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w ; -1 -F.> Q-O T
10N 1IS IN AI)A .0~A __
At Newb-erry C. H.,
(Payment required invariably in advance.)
AdvermontnLerted at '$1 ,.% per square, for
m 'inseti onl, e i ~r~ rf,r t ch., :C !e
3arr'age no:ices, F : ::-. ( r
and Comun ea. onS o: Plr6ul"" a
as advertisem+: nts.
SEPTEM - 7, 1
Fe, (Y'pak
n a, 7by w r 1 111 .1 jA
the Gore::a'
Sec. . The Legative fuhm y f tis
State shall he westod i a enrl -eb
which sha! consist Gf a eno ad a a
of Repreentivre.
Sec. 2. The %Ie cer cen a.-'es
be composed of MdmrW d1wn h.b
.uvery second V:A by C:, e n t I
State, quan!! kd s 1: 1t,C,;:., pro
0. F'I0.
-lhal Con.".t
into two o.
th la eP;
ctl, to be %\ !i
panrt of the -w .
the oii " t *
av the Ex.-z- cf,
thev :.re .
Sec. 5. T
the r.. ' \-re'
-the Gene.razi A t er
.direct, or of u . ,
0f prn.perty Ccd in u ta
*anrd eighlt hund'e :I1 \i an a
he mnade in the cos:r e ofe:ytnhya
theefter, in :h :;.:ne 5 0a- fa
direted; . :1 f. Repr ::iVes sh:>'h
e I to *he di :et Disa ie 0M : the ove-m'n
tioned pro ortion, by Aet of the (> \.
semnbly at. the 'essi)n ;:nmed C ateI i urcced *
every enumertionI : Pr I t~ un
apportionment, n' bien seu Ke up:1.
next enumner:it:n, sha; t re -
sen,taitin .f the s~'eera ,.vcon . a
hercin coni ttedi.', sha:d cint n ',
ra the las't app~ortionment, eachn D)i t et whichi
has been hemetofore divni ito ,rms:er Is
'ricts,i nrin :is P0: ihcs, hei. deee
gate number of R..'rd : vs
Parishnes : l hettui: nl enie Cc I I
hiave had since that n' palrr;titmer, eR
presenttive to wich) the Parih <> f .\ ! ait
has been heretof' re enitied, be ,' duingi
'this interval, assignted to Hion y ELection i
rie t.
Sec. t. It the entmnrat:an ;:vrem iret
shaltnet be male la th coutrse of v ear
apntdfor the ;:prpose, i t sh':eth dt
'of the Governor to haIve it ec!te.d as soonl
-thereafter as shall he prantic:le
'Sec. 7. In assigning Ret rese:tatives to the
-several Dist:iets, the Gieneral Assecubiv shiall
allow one Representative for every sixty-sec
ond part of the whole number ef w hite inhab
itants in the State, and one Rletresenlttatire
also for every sxty-seennd part of the whole
I taes raised by the Gen:eral As,embh-. There
'nall be further allowxed oneRprsnttv
for such fractions of the six: v second part of
the white inhabi!ante, anhd oif the 5ity-second
*part of the taxes, as when added together
oma unit.
Sec. 8. A.R taxes uopen property, real or
personal, shall be laid upon the r.etuail valuetI
of the property taxedi, as the. samte shall bo
ascert,ined by an aisssment mnade fcr the
purpose of layv ir such ta x. Ini the t'rst a p
portionmnent whi.ch shall be m:aile unidr this
-Constitution, the amiont cf tax, shltii be is
timiated from the average C f the tw o yea0rs
-niext p..receding suet apportiom'nent hobt in
e cry subsequenlt apportc ton:ent, f"rm the
.e ae of the ten years then i.ex t preceinig.
' 0 If, in the iapport io nmentt of. Rcp re
senlttves, ..ny Ei'ed "a D-t:jct shai! app ear
flo- to be , .ad, frm its populating and it
taxes-, to a -,.. el;t-itive, such e!eetionf D)is
trict shall rec'~ .s send o ne Repest
tive ; an. *stl a dcficiency gf the
'numbe'r of u s~c ir d by se
assigning Repre. those E-lect~in
Districts having the a. -a s fracti ns,
whether thos# fracion.-: -. a conmbina
tion of population and ta x Ctpulation
up Prvi ed,however, t':nt ::t more than
twve Roresetatives sh :i, In a'y ainor
i nat, be Ts-rn d a:: o'.e Eeten L -
one meber from each ri:ain I)istrict, ex
ciept tc hections D S I it Cl i: 1,iston, n
., alowcu. . ,I,V.
m:m:S 1 i :i t ., er n t :ow:.f C 'e" - ur
provi:co s ca f potn tt.
Sc . t he Se natet ha ' he .2 :pse of t
one vacate(a E 9 e cOf two
eep)t' the ein Dia feti: of Chareton, t
whuichsal be a!!owe two' anters.i1e
General Ac1ssem. y, whic 1)>:1 te e2s -:It
C :- 11O o
Senao:- allbe i) ,tl bye t, int tioJ
clas t i, vaatd a th e: irt-.o f two.
yar aftr theI SCOtd ] V u n tegeea
.,e 0io an . f s e f th. At,:r cl kf , ter
sC:piOati n : y s tnse umer ofn
tIe tt'le i the abe N* p n t.o Ne: hat
ehmath a of thrs S:y,
threafV cOter e se2cl Ce".f
lf t i .-,wi', ar,14' ha'!3 c(.:i ti:;,.., a- i d n (At
S . No person , L:r ' eli to, c r
t:,e or rtain, a st1 in 3 the > tou e , Igre
t t n o tofo y r,
a a ti zn I ai a
c"P' . P . No perso shl b t,o
4, n 1 .-c w : 2 m : 2 u. I
th e of th irt are o . U n a''in:n
.7' t'f I da C( t 8' ti1 m C.b nT
d::: o b, reQ~S?:~ di .!. othe D:ait wha
S... 1. .ch.oe' a::1 M::Urs of t'he
'U naton, 1i2I a i' ..I a 1 no e:su uriOe
Hea et:lC i a s ebo- :a al~1C ;nerd
n13 1sha. Le 3in l/ 'C on teMa: i th ai:
K.1. Each 1:-n s::!! j:t 8.f theI
3. , re'.n:: It a l i-ication lro iltw
'2.:-: m is ; C:II a f.f mIty ci ech bHivjne
ay, an OlCfmayl t ot:t a S.i t com fe r thi a
r I-. 812 , ( t-i 2 ' -
od, wtht. tea cocurenc ..7i two1 thr,ex-e
h n!I a:nember utate oa seand tier fhe
o:ane c:11. hp., 1e.3
. .b 19-.-- , na' f s t i( o2 : hpu:ns, 0y :m
a..t amer 1::rcs:.n a2 :otys of dC:
sh escuo tin House.by ay edirdby ore co
en:prousCi hehir n, it~s presc orn o
lurin thea tie oft. si'ning, han hree
mtoi findy.o hestGcn of n Meber for
thi eado d onei!CV031 t t i :h-',j r aor , tor wey
haft ascntan tf Illthirat therefor orh thos
S S Sau l o rt any "2 it ne(1 ss or to pr
eS'on or1. red ->.Po atend t e rouse, in his
h'al' bee anyi perl.I.n( arretd b~ ordr o
Senae; 2(.2h member s 0 oth Houe sa!
eni a spevo st thet'I1)',a 31VII , iig i, a te dy
fier -'.C. v th tajo r. e t teef e h s
tivegts-'ofi sh:a not be xtene to h a t oe pro
reaon,fj-an er br ach th fpeae. UI
St . 1. Bil c or.' ra4iin a levti'enuleS shta
011 l te in' the- H31' of' 1 h-pre snt a 10(t
ente; 52I tna al otCe 4 it ::.a:ia
ret r .e hv the " ': other . u"c 'teP''
Siec.:-l' " - Evey A t i' Cke Restnis haing
he fore of law sh! r1:. o bu'nesb
.ce. 24. No hill '!.:0 hae.b fr e (of1 h
utili I sha:1 aebn bea ! the ties, and
on three'. sevra t ays " - C :hHos,h. a
the s.,: 01 f th rt ail Se to ite-, 11 d has~Cli
beensi ed n te SnseHouenb thet Pre
1r.t gv e :.j ite "1. te 1 'OCen e ol3 f J' hea
cHouse of Ipnta hiti esetv&
S. 2.Nom r.y-:!hedaw uto
the u le Tr::.::ry but by d ie;isltiv
a h r i of ' th -t'e
tG'n, sa:! b id to retceA out of the
bi C:-:ry, for thiCx expnSdres in
thei t tece .: i to and! retnrnk.g
naom the Aenr& .x,m:ohh, five do-.ars for
er r ,of,tr e l:.'i -: .0ate (f tral! hn
Capitol or other place of sitting ch the Woneral
Asbb' , both gIng a returin ; and
the sale nv be increal'ed or 6hni1.:nhed '. by
1:ii, if c iu tances shall require ; but no
alt ati . e ade to~) take efLfct d-ring
. c of ti: G;ne,l Assemb!v w hich
r. c . -\either H1ouse, (durin ies
of the Gen Assemijbly, thall, w%ithout the.
conscn t of the oth-er, hdjourn for more than
three days. or to any)v other place thal that
i' wi ICh the A.,iembiv shall be, at the tiie;
Se-2. 29. No prSOn SlhEl be cl:gh!e to a
cet iin the Neneral Ass.b;ly hilst he lholds
any, oiee ofprofiIt or -'rust under thi tate,
tIe Unitd StteS of Almerica,or anY of them,
or umier any other power, e.*ept 'ileer in
h 11111iia, army or navv of this Sttate, Mag
istrae !j or -> stw( of Inaferior Corts, whiie
I 1
Sneh u.1s:i s r.Cive no s:aries ; nior SOd
ny contrnctwr o the army or navy of ti
Rate, the UNte1 SZ:ttes Of A!'ieca, 01r n
(f them, or thy aZnts of s.wh contractor, h
:Ibb31 to a ia in e -her H use. And if any
MembUr 0..': a-CAL or mvrdie n:y of thc
.o:d a;nA g , V :aA S, Im kaal vucat? ds
FvA 29. If a n y -' t io iti odt h all ne
g-(ct tC' e a1 me:be1o'ebr 01 the!
day of C"c, if any p1rson chosenI a
m :nhevr ' etithvr >n-e hal refNse to qIali
yan.t tIke hy, an:. 6riq1WreiAn, die,e
Ym , a %V Z rf ':i V C : -be --s.:y d bV th
Peankt < i the nate 01' Speo:lkr of the
11 -u..n of R n1 m se:ni ves, as the case miny be,
fr the 1w ." of AlQi te vaC *oalcy himchyq
e::' I : remi :nerI~ of toe trm:n f>r
u ic tn rfu g to r;uia!i fy, r,
rt1ing~O the Sat, or1 be
n) ,wa~ elcted to.~erV. or
d t-ict tO-U:t tLo haV
"I"I nC 11 C ' di
S wvi n 11:! en11re of Sonls,
h -1 :ie:ted d:vl m the great
JUQ X tce:r r is therfo ni -::cr-1for
er of the ".' cr punh!c Ieacher of any
eligious ~ ~ 1- eru:n,w;th Cor".:nnes in
the exrA Ci o i pastoral functions, shall
I !!gib a th,. o.c of venor), i ltel
as . n s e toa cat im t11e Sen:ate or
S.:.. I Te E xecuIt ive authorinit y of
his Sta.te sha re ve-ted -n a &'a&f Magi'
: ni, who.1 1ha he '-tyled'. The0 G;overnIor of
MeC. 2. The (vernr s'all be electedl
by' th.e (21eters (lvX qIIali!ied to vote for the
nume.r4S If the IH.:se if Rcpresentatives,
amd -shaUlirhti hi' Oic fo" four) years5, andI
mil hi suger. sh 'he chosen andI gui
ecd ; but the saeC 1er,an -i. not be Go'.
I!!nor' far two c'nv:cti .ve terms.
Sec. .No pe-o shall be el~igil to
te oHiie of ( dernor, unles<'-he hath1 at1talined
the nee of thrt ve , anrj nath been aI citi
7--n and re-I:ln o.'I f this State for the ten
\'e'c next. pre s!!ng te dlay of e!C(etion.
A\ nd t i erson - ha; I old the ofiee oft Gover
nof, and1 anyV other ocac or commission101, Civi!
cr mijl itary', (excep.t in the militia,) under this
Sr te or tihe f~nited States, or any of them, or
ainy other p)ower'l, at one and the samie time.
Sec. 4 The returns of every election of Gov'
rnor slatl be se-Oed ny by the Managers of
Flection in : their respect ive D istricts, anid
trans-n1itted, by a messenger ciaecn by thm,
to the~ seat onf G;ove'rnmecnt, dlirected to the
Scretary of State, who shall dleliver theCm to
the Speaker of the. House' of Representatives-,
t the next ensuinlg session of thle General
aesemibly, durinlg thle firiu a eek of which ses
ao the Sp eaker shaill openl and publish them f
in1 the presence of both rI5uss of the .Gene
ral Assemnbly. The person having the high
est numOber of votes shall bo Governor, but if
two or moCre Thnll be egnaI1l anid highest inl
votes, the -General Assembly shall, during the
ame ses,1;m, in tile HIoue ot' Representa
tices, choose one of them Governour rm roce.
Con It';.ted elyections for Gov ernor shall be dle
tenin ed biy the Gjeenal A'-sembly') in rtch
manne00r as shlaU be presihedi by law.
Sec. 5. A Lieu tenanlt-Governor'fI)l shall bc
:h'>en at the 51ame( tOime, in the samec manner,
(ontinu in0 ofi e fo!)C r thet 5i0e perio'l, and b
'Iese f 2.he( same (-uah3 tcations as the
Goivrnor,,jnd shall er' ofetv be President of
tIe Scna'e.
Scr. S3. The Lieutenant-Governor, acting as
Presidlent of toe Seniate, shall have no vote,
nnIl c- the' Senfate be er1 illy dlivlided.
Sec. 7. The Senate shall chioose a President
--r 1 (I; i on t aCt illn the ablsecelL of the Lieu
elant-Go (v ernor !, Ir' whenC he shall e xecIise
the (UILee0 of GovernIor.
ee '. A '11em >er of the Scenate 0or (of the
Houmse of R, presen tatives being Chlosen anId
0(ethIg as Govero;r or Lieutenat-Gov'ernor
shall thereup?on vacate his seat, and another
person shll be elecd in his stead.
Sec. U. In case of the imnpeachment of the
Gov,ergecr or mhis rem2oval from offce, death,
resignaIltion,Wlisqualiticati on,disabilit.'r remlo
'ni frota :he Statec, t:e Lieutenuant,o overnocr
impacmet f to- LieteantGovernor or
hi remVal from offce, (L-ath. resignation,
disqul i ficationl, (<aliility or rIioval from tile
State, th Pit-sid'.not pi-o /enq'ore of the Son
Act sha!! .m e t, h.t! oPice lad when the
otice of the Governor, .tutenant ;hvernor
and P're:i,lent ic's- u/ the S&nte sh:l
iec,e -aeant L the rece: -i the inatte,
the Secretary of State, for the i me bein
Sha1, by procm'a:tion, convene the Senate.
that a PresiJent .,ro teiporc im-ty lhe thosen
to exercise the oic o.f Governur f-r the in
cxpired term.
,ec. 10. Thc .?: err shail b. :-,mannd
er-in-Chief of the Arny ard Navy( of thik
State and of the miitia, except when ther
shall be called into the actual service of the
United States.
Sec. 11. He !Jl have powe- to grant.z rz
prieves azd pard.ns after convicr ion, (except
in cases of iilm achlent,) in such manner, on
such termis and r.der siuc restrictions as he
sh:.'l tl:ii.k proper, a id liv rdl line power to
ren; t 0n10s an(i frfit res, unle-s other%% ise
'directed by n br. It shalil he l; ti!y to re
port to the General Assenly ,t the next
regular ttion tr e,fter nll pardonis granted
by .him, w ith a fMl staemiwt of each case
and the rcasons movin hi n -unto.
Sec. 2. He ui: take care that the la-s ba
faithflJ 1 .eetVi inwmer
Se. 1.. The GovC:eor -md uentn.nt-Gov
ernou -Al. at stwtd tins, recive fur their
servicas a cneen,at.ii % hieb shall be neither
increased or ii.ibe during the-peiod for
which they shal lve be eletcd.
Son 14. All : in h Executive De
iartme:na, nkien r':.ired b y ..he Gouvernor,
shall give him info mation in writing upn
any s1bje1 t reling to the duties~of their re
spective oU.iees.
Sec. 15. .1 he 1.ven:Or shall, fromi t-me &C
time, give to the Ganral .\ .mbly mfirma
V.m of the coniion (f the State, n. recom
mienl to thir considerabnm such me:nsurcs a
he shai jude nenosmiry or expedient.
Se 16. Hle mny, wn extraorlinaty occ
siin., convvene the Geeral A seembly, a-d
SoiUM A O Z:.nse retnin without a quo -
ru, for three d is, nrin ca,e ordisagree:nent
between the two llouscs, with rev. ect to the
time of adwjurl.m t, nmy a!j1 n thum to
such thmt. an L. sha thiNk prop r, not be
Von! :he U'rth M d-y of NuvemNer- then
W. 7. ea c m,i-. : of&crs cf
the S.a e.
Se I. It shaL be the duty of the Man
n!er: f E-eCtiOns Of this State, at the first
j-ilneral e:euto: udt.er thiS C 4tituti"n and
at each alternt general elcton herfte-r
t,) hold an el,ction for Governor and Lieu
tenant G:-ero.
Sec. 19. Tihe Governor and the Uientna nt
Go vermn r, bef ore en termingi upon the dntiecs of
their respec'tive nflh es, shall, in the pn-scnce
of the- General Asemby, take the oath of
ohice prese:ibed in this Constituti':i.
Sec. 21. TIhe Gona ;h.al redde, during
the slin :g of the Ge:oral Assembly, at the
place where its sessimn may be bel ; anrd the
General \ ssemly may, bay hwv, require him
to reside at the Capi tol of the State.
Sec. 21. l'-ry 161 tu hich shall harve passed
the (G enra Aa-embly ', snall, before it be
co:ms a laiw, lhe p(rear'nted to the GjiCiovror; if
he approve, he shall sign it; but if r ot, he
sh all retecyn it, wi th his obecios to shat.
Htein~ which t shill have originated, who
shail en ter the Cbjetion ac e on their jour
na!., and1( pro.eed to reconsider it. I fafter such
reconisiideation a m aji tty of the whole rep re
sentationi f t at House sharll agrce to piass
the Bill, it shall be sent, togetheCr with the~
objections, to the other House, by which it
shall lhkewise be reconsidered. and if approved
by a mai:ty of the whu!e represenrtationa e
that-other hInuse, it shall becomne a law.
But in all such eases the votes of bjoth Houses
shall be determined by y,eas and nays, an:!
the niamnes of the personr, vodng for and
:gainst the Bill shall he enteredi on the jour
nal of each H ouse respec.ively. If any Bill
shall not ho returned by the Governor within
two days~ (Sundays excepted)..after it shall
ha'e been presented to him, the samni shall
le a law in like mnanner as if lie had signed it.
And, that rrme ma? &,1-ys 1be allcwed the
Goveirn-or to consider Bills passed by the
General Assemblyv, neithier liiouse shall read
any Bill on the la-t day of its session,. except
such Bil!s as hm been reto.rned by the Gov
ernor as herein prov iden.
' A RT-IEt I.
Sec. 1. The ja.hcal power shall be vested
in such Surperi'r and Jnferi'r Conrts (of Law
and Equity as the Generarl Asse-mbly shiril,
f rm tine to.timec, direct and estabhlish. The
Judges of-the Siuperiior Cour*ts shall he el e
ted by the General Assemtbly, shall hold their
oflces dluring ood behavior, a~nd sh-tti, ait sta
ted times. re-ceive a cormp1ensatioin for their
services, which shall neither be increasedl nor
dimii hed during thIierr con tin ra:ic :nofie
but they shall receive no fees or perqnisites of
oflice, or h0ld any other ollice of profit or tr-ust
und(er this State, thre Uited States 'f Anmer
ica, or any of them, or- any other power. The
Genrera:l A ssemlyv shall, as soon as pos,ible,
establish for each Di-trict in th - State an
Infer-or Court or Courts, to be styled "Tfhe
Distrct Court,"' the Judge w hereof shall be
resident in the Dijstrict while 'r efiee, shall
be elected by the General A me:~mbly for for
years, rand shall hie re-eligible, whic-h Court
shall have j urisdictiona of all civil causes
wherein one or both of the parties are per
san of .,alor, nn nf all e -imoinal cases where
zeral Asemly ii v mpower to c:en
the jurisdiction of the said Coutt to other
Sec. 2. The Judges shall meet and set -t
C. orumian, at sneh timre a:s the Genrera Awsem
ly Act precri be, f.r the purpo'c of
he:an i n, and ibtru I i7.:1, a, m .o; -s f,r new " ,
triaS anId 1n ar est Uf jI,hmIIent, and such
po;ints of law as may be submitted to theim.
and the Genersl Asenbly may by Act ap
point such other places for such meeting as
in their discretion may seem ft
See. 3. The qtyle of all processes shall be,
"The State of -:S b1 Carolnn." All po
tions .shll be czrried on in the namne and by
t authority of the State of South Carolina,
and concludc, "against the peace and dignity
-of C' ; same."
In all elections .o 're Imade by .02-e people o.
this State, or of any part thereof, for civil or
political offices, everV person shIall he entitled
to vote who has -h; folloving qualieations,
to wit
He shali he a 'rec white rjan, who- has at
tained the.age of twenty-one years, and is not
a pauper, nor a n-n-comnissioned of'icer or
private Foldtlr of the army, nor a semnan or
mirine of the navy of the Unitel States He
shall, f r the two ye.rs rex.t recedt the
day of election, have )CC- n C_t.e-. 7nof is
State; or, for the same period, an cli iant
fiom Europe, who has dc,:Iar%I his memion
to b,t-ecome a citizen of the Un i o:td States, ac
ccrding to th.u Consttuton and La 's of the
United Sates. Le s'n.! have re.sidcd in t is
State for at least two ears next precedi: g the
dry of election, and, fIr the hist six. tomI.ths
of th2t time, :.; the trit 'n whih he oftrs
to vote. Provild, howtever, That the Gen
eral Assembly nry, hy requiring a registry
of voters, or other suie lei.lation, gard
against frauds it, elections, ai;d .surpations of
t .lc1d t of lm
the rigt fsiraga, imay: impvose disquam~f
Mtlion to vote as a p;u pmishnent for crime, and
ma3y prescribe additional qualiLic-ttions for vo
ters in munlicip!l elertions.
All persons, who shall be elected or appoin
ted to any office of profit or t.st, before en
tering on the excention thereof, shall take
(be-ides speci-d oaths, not re; ognant to this
,'unstt prescribed by the General As
emi,) the fil)N iIg oath :
"I do swear (iw a ffrn) that I am duly
quilifled, accontiing to the C nstitution of
this StUte, to exerci-e thle office to "which I
have been app,nted, a-nd that I will, to the
be-t of my abi!.ity, dicharge the duti.there
of, and protect ind deferrd the Con
sttution of this State, and that of the Unite
States. So help me God.
See. 1. The House of Representatives shall
have the see vower of impeachin,btn
hne cment shalli he made, u niess w ith tIhe
-oneurrence of two-thirds of the house of
Represen t:t irVeS. ,
Sie. 2. All imnpeachmecnts shiall be tried by
the Smonato. Whlen sitting for that pui ose,
the Senrators. shall be on oath or alihrmation,
ad no persor shall be convicted without the
-oncurrenice of two-third.s of.the members
See-. 3. The Governor, Lieutenant-Govr
nor, a'nd all ci' il officers, sh all be Ii.le to
implearnnent for* high crimres rand mrisdemnea
nors, for any niisbeha.vior in office, for cor
criptirn in pr(ocuring ofie, or for any nect
which shall degrade their ofiicial dhracter
But judgmenit in such cases shal not extend
further than to removal from off-ce, and dis
qrualliention to rhld any oece of honor, tr-ust
or profit, under this State. The party con
victed shall, nev-etheless, be liable to indiet
men t, trial, jurdgment and punishment accor
ding to law.
See. 4. All civil otfB ers, whose authority is
limited to a single J cial District, a single
Election Djistrict, or part of either, shall be
rpp(!nted, hold their office, beC removed frotm
ottice, atnd in add(ition to liability to impeach
inent, tmay be punished for offieial misoonduct,
in such miannrer as the General Assembly-, nre
viouis to their appointmen.t, rtay provide.
Sec. 5. If any civil oflicer shral became dE
abied fronm dischaingvi the duties of bis ofBe-e,
by reasron of any permianent bodily or mental
infirmity, hris office may.b~e declared to be vi
cant, by joint resolution, agreed to b)y two
thirds of the whole represenmtation in each
HIou:se of the General Assembly : Pr-ovid&,
Tha t such resolution_shaill contain the grounds
for the propch;ed removal, and .before it 81 all
pass eiher. House, a copy of it shall be served
ont .he officer, and a hcaiing be allowed him.
Sec. 1. 'T he Treas' er and the Secretary of
Stante simill be electe y the General Assem
bily in the House of iRertat ivo, shiall
ha'd their oalic-es for four years, and shaiI not
be eligible for the next succeeing term.
See- 2. All oter officers shall he appointed,
as they hitherto harve been, until otherwise
directed by law ; brut the same person shall
not hold the o*iee cf sheriff for two cornsecu
tive terms.
Sec. :3. Alil comtrmissions shall be mn tIre naime
and by the authority of the' State of South
Ca:nrdona, be seal'ed wi.th the seal of the State,
and be signed by th1e Governor.
All laws of force in this State, at the adop
:ion of this Constitution, andi not re; rgnant
hereto, shall zo continue, until altered or re
pealed by the General Assembly, except where
they are temnpor-arv, in which cage they shall
expire at the time's respectively limited for
thir,duratin, if not on nne bv Act uf the
e 1. All poi r or i b.2ily v'ti I in
the peop!e, nnl a fi F:ee oernte are
f6r their potce, 'afety a-, h
Sco- 2. -No trso; sh bi% 1 t:., or im.
oneti or een-e - fhis foho ,wbrtiesq
r prit I - . 'a - 1 r e.xile , or in any
m:wm- d.. ived of his lifler ty orpre
.t y-?b by in. pre15 of law ; nor sh:all any
hill of pr .yst facto law, or law iu.
pairi,- the oili,_ation of contracts, ever be
Sec. 3. The milit:y shidl be subordinate
to the, civil powcr
S Ie. Trivil,e Of the-, writ (r 7.a7,a.q
-s rn-h.pened(, nt when,
V;t.O; of rebellion r invasion, the public
safety requ-li it.
Sc 5. E\ve--ive ai! Ohall not beriqu,ired,
nor e. :eive fines imposed, nor cruel punish.
mennts inflic ted.
Se. (. 'he G?n-rnl Assembly shall not
grant ai titi.e o "nility, or hereditary dis
otnci.n, no* e t .y Olice, the appoint
me"rnt to whieb s.f.h b- for any longer time
So. 7. The tr:-1 by jnr.y,a- I erctoF,re used
i.1 thi, St:te, :11i -he liberty of t1e press,
hail be flre%er inviolah!y preserved. But
the (rne.- Ar.-mwbly lhall have power to de
termine th-z nuenilr of persons w ho shall con
:,titute the Jury in the Inferior and District
S. 8r T':nl C'terei0- nd enj)ymnflt of
religious pr.f:-:..-o and wor<hip, wi:hour di;
CleriIlN n: ion or prVfrence, .il b nlowd,with
in -I 'k.u , 1o :ill I'll-:,:ad.Th the
libe,ry f con-cle:nce h'e ibiy e_',ired sh;l not
- 1. , 'o t cos i'L.d I , to .IXCS Bei Of licentOu
(ss, or je ify pr:t'ices i1-I n:-i.Lr-t with the
e Ne 'ni s.f - i of h e.
See. 9. The rIghs, pri i mmnO and
est:tes of boLt iw l aul r ligion n ns, and
of corpor;itt bodies, shidi re; ain asif the Consti
tu:,on of th;is State had not Leen Aherid or
ametd ed.
Sece. Di.Th ri-.ht of pirmog'i:-:re sll not
he re-. iblli,bed, aid :ire -s: al rot ;il to he
somie le"i!ttive prov-on oTr the equitable dis
,IJi ,ionI o*fihe 1-4WeS ff inlteSl_ats.
Se. 1 e1. The .ve in Sw;t aolina lavin,
blen eml"waip:t (d by ile !eion1 Af the United
Sates a .thori:eS, nithr ,.avery nor ilnvohntd
ry eiiY S V:n1 ', L%cePt as a pl::. n1d:ent for crite,
whereof rIe part V1h:1: hve beet dlly convicted,
shall ever be re-estaMiihed in this State.
See. 1. The Goierrl Asemlly, w% henever a
t4lx is laid upon klnd, sha, it the same time, tin
pose a ca'pinaiion tiax, w5rch sia!l not be les.-,
upon each pll thian ont-f-irth of thn tax laid
upon each hundired dolh-is Airti of the assesed
valu,e of the Lirvi taxd; excepting, however,
firm the operation of seb ealiTi1;ot tax :l such! '
elas.e ( persons, as from di,lity or otherwi5o,
4)uglt), in the juldgmient of the General Assembly
a be . xempted.
Sec. 1. The businhs of the Treasury shallh
condc;e. by one Tieasrer,'v ho al hold hi:3
otliCe and! reide at the -at o Gover: nent.
See. 2. The Secretary of Stite s(iall hold his
ri-lce and rcide :xt te st of (.'oveurnmet
Sec. 1. No Convention of the people shrall be
called, unless by the conerrence of two thirds of
:he w% hole representaiion'ia each Huuse of the
General Assenibly.
Sec. 2. No part of ti is Constitution shaill be
altered, urnless a hill to abler tire samte shaill have
heen re;rl, on thri ee several days, in the' I!louse
of Representari' es, rand on three several Jays in
*&Ses anid agieed to, at the :aeconrd and
third rea.tdin:ss, bry two thirds of the whi!e repre
se ntationi in each Ho use of th Gen-( tteralI A so irbly;
neither Thall any: alteration takeri eWhe', it .tIl the
hill, so agreedl to, shall be pub)Iilred for thr ee -
nmths Prevuious to a~ new election fot'rmemrbers
of the Ihouse of Reprtese'intat.ves ; anrd, if the al
teraltioni proposed by the precedinrg General As
'ienM'v sha ll be agrs ed to, by :thre new General
Asse nlh!y, in their first session, by theC concur
- iOf w thirds of the whole representation
in aeb>oc, after the samie sha:ll Irave been
read on :hree sever.d days in eacb ; then anrd not.
otherni3.3 the samne shall beco e a part of th.e
Doe.in C onvention at ('ahimnbiai. in the State of'
Son,ih Cairoliuna, tihe twemty-s'enrtt hra of Sep
ten,ber, int thre year of our Lord yre thousand
eight hundred anid sixtv-five.
Presidenit of the Convention.
Ch-rk of the Cote..rmo.
"Tihe President of the United States-we affirm
.this Lroom In s pub lic a1cts ~ h s nro desigrn to. force
n"gro siuiae On the~ Somth. Therefore let this
Sbugheari' die ! uh an isu wouldV) I defeat any
panrty in the ZNorth-that is, utnless the South
shali turrn out in tIre end to deceive the hcpes g.f
ts Northrernr friends. The Chnief Magistrate re
roses on a clear rand inunriovable position. IHis
oicev, ii - flnet says: "You see tire provisions
of myr act of ronneCsty ; i htave arso g'iven you the
form of civil life ; I al-o desire to see a new order
of patriotism in thre Southr. Whliie I recognize
the Sta tes ris within thre Utnion, I deumand like
wi-e for the na tion aull the~ resutlta for wvhichr the
war was foughr.r It is for you to do the res.
I gnrrison the-South~' for :n-oirouOs reao. Jt.is
for the Somb ht.self to say evherher her proba
ion will be- lotn or u-hort." And these things
he h: a) onsttil right to sav and to dc
IU ! of , a S.Doze in> astate of naturc
n ver bak ;i *e r simply whnire, howl, anrd growl;
tii explosive noise ri.' My found amirong those
which are domest'~icated. To-nnin sreaks of thne
shephrerds' doners in rthe w~il of Egy pt as- not hay
ite this faenity; anid Qolumbur r foutnd the dogs
whlichr hue rid pr evrorr- . crr:e to1 Ameriea to
have Iris their propenr-y to barsin.g. 'thne tan
eirts were aware of ti"r cirmance. Isaiah
cotpr"iit the' blitr watcme~,n of Israel to these
animalni : They; are d .mb- thyv cannrot bairk."
Burt on the contr:a v, Dav~ id cormpares tire noise
gi his e,emi-s ro the "'.dot. run abhout the ehy ."
ienee the backinrg of a.rO dog in aerInired fa
.1ltv, an effort to spork !; le he''' deriv-es fromt
ris a-isociadag~ wih
A Bneers Eon's (Or tos.:-"The Enack Re-.
,::. n r i -. n. eape . r :n New Oriecans, edi' ed
by a e:ored mr .i (a cerymarnl,) who c it would
iem frno:n the fo .ig dlos ntrO thinn that thel
elvatiron of his brethrren is t > be ac-complished
by vo:in.'' andlr' axpyinrg: "The c olotrd manr
isthe ar nman cannrot live together in tihe
cua' ntr,v hey- imu-t, anrd wi I havYe to se parate
unless th C' ongres o~f the nattion wink give themin
a p lace for themselves-u fur, as Ir :r.with Abra
him aind Lut, o it is.i:h us, anth Isoofner wo
seka hrome tor 0oit r,i o geerartion, the~ 1et
tr it will be~ fo:- is. tim li!md le'tiry, so fr as.'
I can dimtle se5, is tha t int three hrtdred y.earsi it
will be' a rare thing to s"m a colored ma3.ninti
country. L ke the I diar., our rais destirA
to becomo extt n '.Nu :

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