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*E : F F-, N~
TEt,jS$,0FOR SIX -0tL 4 *4 DTOS~ ~ EEf,~~
O N1~S ADVANCE b~/of~ c iO6 ii-e 0) f R~ t1 N' B~ I
At Newberry C H.9
myT P. & , L GENEEER,
xPayment requireo invariably in- advance.)
Advertisement-inserted at $1 ,50 per square, for
trbt insertion, $1 for each subsequent in<ertion.
-ap _mcesno Funeral-Invitations, Obituaries,
M tion of personal interest charged
* rdlis'& Ohisoim,
atrs,Commission Merchants
and shipping Agents.
jL -wLs; A. -n. MjgOL.x
-:7 fattend to the ppreiase, sale and ship
T T ment (to foreign. and domesJc ports) of
o Ie collection of Drafts, Purelase and Sale of
au Securities. Consignleaits~of Vessels solicited.
essrs. Juhn Fraser 4 e , Charleston,S. C'
mtesqra,Geo. W. WiManv &4o Charleston,SC.
eirs. Geo. A. Bopley & Co. r :arleston,S.C.
r&G SchIey. Esi Augnsta, Ga.
~z4~Mh~l,E-q., "'
e,srs.Clark,Dodge &Co. 'ew York.
-' eimsrs. Murr-ay-& Nejw .-"
essrs. P. W. Clark & Co Philadelphia, Pein.
X#8rs: Peudrgast Fenwick & Co., Baltimore,
Esrs. Samuel farris &-$ns, Baltimore, Md.
Aug 18Z4 4
Groperi es, P0viio
r IE subscriber s -leave to iforr the cij
tof Xe-err , and he surrouaidiig
ediici that he has noix on andand i.i cul-.
utly recwivg, -
yhA' CH!? L ESTb3,
ehoicf and raied as.oruet-l O the .4bo1e
S~ ew, g: !eield Retail.
(OTTON .nd (0rMT-1 1iOU UCE takeu
GANGE or 's,or bought at MAL
4A -reent West Sklh, .oe doo;
eromtl itdan 'Sreet,
Zt. L A, S. C.
lo IS, ll 1T & 00.
1sw 4 SP -arding terchants
geaeprepaired~ to promlpri. forward aLl: Mer
heddonsigned to. us. dirivin g in this~ Ci:y
Irouw \orthern an~d F oreign Pors. AIQcI Con
en%WvlI by- ReiTosi, to be forwa&dd to Do
opige~ or Foreign For s.
LIRA cisJI -ADAN~LCFS:m-ade on alh
n s r&ebts ot Coi to,. 1.see Flour,'&c.
- .wR. MORRIS;
-.u HUNT, Jr.
4RunEr .-G. W. WILLIA MS & CO., Carai
- e.tn L.seCREA DY & CO., New Tork;p
--4TH B AO~VJ1jKRSA M & CO., Philadeb
- hiss HiGE W EtGENT; Baltimore ; CHA
, RAY .C -.- toe.; 9. R.WILSON, Nor
JAgetMeld Adverierjf4deson fyzette, At
bewilie Bulletin, Grenrfl 'Iountaineer ande
tt'rp~ise, and- Spartannurg-S#,artiut copy four
tiai a send bi1s to this office..
~Auv:4 35- -
THE omiersigned, Ia-ig leased,
- *- the - LAR1E and VOMM()OBIOS
'-'i ~ UILB1IfGkuown~ as the RColomn
F'emale Cofed,Ult 6pen'i as.
a FIRS A E O72EoL,*nptember 'L.
T: S ICKEtSO4 Propriefor.
Hs~rswR natura'RIy look to.the interests
.ftheir- own State, and to'tdat of the South,
and as citizens of the United States, they will
1iot be wanting in (Ise proper ambunt of 'de
- oton arespecta- bhe -General Govern
uent, Fvery effort f4, be mnade'tenus~ke the
TrAltY NEWS a fiint class- newsppergaia
n *ryay worthiyof the paronage of thp
patr terwrafbr th<'presen$ will be at- thte
aret of ten dollares per annura. Subscriptions
* ecegyed for three, aix and twelve months,
-pava#le in advance.
'ti~tctrs and others throughout- the
toontry, who may interest themselves in pro
eoring subscriptions, will be aloe the usu-'
- Proprietors, No. 18 Hayne-street, Charles
Jae S'tocker & Son,
ORMG1sB .Q 0IH, S. S.
DPOMPT -attentiga, Uto the pureliase of
.1 Cotton and other 'e, and forwarting
of Cotton and 3ferchan4ise K Y
rzkus I. STOCKsR. j- LH.SOK.
mer-us~ freuds and acquaintanceb it Ne'
berry, D.at: he has established himself in thA city
of C<-lumnb.a, for the purpose of doing a :ner-canl
, ile bxames, d expects to keep consta.ntly fL
a heed a eboice and.select stock of Fi~ 1j
MEIICINES; together with First-Cla~ DNY
GOODS and GROCE~RIE~S, *Mehc ~he purpes 3
< slling at a moderate .,dvance above cost. U !
respectful! s olicito a portion of public pa: c
That Eyerybory Needs,
;ARIED STOCK-Consisting in part of
Candies, Cakes, Crackers -Assorted.
P Cheese. Pickles, Sardives,Almonds and Raisins,
Pre%erred Figs, Citron, Vermacelli.
Sugar, Coffee, Tea. .
Ground Coffee, in pound packages; Oysters,
Peaches, Tomattoes, in --Ms.
Pure Horey, in one pou.ud cans.
Soda, in pound packages, and kegs.
Soap-assorte,';. Starch, Candies, .atehies.
Copperas, In'digo.
Blacking and Brushes.
Nutmeg, Spice, -Mace also, Ciaron, Ginger,
-Pepper, and Cloves, in quarter lb. pek'gs.
Smoking and Ch'wing Toba.eo, Segare.
Thread, all no's; buttons, needles and pins.
Combs and Bru.hes, Toi!et Soap, Perftumery.
Dolls, Ha31, Pins, Fans, Pocket Books, Tin
P'tns Spoon4, Peucils, Table Mats, togther
with n'any other choice artteles which 'I cannot
now enunerate, and will be sold low for cask.
August 16 34 tf
-WOUM.mosti-espectfully inform' the com-1
iunityat large, that,he has just received
arextensive supply of Dental material of e%ivry
description, and is now prepared to do all kinds
of work in his profession, as cheap and as good
as any Dentist in the State.
Oice on Main-st., in Dr. Kingsmore's old Da-0
guerrean room. Hie will administer chloroform
to 4ll who desire it.
Newberry, S.4C., Aug. 9, 3 5t
Railroad Notice. -
R4 his date, the train on.ihe Spartanburg
-* - and Union Railroad will leave Spartanburg
C. H., Tuesdays and Satirdavs-of each week, at
6a. m.,-and arrive at Shelton at 11 a. rn.
Rcturning, leave Shelton at v I o'clock m., and
arrive at Spartnaburg-at 5.15 p. Tn.
- TilOS. B. JETER; President.
X ig. - 23, 35-4t.
I --7
Just- Receivred
A LHIge & e ed
Sq- - 0 STOCK OF
ral Assortment of PRINT GIOODS of all descrip
nosAlso, - -
A iprge lot of
bohfor Gentsand Ladies..
Atenitiori is called to the.new and well-eected
~Stock vow on harn1, alko, a all times,goso l
descriptions will b'e arriving direct Ironi'New
Cigars, Tobacco, Soap,.Candles;ISoJa admn
other artieles will -be always on handi.. Air who
ea early will be r epaidby getting that utich 1
~wiedes satisfaction. Quiek sale d small1
p-eits will be my motto.,
aug 23 35 3 3---- .1 T.
.1locai.ed at D&eWest, will be opened, Mon
day 2w3 Oct. next.at the following rates per Sea
eonof five months~, -viz:
oarA~ (Washing, Ligrhts and Fuel extra,-) $.500
Tuition, in the Male Col'ege,j - - . 0.00
Fersons givino sub:certifiates charged in
casJh, .-- - - - - -17:50.
Contngent Fee, - - - - L.*O -
Tuition in Feoiale CoIL. Primary Dep't. - 7.00
-" Academic, " -. 12.04)
- - " Collegiate " - 18.00
" a Music, - - - 20.00
UseofFPi*~no, - - - - -. -. 00
Coningent. Fee, - - - -- L.00
The above ra-tes are in specie, or its equivalent
in-provisions or the National Currency, and will
be reqoired in .ADV:ANCN.
'~~~order of the Board.
'Du Wc C., Aug 19,l1 65. 36.1t
?pE subscriber having retained his . expc
rL-ienced Tanner and Currier-Lewis, has
~resmed~ his old business in Tanning anil Dress..
infLeather, at his old Tan Yard. He.-takes this
inethod' f informing the public that he willj Tan'
and Dress all- good Raw Hides on -Shares. or at
Market Yalue,:in the best manner and with des-.
ptch, and will pxgy the highest price for all kinds
of Hides in Leafher or Mdney. All honmo-tanned
Le4ther-dre.wed on reasonable terms. -
Messrs. Rodelsperger & iSornsby, at the C. H.,
will receive all Hides to be tanned, and mark the
same for inm. Also, Bark and Tallsw wanted.
New berry,,Aug 30, 1885. I. BIERFIELD.
* flOTICE.
Twill sell, oni the 19th of Sep'teinber next, on
I.my Plantation, in Newberry District, all my
Stock Horses, Mules and Cattle,
One Fine Piano,
Household and Kitchen Furrnture,
One fine Carriage, Wagons &-Harness,
Plantation Tools, Blacksmith Tools,
-lot of Wagon Timber, ad a greatma~
other valuable articles.
*aug 3'O36 3 -R. F. ATTWOOD.
Watchitiaker apd Jeweley.
A.3S resumed business in the wooden build
*L ing, (the c'ld stand-,) on . Maim-street, op
posite Martin's Hotel.
All work executed 'with despatch, and war
:ad a formeriv. July 26 tf
Of Newberry and Surrounding
We have opehed a full assortment of
Bot and Shoo Materials,
as follows:
Crimping Boards,. MAs R and L T'asts,
Sewing Hafs, Women's eMisss do.
Peg ado. Shoe Noils;
Ink in Pints, " Nippers,
Clamp.Wheels, " Pincers,
Men's & Wom's Stamps, Eyelet Plyers,
L & M Pat. Peg A* Is, Cast & Sil'r Shoe Kniv s.
C S Forle Tacks, Heel Balls,
Long sized Sticks, English Lastinm
Cotton L-nes, Pink Liing,
Shoe wetL Sp'g Keys Cochineal Roans,
Fudge & Fore part - Bobt Hooks,
wheels, - Buot Trees, ploin,
Gum "loth, . " " with &crer ?
Shoe Thread, Shoe Pegs,
Shoe Uami'ners, Shoe Rasps,
Sewing Awls, Sxtra SrigPunches
Peg floats, Sand Paper,
Shoe Bristles, - Shoe Duck,
Gal!6on, Teasurc Straps,
Boot Webb; C S l.uruishers,
Flake Gum Trag. Boxes Evele s,
Bushels ShocPos, &c.s iu.grea flriety.
ror sale by
A1so an asortment of
Persons visiting Columbia are Folicted to gi:e
us a call before makiu their purchases.
aug;0364 H.S.
Hats at 014 P.rices
116 -\/eeting Streetj &
Formu L.* . Williams & Co.,161 MCet
Ing Street,
Have resumed tAeir old business nf HATS,
CAPS and'STRAW GODS, at 116 Meetirg
St., next door to Charleston Ifotel, where they
will be hnppy to see their old customers, friends
md public generally.'
We ie prepared to'supply the Trade at OLD
Merchan's visiting the city for the purpoce of
purchasi:.g goods, i ill do well to give us a call.
* C
au 3A 6 4t
- (Charlestor., S. C
R?c'er. to'-.
S. S. FAgnA2, BRos. & Co. .C. D..Cun CA
G. W. Wiu1hus &-Co. Jo.T EO
BUrT.an & BEE.
aug 30 36 3 C
T. D. DAVIS, W. T. McFEAT.'j F
-The undersigt ed, lae ofHicers of the GreenvilleI
& Coubia B. R., at Columbia, will until. the
pid road shalt be repaired between Alston and
Solmbis, undertakie to forward with dispatch,
rticles of every description, to r.nd from all sta- t
ions on that road, and Cohimbie.
They ii also buy or sefl on~ Commission, and e
tteud to business of any kind offered to them.
4ddress them at either Newhberrysor Columbia. ru
aug 30) 36 Bc, 'DAVIS & MuFEA T; d
AGood Melodeon-Mason & IHandin, Makers, .*
'Boston, is offered for sale, at a bargain, if wi
~arly applcietion is made to -1
aug 30 36 3t N. F., BUTLER.~ ol
p- ' pa
School Notice, t
HE Misses GIRARDEAUJ will begin the EX
LERCISFS of the)r SCHOOL oul Mon&iy the
h September, at the Session IIeuse ft rs
yterin Church. - ugu~s- i
'HE STOCK and FIXTURESof a Whee~sale -in
Aandi RETAIL DR tUG STORE, in the T ru F
f Newberry,'S. C., pr'ominently'sit uated anti of'T
rood patrQuade, .will be 'fo at a bargain, if aip-fi
lied for'soon..' -f.er
Satislaetory reasons assigtied for sele Ig to
A ddres.s box S3(Nedberry, S. C. bi
Aug 30 38 tf TI
gr hr o Courier a:id Columbia Pfiax
opy i eecr' "- .-t
nst Ueceived -and -for Saie by1
onsisting of the fllowiLg ahoice -GOODS: a!
lats, Ladies and Uenty' Boots and.Shoes,
.Sugar, Coffee, ..
Cheese, Cra6kers, Sardines, Mackerel, ,b
Tobacco, Segars, .- - 'c
Candles, Matches, pI
C.andics, Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, ro'i
Violin Strings, Blacking, Thiread, Coa TtBttons, rit
Cravats, -Suspenders, Pencits, P'ens &klders,'t
- uives and Forks, &c., &c. eli
Ag 3 3tt . g
. Mrs, Andersone
\ILL resume the Exercises of her School at ~
teodAcademy,.on Monday, 4th Sept'D
Perms liberal. - - August 30
"4Whole Hog or None."
I F the person wh-o 'stole a- Revolver from the P~
IProvost. Marshal's office, will call and make c
imself known, he- will be presented with the in
helt a,d scaM.arJ. The undersigned do.es not! th
fke to see thi~ng~s done lv halved. ', I
a,- an2a 'KWM. J. SAYER. ic
The Palter' Tale.
F.a in the purple time, e'er pair .
Had yet commenced her aticie;t reign
That time which never comes again
I met a Pal-ner on the way,
''Oh, wretched youth, in. evil day
I find thee," cried that pilgrim gray.
"Thy love is dead, upon her Tie
The snowy ceiem'efits, round her cry,
The weeping crowd ; I-saw her die.
' A thousand knights without c0miq'i
A, thousand maidens call her fair,
A thousand lilies deck her hair.
"ergolden hair with halo crown'd-7
$ card, and fell upon the ground,
ad saw~no , and heard no sound.
Then where she lay, I came and cried,
"%h ! dearest dear, here let ?rie bide,
Here sleep for ever by thy side."
A'vgice came from the little hill
Of earth "0 love, be.coostant till,
S h is tle pleasure of my will.
Sogather glory in the right:
Aroil that dwells.in love and lig"At
6l01 watch thee in'the tartest night;
"Andi like a bird up6n -her nest
Sho'll brood above thee in thy re-,
Abd at the last htall juake -thee blest."
Quotations for Bank Noteg.
The follwing are the quotationsin Wall.Street,
iw York, (according to the Charleston Conrier
the 4tinst.) for Southern Bank Notes. These
otatbns, however, are liable to fictuatioei.
Ie res are made on the basis of the U. S. Le
d-Tender Notes: -
ink 9f Camden.-....... .. .....12
" Charleston ...........-......... 15
Chester.................... 15
Gdrgetown. ....... 15
Haniburg..... ............. 15
Newberry................... 15
outh Carolina......... ....
" State of'South Carolina,......... 17
mmerci4l Ban, Columbia,. ..5...
charge-Bank, Cq!t;:mbil ...... ...18
Lrmar:& & Rhanzge- lank............., 15
crchants'Bank, (heraw...........,,. 15
ople's sonk,...~. 80
iter'-Bank, FairSeld ........ .... 15
auter's & Mechanics' Bank............. 16
uthwestern Railroad Bank,........... .25
te Bank,....,......,.............A 10
Mon Bank............................ 40
-NcR.Tt c.utoLINA. -
ak of Cape Fear,....... . .......
Chafiotte-... ......... .. ....25
Clarendon ....................-, 24
Conmerce. 25
Favetteville....... ..........25
Lexington.............. 25
_orth. Carolina...... 0... . .0
Wadesboro. o. . . .......... 25
Washington... 20
W lmington........ ...... 25
" Yancevill................... 25
nnercial Banik, Wilmingon............ 25
rnier'. ) k of N. C ..........-- 25
mrhants' dailk, Ne->ern,................ 2
GEOrGi. M . '
fnIsta Insurance &-Banking Co......... 12
.1k of -Austa,..-............. ---- 14
" A thens,'....'..'....:..-~...-- . . 20
Uolu us.................... ..1
" ('ommerce................... 12
" Fujten...................- 1
"-Empire State... .....4-1
" MiddIle Georgia,.........50
" Snvannah3................' 35
"State of Georgia. .. ..........2
~ntral Railroad BankingCo......... 5 65
ty Banik of Augusta.................... 20
irmers' & Mechanica' Bauk........ ....12
~ora R; RI. Banking 0o...............85
rin'e Bank......... ................ 45
chniis' Bank...................... 10
reunts'& .Planters' Blank..............1
anters' Bank.............. ..........1
uber-Cutters' Blank..-................ 5
ion Bank........ .. ..-...-.. 12
[b:PUDrloTnN.-IL ~is with great regret wc'-learn
at in some portions of the State, the idea
ms~ to have gained ground that the suiddeni
eof the war, with the great c.hanges. conse
Lent thereon, is to act as a sort ot virtual blank
ptoy act in the wiping away of all private
bts. Candidates, -too, weiunderstand, are mn
e coun'ies, presenting themselves upon - this
edge-that if sent to the Convention, they will
trodce, advocate, a-nd vote for some -measute
reiudation of this nature. -.Now, this is all
ong, and not only morally evil, but consti&us
nallyand legally imjSossible. The Co.istitution
th~ Unir.:d States prohibits any State from
.sig laws impairing the obligatiofn of con
~ts, and even-a State Convention---which 'poss
e so muchi broader a jurisdiction than a simi
elegilature-ic.incomipetenlt to the~ enialtment
-any such legislation. That qnasi-repudLattionl,
LOi as an extension of th sty laws, is in
cct such an impairing, and'if brought .be-fore
Supreme Court,' as it would inevitay be
>6ziht by any general eforitto shuffle off debts,
rild be declared null and void. The- only way
neet :hia matter is in 1.he mtannei- poir.ted.out
ome- remrarks~ of oiar. correspondent - Cu
S:isxs" ii ose commimi.cation -appeared in
sterdy~ issue to comue oldIy up to- tlnf
sionrcogniZe the sindefeas.ible . claim of
edis to thuer ce*neye ktimanzadt endeavgr
sativ o just chyi wu~either-in fulf, if' possi
, r ythe best co:npromise pr actic:ible.
ic-ir dualing of.umany of our merchants in
tthing-auteda(r accounts with 'orthern c ei
ri has reflected n,'uch'- lust re.-on the- itegrity
the Southern business, public, andi iwould bd
d iyinghamne if in iin effo-t thza( must-uti
~tely->e futile, to repudiate-just, demand-a.
ria were to be afflsed upon our peop.le. ,Seven
es cut of ten, -fair coinpromises can be. made,
time can be obtained wherein to -pay in full,
4 it -woidd be -far better to attempt this
u~e than to essay a repudiation that can-on!y
d in financial tuin and personald disgrace.
[ Chronicle a.nd ,Sentinele
Los'..-At Macon, on the 1st instant, Os
ree . Lech rane, Esq., addressed a meeting of
i.ens, ad uttered the following words: The
st is behind us; we cat neither relieve, a sor
w or add a nymipathw by calling up the memo
s that ha:re flitted into it. The great issules of
epresent'are upon us, the interests Qf family
ildren-St'af and coun.try, are all pleadinig
h u, and I for;one shall go f1,rward with'the
ich of patriotism-I for odie shaill give my en
gies to redeem Georgia from her .present con
ion, lift her fromi the sick bed and nurse her
ib life. I will support the Union aidd the per
tninyof the Uieon of these States; I have ]
or to do so, and I will keep the oath inrio
e and inviolable. I give no reluctant acqmies
cee, no mental reservation, no sanction of re
gnant. gesticulation/, but wholly unreservedly,
nipreensively and hepefully, for the sake of1
own honer and the public intercst, I acceN I
eobligation, and will stand by it.in its conse- ~
.,.. an -n :,it rc u.n hence forth and forev.
recently had quite an interestIng interview
with the President's brother; Mi. Wm. P.
Johnson, of Buzuria county, Texas, who
was on his way home from a visit to his
brother in Washington, and his two sons in
Nashville. Mr. Johnson is over' sixty years
of age, and is a carpenter by trade. During
the war he remained quietly at his home with
his wife, and a sop, aged fifteen years. .- His
sons, now at Nashville'bave both- been sol
dierj in the federal service, and are, at pres
ent, fing public positions which have been
kindly furnished them by the President. Mr.
Johnson represents the cotto' crop in Texas
as fine: sugar an ayerage crop, and corn fair
but not first rate. He says that the'state has
not suffered by the war, but that he antici-.
pates great troubib in the future. For the
last two years-labor in Texas has been plenty
and very cheap, from theact that many it
the planters of Mississippi, Kentucky, Missou
ri, Virginia, and other stAtes,- have sent in
thei slaves, offerini their ervices for cloth-.
ing,,victuals, &. Mi-. Johnson thinks-the ne
gro pop lation of Texas will be a great curse.
to the state. Many of them have already be
come homesick, rid want to return' to their
former homes. Others have becomervery -in
dolent and loungd around unwilling to work
Mr. Johnson says th'se negroes. believe that
freedom means idlenek, and that they will be
sent to rch6ol by the government, and finally
become preadhers, lawyers,. doctors, &c. 4e
is opposed to giving them-the ballot ; andal'
thoggh Andrew -would not give,him any def
inite information on the subject, he -.believes
he'will not yield to the radicals ahcT force his
own people to swallow the unpalatable pill oL
negro equality.- Cairo )emocrat.
CAROLINA.-The New York Herald learns
froin its Charleston corresponlent that "very
little attention has been paid by the. army
officers to the demands of Govrnor Perry's
civil- appointees for a surrender to them of,
superior control in the administration of af
fairs, and the Palmetto State still' remains un
der ifilitary rule. There has been no.- actual',
colision, but considerable disagreement and
lack of co-operation-between the civil and il
itary authorities. General Gillmore# who: rel
cently returned to Charleston from Lis -todr
through the interior and conferemy.dth Gov.
Perry, is. represented as stating that-the.mii
tary will mairftain.direc.tion of -ffairs until the
regular State Government is oiganiied. Some
progresshas Ucen madetto"ards the election'
of delegates to the Gonstitutioral COnvention."
The saue correspondent- goes o,n -to say
"It is-wrong to suppose, as allegeu' by some1
letter writers, that there is at- the South a
general feeling of hostility towards the blacks.
They may act in such.a manner as to- create
such a feeling ; but at presetit it does:not-ex
ist. - W knor that there is an e-net'ddire
for their Welfare, and' a sircere- regret that
they are not edicationally and mentally' pre
pared for the freedom.so siddenly thrust. up
on them. As it is, -liberty with them,4oo of
tens runs into licentiousness ; and we are der
tain thai in-the. upheavings of our -social fa
bric,'under the 'transitions of -the past few I
months, the white race has thus far been the
chief sufferer, but has noblyand without a
mrmur stood the shock, and doi5e it-s f Idu
ty kindly and.faithfulfy to those .so lon ~ ac -
customecdto its care." -
CoMM~eDoRE LEoN SMir,-.Tis Confederate
ofier, who is made, famious by his capture of
the-iRarriet Lane. at Galveston, and the re
pulse-of Giranger'at Sabhie Pass~ emigrated to.
Mexico aftexror rather pending, he surren
der. Thei Bulletin; of this dity, tells us that
he has returned, atrd tells-them that,Lhe mnanK
nr .i-n which the w'arfare is conducted in Mex
ico between' the lImperia.and -Liberal forees1
is perfecily' horrible. One ofl their rules of
warfare on-both sides is to take no prisoners.
He was held-a prisoner for some hours by
(Certina.. He-probably concluded that his own
cuntry,:even with confiscation and a possible1
trial for:treased,.for" he ranks -as Brigadier
General, would.be prerable to a protongnd
stay in such a woutry.-Galreatn Lettir- to
Now Yrk fera.
FREnXE GormGNoirni--A despatch fro(d
Washington sRys the demand for freedmen to
go as laborers to- Nortbern States, has-b.ecome
very brisk. -This week azz aent .took -10
to Providence, R. T., where places ha&d been
engaged for all of thein. Orne farmer, near
StubeRville, Ohio, applies fot 100 hands. he
smppy -is indequate:to ihe demand, and a re
quisition has been made on Cormmissioner of.
Freedma's affairs, at Richnd,jor 200 m~eui
and *omen to go North and West. No- fp
plications are made from Virginia, and conse
quently there -is a large surphis .of ,freedmen
in that Sttesekng employment. The Ihr
mers of Maryland are seeking help- from othe
freedman's Buireau here, -and paying the.ir col
ored employees liberally, -
'Tax NUMBER OFBRATTE.-The numnber of
bttlels fought during the war is given by an
exchange, who, we think, 'under-states the
number as-two -hundred and-sixtytwo. Of
these, tesoil of Virgijia drank-Jhe blood of
en,. Missoqri etwenty-five, - 9eorgia twelre~
South Carolinai tn,a North Caro6lina- eleven,
Alabaha seven-, Florida. five, Kentucky-four
teen, thje Indian Territory and New Minco
one eicb2 Oncisthe *rive of wir rolled into a
Noti&Sagm broke fit tKe great billo*
of Gettysburg; -Of the battles e1numrated,six
teen were naval engagemlents - ,
A HAavgT,oLLoD.$1 &a reort of
a!the Ainericai gold receh ed at the Un~ite'd
States mint.unndits branchs -from our first
;old discoveries down to June 30, 1861,
gowis a grand .total - of $597',178,724, of
rhich $556,718,872 came from Califor'nia ;
9,78,071 from C olorado ; $9,121,397 [
Eromn North Carolina; $6,909,875 from' Gear
ia ; $6,142,483 from Oregon ; $2,808,875j
~rom Idaho ; $1,558,874 from Virginia ; $1,
62,969 from Alabama and the -balance fromi.
ther States and Territories.
Sourra CAROLLNA RAILRoA.-We are infor-L
ned that the track from Oraingeburg tb o 0
mbia is proceeding viery well from butl
tideg, and that the bridge over thee Corgare~4
iver will be completed this seek.
- ( Charlesto.s# t
1RmO&n laos.=--We are .assed to an -
iounce that the South C ,.za-Rai~lroad Cozr
>any received yeste$f24 per. bhark Fannie,
'romf New York, abaIt five hundred tons rail
-oad iron, which' will be immediately used inm
a.;,in , tr cehrieo C.'reer.
Mt..-Within a-rew ays a ,
man, one.of the "relics of e
ha w passe' away. Madu 'a e Jtn
so ldng that She his adot 6
recollection of the present generationa
ileath at the age of uinety-six has awakene
public iwerest in hir extraot4inary W
Born in 1769, the same Year that gave to
world Napn on and Weltington. lhi
at the age of twenty the most- bieWtMJ5
fascinating of the belles'who shOne At 1 6e
publican Court of our first-* eShe
the centre e(a rbiin Yazing
p hn the
of h day-,si, it *dW dA
the great chaMeters'ofestim Ar
the'lady killer,laid his heart at beet ;
Ben Franiti called her his "Fairy Qu
nd.w& wont"to kiss in publc. e w
worshipped by Lafayett and with. -
Rh9 lived on terms of the coset
After shining for years as'Miss CapeF -
ador-d%f men andethr envied of w6mien,
jecting suitor after suitor of -Plitia*
pr great-fortune, shesuddenl -arr tf*
F'rnchmn tmed buniel,.wtbad4
imligence to wealth in the wind
seems to. have live-da pil-in be
0ouse. Wenti to Paris with him
orand chateau and glittired thiong
tocratic 6alo.Ds at the dourt of Lous
as years bofore she-did in thep t
cles at the Americin capital
tel died he lek her'a fortum
for-year in elegant etirement
partbf the story is;that whe6i
an old- woman -she met the loveirf-0
Aaron Barr, then:a ven'erable gen
seventy-eight, and they were actual
They lived together three- month",.
an searated; though.theyWereneel
ced. Shi calledhirself MadaweJoi.
and to theday of ber death, whie".
Sun dai, Ahe hidherself a Xay
in a splendid mansion in thi'Op
city, ealyh
4ware a wck agoi tbaj"th0e.r.
their midst the re:iing.t.4ast .
gallants of the-Reoeti r.
A youn iy ofrrpersoam m
tempted 4t terminate er ex;
lea dowa welL- :ituna1
current calperhi g n thtntUP
the opportune minomet inflatOk
and buoYe4d hermto ti top,u
fered and rescueber from hgr -I
sition. .-,%e issuppOSed to hav
under a temiorary fit oflnsaipi#
unrequited -and tuisplaced af
just.made her toilet for a i
and gave no indication~of nenti
as upon leaving the dw;ling sb
er,aunt ad imprinted hpean her,, "
of her sweetest kisses-Ind rv
eaed not expct me"-pe
inmateifof the house W'e-e eta
than twominutesby -theer
ored cook, who wit.nessed-ibe un d
tempt to jump down thei
tingush the ital spark.
tirely tcovered.fron -her i
ding"state of wind list er
popular-air witha sweetnes _Q
of tril, d prfectioniidei Ve
tured the family- cir.4eier 6 e
cayi that reason iud res6i~d
P tetr urg7&e
ANEW GAEMLsoN.-We are ol4p
announce Ato ode. communi~i~*jb
sens -of Ed e ld District at la th t
tan Fribhis i nei La ut -ib&-.
teers, have arrived Jasoheriei ~ '
equipate said.offBeers 7
ig the garrison now oeuio
fed.o Th th,t whiieo r
Cob ZT1r Of( t.w
tioned Capf Uiinsiltiih
Coman, I)dk t.illt tW~$1~ -4
ProvostMarshaV. rhcedwge %kr
tough-ii comtnand-mat tw ~ l
latter themselves that *hita -&i
Edgcflekd, all will woslt'aM - 2-ve ~ -.
Capt Hines and Liefit. G iet7T ~ ~ -
thnislves rafar,to be- gf*$lb 3 ~~
of honor digni&g anjustce e iLa#o, b
ad deported drewslves~ In acp#tsB
ecomd.soldiers ind ge - ~icuE4
uate vamr feUow-citizcns u
the new and happe orAl~ ~
in hy the -wir andlb41
Hies and t. G it. - ~ .
Ca [Mec.W,d Lie t'
com d% ~ap with ts
olrotoops udi -a~~5 '"
~othe-un dty to a -
hila4Nyhieldiri rio(n the 4
loaity- thaiirt ~ '~e
thr .tathtere%Mis -
vrthe reoust 6
hae been fond t.belr. A dyodgco
siderableproe#ertylfn that y.eg.inn,-with-wTu -" -
I conversed recenitly,.claiais t..hire Iii -
possssion two. of the Gnest opils .ver disbdr
erd which. were founn dCherokes County,
and says!tbat, owing to recen 4ilcovere nm- - - - -
ny personfs -who.itherto cessidefid. it almost- .
a penan~ce4to lir'e.on fr. JrinSato~.~
the mon. qs, - *
JTuXOIwL ozi.-Eook 0 fSot s
rathers andI mothers, t - nig oa#r W4ne
'here is nothiig more ruinost ther morals
tan ruunnng.i.aboubt at that -tieme. Under
ovr of dst-kness they acquire theirluesttdti.
ncrime, they.learn to be rpt#dyish,if nlL~
oltely vi -is, they can cath oudS6cen
:hey-hear sinful oepressions~ oas If
h bings-they become-reek dty -sa
roi wuld' s e thencopt asun se- to
homfrom .ice, s as it hodie. ---
that niight ifadr .
- -dirme' Iiay nect with ilmeh
n;in the, want of stockgpd -
utensails; but these are being rapidly
~oe. ManRy army horses abd tuules ar.e -
ing boeght, and more wheat kill be8 sOWl
his fall than for many .tears past.
-.-WithoUt discretioni, tearning is pedan
rj, and ,qit impertinence and- virtue itself -
oks like weakness,*
Ladies patronize, the far-o banks at Saistoga -
bis suamer. !tis the latest s.a cet style frog /

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