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EO SNING, EIT. 27, 1865.
pst oSce has been establishbed at Silver St.,
wberry, S. C.,.on the Greenville & Col. R. R.
Dr. J. W. Spearman is.appointed post masLer.
Taz MAmS-By an Q*r received from Post
Office department to Hon. T. C. Perrin, we are
advised that service has been ordered on the G.
& C Railroad, and that the mails wiH be carried
daiy from Alston o Greenville, and all interne
diate points on said road.
South Carolina ail Rad
As *.matter of publiclaterest* we publesh the
accompaning letter, which states tie conditigi of~
t& S.CR.,on auhority -
S. C. Railroad, Sept. 20th, 1865.
ec&rs. CoTrienay l Trenholm,
Newberry S. U.
OTLZN-Yours of-14th- inst., making- m
quiry of the probable time the road would be
finished to Columbia, was duly received this day'
in answer wouldsay, that at the present rate- of
b4uing, the road may. be finished to Columbia,
about 15th Nov.
We expect to be running to Hopkins' by the
latter part of the firs'. seek in Oct. This is 12
jiles below Columbia.
Very Rispdctfully, Your @bt. Svt.
H. T. PEAKE, Genl. SupL -
The Convention.
The irregular flight of the Phenix 'bird' ow
irg' to the disordered condition of the mails,
leave us unfortunately without complete pro
ceedings of this body; we are unable consecienl
ly to give our readers a full detail of what ias
been done or proposed. Frorp what we gather,
however,. the following synopsis. embraces the
pit1i of all tbis important, so far as heard from
to this time:
The.Ordinance of $ecession habeezirepealed.
In regard to slavery the following has.been ap
dopted,by a vote of yea 98, nays 8:
"The slaves in South Carolina- having been
defacto emancipated by the action of the-Gov
- ernment of the United States, neither slavery nor
iivolumtary servitu&re, except as a punishment
for crime, whereof the party shil have been duly
convicted, shall ever be re-established in this
Resolutions have been offered to make valid
All contracts made- and performed during the ex
istence of the Confederacy.
Resoiltions to the following effect have been
offered and referred: That South Carolina will
- restore her politieal relations with the Govern
mnent. That the Constitution shall be so altered
as to require the olection of Goiernor te be made
- by the people. That he-aildl be re-eligible, and
that he shall be invested. witl a qualified -veto
- upon the legislation of the eneral Assembly.
-That the election of 'Electors of President and
-- Vice President be made by the people, and that
Sthle Goverior communieste this aesolution to the
next -Legislature.' That- hereafter there -should
be but o Treasarer of the State,..with office at
seat of GOvernment.; that' the ofle of Comp
- troller-General be abolished-; and-that the offices.
- of Steretary of State aed Surveyor-General shan t
-- also be held at the peat of Government. 'That
the sittings of the Couirts of Appeal and for thei
Clorrection of l!rrors be held only at the seat of 4
- Governmcnt. That the basis of' representation in
the House of Representatives shall be the white]
-~ - - jppulation of the State; -;4he umiuber of members
~one huftdred.- In the Senate to be bused equally
.- - each ju d istiteentitled to at leasvidone
-&Seator; nutaber of senators to be fixed at ffor
ty. That the T.einenant-.governor shall- be ex -
- omt -.SdeD=t of the. Sente.- Thw .l u- c
tious byltie 'g latr~e-lil- be made va voce,
and the name of the member and the person
votedfor be recorded. -
- - That the committee on the Judiciary Dapart
ment bg instructed to.iiquine axid report 'en thb
- ..~ propriety, of establishing in the Constitution the
-Il. One Supremne,C'urt, with appella?e juris-j
dietion throughoul the State the Judges thereof
- e-beolsete y haB , subject, to- the I
- 2. A Superior courtr- the Judges thereof to be
- - selected and apprQyed in like manner as the Jud
-e~ s of the.-Supreme Court, the duties of said -
Judgs; mongothrs,totionsat. in adinislter-~
i- the uisual duties in each Judical District -
- tie-:n every year.
- 3. A District or Judioal court to ponsist of one
Jude a resident of the Judical D)istrict, to ..be.
- elected for the term of four years, by The voters'
of the District ythe duties- of said court extend
v - ~ -ig to the hearwg and determining all smnall and
m ieani causes, and also -all caises, lately within
the jurisdiction of the court of magistrates and
-Freeholders, not,Jhowevei- precluding the office
-of magistrate., Said comttee wRl also, inquire
-andreport os the propriet?-o giving- said court
- 1jurisdiction nowexercised by the Orilinary of
~the istricL
*.rN WIIlamWallace introduiced the RoIowing
* .. resolation : . -
--Whereas by the forWntes of vr, oar former
noble and- beloved chief magistrate; Jefferson ~
Davis, Is nar languishng in prison, awaiting his I
trae t reason ; and wheroes, the tanatics of I
the North. not satisfied with the wide-spread ruin
- ad desolation which they have caused, are 1
shrieking for hishlood ;
olved, That it is the paramount duty of
~ou-*~rolna, ho led the way in our late
struggle for ' adesee,-and for #hich tirg
glesb s d anting, toe use every lawful
meansinbher power to r.ert the doom which
threatens him. - r
-"R4 That to this end, a-deputation if
inemuberseofth' body be sent to the city. of
* ~WZahingtba, iz6la4fthe people %f South
Cai'olina, to~ak of hisExcellency, the President 1
of the United States, to-extend to the Hon. Jef
-ferson Davis that cleniency which he has shown
- - us, whosare equally the sharers of his gut, if 1
guilt~there be, and which is accomplishing 'so
much towards restoring the peace -and harmony
* - of the Union.
Mr. Connor offered the following as~ an amend
* ment ; which was aecepted by Mr. William Wal.
- *- ..face.
Resolved, That it be referred to a committee
*- of Three, to draft memorials to be addressed, by
this convention, to His Excellency, the Presidenti
of the United States; requesting Executive clem
-ency for Jefferon Davis, the late President, and
- phSterhaid trthe
Trehdti, eihin.oghi t.
Whereupon, the President appointed the. fol
-lowing mes~bers of the committee : MessEs. Con
- - . nor, William Wallace and Mr. Bose. -
- - Mr. F. W. Pickens introduced the folloiig
resolution ; which upi referred to thre committee
on Ordinances and Esolutions.
Resoled, That itbe referred to the committee
-on Ordinances and Resolutions to- ingnire and'
report on the propriety of sendhng w competent
agent to Washington, to ascertin from the,Ptes
i#ent what is the condition ok"he lands calle4
"Abandoned Igads" in this State, and how long
it will be before the owners of such.lands will be
restored to the possession of their property. .
It is presumable "that the Parish System will ~
beaoahd n htth l&o feetr
ofeosdet andl a that he elen or eler
gfeivent ase pele, was th powoersof thle
goven tor h'd peple whivero will boerstendhe
soer as nclde he aontrn ofl beriende
sommsincer Orihe,-Cek &. aitm o hrffi
-- coms sonsetoth Or egaieslatuek,.; l fi
Aer resoon sbe sedtogiheLgislature
A ebrs ofiongreas fee doaservin toh
. m.mhare or ennovm na dollara ner day for o
Attentibn is called to change of appointments
of Methodist Quarterly Cbnference, by Presiding
Elder, Sidi H. Brown.
DEATH.-'VALTER WooDs, of Co. H., 56th Reg.
was buried at the Newberry-Cemetery on Wed
ftesday last.
buggy an&harness can be bought by applying at
Jones' stables.
CHinis.-Dr. T. Gouin has a superior lot of
spli4ot-tom -chairs for sale. Call -early and se
cure a spply.
Look put for Werthan's notices in various
parts of,the-paper, a-nd if Ipu want accommo4a
tion, call at Harris'.
Webb & Lovelace have on hand a superior lot
of wines, braidies, whiskies,.&c., for medicinal
use, which -they. expect to dispose of at short
NEW FAMILY GRocE,Y.-We invite attention to
the fact that Messrs. Montgomery & Miller, will
open for inspection, in a few days, a fresh stock
of Choice Family Groceries, atthe sand next to
Capers' Drug Store. .
We take pleaiure in calling .attention to the
catd of Capt. C. k- Holmes, to be found in an
other column. He is a young-man of excellent
business qualities. As Adjutant of Kershaw's old
Brigade-during the irar, he-was ad-iired by all
who knew. him.
EDUCATIONAL.-B reference to card in another
column, it will be seen that - an opportunity is pre
sented to procure the servioes of a lady, as a
teacher, either in a school or ivate family.
We will be happy in answering any enquiries, or
giving satisfactory references.
MILITIA ORGANIZATION.-The_o suggestions of
'A Citizen,' in another column -are worthy of deep
attention, and are set forth -in s clear a manner,
tat any one who is alivo to a sense of our con
dition will -readily appreciate them; - Co'mmert
Nrom us is upnecessary? Let some action be ta
ken in the matter next Sale-day.
HEAvy.-A very heayy stock is that. of Webb~
& Lorelace's, but their,consolation is that it ra
pid1-grows fighter: They d it impossible to
keep t stock on hand longer than -fifteen days,
and why? because thei ar^enterprising, obli
ging, fraternizings syrnpathizing, realzinrg,~adver'
ihig men.- *ha t's tife s4cre.''
NEW BOOT AND- Snot SroRE.--We are request
d to statethat a flew'boot and shoe-house will
oon be opened in Newberry,,atGapes'ate'
:rug~ store, by our young townsmen, Mcs%s.
iller & Thompsou, to, which they prospectively
nvite the,atte'ntion of citzens, andi especially the
'airer portion thereof.
THE I EW GitnisoN.-Co - of the 25th (io,
ncomzinand of Lt. A. Madison ..arrived in tgrn
mD Saturday night 1cyt. Lt. M1. we understand
eft on Monday mnorning for .Columbia, for the
surpose of making arrangeenents to - establish a
ommissary department. It will be some dajs
terefore befdire any .business will be aone by
~his cotnmand. Te comipany numbers only 2G
toth ladines who we beg parddn for so
ftennamng h ,.inanobter column, will he
ound a rare and'attractive catalague of. go3ods in
hat line, offered to the pub-lie.appetJe by R.-B.
Jolman & Co. -,We know not who the Co,, is, and
i is not reaterial, for Capt. McFall 'is there, and
udging by, the nimnber of persons. contiually in
he store, we opine that he is'company egough
or his friesds and custamets, and entertainuag
EFRSHING.-It is gratifying to look aro'und
.d se'e on every.hand the springing into lif e and
ctivity of business houses in our town. -The old
rm of Carwile & McCaughrin, so long and fa-.
orably known -in this .community, have once
nore resumed b*sns ana in the same old store%
ext door to the bank, with one of the completest
ssortments of goods ever offered t.o an'apprecia
hive -public. 'We cordially recommend these gen
~lmenf and are confident that they cannot fail in
iving satisfaction, either in prices or goods. See
~heir advertisement. .*
INSCRAIoE.-Persons desiring to mn&e "a arfe
~king" of _their property, wutid ,do well to call
n Messrs., -Carwile &-McCaughrin,'- of our town,
gents for the Germania, Hanover,. Niagara and
Etepublic Insurance Companies. These Conipa
ties, with a combined capital of some three mil
ions of dollars, have associated. themnselves'toge
,her for the purpose of transacting business
irough ageheles. Their atents issue a conbined
tolicy, tegned the Undeicriters Poicy,- and the,
ompanies being of the highest standing, and
ssessing large asserts, are enabled .to mnsure a~
arge sum in any Iooality. "Safety is the word."
-BEOID RIVER BOAT CoMPNY.-It will be per
eved that the BrqQd River Boa't Company is
aew thoroughly organized. ?ient agents are
re adiness at the arrival of the frins to dispatch
uiness. The Comp aly are- prepsared to store
~otton, &c., in golumbia, and -have wagons to
rasport passengers and freight to any part of
the town. The line is entirely reliable both for
essage and freight. We- are personally acquaint
d with Mr. CitI., being a brotiher "typo," and
uondam'editor of the Camden Journal during
he ancien regime. -We can vouch for him. The,
her -gentlemnen are well kn'own to -the public
or their courtesy and~attention tp butsinebs,
We invite attention also to the fkct that pack
iges are received. and forwarded by this line
'th great care and-dispatch. -
ADVRTISEETs.-The Tollowing is 'the. tatble
f conteits of~new ads. to be found in this week'
ssue, to which attention is.drawn :
Gov. Perry-Proolamation,
N. H. Kinard-gentiral Notice.
W. E. Haskell-Boat Line,
iL--1fM~--.Ai~inistrators Sa, -
W. .lmoreLSadeS a Bridles,
Carwile &. McCaughfin-New Goods
. B. Holman & Co.,-Dry G~oods,-~
C. R. Holmes- Commission-Merchant,
uriueat Prii'te Sale,
Suber & ubrAmnsrt~sSale,
D. B. Wheeler-New Stock,
J. Knoblock-Bo'ks,
Mrs. Parker-Millinery,
iss M. P.-To Schools &c.,- -
G. W. Alexandqr-Svcol for -Boys.
C. W. Parker---ow prices, new stock coming.
. -LaBorde-South.Qarolina College. -
Lumsden & IlGee-Auc. -& Comn. Merchanrts,
nd Forwarding Agents, Columbia.
T. P. Slider-Notary Public,
Martha C. -E.-Information wetred.
ne* .vv
Reenl hgrrsnigthis 2d.V Su -Ditito
Rec epyarisoninT anthis fid ubDtic took
erdpa Col Tyor anote stfael lofted ast
'ril. Al. aims agadstf are locatedo fatge
erville. All? claims against the U. S. for forage,
- - -, - ~ ~ A A
* *
For the Herald.
Governor Pery's Proclamation ofo the 18th
inst, invites the organivation of ode or more
volunteer companies in each judicial.Distinct, -for
"a home police, to act under and anxiliary to the
military garrison of such district .In prevent-ing
crimes and preservhig the peace of the district."
The writer refers to the Proclamation, which is
published in this issue,. for further details as to
the manner of the organizatiol .of these compa
nies,' their -duties, '&-c. Hit mnly objett is the
public good, and he most respectfully urges upon
the community prompt action in this n1atter.
The Vnited States forces in our midst ae now
.beingrinced to small garrisons- in each District.
Every intelligent citizen acquainted with 'the cir
cumstances of our situation will at once appre
ciate the importance of having at hind an organ
ized%orce of effective and discreet men, to 'sup
press an'y disorder that may arise. ' The only
military fo'rce that is now in our midst is a small
detachbnent of the 25th Ohio RLgiment, numl4er
ing 2,0 Aen, under th command of aLieuten
anti - We should have a force to act in concert
with him. Trom what we know of that Regi
ment,4. ts prestige is good, and by sustaining the
officer here in his efdrts- to enforce. law and
ing qTendei-s to justice, gpod order and peice
will e secured. Unless he .should be properly
sustained in tho discharge of his dut'es, much
trouble -may arise. -There 'should be no hesi
tancy in this matter*on account of the character
of the service, or from -any notions of pride.
The -safety. and good order of society imperative
ly demands that-it should be k-nown and felt, that
there is military power in our midst sufficient to
suppress the very first show. of resistance to
authority, or the first attempt at lawlessneds aind
disorder. - To the intelligent citizen i t is unneces
sary to uFe language plainer than this..
I would suggest that on Monday next, there
should be a combined effort of the citizens t2 ac
complish the object in .view.' It is-coneede7 that
during' the net few months, we shall be exposed
to.the gr.eatest trials growing' out o( the prese
condition of things. Let -us make every prep*
ration ton.meet every emergency that may arise.
This preparation is advised by the Provisional
Governor, at thd suggestion of the commanding
general of this part of the State? If ve do not
heed the warning. the fault will be :our own. This
is only a temporary e;pedient. fhen the State
has. been reorganized and the U. S. forces with
drawn; then the laws of the State will provide
for a general militia o~rganization which. will be
amply sufficient for all purposes. -
Information Wantedl
F M. E. Wheeler, of Co. B. 3rd Battalion,
McLaw's Diviion, Lougstre,!ts Corps, "Who
has not been heard from since the 19th -Ot.
1864-tbe fight at Fishers Hill. Any inlorma
tion will be _fhankfu!lv receited by his afflicted
wife,. MARTA1 C. E. WEELER,
Sept 27 MITtin's Depot.
Exchange papers please-'copy.
. . Sh E
VTbefore hihn,.such as Draning up Deeds,
Conveyances; Mortgages, .Coitracts anid other
ordinary Legal natrime ts of Writing. Copids
of any.doenmient eicat d prom 1.y and with
despat.ch. gF'Offic.e at Henry um'miier's. Law
OElce September 27
Auctiqg and' Commission Merhants,
ii4VING built a 'large Store-ho~use in the
.Lmpst c46tral part of the city and conven
lent to ti'e different Railroads and Hotels,^soWeit.
consignments of COUNTRY ' PRODUCE aind
BRCHANDISE generally.' .We promilselai th
Hon. T. C. PERRIN,.Abbeville,'S. C.
II. 'T. P5AKE, Esq., Charleslon, S. C.
RUFUS M, JORNSTON, Esq., Columbinx, S. C.
Gov. B. F. PERRY, Greenville, S. C.
-Sept. 27 40 3mo.
* - At Private Sale.
- Wardrobe, Bureaus, Washstand, Work Tale
-and Stand, Beds, Sewing Machine, &c.
Enguire at the~ form'er residence of Col. James
D. Nance. . Sept 2'7 1
-Notice -
E-T~Will Sell, at' the residence o,f M. D. Suber,.
VI- on the 12tb Oct., 1885, a't Public Aue
tionl, all the Personal Proprerty of A. C. RIKARD,
deceased, consisting of CLOTHING, BOOKS, &er
Terms made~ known on day-of sale.
.M. D. SUBER, ;
S 27 40 3 - Administrators.
Pen'oils, Pens and iloleers,- Pocket'.Books, But
tons, Thread, Colored Shirts, Linen Besoms,
BLacking and Brushes, 'Buckits, Molasses, Vine
gar, Mackerel,.etc., etc., etc., all of wLich will
be soldlow for bash. ' S 27-40 1,
To 'heads of sohooIs or Families.
A Lady of.exp~erience, wishes to.obtain -a sit
uation, eitler in a school or private family,
as teacher -of the ~Eglish branches. Would also
teach the rudiments of Music if required.'
Addregs Miss M. C., at this oflice..
sept 27 tf - -.
A dmiktrator's Sale,
BTvirtue of an -order from the Court of-Or- -
diary, I will sell at pubic auction, at my
Hunt place, on the 10th day of Oct-s.ext, all the
personal estate of Col. R.' C. Mfaffett, deceased,
consisting of horses, cattle, househaId and kit
chen furniture, &c. Terms, credit of one year,
with interest from day of sale,'-and- note and ap
proted surety.
sept 27 40 2t HENRY-1(ALFACRE..
Would call attentioin to the fact, that he has
proeuated a stock of good material for SADDLES,
He-frprepared'to make. nything in.'his line of
business at short notice.
sept 27 m -
The " AAR."
Qhoice .Wines, -Liquors, Se,gai-s, Gro-.
ceries, Bloots, Shoes, Dry Goods,
etc., etc., --
'i$rop in" and enamiie our stock
sept7 itWER THAN.
Vaept I t or--a ag1
vareTy RVS Stoe-awSL5 'Range.
HET Subscrber, e r L'' in'oofIrE
T. ESub C, hesras makring tom fr
DOWNE herice ofhaos ene ton ha,an
DOWNecthe' reuss ofhos atron an'd , andlc
eperaflly toequet ais earo cad The peslic'
generabein to make bes qaly, calhe resfient'
IHE Xndersigned,*at their 01Q Stand, adjoin.
ing the Bank of -Newb*erry,. are now re
c<krig a Stock of General Merchandize, embme
ing . -
Sugar, .Coe, Tea, Candles, Soap, Starch, Blue
Stone, Copperas, Cheese, Concentrated Lye, Pep
per, Spice, Ginger, Genuine Killickiniek Snking
Tobacco, '(pronounced by 61d smokers the best
ever brought to this market',) Chewing Tobacco,
Cigars, Soda, &c., &c.
Axes, Hatchets, Spades, Shovels,- Pocke;
Knives, Knives nd Forks, -Trace Chains, Pad
Locks, Hammers, Hand Saws, Hand Saw- Files,
Nails, Tacks, Shoe Knives, Cui-ry Combs, Horse
and Shoe Brushes, Augers, Gimlets, &c., .&c.
rrints, Delaines, Merinos, Shirting, Tow'ls,
Linen, Cotton and Silk Handkerchiefs, Hosiery,
Buions, Thread Needles, Pins, Tape,,Red and
White-Flannel, Blanke ts, Sheeting, Hoop Skirts,
Shoes, Hats, Crockery;.Glass Ware, Lamps,
Kerosine Oil, &c., &e. -
They respectfully invit% -their.old-customers
and the public generally to examiae their stock
which they intend to sil'as near at old prices as
the present state of the New York- Market and
increased rates of freight wilt -allow.
-They are% prepared under appointment from
jhc N. Y. MAderwriter's Agency, to insure Build
ings, Merchandize,, Cotton 'and- other Propepty
against damage br loss by fim.
S27 403 . - Ageits.
Not Military but civil. You' are -re
.quired to appear at A. HARRIS'
'Where can be found everthing desirable in the
Fancy and Staple. Line.
Si,t 27 It
rfEACHERS, PUPILS, and the publit general
. ly, are informed that the subscriber ha's
opened a fail supply of Scktool Books, to which
will be shortty added a complete assortment of
Books, Stat-overy and Music. Orders frdm the
inLerior promptly atAnded to. Call at
J. KNOB9LOCH'S Agency,
At Marshgll & Bro's. S;ore.
Mrs. A. C3. P'arker,
Respectfully informs. the 'ladies of . Newberry
and neighboring Distriets,, tirat she has 4pened at
the store of. '
- Karshall & Bro., Newberry, S. C. .
A large assortment of '
Com'prising' FA NCY and STRAW BONNETS,
Ladies and. Misses Hats - of. e'very desc'ription,
Ribbons Flowers-,tilkh, 'Velvets, and many fancy
articles too,nunierouis to mention.' The patronage
of the lies and purchae.ener.'1y is solicit-.
ed. .
-The .trade will be liberally supplired. Those ini
want will find it greatly to. their-advahtage to ex
amine the above stock1'prices of which will comn
pare favorably 'iitb those of New Ydrk and Char
leston. 'lrouble' and risk of losing goods, owing
..MRS. A. G.,PARKER,4gt..
~elect School for 'Buys
H1E subscriber.bas opened a SCBOOL F R
.LBOYS in the session' Room "of the A.
Church, where 'the ual brafiches of . g English
atnd Classical Edzcation wilL be taught. The
room possese&s tbe . advantages of a quiet and
central location.
Any comnmun?cation in reference to terms,-&c.,
if left at the drug. store.of Mr.-J. W.firson,
will be 'promptly attended -to..
527 40 3*'- G. W. ALEXANDER.
The South Carolina College,
'T HE exercises of this Collene will be resumed
.L on the F1RST-j'MONDAY in January next
The Facnlty having been . tthorized by the
Board.of Tru'stees to exercise their diseretion
as to the requisites of applicants for admission,
such indulgence as the cirCumstances will, per.
mit will be extended.
'Applicants must present themselves on Ithe
first Monday in January..
Chairman of F'aculty.
Columbia, S. C. Sept. 23, 1865.
Sept. 27 406tC
-l 0 LESt02', S, C.
Attention given to the sale of Cotton, Plour,
Wheat, anid other Produce, -and. to Filling of.
Orders. ' . .Apt 27'405t
Executive Department; S, 0,
SEPTEMBER 20, 1885.
EfHF Provision~al G0vernor of South Carolina
.1-- -ias appoihtcd the' following-bamned gentle-"
men as Special Aids for the parpose of assisting
him in. the discharge of his official deties in re
construg&ing the State and r .toring her to all of
her civil and politicaafrights in rsheEederal Union:
SWILT&A M L. TR2ENHOLM, of Charleston city.
STEPEEN ELLIOTT,of Beaufort District.
WADE IHAMPTON, Jr., of Columbia.
ROBERT L. McCAW, of Yorkville.
WILLIAM -H. EVANS, of Society 11111. * -
JAMES H. HARRISON, of Aiderson village.
Teabove named gentlemeri will receive and
commniclate to the Provisiorial Governor BEN
JAMIN FRANKLIN PERRY, ~ all Infornwtion
which they mray deem adl'isable'as to the condi
tion of the State, its citizens, the freedmen, the
home police and 'p ilitaty garris.ons. They will
likewise report to him by lette,g t isheadqu&r
ters, at Gfeenville Court House. -
By order of the .Provisional Govrer.ho'.'~
- Private Secretary, &c.
Sept. 27-40-St.
' XXX.,
Dr anything else, tall on Werthaun 6
A "~~.4~) ~
lit OOD~
Re.B00 0
R. B. Holman & Co.
Main-tre et
Store formerly occupied by LT H. Kinard,
-By direct imiortatid'ns from the Noirth, haven
store an eftensive and varied asortment of arti
cles, cmbracing. everything usually found in a
first class Dry Goods hosse, to which*they invite
particular attention, and among'which can be
fourd the following:
,Foulard Pop!ins,
Chenee do.
-Plaid do.
Alpadcas, of all shades,
Merind and Delaines, of all shades,
Prints, &c.
A Full Line of Hosiery
and misses ; a great variety of
loop Skirts,
For ladies ind- misses, besides which an elegant
lot of
Merino Under Vests and falts,
-- 0
Bleached Long Cloths, fron40 to 60 ets per yard,
Tf bfe Linen, Toweling, Diaper, -and Irish Linien.
Of aU kinds, together with a fine lot of
- And an assortment, at all prices, of.
- Anf No's, and any qinantity.
* - -- Such as -*
Cassimeres, and Cloths; of all kiud,
- I!erino Shif ts arid Drawers, - -
- Gloves, (ktd, buskin, silk,.&c.~ 1
Handkerchiefs, Socks, &c.
And a large assortment of
'Shoes and'llats,'
For Gent's, Ladies and .Mssp
* t is impossible to umei-ate all of our "toek the
Sept27 40Otf
TRAIN on the Greenville And. C6~.mbia'
* RaiHroad..
- .The Broad River Boat Compan.r, be~
ing now,thoroughly organised, -is prepared 'to
transport 'FREIGHT and Passengers between
Aistoni and Colurn,bta. A r'elable agrent me-.ts
the trains of the Greenville and CologibicB fail
rpad en their arrival at Alstoui a* Tuedy,
Tltirday and Saturda;, and a ill t'ake charge -of
-all feight consigne~d to this Company.
Storage in Columbia, at -the 'boat landing has
been secured; and a wagou,will be in rea iuess
on the arrival of the Boats, to take *PA~
GERS or PACKAGES:tdi any p*rteof ue Tme.
-~ EForwarding ofj Paeckages also attended
to, (usualbe.)ch
Boats leave Clumbia at & o'clock A. )f on
Monday, Wednesday -and -Friday, and leaire W
ston at 6 o'clock, A. M., on Wednesdaj, Friday.
and Sunday.
Persons desirous -of' taking gsae to-Coli- -
-bia on the Boats, (decidedly the chealpest.moutef
caq be comfortably accommodated for the night,
at .Aston, at Mrs.- Elkins' boarding house.
Cotton, per bale............ .........$ (J
Flur pebagrel......,. .,. .. ... ... . .-.o
Flour, per bag............ .......-(
Bacon, per 100 lbs..;...,..... .
Cporn, per saick.....,.....
Other freighta, per 100 Ibs. .. ..-.....1 00
Passengers; each.............200
--W. Fg.HASSELJL, Ji., Agent,
'A Assembly st.,- Columbia.
J.rW. Cz.n., J. G. RINGGOL, Agents on Boats,
Sept 27 40 2
By JTPern,, E?g, Orinr ofKew
jHEREAS Thomas -'Reid has' applied 1o
VTme for Letters-of Administration, on all
and singular, the goods and phattels, rights
and tredits of John. J. Suber, late of the district
aforesaid deceased: .
These are therefore to cite, and admnoaish afl
and singular, the kindred'and creditors'of the
said deceased, to be and appea,r before me, at
our next Ordiniary's Court for.the saia Distriet,
to be -holden at N6wberry'Court House, on ie
9th day of Octobeer ne;t,.to sherw cause, if any
why -the said .4jpinstratioa sliould.-not be
Giv dermy hand tlis 25th day of Sept.,
in the. 7r of one Lord one-thousand eight
hunidred- and- sixty-five. -
Sr27 2 JQHN T; PESON,-.a.
A. M. MS3E, -
tIILattend to being and selll~T'O,
Vi Stocks, Bonds, Produce. Asolto nga -n
mnd Renting oflHouses,&c. 8 IP 88
AM 'us W -f G enea0Dsrten
of~ tinr~p G o fAC enrfsoOM
ofINEQ8~ ,& og9C-, er
ith a GneAtR S toeHT
PIERSCockIe ' (, EfUh TDAr.Cheese
GAR. Liqor of e ~ nds for edia pCpose
aR Lqur of ch ksor edcalows prrees or
-i fWihwl' s A. a . RhIDWS R prce f
cash. - A,. I!. RIS~R,
A r.
Choice G ed. ofa1kid a
ties/t ' 0 Wt.W
Sept 27 It
desire to sayt tJo D
and the public g
will be esamed on or about
OCTOBER next, - under, my _
the editorial control of W gentlen
qualified for stch a position, and a 1reff,l-.
and prominent citizen of th e itiCt.
It is my aim to revive'the-BAXN9R1 sna,oS
duct it as it was, before its- discontidance Wu
to make it a -first class, high6oned, Neia
Literkry Paper. -
The terms of the paper H1 le as fohiMyj,
v.z : $2.00 a year in advance-inaspedel' Opw
visions. at specie valuation.
WTREREAS it jo.:
petion3s of the 6tet
tarbane anl-ptabiension from 1awk1
who are ihieving, marafldil and OW -6_
acts of violence remote firg t7- _i
s8ns etationed at the-Cort.o1ies a
Bgadier-General Ames, commanm&i
restrn'ition- of the State,. bas
organiza on of a initia-pOlie fo(cei
trict o( his command, to-act ii concert, wkt
foreesli preserving prder a dld peac -
munity ;and whereas it i suoe96
other military commanders wilk
tions to the aid and assistace on tho pao
itizens i mippressing cime aid "
Ser and wherea<, also, It appe tat
Johns'has anctioned -andute wd tW
isi "nal Governo of Mimssippi to oripb 4
sinlar fore i-that State, and hasrbid
mihtary -n'thorities tigre to interferei
Kow, thetfore,..I, El~JM~F
PERRY, ProvisionalGOTnor 4 . . .
Soth Varolina, do pr'clir and
that thkere shidl tie fbrmed and oriFOW'do
Judicial Distritt one or -wore milii s.
for s home police, to act unde 'idbeyad
to the military-arrison of such D
veing crim s andrpyeservmg the peace
District. The enmpanies.wilt eonst of a
tin and three Liententi-t and ~&t
tered over thie Dimict' Io:bes -
ble from al5-poits wiere~ anydi n s
occ:ir.I When the .cnpaRies~
will repor4. throuh tlieic~ a
pctive CowsurtEnsers at m43
heir -orderse When -artss.W*e
thevrllt trry-jhe ofecnded.over-to -
thoijde or- ftriiig incrii.hefore tls
Marshal forri.andpi'sgy
thetrIsiaemi e
and Gillmorei nd pseW' to-the
risdief ions of thce egid'iu*mya ~ i~
Sout h Catolina.. --
This police gunsidhhtee volatar in -
ganizatin, and shoulld be esongkWw~
ieetpersons of radn
co.mui)ULty, beod*t ilinoS send
i~utar n a qugr -
mi prending crzfe iet vVde
that-the~re 4s Cpoehe er 4v t
i.em aid ab bent i ~
ht 9. good ci s4g . et ufZ i
soeven It Jould tyeb6atK
guani and p o;ecttbte Censr
DOOCAt Cohnnhia th -~~~
taed~ - -
By order otherovision G
will girer thre mjsersione.
Ha 9ng ~ sea iaance Y ro
Cottb assweas weigthe 'i
I jgtena keepinfAoeta'
pon Osnaburgs, foa, -
TLNDFK for Any spec es f j '
redce.C - ~
And T w1Mi'attend % alt k
nd--wherever m'ay- be.~idled on fbiI
. c Wountr.g I would state-di ra14
and"COMG919S ROOM'
aay sir-propesty ecntrasted t*'a
The-war hav jneeary ~es4
to commnence ',e- .-o *~
Nesiga . -
- KEPI ~ Y -
me'til try
ne-*ihlieircensteg My
sal. . - -i
I hlave indeceet
hos aKo,13ems~~.
I will also& a
nd will d n-aul al.gD
I pledge niyelf.. tientd 4a
[y to all busines d~t q
ndeavor to gie&eneral -
~een long engargdMiu- businesc in th*~mt'
d would. thereforg respefly soe~
I Set Crrige*Htasaew),
Sept. 20=-84-4t. -S
AFine Loit W001
EESubsecber bas On handalot-dfo
bI.htisWolwhich wiIIe olow
Apply to - - -B~T~
[email protected]
Tc, 10 W 2
'1 Ofn.C RO -,sibe o ae&
ghtCrRIe and 4JH'AES
igtCIR Also ,n - :.y ?
-ddHANS AOtk Statwllw
--, -*
Sendi H erfed ES'eOSE htwii i
y~bere, arfed~Dde. -
Ear sakbv . RIL~ AC~

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