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3mW NS A ,AUUT3 3~
- At,ewerry T. I.4
y g F. LR]EGME M,
(Pvment required invariably in ad ance.)
AderaementinIserted at 1,50 per sqnare, for
fstuser~De, ~$1 for each subsegueit insertion.
Marrage U1OiC. Faneral invitatigns; Obituaries
anndfomnIdeaPins~of personal interest 0harged
at&eriseBk Its.
wiithe?reislonal Goternor of the State
of South Carolina.
7B1ASis Exeellency Preident Johrn
e has issued his pruclanation. appoint
-me(ae d I?erry) Prosiona1 Governor'
i a bf-rthe-State of Soutb Caroinal with pow-!
ibeauch rules and regulations a
bemsry and poptr-r14 convenimga Convern
_,htawe, composed of delegates to be
eti portion of -the people of saidStatEC
who geeoyaTto thexliriited States, for -the pur
po" v..il *n or aireadinX the Constituion
tho d Wi authbiLy -to exercise withi.
the ligg:4f t-he State-H tie powers -necesso y
ndropet.to e1ale snch loyal people to resrog
saidate-to its cstitutional relations to the
e and to p-esent such a Re
Publtifofm f *ate Government.as will enitle
i- Statelo the.guarantee of the. Unied States
the eDoV i1d' its people to protection by the
Memastie violece.
46vw ?akercre, il obedience in the proclma
Jt Es,cellency Andre* Johnson, Pres
den-Ofetde uite) Statesa, I,UENJA L- F.
0 E7n,B rvisiona o'nerr of the St:ite of
'-oith Uarolina,for ihe-parpose of organmng a
F#oxib al-Gwovciamet in Sowh- (imh.,
tor'g the StateC-Censprution :mnd restorrvg croli
ajoihv in sld 'ate uuder the C:lmtituionl
ad lw of the tait6dStates, de Iheby prolleim
aiid*ecLre that ali cii oILcelS n South Caroli
3A,71who were 1n O hen the Civil Governient
Qfot tiefSt.ate was suspend in May last, (xCept
the-arreste?d or under pro;ecntron for t)'son,)
A,Di n tin the o.it, of cNegianee--pre.--cbd
in13.hV'e nLs mp Des~ty Proctomnation of tie
'29t1t day off My;,gi w~rne the durits of thir
.fdei and Coi1..ue to dishlmig" them under the
gapIsiqi~'l veru nil luurther tppoir:tents
are made.
d'fo far.therpro- im dcehre n nt-mao
ITe thaIft Li dle duty of a. 1410 31 C:i,zns of
of Solth Carora.a to pir t.y go for
L he- oath -of a1e'iakCe to, the
erore.lwe nuagistra*..orni1it-ary
p ederaitQaler?tgent w-mayt be
litteragg, cath,;; and. tuei ae
gitr6je *do-ies thereo4
S rd suci n grates or p' -ers are here.
h-tv qi' ro -tr:si9t v he or'lals of suc h
.as; e%v--a d:i yt% it-v. bc convewicpt, to
ftnt rat,j flLe cit' of Vazhiug:
d d fnr'!"i 1roebar d&chre and makel~
n ~~i t:'at t:n .MIe1e.r etections throu --
dcSa e of Si-lith CaroV!J ih an elec
6 i h t .;'ers-t'a. e C on!tat~ i,t eir
ptle t etS iatct-a or' the F di'T Not DAY
flt. .1rt2 Lina*'' - ii oc- her het reeessin
'-ltfl e btie"ad:that eieb' FJee tzton Is:it' j
h I e ate iidi ee 4114 tJueny-kmembe ror'L
envemioe tothe sui Distihet> hsijgmbl her
lotLl1iseof unprsn vethe b:te. ksius ofrer
I eia'jonr ben-oaon ainb id to.oTi
u ~ive~ due hai aked d oternty-er- tembers:;
JprIna i lwoae within the eie'epted.cas.n-te
.asses-juu.-ake,the o-t a-.d ap,lIy for a ir-i
doi, inr erner.to entitde themn to voWor. beco nie
rC31e.Qphe C,onvention.
Trgniibers-ofthe Conveniti-n tlinis elected
ori thei-tdiday in' Septemtber next, au-e- here
by required to Ico'inne in the city -of. Columbia,
- -y WDMSDAY, thie 1.:lth day of Septemb er
1865, f'r th purpose of altering and .ainending
the preeur Go: sti:.a~.I.n of South -Carolinax, or
remowdelhing and mak-ing at new oue, whicit will
enlorm to the great chainges which bare -taken
'n thi st&te, and be more-inii accordance'
ublican.prinly!4s and equality of repre
-fu'rther prod ur and manke known,
onstitCtionk and -all1 lar.s of' force in
prigi-ir to the "eeession rof the St,at.e,
a'ol force under the Provisional
riiment, exeg wherein they ma.y conBfiet
ith the-proviios~ df 'Qns proclamiation. And
the Judges and Chance'llora (' the.State are hVe
b'y -required to e xercise ..! the powers aid per
form all the duaties which oramx to their re
spective -offces, and especial-vi yinimal cases.;
'It will be execete~d of, the Fe~dera'.MWry a
thoities njow in South Carolina, - p lk4 thieir
awherity t the -chi oaicrs of is Provisional
GovernmeCut, for the p'rps of e2;or"eig-t,
laws and preserving the peace and goo'd or-kt u5
the State.
Ai I do farthier command and enjoin al geotd
and lawful citiaens of the State to umite im enfo,re
ing the laws and brin.ginig to justice all disorderly
persons, all plunderers, robbers and nraraudep,
all vagrants and idle-persons who are ,Wand(erimg
about without emplovmen:, or any visib.e mleains
of supporting themselves. '
It is also expected that all former owners of
freed persons will be kind to them, and not turn
cff the childon or aged to perish; and the freed
men and women are earnestly enjoined to make
contradts just and fair, for remaining with their
former owners.
Inhorder.to facilitate as much as possible the
application for par-dons engler tl.c excepted sec
tions of the President's Amnesty Proclamation,
it is stated for inforrmation that *il- applications
must be by petition, stating the exception, and
accompanied with the oath prescribed. This pe
tition must be first approved by the Provisional
Governor, and then forwarded to the President.
The headquarters of the Provisional Governor
will be at Green.ville, whero all ci,..,umeations
-p him ustbe adrssed.
The newspr.pers of this State-will publish this
proclamation till the election for muembers of the
-In testime- -y whereof, I have hereunto set huv
hand 4nd.-scasl. Done at the town of
[L. s.] Green:.i1le, this 2dth da: of Juily, in the
- ear of our Lord 1865, and of the inde
pender.ce'of:he Unit-ed States the ninetieth.
Er the Prosional over:
W.-. .x' . l'Ustn-r- 'ri' -te Sc-rL:trr.
NEwBnRY, S. C. August 1:, 1863.
Many ciimcs and outges havii?g laely
- .been cominitted within this sub-ditLict by
citizens. in thcmifoin of U.. S.~ soldiers, (this
pr b haVing been aseumed by thet to divert
'us'picion from themselves, -by easting it upon
the Military,) it is
0:.dered, That no civiiian, will iereafter be
permitted to 'wear any article of the uniform
proper to the U. S. Army, under pain of fine and
- 11. No persot will hereafter be perwitted to
-appe.r in public in any article of the uniform
proper to the lste ariy of the so-called '"Con
federate States," and the wearing of sripes, but
tons or other insignia'of rank or connection with
said army will be eld to be a ,iolationl of -the
oath aiegiance.
or1er of -
1st Lieut. and A. A. A. Gen.
Au 2.)35
NE ;R,S.'C., Alp'. IS, 18, .5
General Orders
I To improve the Sanitary Condition of this
. Snb-Di.trict, it is
Ordi?eed, That owners nnd occupiers of' pro
per.y shall, on Tuesday at;d Satuidiy of each
week, thoroughly- police the Famf%, and the. street
in front thereof, collecting all offal, garb?i.e, &c.,
and placiv the sfnie in convement heaps for re
moval,'n front of their premises.
31. To defray the expe-vses of repairing streefs
and highway, of constructing and mending
biHges, cleaning streets, gutters alld drains, and
other. uscful and" n'eessarv v ork in and ahoult
this district, all 'cotton transported. through or
fron this district will at one be repc,.ced by the
Ow:.0r or -owners thereof, their fiactors or ageis
to ihe Ass't Provost Marshal, w'o will dewand
and collet a tar of fifty centsupon-each bale,
givingich owuevs or agents proper certifie-ates
of,rite payment of tic same.
The repirts hereby retiired _will iuciude all
cotoli whicvi -h: !i have'been transported through
or 'rocu this distrt, shice the 1;th day of 'July,
Il. rilu;re to comply with the provi.ions of
this order, a ill i.jct,- the offenders to fine and
IV. TI-e Ass't Prorost Mrshal -of t1is sub
dis:rie, is hei-eby charged with the execution of
Bv order of Licut. Col. R. TYLERT, ConIdg.
I t. L.& Adj t 5G.h N. Y. V. V., A.A.. Gen
T "E public ete::ion is respecfully~ invited to
a colx ei ion o~ .00 DS just received
ac the l.>ove n:ane &~Store, coni~stiug of
- ~.. P. COMB3S,
A large assortmcent of ,very superior
&c. ke., &e.
On hanUlfb hryr st ock o'.IUlmW~N SIHIRTINGS,
RIua lEVE'TUGS, Ji-ANs, S4cDA, B>;GLlSH.
&c., k., l of whcich uill be sold at SMALL
CHi I KENS and othecr prcoduce wil be TAK EN
I'N FNlANGE'\ Jor GOODS, at th~e MARKE1T
Ne whberry,~ S.. July 12,tf
Government Claims
AppIeatiIBS~ for Padn.
reIEsbscriber respectfu!iy ofTcers to'he citi.
1 zens 0f the S?4te h:is atention in all mat
ters pertaining to GP)VER1NMENT CLAD!S aird
Allipplicat:ounso pardlon, under the except
ed se"tions of'-the Priesi leut'sAmnesty Pr~clam
auon, must be in -the form of''a r.etition;stating
te exception or eteeptions, ::nd ac. onmpauted
both by tLie oath prescribed and with the appiro
vl of.che Provisiornd'Govern~or or the State.
SThe subscriber presentgitjthe same t ie, hi~
- WVM. J. (,AYEI',
12 Chmpel streef, Charleston, S.. -
~'?All papers ini the State copy :hree times
and send !,ills :co W. J. Q. Ang 1tiS 2
Willis &Ciom
Factors,Commission Merchants
and shipping Agems1
. wL .- A. R. cIIrsoLM.
iLL attend to thie purchase, sale and ship
1' menit (to'foreg and dome'stic ports) of
to thle collection of Drafts, Purcha.se anid Sale ol
all Securities. Consignmenits of Vessels solicited.
Messrs. Joiwn Frase &Co ,Charleston, S. C.
Messrs. Geo. W. Williams &~ Co., Charleston,S(.
M6srs. Geo. A. Hlopley. & Co., Charleston,S.C.
George Schley, E'ig , Augusta, Ga.
T. S. Metcalf, Esq., ""
Messrs. Clark, Dodge & Co., New York.
Messrs. Murray & Nephew, " "
Messrs. E. W. Clark & Co., Philadelphia, Penn.
Messrs. Peuidergast. Fenwick & Co., Baltimore,
Messrs. Samuel Harris & Sons, Baltimore, Md.
Aug16~4 ?A_______A__
Watchmaker -and' JeWehIer
1 kAS resumd business in the woollen build
ing, cth 'oldi stanid,) on Main-strcct, Lop
All noi< \Ceente-1 ,i& diarI.Lh m :'d ;m -
NEWBERY, S. C., Aug. 21, 1805.
General Order
i Paragraplt II. of Geeral Orders, No. 8, fi oni
these 1Had Q a.i r;, -s I ereby re% o'ed. In lieu
of a tax upon cotton, all male persons between
the ages of 16 and 45, in the district, will per
form road duty evcry Friday of each week, uutil
further orders.
All monies collected by the tax will be refun
ded by- the Assistai,t Prov6sLarshal.
By command of
Commanding Dist.
HENr B. Loomis, 1st Lt & A.A.A. Gen'l.
aug 30 2t
Newberry S.C., August 24, 1865.
No. 10.
Persons carrying on business in this Sub-Dis
trict, vill hereafter be required to pay to tle As
sistant Provost Marsbal,--at his office i:i Newber
ry, S. C., on the first day of each mnoiafi, the res
petive sums follo% ing, viz:
Restaurants, where bar.is kept, - $12.0o
Eatin hotses and Saloons, 10.00
.Dry Goods and Varieties Stores, ' -. 10.00.
Groceries, - - - - - - 10.00
Fruits and Vegetables, - - . - 5.00
Bakers and Confectioners, - - - 5.00
Tobactorists, - - - - - .00
Drug Stores, - - - - 5.00
Boots and --hoes, - - - - 5.00
Biiard Saloons, (per Table), - - 2.00
Junk Shops, - - - - 10.00
Where failure to pay the above rates respec
tively, within eight days after the same shall have
become payable, by the terms of this order, a
flne of one dollar will be imposed for each day's
delay, and if sueb-delay shall continue for the
period of 15 days, such place-.f business will be
closed until payment is 'made,-and for'such fur
ther time as the Co-nmander of the District maf
deem proper. -
By corunand of
Co'inanding Dist.
S.Loostis, Ist Lt. &A. A. A. Geu'l.
angr i03 f
NEWBERny, S. C., Aug. 26, 1865.
No. 11. '.
Co. "B", 56th N. Y. Yet. Vols., is hereby
announced as -A. A. Q. M., on the Staff of the
Iient. Colonel-Comialiding, vice I t Licut. A. J.
Clements, relievd. .
lie will be obevcd and respected acc%rdinzly.
By order of Lieut. Col. R. TY LER.
ag 30 t-> 1st Lient & A. A. A. General.
NEWDERIY, S. C., August -28, ISG5.
Genevr", Order
No. 12.
iYALL -EatisteJ Men of. the 5Gth Reg't New
. or et. Vol's now doing duty on plan
tations in this Sub-District, .will :irnredi-/cly re
por-t to their- comtranies for duty, as the Rtegi
rment is unider- orders to be mustered out of ser
by order of Lient-CoT. R. TYLER. -
-'IlENRtI B. I.00MIS,
1tLt. &' .dJt. 5&N. Y. i. V.,
A agast f,i 36 A. A. A. Geneia.
N ew berry, S. C., Aug. 25, 1865S.
IY1HER1EAS, by Paragrapli II.-oC General Or
der-s No. 2, from Ihead Quartars Miliary District
of Western South Carolina, dated July Tl, 1865,
all per-sons having in their possesdon any -horses,
m uules, wagons, cotton, or any gover-nment pro
perty, were required to report the same to the
nearest military pos,t an~d have it recorded.
~ And Wher-eas, by Genetal 0,rders, No.- 5, from
these Head Quarters, dated Aug 11th, 1865, aIll
Ipesons having in their. possession any of such
govrernment property, wi-ee directed and required
to turn in the same to Jiieut.. A. J. Clemients, A.
IA. Q. M., at New berry C'ourt House, before the
20th-insTanlt; and whe-reas, many persans within
Ibi.s district, having horses, mmga, wagons, har
nress, cotton, leather, and oth -r property belong
ing to~the government, have failed to report the
samire, or having reported,-- have reported only a
part eef, or have failed to-turn in the sam~e as
requir'edor have turned in only a portion there
of, retain ing the rest, with intent to defraud the
ov'ernnent, it is
Ordered, that the time for turning in such pre
per-tv bie,and the same is hercby, extended to the
ovening of 0Thursday, the 21st inst., and atll.-per
sons found thereafter with any property -of the
Unitcdl States, or. of- the so-called Confederate
Sie,in tiheir possession, or under 'their con
tr'l,.will be held guiltppof viointion of orders,
and off ttei*pting to 4efranrdt-tg;vernment of
the Unitued States at wlly be me~isted aud %ead
ec Lordingh~ - - -
B' order o
HixNRi B.. LOOMIs, 1st-Lieut. and A.A.A. Gen.
aug 30 it
BILTON HE AD, S. C., Aug. 9,- 1A5.
SNo. 13.' . -
The following general Orders are publishe'd
for.the inform.ation and government of this oen
m nand. District, and Sub-Distric-t r.nd Ppst Comn
manders are directed to-enforce a strict observ
ance of its provisions:
No. 129 ~ Washigton, Juy25 5
To secure equarl justice and the same, personal
liberty to the freedman as to other citizens and
inhabit-an ts, all or der-s issued by post, district, or
other. commanders, adop'ing any system of passes
for them or subjecting them to any restrants or
p)enihments -not imposed on other classscs, are
declired void
Neit her whites nor blacks will be restrained
from seeking employment elsewhere when they
connot obtain it at a just compensatio'r at their
homes, and when not bound by voluntary agree
ment'; nor will they be hindered from traveling
from plac e to place on proper and legitimate
Assistant A&diutant General.
BY CoMMAND or Mua.Gzs's Q. A. GILMOf.
Asjstant A'iju:tant General.
HiNrico. C :V
>i ieu: & A. A. A, --ner..
MEss.s. EmTons-As som of the candidates
for the Convention were not present at the nilet-.
ing on Saturday; and som'e that were present
seemed vot to have inade up their minds fully on
some quion it is the dcsire ~of many -persons,
that oll tue c*idAes shall address 4ic public
in next Friday, at Newberry C. Nq imnediately
after the Loy.-. rnient sale, oi the following ques
I 1t. A Ae yok for exempting all real estate fiom
levy and sale, ai!d thereby locking it up in tihe
hands of a few iNealthy men, speenlaor3 and'
IbVockade runne-s; and thus drive f:gm their na
tive State, all rid-less' Whi'e persons, br forco
them to becorr,tenants w;h the negroes, on the
plantations o Ile rich hind ovncrs
2d. Do vou believe that the iepudiation of all
debts, or t!:e exemption of all land froin lvy and
sale, would. bt .enelitutional1 3nd if so, w!uat are
your retsons ?
I d. A re you in favor of aIoning every head
of a family a hcnestend, 6ut of the land he now
owrs, notwithstanding he may owe mre than lie
is worth,'mwd .- takiug from those who have
none n'til all shAll have a coiufortable hwoe ?
- 4th. Are von' in favor of dividing out all the
theproperly eqimily, anmig all the whitc citi
,fns, and if not, please state whereinlit is noti4s
eqnitable as to ekenpt lands from sale, which the
rich owner hold.;-while his.widowed and orphan
creditor is-starying.
M:ssrs. EDrTOaS.-We were present~on Satur
day, at the meefing held in this place, for the
purpose of finding out; who of the candidates
nominated for thie convention, who had not pre-.
vicusly withdrawr, would coiisent -to remain as
such. The foliowng gentlemnen consented to
ruln 1J. H.'Williams, ii. Summer, R; St.ewart, E.
S. Keitt, and. E.T. Lake. - I ,as suggested by
some that they sexoul' express their opinions on
certain points, to wit: Repudiation and Exemp
tion of 1I dsfroio levy and sale for debt. Suf
fce it to say, without entering into an elaborate
exposition of theiq.views, there was-considerable
difference- of opinion. The bonvention-will be no
law making body, but a body convened together
instituted. and organized for the prrpose-at pres
ent of framinfg or aniending the constitution; so
as to conform-to Ohe requirements of the powers
that le, and to-the constitution of the United
States. That is if we wish restoration into the
Unio'n Conventions of this kind are organized
for the purpose of framing constitution's, in which
is 3.Ligned to every branch of- government its
power and limits, protecting sgainst aggression
and ascertaining the purposes for which.the gov
ernment exists and-the rights which 'are guaran
tied to cvery citizen.
The people of this disti-ict, we are glad to see,
like the people of Mississippi, are not influenced
by political-bias.- There is no inqu iry and'sho,dd
be none, wbether.a candi&ate .is or ws a Union
mar.; whther he 4dvocated secession or soldier
ed it.in' the field, jheir disposition is 'if practi.:
eble to d.e - c soun(Tscuse d
ster.ing worth.
There will be befcre the Convention 'niatters
of importance. Ist : The repealing of tl4c ordi
nance of sces:jion. ItL The subject of the freed
man ; zd. -How far shall the executive, legisla
ive and judiclil action of the four years past re
ceive 'the validifving seal of a confirmnatory stat
ute. 4th. Abolishment 'of the -Parish systent
with the givi1g the electiog. of electors of the
Peidetand Vice Preriklnt, together with that
of Govdrnor to the ,.people. '
Fcr informition to the readers ' of this paper,
many ot whom do.iot enjoy the facilidies of gt
ting other newspapers, we give thp folloin g ac
count of the pioceedimfgs of the Mississippi con
vention now in suesion. So far but three ques
$jons of importance have presented themselves,
thpugh in neithe* has any dreisire action been
made. As to the first- the ordinance of' seces
ion, therc is but one opinion, it will be *epe&ed,
but in the resolution introduced to acgomplish
that end, it is very noticer ble riothing is said as.
to whether the convention deems that enact-inent
valid or no. The language -einployed is simply
-"an act conmmodly known as the, orn-inancc of
seession." Its -utter and entire revokemient
however is oaly a matter of -time. 'The second
subject is that of the freedman, and the question
is, how far is the authorIty of the State to be ex
ercisable over him ? On this poiift we notice the
expression, both of feeling and sentilpent, is that
the fact of his freedom is decided and should be.
fully and clearly and positively recognized in the
State coustitution.- That as a freedinan he mi-.st
and should be liable and responsible, just as any
othcr denlizen of the. State to its vagranef' and
apprenticeship lavns. The- one punishing, 'the
other preventing, -idle vagabondizing. .and run
ning about. The laws of that State requ're that
eeyfedma.n shall and must have visible means
of support; if not, says the con ventioni, color,
white or~black, shall and will not Drotct him
from its enforccement,which conrpel bhim to work
lest he steat
The in'ost comnplicat'ed and delicate top c upon
cosideation, is one of rso coin piex a ch'aracter
s will probably lead to its being lcA for the-ac
ton of.the legislature anud its edurts. It is4 his:
How far shall the executive, legisIativ e and jultV
cial aciion of the four years past-receire.the var
lidifying~ seal of' a .on.frindg->y -starute - Ui the
'r-fentii of fbis1portati~ que~stion,-f)is.pi-oblemi,
ts mlust be Seen, dependisntrestseef the reteet.
posable moment,- nd-eight, to- the p>eople of
Misisippi as eell. as of other States sinilarly
stuttd. The ordioance of secession, we ms
rember, ini the eye of Federat law, binmg aii
absdolute nullity, ab initio. it-follows consequenitly
that all acts daue -in pursuance -thereby or by
virtue of authotity, derived' thjereumnder:, are simni
arly void, an irresistible legal conclusten that
beforc'an' Federa, or reorganis.d.State Court,
would va'cate conttracts, nullify debts, giffer this
Icrime to go unpunished, as being as -inocent
actio1, and punish ,this innocent action as being
a crime. ,The confession, dire confession, bitter
feelings, loss, fierce- and savage litigation this
-state of things must occasion, need nio poimting
out. To prevent as far as possible so lamentable
a condition of affairs, is it that the mississippi
convention seeks if practicable and possib!c t:o
design am,d mature a confirmatory act. that wil
and may enable themi to stear btwen the scylla
of Federal requireinent and the charybdis of pop
ular necessity. In this state a siumilar <,U sTin
must an-d wilf arise and the manner in which
Mississippi will meet -the difficulty common to
1each state to be reorganized and w.ill throw beaums
of light for our own especlial guid-ance: S-o far
the conduct and liroceedings of niississippi im the
elctions, also of her members in the convention
evidence the soundest con&LI sense and highest
wisdom and affords fine auguries for the --future
We tr-ust and hope that our members, elected,
w:ill go to ihe convention not to "Buncombe''
and with an 'idea -of advancing something that
cauot be accomplished but ratheir caleuiLted to
do huarr, no, we trust that they will be guided by
good hard sense, endeavor'mg only to do that
which is possible as well as beneticial- They
must lay aside all 'absurd, nansensical, extreme:
viws" and labour onlv fo'r the restoratien! of the
~ta!e and that which will confer "thec greatcst
-The New-York Times, speaing offi:trern t
sentiment and expectations abdLut tIc ph
says :
We (the Noithern people and nuthoritics)
are too exacting also in regad to the political
action of:the Southern 'people. .We expect
theiy, now that the.war is-over, and they are
beaten, to become at once, 'no4;t olily loyal citi
zons, obeying all the kaws, anf ".staining-ful
ly the national auhority, but thorough-going
abolitiorists, and advo ates of nQgro suffragc.
Anything short of this We cMI der haf- way
loy'ally and think they have not been :whip
ped enough yet. We denounce them as still
secessionists as heart, and i:all for their exclu
sion froin the rights of citizen:hip;.
This ?s unreasonable and unnir i. We hve
really -n6thing to do with thei a h.rts. We
have no right to exact the completa change of
sentiment and feelig which we demand. We
have a right to insist- thIat thcy shall obey the
law, that they shall ack nowledge and respect
thOe national authority, and conduct them-1
selves as peaceful law-abiding cilizens. If they
do this, we can demand notigng more. They
maV believe in their hearts what theV. please;
they may feel as they like alout the war 1nd
the. government, they may e a.t hea-t *rebel
lious still ; but that~is really none of our busi
ness. We cannot. control their opinions r
their-sentimenfs ; we can- and must control
their conduct, but thaf is alt. Nor is it rea
sonable to expect that the mas.of the. South-.
ern people-can or will be sdde'nly devotees of
doctrines and sentiients whih they have
hitherto abhoired, and against which they
have staked their fortunes; and their lives.
Men do not'thus instantly change their whole
natures on compulsion. And any ostem.atious
pretensions of such a change would be hypo
criticaL The great body=of the Southern pco
pile -wei-e unquestionably honet and sinicereI
in. the opinions, the preludices and the resent
nCnts which led them to rebel cgain:t the
Gover9ment,,; and it would.be folly to sup
pose that those f eings- oldall be - at once
eradicated by -the simple fact that they have
been beaten in the field. A radical charg i
hthe sentiment of -the- Southern people,- con
cerning slavery And the purpose and -temaper
of the national auth6rity, can only be wroughf
by titne, by wise laws 'wiseiy adminitered,
and by their exp-rience of the new condition
upon- which they have entered.. -
Nor should-wc. desire to break the spirit -or
crush the self-respect of the people of the
Southern- States. Their courig6, their resolute
.and determined spirit, i4- nmv among ithe
priceless possessions of the whole- country. . It
has been our enemy, but hereafter it'is to be
our firiend. It has been iurnd against. us,
and has rainly sought our destruction ; hence
forth it- fights cnly on our side and swells the
the power and the courage with with which
we may confront a world in arms. IT would
be suicidal in us to'crush. or destroy it-we
should be destroying-a part--f tiat which is
to give us the proudest place _jver h-ei: by
an nation on the face of the earth. They
confess and feet themselves overcome-sub-_
dued, subjuented. -From no quarter do wefiear
the~faintest 1nt of any wish even to renew
the contest.- It is not foir us to poison the
wound we have inflicted on theifr pride,norto
stab with insuiting.bows, thc dead body of
'A Congress or a War' - -
The New York IIerald,-devotes large space
to adaisofteskill withAihich England
and F'rance have each evaded -a -nutuber '
threatened wars,and urges,upon -those powers
that the present is a timie for the- exercise o
their best diplomatic iwanuvring. It s~ys-.
. The United States have no great love-fo
Enigland, and no desire ghatever to~rumiliafe
Fi-ance.~ We cannot allow Na?poleon to sta
irt Mexico,'since .that -would violate the Afon
roe doctrine:, but we do not want to eject hini
by force, and see are frilling to make-his with
drawal as easy and graceful as possible. -The
idea of an in.ternational Congress presents 'the
ery means- to accomplish this result. If ii.
take part in that.congress, Naipoleon can- but
his retirementfromieico- in the foriro ofa
friendly concession, and assuel-we will accepLf
it. So long as we-secure .the substance~ we~
shall not quartel- about the form. We iisist
that Fiance shall leave Mexico, Spain Cubai,
andEii'gar.d Ganada, and w'e.are willing to
give such guarantees .andy comnpensation ag
shall admit of no dispute. rarmewilnotbe
humilatedjif she leave-this coatinent in cow.i.
pany with England and Spain. IEtgland rn'ght.
to be ready to accept a receipt in Judo;the
Alabama damages, as the price ofr11er with
drawal from Canada; Spain will be pauid a rount4
sum for Cuba. This bejag igre-tte, tg
Unbiued States.wini -oerguaranteep inr regdW4
to the -nn'exation qiuestions;tnbout which EhI
opeans understand very? li(.tle. We do inot
are to.antex Canaida or Mexico. They'aro
more aliOUS- to- be-anncxcd than we are to
ha,ve tlieda. - Iat-we.will not -permit Euro~
teb:s Republic. Let tbe Emptror Mo~
conider siseeinsfaiud hr wilin
that they -point din to e plji iath.by whic
he may escape from MtexAco w thout 'the Ioss
ohbo,and mnay actnally increase his fanra by
thbe piroceedir.g. Liet'hi'nsid'ery too,. -t
the -United States are in favor of a revisal of
the ruap of Euirope, alowing France the b~o:n
dary of the Rhiine givi Austria oir Prussia
all the German empire, uni-ting Spain ,and
Portugal under one government, cretg
new empire fr te ga gsoam
tbe Itaian,cp'taVa?Rone, and r'strictmrg the
Pope to his spiritual kingdom.- I-Is this hint
no meaning to Napoleon ? Dce.,~ he sere mn at
no comnpenisation for .Mexico ? If n6t we cani
only cbo his own oracle, "a congress rr. a
war ;" and this he cannot misunderstanid.
The London Times, -editorially expatiat!es
on the difTiculty of- nmaintaining and feeding
the liberated slaves of te Sou2th, pnrd says:
It is carg for the victorious government by
a few words to striLe off the slaves' fetters,
and dislocate and.destroy t.he industry of the
whole community, but it is not easy for it- to
find an answer to the awful question, "Off
what are the people to live," onie whiebh it has
raised for itself,-and which every day. muorea
more importa(Iltly d o.idsan. answer.
The e;attlebaguebminueCd violent, and
enrget1ifcasures were progi-essing to ce
Ar, hon t-GQc.rman in Philadeli -bia, listeniing
to an acco-i', of a rariecd wonm 's elopemnent
with "anmo,ier man," the ..ther . g~ot great
-1 7 ecit<:--d o-v' -. aedl ~ spmered' i,th I ih
t~he creates.~t vehemnci' . "'If my di c runs
away mijt '-.oder miaS'-s " tie wm aaeim
Lee~ Northern t " --
Some colore oers have bee
Brownsville, Texas, for ouLrages cosm -
Gen. Hooker has been made Ge
in the r-egil4r armny
All the eoldiers in the field
ariy will soo be paid'tuy'o Jtu
A lflow named Case was ar -reAR.
convicted of bigamy, at Ce.id i
week. -e huing''hmselfnir tejait$
i. - The scamp. had marrie4ao
wives in v:irlous parts of thecountrya~
living. He.was preparm, to marry .e
arrested. Ilis last letiV was hedab
wealthy and're'spectabe fW i V
The crops id -Canida this s
largest ever harvested. The. whe
wense. . The>-barley cropjis-estiui
$-1: 0A.. The rye crop is good.,
.he New O1eans corcspohdci ;.t
York Tribne .as beeIr ansued-n
foi criticig Ge-. ab d
Tf6 Pre stfMarshahf o A
order requringhe arrest Of Ue
the streets after maeo elockra
passp~s from theireniployer
The totAl loss by -etchu -4
mil ions of dolldrs The e
circles is intense.
There are tei freedmen'sce
number of;dholts b'it
Gen. Sheridan's army oite ra [ --5
Col. A; P.Wette te of,e-reb
gon6 t.o Germany to 'make a
get emigration to-Sou4heraagia.
The amnrGh addlegh
San Fraicisco, yie 4 for th' six inen
July 1,'.5& was O,6Q0O000.~
CJLF N ' THJ - &#1 8--7
fortyzi x "cattni6 ad reJan1 t W
sweepersitrc employed ,n-eaiing,
Mw v,Yoi-k. CossabdM$500p0
There 'resaid to be entyfoun-d
awaiting il at La CroUe ViO
compjignaLt is sid to6 as
Another a, in steuboii n~
Aic. collided recendyi
statly curt do% i 1,ally.wue
saido thave beendlost.- .'
A irroession of-ar retuh
qtreets ir;1Aw.Yoi-:kNW ow,e
-unepboe nd bh O&cs ;iik
ws to urge% ta.ekc JIrT j vpon'h.'
.he folboeg-uoe,x0ize Ili r
We r efseht ousa1s1 of dsls
and-sis,g iq a-ing - 'bg a
'Giv u empIoyoent ntowswpport a?n'
Sour )an-pt ion 'sth6detrr -bli
- rebelidri za-Ad the re-est
U1io;V *ith all the inodern IM
"Our present- headIkrtersre4h -
A gency -3caulsr
"Our Iatemploters weroGria,
idai, Mp'de, anook -H.4ker
"We are now the 'sole& s d -
Quetion-Waited-A definit~io-"o-n.
.can form4f go:v'nment,
Anfswer -ktfon a ose
saved tre repi -.
-despatch of Ihe 12th sa s T
Europe wifk ww rei.edH4 thd&a
me.nvyesteday seeve $9 di -e
the sto.ry,"weswtrd ifre i
had feached the Island-of MAh1 d -
ran carr Sea; Souti of Y, al,: whe .iug -
with greativiolence.anbr ithr terfihy2l ie
It was also prevailing -in the4fgriff ihbatio
malignant. epidepnie at Consis -
wasbourly expected at/Od - 'e e le-be. .
shores6ftheBlck: Sea nea.Z T ,
can be no douba noir that this}e~ ie.so~
will soow resc.h the westeam ceon - - .'
and-it is more~ tian;.pobbie p.
se,boand cities~ wis' what~Io iu~~
mi;tnot be. ground4obra
ect. - &hIirore is preppe- o
itor. Bd for Washint-f- -
day or tworago said: "We*shildet
plate the scenes'tiA~ imst bewrttesed -0~
inton if4hmoea iolaa
ety auqhamreare.tmoing-tp
thef wHil ha 4 tompte wth ~d it - -
ion, fdr thedst eHer iulee.tta
. .~-.~~ --~~'' - -
now-if full blastysys ~ ~ 1r--._
remember t havirae erTEa - -ft
least,six honible scate
acppatue in-tree -
sie'vctims Witn- - -
kid their par ed ' at i
at d sister. odriMh tte0edE
fu r 1, i6 he *c~~.j
biN~ ii Y"oina a h& aW Of -
hes eesa4dd ipnrin ale- -$~~~
nyag cbpuch a ro e et rsaei~
etui d 3o ~w, ee -
gea sing infatnces,r to have fnd their'i 4-.i.,-'
n~ot-Q1 .p piibnt. ope air", .fOTvI . ..
idjht:itcte in e rMe$ county by retuirne ~
s .dier 10zeau M.0 *
-The Msss i Conventinn, now in sei 6n
at Juckson, psed t. fii-st reading ordi- -
nnces ratif gf eews passed dur
ales and cont de-ri
Sty'the LegislatLure ofe
any law imposing civil disabilities, punish-;
ment or forfeiture of estate for having fake I - --
part in- the rebellion. -Memorials were- d
seried requesting of Presiden.t Johnson fhet -
the State shall noe be garrisoned by 'negra
troops; and that steps be taken in behalf 'of
Jeff. Davis.and-ex-Governoz Clark. T.he Gon
stitutional Commnitteee has reported in fo.or -
prhibiting slavery.
General Beaurecgard fikes his d~eparture n. -
a few days for Europe: It s said that he-siir
tends offering bis militar'g.services to. Im,
Napoleon. Thei Fede'M UoTvermnnen.t perants -
him to go, subject-toThe pledge of never tght -
ing against the Uiuited "States.-Loinlys
Jou"nal. ---
Thbe Mobile laverti ser complaim's^ bitcl -eri
of thie conditionl and neglect of many reti17I1d
paroleid priso)ers in that city, who are ahnost
naked and h:d1f:'Starved, ats we ns houseless.
- The Rebel Gen. Roh!y was in St. Lou.is a
fewt .ivs ago. HeI thiniu ofreturniing to. his
old e s'Iing, as-catain of' a stcanibont Tunnin
bjetweenI. t. 1.ouis an.d tihe T1 eese River.- . -
'!en. Jo. Johnison iS "is toking for apiace.~
%-: Super intendency of some railroad, pos h
B3y the Rich~monid atnd . )aniILCe.Rilroadi, nay
be ziven himu.

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