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By R2rques" -
*ic republs'h the COns:t1tion, to be fot1m on
* he.outside, by request, and al th 9.nt time to
give may new subscrbers C n opportunity of
eserving it.
- To. Cerresonde: '.
We cannot too particularly urge upon those
who write for-t4s paper, to seud in their con
munications early, iore partigularly if lengthy.
Sending thera in on Mouday, at the lhst moment,
subjects us to great -::convenience- to !ve. them
a place, and inortificaion in M-fnaing uhen t s
impossible to insert t Ie:n. .le.2 re.ember
To Advatisers. -
The system npon which al b ines i; conuct
ed now, is, stricily a ca:,h cue, no cther wii! do.
It is ours, and adverti-ers i!!-i-e hea r itin
MiMd, that all transient a0verew! ents for tis
paper must be paid Aor m auvance to insure pub
lication. Regular advertisers are called upon
monthly, cr at time of discoutinnance. An ad
- vertisenent, too, handed-in, nithout any !pe,i
fled number of insertons n-al rked thereon, wil be
inserted until ordered out. Obituaries and mar,
riage notices must be paid for in.dvance.
To Su"scriters.
The three fiontfis term f a few of our subscri
bers in some insta ees is out, and.in others about
expir Ag. According to riie their 'papers have
been crossed for in't or mbre numbers, and all
those who do 66t comply with terms and rc:ew,
will cease to receive the paner further. This i:
the only rule we can worlk upon successfully, and
it being impossible to make exceptions, we treat
allali. artues theeoe.' hav o1Ve -
looked the mark, and who fiil to receivejhe pa
per will know the reason, and act accordingly.
The Herald being nuw, in its 'e:larged form,
published at doub!e, its former -expense, it be
hooves us-more particularly.to work upon a-close
caEh systen.
Club Rates.
Intending to make the 'Herald' second to. no
paper in the upper ccuntry, we offer the follow
ing indtcenients tgett-rs up of clubs:
Clubs of :five, for six n-onths, cw; and or to
getter up of club. Clubs o' ten,ftr -six r.;onths,
$10; and one to getter up of eOb.
By t1is it will be'see:i that -Evz persons club
tars instead of $7.50?, and tn ti:e s:ill greater re
- - - duction of having it for one d'ller,'besid; a sa ex
tra copy to the onie who with.a giing exertion
X - is fortunate.in mali: .'p ti.e club. -Send in your
* g clubs early. The-gails are uow beginnimg to
un-with something like the ol d systepm, and Loon.
. . there will be gothing. .in the way, -when every
~ ,body can have a paper,regularly -w tthe ol
- uncertainty.and anganzce. --
urpeoiple appear to have otsuof ;e im
portauce of scholastie ed.at ion-. This, however,
iill be ounly of tgmpondry doration. Our school.,
says the MobgieTribune, s i[pro'Mbly, hereaf ttr,
be more flourishi6g, fior it is not likely there will
-soon-be wealth euough to send-.our children to
-Europe,-dr to the .East of this conry,. for what
- they ought to learn at home." We have several
excellent seh'ools in Newber-ry ard we- advis'
every parent and . guardian to lose no timie in
educating their cbhlren. No p:ins should be
- - spared, and any sauifice should be tiade to dis
~ ~* v'..charge this/grdat dutyi. Education 's a priceless
-inheritance-a-bcon and pearl of price.- Think of
and appr.eciate the benefits arising from it, and
let the huinblest, poorest parens romember. that
-. to morally educate h s ebi!P or' children is to.af
-. ford the best legacy, the richest, of . gifts. -
There are too man-y diamond; in the rough. Too
many children with idle hands and emnpty rhinds,
scattered far and near. Arrest their course,
-bring them ':snder 'the ennobiag influences
It - of education and watch the daily growth of ac
complishments, grace of action, and retiement
- of manners.
* ~. . Rev. Dr. Ba.NrL.Y, a kind and aumiable gentle
man of profodinder-udition, thani whom no bet ter
Greek or Latin scholar can- be found in.this see
* . .. tion, prgIes over a, select schooi for young
- ladies, in rea&of Baptist Ch arche-~
- Rev. Prof.~SMEr:rZE, late President of the Lu-.
- thetn Coflege, has- established a schc.ol for
boy a,.in the College. He is a gentlemain o1 larg.e
- ntellectuag t-i.nenits, experience ami abiltyV.
Mr. ALEI.ANDER, a younkg,gent'hlen01o finished
*acyolarship has, opened a school for bovs in tlhe
* - basement of the Assoyiate Reformied Churen.
-The kisses GiR.RDanza highly accompHlshed
- - - adies, have opened a*shool- for girla.in the
aession roors' of the Presbyterisi Church.
Nrs. Asessos, conducts an inuteresting school
for girjs in the Old Academy. She is an.educa
* *ted ladj, practical and w.'ell ~qualified to teach.
* Should cititens of the distEica or adjacent
- . ., -country .iesire to send their children to school,
here, we have no-doubt they cau be acco.mmnoda
- -~ ted with board at very reasonable rates in many
* - . kind-families, and receive that care and attentiot
necessary to their comfort, he.41h and morals.
- Eestoration of Churches.
* ~President-Johnson has ordered that allSouthern
* - - Churc:hes which have been in the hands of North
-ern ministers''thron. h the military, be restored tod
the ministers of the Church South,-who will as
* asume control and enter upon their ministerial
The two colored men-Billy Wilson and .Win~
Liaim Arnell-char'ged with the murder of Mr. J.
* -W. Skinner, in May last. They espiated their
crime on the gallows; by the neck did they hang
unil- they were dead. The execution was by
the military, on Sawrduy, the 21st ult. -.*
-The Election fer. Governoer
Will came.off on Wednesday the 18th' inst.
* - -Col. ORR.will most probably be elected to fill that
recsponsible office. He occupied a prdminenit
position in the Convention, and materially aied
in-the stuce's of its labors. The lHon. W. D.
* PORTER is spokeD of for Lt-Governdr. -
The Election for IMem'cers
* Of the Legislature takes place on Wednesday
b :~e 18t-iastant. The body wvill conve-ne in Co
* lumbia' on the 2->th just-, and its lahors will no
doubt be very arduous. An ear-ly say will be
appointed foghje. Congressional elec:ion. - Our
:diit ;is. flan d-ud -nombrnsa Or:mgeburg,
..Th Be2cie at WaUlington's.
The barbecue, at this place on Saturday last,
was quite a liappy affair, the material prepara
tions reflecting crdit upmon those -wh6 gave it,
and giving uniyersal satisfaction to the large as
se..blage of ladies and gentlenlen who pai-ticipa,
teik The day a4icioious, soft and balmy, the
lacie; Ch*minly lovel y, of ourse the gentlemen
were *eld iappy, and under the combined
influence of'pleasant weather and lody woman,
no:hing cecurred to nar the festivity ol the oc
.asion. The candidates ue-re out in force, with
the exception of Gen. Garlington,who was pre,
vented attending through indispoSlio.n. The
purpose -to call ft ethe vlews of tht various
gentlemeC for the Leznea.t of the "great uawash
ed1 clicited speeches f,oml Maj. Summcr; U1on.
R. Moorman, Cul. J- H. Williams, Cat. E. S.
Keitt, Maj. C. T. S Maj. J. P. Kinatrd, and
. J . Cahue!, prir.cpally up,n the great
qrs:in now agitat'ng the publio mind, the con
fIlt of interestbetv-een dobtor and cred:tor, and
y:ht the remedy; if any, to be adopte to e,ause
thereatst benet. It is unneceess:a to touch
upon tfle rcmars of these gentleimei p.rtionlar
!y, nce .than to say hat each and al! 41greed tht
the stlbj"et was mood tous,.that sotething must
be done, and ih!.so:neth'oz shall be done if they
are C.(sc1 to fllN the respoi:sible po-tJo. fr
which they are 1o:1inatel ; but what soaething
: be must be le. to 'the developient of cir
curustances after they get ;here. Tue speeChvs
were goo conlderingthe delicate nature ol the
gronnd they had to' travel over, an1 Df cours
there- weLc a few -iseur_ions ald wanderings, but
on the whole no bette; could bt do.e. Te'ch:t
-racteristic rema.rks of Mr. Calmej were pec.!iar
y interesting, and call for a brief notict, if h"e
does no. go to the House, the people will be un
mi-nd of ti.eir interests -he says. He -told
them t at he was no publie'speak r, hadA't ad
dresseI an adien:before in twenty years, was
a plain, practie:al planter. worked hard and
t'houg1t'! for hmself; had consented r,.lu
tantly to Pun the race, had rather s-ay at home,
and if elected would work as a pub0 servant to
the interest of -the peo'ple.. If not*el1cted would
st-y at home and take care of No. I, as h had a
ways done, everybody k-ew him, therefore they
I:fliust loVL out, and do what they think best. Pie
sent difculties did~ not perplex him, h.d plenty
or cotto, enough to pay all debts, and a suflll
cient suplus eft to buy up e:nough land at two
dollars per acre-, whicbhthe unfortunate debtor
would be oblied to sell, as wCi %al;. hhn riu
er- in three years from now than h-d is -to d.
Send hini io the Le-i1ture, and he woul:d try
:'MId make it all right, his intleest then bein- the
people's; kmew that there wa h sace.ling
amongrmembets. but would steer straighitforward
himself. As to the F"reedmea, knew all about
thefn~ and their mianagement;- would do what is
right there. Send him to the Legisl.itvre, and-1
wouldworkas a good servn, let hinm stay. at
homre and he'd take care of hinmelf, no maatter
who 'paid the -piper,' &c.
As to the dinnter, it was e:fpi.tally' good, -a41
abundantly plentiful, and a mnltitude ruight hard
been filled with '1,hat was -left, an evidence of the
hospitabe:and-generous character of th nelih
bor-hood whichi had the honor of 'v'fugn it. A
side entertainent, in whieb many.of the yousig
ladies, gatl.&ntly assisted by -the 'beauf fr om fa
andc near, disiined to poliis, wvas felichousl7
inaugurated and carried out at the elegant a n
siorg of*Mr.'W idlig~oni. And the .trippiig of
li-aht feet to lively mea sures, held high carnival
of pleasure as the hours sped. Not havin~g an
inkling of this 'inside' arrang'ement, *ve of course
did-not participate, though nothing would have
afi'orded nore pleasure. _Even to have been a
lookerx on, to have made a note ; but:'ia bli-sful
i rorance we retinained outside the whole day,
thereby losing perhaps the best, part of the en
terra amentr, and the fairer portion of our read
ers, a description cf the inner temple scene.
Our New York correspondent informs us in his
lst letter, of the 'aston:ishmnent and grief espe
rieneed by the e-ongregattion of IIENnr WARD
BE~EEn re-ad~ting his intimation that he fit
vored the creed of the Universalists. We thought
the t riends r.id admuirers of BEEcuER had passed
beyond that,oint when they would be, surprised
of eren feel cztraordinary emotion at any act
this ch-ampien might,do, or any. word he might
enuncate. If the w.enabers of BI:sen:.:f's Church
wotild take the pains to think more for them
selves,-an d regard m or-e .sincerelyn the sublime
teahings of the Segr' tures, rather than the po,
littcal fanaticisms oT a pulpit act6r, .they would
have cause to be=nmazed every Su ndAy that they
litened to his preaching.
For Pr.Ass1. -One of 3.b S.:vannah editors,
ltel y visiting down the Savannah Rive-r, says
Fort Pulaskf, with. its frowrig parapets lined
with the savage do aw~ 'r, is ai presen a place
of considerable in containing wi.;hin its
battered, war-gried, historic walls, sever~al dis
tiguished -prisoners of the' late Confederate
States. Among th-e promiiro-nt men now cou!.'
ned t'here are Governor-Magratl, of So.uth Caro
lina, G. A. Trenholm, late Secretary of. the Tret
sury, D. L. Yulee, gfFlor ida, Secretary Seddon,
Jdge Campbell,. General M.ercer and.others.
A minister out West.advertises, in the hope ot
making~ young people come- forward, that d.uriug
the'warmn weather he will marry them, for "a
lass of whiskey, a' dozen Qf eggs, the first kiss
f tho bride; and a quarter of a pig." ' -
A tare placeis the west, hard cases and strange
stori come from that fax'off; this minister how
ever evident the fact of being hard 'up, shows
himself a man of taste, an epicure,- and fond of
good things.
.-There is good authority for stating that all the
colored .eroeps a wv in4de Federal service are to
be niustered out. 'Ida that they would be
retained .as a part of lne regular army is erro
neoEs. .They simply formi a provisional corps,
wich will be discontinwcd withinafcir mont'hs.
The white troops retained to constituce the: regu-,
ar army will nur#>er 125,'000 men.'
A Correspond:st writes from Charleston
that. the i[ere-ury is to be~ -e-establishod un
dr- the auspices of its former proprieter, R.
B. R{hett, Jr. A o6od deal of curiosity is felt
to knew what will .he its particur line of
p.itics, a xa,ctrines to be advocated. It is
reprted t. the editor has .ilready staken.
giounds against the adopGon dith State
Convention of the Constitution-l amendment
ablhing slavO-ry. An opposiaion paper,
called the Indepentdent African, to te ;iub
lihed by T1. Hturh-y .tnd John .Bonam, the
forier :a white man an.d th-e latter colored,
is annonneed to appear abnst at'the samte.
time as th.e JIercurg. The propvietors bywe
i-guedl their circular a~id catused conside-rable
1a sensati. n oe- of one more teary temn
e -
COTTON BL s ND PEutrrs.-Whlch are ia
dispensable to those parchasing or shippitg cot-.
ton, ca.n be obtaiaed at this office.
The religious exercises iI Aeleigh Church
vill.begin on Friday before the fuurtlh Sabbath of
this month, and not the third as stated last week.
Lettera can uow be mailed at this post-offica
forall- rints. They4nust be prepaid with U. S
n.stage statr ps. The s- rvict is tri-weekly.
It vill be seen on reference to apoher'column
that 1ardv SIlomonI': Co.. of Columbia, S. (.,
advertise a choice lot of Bolting Cloth for sale.
We call attenition to a beautiful sp3eien of
leather t inned and dressed in 19 dalfhy our old
practical tanner and currier, I Ble:fAeld, it can be.
seen at oUr offiLe for a few davs.
BRAFFFI..-The lAfle of "lie Balv IItie
wil! colie W at G,2'rge W. Smith's Sto:, Mo lo
hon Row, on*Frjdav fternbon ai - past 4, p. m.
U?lances wpaid zelb forfei.
.MEET1NG..--We Are a,,thorizd to nent*on,
that the caniid ties wi :tddrs:s t!- cizens' of
Newherry at this p1mce on Thursday, at F: o
Level on F iday, v!nid t Lon-s!hore's on Saturday.
nour !ai parer we fmrzot to vedie the
favor from lion. .T. P. 1oyee, M. C. fron Green
ville,of a copy of the Cons!tiution and Ord;iance
which we were enabh'dl to lav before oar reader. I
We make the amende Lnorable-.
T. D. Davis, Forwarding nr.1 Commission
A-ent, Columilia, A!ston and Newberrv, can a!
; ays be found at A!sten on the arrival and de
parture of trains to receive and forward packages
cImsigne- to his care.
It will bc pege.cived, that Mess: Mifler
Thvio_-pzon have a loot ani Shoe Stoic, tte
ds':and ot Capers Bros., druggists. They invite
he citizens-and !adi's espcriallv* to t,Fn;am-ina
tion of thir goods.
C-it-in Courteay wiil p'eas3 -accept our
thi!s 'or cgpies of the Charlesto:iCourier.
Mr. Lati'mer will also accipt our than;i!s; for
late copi is of -the Nashvi l le Union, Louisville
.Daily Jowrnal Padi New Yor. Heraid.
Dr 0. E. Mayor wilgaiso acept our t!.ars or
a !ati conT of :hu Nw 'cork Herald.
s' n.L. & Dao.-Atetion~ is c.lied io the,
advertier.ts of thcse gentlemen, by which
will be seen that they have a variety'of articles
in the .Dry Goods as ~ ell as *Gi ocery 'and Hard
ware lie. The children are not forgotten byT
thera iher, as they have a :mosft betutiiul as
srt::ea of dolls. Call early ou thema.
Loor 'rO Youn Cur:::ts.-Th'~ app'roa,cho
~old weather will rend2er the use oft te fiiepace
more or less r ecessary. * We2 therefor':saggestto
houskeepers uandi others-in -view ol the exceed
ing~ dryne-ss of dhe ti:nes-the.urgen.t necessity of
sweceping their ehimnnie.s with long-hfandle broom.s,
or as best they cain, until a good ratin, which na e
hop~e iltl come at e-arly day, renders all innova
tons umiere5stary.
M*sss CARtWILE N Mc2aCGHtTN. A::G.
We inv'ite attention to their carCs 'to be touud in
-a'spaper. It will be see-n that they hxive ini
store, a u:p rior assortment of Ladies, Men's,
Misses and B'oy's- lLts and Shioes. also fresA Kg~o
sne, Eine Stone and -Copperas. Choice Baiti
more Bacon Sides, Shoulders and Lard, etc., etc.,
They are also prepdd'~ tojay.eash or barter for
al! kinds'Country Produ~ee,such as Cottqn, Corn,
Wheat,.Oats, Flour, Bacon, Lard,, Dried Apples,
PIehes, &e.
. Imnportant Circular.
The following circular has been .issued from
the Treasury Department:
. TESttsm DEFAnTMExT,'
The circular of the l st.,rltv.t h
shipment of guns :and amimunition into States
heretofore declared in insa-rrection, is hereby so
moified that you will hereafter ngrant permuits,
without ar y reference to, this departwent, for
the shipment of sporting gufns and ammunition
theeinany reaisona:ble amront, and also blast
ig powder for ;nining puroses, *
Yiou will make weeldy returns, on the last-ila
Iof each week,pf the severai.o pplications granted
by vov, showying 'the names an.d residences of
consigners, and, consignees, the amount and
character of the- powder, shot and' lea~d shipped,
which ist be stated in pounds, and not kegs,
bags, or c::'ks. It is desigred that these ship
m rents shall in no rase exceed what may, in-vour
jd.ment, be necessa.v to meet the ordinar-y
wa ots of-the country. All other applications you
wil refuse. - -
With great resupect,
Secretary of Treasary.
- Tnaarc AFFAIR-Fxrnern sN SON SHot-Onl
~Saurday last, a di a~dful and 'apparently well
planned asaanlr, with intent ~to 1ill, w:zs mad~e
upon Dr. Theodore Dehoti and his son, Theodore
Dhor., Jr., by negroeg while th3 former were
retrninng from their plantation. .at Ashepoo to
Walteroro.- We have not aeceivcd full particu-f
lr-of th~e assault, but learn, that. t1ie assailants
w ere ;bhe former .slaxes9 of Dr..Dehn. Th'ey were .
all armed and fir-ed several 'shots. The sou wcas
dangaerouslv, and,'it is feared, mortally wounded.
br. Dehon received fouir shots, andJ,-though se
vereiv wmmnded, is considered out of danger.
Six of the .tiegroes, inelkding the driver of . the
plnainand l)is son, have beenderrested. . Ur.
Dehonis~ the son of the rate Bishop DEhon. I
bit of gl-ue dissdrved in skim--milk and wa4'r
will restore ol'd crape. - lfaif a- cranberry
tbound. on a corn, will sooii kill it. - An ink
stand was turned over- upon -a. wbite table
cloth ;'a servant ihrew over.it a mixture of.
slt and pepper pleutifully, and alH - traces of'
ink disappeared. Picture frames and glasses
are prcee frorp flies by .painting them
with a brus rdipped into a mixture rsade by
bniing thre or foar nioins in a pint of water.
Bed-bugs are kept ay by washing. the c-re
Ivices wi'th.str'Ong sarV water, put onr with a
brsh. . Soft soap should be kiept. in a dry
lae in the cella;', and not be used until three
mouths old. -
Srs~Artemnsu Ward: "Yguma .diff'er as much
as ou please about-the sty.!e of a young lady s
fer, butt I tell gon k onidentiaNyv, if . she has
forty thousand .pounds, the fignde is about as near
rite as you v:ill get it " -**
.. At a banquet given in honor of Hor,ace Greeley
hvsm-fhsclrdbrtr1 h olwn
t<',aso oahs poored "Mresahree, ;thie faeio
whte,t he pro sd ablack hert." hs c i
whte butz are s a blo ave stoear aahmut
tha WmEen Itid nto. Av marne tisftenat
than men. it is not so. A n~an is often. at
,-~1 1-~-~i Wg~ILA ~ ~-rn IrnAW * of;
M:. E oa :-L~ am surprised at hegring
considerable dissatisfaction expressed by the
people of the District, at the caucusing by a
f;.v individuals ontale day lftst, aid The.con
Sequent, womination of -candidatcs for the i
Legislature. It is said by those who are dis
Matiied, thxt the fair way would hav been
to have called the people into the Court
House, and submitted the matter to them.
The object, they say, was to unite what is
called the Fair, Garlington and Moorman
party with the Anard parv, and run ajoint
ticket, and by this c6mbination,' electertnin
in d iv i duals.
Thev further Eav that the Fair, ifarlington
and Moorman party feeling that the ciictim
stances, which-;have transpired during.tie
it four or fivegears, had so weakened them,
that they could not naage the District,
wit.hout the iid of .the Kfnard party, and
henLe they pro,seil an alliance - wh.ich was
accepted by Kinard, and :the mar1i:ge was
solemizC d that eve-ing, and the issue of the
niihts colhbittig, appeared next morniig,
in the 1'2rald, in t he shape,of a' ^[bu'in:1ion
of R. Moo :n, fr. the Seae; and A. C.
Garl inxgto: J. P'. Kintrtl and - fo the
Ho ,(e. lyhat is there in this, I ask, to ex
cite di .Zatisfaction on the part of the people
of the Distic t - Has nmt one or the other Qf
these parties ruled the District for the last
15 or 29 yea;s ? Is it not as well to be.gov
eridv by them emhined as separately ? I
sime f tp. Kinard party obj.Cts to
this comb i1;.t(, on thegruund thr t.~it will
jiu the. Air. trliiaton an:d Moornan party
control of th iit, and :hus abs'rb tae
Kil pa!: ryiv. I:,,, not the Mkir, Garlington
a l o,)rmin rArty,. as it is called ruled the
District for the grc,,,,f&3 part of the last fifteen
or tventy years ve wel , and why not, I
, purmit them to continue to do-so V In
addion to the rea;on :JxAve assigned by some
of the Kinar. pa:ty, wby this coaliiiun sllhould
not be submi'tte' to, rrd its nominees elected,
I hav.Ieard the Mlo ing ohjections rgd,
whic will hee .tate ~and answer.gi orlier :
F,irst, beCau-e they were largelv in.trumental
in .cazi sing the Stute to secede,- and then did
not aid her in:hor hour of trial as some ex
neeted the"n to '. It is adniittd, I believe.
thiat they are ab men, 'and sit:ro i;advis
ingthe people to thro. off the yoke and'-se
ced, Nni tfus exposed themsilves to the
pains and penaLies of treason and in the
nam'of cormmnon- sense, is not-that enough Lp.
require of them, fridiotut expemting them to
eX -LOze thir Va; l ies to the hardships f
camp lie, Ald the %ngrs of the b-ttle field ?
T11 lives of Sa iOeA are too valuable in- the
counsels of the nation, to be wantonly expos
ed. T1iev shoull be teved for a-higher
d1r-ti:i...'n rI tose shoit downv ike-the conunon
0'die onthe hatt*te fit.Ld. Believing that
they ,couLd be of n s.ervice to their c .ntry
at lone and in the Legishtnre, they- were
perfectly j;ustiued jn sg ing th.emselves for
that p~oi tion in~ wh.Ie they could serve their
couimiu;v best. I-s not tIts in acnniance Whhtl
the ::u'c prinipl-s of patrmti.sm? Exriie
thme history of the world,~ an~d you w iil findI
that men of talent *:-t up an imanage re-vol
tions:- and tu:e co:rnmen peopile have to fight
the bat tles.
kp'ma7f, it issi"y' those who arc digsai>
fled w'ith ils co ion, that it is not fair to
the pe'ple ei the.District, for a half dozen
findi1j5 ist the vilagne to g t upa caucusi
anidiw>m nate candidates without consu!.tir~g
them;. tat it is no,t dealingjustly by the
mas- of t indi-.Id als of each -par-ty for a
-.v :umeeWs to nove i~i a umne:r of no muceh
impotanc, wihoutat le'-t, first- ads i'ing
-Kith' t-cm, -andi thuLs forcing~ th'-rrselves *to~
vt for ti e~no:n ;nees c f this co:zition, or to'
split of'f frm 111:r re3-pective p-as es ; and
that eneb pa:ty iL ful y replestseated, maigh t
br pr eferred to run sLparate tickets, or i
they had boen-willing to-the coQitioon- !;dgh-t
have nrefa3red to no:ein-atee quite'a diffoieyi
ti-vlet fr-om the on'- now nresen ted for their
sn.l'age. There seans tobe very little force
in these o .jctions, fr the world is con troled
and gouverned by com:bi n-:ira, 'ad coalitions
manairged by a few individuals. It was .the
master mind of Williamn Pitt, thait defe:-ed
The ambitious' plais and gigantic str-ides of
the- zreat Naipoleon towards L:dversal empireC,
hv. f>rm:ir.g a coalition between England anud
the oQyr.mations'ot'-Europe. It is -perfecte
useless foer 'men to belong to a party urmiess
they .are willing to do the. bidding of their
leaders. [t has long since been an exp,loded
doctrine in F.arope, and is fast becoming so
in this ponntry, that thme people are capable of
governing. themslSVes, and hetice they shouh1i
w!!ing!y submit to be governedu and directed
by tirese intel!igent leaders, suchx as those put
in noinntion by the coalition said to habive~
been formed-o.n sale day last.
In' eply' o this, it is Said that- thIese men
ak farsee-in: statesnmship, for they aided
in precip;it ating the cntr'y into 'the mos.t
gigantic war., the wQr[d ever saw, and. thus.
brought utter rnin on the 'who~le South, and'
therefore that they should not be 'trusted
agan, lest they prec pitate us again into
oher difnulties.' StAtLesmen, like other.men,
must mako.experiments, and mnust sometimnes
fCil. We- a-ll'can bow see that s,eeession was'
a most 4uiAou'sstep, the way it was rhaniaged ;
bu t it is tnot certain -that it would- have been
soif alt, and especit!!y ~thiosa who - initiated
see.siCon, h:d. faced the mpusie.
It has been further objected' to the nomfin~a
tion of Col. Moorima-n, for the Senate, and
Goa. G.arligtun for the HWuse, that they
hae $> managed together ais to keep' one gr.
the other of tbemu in the' Senatorial offie for
many years. Thamt when it was thbug'ht Gern.
Garngton could b'e. electegCo!. Njoormnar
gave way to him, anid when it was th.ought he
could' not he clocted,~ then *Co}. Moormnun, as
the most.popular of the two, wonld t un for
the n,osition/ so -as to keep it in the family.
In repig to this, I would say that 'insteadj
of this exhibition of their skill in mnanage
met, be-ing an objection to their election at
tis timel, it is rathier a recommendation, for
it sho;vs their ability to serve their consti
tuents successfully in this wayT. We need
ju::.t s,'ch-inangging men in thc Legislature to
secure to our District its due p)roportion of
eoBees. There will have to 'be several'new
Judges elected, and by having such managing
men as our reO!resentatives, we- may secure
one of these oUitees for one-of our Newberry
Lawyrs. It is-said that . Col. Moorman, has
not his equal in the. State- in log-roiling andj
managing electiom's,' and as an 'evidence of it,
did he not c6mec very near givmng Newberry a
Govr.nor at the last session.~ He was one of
the 'managinmg members- of the Convention.
which carried the State cut of the Unio-a i
1860, and appointed an advisery council.d
Gv. Pickens, which, though it 'proved tE be
a greatblunder and a- curse to the country,
yet it was intended for the best, and many~
persons thought it ne.cessary.
I.bhad liked to have omdtted another ob' e
tion which is frequently urged againsta . e
election of Messrs. Moorman and Garlinigton,
both" now -and heretofore. It is this--that
they are so c6nmpletely. ur.der the influence of
Col. Fair, that when he takes snuff they both
sneeze. I am m ot at all prepardd to.admnit
this to be thie cas.e in any sense, andspirtica~-I
larly' in an odious sense, bu-t if it was,wether
am' I prepared to admit this t3 :be a-serioQg
ojection. We should. cri men terrepresent.e
us inahe Legislature for the.amount of good
they are. able to~ do for the -people, -and it'
m!ia~vem-y little wheth-or -they ~iccomp~ish
mnitted bf .all, that Col. Fair, is one ofAte
most skillful wirc-workers in-the State, and'
has in that way, as nrch influence in tht
Legisigture as any other man. Why then
shoultd his influence over thes;-entlegew 16e
an'olbecti thei- election.
Mr. EditRI have endeavored in this com
munication to give you the 'principal o1jec.
tions .urged against the coalition above re
ferred to, tnd such aiswers to these ol.jeetions
as my fe.bl- understanding could stiggest.
Hoping these an.swers may be satisfactory, I
remain yours, &c.
"Now boast thee,.Death, in thy possession lies
A Dog unparal!el'd.". . . Shakespeare.
Requiesce in pace ! Mike Pratt,
Quietly .ensconced in thy pest;
Green be thy grave, and gras-a, Mike Pratt,
ing disturb thy lastiesm
We all loved, dearly loved you, MIkc Pratt,
Thy great worth to us was well :nown,
Thou'w,.st so zood aid so true, Me Pr.tt
But now thy dear spirit has flown.
Every rat i'n our village, Mike Pratt,
Those.rats that you caused to see "sight&
Will now begin to pillaW, RikePratt,
And hebare unseeinly o'nights.
Cats, too, are seen in our-stieet, Mike 'rttt,
Tflose cats by thee so ofto&iorried;
No fears'have they, when they mcet, Mike
Now that thou ai-t deal and buried:
"A"d the fittle tiny pig, Iliki Pratt,
Goes ooting aid grunting around,
Thinking limself mighty big, Mike P.att,
Since thou'rt mould'cring in the ground.
Ahi! things are not as they were, Mike Pratt,
But.are fast growing worse and worse;
You leave us not without care,.Aike Prat,
Standing here, near thy lifeless corse.
We'll think of thee, in thy quic t, Mike Pratt,
Thot things are not as we would kke
T' endure them,' though, we'll try it, Mike
- Pratk- -
Farewell incomparable dog.
For the Herald.
Military Organization
It is necessary for ihe public qtiet that tLe
military organizations such as have been sugges
ted and. approved.bT- Gov. Perry,:hould be meie
as soon as pqssilie. -Many of the freduien ar e
becoming d!-obedient, and to check 'tlis spirit of
inubordination, a military force should be speq
diVy oi-ganized, so as to arre-t this 'spirit. Ths
prop.osition meets withL the approval of tfie Gene
ral Conmdin~g this Department of. the State
and it is hp4d th.at the: compadlies be.ing rahtd
ill soon bc organized*a~nd prepa.red to ster ci
Eeiently upon the discharge of.thoir duties.
.Let thcer these comnpanies be speedily organuize'6
and en.ter upon their dutics as speedily as possi
It is knowrr that the Legislature wll mneet on
the 25th instant. Theiir duty .will be amn6,t
.othermatters, to grovide for the ca'e< that wi.l
arise as to mhe freed pers.n,-ant! in which ti
will be interested, to be. tri.ed by the Co.trt in
which tbe Judge will pwA.de. And until thee
matters can to arranged 1,f the L.gi.liture,
ther e must be'a sufliiee; force tolkeep the fr'ed
persoms in yToper o!r i a.d in hei.rprerpa.
These miatters are impor.ard to the peop)le. L is
importantlthat these things be done ver5 soon..
-Through tlieccnsiderate kinidnes.s of the-Prti
dent and .Directors of tile G~. & C. R.'-Minuters
atnendirg the ensuing session~ of t he'So. Ca.f
fernce, in Charlotte, N' Q., will pay half f'11
going, and return fge by proenPing asertiaeste
omemnbership from thde Seeretary o-f the Conttd
rence. *-SIDI -I. UOWNE~.
Oet 6, 1885.
:Mu. Ed~ITRda Please state to my fdieuds and 1
public generally, that I very respectfully dee!ine
being a candidate for a gat L. .the enseigLeg'.
isiture. *. G. S. CA NNON.
News Itemh.
- Chicago has eighty-Sive hotels.
Gen. Lamourcier is.dead
Prince Jerome Blonaparte'dedI reec ntly at
- essets were loading at.. Liverpool for South
ernports of the United States.
-There are &14,eilndians in-this countr'y. *
Thevdeath of Sir W. AIamilton, the Astronomer,
s announced.
Since thefirs -fJanuary, therehaie arrived
n this ebuntry 33,000 emigrant women. .
*The Boston Postr says thait State spodhecaries
are forbidden to sell medicine-on .Saturday esc
ning that is iable tow wrk on Einnday.
;Thie numbher-of-deas.s reported in ;he papers
throughout the country -now-a-days exeeed t
marriages in the propordion:of' five to one.
*The receipts from Intern .1 Revenu ae a:
be averaging one-and a quarter iillions 4o1
lars aday.
The faculty .h'e announced that the Medicaul
College of Chatiestonr will resume its sessions
early in November next.
Cot. John D. Ashnd~ is announced in the'
Greenville Mountaineer,' as a candidato for Con
The London .News sayst that no time wiRibe
lost .in giving check to Yenianism in Ireland/'The
Gvernmentprogramme will soon beanounced
R. BairanyEm Int?ET7 Sr., we understand, is
about totnake application-to President Jons~soN
for pardon.
Col. -F. J. .Mosza; of Sumter, iwill -very prob
-ably be appointed Judge..of th'e U5nied at*
.Distriet Court. for t.he Dittict of Souzth (arolina.
A Scotch agent has securedA talretato
land in Virginie, where a co -n ofe rct omi
granti will-settle-in November or December.
The eity- of-Atianta, Ga., has amenJed its ee
n-al code, so as to place blacks- on an equality
with the whites. -
The odicial repuort of Grant'.flosses since tak
ing com-m'and of the army of the P5tormac iC
1864, foot up 90,000. -- - -
It Is~ asserted tChat over . 8,00Y outherners,
ciefy young- men, haie settle~dii New York
city, since the surrender of th~ Squthern armies.
It is sai4 thiit -the President ?as recc Ifewe'
applicatiotis for pardon from South Cutr6Tna thai
ay ottei'ft.e.
Winejpeter, Va., wal occupied duwing-the war
by the Federal and Confgi4erate trobps, seventy.
si ut ryes.ns,.Gie'ont,Tens
Aee havin bort elons jaGils boy -Tennesi
wretch in Fraikln tMwns'hip Ci4e co6aty
Iowa, Samnuel3rooks by name, rece' rid
his own dafhrer, then kiled her nefrn
awd fled with his dagh: to parts Inknoir-11.
-A womaiho'wabeing .examIned ~in can
-dal cwc, in the Madmin~(ind.) police coilt We
interrogate2 by the'magi'trate, as to whete
shetwas the wife of the resondent. Jie une
wered, *I supposp Iam bybre7y "
Mr. W. H. Tieseott, ofCthaiAsto ,a bee
appointed,by his Excellenc.,Gov.Pezy, to
resent the StAte and the int^rests of t
of the State aIWashington, in agebWdiiit
A resolution of the Convention,. reiuitgynfsp
pointmect to be nade to that effeet:
Gove'rnor .Brownlow,. itt a recent letterto the
Knoxv'le Whig, expressed*fth Jo20 ' $.dle
ness, starvation and disease, will remoe frqnt
the sphere of mortal existence 66 majoritz o
nogrecs of this generation and that the rjf twM
ultimately become extict like- ther Indians.
ONA Pn.ao D Taix.-Daring the pase
e'up train on one of our railroads a tei-dacl -
ago, one of those unusual <Wurrences bkppened,
that when made -public, inf.rested alf a boaird.
A lad; living near this line of traeel, and fia
of the up*connties, took pasmge at this'iIf
in compa#y, with her husband fO - o
Eyidtees were p:ain of her .ddkxe$i64I
and aftei getting fairly 1the r..rinstqo'
such r eritical.n.a trequire unei.att
tion. Beyond-the ietc of Vh .eous idul
requrad.in such case. the situatima-) a O
thing but pie snt, but afew lalf6.erdf
as ladies alwa's d. -iet the
occasion by plaOing their fellow p
mDost aviaW patinett afnt. Am Gaais
matters, rendering 4ssigance in thei
der the cireumetan&s. The : eveut
and withst;tUi i lewf Q ya
the lhu'es engagid tnd the- bn
faint cry of oueof naturvs liWle r.0 -
heafd, fialf stifted;ibeve therhtrtil
bustle of the moving trin. Reachingt
tion above wiere the afairh FppOeedt
and-child were taken to. omfdrtabe
where it is a pleasure taknow 'th eP.6M7
was tone that could be possibly, to
comfdi-talAe.'. -At the- last advices h: dit
was doing well and the-b ild ge e ey
*ftecqpiing a gteat man at sane fiiued
-Wilmi g Hr~
Ex-GENEWu. M.sFE.a -LN-i
been amused by a report-hhic le
pertinaciously insisted u&svbytefob
pers-that Geti:Lovell habecome ai*
.cdiLgr of.tbe'New-York DailfeM,y-iMs
now bMtsily eagid cippig ,frdieat
I torial scissors,; preparing. 'oum a.
1-horrid marders, beadtifulburgaik'
forgeria m i
whatiluetiiS to spils a goostor
arein the habit ofdsighitu4 s
Lovel4ev_r-tbird dai4a the weakA.
pleasure yesterdayf chnsburgf6rp of
with him, we mus insist t ghb zM
er- hi been, seis Ur:i-pe' o vaipa W
in any of tl;e news affites of thea
city. So far from it, the- Getrai g o
lutely plyi:'g ini:,natus in -lis.e
SH&farmis it within a few thie oft,ia .
its tha;t beauwiful bro:ize of'inefti 1
unhas bee.'n rad to hor't.~
.fr-anne'.aiid v'gor of muPdlA uhiad t~~~
voung- a-rm'r of ibir.ti ai8 a
l.litness ada;jIiy jlvfeai*'@i Dyou ~
tj doubt-thil ep:#t reglvasI s
a treafiga n og paOw,l-%d
kiny graf in t.i ard- Brcy4'A7
diltiesting his own corn and ,es, Judso~
ud itti and not the:.peeoiu iar ~ &
I Tao' Cuoiuon. -S Logi, ~ep. 8
c-omp'lcee rtures trom Cjoodo -Iat
'd.aption.of the' State JCuit
lare n;ajoriti. The c!angi auth
surae.as, defeated.
It it. Mated thit th e -eniau.organh~6a it
thelNrt' ra States ura~i $I2) .-.
-Th &folowing na:ne'd .et emena
Sr the nziniipi$cdon.
tb4PT.-S.A KELTT -.
HENR I St.01ElR.
4 ca vasiir - -
TOT E HoCs > -
T N, A.-C. (*ARiLGTP~
sente*ffor,the shIfrages of tbe. -. s
berry. He r taggwefl known ass
p-atriot, ~and' a nrtan altogelyri
any priisE from his l
The fiollowing gent'eme ei
'batet as .can&ddates -f te
ensuing eetion; as in .everywa
hris particalar enmergiQiy. :
- IAJ. J. I. Kt'NAi,Dn -
The frienda of Capt..E~. I-t
gislaiteN. MAN
MNias EDZrrS.-P1ease anouc
SUBER asacaDditate-to reprCsent _~
the niext .Le isature.."
the approlahin3g Eeg'islatur8re~3*
The. friends--o CoL J. H. E gus
fully uinnounce him a candidaw zth uapd m
the ensaitig election.
LSarid.orithe 28th nIt.,y
at r esidence <>f the bride's
Mafil t ias Margaret.A?4gh~
G.and MrsE Smith. -
Cash. mast be pb
case-either in Prouiolo'a ou'
sos forgiving;tbis boee t1 fh m
chase ayhing"( an. medit. M
thankful for past patrodage,ia 1IJ 0&0co
tinUacOf the sAme. /
Oct. 1-42--t .
TheQItin4 Neh (W
Tho iexiau r ST~eOC 55
. . UTrE-DLL PA Lf. -
- ?dTf1L1~R & ~

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