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TBTDHI-OW B. OAJITER, J A hfewpap?r : For 6V f*romntitm cf the. Political, So ci, A^riou/rural cml Cotomerrial bUoraaU. j TERMS: A Tim*
Rntob and M tiuou. y w J ' j Paubu u Ai/rabcoa
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Slfi .11-WEEKLY v S r, \ ? r ]<: u s. C, S ! ; I> | ft \\ B ! : U 12 1900 fr> ?h ihl) '<
uun di
If'II ATS Left?
x ? __
lUilM liO 111
Make Room
Whipped His Wife Then, Quoted
Philadelphia Times.
Edward Spencer, a young
farmer.near Trenton, Mo., whipned
hia wife the rtl)u>t> <lav .U*.
yr - * - - - found
cause for the act in Scripture
and he tried to prove Scrip
tural license for it when the wife
brought him into court to answer
to u unit for divorce.
As u reason for administorting
punishment he said thut she had
not heea all that a good wife
should he to her husband.
"She has not given me the
obedience she pledged at the marriage
altar," explained Spencer
to the court. "1 have given to
her the rules of wifely conduct
laid down in Proverbs, 21: 'She
seeketh wool and flax and worketh
willingly with her bands; she
risetli while it ia yet night and
giveth meat to her household.'
But she in often lazy, is a poor
sewer, and I and my house are
"The marriage relations are
clearly set forth hy the Apostle
Paul in his letter to tho Ephe*
sians," ho explained. 4'lie says
in chapter 5 that the husband is
I Does the ;i
| Baby Thrive i;
If not, something must he 4
f wrong with its food. If the > J
X mother's milk doesn't nour?
ish it, she needs SCOTT'S 4
T EMULSION. It supplies the * [
J elements of fat required for 4?
i the baby. If baby is not 44
i nourished by its artificial <[
T r 1 11 '
I iooa, men 11 requires
i Scott's Emulsion I
Half a teaspoonful three * [
tor four times a day in its <[
bottle will have the desired < >
i effect. It seems to have a ^
t magical effect upon babies <>
and children. A fifty-cent <?
i bottle will prove the truth ] [
i of our statements. J >
r Should be taken In summer me 4 '
well ma winter. < >
%oc ?nd fc.orv, all druggHtv 1
X SCOTT & BOW MR, OtamUo, Ntw York. , ,
jyer is
:rn citie
)t Summer Coeds
Two if VeUs to
For New Stud".
?lling Off C
our Kje On Our I
the head of the wile, even as j J
. Christ is the head of the Church,
nod adds 11 it the wife should ho j
1 subject to the husband in all things.
In the 22d verse he says: "Wives,
submit yourselves unto your bus- t
.bands as unto the Lord."
Spencer admitted that this was ?
i . . k
i not a direct permission, but that
it meant the same thing. Mrs. j
i Spencer, however, had not ques- j
j tioncd this right in general Her c
point was that he had no right to
whip her with a hickory ramrod
i simply because she couldn't seo a
squirrel up a tree.
In the end the court thought
HO, too.
_ e
Negro Company Disbanded.
j Governor McSweeney, on WeiK
nesday, says a Columbia dispatch,
disbanded the Capital City Guards,
' a local colored militia company, j
| wh'ch engaged in riotous conduct (]
I on the state capitol grounds on ^
j Labor Day. \1 It Cooper, sec re
i tary of stute, has forbidden color- j
ed militia to use the capitol c
grounds hereafter. In the police j
court the rioting members wove I;
find $40, and some double that ^
amount, for contempt. This is
the best drilled company in the
i si mo, mine or DiacK, and lias
been largely suppt rted by white
people. Hut stringent methods
were deemed necessary to avoid
another clash. Theaffuirof Labor
Day was caused by two young ^
white men driving into the ranks
of the negro company, and enrai;ing
its mem tiers, who were not B
justified to the extent thoy went, r
clubbing inoffensive people with ^
riffes. Tho negroes have 10,000 e
rounds of ammunition, which they *
bought themselves. (
Poison Taken in Atlanta Proves
Spartanburg, Sept 7?B B t
* Ii.~ ~\e
vmj K'M uioil lllilll II1D fM'll (
administered in a hotel in Atlanta ?
some time last oight. His re* *
mains were brought here on the |
vestibule at 6:1o'clock this even* <,
ing and the body was interred in ]
Oak wood cemetery. 1
i ' i
Jkj I Ull UJ
v I! <?S Our Sun
ubu! Nrotcli ii^wi
frills i'Jiey cosi
must make room
llothing A
Millinery This F
AT C fk AT
J u lx
Ulurderer Cuts His Throat.
? ' d
le was to 1vp Been Executod ]
at Clinton Friday for the
Murder of one Herring
in 18!>8. ,\i
Special to Charlotte Observer.
Clinton, Sept 7. ?Archie Kiniunls
was not hanged to-day, bemuse
c>f an attempt to commit
inicide by cutting bis thr< at willt
i pocket knife this morning. He (
s now unconscious, ami pro *
inunccd l>y th<? physicians to he '
n a very critical condition. f
Ho passed a sleepless night and ;
arly this morning was violently 1
iek with cholera morbus, and ate I
10 breakfast whatever. Ho has ^
irotested all a' mg that he would
l |
lot oe hung, and even when the
[allows was hi ig built in the jail
nclosuro, where ho could see it, "
ie said ho world not be executed c
ill it. Some took this to mean 1
hat he had suicidal intent, while H
ithers thought that it was because
le bad high hop^s that the Gov-.;
rnor would interfere He cut
lis throat on l> >th sides, but did
lot go cjuito <Ice11 enough to reach
he jugular vein. 1 *
A telegram was received by the
herilT from Gov Russell, postpon- c
ng the day of execution till Fri- i
lay, tho 14th ??f September. i 1
A White Rattlesnake. *
'Valhalla Courier. , H
Mr 1> A Holmes, while sawing j
hinglu blocks near II T Shed's ^
lear Rattle Creek, last Thursday,
tilled a white rattlesnake, having
ight rattles. This is the first
vhito rattlesnake we ever heard ^
>f. Ho offers plenty of evidence
o sustain it.
C JP * ?*
Destroying its victim, is a true
ype of Constipation. The powcr
>f this murderous malady is felt *
>n organs and nerves and muscles a
ind brain. Thorn's no health till r
t's overeome. But Dr. King's j
S'ew Life Pills are a safe and cerain
cure. Best in the world for
UoniAch, Liver, Kidneys and H
towels. Only 25 cents at Craw- *
ord Bros* Drug Stone. I
n r>r n tmc
liner Calicoes! I
is iimv at Four 1
t mare but nei'
nd Slices
His Feet Cut Off.
Durant Helton linn Over by
Train in Charlotte.
Dharlotte News 7th inst
Ahout halCpast 12 o'clock to-,
lay a serious accident occurred on
die railroad near the Ada cotton
liilh, when Durant Helton, a
foung white hoy, 12 years old
lad hoth feet terribly mungled by!
ar wheels. The young boy is!
imployed in the Ada mills and
vent, as usual, witli tho other >
employes when the dinner whistle |
>lew. The railroad runs near the
nill, and as a freight train apiroaehed
about 12:30 o'clock
roung Helton ran down to the
rack and began swinging .on the
tux cars, which wore not running 1
rery fast at the time, but as is
dways the case, the sport was
arriod just a little too far, and
tefore he knew it, Helton had |
lipped beneath the cars, and bis !
eet were both run over l?v the
- - - - J (
vheels of the cur.
Only Coley.
\nderson Intelligencer.
It seems that the State Demo-1
rutie executive committee does |
lot realize that there are any j
>emocrat* in upper Carolina. At
he meeting of the committee in
Jolumbia lust Friday night the
line presidential electors wero
elected, und of the number only
>ne resides north of Columbia, C
j Bleuso, of Newberry. Upper i
Carolina, where the majority of ,
he Democrats of the Stato reside,
has always stood a poor
howing in seeking any position
or her citizens. In future we of
he up country must demand betne
f H/??* 4
?7& uciiuimiii.
Tho Confederate veterans electid
Messrs VV 11 Hardin of Chaser,
W I) Starling of Columbia
ind W E .lames of Palmetto as
nembers of the State board of
>ensions under tho new act of the
;eneral assembly relating to penions.
The governor will at once
sue commissions to these mem>ert
of the board.
1 THE ]
IFe call special at
11 Pants and ?Sliir
i little more than
lie dollar. I hey
at Reduce*
Yours to do the F
The Crescent Mill in the Hands
of a Receiver
urn n?oi-i
AIM A A.U1 CX 1 V 4 .
On application of Samuel
Friedheira, of thin city, Judge
Gage has appointed Capt A E g
Smith of Kock Hill temporary receiver
of the Crescent Cotton ^.
Mill. The bond of the receiver
is tixed at $3,000 and the ralue
fixed on tho property of the company
is $35,000. Capt Smith
af 1
has filed his bond and it has been ^
approved. This mill is the same *
as the old Rock Hill Cotton Mill
of which Mr C Lee Kerr was appointed
receiver. He sold tho
property and it finally passed into .
tho hands of the Crescent Cotton
\t:n ~c " ft
mm, tn which company .iir lxerr
was president. Receivership is
now asked because this last coinpanv
has failed to pay the interest
l i ii .* t1 nh
on bonds issued by it. lhe present
suit is in no way connected
with the affairs of the old mill
The mill is being operated by |
the receiver to tinish up work on .
hands. The order appointing the ) ^
receiver allows the receiver to
operate the mill if the same can \
be made to pay the expenses of 10
operation, but for the present
Mr Smith lias no matured policy. Wl
_ _ I
. . ?. . ill
John Morgan of ltidgeway Takes
His Own Life.
I in
to The State.
Ridgeway, Sept 7.?.John Mor- ; nm
gan committed suicide here yesterday
hy taking laudanum. Mr j
Morgan was under the influence
of whiskey when he drank the
laudanum. !
_ Wl
m * m ha
How's thiH for high ? Horn, (jc
unto Mr and Mrs G M White, of m
Wolf Stake, on last Monday co
night, three girl hahies. Mother ^
and hahies are doing well. Mr j
White is well pleased. ? YValhalla Hn
Courier. A:
? ea
For Infants and Children.
Tbi Kind You Han Always Bought $ j
Boars tho /^yjCT' Cl
Blgmatmre of J?
tentioii to job
ts. bought at
00 cents Oil
are of great
1 Rates.
all Business.
Fire in Rock Hill.
ererul Buildings Bnrned. Lass
Over $9,000; Little
Insurance, t
fecial to The State.
Kock liill, Sept 8.?Quite a
<; blaze?one which looked exedingly
dangerous to the whole
uthern side of a business block
occurred here at 3 o'clock this
ternoon. The plant of the Frew
achinery company, consisting of
uudry and wood shop, burned
a 1 l -- - *
uib gr??uuu in ft ipw moments,
le buildings were wood shells,
voted with sheet iron, and wore
the middle of the hack part of
business block.
C Ij Wroton's blacksmith shop,
enterland's tin shop, the Rock
ill Steam Laundry and a tenesnt
house went up also.
Firo caught from the engine
om of the Frew Machinery comj
ny and spread so rapidly over
b tinder-like building that nothH
could be done toward salvage.
io tire department responded
omptly and did splendid work
saving the business block,
aich eauffht tire several times
tli wind coming directly to it.
A II White, on building*, lost
,1)00; no insurance. Frew
achinery company plant,!4,500:
su ranee, If 2,000. Tin shop,
'50; |000 insurance. Black*
lith shop, $450; no insurance,
le Frew company also lost about
100 or |>700 in finished work on
md. W. A. P.
'Awful anxiety was felt for the
idow of the bravo General Burnmi
of Machias, Met., when the
ictors said she could not live till
orning" writes Mrs S H Liniln,
who attended her that fear*
f night, but she bogged for Dr.
iDg's New Discovery, saying it
id moro than onee saved her life,
id had cured her of Consumption.
fter three small doses she Hlept
sily all night, and its further
e completely cured her." This
nrvelous medicine is guaranteed
cure all Throat, Chest and
ing Diseases. Only f?Oc and
.00. Trial bottles free at
awford Bros' drug store.
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