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lancastrrville. sp.
This Datkr.?We publish this week n
half a life t in advance of the regular day of
puhlivaliou, in order that the hands in our
Ortice may enjoy the Christmas holidays.
The Die is Cast?South Carolina an
- Independent Republic.
We give elsewhere u synopsis of the proceedings
of the State Convention up to the
hour of adjournment on Wednesday, col.
'Il-cted from our Charleston and Columbia
exchanges. Wo learn through a private
source that nil Ordinance withdrawing the
State of South Carolina from the Federal
Uitlun t\ us passed by lliu Convention on
lhurtaJay. I lie iiitcl'igeiuc was received
in Camden by telegraph on the sumo even*
ing, and readied tiiia place by the etag? on
Friday. Although anticipated lor snmt
time and Hie fact that the .State would secede
regarded an at) absolute certainty, yel
the intelligence that lit? Act of Seeea^ioc
had Actually be eft consummated lias doubt.
Ic?s conveyed uii electric thrill througlioul
every nmjMyid'corner of the Stale nn3 ol
all tl^o Stilted It w as received at this place
with pidpnbto ^ivmonstralioiin o( joy. I.el
every niMi"(titliiti her borders reiueinbci
that ia nccfotty< bis allegiance is due only
to the Stnt^ff South Carolina. Kiglit or
wrong, \m are in duty and in law bound to
sustain hW by every means in our power.
Three cheer* for the brave Palmetto State !
TUe .Prospect for War.
The neviH from the Federal Capitol,
which a*c publish elsewhere,is of the high,
est interest. The compromise committee
is amir miceti n failure and the general i in prexsioii
is that'disunion umi war are uievitable.
The It epuhiicunx nod the Demo
orats of the North NVext, tlie latter led ou
by Douglas, urO iu favor of making war
upon I lie acceding Sli?te i.' The North*
West aav tlmt they will riot b? hoinmcd in
? that the Union shall nut bo dissolved if
it cun bo held together by tlie sword. This
is thospiiit which aoflinsiiow to prevail : n
second sober thought may suggest to this
war p.uly the futility of tho proposed reiu*
dy?the utter impracticability of conquor*
ing and holding in subjection fifteen Sovereign
Hut whether there ?s to he peace or war,
thfl South cannot now recede ; especially in
the face of threats. Tlis secession movement
must go on. The Union is virtually
broken up ; war cannot brim/ it toi/etb?r :
and the beii couraii for the North to |mir?u?
i* to quietly kl thing* Uko their coiir??
and consent to mii equitable division of the
public property. The South cannot be
content with niinpty getting out of the
Vuiub ; she most hitve tier share of the
public land*, buildings, &c , otherwise the
greet movement which she him inaugurated
will be but hulf accomplished.
The South Carolina Legislature.
The (Joveriiur elect,the Hon. K. W. I'iekrn>,
w:u iti.-iiigorulud on Monday. the I7t^.
Iliit iiddrcMo upon the occasion w?i ?l)lc ?nd
anorniirinto 'I'l... -f
?rr | - ??-- ?w ' ??* ?ii<%? put" snr
ocen?ior.: "O/vinj; i<? the solemnity of thW
particular case, ?>i<l the crisis during which
ha Was elected, it was dr?iilnlly one <>f the
nioki impressive that w e hav? over witnesscd.
Tha inaugural address wushc.ird with
bated breath, nnil us its tirin and decided
position* wore announced they wrro rm-iv
sentence ufler M-nlenru with loud np
pinuxu. When the Governor, ufter having
graphically surveyed the danger* w liich
Surrounded tho Mute, announced, his readimoth
to tuke the outli of office, a feeling of
satisfaction rnn through tho lurgs assembly.
411 fell that iri thin hour of trial, we had
a Governor at tho halm upon whoa we
could rely with full confidence.
The Hills to provide nn nrmsd Military
Three, and for establishing an Ordinance
Moreno, have |iiiined both Housta and been
publicly rati lied
Alter h good deal of debate on the aubJect,
a reaoluticn linnllv ^iiasfei4 both Houses
on Monday, adjourning tb? l.egi?lnture to
f'bnrlvaton.? '
South Carolina Conference.
This body, notailhatundrng the preaeiice
of a rnutiigiuu* dibetHo, continued it* delibarntiona
in Columbia. It adjourned on
Tuewfay nighW ' The nppointmcnta ware
announced,and we regret that they were re.
ceived here too late to enable uato pwbljiji
them In thia laaur. We are gratified to ?l/?
derVe that the Ret f. Wood i? re'urifed to
thu I aneasler Circuit. Tin* ?]?{> >tritrri?>ni>?
will pu bl i a bed in full nevl wfc?. The
following resolutions touching our political
relation*, passed the Cotifrrrnre Millionth
disrenting voice :
Rffolihl, That tk? Sooth Carolina Con*
ferenie, while they hel that the ^reut work
of the Christian Ministry demand*, and
should ever receive, their faithful and devoted
attention, and ahould forever nbeolve
them from unjT active par'ari|?lioit in the
strife* of lite political arena, nevertheless
can never forget- the hi^h allegiance which
they owe to the claim* of their country, tb*
land of their birth.
Re$vit*J, That while we deplore the lieCeaaily
that e.xitta lor a separation from the
Federal Union, yet, in view of alt the hieUtry
ol' ttie pact, the peril* of the preaent,
and the threatened wrongs of the future,
we feel bound, by honor uad duty, to move
in harmony wnh the South in resitting
Northern domination.
RetvlirJ, That na faithful sona of*the
South, and of the State with whose destiny
we are identified, we shall ever pray for the
guidance and blessing of the God of I'ruvi.
deuce and Grace, who hot ae long exeraised
hia gracious protection over the homes of
our fathers; and that (Vhfsrrn?s ten*
der 10 the Statu of South Carolina their encouragements,
their aympdthide, thefr affections,
their intercession with Heavenin her
behalf, Uieir all?auhject only to the paramount
ctatma of God Upon them
t - \ I
The State ConventionWe
learn through the Carolinian that
this body assembled in Columbia on Mondny,the
17th inst. Gen. D. F. Jnupsou, of
Barn well, wan selected temporary Chairman.
The delegates then registered their names
and the Convention proceeded to elect a
permanent President.
Messrs. Gist, Jamison, Orr and Chesnut
received votes. On the fourth bal'ot Gen.
: Jamison received 118 voles, a majority of
| the w hole number enst, a.id was declared
I tho permanent President, lie was conducted
to the chair by a committee of three,
uud returned thanks for the honor conferred.
lie said he highly esteemed the ponti
deuce reposed in hiui by thus calling on
him to till u position of so much honor, and
lie 11ad not sutlicicul comtpaud of language
to express tiie gratification he full. Then
could be no greater pleasure to him thai
to sign his name uh President of this Con
j volition, to the proceedings uud ordinance
; ; which would declare that South C'utolin;
had resumed all lier powers ot? nationalit\
1 and sovereignty. God only knows wha
' uinv be the trials, tribulations and sacrifice
" we may experience ; but while Wo proyresi
1 with our work, we must invoke (^od ti
1 help the Ktntc.
A resolution was offered, providing lo
^ the adjournment of the (Convention to Clmr
lesion, which, after some debate, was final
' ly adopted.
A resolution was adopted, inviting t<
eats on tbe fioor Messrs. Klutore am
Hooper, Coinniissioners to South Caroliiu
from Alabama and .Mississippi. They wen
' also invited to address the Convention, a
7 o'clock p. in.
An invitation was also extended to lh?
lion. Hoivell C'uhb, lo lake a seal on tin
floor of the Convention.
i iiu i.umen nun met again itl seven o
'cluck. Resolutions were introduced L)
Chancellor Inglis. 'l'lic first declared tliat
iu the opinion of the (Convention, Mouth
Carolinu should immediately accede Iron,
the Union. The aecond provided fur tlx
appointment of u Committee, consisting ol
a blank number, to whom all plans or drafu
of the ordiuuuee of accession should b?
referred. While (lie Convention wu? engaged
in Until coi.aidcrulion.liie Committee
of which (iov. Adams wu Chairman, enter'
ed and announced to the Convention thul
tiiu lion. J. A. Limore, Commissioner from
(lie State of Alabama, and lion Cna. at
hi. Hooker, Commissioner from the Stale
of .Mississippi to the Convention of South
Carolina, were present. The I'rcsideut
thin introduced the 11on. Mr Kltuore, who
poke at some length?ami said he not on
ly expressed hie own wish, but that of the
( overuur from who'ni lie received his coin
... , u>ivil
iuihuioii, una Hit] people ol .Alultniu-i, when
he exprcased the w isli tlinl .South Carolina
would aecede from the Union a? noon tu
he could. Ho look pleasure in announcing
to the Convention that the Convention
of Alabama, to be Cotlipoacd of olio huit
drivi ilul.gHtMi, uuuiil iinv? u controlling
uinjorily of ul leant forty in favor of immediate
aecenaion. After Col, Hlmore, tne
Hon. .Mr. Cooker wan introduced, and auoke
at soma length on the position which Mia.
ai?aippi occupied. He an id that all party
line* hud been obliterated, and, ullhougu
l.ol with ?o united a Voice, yet bin State
would ncccde from tlie Union aa ation an
tier Convention uiet, and that con mo nht
......I.I i.... . ....
IviiiUlu liirvt- luut|M-M(HUi V>?M <>: Mil' II C I'lJIj
?>t* South Carolina or any ullmr Slnt^.
After tin had coueludwd, llio i|ii?itinii
chiiio no oh Vhe resolution introduced by
('tiiinci'iior Inolin. "I'lio vote on the liral
resolution was taken by ayea, there being
i nut it nolitury no to recu'd. I'lio second
' proposition was diseus.sed 'oy Chancellor
In^lis, Judyu Withers, Mr R. 11. Khetl, *r
Jud^e Wardlaw, Mr. laingdnn Chccvcs
Rev. Mr. Kngiish, .Mr. McCrady, lion. J. I
Middleton, and other*. The blank wai
titled with the number seven, and trio sec
ond resolution then adopted.
The Convention adjourned to uioet ir
.Charleston on Tuesday at 4 o'clock, I'. M
The necessity for moving to Charloaloi.
tv as occasioned by the continued spread o
^Siuall I?o* in Columbia.
1" Tl?? Convention met pursuant U> adjourn
j merit at Secc ssion Hi,II, (. j^ti le&trli ?i
! Tuesday at 4 o'clock I'. >M. Tl.e "Sece%
| nun Hull" wm found ununited to the waul'
| of (lie Convention, and it agreed to nice
1 on Wednesday al St. Andrew'* I la!!. 'J'lu
' following gentlemen, appointed by ill,
President, compos* the Co in mil tee of seven
under Chancellor Inglia'resolution, to draf
the Ordinance of Secession Messrs Inglia
Kb ell, Cbeenul, Orr, Mnxcy Cregg, II. 1I
Duncan and W. K. Ilulson. The following
] Committee was appointed to prep-trc an ud
< dre?a to the people of the Southern State*
| )lea?m Khelf. Fin ley, Calhoun, J. I>. Wil
aou, NV. F. DeSauaaure, CHevea, and Tracy
[ The following resolution, nlTcr<*<| by Mr
j I>cTr?'*ill**, mu* ordered lo be printed an.
j made the ?pecial order for Wednesd iy a
I o'clock :
Uesolift, Thai it is expedient tiiul a eoun
cil ol lit e cit-Kelts of the Stxl?, to ucl to
j gather vx it it the Governor of the Slate m
1 counsellor* and advisers, to bo culled i
Council of Sulely, ab'tuld be forthwith up
pointeJ, and that it be referred to a Committee
of Una Contention, to report there
on by Ordioanee or other* iao.
The Convention on Wednesday debated
the propriety of holding secret Sessions
also the propriety oi admitting none but
Southern repo.tera.
Resolutions were oflVred urging tbe proj
priely of adopting the present Constitution
of the United States, as a form of 1'rovjsj
ioniil Government for a Southern Confe.le
r icy. Mr. Khett opposed this stroitgk -Messrs
Keitl and ilajnc argued in favoi
of II. The resolutions wers referred to a
I Committee.
Mr. Memotinger offered a resolution for
the appointment of Couimissionsrs lo go
to Washington, fur nsgsliatiag peace and
amity bet wean South Carolina ami to# United
States. In existing relations, it wee refared.
Mr. Musyek offered e resolution to apI
point e Committee to report how much leg1
lalstion is abrogated by the act of secession.
Congressional Proceedings.
Washington, Ore-ember 13.?The House .
{Jominitteo of Tltjrly-lrsp tq day toofc the
fallowing adjon with regnri} tq thai portion j
pf the I'lesidcut's Message in (reference to
I (he attitude of the South :
Mr. Hnet, of Arkansas, i (tared the following
! HesoU-eil, That in the opinion of this Committee.
the existing discontents among the
Southern people, and the growing hostility
among them to the Federal Government, is
greatly to he regretted ; and whether such
discontents mid hostility are without just
, cause pr not, any reasonable, proper constitutional
remedies and effectual guaranties
i oi tiivir peculiar intercuts, us recognized by
(he (Jpnelitution, necessary to preserve the
1 p? ncc qf tho cpuiiirv and the perpelujty of
(lie Union, Mliould bo promptly and cheerfully
| Tho proposition of Mr. Host wtpt adopted
hy u vote of yeas 22, nays 7.
asiiingto.x. December 15.?(Jon. Scott
lias expressed thu opinion that iidditionnl
forces should ho sctit to South Carolina for
the protection of the public property. The
President, however, is still opposed to any
H such course, for prudential reasons, and be*
ing apprehensive that it would augment the
> | present excitement.
Tho publication of the mnnifento from
r ; thirty members of (Congress, from Alabama,
| (Jeorgin, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi,
I Texas, Louisiana, and North and South
I Carolina, has produced a depressing elToct
} on the conservative sentiment here, snd
j | ninny declare, us their opinion, that u large
^ ' portion of the Southern people arc opposed
# 1 to any compromise
. The public mind is more excited no a
I than on any previous occasion. Karly in
s tho day strong hopes wore excited that the
, ] conscivative movement among the people
V..I. 1 w-.... . - .
. .<UII.II UIIU xuuill, ItigvllliT W llll Concession*
. j iii tlit) Committee, would form the basis of
r > un amicaMi* adjustment, lint the resignation
I of Mr. Cam ami the resolve of .Southern ex|
; treiuisti lo accept no compromise, ami dog(
ged silence on the part of the Congressional
( j Republican* have produced n depression
|- among lliu most hopeful that can scarcely
( be conceived.
t The Northern element of our present city
population btlieve that the die in cast, mid
are'looking to a force ot arms in a brief
The adjournment of the Coin mil tee of
'I I.:.... .1 ..I vi - i
i .mill nun: uiiiii .uuiiunjr is iuierpreieti
t into the fact tlinl there is Mo hope of mi
t atnicab o adjust men t. Tnis, gloomy as it
may appear, is the reflection of public ?en
limenl lo-night.
Tile Southern members of the Coiumilj
lee xuy there is not the slightest chance of
reaching a conclusion satisfactory to even
the moderate men of the South. The Uo
i ' . 1
publicans haughtily maintain their ground,
denying that slaves are property, except by
local law.
The Committee entile near breaking tip
yesterday, and it is not thought it still last
I longer liian Monday or Tuesday at the fur
I tliesi.
i The President has published n proclatna
lion this morning, appointing Friday, the
1 4th day of January next, us a day of fasting,
| humiliation and prayer, to avert the alarm
ing immediate political dangers and the
, fearful distress and panic in the land, He
| says that nil hope seeuis now to have deser!
ted the minds of men, and in this hour of
| calamity end peril, to whom can wo resort
for relief hut to Cod alone llis O^r.nip.oteut
arm oulv can save ns from the awful
effects of our crimes and o.ir follies.
, ' Below it a reliable copy of tip- Southern
, add.oa* :
'The argument is exhausted " All hope
fur relief in liie Union, through the nijencv
of committees, Congressional legislation,
or Constitutional amendments is extinguish
v>l ; and ? truat the South will not he de
ceived by appearances, or pretence, or gnar?
In our judgment, th? itepuhlican party
, lire reeoltile in their purpose to grant notli'
ing that will, or ought, to satisfy ths South.
( , We are eutistiid that the honor, aafety,
j- ' .ami independence of the Southern people
J rctjuiro the organization of a Southern Con|
fedcrncy?a reanlt to be obtained only by
t separate Stale secession ? and that the pri
innrr object of each Hlaveholding Stale
ought to lie ita speedy and absolute aep.u
j 1 ration from a L! ion tvilli hostile States.
(Signed) J * \l k I* I'l'UH, ^
David Clopton, j
s j Sydenham Moors, ). Alabama.
Jabez l< M Curry, |
i . J. A Stai.lwoh m. J
J. W Undf.kwood, 1
I. J. (lAKTHtl.T., j
Jam EH Jac K*on, ( ,,
( Jno J Jonea,
3J. J. Cnawford, |
G'i? li. i IAWKiitn, of Floridii.
T. C. IIindman. of .-\rl<An*ae.
> Jefferson Davik, ]
. , Alhkht (?. iilOWF, I
i > N m IIaNENDALE, I Miaaitaippi.
J t DH<? K SlNiH.eton,
Kkubkn Da via, J
Mukton Vraior, J .. ..
Thomas Muffin, | N. (-?roliii?.
' ! J. P Benjamin, [ Louiaiantv.
t 1 J. M. I.ANbHUM, \
I.. T WiqrXti., ?
John \V. Hemphill, / Texaa,
Jorfs H. Keaoan, 1
91."L BonhaM, ")
i \v. i'orcher mllka, 1 u ?
John McQueen, ( ^
j- John D. Askv'kv, 'v
[Special Diapateh a the I'harleaton Courier!
Waahirmtor, Dec. 16 ?Oial, Cim Imk
resigned becnuae the .''fruider.t refused to
end more troop* lo the fortification* neiu
j Charleston. Col. Iluger Iimn assured th?
President that no mors troop* are needed
It ia now conceded (lot no eutisfactor/
compromise can be arranged, and di**oln
tion End war are Inevitable.
Washington, December 18.?Mr. Bie
ohanan hNa changed hie Cabinet prograor
me. AMOraey.General Black will be beeretary
of State in place of Gen. Caen, and
i Hon. Caleb Ceehing will probably be ay.
j pointed to the vacancy io the Stipreue
1 Court occaeioncd by the death of Judge
J Deuel I
I.ending gum lumen from Missouri nro
privately discussing ilia question of Sepiu
rate Stuto Independence. They say the
Slate of Missouri shall bo involved in the
extreme Secession movement.
Among tljo resolutions which arc to be
! submitted to the I louse at an early day, is
I one ot instruction to the Judiciary Com*
miilee, looking to mi amendment to the
: Neutrality Laws for the prevention of hos
tile expeditions frqin o ir shores to foreign
countries, and to restrain Volunteer military
forces from going from State to State for
the purpose of aiding parties engaged i:i resistance
to llie Federal laws.
I A number of Congressmen have already
prepared speeches strongly in favor of eo.
. ereion.
\Vash iKnToit, December 17.?The Com.
| mitlec of Thirty-three is now considered
j nt an end. Mr. Reuben l)a\is, of Missis
; aippi, made a proposition recognizing sin
wry in the Territories. The Republican!
opposed the proposition, and Mr, I).?vii
I withdrew, and was afterwards excused hj
the House from serving on the Comn ittee
Other Southern men will follow .Mr. Davit
and quit the Committee.
The 1'rcaidcul, in Convention with (jen
j Scott, alleged that he had positive assnr
j ance from llie Governor of South Carolina
j that the Forts near Charleston will not In
; interfered with.
The New York Delegation nut last nigh
j and declared Hint the Union shall he main
I to in ed at every hazard. The I'eiiusyl vatiii
! and Ohio Delegations meet to night. 'I'm
; feeling is intense.
Senator Wiulc, of Oliio, is not in favo
of coercing the South, but i* uncomproin
i isingly against nil concession. He says In
I would not preserve the Union at the sucii
' five of his principles.
| The Seen tarv of the Interior left loi
J Charleston this morning.
W Awlll <(iT?K, December 18 ?There is n
, strong movement going on in the bordei
I Slates, including Nov Jersey, I'enusylva.
nia, Maryland. Virginia, North Carolina
i Tennesseu, Kentucky and Missouri, for s
I great Middle Confederacy, to he culled tin
| Central United States, or Federal Kepuhlit
| of Washington. Centleuien of high posi
' '.ion are said to he giving their lulluciici
i in favor of the scheme, which will he sooi
J ollicially made public hy tiiu Ciovernor ol
j one *?t the States i "iicerned.
In the Senate .Mr. Lane introduced hi{
Union saving resolutions ; which were laid
.... i... ..1.1..
Mr. ?'rittetulen, alter a patriotic and af.
; feeling speech, intrndtircd a aeriea <?f resolutior.H
proposing the < xtension of the Miv
nnuri Compromise, the protection <?f sIha^.
ry, the enforcement of the fugitive ulavi
law, strengthening the prohibition of tin
slave trade, and tolerating inter citato trade
Mr. i'oweli's lesolution for the fornatiot
of a Committee of Thirteen, to repott or
the President's ,\p..s*nge, was adopted.
The Union resolutions of Mr. ('ra.\f>ril
j were laid on the table, by a majority ol
| seven,
j S'MAl.t. I'ox is Camdk.n ?'J'be last issue
! <>f the Jimrnal mi)* : "Ah lhrr? are vagn<
ami exaggerated statement* about thermal!
pox in ('unidrn, we deem it best lo nay thai
i hut a single case exists, nnd tli tt hy tb<
inoat rigid care, is guarded ia a locality if.
mote from the business and thickly inhaU
j ted part ol the town.
S.MAt.r. Pox ix CoLbMniA?The CWft>
| linian of Thursday, in referring to thoflfl
| p >,t of the Board id health f>?r II.*? day
previoUH, aays : "It will ho seen that thi
j dmease with which our city i> affix led, i?
| now rapidly spreading, nnd may now he
i regarded us epidemic.
The Chimh im New York. ? Ala !arg?
| Union meeting held in New York on thi
; 13th in?t . diehard laithema, (ireene ('
Itronson and Millard Fillmore were appoin
ted a Committee to visit South Carolina
and the other seceding State*, for purpose'
of conciliation.
! '.... ?!... I ?J
???.? i lit- iiuiiuiiii innrs ruv;swi
I the sreeaaion mo?eui?nt in t! e U.dtec
: Stntex, and ?iprc<i<i?t the belief that t .?
| Union will lie hi dntnined. The I'rc^ <I|V
uoaaea the ?uhjpct generally 'villi consider
able indilVeretice.
The Position of Hon Edward B aton
I SritiNortRLD, (III ) December IG?Tim
linn Edward il.ilea, of Mo , called on Mr
Lincoln to day, and they had a iuii^ inter
view. It is elated that Lincoln baa formal
ly tendered hint the Secretaryship of tin
Interior under hi* Administration Thin u
renegade Southerner vail I be rewarded I'm
turning bin hack upon hi* section, and play
mg into the hand* of her enemies Mr
Bales, of course, i? strongly against aecea
| (ion. I Id an\ * it ii Irene on, uiid mtii/ ti
pi it tloicn, Mid Ilia niilhori'.y of Hit) (invert
merit inuintniiied at nil hazard*. [So tiiucl
' fur l<J a ard Bute*}
Lahok SaLt UK Nkuko*.?Tim Hull'*
villa (Ala) Advocate mti dm aide of die
negro* (1(55 ifi number) belonging to tli?
eetntc ul Samuel To*iiseiul, uvcea>?e i
\ wit commence I in tlint place on Mou
<lny Iml. 1 lie lertna were twelve month*
i credit, witli intermt Irom uale. The pn
| cea brought ware hgli?negro men bring
| iug $1500, $1(500 end upward*, end olli,
er qualitiea ol netrro* in proportion
New Yomk ah a Kkbk I'okt.? A lei,
( ter in llie I'iiilanelplua Ladder, from
New Yorlt, any* :
The declaration of Mr. Sic)de* yeater1
day, die: if the Union i* broken up, Now
York city will not ron?c4?l to he en appendage
of h Puriian (New Kngland)
j province, but will naaerl her own indepen
deuce, inoiMia much more, under the aur
face of thioga, then moat people iney im
i agine. Tim moment aeceaaiun take*
piece, you may rely upon It, a movement
will fake piece here which will aatoniali
llie native*. The train i* already laid,
ami the eiploaion only await* tha culmination
of event* elsewhere to bring about
the exploaion.
i r
, [From the Washington Constitution)
I The Great Qiu Man of the World it
from Virgin^*
UDOi.i-iiK W'olkk, now illo largest
manufacturer o( (Jin in tlie World, ii? bv
I birth a Yirgioinn. lie *\a* born in J^ichI
inond. lie i> the neH-niii n of Major
j 1 lenjainin Woilw, deie:i?e<i, who was an
J otlicer of (In* American ]h volution.
Of these sona ohiv three ..r*- living : ?
Joel, alluded to In leafier, and Nat Wolfe,
the great criminal lawyer < f Kentucky
| tor I lie last twenty Venn, tliigitmllv ta
I ken to Kentucky h\ lieiiry U'ay, N %t
j Wiilla retained tlie fri?mUhi|? of the
I l'real statesman to the la*t hour of his
| lite. Udoljdur Wolfe removed to the
Icily of New York in 1820, and entered
I the counting home of riia elder brother,
i Joel Wolfe, who was then larrrelv en
i KKl''''' 111 l',M importation of brandy and
I on, from l'rtce and Holland. Young
. Wolfe's business qualification and ener
gctie perseveration soon gave liim a proin
inept poxiiiun in 'lie huu*e of his brother,
1 and wIumi lip reached I lit? r>ge of 'J I he
f liecHinw a partner.
1 In 1U36 thai brother established
* lite tiiet distillery iit S. Iiiedani (Holland)
ever undertaken by an American, and it
vol continues, ami is the plac* wlier*} the
. famous " Wolfe'# Schiedam Aromatic
! Schnapps" i? now manufactured,
I In 1848 the tuu'or partner of tin
j house re'.ired from active business, hav
iug accumulated a Urge fortune. In thai
' tin) year Udolpho Wolfe made the for
' tutiale diicoveries that led to the nana
1 ] fact ore of his now world wsdefanifctl
i ' "Schiedam Schnapps."
I'do'plio Wolfe, although a merchanl
r ' has ever taken a proiniio nl interest in
I the political questions of tlie i|av, e*pa<
} cially in stern, though disiiiti r s'ed, op
position to each and every political parlt
. or leader wiio aimed to d'studi the sa
| cred innlilut ons of the South, where Ik
r i won bom.
j lii miy matter tii.it nll'ecteil V r^inin
1 ; or lier I'-atling im?u, whether of iIih pre*
" , tint or ol the glorious pa>t, Mr. Wolfe
. | has taken a ileep anil patriotic in'eresl
, i Wlieii tii* removal of the remain* of lb*
, i lamentm! Monroe, who liatl been a warm
, personal liiciu] oi Mr. Wolfe'* f.ihrr, hi
! well as of huiistnf, whs rei>o'vetl upon, nc
inhn took a 111ort* active part (fan Mr
; ] Wolfe.
1 Wit (III ihu Seventh I! vii,seiH fy'ioncd
1 'to N'ew \>iik, Mr. W <>!lo coiiiplivl ami
' ' pul.li.hc! a book, willi a I il oati itioti ol
jeVirj thing col.ncot. <1 wiib ;hc > ' > ipiiej
: of ilio |m(u ex J'rrMiiflit, J.l all ? \pcn.?? o
I j three ' r four llo.iii. iiii! i1 >!ii.v?. i'! i*
! bonk a --" con!ain.' l a full ueseriptimi ol
tho fail)*"! SeVclltll ifeglllll.tll, MIt' 1 alsc
brigia pineal sketches o| tin* principal of
lieers. Ii coiitaiiicil o -IC pam ?. !.t liar
I become a Book of History,
iyi Mr. W. pr.'seiitel the Savnunab U-.-gi
! ^uient wiib 1 ,'JOO copies, ?: I n!?t> pren-m
' 1 toct through (fovctior Wi?e .ml iht
I Major ol Norfolk, copies ol the imok t<
i all the principal civil ami tniiiiarv offi
I leers, anil. III h.lvl.tioli, lie phtcdl a C?I)J
| in evert public libiait i i tin- .i.tlerelil
I j S ster. Not oiilv S.a fiein h.uisclf, lit
, i in:trri >I t bulv of M hie-. Ala1 i *
Ill rhniii|? lliii ar:n |e, * , i., i < v I <f
iif t<? ?ny ill ?i ii.?* lii?i.ti. ui I * i-1111
' neat eiierjo-ti.: iii<ti-!ihi.L ?i\- il.e lie l<;
I'm oil repcaie I clmr^r. il.ni the S.nnli
produces III) ill lllll0ic.nl II U'l a! ! ?t.llCl!
lion. Mr. \\ u.f<? is 'In* i.iimi >\ I'lmiv?
[Amerchant In his 1 r licit of commercial
Ijgnaiuilac.nre tliat hat .-i.-r iivvi in tliu
special Notices
j] IsniKMlllUN \V ANTMI- < >1 :li?? 11*1111'
Ij and |> ace* i>l residence i.l the "I.i iiicn o
t J line* M K-Iii.H, deceased, |.>i 111 -11v n
Castle Nacur, in tins pariah ?>f I'ahaw
count) I hnie^ai, Ireland ; <>f the children
nt OvVcii Mi Keiina, deceased, .if llie saint
[.lace ; of the cl.il.lie:, ul \.iiu'v Clemens
*\ha viiii, beiure mai riaoe, \ ii.' \ Mi Ken
' im j ul lint children u! K lin- r M.uau, v%In
' j was the dan<;ii!er ul K lintir ll irr, wbi
| hcture marriage, Kditiur McKiinuk ;
* uf ili? cluiiireii of (be a..l Kllitu>r Harr:
, ul lliU cllild'oii uf Jul.ii M.'Koiiiim, <1?
i i c>'a?e?J ; Hiid of 111? children of Kone Mc
! Kenti* ; alio, ol \N ill in m McK-ntia, the
! soie of Iviiiard Mi Kcnna ul Cattle Nacor
i . and of (lie children uf John \V. l'un lie*
} deceased.
t . i . . i > >
, .%ii *11 iii>" person* .move <je*ont>ril, wiic
wero liv iit 14 on tliu 11 ill day of M Arch
1 S.VJ or the _j?*I representiitive? of hiicIi
1 of them us are deceased rdiice then, wi!
| learn something to their pecuniary ad
I vintage l?v applying to
, i ' " c. is. NuitniKor,
.No. 00 iSroad Street, Charleston, S. C
itaceinlxrr 19, 1800. ? 46-tf.
. | A CARD.
. Dr. (> Hkx.xk.tt returns his thanks to tin
^ citizens i?l l.incuattrv illc and vicinity, foi
; the very litieral mariner in which they have
r patronized him during his atuy. lie ex
* peels to return next April or May, when In
will he happy to wait upon nil who deairt
hia professional services.
Nov. 11, inOO. 40-6tn
i '
coiMRrNKH* i.i me pit actio* or
1, A W A N i) li V U I T V
jj" Will attend promptly to all biisinoas
1 entrusted to them.
. j J. It KKItrtll A\V, J W. M. CON NORS
Cnntdeii, S. ('. leuicaoter, C. 11,
' { Aug. HI, I H.V.I.
Attorneys at Law
solicitous /.v kqurrr,
Will practice in l^incaater ami the surrounding
I. A N 0 A S T K It V I 1.1. K, S . C.
' Particular attention given to collecting claim*.
I CQI.. Tlloa. * DAW Kin. MAJ.J0UNO.WTI.IK.
Union, C. II., S. C. Lancaster, 0. II., S, C,
March ll, I86u, ft?if
i . J
CuARLKeTON, December 19.?COTTON.
?There was a good demand for the article
to day, and the tranaaaitana reached about
1900 baie*. Wo have no change to nottoe
in the market ; the lower grade* continue
very irregiilnr in prices raugiug from 8$ a
I l|e.
Obituary. I
Died in L&ncaalerville nt tho residence of j
J. C. ??cr??t, F.aqon tbu 10th Instant,
i Oscar Seckrst, son of James F. Idee rest, .
1 deceased, aged seven years.
' :
I _ I
'Vlio tiicn.ls of JOHN A. STKW.vl \N
announce hint a candidate for re-election for
Clerk of the Court, tor lite enduing riti.
Mr Editor ?Tlie many friends of Air. j
II. J. 11ANCOCK, announce lain n cuudi- |
date for ('lurk of ilie Court for tliu niiauiuu i
1 turiu.
Mlt. Editor :?i'lease announce Col. I. j
Funderburk us u candidate for Mliuritf and
oblige hia Numerous Friends. |
.Mr. Ekiiok;?Tliu friends of J. H. ,
I IIAILE. lusDuctfill!? noinionlH linn a mi.
! I (lidaic tor lliu ollico of Slioritl ot I .uncus)
tor District lor tlio ensuing term.
AIanv Fkiexds.
i Mil. EmtoK :?lMea.se announce Mil.
. i AMOS MuMANUS, a cuncliiliite tor the
i I Ollico of Slierill' for Lancaster District, for
the ensuing term and Oiltiigo Iris
manv piuknms.
' Ttiv friends of Cupt. J. 11. CUlISAllT, |
announce liiin ti cuiuiidute for Mneril) tor I
t Liuicasv?r District, *t tlio ensuing term.
( New A&vortisments.
1 LAND TI) It It NT.
I W'll.l. on the lirst Monday in J.n.nrirv i
at I .iiiicMHter Court I loose.rent to Ui? i
Kiglicst Kidder lor the tear IS'il (he 11 net |
ol liuol known as the l(!;..-kliioti place on !
j wliieti 1 * 11 i I Robertson now i>h den contain*
' I ine alioiiI loo acres lit for 'iml in yniol coil- |
Idilion for eultivation.
'IVrnis.?nolo mill atnirovrd s*i..ii r?,?
the amount of tin* relit.
A Mcll.WAlN,
Dec. 'J3d 18(i0. 4U-JI.
! To Hire.
A \ TI I.I. UK 111 It 1*11) oi? Saturday (lio'iHlh
* im>t , ill the Court Home. the No.
i tfros beioneio<? to the (iarrix ehihtien.
J.. A. It XSSKI.'i'iMI, t? i.irliaii.
| j IW. :i:?d )8t?u. 1 .
11 l^otice.
I> Y order of tl.ie Court of Xrdiniki.v, I '?*. J
i 11 n in 111?> ii. I of I .niiiMxter 1): m li t. I will i
' well on the Mth day "t January i*t;i .i: ti e j
i late residence of Jiuues Siiinoierv li!.-, Sr . :
> diTCi'i'd, 12 or It
11 1 ,..
I i'i>n?iiling of Melt. NV omen iitol Children, |
! < n a credit of I J month*, with inter, n ^i.-ui '
I day of sale, with approved Hccnr'Vy.
AImo, nil oilier propetlt not otheroU.
ilinjoti.l ot l\ the Vj ill ?il eai.l >i< .
i | Sain to cotltklion on the Dili if livee-inry. '
,| <; tv ^UMMcuvu ' V- < ' i
ivriiiicjii n*''- i
! I tec lUtli IHli'l, ' " t?i
rf l /\ . a mik
COI.IJ Mill A. S r, Dki'KMBRR IS. ISrlij. i
I (IKS Eli A I. OUDE US \<> ?.
) fill IK follovvinij jj.-ntlemen have lici-n upI
; I pointi-d \ills dc-Unmp to > i * Kxcc'lency
: tin? (iovuriior and t .'oinmandcr-in-l'hicf.
with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, ami
will be obeyed and reaped-d necoi.l'nj \ ;
? C. II a'UKIt.'
? TIIOS. (i. L AM Alt.
, j ft. CIIa'UI.K.S AI.S i on.
,, G. Z. C. I'ULLLVll.
1 d (?. HOWARD,
The above named Aid*-dc-Cninp w ilj itr-, I
| port theuMelven, in lull uniform, in person ,
or l?v letter, on or before the limlday t>f
' | February next, to hi* Kxcelluncy tho (j??v'?
' eruor, at Columbia.
, I 'i'lie (Jenorul Siatl will ?l*o report f-rlii
i with, ill full uniform, or llioir pl-ife* will
, | be tilled bt other appointment*. Itv oider : I
II R (i. -M. HbWoYANT.
Adjutant and Inspector (Jeneml.
. ' Dec. Uid IS60. I?i ?It
1J !
i sni'TIl (' a i> r\ r iv X
j kv v/ u i. i i v_v 4 v iw 1 i> A ^
John Carne* who is iu the custody <?f the
! SlirriA' o{ Isnetktcr District by virtue of*
Writ of Capias mi Satisfaciendum at the
, suit of Robinson & Crockett having tiled ,
r in my office together with a achedule on
i oath of,-h:a oittate and effect*, hi* petition ,
to tho Court of Coinruoi) Clean, praying 1
, that he may bo admitted to tho benefit of
, the Act* of the Central Aaeembly, made
forth" relief of Insolvent debtor*, it i*
! ordered that the raid Robinson dr. Crockett,
and nil other* the creditor*, to whom tho
said John Cnrne* is in anywise indebted, be <
and they are hereby aummoiied ami have ;
notice lit uppear, before tho ?oid Court nt
Lancaster Court House oil the third Man*
day in March, next, to show cause, if nnv i
| they can, why the prayer of the petitioner ,
i aforuanid should not be granted.
j. a. stewman. Clerk. i
Office Court C. I'. luincaater Diet. ]
IK-c. 'A3, 1860 ?46-3tn.
Lanoattor District.
In the Common Pleat.
c. a. Plyler, j
va. > Attachment.
r. Elliott. s
Whcreaa, .'lie Plaintiff did on the 5th day I
of October I860, tile bin declaration against j
the Defendant, who (aa it ia auid) it a been t '
! from and without the liiulla of th'ia .Slate, <
j and hath neither wife nor attorney known I
! within the aauie, npon whom a copy of the
auid Declaration might be eerved. It ia
therefore ordered, that the aaid defendant
do appear and plead to the aitld declaration
on or before the 6th day 6f October, which
i will be in the foot of oar l*ord one thou,
oand eight hundred and aiityone, otheri
wiae final and abeoiute judgment will then
i bo given, and awarded againut him.
October ftth, I860. 35-ly-m
Attention New Hope M. M M.
By n resolution which was unnnimoii
adopted by the company on our last d
of drill, the Couipmy will parade at I,:
castorvillu on Saturday the 29th innt.,
10 o'clock. Let us ten every man out
that occasion. J 1.) Moll,WAIN,
Dec 10,?2t. Captain
PsTcgrcs for Hiro.
WILL UK liirrd on tlie iiHtli inat.,
Hit* late residence of 8unin?d li II.
UMUid, deceased. nil of llie NK(JU(_)A
longing to flie K.stu te of tlie Maid deceit*
consisting of about 30 in number, in
women, boy* and girls.
I'. T. HAMMOND, ) ,
!l HAMMOND. \ r,x r
Dec. 19, I8G0, -li-'Jt
Frankliu Aoadamy.
Tiie exercises of this School will cC
lUence oil the aucond Monday in Junti
next, under the charge of John M. He
assisted in the Female and 1'iiinary
munt hv Mrs. Annie D. Tipton.
The Tuition will be the same as her<
(iuod lloaidino can bt obtained in j?riv
families at ii.odcrato rates.
Mis. Tipton wil| also give instructioi
ib&wiug and Fainting, \\ ax work and o|
Ornamental lloinches oil the follow
terms per session of live months:
Oriental i'siniing,
Drawing and Fainting in water colors,
Wax Flowers *
Wax mui ltoaiu Frail,
I'lipiU will bo charged lroiu lIn* time
entering in.til the clout! of the Setaion, i
no deduction* made f<>r absence excep
c.isoi ofsickucsu or at tin* discretion oi
F. B. MAS'iKV, Seorrturt
l*~e. 19. 1 SGj. 4 i ? 3m. *
siiiiuii.'rs SAI.ES..
{/>>, onltr of tt.s Ordinary )
I.rata ("roxloii, np|?licnil. < Suuiiu
'* \ in
Allen (Jroxlon, ot al. I)? 1 ?.*ini*t?? ^ l'n?\i^
In obedience to an order from I'.
11 Aiimioiitl, Or tiiiuri, of Lancaster l)is?i
ill the above aluted caav to me direct, 1
aoll he for tl.e Court II uac !)onr at I
caster, on the liist Monday in Jaiiu
ncxl, \\ illlin the looal hours <1 ale.
of land more or le*a Linjj in this Oi*lr
ell till ' ; -rs . f I .' llnll L'oi'li. so.I ill"
Ill,? I h >1* I \\ iliiam V annlian l.ow i- i
ion jia tut nlli r?
TliVnr I lit III It W 1,1 lit no'il oil a
lull' lltnnllin IViHi itilcre.nl Iroill tiiiy ill
nXiT'jil ??o itnicti c?iii an will j ity nil e.^|
illc |iurt'iin*t*r beiiin require i in jjive l.<H|
nilli good nei-iirit.nml a Uurt{l|i|) 'Hi
pMRiiii'i it deemed necer.n.Vry I > the
fmii In nreure '.lie |iuruliunv liuiliuy. H
Dee. i??. is?;o. :t> |i i $:J .>
1> V \iilnc of niiiiitry vxriu >( li I'.i ;.>^J
) directed, I will ?cll bel?"ie the
I Inline i > mii al l.aiicm.er h i I:i liml ti.^fl
ilay in J..i.i..try 1Mb I, uiiliiii (lie lejjal an^H
ol Snel.it Sale* I h t...h?.v im * real
In ix il
A", IriYii.lvat* interval iii aa.i to Iih^H
etci i.t land. liii.ro ..r l> ?.n. wliereun li.* i^H
liven, adjoining i..n in of A. J. liaker,
lllllll lvni<r||l, ami n..iel?, iei i, .1 i.ll
lie nihil al tlie Mtil <>l vV. VV. Il.irt,
defendant. J M llelk.
Alno. all Samuel If il (Ir.i.
iii ami Iw 300 Herri of lt.,,1, mure or
I)in|{ on (Jilin Crook md bouiidwi by la^J
of I' Al lt?ik, llooii L Hclk,Dannie I it.
?e\, cl *1. l.i'Virii oil ami to bo aulil in
I?: ?i?rri v <>f Samuel It li Ijijtiiain, At JU
M.il ot .?lr? Hannah K Walker, llxeeut^B
aoailml J amen l' Cralialit alld S !t ii
li .111, drti-ndllliU. M
AI no, 300 .term ol land, more or 1,-nn, Hj
In, III;' |.Hull ll l,.?b..|| I PI J?lln.i|l , cl It^H
I.Plied oil ni.d to be aold an the proiicft^B
A J.o'ncoii \ 111 It-r, at lite ami of J 1'illo^H
alio olllr|*.
A to *J0'J acres of land, more or lo.t.H
ittl* 'i Hie Leai'. vv alert ol Hear 1 ' H
ililjoiiollO l.il.tl* of Jtt'a toll Sil'iiano, H|
entitle land t ? I .M asney, el el. l.clied^B
ai,il to be noltl an the properly of Mfli 'H
zabvth leiigley, at the null of J ft .\'an-M
AI no, 6U0 iicrer, more or lens, ndjoioH
the Iuruin of Daniel JoHimon, A J Miew^
Levied oil and to lit; sold as the prnpcrlyH
Jeaae Kiljfiirw at the suit of Jrus It \lob^|
Also, 50J acres of hunt, more or less.H
joining lands of Dr. Thomas L. John*
llio Mnssey lands, lands of Cap I Cainpf
et at. I.oiied on mid to l?e sold as
property of James .Miller, at the soil
Thomas i.. Dniilup, (J E Ciirelun, i
jil.iIIIMil )
Also one I louse it I'd l.ot near the \ iI!
uf l.'im asler, udjvinin^' lots ol Jones ('re
el', S II Emmons, \V .U Connors, ut ai.
contains three and one tenth acres, more
less, levied on and to he soid as the prO|
tv of James E Cureton, at tlio suit of ?
Craiif, and other cases
Also, 4U0 acres, mole or less, adjoin
the lands of K. C. I'otts, et ul. 1 evietl
and to he *o'd as the property of Jleiija
A (Julp, at the suit of K It Stoddard Si
vs. It A V'u'l' "n ' "t 'a Si**r, defendant!
Dec 19, ltS6d. 31 p f $ 1.75 ea
Seven Likely Young W
grosfor bale.
I >Y order of F. T. Hammond Ordinary
13 ImncasltM District, 1 Will Sell at
residence of Col. James Steele ill said i
trict on Thursday thu loth of January in
Seven Noirrsa bsionouur to th? Kstati
the late Daniel Steele deceased fl
Theeo iM-gros are all young and vH
likely?boys and girle. 8
Tehm*.?a credit of eleven inontln v^H
interest from aula, purchaser* to give nl
with approved aurety ana a mortgage of H
property if required. W
Dec. 10, 1860. ' "s 44-tfl
Eatabliahed Ovir Thirty Yeara
Charleston, S. ('. M
Monuments, Head Stones, of all ei*d^|
trout ?3 up. Marble and Stone
Tile, Mural Tablet*, Blue
FDggiug, Brown Stone fur biiildiuga^H
falT* N. B. Plane for large Monuij^flj
drawn to order and scot by mail.
Feb. 8th, I860. Vi-lV
. ^^8

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