columbia with relatives has re
turned to her home here.
Miss Bessie Plunkett of Augusta
is spending her vacation here with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bass Plun
Messrs. Elliot Lewis and W. H.
Glover of Johnston are spending a
few days here with Mr. and Mrs.
Price Timmerman.
^ Mrs. G., S.- Cartledge gaye,? spend
thT'^ay^?rty " last- . Wedh^?iay^n:
.honor of Misses Mattie^ Cartledge
and Thelma Parks. Th^se present be
sides the honorees were Misses Sadie
Franklin, Ruby Jacksan, Nelle and
Cleo Rhoden, Julia and Thelma
Miss Olive McGee spent Saturday
night with Miss Maude Rhoden.
Mr. Frontis McGee spent one
night last week with Mr. Odis Rho
Rev. J. L. Pitman, Mr. Veasley
and Miss Irene Pitman, Miss Mildred
Steifle of Warrenville, Mr. James
and Miss Ruth McGee and Miss Mat
tie Cartledge were the spend the day
guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George Rhoden Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Moyer and
Miss Leola Moyer spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Johnson.
Miss Alloe Rutledge will leave in
a few days for Columbia where she
will take a course in millinery.
Misses Verna and Vera Derrick of
the Pine Grove section and Miss
Mattie Cartledge spent Sunday night
and Monday with Misses Nelle, Cleo
and Maude Rroden.
Miss Thelma Hazel is spending a
while with Miss Ellen Wlliams.
Mr. Jack Johnson and Mr. Willie
Coursey spent Sunday night with Mr.
Clyde Jackson.
Mr. Clinton Clarke of the Long
Branch section was visiting in this
community Sunday.
Mrs. J. D. Mathis and children of
Trenton, Mrs. Holley Harmon and
children of Lexington are spending
a few days with their father, Mr. J.
E. Timmerman.
Mr. and Mrs. Price Timmerman
motored to Johnston Sunday and
spent the day with relatives.
Notice to Candidates.
As required under the rules of the
Democratic party, you must make
out an itemized account of all mon
ey spent during the campaign and
file a statement of same with the
clerk of court before the election
and immediately after the election a
like statement of expenses must be
filed with the clerk showing what
money, if any was expended during
the election. Failure to comply with
the rules as to filing statements be
fore and after the election, will ren
der a candidate's election null and
County Chairman.
Weevils Doing Considerable
Damage. Corn Late But
Promising* School is
Without Teacher.
We've been holding the boll wee
vil down with poison and picking up
squares pretty well until now, but
with cool, cloudly weather and show
ers to wash off the poison they are
skinning the cotton of everything ex
cept grown bolls. They are like the
little darkies, August is their month
and they are sure using it.
All corn is late and is looking very
well now, but unless the weather is
favorable from now on, the crop will
be very short with us*
Mr. A. L. Brunson is at home af
ter spending a couple of weeks with
his daughter, Mrs. W. C* Tompkins,
in Edgefield.
Mr. W. A. Reel has had a right -
sick child for ten days.
Mr. Levy Quarles has been suffer
ing from carbuncles for two weeks,,
but is still making his weekly trips
to Augusta with butter and eggs.
Mr. Jack Corley has moved inta
the Jack Reel house, vacated by Mr.
Ellis last spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Phelps from
Georgia are visiting Mr. T. P. Mor
gaa this week.
Sawing and hauling lumber is the.
chief means of making a living-,
around here. Farming has become a
"side line" only.
We are still without a teacher for
the Brunson school.
Miss Eugenia Brunson left last
Saturday to take charge of a school,
offered her at Little SwitzerlanaV
North Carolina.
Miss Marion Miller from Colliers,
is spending this week with Miss Mae
Mr. Hollie Reynolds is moving his
saw mill into Mr. H. H. Williams*
timber' to.^?w:'%t forwhim''feis' week.'r$
;_Mr. A. B. Holmes was down on his
^r^^a^:??i^Btt^y-^B?r,^a^^ ;
Meeting Street News.
(Written for last week.)
The ladies of this section are very
busy preparing for the protracted
meeting at Stevens Creek which be
gins August 13th.
We haven't had any rain in the
last few days so the farmers are
rushing with their work. The corn
crop is rather late on account of so
much rain.
Mrs. J. E. Bryan and Mrs. J. W~
Logue went to Edgefield Monday
and dined with their aunt, Mrs. J. R
Blocker of the Waycross section.
Mrs. M. L. Stevens and children. .
visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. S. Logue Monday last.
Mrs. J. R. Blocker and little Jo
sie spent last Wednesday in the
home of Mrs. J. F. Logue.
Mr. J. M. Walton left last Tues
day for Greenville, S. C., where he
has accepted a position.
Mrs. T. D. Jones visited her sister,
Mrs. W. B. Walton Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Suddath and
little daughter spent Wednesday
with Mrs. Suddath's brother, Mr
Press Horn of the Celestia section.
Mr. J. F. Payne was a business vis
itor in Edgefield Friday last.
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Timmerman of
the McKendree section spent Satur
day with Mrs. Mary Walton.
Mrs. Tmmerman's sister, Miss
Augusta Walton returned home with
them for a few days.
Miss Lenna Matthews is the charm
ing guest of Miss Mattie Buzhardt
this week.
Miss Lena Stevens of Bennetts
ville is visiting relatives in this sec
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hill spent Sun
day with Mrs. Hill's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Cogburn of Pleasant Lane.
Mrs. Essie Dorn of Greenwood
was a vistor in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Buzhardt last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S.. Stevens of
Bennettsville passed through this
section Saturday en route to Green
wood where they will visit Mrs. Stev
ens' mother, Mrs. Reynolds.
Mr. and Mrs. Mott Payne of Lake
land, Fla., visited in the homes of
I Mr. J. F. Payne and Mr and Mrs. W.
S. Logue last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Lyon, Jr., vis
ited their aunt, Mrs. Margarest Stev
ens Sunday afternoon.

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