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* Important Documents.
ths Excellency Governor PERRY -has given us
the privilege of using for publication the follow
ing documents:
-Tenure of Oce of Prorisio . Governor.
- "WASHINGTON, Sept 29th, 1865.
"To His Excellency B.- F Perry, Pr3rsioal
Gorernor of th State of South Carolina
"SIR-I have had the hongr to receiae, and I
Iave submitted to the President, your letter - of
August 27th, in wh'ch vou sta-te, "I desire to be
instructed,as t9 my duty after the State Conven
tiou of South Carolina sball.have formed a State
Constitution abolisling slavery and popularizing
the organic laws of the State. It'is probable that
the Conrention will prcwidc for the election. 'of
members of the Legislature and the election of
Governor by the people on tle sezond Monday
* - in October," and in which you solicit answers to
the questions:
When these electios have taken -pLee, is it
my duty to coivene this new Legislature as Prf
.visional Goveuno-r, or are my functions at nn end
when th.e nex State 4overnmen't' is organized?
HoWion; sball Nont*u to act as provisional
.Governor , D,ry functions continue until the
fte is admitted -back into the Union ?
In replj I have the hnor'to inform you that
t46 President does not think it now necessary to
anticipate events. Ile wiil expect you to report
0 proceedings and events as they occur in South
Carolina, carefully and freely, for the informa
tion-of this Government. -In any case you will
continue to exercise the functions heretofore
vested in you by the Presidett until you shall be
relieved from that duty by Pis express orders to.
"Congratulating you upon the favorable pspect
.. of events in your State,
"I have the honour to be,
"Your Excellency's obedient servant;
Order coidtdermazded in~regard to Colored Militia.
"CHA RLESToN, S. *C., Oct. 4ib, 1865.
"His Excellency B. F. Perry, Pr6i-isional -Got,
ernor of South - Carolinma:
"COTESOR-I have the honiur to acknowl
- '' edge the receipt of your communication of,Sep
tember 26th. I entirely concur.in your opinion
a that the 'rganizationof Colored Militia would be
disastr%us isthe extreme, and would undoubt
edly Inaugarate a war of racc4.'* I have-couutor
- mauded the order, arid enclosed .you a copy of
instructions to Col. Beecher.
S-"With reference to the Military Hall, have.
seen and conferred with General Saxton, Com.
miosioner of Freedmen's .'ureau, who clainsIhe
- Ua as belonging to his Bureau. I would ad
vise that a request for its restoration be made to
ITuj. Gen.'Ro ward, -at Washington.
"Very respectfully, your ob'dt serv't,
Brev't. Brig. Gen. Comd'dg."
* -[cory.j
"CaiRLEsToN, S. C., Oct. 4th, 1865.
"Col. James Beecher, Com'dy. 2nd Sub. Dist.:
"Cor.ONt - Tlge Brevet Brigadier General
r Commanding, directs that you revoke lhe para
* oekanization of colored mea as Militia. Since
-the establishment of peace, Gen.- Gillmiore, has
discontinued the organization of 'a military force
o f colored- men, and disapproved last June, a e
quisition from Gen.gatch;-. for arms for a coni
pany of colored men,.rasedn tis ity.
"erg respectfully, your ob'dt, servt.,
.. -"Capt. 33d U.'S. C. T. pa . D. C."
* ~Letter from Stazte Agent-E.rtra4t concernling
. WismN1oo, Oct. 9th, 1865.
To his Ezeellency B. F. Perry, Governor, c:
4 * * * * . * *
* 'MUpi>n the subjdet of Pard5ns, the President
said that if there were any citizepis whose par
*.dons wemse especially cimportant to the industrial
interests of the State, he would, u&less there was
sdnmc special'objection, take them inte immnedi
- ate consideration, if brought to his-'attention. I
* * therefore applied to the office of the Attorney
* * . -- General for a. list of such applicants as had filed
their petitions in this office. No such lst was
- * kept ; but I will be allowed te .make one if I de
* ~tire from the petitions'themseltes. I underst-ood
from the Assistant~Attorney-General, that no ap
.plications were sent up to the President t?ithou.t
- . . special direction, except such as related to. the
* exceptioms under the. 13th'clause.- -As I found
some.of our citizens rho were fully entited to.
the consideration ogthe Executive awaiting for]
- their*pardons, I subfaitted him this fthorning
a list.- Lt was accessarily a ~ry short~ on e,as it'
* . . comprised only those who were~ here, and those1
* of. whose application I was personally cogn zant.
As soon as I can obtaiu the list from the .Attor
nev-General's office, I will give it my best atten
tio'n. I will leagu, 1 hiope, to.morrow, what ac
- tion-bas been taken on this list submitted. I
- - found it the Attorney-Genera's office a number
Sof pprdons fo meineers of the Conv6ntion, in
cluding, I am glyl to say, severaleof the(ienerals.
* They will be deli d to me to-miorroirupon my
* receipt, and suc~h 6fthem as I cannot mail, for
want pf direction, I will enclose tQ your Ex
- cellency.
* . .* * a* * * .*
."Very respectfully, &c.
[Correspondence New Y.ork Hlerald.]
* . #,~A tascally Scheme Prustrated-Arrest
'Aet or the Conspirators.
Aotthe middle of last month, General Ba
*ker received information of a plot at Lynchbnrg,
Virginia, to rob the Post Quarterrraster's safe of
* a large amount of money it was known to con
tain. The case worked up, has i-esulted in the
- arrest and incarceration in the Old Ca 1l Pris
.on last night, of Brevet-Brigadeir- ~eral J.
. * C. Briscoe, of the One Hundred and Ninth Penn-.
ed(vania Tolun-tee comrmanding. post at Lybch
* berg, and A. W. eakey, of Worcester,- Afassa
* ~chusetts, foirmerly a sutler at that. post. .Gene
ral Briscoe is an Irishman by birth, and has ten
a. commaund of the post at Lynchburg sinci~ Lee.
- kiirrender. Captain W. A. Alberger, son of Coin
missioner Alberger, of New York, has been Quar
termaster at Lynchburg, anil had in his charge
on the 21st September,ode hundred and twenty
thousand dollars in greenbacks, besides a. large
amount of captured gold coin and bullion, which
had been placedi in his 4harge foi safe keeping.
' Briscoe ,appreaghed Alberger through Lackey,
and pwoposed to'nim as the war was abouat to
close and none of them had ma~de money out of
it, they shoM1d-make a gre.nd haul in concert and
pocket fifty thousand dollars a piece in a- flash.
Alberger kept the fundls in a safe, which for-.
anelybelooged to x rebel offieer, and' this fact
-.-was to give color to~ the charge which -was utYle
-made that the ex-rebtl, having a du~pieste key
tthe-saif ha robbed it.- Brisco was to arrest
the Quartermaster, his clerks and half the. peo
ple of Lynclijurg to avert suspielen. The Ge~n
- eral took an imnpression of the safe key in wax,
and sent Lae:key to Philadelphia t. get the keys
a. made.- Alberger, ostensibly in. thie plot, irpform
ad the Secretary of War, and two or thi'ee of
Generat'Baker's officers were serit down to Lynch
* .- burg to arrest the guilty parties. Thee offiieers
. Maw through holes in~ the ceiling of. the office,
General Briscoe came in ie the Quartermiaster
.' anid his etrks were gone to din ncr; saw himn
- unloek the safe with the,false'ke., take.out three
- , .packages of greenbacks of forty thousand dollars
. eatch, and load himself dewn w!t coin and'~bul
. 4ion to the amount of mdear fifteen fhbonsand dol-.
!ars, having previously ignited saturated- papee
.mid cli with a view to burning the building.
They followed himt across the. hall of his own
"i afice; a-nd burst in upon him counting and. ar.
;.rging the money behind his bolted door. The.
' -wae noulds and.false keys were foundspc'n him,
*nd the pr aof was indisputable. Th'ese proofs
are now in.General Baker's possessio'n. Briscoe
ind Lackey are ip the Old'Capital awaiting- trial,
and Alberger, the' honest .Qnartermnaster, is. on
- tbitv At hi~ nid nn~t
We have a few copies of as 's paper left,
which contains.a beaufiful, truthful and touch
ing tribute to th' illustrious memory of the im
mortal Stonewall Jackson. "A. Soldier's Opinion
of a Soldier" sh"id be read by every admirer of
the lameote< Jackson.
Ou-. xhangs
AmQng the visitors. to our sanctum this week
bae our old riends t'he Edgefield Advertiser,
Keowee (Pickens) Courier, and Darl'n4on New
Era. They look exceedingly well. We wish
them abundant success.
The 56th.
Our old garrisoli arrived.in Chadieston on the
11th inst., en rout to NewYork, to be mtustered
out. Tw reneat numbered 40 officers and 700
mA. Since its fit: <gganiation it has had 3000
men. It --wis .organize<l CQl. (n.ow Geneial
Van Wyck, at Newburg, Orange Co..N. in
Sept. 1861.
We see by -the Courier that Col. Tyler and
staff, not .f6rg&eng the- dasting Adjutant and
Capt. Cox, werl; all fiourishing.
The Island Landi.
We are preased. to announce, says the Charles
ton Courier, through the kindness of a friend,
that the dfforts of Mr. Julien Mitchell, of this.
city, who has been for some time laboriously'and
perskWntly urging .upon th- Government the
propriety, of restoring the '.island lands" to their
originAl owners, - haye at last met with cor'plete
success,. and that an order. will'short;y be issued,
I making full restitutioa in the premises. It is ex
pected. that Gen. Howard will visit thistepart
ment to give personal direction to its execution.
We regret to learn, from the Yorkville Enqui
rer, that Col. Jas. HI. Witherspoon recently died
aOLancaster, of cancer 6f the lip. Col V. was
highly eateemed wherever known. He was a
member Qf ttitlate Confederate Congress.
The Columbia Phcenix 'also chronicles the
death of Dr. John H. Boatwright,. one of the
most honored citizens of that city'. At the time
of his d'eath he was Grand Master -of- Free Ma
sons in South Carolina.
It will be rememiiered that in the *ient death
of Mr. R. B. Boylston, the Grand Lodge of South
Carolina lost its Deputy Grand Master.- It now
loses, in the Death of -Tr. Boatw~right, its Grand
1Maeter. - Sad misfortune.
~r. Ditvis' New.Quars.
IA correspondent, writing from Norfollra says:
Front'a gentleman caleirlated to know, I learn
th.at ex-President Davis fs greatly p1eeased with
'r- new quarters at Fortress Monroe. - The
Ibuildinoe (Oarfofl Hall) in which he -is confined,
is situa "within the fort?, and is divided off into
mess, rooms, a library, officers' equarters, and a
place' for holding courts martial. Pi-om Mr.
Davis' room a gallery extends to the ramparts
so that.when he walks abroad he need not en
couinter t}e gaze of spectators.. It is an improve-.
meat npan ,his late casemate quarters ; still it
iust be a tedio-us confmement to the dltee proud
spirit pf the oc.cupast.
It is the opinion of well informed, gentlemen
that as soon as .miatgrs -are more ~advariced,
Presid'ent Johnston will throw aside -the pt-son
bars of I-r Davis and that he will be free to go
where he listet..
The Electioa
the following are the gentlemeri elected to
represent N4wberry 'in thie Legisl.ature, which
convenes in Columbia, Wednesday, 25th inst.:
Senate-3. 7R. Williams.
House of.- Representatives-C. H. Suber, E. S.
Keit t, A.,0. Garlingtonx.
For Governor-Hampton, 3(0. Orr, 3$5.
*Lient Gov.-41?orter, 449.
The following are those from Columbia:
iGoverhor-Col. Orr, 2,63. Nea Hampton,whQ~
wa.s not a candidate, receiVed 9.8 votes.
Lieut. Governor-Porter, 649.
Senate-Arthur. No opposition.
Representatives-Wallace, Talley, Bachmnx,,
The followin'g are those-from Sparfanburg~:.
'Senat-J. WinUmith.
*Representatives-z-J. H. Carlisle, D. R. Duncan,
G Cannon, A. B. Woodruff, Alexander Copeland,
Sheriff-J. H. Blassingame.
Fromn Laurens-Senate-Sulliran. No oppo
House-Col. Ball, Geo. And]erson, Maj. Todd,
Dr. Hunter.
A.bbevife-'enate-hos.-- Thompson. No op
House-A.. C. IHaskell, J. W. Hgart, W. N.
Lee, R. A. Fair, D). W. Aiken.
Governor-Ha'mpton, 432; Orr, 36.
Lt. Gov.-Porter, 634.1
Yorki-Senate-G. W. Williams.
Represent.Sves-W. G0 Black, 4. S. Wallace,
Joel Rollison, and A. B. Springs.
- (hester.-Senate-Jas. Hemphill.
Representatives-House and Walker. -
*eenvi4e-Senator-G. F. Townes.
Representatives-W. H. Ferry, . ELL Good
in, H. P. Hammett, W. P. T'rice.
.Governor-Hampton, ?09, Orr, 314.
Lt:. Gov.-Pot-ter,-612. . - -
Pickens-Senator---Wm. S. Grishai.
.Representatives-J. J. Norton, WV. K. Feasley,
W. C. Keith, R. E. Bowen.
Hampton's majority over Orr said to be large.
Charleston--.Governor-James L. Orr, '780 ;~
Wade Hamptott, 66T *
Lieutenant4Govrnei-Wmn. - D. Forter (with
out -opposition,) 1,377.
Senate.--Henry Baist and W. S.' Henery 3are
Represtatives -2. A. Wagner, F. Melchers,
C. H. Simonton, T. G. Blarker, R.. S. Duryea, E.-~
Magrath, R. .Seigling, J. Hanckle, F. J. Porcher,
J. B. Campbell, J. M. Eason, B3enj. Lucas -W. J.
Gaye7,'W. E. Mikel,.P. J1. CAgan, J. Mulvimey,
T. P. Ryan,, J~. T. MilligaD, S. Lord,9r.,, -Rich
'idson. -
LIehngton-S ator-i.Boezer.
Rerresentativ -~Co. F. S. Le wie and Dr. S.
S. J. Hayes. -___
- 1r. DeFontain will revive gh'e South Caroflinian
in Charleston at an. early date. 'It is reported
that a large.frre in Charlest .recently destroyed:
the Courier ollice,~ together 'with 'a number of
other buildings._________
The State Convention of Nordr Carolhna has
passed an Ordinance, declaring that the Or'dinance
of 1789 hiath ever been in~ force, and that the
Ordinance of gay 1861, was a myth. Well, what s
what ? -
Rr-UNIo.N.-Arrangement$ are being perfectel
-for a general national Masonic Conventiom to be
held either at Baltimore or RicmOnd. Delegates
are to be preent from all seetiens, .North, South,.
East and West.L
I~ i.~ ~ielevcd that ecclesiaiticnl re-unions be
' Capt. PaysInger's Company.
Through the attentilo of Capt. Thos. Paysin
ger we ara able to lay bfdre oue reade^'the
roll of his donipany, the ffi t that has been raised
in this district, under the authoriiy 6f Gov. Perry,
together with the obligation to wiN6h they have
subscribed. Capt, P. and the officers and men,
all deserve the praise and well. done, for their
-vetiity in thi, -time of need.' -This efficient com
n*nd now fully organized-, 't will be a satisfac
tion to iow~have already conunced active op
erations. .When shall we hear of the next?
The following~is the roll
_Whreas, we, the undersigned do hereb-v or
ganize surselves into a "Police Company" in that
part of ie 39th Pginmnt (So. Ca- lying in New
berry District, under the Proclamation of Gover
nor B.- F. Perry, dated Sept. 4th 1865, and do
hereby pledge ourselves to perform all the du
ties which may be required of us:
URD "J. H. tFF.
I'st S-t. C. F: loyd,, Ki-haril, Andr6w
2nd " T. . Blair, Kinard, J. B.
ord " J. . air, Kinard, G. A.
4th " G. A. Schumpert,Kibler, J. IT.
" J. W. Counts, Kibler, Levi
Tt Cor. J. D. WedenzLn,Kibler, Jacob
2d " P. .. Hawkins, Kilgore, William
3rd" Belfon Neal, Lane, J. C.
4th "N. H. Young, Long, J. W.
5th " George Hiller, Long, L. W.
6 ".M. L. Kinard, Long, Jacob S.
Pr Wn , G. Lo-g, Luther
Car\ Samuel . 'L1iigston ,M..II.
Beard, Pnry Martin, Rob't.
Boozer, L. 11. 31.- Martin, Jonathan
Boozer, Simcon McGraw, P. T.
Boulware, Jas. Neal, Calvin
Boulware, J. H.-' Paysinger, F. S.
Buzhardt, D. M. Rodgers Hugh
Buzhardff. P. a J.'-. -
Buzhardt, 1ope Ruff, D. A.
IBoyd, G. i.Uid7 D. F.
Carmielel, J. D... - Rikanl, Adain.
Clamp, W. H. .Scber, G. B.
Counts,.A. B. -Benso
Coants, A. M. Scbumpert,-John
Conwill, Drayton- Schunpert, J.-J.
CQalmers, Tflos. - Shumrperr, J&1.
Ci-osson, D. A. Schumpert, Calvin
'Cannon, D. SlighA.. W.
Coppock, M.- M. SiQOne, a. in.
Fair~ W m Sloan, T. G S.
Fef1q*r.-, IH. - -Thompson,- J.'U ..
Henson,lfenry Stiliellg.T
Hawkins, Pressly Werts; J. B.
Herbert, J. D rts, Jacob
Hawkins, George AVerts, John
Minter, Rob't. Werts, David .
Halfacre, P..- weber, F. -
K oon,.WI. If. Whitman, EIlr :
Kinard'uD. W. Wicker, 0. W.
KimSrd, J. P. W erts, J.-S.
Kinard. G. W. Wertsc Gh P.
Kinrd~S. oSl ,3.
Coppck,M.-'eCo. nto S ofin Al. amH. a
F ai Wtt shm. o e ad n poii
Hensn,denryhsn~asbe nore~Ttl
egari tM. L h lba1.oveto,by- vt
ai ns,h lt ar,es cly ordrct r
akns Gher forbiden ortfhe. ,o n
Kon ayrd,J. oftP. 1t otace r iusd
whih e had abref sehop, J. vhII li
saidthatlibety ddertsJ coss.- b
ing dle nd w,thets, Jorbndiga
to lw, ullot r Werdts colohniet cn~
of akig o~~ milins,laelred, and-S.
Koaige iard,S.uG Toste dao9.wokhr
Amoniousy,henth-Cey ntion seoft Aabam dthas
ppe.dI nh Oria.sovdnce declarin thatthwa db
ofthy stated shparnte pidnc wod pointittin
their Teyiswe-re from tassin teand law teircing
"riden ftereohns onea beenforhmedh.tl
epihs the folabama Convetifon, ba prvate
ofe6ter QJ, en. pseedI in godiconsne:oidn
that shlletctd by the Statet of Altoabama con
aidoershe tola aso, ie fre indirectoy re
soneb adeclred oidenn Bya theoGnra ths,
anebvof the&at shar hv'e to eaghoithean
duresf ife.r forihden teiratiartslend me,nd,rwany
ar dtereiao not toe teneaAssdemby hof -the
oftte st,or ears nof theritanure orbiddntr
toum ol bae resore proiin matrthe payeit,
oft anwpio te acdeints cntcedr- virnc~and,
drelyn .ridrcl yte ofdrttts
itsshiggnysuer'itsry hurctys,
Faxi WFa r-TWCaSIGTo, Cietoi ie.rc1
Peit ohnsteron reied he.rturne, da-re
tedoptemberay, he stectie thahedy .afe
wich C. Fane aguref-sc, inaccmpish and
baifu thatg lry did that plce,is ofd be
foun la fwu dasre folor.n ibe rtyficon?
sistd nea thet iglorou Shviegea bee workteach
ehaoy inhe paroductio of deiou mhe anered Vitue
th nmdeligncenterl-thel nard tibere isas
mterydi inncipl afir tlife. Ify ter eperme
oftainfo r ilons,~I. hite ly re, c aicer
cmoinos-y thoe teyd mutlseprat s uitnc
pontale If~beaion of Proindenc fellre toa t
they shalowld sarate Whviencte wrpin too
lag.Twee to take i'nety,the focd them.r
dowitnce hi thr whastick betfor tm.u
p. InTE FRtoMptgE to tEE.-The netersbu rd
hepbises~ thie foli-mng ac frghtaulrivte
thoery t alla peassion givh free s todea
Andos enortemg isor hnzes tomaengage inte
dties flfewith alti artos ndifndth
a Teenation Mtodist tdrnersieby toughnt
atfi efpast, Teneasse of the ute,s Gurout
ewiasmotonl manfested m at.erint ros.priny,
-fath wil the awvand. in presentce., to vire.,tn
at isentane. Wisn -yas every successha c
- reeve h cogaatioso crlegymens
from al par~ofthe.cEu LEE.
*ep a letter from.ot Cdgefild tour Hoe, da-k
ten etme hc states that traganhas comence
ther.FneTege, and'httir~nso acroespfllshe pad
ceautiful vyount-by tiep f th plce whites,een
conugal anwda buneoreadf fiaiies.ariica
pn nexchatge ill~ag man hden quite ton-i
wlfor adue day. s anreniers,tand man isevty-gh
that,ei earso paroxysm;o injredmwife isaneredo
th ofanand facido ently'fel m ; bu hrei
mystery Tis thean,airb a.perthatse revere
tep"aight" -on~ rna~ te ~t~
Sctes ref-r he Sesslnd thrdughsoe undc
cou&nbl aberatio ofmn, fell into eaigsik
The -maljoing tone. Whoe, whes adoaedre to
largo bae,wl bae 15,vnietly The bforcedo them
Rieublilceait sticks antd bynerl 20,00 diffren
Cor*N BLANKs & P.ERMPls.-Which are it
dispensable to th'Ose pu1chasi'g orApping cot
ton, cai b6*obtained at this office;
Through the eourte-y of Mr. Joe War'd are w
indebted for i batch of late papers.
Quite an interesting series of meeting are be
ing held in Meleigh Clirch.
The. trustees of Newberry College are rcqestcd
to meet in te Colle ge building on the first day
of November, pro%.
Dr. Garmany begs lcaVe respegttu;ly.. to state
that his notes and accounts are in the hands of
Mr. Edward Peterson for collection. He will' be
gratified by prompt responsts.
Read Harris' advertiscmcnt snd see if he
hasn't got everyiing from a pin to a pibk!e or
pipe e. He is constantly receiving fresh ac
cessions to his imnn-6ns0 stock, arI v.ill TAI-or
barter to accommodate the trade.
W.-T. Wright advettisePin to-day's pape& a
spler.did stock oi Japaned and Plain -Tin ware.
He has his new shop on Main strett thoroughly
equipped for any and all kinds of work in his
line. Mr. W.- is a -prabtical and experienced
worker i, tin and sheet iron.and will no . doabt
give entire saisfaction to the public at large.
By way of a-refresher we w6iitd state to the
ladies andthe public ge.nerally, that Mrs. Parker
expects to receiVe thisnWeek a sai;rb supply of
the latc4 ityles , of millinery goods. As the Ia
dies in Mrs. Parker's e8tablishment aregn faii
-at trimnming bonncts,oe wou!i advise the fair
sVx to reme6mber this.
HAT HALL:-Wc refer our rea4rs to the card of
-Mis. Walter lSteee, of Charleston,, in -another
coluni. The world-renowned 1'Hat Hal," or
which he is. tlie efficient proiietor, was oetab
lished in- 1849,~and diwing a long'cours e of years
has won a high reputation, and i's on'e of the very
few Southern houses neo able to res.ume busi.
ness. One price, and that cash, with fair deal
ing, is the plan of operation.at this housd, and is
must work successfully. ~ Merchantg-and others
will do well to visit Steele's Hat HaLt -
AKE RE O TO, R o u GS, thit,yol pa hWre
by'save some- bacon. We have' hea'rd, lately of
many stealings'nte above line, bt irhich 'our
towinsmen -have lost-their little stock of
hogs. Arrests have been made of suspeed par
ties, arnd it is he'ped, if found guilty,- that such
punishment- will be Inflicted, as -*ii:-intimidate
all such prowling,.lazy, -rascally frc'edm. n from
fur:ther .acts of the .kinu. Is is time that a locarl
police wg~e established ifh the towb, as'.well is
through the distriet, and a strict ace'oun-t, and
close notite be had df all those who hav'e n'o vis
ible or ho nest means. of livelihood. Sufficient
f'unds carh.casily be raise(i to support ag~ efficient
police, who could soon put- a stop to this growinp
evil, or .i- absence ? why cannot.we had~ a
nightly patrol from amonrg ou'r.cltizens;.who how.
ever-must be more efficient and diligent than the
patrols of old. - very citizen should feel an in
.terest in thisnmatter, an help . to prevent what
may grow to a greatdr evil._
Three of our'distinguished merchahrts left foi
Chairlestdn last week. As they all bore honorable
wounds, received in war.) upon their persons,
more or less embarrassin*g they dietermiued to as
-sist each other. The party consists of fandre
Wicker, Esq., and Laurenis Marshal and Charles
Buiist, all gattant yonnaj gentlemen. Their ob
4ect is tot vi5it the different marts and emiporiunn
of fashion, trade, eto.; and return with rechierch<
selectious of goods-,such ,as will prdc-pos
bly an aclipse.' In of der- to facili-ate busine.ss they
formed a mutual aid association. ~s each of the
party- is min'es some limb, one i end the othei
a leg, art arm, a hand or tongue, etc.,.nas circiftn
stancees may require. Buist and Marshall 1ost ir
the late war, one a :leg, the other .an arm. We
don't remember,whether it was the- war of 18l2,
or the Mexican war that 'brother' Andy lost hia
limbs in-but- it don't matter. They intend to
sleep together, an'd avo to tire unlucky valet when
'they'begin to -umscrew, there's no te+ling how far
they may go, in unlimibin'g.- Marshall- will visit
the baby-makers, and, bring bap~k a' 'thousand,
more or liss,. ef the prettiest dolls imaginable,
also many other pretty thaings. Beit will return
with delectables with whieh to gratify~ the boblic,
while brother 4.nd.y will bring back candy and
A*NEW STAR-in th.e firmament of poetical
glory, has- disen, adl its influence, first felt and
seen in~. the -district of Newberry, our readers
must (gel honored anb .pleased that the bright
rays of this newly 1jsen luminary will' be shed
abroad through t.he eoh4hs of the I1rald. We
were apprised of the existence of thifyonderful
genius by the following note; an( immediately
ating on it,;and complying w% the proposed
terms, secured a feature for the Herald, which
we trust will be dEly appreciated
Eds. Herald-I feel great timidity in address
ing you,eand with the request that you will em
ploy-my [email protected]' as a contr-iutor to the- Herald.
But having long been an admnirer of you and your
paper, and a donstatreader, I-trust you wdb
favorably disposed. In a. late paper you publish
ed some, lines 'In memoiam" of 'Mike Pratt,'
#hich though very fine, I can beat, de yog will
see by reading fudr$her ;. my style is mpch purer
ud sweeter,' gjd bgside breathing 'a beautifal
simhplicity, is so short too that no one can- pos
sibly grow weary.. &y niany dear friends too
have advised -ne to conme before the public, and
not,deprive the literaryworId of the Iight of my
genius, but not until forced 'by p.ecuniarf trou
bles h-'ve I ~~nted to' yield to. their hirnest
inportunklW thdrefore send 'you- a specimen
of what I can do,' oinly one'vene for the present,
and if you will publish it, I hih 'no doubt7your
readers will be muc~h pleased. My 'charge *i i b.e
$1 a line, where theToda~ is short,*abd 50 cents
if lffiger. Here is the specinien: :
little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet;- .
Eating rurds and whey;
There caine a great, spider and sat dowtbeside
.Which frightened-MisMuffet away~
Let me hear fronm you soon, either through the
paper or'bf'note.~ . -
R Iespec(fully' and ad'niringly,
We ii* not preajpme to comnient on Susie's
sweet effusion, it speaks for itself. As to ige-or-1
inality,.t,hough-1 les~ a- dream it seems that we
ave it before, in the long ago time; our lietter
informed readers must decide for themselvesq, and
we will be pleased to hw from them. In the
meantime if each subscriber ~i'llI train us one
GovERoR. LT.f
New berry,C. H... .-. 71 216 231
Frog Leirel...... 54 6 ...
St'onty Eattery..,... . 29 .... .... .
Jolly Street,.. .. 22 .. 21 -
Dominteks..-... 8 4
Suber's Store ........ 32 *' .32
Bull Street......... 16 .. . 14
J. F. Glymph's. .14 ..
JohnGlymph's:...... 2 r8 .
Sligh's Box......... 6 4 7 .
Maybinton . *. .. .. ;. X- Z5 25
Wiitmires.......... 25 10 -
Croner's .......... 23
Jalappa............. -22 - 9 28 .
Broadway .......... 22 .... 11
--Lonsh Sore' ........12 -13
BDjedral.......... 11 -4
Wiliamirs......... .16 ... 16'.
ro tal,. W 18 - 3419
O, AIREsT 8LI M3E STA&Y!"-After a 'cold
Jd aiintry rain, la'sting a da-y .and isht,a
1e6Advertiser,- of the 18th?, we ha*e 'glorktus
falweatfier. ^the -sky is bri'ght and.bue aad
tge-lsun warm and glistenid.gf But, cool sfi~dows
fLFaheven ti'de, and i ed gardens the
roses are dying#; Plaidive -mourning.osfA are
cooing sad;y to their mates, teling of.he dead
sumamer they so well re1eber.- B*riamch swal
lows havftalledl their: STogethr a fld
from frost -and, snow, gkiag sum'er.land iha
fairer blosamms. Very Oon the winds wIl whis.
l elaiill on. field. ad Plain a the beautiful
summer wall~be quite g Bne.
A sense*of grief and*roneliness comes vith th
faloing eaf,'a n t einr akes tbe,sum mer denb
sfmmrlthyn s well'" rca3r M tic wl
ly pleaAnt.. 'thee faffing. 4es meake a ve
pause and ponder. Soon, 't 'feverish'eaw ofd
ifirell be ended. Let usty dto see in our -a.
gI dch i g on f d.au, p a n a d the. i
nr s f re summer, urpassingt
e glries of the preaent. 'And let us .ep
ratch and.ward with dili%geke that our - discm
bodiel spritistat notpon -the brod -joirney
ings4of etrnity without c'friendly guide, and
without arc*lm and holy *ope of reaching the
shining &od of .iifiuite and .endless ble4sene.
A Western paper gives the -ollowing nolee ;.
-.0Inotices o& marriage, where no brideeake i*
sent, Will be set up in smal type, and poked into.
some outlandish. corner Of jhe papeWihere a
handsonie piece of sake is sentait will be put corn
spicuously in large letters;- w'hen. gloves or otIdr
brde lavors 'are added, a piece of ilustrady$.e
poetry ill be given ir. addition. When, haoie
,erythejditorattends'he :cerem'onty in propria
Sper.sna,gd kisses the~ brhde, it will 'larc- espe'
cial not ice-verylarge type,'and the most aper'o.
priate p.e try that canbe begged, borrowed, sto.
len, or ee'zrd from the brain editorial.
*CJ!aR:s-ron Con'oN mar.a We extaet th'e
following m#*ket report frem the Ckdrestei
Courier, -of'Frv :
Since our last ~report on the 6th instant, the
receipts- hav'e amounted to 1) W~t .aes e if
Uand,p:nd .1,556 bales upland cotion. UM ('he
4th and 5th instants, news camne to- hand' per
.steamers Belgian 'and Peisia, showing h consid
erable advance in price and heavy'saies, vndx Mi
active ,inarket in .Li vrer,ol. On5 Moniday? he'
7th inst., midjllig 'cptton had adva.ed im ti
market to 41 a 42 ce'nts per pound. On Tuesday~
M.orning the news by telegr?aph reported the ar
rival of the steamnshii taina, at Halifakz, binging
-the eitraordinary informatigt .tha~t eotton' hli
gond urp'ftom 4d. ai 5d; a pound since the sailing
of the' Persia. This' iiews immediately put.ndid
dling cotfon up t.o 46 a 48 cente, at which pricesa
some.sales wore .made on Tuesday and Wedresi
day. Notwithstanding this great rise, yarties
continued anxious buyers, andy festeriaj tirWd
dling cottons were worth ~at 'least 5.2 cents, and
strict mdling to good miiddlinig were sold, du
ring the .day at 53 a 54 cents er po'und. The'
transactions during yesterda)? cunrrted(oaime
400 ba'les, at prices above mentione41.
TH.E oLM SA GAINs .-CA remarka'b danid
hignifican4 feature' of the election ina Coimecticut,
.on Monda , was.the ,unani't'y of the 'soldier's
vote. The returned veterans of the -war, bronz
ed in years of-tolisomd~ sarches and scarred 'in
battles, voted nearly unaniously dgainst the
proposition for negro suffrage.
It is believed that througlLtlie maStrumeTntafitV
of Mr. 'Cahill of Charleston, a branch will be
built "rom the Charleston and Savannrh.Railroad
to Hiito'n -Head.. The largest sap can enter
.Port,Royal, 'and.theii eargos -would 'be elsiIy
transported to Charleston or Savannah..
Sr?m Lat.-A law has been proposed in the
Tennessee Legislature pr.oviding for a sta5t of ei
ecution for d'ebt unztil the far-mers' have time to
gather two er thr.ee -er.ops.
Alarge fire occuri&d:in Angrsta, Ga., on the
lOth in ., in which a great portion of"the build
ings formerly~ occupied by the late Cof'e'derate
States Government were destroyed, togetherMth
all the extensive far.chinery.
Fer Congress.
GEN. SAMe'EL McGowis. is- respectfully pre
sented to the Voters ofi'he 3d . ongr,essi6tdal
District inclu.dinig Abboville, Edgefleld, Orange
.burg Rieland, Fairfield,- Lexington and New
'berry, as.a' candidate far Congress et the gext
- .OTER.
Fen CoNGaESs.--We are authorized to an
nounce Dr R. c. GRIMIN. 'f Edggeld, to re
'present in the nest TTif,ed 9tates -Congress, the
Third Cengresg'gnal .District, composed of' the
Dist riets o Abeville, Edgefield, Newberry,. Les~
ington, Orangeburg, Richland and Fairfield. -
Special No"tice,
fTHE Evange ical Lutheran Synod-.of South
(5rolinat 'as regueated the' Trustees, of
Newberry College to ftieet in the College Build
ings on the first Wednesday in Noveuger, at 10
o'clock, A. M. J. P. EFLZER1 *
Oct. 2644 2 -, Corresponding' Se'?
DR.'G.W Garmaniy respectfully takes this
metho of' informing his patrons that'ow,
img to th'e embarrassmnept ot the' times, id cir
cumstances,--.that-he is longer unable to attend
the practice pf~ his profession upon. a Gredit Sy8
fe!h, and ift fut'ure he will expect -pag~ soon as
the case" terminates. His -accounts dFe in the
hands of Mr. Ed. Peterson for co.lection.
ct.2544 t
. ., 4e
4BSFehPot%ash utrcie,n
AC( SForeale otash J- t eci e'
Out.k~ 25-44-2t. b EB&y,EIAE
OL$. 2-44 eSt WEB & i VE6 C
E m res of ths5nctriped -sna'
h~nEre soawl ofte tho nie use.ote Freed
'~Jburgsso w~ll suited to the use .ofthe Freed
aso SsREPR SE. rW'ES.
-r- * .~
. 170 132 21 j 11162 .98 106 73
. 46 23 34 46' 11'2
12 151 22 24 -19 4. 2
315 I 10
12- .24 13 I8 1 29,
2- 20 4 13- 20 ,4 - 8 A4 ,4
.. 6 9 . 4 . 1 .1 2 6 s
.. 18 50 j 27 1
- 10 9 $ 16 I.8 5 -2 12
.. 1 24 _14 19. 11 ,1, 7 8
6 17 9 10
. 34 *.6 42 - I 11 * -.1
15 17 1 17 14 1
2N 12 1.1 6 # '
-2 -1.1 '2' 9 13 '5
10 6 8'
39 6 41 474 10-114
t his estaiblMhmens M'hbb fOu4-il dlbd
S pdheF -
FaRMODable Silk and dhse im afAT
Low arid lih.Zm4n-9o ati
to t6.
Large vreyofBy
sa hoIsCpst 5263 C1a
A splezncd:AsemmatYTf tbe N Sj1 a P
-to r yorth 66.
MulTs, (ufi&, Capessind c-t n*:..
rosl isses -firoM ad if*h
.article for dreis ind comf6r.
et 25 . tree topp,.M
li iolse.es
"VE ~i Cade-sild -~~tb
" ufesI Gae. -
1- " PepperIRoxes.
F'ancy~ Cupa f$r chlJ
Preged or ScanIiles Pens, assi1 -~s
Tin Plattes.
Soup Ladt%s. -
*Large Iron Spoona, &c.
1In.eddition to the abowedbt4 n sEa
asrtmnent oi PLAIN'.T:1NWAREnemd
received'a good sn.5ply of'thw E bst.
--athof TN'qpd .SHEET''TRO ~~11
jfactame ia, te -neatesnd.iuosrmnai
ne'r, aH- kinda of Tin and Sheet Iroe .,
P$i4s &cq usually kept'in a.wegdva i
.It is~ my i-tentToui -tEl wiork .none t,ate ey
bsest Stock, and ha fing h'ad sixteqyyeats-.itg
ca'l experienice. ini the Tinning bgsneayph b
ing desirou;s of establishng~ 'aMutation'ry.
shop which few others*.hare, 1 MiikT4 6e
able to please .Lemost fast* dopa- vee s
ticular. AM1 kinds of Job rk ad
dote at abort neaice.
Oct 25 441yo* W1ILIAtT.
Offied ofAudItoiKof0 -Sgtk
Cogni HoE'EMSrNftb
place a1lYeommneatioIIIshould be.4ue
All DepartW~ ptal offilei's, SG
und District a eterBots-eze y't
report .to this Bur a , eq' hae r -a
their retryn or before the1lZE~J.
OF N'OVEMBER NEXT. It is desirbeda i
Sthese retrns a statemebt be mnade of' tbiha -
a.hd ot.ber .property-of-the State is thidWn%se
the said Officers. Superintendants espia
and thst an-ideouint bi rendered of' r~en
ing liabilities.'. JA)1SUIP,
Oct. 25-44-1t. . S8tela ti -
Grind LA'!ge'IAi dSU1%F in Nann of
GgoEASr C~eLZY*Par(OCg01t ?
I ioiunce to the Craft in Souitfr- raze ie
demis of the mzoa Wearship(al GadNtj
Bror JORD1I.'BOATWRIG 7,M. D. w - k
in Columbia at ~3 o'oidek o'n Sundi y oq~
ihinsaan -
Paperg'eroughout the State a~ e~I
B)Jh*Tr. etersofl Ordir ry qfYNiewr
W HERAS, ElizabeJ GalosakasiA se
XY eR gg etterSYof M i~
ai at singuila* the 6dsand bates
an&* e r Nathant9S1 ule
These are thetefore to citq'ad' sladapools
'w$ sinu'ai, the kynli-ed and cedi*ora .! t
said Aceised, tobo4ti'sppearliefe
ned0c4' , y's QCur&forthe .f~
holden UNewberrytCourt HIouse -e
of Nov. next, to shew pleife, if anyv why~ tbh -
Adntiistration* should not be granted~
Given under.m hsed-endSeul, this ati7l
of Oct. in the y -of o.ur Lard one 81
eight hundred and sixty-five..
Q 252 . JORN T.'PTERSO4 T"
F'arm for $Si.
[O4ffgr icr eate may mnd, 28( acres,.. l~njo9
th ames road, 5 ml~ijetotewbelry..
On the premises gre aR ,la sonreniences of a
well. regulated farm.
Terms to suit tie t es.
oct18'4St - H* R-IPEY,
have jus pen3ed-a new Bakery EeyblIm~e
1on makstreet ricar the-.Depot, in the Hoe
formerly oemupied by Me.fones;- whereli wiP'keeg~
cnstantly ..n hanAn~inncebchaker.&Oa fi'

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