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NE'WBER1myl S. C.
tatement Of votes polle at Newberry C. IL
KNole No. of votes, 233. E. P. Lake, 183
IfArbt. Stewart, 132 ; IT. Sammrer, 23 ; J. H.
-Williams, 10') 2 S. Keitt, S2.
The other polls not yet heard from..
We e requeeted to state that-he Brass Band
belohgirg to th- 5Gth N. Y. V. V., assisted by
Prof. N. Sncqir and daughter, will give a vocal
knd instrunieutal-Concert in the Court House, a
Abbeville, cn Friday nglit, next, Oth instaat.
To Corresp-ndent.
Under the present cirLumtanes,-while onr
paper Is so limited in size, we inost respectfully
request correspondents to confine themselves to
short articlos. Latterly we have hrd several*
which on account of extreme length, had to be
- left out altogether.. It is impossible to insert
long cfmmunication;.. Be short, and we wiill be
happy to give your views on all interesting sub
- jects to the publit
4;. W
Sorghum Molasses.
We have the authority. of the .Assessors for
- Faying that there is no tnternalRevenue tx on
Sorghum 'olasses. We mention this as wc hear
that a different inmpresAn prevails in t,% 'oun
try. If any one manufhures as much as
oine thonsand 'dlrs' wort.h, a manufacturer's
hmense of $10 per year s reuired b'3 eTen in
Much case th'ere is no tax on*molsse.
So says the Greerville Motntalneer; the doubts
*our citizens onths Cubject are now dispeied.
ConId n.t help it.
The dasing Ad,utant having touched us very
vitaly ast week so coMpletely clairvoyanced
our optics and nt. merized our faculties, that we
married.Williams the seuior partner of Williams
& Covert, (in a notice made of that firm,) in spite
of the wishes of -, God knows who; carried
eim through dangers by flo-ol and geld,.and final
^1y set him. iown snugly at bome beneath his own
ne.and fig tree, to reditate on the -sweets of
domestic life, where he would in all probability
pay groater attention to his business. We hum
b begh a
How to Vote: How to Oh,tain Pardon.
- *AWe are under obiligations to the publisher, R.
rARicK W.ii, ALgsa Geo.,dor a neat- little
pA pamphlet, bearg the above title, We have not
et read .tho book but glance at the subject,
safies us that. it is well worth the attention of
aln. Thtrd are Z numL.cr of valuable records in
the-work. hI contaius .32 wp. readin matter to
-tratsemnts.Prie 50e. on thid ofe had he
terd.o forwagerd an serneyi to -tr any.
prar s ahe Clr. Addlressm thrfctiWos.,
- . b~ oveno~andGv. Pery. io~ 'e be
e tha the plesr of a brieflsrver-it
hibs Exesllncy i GoPrrr Saturday ofter oo .
-thaeriasod, he fwagts aColumior tiurps of
forme bof whm h akeomnd of sii tha Atanti
SS~tates o -.foan icedu thnaihe were
- - eemp ' asidedisatch ror retedento Johnson,
sugi fn his paroclamantion wihrear to' Mnais-e
hrate dmit'rn the foatim, hand he had haspu
tened o Godreardphesae fo thspayetanur and
~ o~~her pieleces,t ipayor h& h oe fo -h lcin
Ordinriesadplerkis ilrm their. fucos
.- -- As-elc Governor P .nerGrYo: ha e botih
tempts a owintei g rtis oe obstepreseintma
- toin ourpepletQsfo adn
TIhe-happiens berido amansdt lifes said to
- his evotion,aE JOe-takes unto idself te a-ben
rot sui ikn a-nd healt , nd hpfeels h:..
- s~~ae fite pndycssst. o~ - ie. *sp
h eofnsibe foineehexfulessiof sl'e joys .a
Stohandperiod, he foes aln fwomio eis, but~o
tin st imehelan to~ the noe that tcee
- Led hsime s~tamte fal an be.trthdudlt, onev ofr
wchaendio th les - imotneistepy
ing for ist earriage i.oice, ~oi the mnistern
who tid heno faihm had e so pub
t,aan it God rhespnible fo thspyet.n
the mnt isat not eevn ofhisdring littlee bef
- ae ngectt pa~iz ior=hmic roe.t ne h
cos A pplication fo Padn
Tshere ae fWoalwiguhs to~ be nobsed reoin ma
kiny hpicattion-ore Pao hsn: a te
Tes Peth'.ioust be~ idsstiedto Hiy oxce
ofen fourtew Jocussops, Pr'eidant the Uated i
EtheAest -rcuaino r sd~tJHs
*ItWhered atay hen rs idence, ccupton whande
ateoof the dlar R ftmkeapplicant.o
hi of the orteen-ex etionhe--L fisib
beto ind htsecluded fr ilo t e xd, lndsf
money P~~troclamat -ionb ntones fc th xcp
Lt hi satee fairlyan frPtruMteuly; ecre
He'appustexpes his loythe Uni~d~ n apoved bnd
hes.epapoe oinh god.aih, topreerae and mah
aiitfor thel futre.ro. hywrents
tae.c unlessthir risiropgrmund te
There areetw tatt eered.occm
pan hs Ptiionon tat-he hast~ rebeado the
nst Po otin indrcisy-not liabe anyswterd
of th foeen exiceptions,han those tstated in
--hPe tin-e o he oapiat and thateibdi
thldmest PrJoclama'teettion sietc orsoN
Wher any ~cpersos i dou,a to whetherioialG
his~ taxabe prpery b amoun to theresiwent
* 'an'fori opardmwisd ectE li doUbcer.- The- vaua
den on>' Pro acla o.-Ad props eart ius
bea incudedi whic cic le th e oayd coands,~
eenate of: t.es called Confederate Gomvern
ap toir appl for2. p<rdon. The were onot so
irnor wi!l be forwarded bv bim to the President
unles: otierwise direeted.-G cewille Xountain
Never ran a ad c:'a coward ; his heart i:
- a dung-hii!, -.gi':e a:Ticios is the only cock the
ever'er ows on it. Were you to save him frou
chance for prfitablf iveitment, such as k
offered by Mr. Birge,'at Frog Level, seldom pre
sents itself. The property will be sold very low
as wecan tesi1v. , Read the advertisement.
SAp--DAi.-:-Owing to the immense crowd
which visited town on 1friday, the attendance
on Monday was not so large as usual, but tiose
i?ho did come kept up a lively time. Severa
sales of furniture, etc., took place, good pricee
ruling enerally.
DFATr1S IN THF IOSrITm.-Private' J. Holpp,
of Co. 11., 56th Reg., was conveyed to his lon
ihomne by Is company, on Friday last.
J. SoulOs, was interred at this place on Sunday
last. He was a member of a Florida Regiment,
late offhe Confederate service. May they resi
in peace.
We invite attention to Pr-o. Schmitt's dard, ir
anotl!er column. Hc is well and fayorable knowf
in many portions of the State, as a musical artisi
of superior merit. ., As an instructor h e always
givPz atisfaction. He is prqared to give lessons
in the entire range of instrumental music, also tc
tune instruments, for which he is recom6amded.
Fi\F ToCACco-:Users of the weed, those wh1c
esteem a fine article of chewing tobacco, can be
suited at Marshal & Bro's. The sample laid iipon
our table, we most emphatically pronounce first
rate. ~
In the smoking line, Matt. Bythewood has'that
good old brand 'Kjiinic,' which will soothe a
man to -sibep, or keep hi.n aw.ake, which ever is
most agreeable. Uave tried it.
OPPosITE THE ELM' TREE is the main entrance
to the "Herald" office now. We regret givin"
up the old door, but the: march of improvement
made it necessary, and we succumbed with a few
tears. Take a few steps further, dear friends,
the next time you call, and halt f4rninst th'e elm
tree, then half wheel ard enter the new (loor, you
will then see the old, familiar steps, up a'nd down
wfich so many.of you ha:re often stumbled, walk
up; and we will be happy to se.e you.
To whom it may concern ; and to a ;nan up a
tree it wouki seem that our worthy commander
of the street forces, Brig. Gen. Peterson is the
sad delinquent. The immense piles of garbage
I collect-ed and added to daily and weekly, under
the impresion hat they. Would be removed, are
left to increate and- become- an intolerable nui
gence. Small favors are most tInkfully receiv
ed,. and that various bridges have been. repaired,
is a subject for congratulation. The streets' -00
have beef swept, but'unfortunately t., filth piles
alluded to above'have been strangely overlooked.
Can our friend do anything in. this matter?
MR. W. T. j'CFEiT, of COlumbia, died in this
place. on Friday last, after a few days illness, of
paralysis. He was attended by - the Masonic
Fraternity (of which .bocly he was a worthy mem
ber) aad other kind friends, and all that could be
~done was rende.red to soothe and comfort him
until he breathed his lest.
MR. McFEAT was by profession a printer, but
f6r many years had been engaged in otlher busi
ness. He was !eld in esteem by the craft, to
whom he was endeared by many courtesies. Hie
leaves a wife and four children.
Tat S.u.E os FmoID.-The sale of Govern
ment property attrac ted the largest crowd of citi
zens we hare seen in town, since the advent of
Ro.binson's old circus, many came frdmn afar,
fromu the bur'nt distri-eta,.in hope of picking up
something -cheap to replenish their exliausted
fers Stork, t!.e consequence of whieh compet'r
tiot',as that horses, mules, wagons, &c. brought
good pMees, ith but few exceptions.. We learn
that the Sale footed 'up. some $7020O to $8000.
All.of the property on band was not sold, *and it
may be iobable that another sale nill take place
at a future day. In connection, and as a pieep
of information of interestswe would state, that
.he; trotl amount of cotton reeived and- turned
over to the:Government, by Col. Tyler, is three
hundred and eleven bales..
%EW AnTERTSNMENs.-Our readers will fmd
it to their interest to a,ttentirely read the various
ad vertisements in th is issue. Amonrg the ne w:
Marshal,& Bro .-Etra. Chewing Tobacco,
.mannels, Hardware, Dry Goods, Faney Articles.
TLos. Stenhouse-Resumption of Cbmrnission
b usiness.
B. D. Royd-Farm for Sale.
N. Schmiitt-Music Lessons.
J. Birge- Property for Sale.
H I.-H. Kinard-Pianio for Sak.
Jeffers. & Co-General ~cmmission Merchants.
L. J. Jnes-A ppications foi Pardoh, etc.
J. C. Martin-Dry C-dods, Cloting, IHa tsi
Shoes, Boots, and Milinery.
Rev. F. Jacobs---aurensille. Academy.
Piano for Sale-Apply at -this Offiee.
FE. J. Christian-Meal for mill.
J. B Las 5'alle-G. & C IK.R
M .Fo~-o-Late Arrivals.
J. Sulzbachcr & C'o.,-Dry"Goods & Grocer'ev.
*Pcyr, prr, rrr.-We write this -notice in a
fog of stnoke, dense, opaque, and -can scarcely
see,- and silli the vapor inereases in rvolume;
and we cAnnot help it; w'd are obliged to smoke,
and at a rough- calculation will haye to continae
doing so for some weeks-to comne. If our friends
call-up and fail to see any body they till doufer
a favor by either calling out in a loud voice
"any body ini !" or feel over the oISce, for we
are here. Every body- is sending us sam~ples of
fine segars, to try for thcm; and we are- doin'g
s i' we discoV-gr a-difference. in qutality of the
many sarnples, wve will be - happy to make -the
proper aieknowledgernent at an early day. In
the megatime we adyise every body to-tryall of
them anid judge for themselves, as samples fromi
Marshall & Brother, -Ostenidorf, -and a host of
oiher., lyaround-us, and -the smoke being -so
thik it is impossible, in taking up one, to tell
tother frm which. Some body is knocking
now. W~ho's there? something -for the editor.
Ah, ha, thought so;.as we live a lot -ef extra
fine.. Killikinnlick. . from our very particular old
.friend M1attBythewood. One41ay next week Matt,
we'll devote to four favor, and with a thousand
ibanks for so many- remembmunees we remain igz
a cloud.
mIlLITARY.-The-1st Maine 13attaliOP', in doui
mand of Lt. pol. C.'S.-Brown; which arrivedin
tow..on Frida; lot, and whloh was intenided to
~reev thie.56T ,.now~in garj-ison here, received
~mrcing orders, arnd leftbonltonday fo'rCAi'de'
son, to relieve thb33rd elolored Regt., now gar
rioning that place. This will j;ive a double
satisfaction ; a pleasure to the citizen~s of Ander
son in having a garrison of white troops, coh
manded by such gentlemanly and elever officers,
as we have ouud them to be; ayd a pleasure to
the people of Newberry, that the contemplated
change is countermanded, and that Col. Tyler,
who is so intimately known and appreciated,
will remain with us yet awhile.
The following 6flicei-s comprise the command
of the 1st Maine, which assumes control of the
1st Sub-Dist. of western South Catrolina:
Lt.~ Col. C. S. Brown,
Adjt., Lt. H. A. Johnson,
(4 M.,.Lt. A. Q. Uill,
St. Maj., Win. P. Cook.
. M.-St., P~. A. Martin,
-S't., L. R. Carey,
Hos- ward, Merrill M. Snowman.
Go. C-~ . R. A. Bray, 1st. Lt. J. E. Ashe,
2nd Lt. J. F -
Co. A.-elst Lt-. . E. Leighton, 2d S. L.
-Co. B.-Capt. P_ 0. Bar s,2d Lt. Josiah
Chase. --
Mr. EDITOR:-I attended the meeting of th(
citizens of the District on last Saturday, week
aqd was nt a litt!eulnused at the awkwardness
manifested i the. getters up ,; the meetiig, an\
their apparent effort to conceal the real object
of the meeting. It was, howevei-, evident tb the
mind of every close observer that the -real objec
of the meeting was:to nominate a ticket to rep
resent a certain party, and to exclude all othe
candidates. The good sense and fairness of the
meeting soon vetoed that propositioD, which Wa.
Inten,ded to foist upon the people certain cndi
dates, and thlus-accomplish party ends by party
management. Thiscis not the right way to dea
with the people. IfItere is av important ques
tion for the people to deci(le, bring it out ftirly
and distinctly before them and let each side selec
a ticket to represent it, and let the matter- b<
fairly and dispassionately dischssed befure thc
people, with ani hidnest intentiicn-to arrive at the
best resusts for the people at. r Tho-:e wh<
wish to forestall public opinion and maneuver the
people ito a certain cour,.se of action, evidentlV
manif:sts a distrust either ol the pQoples-honestV
orofthir willingness tqcarry out their prospects,
where thiev ar fully undlerstoOd M all their ber
ings. This Distriv has .cen ruled long enough
by party managemeirt, ai2d it is time the peopl
shout& e-matters in their own hands and thinlk
for tt u,les,.and not take ti.aipse dixit of ai.
s8t of political wire pullers as gospel. The coun
try has already been ruined bad enough by our
followi.ng in the lead of such men. -Let us, fel
low eiuze.i, in the future, throw off all party re
straints and think and act for ourselves 4s be
comes freemen. 1t is true the party wires dic
not work as wpll-at this meeting as they, did a1
the meeting held some years ago for the purpose
of nominating candidates for the convention tc
tak-e the State out of the Union. -The wire-pull.
er seem to have let their wires get rusty during
our four years bloody war, anid 1hey did en6t
work so well. But I have no doubt they nill
soon haue their goc4 wires.greased and polished
up and the rotterr ones replaced by new ones, and
then you-mav look out for the antics of the an.
tomatons, put in motion by the great .magieLin
at the other ed of the wires behind the scene.
I th-nk, so far as I could gather the sense of
the meeting on Shturday, that the proposit!on,
to ehgraft on the coatitution a clause repudi
ating all debts or exempting all real estate from
liability for debts, is dead or if not dead is so
very sick thalit is recovery ercu by the
most strenuous and skilful exerions of the great
physician. The shape the matter is now -likely
to ta':.e is not to insert the repudiation clause in
the constitution, but to pass a resolution instruct
rng the Legislature to pass such Laws. It is -ot
the province of the convention- to idstruct. the
Legislature or to try to control its action in any
way except by a legitimate constitution. The
.election of menibers to the Legislature will take
place after the Adjournment of t'Qe convention,
and the people can there give their representa
tives in the Legislature such instrue-tions as ther
Lay see fit. The following are some of the rea
sons why the conventiou should not mecOdle with
the -question 9f repudiation, First, b,ecause it
would be i: violation of that palt of tie consti
tution of the i'ted States which declores, that
no State shalt pass arty export facto L.aw cr any
law impairing the obligatien of contract.q. If we
should send up our constitution to Congres to
be approved, with a clause of repudiation :n it,
Iwe would be remanded back to military'rulIe and
not allowed to resume our positio.n as one of the
fredand independent States.of Mnerica, for the
very obvious reason that w'e would be attempt
irigio violate the constitution of the U. S. tle
~momnent we are asking admision -back. Second,
If this elause of repudiation is ihserted in the
constitution, and thge perople become dissatisfie d
with zt, it will be very difficultio alter or repeal
it, whereas if it is done by the4'egislature it can
be altered, amended, modified or repealed at any
tUne th e people-desire. Can there be any objec
~tion to the people's changing this law (if it should
be"pa bed) if upon sober seond thou;ht'they de
sire to do so?_ This then is not thte proper occa
sion to moot the question of repudiation. It will
be timhe enough to do it when the candidates for
the Legislatui-e come-before tie. pengle.' In v'ot
ing for members for the convention let us layv
aside all issues which have businecss before the
convenrtion, and let us select men for their ;good
practical sinse and -integrity of. purpose, men
who have proved their devo-tednesasso the coun
try not onlv in the councils of the nation",butin the
teritedc field; meni who liive nothesitated to strv e
their country in'whiatever capacify asked, wheth
er of Iabor, honor or danger; meutwhio have not
only had the Nodne'ss to express caildidJy their
honest opinions before the people,-but have had
the disintereted! patriotismn to risk their lives for
the good~of the-country. It is tn such ien that
we must look in our 'hour of trial for honecst, dis
interested counsel. Bu-t beware of the men who
are always watching- the popular current and
have not the imanliness to express their honest
convictions. Beward of the~ metn who lead their
country into'difileulty and do not rally. around
her stanidard whent the hour of tua.l comes. Be
wtre of the po!iticiatis who raise issues not so
much beca.use they expect tco carry thiem out,
ut frr th e purpose. rid'ung themselves or their
friends into ornce an 'poA2r.
[2 Tocb Concluded in our neizt.]
Marrifed, Aug. 31st, by Rev.' J. P. Sweltzer,
b Mr. PEn RoDELSPERGER. of Newberry; to Mis
LorrsA RAYflEN of Columbia, S.CO.
Married, on the evening of Aug. -10, by Rev.
A. D. L. Moser, Mr. HENRY. S. PExissIN; to Mrs.
SELIziBETr! N. SINGLEY, all of Newberry Dist,
. Married, Aug, 22, by the I{ev. J. H;nykins,
IMr.'LUTHnER Rrs):R, to 2iiss~ S. ooRE, both of
New berry -Dist.
Married5 on Thursday 17th A us., by Rev. F.
Auid, Mr. --APPLING WELLS, of Newvberry fist.,
and Miss'CAni .A. BEARD, of Columbia.
T th Store, La Range, next door to Pro
.Lvost- Marshal's Office, a fresh Eupply of
in additon to the Stook of DRYGOO FAN
Newberry,C.HI.,Sep.,'65. C. W. PASIKER .
Laurensville Female College,
1TILL open:.Monday, September 25. The
Tcholasti year consistis of two- Sessions
of a wentg weeks, each. .
Tuitioni-imaary'departrient, pe sesdon-2.00
- . Academy - 1.00o
-College' .00
noidelnjapExpenses .- " d0
Musio.on.Pino,.Mdelodeon; or Quitar " 25.00)
Use of Piano - - ". 5.00
Drawing and Painting " -15l.00
'Boarding, inelttding lights Ewashing " 1250
.Payments in.advance, Specie &r its equivalen~t.
Apply to Dr. John W. Singpson, President of Bd,
Wnstees; or' to'- FERDINAND JACOBS.
Sept. 6-37-6t - ,Presidenit of College.
TIHE undersigped reseectfully inorms his pat.
..rons that he will only be able to go tc
11lfor meal or grisgotnce a week hereafter, or
Friday afterr,oon of each week. -All orders& foi
the same, if left at Dr. Gouin's, will be faithfuNh
and promptly, executed. Thanktul for pasi
favors he solicits e continuation of the'same..
1'HE subscribers propose to establish a rega
COLUMBIA, for the :purpose of carrying ligh1
freight directed to the care of, EPTING &
CHIAPIN'S~ ENPRESS, n~ ill 'bc forwarded witt
drnzTrew eb. . E1>TTNCr
.HE subscriber tal-s pleasure in informing
his numerout customers and friends that
he has just Irrived with a. choice. and beautiful
assortment of
comprising everything in the general line of Dry
Goods &c. Besides which he has a. fine -assort
hncnt of
3oots, Sho es ll I .ls
Together with .a General Stock of
f All of which will be dLapoi.ed of at most reason
able rates.
Jobbers and e6nntrv inerchafts will find it'it
their advantage to call on ine and examine my
stbek. . M. FOOT.
Sept. 7-27-trf..
Formerly Foot & Sulzbacbet,
W 0ULD'respectfully inform the eiizens of
lNewberry, and up country generally, that
they- keep always on hand a well selected and
general assortment of GOODS,.and- now bY the,
IAest irrportation, can show a'rost inviting
stock of
Of'all Varieties and Styles.
Domestic Gods.
And a gentral assortment of
In addition to wlich is a large STOCK of choice
THE~ above en.umerates only the general lead
ing articles, and an examination .of our "STOCK
is rer'uested by all pers6ns visiting T.olumbia.
Co-intry Merchants and Jobbers will find it much
to thei r advantage to give us di call before pur
chasing elsewhere.
IAsembly St., between Plain an
* ~Washington, Colmiibia, S. t.
Offce 0+. &~ C. R. R.
n NEWBRRY, S. C, ep. 4
other than Way tStations. Freight to Way Sta
tiongnmust bepre-paid as leofore.
TWe Company caninot. colleet other -than ;their
own Freight over the Ro'ad, nor be responisibleI
for cotton after learing thme cars.
-Sep. ,37-tf . -Gep'l Sup't.
For Sale.
~he subscriber offers for sale,.in the tdwn of
Frog Level, the.following property, viz: a dwel
ling~ iouse, containing-eight rooms 41nd six fire
places, and a good kitchen under the same .roof.
Thme-house stands upon twelve acres of grou'id
in the finiest cultiration, six acres ofxhiebh is.like
a garden spot. On this lot be ides th~e dwelling
isa alarge warehouse, in first rate repair. .Also,
two good store houses, oui sparate lots, whiich
will be sold separately or- togethler.. .The whole'
o'fthis-property lies withmn ninety yards 9f the
Ratilro.Jd. The'dwelling.will admirablyv suih for.a
Hotel, o rfor a private residee. The. above
property wili be sbld low, .and 'such ani indhce
*ment is seldom ofei-ed to thme pinblic, butt ao I anm
dternined to sell it will b.e well for parties~ .dis-',
posed to purchase to apply early. Application.
for particulars may be rhiade to Gen; . HIH. Ki
iard arrd to Eio.f-hNwerry Herald.
I-For Sale or Rent
TIIE~ 1('ARM six -miles west of ihe town of
L Newberry,.now occupied by the Rev. C.
Felder, containing about. 350 -acres, 'al1 under
fence, with.,a gooid- dwellinL' on it. Possession
Ican be givin about the 1st Nov. next. and a lag.e
portion of the growing crop can be sdeured wlt
the place. .Apply to
Sep. 6, 37-16 B. D. BOYD:
AN elcgant .Piano,a carred' Rosewood, seven
octave and thre6.Pedals, with iron soun
ding board,. (UInp bead.): - -
lso a commion Piano..K -D
.Sept. 6- 7-86
Afine Edwards 1 ectawe .1'oewo 'Piano, in
LIgood order, cab be -purchased, if applied
for at an.early da3K.
-Price $500,'curreneYr pr middling. cotton ini
affeable order.at 30cts pr lb.
! Apply at-this off1e.
(Formerly Cothran, Jeff'e-rs & O. Charleston)
General Commission and?.eciving
and Forwarding igent,s
Office Main street, near t,he Railroad.
-Attention given to receiving and forwarding Cot
ton and:Merchjandize,,or to any business-evtrusted
to'our care. On coiipietion of the Railroad to GQ
lumbia we will continue business at that place.
W. HT. JEFFER.S, .. . 'T. A. JEFFERs.
sepg6 37 9 - .
pOF. N. SCHiMITT will open bis- SCHOOLJ
at his residence, in Newberry, on Monday
the 18th inst., for the purpose of givin~g lessons
onth Piao, Violin, Guitar, Flute, and any
other instrument. ,His prices are liberaL
PIasos TUNED.-Mr. Schmitt is recommended
.by Professors, Artists and others, as being a Biu,
perior Piano and. Melodean Tuner, and.will en
gage to tune all instruments with care.- Ordetn
left at his residience, or sent thtough the Post
Office, or the Newberry 'Hferald office, will be
promptly attended to, and if the best satisfaction
is not given, no pay will be received.
ExKLa une*.g, TObco
lip RSITALL & BROTHER have just received
as fine ai article of (ewing Tobacco as
has.A.Peen for sale in this marktt within the last
four years. Call and try it.
SEGARS,-,which have been pronounced by
judges; as good as any. 9
Sep 6, 37-tf.
700 Yds Welsh hlanhel.
4. WIDE, all woola#*.n be sold at a less
' price, violesale or retail, than at any
other house in the State. The attention of
Wholesale dealers in particular is called -to this
advertisement. Stop at MARSHALL & BRO.,
a'nd see for yourselves.
Sep. G, 37-tf.
WT E have on hand a large Siock of Hardware,
T T consisting of many ar'cles which are
quite necessary for builders, and as we wish to
carry,on the Dry Goods busiiess exclusively, we
will sell off the entire stock at as low a figure as
they can be lai wn hefe from New York.
Sep. 6, 37-tf.
.Dry Goods,
JUS'T received at, MARSHALL, BRO1., a nice
J assortment of Dry Goods, and Dress Goo.ks
of diFjrent prices and textures, also,'brown -and
.bleached homespis.
Jackonet, Swiss, checked afi dotted NusTins
coarse and fine qualities, Brillantes, "B E" Diaper,
and Irish Linen from the best makers.
Sep.-6) 37-tf.
Fancy Articles,
ITE would call attention to our Fancy.Goods
- of which we have quite a variety, calcu
lated to please the taste of young and- old, rich
and poor.
Sep. 6, 37-tf.
T HE undersigned takes great pleasure in an
T pouncing.twthe citizers of Ne ery. n
vicinity, that he has just receivdd, direct from
'Nei York,'Ifie-lurgest ahd upost complinte stock
of gOods that has been in this dist rict fot. spere
ral pai. ..Consisting of all -the- latesA, import:
tions in
- Dress Good0, Poll dc Cheres,
Alpacas, Wool-Delaines,
Merinos, Enpress -Croth.
Bombazines, Blick. an& Fancy Silks,
etc., etc. Also a '-dl lhid df
Including i
Prints Bleached long cloths
Shirting stripes, I lannel,,
Swiss Muslins, haid Jacon~e't
-in fa6t every Ving in that linet.
PABIICULARh ATTENTION is eal ed to the .
stock of gentlemen'~s nearz
English oassimeres,
French do. 1
Doe skin do.
Bi-oad Cloths,
Pressed Flan,nel, -
-Tricot cloths, in black and fan y coloi; *s
Together with a lar-ge end sp!endid lot o~
- '. D1
- In EPalkcss Var1ety !
Shades and Qutalities, at 75 cents 1'chi,
and iiupnhi..*
Boots and Shoes
All Styles and Qualcs, that defy comnpet ion
In all the latest Styloe, and Choaper thin, the
- .~, -New. Yoric P rices1 -
21ES, LACES; PERFUIThERY, etc.; etc., etc.
*It. is needless trying to. meption everythingj
Call and exarine!fr yourselves.~ >
I propose to' run this Stock off in thirty day.y1
consequently prices will be made- to indoce cus
tomners to aid rne in doing so.* ---
Call earlj and secure great bargains in everf
thing. .- Vcry respectfully,
Corner Store, (Unider Htel,) Newberry
sept 7 37 tf
(tIe FiftenVh Septa ber the subswiber
~Pwill resu'me -TH,E COMMISSION BUTS
NESS, in the City-of Charlest on, wril- personally
attend to the purchase::md.sale of alldescriptioa
of goods. .And*will.*also- with the aid of an ex
perienced a ssist:r t,attendtor thie-leceiving aud
For wardin. of Goods .and Metchaidise to -andi
from the RailiRoad De potr.: - ~ '
Accomnmoduion Wha? -
Sep. 6, S7. Chaleston, S. C.
Applications for Pardeni aud,evern
1Ben$ ClaimIs.
IAm prepared to draw up appliegtions for pay
Idon, in ca-es arising under. theeeptions-in'
the amndsty proclaiatiotrltain .the Gover
nor's-approval and forward th'em~ thtough the
proper Departments in Washingtongb distin
guished legal firm. in that eity.~
liso.topioecute all claims agalst The 'Gen
~eral Government. -
.se t ' 3'7 -tf - 1
'State of South CaroIiga,
'-AUGUST 28 1865.
IN order -to facilitate the busines of- the State
I-NConvention, about ,td' assemble on.ths 18th
of Septembe',. is is. ordered that the Attqrney
General a Slctr of the Etate, rea,pon
under-the ' 'visional Government ofSobCr
lina, do attend the sitting of tlhesia~~in
in Columbia, toprepare suel; busidess assy be
desired by the Rmherfor directed by tie Con'
vention. - -
Provisiorfal Govrernzor of SeheCarolina.
Sep. 61,3'7-1t. - -
**Provisional. Goernmnent.4
FROM and after the Serentk day of September
nez4 the Headquarters of the Proyisional
Governor of South Carolina wi;i be at Columbia,
'where all. egm,muriioations addressed 4p him
must be directed. iWLIMH.PRY
e WILate S EreRY
Previl,.Iv,S., aut Serth ary6.
cemente. C. H.. S. C.. August 28th, 1865. 6
- .. .
THE. 8t1.BO ~I
Mackerel, Pfpper,- Copperas, Tobacco, Ci ar
rickles, Sardines, Soda,
Which they will-Sell or Barter,gI
thThighest market prices foi
[email protected] PRODUCE"
dug 30:36 tf
Web b - .Loytj~
As Latest Arrils, -&
We 1rei~ possess on ofVLi -
LagSt admoatVo
And g a W i
A~ wii are . ea
7 eaest .
Weh 4*
~rocees - - * --
Bota JShoe~,
If ihere are %aiepnecsa o A1oa3atcurr
d li eenine . -
e *sng- .
are infoinwdlth .cu4*rt4h K
O f aiboutIk 40 .MM$wkil juem
anid 20th ofQcober.ande-enen#.
'THRQGHIransprato~ngsor 'Co.k''
Goo4t; and FiLndfy Supp:jesWo tO -aLP~
clheen'ile RoIdA'lt-enlluid, ?
(towelude I.. R.4Yegi, MJaii hrY~ -
in 4eirrges, 4ci) ob .pplicatMn :d364'
Olne,No. 1l ende RDg4 thurlstosZ~
me here. {a d3~
Sep eniberat IQe'eod,. pr4'c.sel
donel of 1U Ilrtlett gdjoit3rug the
(phu?chya .age -assortwnent -oha4tn.. -
ture, conitintof -~
a t:rimsoiiufh So.;Cliiri nfocer 4
A rm Chairs, ;&. Book Ca~ed
Thu~iq ,ewiih .4t*asisL6tkiw .Giae
and'Highi Post 13dteh;sr -
Tca fabler,Mobai M.wofsMI
Sable.-a 4irwrte-top- Pier .l4
Wai'li Stan'd,4iis~ 'WoriTI
Roiers, ?i?an f $~~tool, Md.odeo~
Hai-Mtras~ses, Asral cd Matiffe. Irp~
oaf:rdelnbras, Aipib41er Svi
Store, Large-)41reSafe, ;r~~, - -.*
ifattinjg, t:t orf Y~n N nQ~
Corn Mill;;a lot he &
[U.S -, 601 . '- - -'4 * ~ -
'i handscanieR&ek.w-ag er o
a.s new.:Sng ers aU r,aee
order, Two.go'od Stk tows,~1 ga;Ge 4 be
* ERSnl UMH.-MiS et' '$i goe d
will be reeed in. paiets. it 1brN,te
per lb.- -- I2S w.
- - Pl FOR S&IM ..
A sl to. Apply to
ua g63 3tf -' ! W3H5W
Sdyks Den is
Smrlyzepid SM kup'u, as-the U1~
Mc90 ni GAfDelh, Es - r.
~Ir.D *s rio* prejared to;performn ll 6oA
r.tie OLD 1'fAICES Tor 43A- Qr fts' .
equivalent. -Gold fillings $'ieacti .,.
*Newbgry C.; Ang~ 25,1I65.
$659J WARD.
~'fbonere .wiRl be paid to the gemeen
apeysons, wjlo st%t kr es and deliver into2 the
bads of thie 2r vast Marshal ortthis -Distriet,
who urdd one CAROLINE, a freed-wrenan,
:m tBe 27t inst. -
/. TYLER, Lieug Col. GommandiDg.
HESUBSCRIBF.ltilts sotly4dpe3, aVtE
-berr'y Court Ifouse, a complije assortsben
(f SCHOOL -and other -BOOKS, 'STEflQM
US,and all artic usually fennd.in ac comn
lete BOOK STORE ; and he respectfuBIy re
quests those requiring the . above artlile0
wait and examine his stock befosp parchsiDa-'

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