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* ..~-4.
?T.porije for the First Ervnizj E7ection of
c ,)rervor and Autoia nt-Gorernor, and
Jfembers of the Pirst'Enuing General
. embly of the State of Suth Carolin.
he Pcop7e of the S.ate of South Caro
4* y our Djelcyatc-s Comnt Alu met, do
hit on the third Wednesday in Octo
.t, eectiong shall be he'J f(,r the oflices
ernor and Leutenant-Governor- of the
S of South C:n olira, a nd for members of
* Sn a.te and Hionse of Repesent1-tives of
e' G eral Assemhly of the State.
That the Man:gers of Elections, throughout
the Starte, shI give puMlie notice 4 such
eetios, A on the ti:v indicated shall open
separate polls at their respective precincts for
esch of the said elections, a:d shall conduct
the same, in all resp-r,. in accordance n ith
the laws and usages of this State. In case
there be no regularly appointed Mnnage-s at
any precinct, s.id elections sh:A be held and
conducted.by MaNagers for that irpose es
-~ . . peciall,yapp'ointed by a majority of t)e per
smns who are now- the Deb ,gat-es of this C-1
vention from the Di:,trict in which such pre
cinct lies, and vacancies among the MTnagers
shall he in like manner tilled.
- 3. In the elections ta the' General Assen
bly, the Districts-of Beaufort, Col!eton, Or
angeburg and 1erkeley, shall each elect one
Senator and on general ticket as many mem,
-bers of the House of Representatives as were
assigned by the lastikpportionment to thesev
eral Parishes comprised in each. The District
bf Oeorgeiown shall elect oup Senator and
tbrei Representatives. The District of Horry
shall elett one Senator and two Representa
'tives. The ENection District of Charleston
shall eleet two Senators and twenty- Repre
sentatives ; arM kill other Districts shall elect
each one Senator a 'd as many Representa
tives as wee assigned .o etch by the last ap
4. That imjnediately after closing the p,
the Managers shall tount the votes polled,
and after making returns thereof, ,howing
the nuinber of votes polled for each pers,on
shall certify the same tinder their hands, ard
appoint one of their number to carry such
returns with a list of the voters and report
the same to the general meetirg of the M: n i
gers-of the District ; which general meeting
shall be held at the Court llouse of the Di
-trict on tho (,ay following the-election ; ex
cept 'at the Managers for the Election Dis
trict of Berkeley shall hold their general
meeting.at the city of Chaileston. on the sec
ond day folllowing the election, st-s12 oclock
P. M. And the Managers, J(wn so aSem
bled in-gentral 1reeting, shall, aftet ascertain
ing the rcsulf of-the several rettnns, proceed
to dec2. the ". election of Members of theGen
aAssembly, n shall furnish certificates,
-- persons entitled thereto.
* 5. That the Memnbert-so elected shall meet
- n General Assemliy, in special session, on
- ednesday, the twenty -fifth day .of Octuber
* -6. That the marauer;, when so assembled
- -. *. n general meeting, shall make separate re
* -turns of the results of the.ballotings forr Gov
ernor and Lieutenan t-Governor, -hall . certify
- the same to the Secretary of State, under
their bands, and shall forw aidJ to .him such
returns; each i a separate sealed envelope,
appropriately-endosed..by a .'.essenger to be
shall b by them swdru to deliver and shall
dehiver-the sarne, with the sealsc unbroken, to
* - the Secretary vf State at Colunmbia, on or bhe
- . .:the fourth iMondiry of Narvemiber next.
. - -7. That the -Secretarv of State sh:ll, at
- such time as theri waT he required of him,de
- ihver-said retur ns to the Sp:aker of the House
- of Representatives, who .shell, duri.ng 'the
frst week of the -regular sess-ier, open and
mounlce the said returns, teclare the elec
- - tian and order the entering of the same -gn
-e Journal of tile-Houe.
8. That the Messengers shall be entitled to
~erve oute f thge Tre-asury. of the State a
* :. r?:ensation equal to fiye dol!ars prer diem,
- -: wenty centi per mile going .to and -re
t-- og-from Columiai~-t he numtbe' days
K iles to b-e ascertained by the Secretary
te,~ who shall certify pay bills,therefor.
9. Y That the Clerk o1 the Convention shall
:n-r the imn;ediate printing d one thousand
apies of this Ovdinance, and forthwith -dis
* - ':ikuze the samte to the sianagers of Elections
* ~~. * tbroughout the State. ..I
- -7- .ene at Columbia, the twenty-seventh day of
- - ~ * September, in. the vear. of our Lord one
*thousand eight hun~dred and six ty-five.
. President of Convention.
Attest: s T'. St.oxx, Clerk of Convention.
* -SIcIDE oF AN AL ABlalIA N. -A R ichmond
.paper says, the-attention- of some -persons in
S- - Independenee squar.s was attrac. 7to a man
by tfre strangane-ss o-f his mov 7 ents. He
fi- rst staggered, and tben fell heavily against a
-tree, then sunk to the grass, when after some
4witching of 1.he limbs, arnd contortions of the
-face, as in convurlsions, he expired. His death
was supposed to have resulted from apoplexy
-or di-ease of the heart, until on searching his
pockets a small botstle -containing strychnine
-was found, and a letter written in explamation
- of his course, which showedl t':at he had comn
initted suW-e The body was removed to
-.........the Central &atior, wherec the Coroner held
. * . - - n inquest.on it. The letter referred to was
read to the Coronet's jury', and the Coroner
st ated that be was satistfied from tests which
he had applied u.o the contents of the bottle
-, .. ~ -. that it contained -strychnine. The, following
ia copy of the letter found on deceased: :
- o te oait may, concem: :
SPBIILADELFBIA, AUgust ld65.---Ther-e is sno
* - ne t blame for this act but myself.
Have my body sent to Robert Thompson,
Federal street, belo\v Tenth. lie knows whoE
- -I am. A kiss for my sister. Tielegr-aph to
- Mr. George Petermnan, machinist, L:incaster
----- ' L9eomotive Works, to comec slowni by my re
- -. George, kiss mother and the girlIs for -me
for kindness. sho-wn me while I was sick,
Swhen I needed it. George, when this comes
*out ifl - t end it don;n to Mrs. Nancy
*iG Aisbagu&. -io my
* Ther. Also,fthem two pi-tures in
frames alike, that are at Lizzie's.
If-ery minister is at my grave, I -want it to
* -be a Universalist and no other. STras.
.P. S.-W hen a man is in wouble, and sick
-ness overbalances ihfsomfort, arid there is no
sign of improvement, he ought to *be .under
- goud. - Joux T. STARs.
P. S-T hope and pray the Almighty God
-may forgive me for this. . S.
* Nothing.in addition to what the letter sta
ted was learned about the decease,d. I was
a middle aged man, and his face and body in
dicated long suffer-ing from disease. The
Coronor took charge.of the body.
- - Ve-understandi that the deceased formerly
worked at the shops at Helena.-Eu. IhERALD.
Not far from the pr obable site where the
Sermon on the Mount was delivered, our
guide plucked two flowers supposed to be of;
that species to wh~ich our Lord alluded. when
he said, 'Consider the lilies of the field.' Thue
calyx of- this giant lily resembled crimson
velvet, and the gorgeous flower was of whit?
----------------------------------------------------- ~
Now is the Time to Sabscribe.
Having enlarged the Herald to double its for
ner size, without any increase in price of sub
scripti--n, no better time can present itself for
subscribing to the same. .It is npw fully as large,
if not larger, than any weely paper in this State,
and as cheap as the cheapest. The larger the
*ubscription list, the better the paper; therefore.
if the District and country surrounding w.ant a
good, cheap paper it is in their,power to make it
so, by subscribing at once.
, Full Sized Sheet.
Agreeable to promise made a short time since,
-we give our readers a full, double sheet this week,
and the Herald bein- now full blown, in point of.
size, the fact is heraldecl with pride and satisfac
tion. With pride that we are able to carry into
executien our promise, in nurturing and coating
it up tzito mature growth, through vexations, tri-*
bilations 2nd griefs; and with satisfaction that
the patronage extended warrant4 the enlar,-e
ment. It was our intention to have made the
first doe.ble'IFsue with 'a peat and appropriute
heading, beAides some cther little improrements
but a disappointment in getting the material is
our excuse. In the meantime, and for all other
time, that the Herald is in its present ln,' the
aim shall be to make it in every way worthy and
acceptable to its wine-spread readers, and who,
having been with it in its incipient4 and tender
age, v e trust will continuea. cheerful support in
its maturer nd -iper years. And to our patrovs
we tender many acknowledgements for their
liberal support and confidenve in the times past.
In the future, trustincrto their forbearance and
kindness, we promise to do all in our power to
condiTce to their iaterest.
As soon as the necessary arr ngement caa be
made, the Herald shaiil be printed on clear, white
paper, and in the best stvle of tvpographicil art.
. rinter's Ink.
We have received a specimen of printers ink
nmnufactured by Mr. W H. Watsgn, at Green
,ville C. II., we h .ve tried the same, and it proves
of excellent qualiy. Parties purchasig fiom
Mr. Watson wi;l rec4e "directions, &c. .
Mail Arrangements.
The Postmaster General has ordered services
on all the roads ind.-nail routes ingthe State.
Proposals will be received ntj;:e Cotitract office,
Washi:,gton, until 3 p. i., October 31, 1863, for
carr&g the mails fromt Jan. 1, 1886 to June 30,
. ood. M~atches.
A sample of excelle t friction matches, ergal
to any iow in market, hare been sent us bj the
nmnufacwturer, Mr. J. H. E iiley, of Frog I*vel.
It affords us pleasure to niotice. this evidence o'f
enterprise and skill on the part of Mr. B., and
trust he may find a large .patronage. The sam
pie can be seen hy calling at this office.
Revised Constttien.
.On odir tirst' page will be four:d the Constitt
-tion.of S3outh Carolina, -adopted by the . Conven
tion. It will be read whhm much interest. In
another column also, the ordinance ta provide
for the first ensuing .election of Governor and
Lieu'tenar'tGovernor, andl for members of the
first ensuing. Gencral Assemnbly of the' State of
South Carolina.
Organization of the Militia.
In organizing the militia, says the Phanix, the
most important ar'm of the service, for some time
to come, will be -c.ivalry, and the St..te should
confer privileges on all thmose who are,wil lng to
enter the ser-vice ane provide their own hor'ses.
Corporatibr.s should be pro"ided with artillery.
Officers should lbe choteti from those who atre
e!!i-ient.- -
G-an yahastn Iag)od.
We hamd the pleasure of an interview, last week,
with Gen.gazood, he -was in excellent health,
bright and cheer dli. The general is' as gentle
and afFeetionate in manners as a woman, and g
brave- as ever Cousar was, and 'as. true as afecl.
He inte'ds t'o devote his energies once more to
industrial pursuits. We wish him abundant suc
The Hon. yas. L. Oi;r.
A ect;respondence appenira ini the Phmnix be
tween the members of the Convention and ('ol.
Orr. Ninety-two names are ap.pendled. 'They
request Col. Orr sto consent lo-the use of his
name for the offce of Governor. Col. 0. adverts
to the responsibilities of. thoC offce, but does not
feel at. liberty to decline the itnvitation, and con
senis to his name being put in nomination. The
election comes off on the third lionday in Octo
* A Moment with our Ezhsnges.
Now that the "cruel war is over ", and the ed
itors and printers have come)back to their..sane
tumis, our exc'hanges are returning like the dao
after the dejmge with the olive,branch of peace'.
The sword and thme spear are hidden from sight,
and the peum iesumes her peaceful mission.
Alas ! many sanctums .are. deserted ! for the
brightest, noblest ornaments of the fraternity
have gone to "hat bourne wherice no traveller'
We. miss the gift,ed, cbivalrous Nance, thle ac
complished Galliamrd, the gentle Hollingsworth,
the genierouts Trimmier, the courtly, lamented
Wrrenm and others whose names we,:cannot re
hall. The craft wa1 largely represented in the
armies.' Hosts of -print..ers, totr-; have gone down
eneath.the -shok of. battle.
AhI. the rnimories of the past ! We would
not bide t'heni quite - away, nor wooid 'we
cherish 'them too deeply. There is a-rolume of
sorrow .and grief ini the . p'st--wo'ena te still
open-tears not yet dried up. But let us weave
chaplets in memory .of the d'eparted-tnine to
gether the eypr'ess and the laurel-breathe re
quiemus to the v wind and chasten our souls
wkh the talent of sorroy' that has 'faIlen tO oui'
The following aro our exchanges, all excellent
journals, ably edited -and printed: The Colum
bia Phko:nix, Yorkville EngutrerA bberille Press,
Greenville Patriot 6& Jountaineer, G:eenvmlle
Enlterprise, Anderson Initellig.encer, Dariington
Southerner, Keowee C'o'rier, Winnsboro (Tri
weekly) News,.New York Herald..At long inter
vals we catch a glimpse of the .A.ugsta Trans
cripot, Chro'nicle & &Antincl and C'onstitutionalist,
and the New York Herald. .Day, Book, Tilmes,
Nee.s, &c. We desire to extend our list with the
press th1 aurgioutthe country that we may be able
to present our readers with a "map of busy life,"
'an epitome of the times,''the world in miniature .
Let the courtesies of the press abound, the
graces and amenities never obscured! So that in
Foiygamy in UAa.
Mr. SurE. 3oWLES writes to the Springfield
(1a.) czeblican i rom Utah
"The miarrving of two sisters is very common ;
one young Motrmon mlerchant in Salt Lake City
has three sisters for his three wii es. There are
several cases of men marrying both mother (wi
dow) and her daughter or daughters ; takinig the
'old woman' for the sake -of getting the young
ones, but having children by all. Please to cipher
out for ' ours'ves how this mixes. things. Mare
disgusting associations are known-even to the
mmirviiig of-, half .ister by one Mormon. Con
sider, too, how these'children of one father - and
any niothers-the 'atter 6ften blood relations
are iikely to become cr&zsed again in new miarri
ages, in second or third, if not the firzt genera
tion; under the operation of this polvgmilolus
Practice, and it is'safe to predict thaoaiew gen
erations of such social practices will breed a phy
sieal, moral aiid mental debasement of the people
most frightful to cont-nplate. Already, indeed,
are such indivitions apparent, foreshadowinig the
sure and terrible realization.
"Brighani Young's wives ate ntimberless ; at
least, iLo one seetms to know how many he has;
and he has confessed to forgetfulnes in the mat
ter. T e probability is he has tron sixteen to
twenty geiline or complete wives, and aloit as
many more women 'secaled' to him fbr'heavenly
associatioti and glory. "The latter are tno.,t pious
old Jadies,.eager Jor hion seats in the Mormon
heaven, and knowing no surer way to get there
than to be tacked on to Brighamn's angelie pas
session. - Some of these sealcd wiveg of -his are
the earthly wives of other men ; but lacking
faith-in their husbands' heavenly glory, seek to
make a sure thing of it for the future by the
grace of giacious Brighim. Down East, vou
know, many a husband calculates on stealing in
to heaven under the pious petticoats of tis >et
ter wife ; here the thing is reversed, and women
0o to heaven bee:nse thc.r husbands take them
along. The Mormen ryligioti is ai excellif in
Ftitution for iantining macline authority
the fi.tifl ; and the greatness of a true 'Mormon
is mneasuted, indeed, by the number of wives he
can henp in Aweet and loving and1 #-;pecial!y obe
dient suiijector. . But-President Young' oljeci.
to multiplying wi%ts for men who hive not this
rare domesiie gift. So there is no chance for
you and tne, my dear Jones, becoming successful
"In nmny cases, the Mormon, vves not only
support timrnselves and their chli. ren, but he p
support their husbands.* Thus a clerk, or tan
with similar limited income, who has 3ielded to
the fl56nations1 alnd desires of three or foar wo
men, and married themi all, ioks hi! hmtne with
No. 1, perhaps, and the rest live apirr, each by
herself, taking ip sewigg or washing, or engaging
in other emp1ovIen)t, to keep up her establish
ment and to be no charge to her husband. He
com1tes altond,.ote- in a w ile, to niake her a
visit ; and then she sets out an extrt table - antd
spends all her accumul-ited earning., to inahelhim
Ps comfortable and her--elf as charting as possi
ble,- so that her fraction of a dear sainted man
may be multiphed as soon as possible.. So the
telio-v, if-he is l:izy and has tut ned -his piety to
the good account of getuing smaritt wives, may
really board around conti7tudly, and live in''co
ver, at no personal expetnse -butt his own cloth
ing. - Is not this a divine-institution, indeed ! -
"Brigham Young's younge'st children, as seeti
in his school, to wh:ich we were admtitted, look
sprightly and btightly and handsotme ;and some
of his grown daughters are comely and c!ev er ;
htit his older sons give no marked sign of their
father's smartness. The olde,s't, Brighamn, Jr., is.
mauinly distinguished for his size and strgngth
he weighs tw-o or three hundred pouinds, ani4 is
muscuarinproporion.'sHe has now taken One
of his wives ar.d gone to -England with her on
business for -the Church. The next sen John, is
a poor an~d puny-looking fellow, with several
wives and an idordinate l-ove fo- whiskey. Br-ig
harn's dvnast will dise wi:h himaself. *
"There is no mnote gve lost between the sol
diet-s and th-e M4ormous, nun betwveen the sol,-1
diers anid thte Indians. The 'bnvyi in blue' re
gard both as natural enemhies, and the eenies
of order and the Giovernment, and the feeling is
cor-diallyi reciprocated. There is a provost guard
of soldiers in Salt Lake City, but the rent of the
building which it occupies is about expiring, and
according to the Mormuod way of gettdng tid of
an ucomafortable pre'ence, nonte other is now to1
be had in its place. Every tou iding singularly
happens to le occupied or engageud just now,
and the Mormons have evidently- 1ioped to thus
lriv,e all-th ese standittg nienaces, and seduce -s
of their women, as they add the soldicts all are,
ot of tewn and into- camp,R two miles. disant.j
But when Mr. Colfaix suggested to two or three
If the elders that sueb a resul:, could only be in
terpreted a: Washinigton as a dompanct and cou
trivance to embarrass the soldiei:s and defy the
Governnent, they see-ned to tie itneited to .i newv
ad original line of thought ; and the Drobabjility
is that the provost-guard will be able to find
somne unOeenpied building that had not befo:c
been thought oh."
Let ter from Ma~dame Levert,
The Mobiie Tribune, of the tRh. gives publiei
ty' to the follhowing private letter frotm Madame
Leert, of Mobile, now temporarily stopping in
New York: :
~Frra ~AVEN'U, HlOTEL, AU(.. O,. I SG3.
DrAnt FtIEND : I write to tell you of onx safe
arrivalere,at this malgnificent hote'l. We had
a'most dlelightfu' voyage to New York. There
wasnot a wave sufficient to' rock the itmmense
stean r, the Ndrth Star., or- a cloud to dim the
sul t du rigg all the weeks of our sea wamider
I fitd New York full of Confeder'ite oHieers,
(many just out of prison.) They- are mnost kindly
treated here. At a superb supper party grven to
us by Mrs. T-a-, there were five Confederate
Generals-Marmaduke and Wheeler among the
nuber-ind colonels, niajors and- captains in
profui.ion.- - -
The Confederates are dined anzd sitpplied by
the very mien They fought against. ~. Every -o'e
expresses the highest admir:rtion of the Confedef
rates, and I have not ye;.heard one wor-d of- bit-!
ternes'against the South. Two publishers calJe'd
on me, hearing'l intended writing "Soavenirs of
the War."i They mande me great offe~rs if I will
publish. I have serious.thoughts of doing so.I
assure vou I will do justice to the heroie South
erai soldic's. I o ien feel it my duty to let the
world know that th:e anna of all times do not
hold a parallel to the self sacrifice and heroistnm
of the Southern soldiers. They were ~ cursed in
many -of the?ir leaders, but etinobled in others. Ii
wish you wvere here to er,joy this delighiafl he
tel. and these pleasant days. M jer 0., of Texas,
is here. Hie says that "Ben Lanie is thu most .
galant man in the world, and the cletibt
t he." -- . -
Al>bough we have not sent our cards to 'a ny1
one iet, mnty of our frien.ds have fotund us out,:
and throngs hav-e bee - .eiihe, uwinhg us to
diters and parties { ~arties at this sea-I
son !) and every one~ 'iiai 'eting the greatest~
respect and delighisto see us once miore in New
It is said thereie an effort being made by por
it'eins here to get uip a%o:her revelurion ilge
South. So much money was 'made~ dutring the{
war that they it would begin agam'. God grant1
it never, ne'ver mney.
An old fi-d to whom my beloved papa ren
dered some grea t service in th'e ' long lung ago,
iivitd us all to aceotmpany himself, wife am fl
faily to 'trope, offering to pay all our expen
ses. I woul] gladly have gone,,but S0., and- N.
prefer-red to remaini here rather Xhar cross the
Atlh:itu again, to sta v three monh., and we de
linal. W\as not this offer evidlence that thtere is
ratitude even in this hard age ? I am jud is
ratefu'- to the excellent friend of my dear pap~a
as though-I had accepted his off'er.
Mr. Chales A. Trenholnm, died in Chir'eston,
reety'I aI ougrbohro r
recently. lie was a younger bi-otber of Mr.
George A. Treuholmn, now confined in Fort Pu
The South Carots Presbytery
Convened here last Thursday, the 29th uIt.
Rev. S. S. Gaillar-d, moderatar. The body though
not as large as usual, was very harmoneous; and
a great deal bushiess was despatche. Delegates
were appointed to the General AsNembly at Ma
con, Gtorgia, in November next.' Presbytcry
adjourned to meet at Greenwood, S. C. Thurs
day before the third Sabbath in April 1866.
Friday before the third sabbath in this month
protracted religious exercises will be held in
Aveleigh church, by arrangements,made at tie
'recent meeting of Presbytery.
The Masnia ternity.
There will'he a General Convocation of Masons
in Louisville, Kv., some time this month. The
Gra.xd Lodge of South Carolina will be represent
ed by Col. HIenry Buist, of Newberry, an elo
quent and distinguished .nemiber of the craft.
There is but one prior claim to Masonry, and
that is Christianity-to which di%ine ,nd gra
eious spiri it is a pure and lovely. hand-maiden,
and'Ns noraffected by the changes of time. The
br9th ood will appear in solemn coQnvocation
tb " r the bonds of the temple," to illume,
inspire bnd.ele%ate the craft, by a deeper, holier
realizition of the attrmuter, graes, affections
and memorie which cluster around its venerable
The Conventiom
This body, of whose proceedings unfortunately
we-bave been unable to give a full report, gd
jouilned, -rine die, on Wednesday, 27th tlt. The
following resolution was -offered by Mr. Inglis:
Rexolt-ed, That whei this Convention adjourns,
it shall be adjourned to meet at such time andO
place as the Piesidrnt shall appoint, who is anti-o
rizedoif, in his opinion, the public exigencies shill
require, by notice under his h:ind duly published,
to assemble the Conveition at-any time before
I the first dav of January next ensting; and that
he appoint a comnmin.ee of fire, 'a mlij iritv of
whom, or the survivors or successors of such
m.jorit*y.jn case of the death or disquah Mcation
of the President, shall haive like %luthority to
asseimble the Conv'ntion, and appoir. a time and
place for its meeting ; and in case the Convention
should not be so asemlled before the first day
Sof January ensuing,' the:n this Convention shall
be dissolved.
- Which resolutifon was amended by substituting
"March" instead of Jannary. The following en
grossed ordinances we:. reported for ratifieation,
wbich ordinances have not as Ycq been received
by us; -and therefore we can only gjve their
title: An ordinance to4ivide the State Ito four
Congressional Districts ; a' ordinance to provide
for the expenses of the Convention ; and an
ordinance to declare in force 'the CoAsdtution
andlaws heretofore in force in this State, and
the acts, offici;l, public and prvate done, and
appointments and elections miade,imder anithority
o: the same.
The following inesse.ge received from his Ex
cellency the Provisional .Governor', was read by
his private Secretary:
EXECUTIVE./EPA RTMENT, S. C., Sept. 27, 18S5.
Mr. President and Ge>d ie'nen of the Convention :
I 'eongra.tub;ite you and our country on the
happy termination of you;hbors, which I frope
and trust wil bc the .means of restoting Sonth
Carol na to all of her civl and political rights ats
a mnensber of the Fcderal Uni on.
You have repe'aed t!he Ojdin:.tuce of Secevion,
abolishied slavery, egtlized the represantaition h,r
.te Senate, given the e1ection of' Governor toth
people, expressed your j ailgment in r5dgard to thet
election of Presidential Ele or's by the p'ople,I
established equal taixt'on throughlodit the Szate,1
antd declare'd thi' responsibility of the representa-[
tive to his constituency by rica rocre voting in the
Le'gislature.. .
You have endorsed the a4instaion o-f Prco.-i
dent Jt'hasont, and. plegd yeorst! ies to' - e1
operate .hitha him, in, "the n i.e measures he has I
inaugurate!! for sectring p:ace and prosper-ity to
L!he- whole Union.". At id y ou h ive refe rre.i t oa
Cotmmiss-ion the protection of-the "'Freedmen
and-coloredl population-of the State, oliose butsi
ness it will be to it;!mit to the Legiature a wise
code of lava to regniate the relatiie duties of theI
employee and emiplo'. er. -
Under your new Udnstitmtion,'which will msphte
our people.with Demnoeratie zeal, energy atld t't
destry, I co'fidentlv expect to see Son;h Carolina
redeem herself and be muore prosperous rud happy
iji the future than shte ever has been in the past
. Gentlemen, I bid you farewelU; and may you
speedily return to your homes, and long live to
enjoy the "weell dons".of youreconstituentcy for.
your arduous and patriotie .services ini restoring
your counttry to order, goveinment anid chii
liberty. B. F. PERR Y.
- The Fature of the Emneipato. Negro. -
Tiie flood tide of' emigration which constantly
rolls frony Europecto America, says the Lo'is
rile Courier will press te negro before it as it
did the Indian. The surplus population of Nor
the%u towns also will pour into the Sou'th. - The
poor will come in search of labor, those of small
capital iwill come to better their condition and
the capitalist will come to intvest. ~ In a few years
outi' population will be trebled and -white labor
will abound.
' The.negroes will move southward, tmtil writh.
in'thirty years the. twill be as scarce here as
they arc in the Northern States now. -Atnd why ?
Because the -outhern people wilt be tinkind and
prejudiced again,st them!? No. But because noiv
tbat they are free, we shall become as careless
about~ them as th'e Nort hrnen arejatnd when we
find it to our interest to empluy -wites to per
form the mextdal service .they have been perform
ing, with arge'ye to self-interest, we shhll not be
slow to do it. If pressed back, it will not'be the
Southern, but the Nouthern people and Emrope
that will do it.' Thtey will leave- because .the au.
perior-and more energetic whites will take .their;
places ; and as they ownt no pai-t of. the soil as
soon as they' cannotind employmnent, they wi.l
begin-to disatppear'. The netgrd'prospered phty.
sically and increased in number is a slave; but
with this tide of white emnigratiot. pressing for-f
ward as the reenlt of-his being freed, we do not
),elieve he can now. -.
*Already we hear.that. the intelligence offiees
*ill be abl -to furnish white servnints for fim-;
lUsesh o wish thenm, in North Carolina, arid od
doubt by the first of.January newtit will be~as
easy to get any kind of white "i'elp" thattmay be
desired, in that St:tt', as in Balitinore or New
York. And wheni this becomes to be. the case,
and the people who have to hire,'finel that Que
Irish or German woman ca. do the lahor of two.
negro wonten, like th, people of the North they
will give the preference. If the negro i*driven
out, as we believe he will be uh,iu,ately, it will
not be on-adeo;ent of persecution by.the former c'
owiers, but by .the flood' of'emigration which
bad passed slavery before it, before the war be-I
gan, from Maschusetts to Maryland.
If' the negro w ould remain t ere'.s 'n inferior,
not deniand too much..and- performifor re.ason t
able comp nsatien the labour the country must c
ave, he might stay this Vo'umte of imumigrationr
to some exine.at-: but if he listens .to the lew fat
naiswop~ahpltclad~ea aiy io
hics and spiresach povern,a ade thcaeult to
ebnm, and asiew ress en frahr an op- 1
him.d, the tid illy,t prs o for and phr a
ttidm.tJ wite, fa, oemaliroo fore uir ut
le a rln i ty ygo eair n
iutred Tfe he an, Aeeiev Saeo mt,t w
prsehi u ft,NotenSie sn
epmy png f htpls tb goa d h bteaor ancid
he ndry. The ane nderhi Saor tat haIs I
rhessed him preenc asofptbet the ootenSttsiwne C
ppfy t g or~ tht pla -he~ ha ih o-cuied I ,
ere, and unless he can render his labor as valu
ble and his presence as deceptable a the owneral
RAGs.-Clean cotton rags bought at the Ier
id offlie.
MR. E. t. SELL will accept cur thanks for late
copies of Frank Leslies' newspaper and the
Charleston Courier. Also to Mr. Geo. Larsen for
copies of Courier.
Dr. J. E. Dapray, Surgeon Dentist, bari
permanently located in Newberry Viflage, offers
his professional services to the -citizens -of New
berry and surrounding country.
The session of Aveleigh Church are instructed
by the South Carolina Presbytery, to tendex the
thanks of that body -to the citizens of -this vi
einity for t4e kindness and hospitality extended
to them at their recent meeting~a this town.
BAKERY.-A sample foaf of yery excellent
b)read has been laid on 6ur table, from the new
bakiery of Peter Coxe & Jacob %4ene. Cake,
pies, &c., as. well-as the 'staff of flie,' bread, are
there turned out fresh every day.
NEW DRUG SToRE.-The frienda of Dr. Patt0
wi I be pleased to learn that lie has again opened
with a well selected stock of Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals, &c. One of t4e oldest Druggists in
this place, his resumption of busiiess cannot fail
to afford satisfaction. See adverLisement.
gratified to note the fact th'at Mrs. A. G. 'Parker
hAs a complete and select stock of m4linery
goods, inuting the loveliest ribbons, siika, laces,
etc., that'we'have ever -beheld. We advise the.
ladios both far and near to. calhpon Mrs. Parker
and increase their charms.
NEW Boox SToRE.-Mr. Knobefockji replen
ishing his already well selected stock of school,
classical and miscellaneous book., which are in
great demand, and Mr. Knobelogk is deternined
ti) spare neither time or ptins-ia suipplying tbis
felt want. We' advise parties from the interior
to send their orders in at an early day.
SILVERSTRErET.-Postiaster Spearman -requesti.
us to state that .there is a safe storage.room at
Silver Str.eet where aY pre-paid freig4t .will be
received and carefully stored at reasonable rates.
He is opening 1 stock of miscellaneous goods,
which will be ready for inspection in a few days.
He-intetds to supply the trade with cho:cp goods
at cheap cash prii:es.
Mas. J. M. Canr.o;.! -It will be perceived,
per card in-another column, that .this laily has
returned to Newberry and resumed her profes
sion. She offers her services as Inistrugtress in
Vochi and Instrumnital music, also in :eaching
the French, Gernian and Italian Languages.
We take pleasure in recommnending her to the
citiz'ens of New berry end enirroiingIil co4uL.ry
as an accomplished musical artiste, and a l;idy of
rfined and amiable m:anners.
DELICATE.-The recherelie fresent rrlnm Cant.
Parker, of the Variety 'Store, plaec, us undef
a'i obligation which we can only re'p y by sainug
that' the a'et w:ts a de'licate empim'ntt he 'ar
tieles most tastefully arranged, tenipng to vie
and delicious to the palate.' ealtih a-d. ood
wishes to the d>uor.. Juding from, the varivty'
of delicacies, 'as per saing~le;' we to iik the est sh
lihm'ent deserving of the nat;e- FIariety S:ore,
and where the choiccat articles cani "lways bh
PonTRair PAIsTIKa.-Rs.IovMA. -Dr. C. HT.
Kingsmore, our accoinpli'lh'd por4.tit p.aner;
d.iguerrean ar-ist, &e., has remroved to Auiguas
G.'., where he. can be fouiEd at Perkins' ee-bra
ted galler'y. Dr. f.iiis a large supply of artist a
material, of eveti' description, an:d de'signied -re-.
sumning his professiorhere, but could no p-o.
cure,a 'suitable locelity for'.a skyi-.ht-7i.isp1eni
did ga!Jery: being now used as a dentist' of.dee.
He is prepared 'o pant portraits front nrulro
types and photograph', and will be -pleased to
fill all orders, fronm his friend.s and patrais here,
in t! e highest style of,the art.
-8.u.E DAY. - Our streets presen ted An -ihuted
appeararie'on ,Monday, an enueurd umber of
people being drawr. together for rar'ioae pm-;po
ss of interest. The noinatio:. of 'candida~tes
for Sen,ate and Represe'htatives, cn~used conaider
able stir among the friends of those pl'oposing to
enter the lists, the n;'nrcs: of whom will be found
in nother place An effort was maude~ to g~t tp
i meeting in reference to the-miilitia organizion.
N'e leAr that. sj. Kinard being advised lWy the
paties as to willingness so serve, proposed the
names of Thos. Paysinger, Ben. Mtathis, 'Bates
Hoff.it and Tbos. tipscomb 'ss suitable for -comn
mand of companies, and who ,will, at once' pro
~eed toprganize in their respective beats. -
-" Kews Items.
Edfrard B.-Ketchdmi, the great 'tefaulter, was
recently arrested in a" house on WVest-twentIet
The Mississippi Convenition gaw. their Pres!
lnt the right to .con~vene thre when 4eemed
The attack. upan Geen. Wheeler by C6t Black(
brn and-Captain Q unbhas brnughe out
evere ordef~ from Gene Thomas, w'ho deno~andes
t as altogether reppeheu.sible.'
"The riches;~child in Eutrope is said to b RoQi
hild. -
The aieients feast6d upon Ahe delicacy'offr4p
Gen. Ripley, 'tl~ late inilitary- defender o1
, arleston, passed through Qtiebee, 7pt. 13; on
s way to England. 7.'
The fii-st bale of new cotton teached dharlestdn
Nm Darli'ngton lib week. 'i '- K
The 'dea'lhs in lthrietoniast weelc ere forty
ght. Thirteer whites, and thty-ivelackg,
he excess of bilaclis were threesto-oue. --
The Phmnix forcibly,argues that capitation is
most capital tax . -The cely proper kind. TIt is
moratic.. 'To tax' property is an error of legia
attion. When you' tax property you tax iniisatry,
alent; genius, learning; knowledge, science, the
ine arts, nioral prudence, and brieSj, all the vfr
ues. Man only 'accumulates. To tax his ac
uulations 'is to, punish his ves Tax the
in -per se arnd you reach eveif . dy, and you
elp to enforce the moral law, thertig ptn1ishing
'gabondism, vagrancy, the thief, the idler, &c.,
ad make iliem con.ribute-?., the support df tlh.t
01nn1ry npen whichsey prey; Fiye dollars per
ead onl 600,000) people-abouj our number-will
ie.thurea.millions of dollars, and give relief, nd
zak.evrybody so -virtuous that their old frien<' 1
ill no lopger know thjem. Capitation. places all
n a footing-or we~ abould say a Iheadb.ng of
Ni...i.P Iti a cmnpliment to the head of the i
Mit.entn3emn -lo
Mu. 1Ed .- W fr: allow.n through
your valuable paper,W tbrow out A few u
gestios to the peofWof tle State, in relatio
to the approaclf 1%Ctio or members tme
the Legislature? The COwin Iahas Od W4
the election to take plhee on the 18th ist.
It will be one of tbe m e?etant bodie*
which has convened since the existence iof
State Government. It will hae to elect tw
senators to the1r S. Senate, upo tb ch
of whom depeods very much our. inSumne
wi,.h the Federal Goverment 731re
also be.reveral jadges to be ekcted; .m.A* e
in which every citLzer of the,Sttte r int'
ed, We want for that high positionn-o
ability, who;kAe devoted those 1aWu . To
ftMring -e int'riente- .cience or the la
rof pure, incorrpileintegrity and not
broken down politictans. The chahgetih OU'
laws which -th, ';-f his reft&-,red net'swary
and which the ConventiAo has6br'3e-edAo.b.
made are very important, and run hOog
all the ramifications of socety. -IMI lSwFAiW
relation to'slaves have been Abdlishc4; and
laws will have to be enacted at the.iiettsis
sion of the Legislature suitable to thbl 4b*
lations existing now between tewhila
ilack population. It xiE reiff imre* gstales
'T good, practical sense.pure ptriotia
fr seing statesmanAliip te legislat p tii
most difficult-and dqliWate sub'd I I
is important that you: should w .veigk a Ck
-qualifications of the candidates.jwhomy
sent themselves for-.eur - of?rage
you wouN'the adder in v4ur w,hi
lar profest politinia, who ' fice ot
much for the good of the cou,it.s a4*a so
tobi& own ppferncnt. AvT4Miid s.
who mnaid.-pWnder.ia-:1b
to urge elhu pnoje inZo th w4E ~.
drenched -our -whole bnr
clothed her.,penpid in n
but- who after they ha
country intAi'1Eeti
rescue herrkthe;biq*
were cmng fa and 'Teay s1 b
raiged ai a -in Ae dV
her fte while thsyerd "
bomb profs. Rtm- iR an ml
namestof- th.o prtnd1;Av
ure 1hette -to' se4d0 t
o f dE fiiV1re&-in. he .te -itW,
ne.r the fislfg 4.of t1e)gn-Ce-fvyi-O
Ainature to the ordrnaned 7df?
see hper many of tiew. miib-fO9 4
tained their State wi the rw,4
Itis one thing to get . T
qui.te anottftr thing ji*p& 7
know ihere are4"ny n
a-WIC-, Jobn"On,
Nance, Ptrrin and )tLevM*;t,
be fomind oh the side WZ
peil theirives hcal
to advocate on-O~ thmnnmp. ~J
we ~izl wantent to rers
by her in her hour 'ofrriaJfl
their.Ii4cme and..theirfferj
Iwar halshown- the ,petilam h
I ru'-t ; ttbe hour-if danger
elec frqiu:n . . ntthe e'traiedpatr^,
son. toll representail-. Wee ho:rih
the o remarik" will-ii, agednta~
to eiet l1hemsb?esi ola fr 4
lp f-rbe deniti'tortatui.I
St.elCtCiL4itJtor the dsai
In ?".at ch-ette- theat?~p u
marik' t.ae penide bw'aevgite&~
-o ace t'~he fr' m'iln inzad-b i tbsrl
I he gen"rat:mknt
tickea temi : ar46 ?1Eer ien~
:ddfonni iat d tfsg't
aising frolhiti.ns I tfa
ftrc, fopr thcrinO.Da t t~a
chiries ? ft 'us i - toi~4~
tr . ou uatIio tr4e
:e dotee prohibit
far thieir nferit a,dig te &6irkl
'not because -they tuaay.'e~ ai~
posedJ to re;uidiation .ora ~'tw~
be schemte. iunergta~ UbaI
proinent advocstes1Tfr mt
debts in this-distdieC.neea -h2
owwland Thus g..* ro t
way for a lansded&riteracy intJ
ware of- these invtos
Tzn Dobui or rimz Weir.- F*?
Reemus, discorsinge.the ioi
is '-e dare no. even "j.etu's
the heavzw dhieunettea so:ae;iaet
tive eleents an'dt soirefinditins
Itilatve power.- 'The frmeginit
-ots the descett -of Snoteorie stoneaA3 pi
globe, the whirlin eometirii~g t~
miateriia't ulie solar surface,-tbre votlpa .
tion mour OwI a teape
stars;'and the dsa ce''f- others
fQehdis Qf shes in~~q
tI1h de.woril s doomed TEilu
pladet a blehl4ad~ arztt ,
ens-which are to p~asrav4
,Were, on -the cenlosorfe's
so1leni of orme wenebrLfe duhat
oftehuifan&ioniitiag s<
beea tv%ghli iim~T!oal of re
~TifohidwingJAamed gentle e - -e
Ter& tensuinugatectioa: '
- -A E W JIl.
m'sxz teuss -
BY AR FR DS A39 AK%~7.
roaan sox m1L.s
P. KYC*R 1
The Hon. Robert Itoqnxas is eetaI pse.
sented forduie suffra2ges of the citizens ofe.
berry.-. Hesto.N-rKkosa gentle*a:e
patriOt;a, man4 a ltoge4iair reliubl AnSe
any prsise from his -MANY FRE&S
The tollowing~-untemen aref respectfully nom.
inated as- c,didates for the. Legishture, at the
ensning election, as in* ever' 'ay-$laliked f
this particular Euaergenlcy --
- GEg. A. C. GA ElifNGTON,
T he frieis fCpt. E. 8. Kim respectfd7 y
,ominmte him as a suitable -candidat-e for the to.
'ishature. . MANY YRLENDS
IassErosPm ifec a.GW
MBERns a Kdidates.Po ee nuonc NeerO.
beR aesa Legiat re raa~Np,r?
beAeNYcisa~ue FRIros
essFtoyXPe&nminat for 8&
Mmssns F~pLTo3~-Flea~ nomiosto for t
in tb~ approaching Legi~Iature Jomi ~L- z~v,s.

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