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The Newberry herald. (Newberry, S.C.) 1865-1884, November 08, 1865, Image 1

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E -5
TERMS-$1,50 F;) sTX - .ORE.K
VOLUME T. n TERR1 .S C.. )-M
At Newberry C. U.,
My TE06. F. & R. 1H. GRE.NZ2,
(Payment required invarialy in advancc.)
Adertisement s *:-ertcd a: , por sqi:are, for
trst insertion, .3 for c:ach ubre m:erion.
' Commuications of pCA:nl :xe
TO the HonoraD7k t
session, b o-der o t t I
the purpolse 0 con ene' -
o-dinary conu:;
by Wise and urco n, t. e
and best int- utn1Lro.ina.
Povisional r e >t:te, amI i7
absence of tC e.eti e,sutu:In::
Executiv^. 1 '-n.r it my duty tv add ess
you on the pres(.-- occlsifn, aind( recomme
i,r a zur cons, ation such manoare a m
1V jU.:.."L, *he interest and we'ar of thje
...hough I have not the hor cf Uciv:ng
Suthoriti, ls Chf 'ecutivte of t he State,
fromv you, or tle people of Somzn - -ro.m
,e. I~can assure von. in a
zonsiititution%l Gi !v r o of t,., :tl Li e e
had your intere-tv. your h
more at heart, or hts evo 1- o
and encrgi;s wc)re . U
to wha ha : -
n:rte th wer
And I may sjv, v. I ru1 !, a -
though app.nted n ,
4-r the m-: S,'1 i W
.her --:+
Govrn met - - .
Ujnited -ta.tes
ete or any s7n t
filends, for.th
S'hih I m10
nlo-nt f.r C -.* ,..,
to an4l er e
* -
dcmous - -
ovaitv of the p
Altiiough I evd
rai month. after other 0
ha~d been comniin-~.i, I h
of inomn yo'u ti. t '-. 1 h s *
a's far advanced in hr 'rrsr
abecr Southern '-:.'e. I ,
time in + vi ;- to 6:! .all the bI. ~
State with my' pero or.
partisans, I deerindt) re- ore t '
wer.e in oilce at tbe su'Trn.'n ct ' e ~
governlment, an who M'1 Iu no mtsn
:the people or -l pei:e. by ti- Ltue
and were fann,mr w;itn ter C : I'u]c
I knecw too well the' characttr of . :t V:
.la to do.aht, for a ~mmn, hth''
would prove layo" and true a . eoe
their oaths of ai n.e to the . mt
In this war, I re -tab-lise en
z*dited huer r.cnstn:-ion Ana.
,tt CosI.to,w s
fagistrates wer... ..utho: .0z .
('ath of a!!cgian'ce so * to q" y t '* -
ini tjime for' the' 'eleC' a. I -n
lawv throunoiut the Ste, a*d ordeed th
.courts to be ope: j These m ors . r
d>jected to by the mi'tary au:mra :, as
tranlscend'ing myW posers . viia
.ernor. But n thePeiln :Mie ei
that I h.d doe 1n orde th m r'" na
tuorities noKt to ine fIr 'e i: my p e
reCconstrutin.P ik a w1 n n-0 ~
patriot, he co nie in t
see th-m en'jo
'themiselves. W:.
honor of crea.ti: th
to .Andrew John. w ciA11a~
t<my, the gl'iry of ha n atc
-mnarring its C vl heautie. I' ,\ J -
too, he is by msint,-iu
obey, urniti.'.' = p
hesupport et his. admin i-tr
a most harmo y1ons scg n
apresented a new~ Constituuin f'' fu "re 1
governmnrt of :th Carti n. Ti Co
e.ut:onl is more pnfar ed (demoer e i i
of its features than the o d one, av 1 .m
-1799). The Parish sytmo repeta
-in the Senate, which had becae ' by th,
b-rowth of the upper counr n wea than
population, unetqulal and unjust, :liowing one
Judicial District to have te'n seaos '
others of egnal extent in ten iry but. en",
was abolished, anid n!! were esreda
and conservauve" bh1sof J n'au he
Ho.use, founded on whlit. i n '4,n
tion, was rotained. The u1". "
of lands has bee cha'e" Ind tue ' P
to be lev:ed in pre'oriu to )Le
of all taxable property..A~ moders *yo ta
is provided f"r, which wi I esu-"e 'I to con
triute someti:er towards the suar C:to
Governmenct unde hich. the lieand. r
berYs of the Senrate andi Hous.'ef of. lreentI:
jives, which semedl to pr)T,'m thaI't a ma P
patriotism depende onc h'is wea' 01 has be'en
dispensed wih Themelrs of theig
tions, so thatt their coC. u. r ko
for whuom they voted. The es MV trPat'
of the State is to be ce't'd 9A the Eco f V
four years, and nas a qu:nai vto on t e
legislation of the tw o i a
Such, gentlem1en. IS t:A nev fo tItnio
ninder which y-ou h-' arembl.., an a Meh.
:olina wihm 'r a1 and4 6nrey
the talent an! r oureg of the State. t i:
t--::,- t.a a,-,dVer thy oil :00, :N tC(aro
"ia has. given tho 1epuble a bright g-:llaxy
of ~ On ninwhe semy wel! bo proud] of;
but her inaterial 'rosprity a- a State h n. not
kept pace wiTh Ohat 4 her outhern Oi ters.
Her popudation has been moving to the Smith
west ti: there arm, %t thi, t:ne. ast a
manv native Souta Wrohnmans Hing in otner
Stats an there are in tis tae. They have
drained the St, too, of h'r wealth %:.l en
ergies. For the lnst thiit% or forty years wV
have ikewisc beYn oi ivi'us of all internal
in -our fQ lsA ani vemtioug
SA9cv.:1n of thetti':: of the Federal (r.
erlnwa:t. &rin'Aro ha, bAn1 W:OWved
manufactures mO i rrrd, .nd commer'
deslismd. Forcign inmlyr::inn, wii hUs
fiAe owher Stas w&t weAlih a nloulation,
devl7PA their rea.surces nd nk de them hap
Pj, pros p:,r,u v n- pw.fl hsben ds
n~ r7. i.inth' 'lle C- ri , 1rS r hhave
fot s she consumned or nod
e,i, W : n pYnrnt on IN 11otern
tats for our nows, mulc& mte n:!1 ho,
hano, annd heC' Fr th:e N-rt'crn
Stat ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (" , eners2te1:aue Ofur
Jdantat:s t:l t0r:es m waicnW I we rode,
naml th: 1t1s WA hihwe woro.
Thiw p0ty :m,.t ro lonzer be co:hnue,u1.
It shcuMl the ile of every farnr and pian
ter in the State to raise, grox or make every
thing which he ies or recs. Slavery has
been abolished, a:.d labor madc more hnioa
h!) as wc l as mr necesar.V wu; wl Ivo
have herctofre snent their livcs in ease A
din s w ): ' for'al to work. I-.: , 1
the e :: pro ( 7: ia:: are n' on er tile w.:.y
hoporM iv mns of iAeNIV:A fir our young
-nI. ThIOV MunSt h("'02m1 t:l 1me, r:nnu
t~ ~ ~ ~ t r , W III
On:! Krin:00 Ord n'ma ' mMAvON
n b Wnn : c u e w e : c m ow ,
-.na, O v a:p we Pn MY oa
Khmo:r., P.:m ers and ns
s) u d. p : n Tf L h, r :n i t>
he E: 3.1: ::er-:: s t w pa ::anu
ae : r r vor.-''t
- . ! I ."
- 7 :n rn a u: ... *. u
'' S -f
V n e vn r n. -e1
- 4f
t - . i:1 FC i -
e 'The C ',n the Pn01
na Go er u to.= p.,t7 a' 7'777 tmisi n
n7:l'ws fs:r the i.Kon; ' oe7nmetl of
o "o r .C""'r I hav t2c iO'ntlug
'nir~ A thae in,a>te tompr "thiscom
('77 'p . ,:~ - - n b onte ti::w, report 'x
'ace"- T'''n '*' '. -t
- h f:c,t 1:-: .n.:. .e concern.a. It
f no rim:. 7l7mr ha
csnt the. u.g in X t th other1 01te .2An
C! ce . e -e~. il'' .7 m i ''c Lto.1 li~ the e i"
0:-t Ii. ' . in ob dene t
t ' pr 'er mh e ' r .e
t n t of th Egbe I i ;:trancet
"7, ''' '' m" b7 r. "T y' -l:: sx C.i tha -
Sik itC. h til (" is ma t, he da-iC(
h. ('i 2'i o e'27C : f ,e ni' n ."' m"'- p'c
the'7 S n: "'n atr a, wn em.ths ha(' ve"C~t
b .een'~.17 txiited, to1' him, a . rn rhou tht the ay
-. t .7..r th, .L.t,..to..:''' t
)een ' some snow n: Tnro:' lav er ex::eun
ml rC~0C. 'o~I
this i o: t unn it wat In' ed. '. t the,U (a
tart T heC ut. r 1 :t :0: m t in t ' I
thit ; but thr avoyndh pKn y n Fv,"un eW
p""rt i 1 C'_ Ulg m in U',
tile f th nio wayvoe a ing t Ih I COMbQ.
i p m nA ,W i a imUiWhl 14Y a'lim c
StateC 'And. sti b sin :-'~r e Sat li cL't
tavs e n s r: U tat ti:ini n. the
f"i ist id . It
t:n Ie N'-t l 'ce:id: t, ::d I c:' 1 VI(' CX
and~~~~~~ vpe Kntqd?,yurmra;s-w
t Itt I I
raQ core Ifibe L Qd S av :j. bv n reim tw
prsnJ a'rn her ' is eaM b''.*:c
theyck w i tkhai t i 13m ra in
the lans V: l t:a m vote :e Sitor,
CWO .m lt,: b h v 1 Y:
wid6f beyo?, 2Sy, aWe yto:nr Mcon :-il
aend' ,r -'r tI .-L o.i o ..;r Ixctr N.ic,
t I'' 1ik :F. o *:': n
sen th S:neof .nche r K Ca clga t cm
in S Ca i: in :-; . It . r ' le
%:Atsi swinotvt ih- yor Q,n:th C::r 1
in*he tent i' 11! of 'ti - Sen:t of tI" ii
ti i1I. ' th
A vi -I- !- ex
enn ':s,i 'Ib ' ix m . ,m un 'e
The third-e :i se 'um vat . 't on I. '
I~ L'
h id '1 of 1 12i Iol ymr\'L le:ic't n ('if l
be f0r thov e: ired theC0 f t a vancy ' cxP;z i
1 u''' t''n'' o a ''a' tsI.'~'cxi.aC '
& rh 'q t "c' 0 :
la1 aa : r :w i n " a
t WA nlnes =5 n A . A m
n0 nZ L s:
v "- c ~~ O!iC'IC
h ..: :v s d a v n c nM e o ett
:a h paiJ out f t tU
n I
and.ha':t. e ii .y: e bend- usp inl
, are ice I. nou~ u of ie nt rn ert, a
hotye d :n X iy 0 B:- r i toe c. Xc.g 01f
the tsvn o y th --ne d .M ram Iti. u r o
reC tol tm
1 1 C I -
.:rn.:nt LI i.i : I ' ., ' n r N w 1.. ie
H.:ac i t x i l w ho h a V 0o b (en
Th on:* of, h Caited ''S pas'e
f- 1 ':- .11.t
n A,, d tth
e( tt ".1 %f r a1 iV
Freedo n' s ofat tk n ss n o
A n ,:. ib- *Mri tne ,c
theiI ri n rd: puros (t tw. intot
t a., t co It , t in oE tl ; t, a
e'I) Hro. ti misl' m t o u ei. r c oun
rr w .:r Me ant.% ere nte ouny t:;c
ti ie e i d f:h At Gve r :nent-, r.'e
and Ch1S'-- t' n sh!Zv t ne tppro
pratd rsa: d b:.s.l no i: am
ers,j~ \fIe '.nl- '6 wi..n',vs Cin f...Ito'an
chi~~~~~~ ur0 n fsri::g in th1 ::y
h1 .ve been:Tak)o . 1 0f ali( kept f.>r
the uIS of the n the po;( e
W; t~i It ,c '' . u xI '1C lje-- o
Ii (ut ,t .t wit that wieise omu j nv
and kin : : 1 L h hi s Lsan t-iz d e:
. ." : II ''.' .t .cu .xtr ii s i ,
Sr'red th - vv e restored to th- pro
pIth a r tj' e. o- . ite
I . i J i'.r .! V"' N \Pc
p Ir - - f) t hi ti ti on
: t - t P:- Gei m a'I.
('h C hOe .1 ei Jc.' uth Pro'1 iioa G c
X::c o:n.,; i : C. :: m :: l ag nt d e.:c nt
C - . ' at (h i 0,1 in r -4:r i Ic o . t V
-. i tau m .) i i: nl is t k p -
.1 n. i ,e: ii r c t
'. - C k:l.. n to. you fo h'i s" h i
--ae7 e s ::i' l i; n: ie e"eI i ence. :
A--:ic, n ..- I il C :-:h c"-:;.d ro
7:1 C, ' '
Si I '
n r n, o n..): of ten
'!- n i a : n t I! -an
-. ..dutyet'.I:i'ngnto 700
V hyin e e L, .- .mc
f r n : I ' :e t : e I h i 'erp ., :r:t v:
1.'-r~ -:: i"n.a of the exte. K
n t"
u 11 V- 7< O-s f tli(A s A t of t !
, w cia ih tI i'r
ve ter- ver #::'n ricn t im, s frmI h
I'o tm str-G net! .hin th t thle m---i:
WOuld ( be tari;d o : J th,. rail.oLds' i:
So'nt h C:-.ina, "nn s the Dvpartmien;
Wasas.ure tdi b ir 2[.'-n hii t :'Ind tlan
he would :e1 ;l,- rcsoaW ol! r.'r for carry
Inz them from tet jirlroads to all ti
c nti--r .. court. !.nses.til thie 1rst -o
m.' . T ern h been '>)iijlic;) itv Ii rc
* ani to the~. op..;jatmenL t of pos5tm]i.Sters i:
Soth Car>n. - I ve irtnod the1 Pos.t
maii't-'r-fine:!i thai:t it w;-ubl be impros.ih2
to iJ; is appoto:'nt if he e:acted t8
w1hol f ah)!, n th r a mrain h
1iC 1 ny inl this tore.
1 h e e :4 a. :ni: un 'ication f.Orm t'
secretarv c.f ' U cing form:- i n br
Wa' h' v ck r -1 1 a',road, in refrcnci
t) the p era. ndp riqusting in2
tC St'e would ri;idly enforceher quarantin
lrV . I "-r~e in -e paper1 to th, 1avor o
the i*'v of a::on. u'o would t. e sne
actio)n as in- y11ri1ea-t m;y be n ce a
rv to p;r-erent o-r State being visited b7 th
trribl snc ourge.
In iconclu-iin, I would nrge you, gnt e
ifn, to lo nly to tlie future in your legis
t'*n and forg>:, s fjr as vou can, (Ite past
Ti-re ; mncI -Pop - f"r nd live for, yt
'i' . : roA ic. We shouli congratulatt
our?'Ve -ntiV c t con'tr that civil war hm
. I , an pknce is re:torcd to fhie land. N
lon : ae our citiz :s to be forccd fr1m theil
h-o:s a .uid f:ails ani clerod a h!noody sac
rig ~on the 81.! of h-tue. No longe1r is Gu:
b.i'c Staote to be- r ei nd desuiltd
n u, to ns nnd V;i'-*:n. m oIIittedl to) th(
t ia: tr.u i iful Prov:l knee has onct
mttre '! .d r land wth k an canty ri
n o lan.sr i.:vc we 'vany vpprehensions o
w.: t n i tin ' o :re in11, 10 enjo
t of he:d th. Oir yc,w-cr men, no l e
ro-mri1! ': n 0nd i n %V Crth em in
re t i:.' !!, , t' oh w i:: d r e r t -
'ad I.appmI . em brou s aer dote
f i are di: a ngone reopl e.; in, .
Ilavea no -ueh~ e
Ci ter her ;wt of Fe'
r r : t11 : '-' - i V:-') t: . wi o rn ri;
.....F.,: tr- .
and 1.nyal to he lg td fih as anyr. r,
ma . line. In th:
r t h r i -n v Ci- L aC b oent r w Qzn::
'I I . . . t v . .i n
s irer:f.nh::h:s cm L-n men. they n1~t
have- e:'.)y Het hfart, the ace to cr.
-. An ir -r-ti y fi .rm vit adu n au lem I
0on an *lm-. iberto th m-:y' oa th co t:i
c ~.:- . :- er :m tUne a .a itpi
ia n Alih-ct*-~ .u Go . -
i'.r-. jn~ ~ sit-~ t~c B.r cF. PE( RIO1.
'Ac Jaunft he into5,i the Colt i-y.IOr
o" a-vecnt -; tn t in th e arri:ieol frie: di
*h h i h::d co to twn for this y m:
: htr (Ih had eenh p-ly ong th vi,i -da
o o l te r .tiveo f her'',C.~- ' own d m rl
durig he fth e r's~- e-.vasin the. di.s ti
beor n ) bit.0, (lelde a ne . o p:'Vy 0
to . !tr ton'. omi tiuu Vi it h:ll vist :h
been-i oredth. fro yarv tod ya f1
fIf'ten i y iea,tillfom, a y~a1ong~ m:m I h
e r.:2o !.2 lapse oftin and i en
n: 1 iiester. Ir .since my ci llind a maic e
Li move to tthe plac v:here~ h e i ve
--t 'r m''is fr. N - -;2 ting tO
when . t.ok.d.at the Li n:ing youet' irl tiec
my it t'ithe carn- i culd' scan:y re
ris i a tw lv1 e 01! :'C c nyear h:t-tP21 elps
ce iha Vsite the'. part f thes.: car
where he fu'er bras,0 2u*i whhbfr that
e)'?' odicG had. been qute f-milia w tho f(r'i
r even yirs, in gb: oadfo Hig0
hn yers I h-dntbe odtepin
Lto seeithe~ * (o,eru imp'1:en
been crt-e h:mdom*--'t' re ii .ee ghe. whid
th'~ir:*'e hai of a pope,\~rc : n- ch.'r
main-bil1ing bul by . a een f:<an
to n I v:.s .ii:. to -e a settlement
which hdi ben ,a;e since I ha l passed this
road he re, a mriern house withfl ower
farden and other exte:sive in"provements
wh*Yb ha,i been nade long ei.oogh for the
rnt h:ive face41 on the hui:Ain,q ard this
,ini me oI the lrpse of time. A
ile- f ihr on is the re Idcneg of a kindly,
.d eer1y P .res t:. terin lady, whose only
on .wns one o my vcomads; .n arms during
the ! ca:pign <r war, one of the Quitman
i fmn, ho Wo;t a band at t1ne battle of
po~tt4y;v:ni0, and is nowv eng.ed in the
e aefu oCupation of teaching, and
whose pti.ude na;l faci'itv in acquiring !an
gages,ancin t al mrnI*,, would seem to
1y him for a prof rhi in some semi
1- or m1, i: ut of icrning. His gailantry
in te h was h!"yeC,pok en of by hisa3pe
tan, but he nos disab!&i by the loss "r a
hand a',d reired frm the hnrdThips and pri
vati of thO active s -ri in conseiquneCC.
f epent a i t ,very agreeiAbly with him on
m return. Two niL:s further on I came to
a Stream memorO bl to me, since i.' -.as thero
that I exper;end my first "dangr byfiood."
- reurning from a wedding more than
twenty years ago, (the wedding of an elder
hroth.r, and the tirst wedling in the family)
on n h1k December morning, in a buggy
with a eatne, who w:s driving, as I wis
noth; of a 'Jehr myself It had rained all
pig1.t an., part of he di before and the bold
soream was turbid and swolen. My relative,
wh 'w y nm) riash, in general, h,esi
t b,ut divinig into the surging waters,
bt his lr ozher (who was my uncle) r(de over
Sn1 hort:bak before us to leist the depth of
the -.-::t,r,a::d . he rt.de over without seeming
to s..vim his horse, he assurcd us we tuight go
oer af1 r. Wu had not reached tke middle
of t - Stream. _1 ore we found ourselves float
n d,own the tirie,'and I h:zl to s%V'im for life
to onoo f the h-nnk It iNns with much labor
C1 :iikculty that my relative and his horse
were0 r.-cued, but a cLum1p of trees fortunately
ca.e in the way ar'i stopped their downward
. Hpre y uncle succeeded in getting
a f "ot for ho c-:l no' s;Nin n" all. Iis
b r with th' assistance of some negrocs,
thew. a log across to him for a bridge on
i.b1he passed t deep swift current which
rus.' between him nd the bank. The horse
c S::!dcarcely ke iip his head out of the water
. v eaiz on his feet a d being encum
Od wtl th bzv Cnu. not get out, ti.
oeS (livek- 1a et the harness loose.
hebuz remain ed i:. the stream till the
_u:cin- of the wrters. Such v-.s my re
mini e of I: n~ Creek. Since that time
near -;i ce n rf a century ias passed, (for
t in IY) and I 'have reaehe the
cam h a of ih l f '--hib if not entirely
free~ f. ' n . t and sto! m, is miuch less lia
Me asue :siMies. Since that time fami
* '" ie hv pr u into incipient manhood
wi Ona nd. am!~ at my side was'a speci
*s Dd'of Ie l:tuer. As we drove on I had iei
sire to o 'r e the change which the country
ha'd unargon-. Fo~rests had been cleared,
ni ois and hilis wore enti -ely worn out, t.hQ
ecountre was broken and opanl for a great scope
of vienw, am! it .camed a higher ridge than
for.ne.ie We arrived a.fter sunset and the
wo a.,.n!s s:pped at the gate of my friendi's
houmz. We ha.l just bKforn passed thenegro
..,.. b. in in1 --i style near the road, but
without en!:!sores or p:rdens~ or even shade
tre but eley:d o: eriv. The whole sur.
reecii" of the thece were evidences of the
exelet nn!ag'ui nt of the owner. The site.
K f. hixtensive meyvs was once the site of a
ernrysore anii grecery, where drinking,
* :d.iin, cock-fightin'g, h(rse-ratcin'g and
si kir's of u.ie- eduness once e. eI high carni
t:d .hu nox, behnid the met-orhosis. The
*-cen a)'Voc'~ratio2s and appurtenances of farmn
. - h-'l long taken the p'ace of those feverish
b t inus f-ens and pursuits, and the
, cenemd as it were r"eeerated, bore,
i:t~i embedi .nd in berrightind.'
(0e e o h ortance is
d~ in ticity and at Washinxgtom.
n-cr of gent emer, are tryiug to get an
Vre to conistruct a line of tele
romV" Ch( "'ton viat the Gieorgia~ and
~pi coast to lVvann. Two routes are
er di:cui''oo or.e by (he way ~of Key
nerI.s th ais r Cunba, and the oth
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1:eio Fr.e' ier nd theL City of Men'
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