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~: ~ -' ~L~Isat1v Mii5 optlnuede
4r tr offered a resolution which was
reet t the corwsttee Instructed.ac
Ordin T hat it-be refer&d to the Commit
te OR the .'udvimy ~to inquire- and. report i
-rhat Ie is?ation i:.necessary for sOpplying
the-records of the various District offices of
this 9tAe, whieh have been lost or gdestroyed
- - 4.Rhe action of the Federal army during the
late wa, amnd whether any changes in the law
4_Mened imay be uecessary in -rder 4o en
able'parties to establish th' foriner .pxistence
Wnd los"f destructionr of private.deeds, bonds,
-ootem, or. other evidences of title. of - Oebt,
*Keresa* deeds bonds, notes; &c., bare beena
os=og ed by tha ravages of,the late
- 6 e-tdmittee be authoriked to
port-byUil or othlewise.
! [email protected] Sor the sale of the State works
atGreenvillevvias mended,.on motion of Mr.
TillWn, by.ordering the sale -to be for cas-h,
ad wa agreed to, and was ordered to be
~.4t to tbe House of Representative for con
ifr.iLawton oelred a resolution, which was
referred to.lhe Committee -on the Judicia1ty,
to inquire and report%bether any and wlat
legislation is necessary to reliere individuals
i who, during46be progress; of the war,. had
mado covtraets in expectation oT discharging
.h contracts in Confederate currncy.
Mr.'Arthur offered the following resi.tion,
whic -was agreed to, and ordered to be sent
to the IouBe of Representa.tives 'for concur
-rence. -
.Rikared, ThatthsGenetal Assembly - will
oberreAh fogiig orde f business durig
the prefpt Allecial se.'ion: Al bills already
ntrodu(:d- and rsurch as hereaf:er may be
r sented, sh:Tl be, prosecuted to a^ second,
reading,'and if treid a second time in both
Hbuses, shall ihen be-continued in'til lI ne.U
eputafisessian of the Legstature for a thir
re ding, antd if rdethe third time, shaltLhen
- e presented teAshe Constitutional :Governor
--Mr. . Williams. offei ed 'a reeohion,
which wus agreed to, that it .be referred to a
ea' comittee. -o inquire and 4report what
s, if anyj;may be dispensed. witt, what
- A -ries,-fes 4n4 perquisites sliould be redu
d, aadwhat ebinges and retrentchments k
ibe adi s)et make .undr the changed
di fkr _inrs with leave to reirt
Mr Arthaintroduced a b v to repeal the
the Sirat Assembl entitled "An
let hf 4.debtors, and t. prevent
- RacrifOeef property 4kubic . es,'ati
sethe 1tday ,f December; 1861, and to
nie Ir the collection of debts in judg
* un .y ai*iIknetts . whi'ch reered- the
a referred to the Comiftee
. tite Judiciary, and was ordereddto be
~ ~- - Er. Thoms.ion smhritte4 the following report:
7Ihe Commitestbe Judiciary, to whom was
- eferred that par-oftsh.easagedo his'Excellen
- tPr aaWv'uor wchrelae f4e
aDd the report orthe Commisson oa- the Code,
ga ~ve to report : Tfhat they have -concluded
t~ jortp- of the .subjects -above referred
te4Mem, and ' eve to reporf by bill, and re
una ad.& .psssage In repordiag. upon the
~~ -~ -~ ~t these gobe&ferred to your comunittee,
~ihm~4ok it -improper. to express
--mien seicesrendered
*he on the Code) anpthe approv
Z~h our coinjige,f the general accuracy
. m (ae vmembers -of the -Cem
asgm rosent during the dle
eGoinbIittee of the Senate,. and
- ;~,~7~i~Ion~of the parta: Tear.ded.
~4.tfr,eto reich objections were made. The
to prepare a new and
y~* a 3U,suitable and proper, fore :the goy
-emnmevt asid grotection of a numerous race here
6 - - agentomedtdthe.forins anid usages of
a kY te QliOfi of Tour committee, hap
an .that the thaniks of-the State
- teemen .composing -tbe Comnmis
on.th.de , for their useful and~ valuable
hrKes&witroduoceA bill to regneate the
eetm.fdeb0:eretofore contracted.
Mr . et introduced a resolution, which
~ragk tt that it be referred td the-Mili
a~ rfymmitee to inquire into .the necessity
C sj%d1egeaktiofbthe militia of this
- $$tiaud iport upon the practicability of
ogasizing a .smail military ;police for- each
*~ '.1*-. tstuict, subject to th~e order of the Distriet
- r Mte iodticed a bill to restvaia can
- -ssidens of jdgmne1tand assignments -prefer
-~ Rc~W.2MikeRl jitoduced. a . resolution,
w1eh ra&greed to, (hat if, be referted to
ida~iry Commwittee- to inquiteal r d e
Cp - athepjropriety of so ampending the
Mr.Bakerib.troduced a resolutiona, which
-was..gr~eed to, that i.t be refg~red to the Corn
C mi~t o -thwe sailitary poWequgidrepr
9nioi~riof Ur.ressey;- eHouse pro
.se o the conmde,ation of the inatters
'~-r r r,i e to the s aif Gen. A. C. Gar
- asa-e'bN of the House, and tbe
pion otemAttorde'y-Gieneral in the case,
* - - ~ ~ heeffectthit GenQGarlgton was enti
~l~oa seat, wagordered to be printed in
* jurnal '
- ~~~r. Barker idoe'dte folloilg. :eso
- - odeswkrch wer eferred io -the Cotnpit
- " RRdr Relafions:
- a- ',uI~~inon-of tis (e
-t-ep iJ'fSouth -Carolina
haggiyith-the requirements of
the s~*d ation eof- his Excellency
'. -; - a4ree ohson, Presidenit of - t ie United
StateS, dated99tli May' 1866. -
- eoled,. That having given th& strongest
- praco,jcal proofs of their entire acquiesence in
the results of the war, including the emnan ci
- -pat.ion of their slaves, the peopre have- fairly
- entitled-themselver, to the tenefits of amnesty
-& guaranteed them.by that-procla;bation.
Besoir,ed, That -tbe conntiiuance of martial
.law,gand the further suspension of the writ of
Aq4eai corpnts withjii the limits of the Stg&te,
is incosstLent&-wth the ratoration of civil
government, anid the proper subordiantiQn of
the military to the civil powver, required by
the Constitution of the'United States.
Resolved, That the people of South Carolina
fully appreciate .the difficulties which have
surrounded the President of the United States,
-and obeerfully heeord to him the tribute due
to,cdemency in the etereise of power..- That,
acknowledging their pisition at the elose of
plc, yet having accepted the terms which were
offered them, and having fuilly complied witih
all the conditions then proposed, the public
' -faith of a great Government stands solemnly
'pledged, before the eyes -of the world, to
release them from military rule, and to restore
them to all their rights in the Union.
Mr. Milligan introduced a bill to abolish the
whipping of white people iuthis State ; which
was referred to the Jugiciary Committee.
- - Mr.-Miligan introd-uced a resolution; which
--was agreed to, that it be referred to th.e Comn
mnittee on Education- to inquire into and re
- port as to the expediency of establishing one
. r more night schools in the city of Charles
tnr, for thQ education of white mechanics and
5!!III........ S ..
their books in evidence; which was -read the
Mri-utler .inrodced a resorition, which
ras greed to,.. that ft be referred tothe
Military Commifte. o inquire intfthe er
pediency -of devising some schemo , for the
Organization- of such wiit persons between
the ages of sixteen and - fifty- as -ire in the
sesboard Districts, to protect that portion of
the State, until the ternis of thir. report of
this day can be carried into'effect.
Mr. Clyburne Introduced a resolution, that
it be referred to the Committe'e of Ways and
Means to inquire and report.as to the ape
diency of exempting ali lands and town lots
de'iastated by the puoTC enemy frotp all, or
a portion, of the ,State taxes, during-the next
fiscal year.
A Lil~-prelirninary. to the legislation im
duced by the emnancipatiohof saves, from the
Judiciary Cowmi.ttee, was read.
Mr. Dawkins, from tl4e Judici*y nom
mittee' made a report on a resolution as- to
okners of tand perm ting persons of -Olor
Mr.. Landrum introduced a resolution,vrhich
was agreed 6.that the C'onittee of ways
and }Peans-be instructed: to inqire imto and
report on the best manner of pay ing the tax
&n land levied on~ the p,ebplc of this State by
the United States Govrnment.
Mr. W. E. Mikell intrciuce'd a resolution
which was agreed.to, tha1 w1ftreas many off
the Banks 'of thisi State are u:able to meet
their.circulition, - and that under their char
ters thestockholders are liable to'dolble the
armount ef their stock, -hat it be referred to
the Judiciary Committee to in.quire wlAher
said liability may not be viewed in the-light
of a penal ty to check excessive circulation or1
reckless banking,-rather than a contra.-t with
the-note-holders, aqd if so, thft the Commit
tee be instructed to report by bill or other.
wise, sich relief as~may be necessary. in cen
sideration of the extraordinary circuarstances
that have -rendered -hir s.nability to mget
their notes. --
-Mi. Black lciuroduced i-resolution, W1ieh was
agreed to, tbit it be referred to the Committee
of Ways and Means to ascertain *bat provisi<n,
if anv. has been made by- the South Caro!.n L
Raihroad Company to mest the payment of the
$2,000,000 of her indebtedness. falling - due in
January, 1866, for. which'the'fNith and eredit of
the S-ate is pledged,,and-tbat the committee re
port by bill oietherwie.
r. J.-S. Richardsan,Jr., introduced a bill to
estiblis a hom6stead law; and, -also,* a bill 'to
amend the law known as the stay law f. which
Mr..Price introduced a resolution, wbich wqs
agreed to, tat it be referred to- the Gonniittecf
on Retrenebtoent$ to ingnire lfato the propiety
of at once abolishing the offee -of State A'ditor.
- USouth Catolina C:fnc,
ecently in sesson a Charlotte N. 0. was ad
I ogrned sine die on Monday the 6th inst.
W. T. Capers offered the Report utthe coMmiit
tee on~periodipals, which wias adopted. The Re
Sport recoinmends that the Church fr-ee herself{
as fr.ras.possible, front tfie Eecularizing influent
ces consequent upon-the manufacture and~ mCr
chandize of books; this work beirco done for the
Chureb by individuals.
The sommittee. on Memories reported4,that
Samuel Townsend and D. A. Ogburn-died during
the year igpe'ace.and hope-. -
The Ch~urch Extension Comnndttee reco n men
ed that P30,000 be coVlected- during the prevent
ear, ior the vanious purposes contemplated.
Thbe report was adopted.-~
On motioar of Dr. W. Smith, ihe Conferegee.
epressed its abiding. conicei-n for -the spiritual.
weTare of the colpred people. throughout the
Co:erence territory, leaving. the.mna-ter of,sup
plibg them, with the Bishog and the Presiding
Elders. The Quarterly conference are ordered to
Trense colored nn to preach and- exhort, w-t.-n
sue4h action does not conflictrith the laws of the
States in which licenses are grad...d.
GO mation, it was ordered that a 'brief P'asto
ral Letter 'be addressed toithe eolored people..
-The Resolutions frevious'y ofred by J. W.
Miller, requesting t'he delegates -e the General
Coference to useA.heir influenice to secure the
xtension of the Pastoral term, the sajengthen
ing of theepscopacy, and the incorporation pf
the lsy element into:the legislative body .of the
chureh were considered and adopted.
On motion of E. J. Meynadile1 'the. Deleghites
to the General Conferedh~e are. requested to con
sider the expediency of baying prepared a cate
[chism for the instruction of those who are on
probation, anfd also a form for the reception 'of.
probaioners hito fill cotineetion.
*On nmotion,'a Resolution was. adopted urging
the people ihrdughout the .4onferebee territor
to cherish and sustain Class-meetings.
The following-were elected: IYe-egates !to the
General -Gdnference: W. -Smith, -D -D, A M
Shipp, D D1 W A Gamnewel; H A eWialker, S.4~
Brow, R J.Boy d, -James StacyjV H Flemmning,
and Charles.Betts. Reserves: J W Kelly, J Rt
Pdket,W P Mouzon. .
-Marion C. B., S. C., was selected for the place
of the next'.Anniial Session of'the Confereneer
The first Friday in April and the first Friday in
September, were set apart as days of Fasting,
HumiHiati&n and- Prayer.
W P Miouzon was re-appointed to preach the
Annual'Sermon befor'e the Conference.
The list of appointments wiIL-te' found% . the,
fist page.
THE - z~ .-We think that ~the . negro
should be .con tent with . what the war ha
donefor brm, with*out askhvg the right 'of
suffrage or other iklitidal prNvilege.s, rand, if
-he makes such demands,.w-e-eae opposed to
gating them.-RIichmond_Whig.
. We thinrk that the rebels.should be content
with .wha e Government has gven -'hemn
with life, h ~~ty -and the' restoration - of for
-feited rights.of citizenship ; arid thteir decepcy,
if nothbing else, shouli preverit .th4nifrom pre
siming -to dictate to what extent, the wel
!.earned rights of loyal nx4n should be reedg
nized-Brooklynt(Y Y.4 lTicros
The people of the-Soutlhbave o'destre tq
nterfere 'rffh th'e tights or thEloyal black and
-rhite people of the North,'wlio are p'ertectly
at liberty to dispose of thd suffrage question
as they think proper;-and-confer it u.pon wvlom
they pleAse. But, as wir of the South, ar e
now presumed to be egually as loyal as the
peple of any other. section, we sbhl deter
mine who is and who is not entitled to ~exer
cise the right of franchise without eensuxlting
the wishes of the extremists of the North.
Sertr ewrard told Aiexander Rives
-Esq., that he.wished to ma'ke. peace between
theNoth ndthe S thyha,as to~ the test
not have voted for it ; but, said he, the -oath
is a law and any Congressional district in the
South "bad better send an idliot or a child to
Cozgress, who cani take it, than to send a
wise mnan who cannot." We have this from
Mr. Riv'es himaself.-Ch~arlottescille (V t.,]
If thie men of charncter and aibility elected
to Congress b>y otur people are excluded by
this obnoxious test oath wVe had better remain
unrepresented than to be disgraced 'and out
raged by sending idiots and children to Con
"The test-oath is unconstitutional, obsolete
anti-republhcan and odious."
A crrespondent writes to the New York
News fi-rm Lexington, Yi-rginia : -"The .Rev.
Dr Pendleton (Brigadier-Seneral in the Con
-fedeate army, and.General Lee's Chief of, Ar
tillery,) retui-ned aftcr the surrender to the
pasrate of thiepiscopal Church here,but after
after a few sermons his church was closed,
-8 *
Opressire. of other niatters
on-our columin, our 'readers -will please wait until
next week ?Or the conclusion f g "Jatnt into the
Gouutry. '
Efection -of Reesfntatives. -
. Wedieesday, thp 22d inst., is the day fi,ea for
the election of Represintatives ie the United
States CongreSs from this State.
etingofthe Grand Lodge.
The GraiI Lodge of Aneient Free Masons of
ehtk parolina will convene* iii Columbia, at it
o'clock, M., 'on Tuesday.,~ 21t November, 1U5.
-The Legia 4 -.m
Atourned Ast-Moudwy. Reces 'rill the jth
Monda 'in November, when thi boky .wll assem
ble in riegular sessiorr.
Another Company.
Cnpt.JQo.'- 3fMChrlevs compan'y,we- are pleas
ed to learn has bees received, and is now ready
f?r duty. The following are the Lieutenants:
J. W. Jno. Riser, and J. L. Cromer.
We ill publish 'h list of mie4nbcrs in the next,
issue -
- aj. Vanee's Compay.
We.no.tice with satisfaction the formtion of
another company, under the ca;l of Gov. Perry.
-It -.has ben qrganiz~ed by Xaj. J.- K G.
Nance of'the veteran and gallant 3rd Regt., un
C.-,r whose efficient command as captai-it will do
a good duty. The section comprised in its - bekt
will be the Eastern portion ,of tdis'DistAct. The
Lieutenants are J. L. Cofield, J. 03. Brown and
J. 10. Tuvn ipseea..
Death-of Lord Palmerston.
Lord Palmerstni- England's great Premier,
died on the 18th of O tober last, jn.the 81st year
o1his age., Iis funeral obnies'toyk-plaee on
the 2;th.' Earl Russell will- refrni.tbe cabinet,
only to the extent necessiat.ed by tbe-appoint
men.t of a Premitr. Mr, Gladstn.is considered
by the London press as the man best qualified to
conduct a liberal government. Earl Russell's
unpopuwarity, it is believed, will render any gov
ernment that he inay form very ur)sta.ble,
Ex-President DaviL -
Mr. Davis is said to bear up bravely under the
,ordeal of imprisouinent and its'atten&nt trials.
He is:.in good,;bealh, ad.is ever the-tourteous
and dig..ifed gentleman Ld. -was al'ways found to
be, and extorts the admiration if the 6fficers and
soldiers wlg comei in contact with hi-m. It.is
no- doubt a soul-ce of comfort to. MrDavis to
1-niow that'he is %eld in kindly~remembrance by
E.G.peopleh' and gene:unf arnd j'ist men every
'whe Petitions riach the President almost
daily from coventions, legislatures, societies and
individuals throughout thei'SouTh, and varios
other portions of the United States a.s well from
different sections of-Europr.
The Cholera.
Fift ncases of cholera and eight deaths from
cholera,-aite reporte~d at the New Yomk Quaran
,ine, o' board the steamsahip-.Atlat- frodt Lor.
don. "The police con issiinezs if'New York
have increased the.#rce of. the'various wards
with the eiele to -the remov0a'Lof nai ocsa a
prevehtive. 'They 11'l police ee ialar,hoise
anid alley, &c,. Northern papera. st;tte that many
gneral pramaonitory symptoms of the approgch
of Asiatic eho lera gre pre'.alent. -Malignaigt fe,
vers, biowel afireedons and chills~and feverthave
not been so, heavvynin mhy yeaf's,-and' the in
creseof thd numbereof deaths is out of all pro
ortion to the increase of population. At is the
certain approach -od fearful- epidemic. .
.Another. parper says: "IW is stated.. that his
disease minpgst cattle, wbich ger.erallyprecedes
the chotie a amongst tIie human t-ace, is prevail
ing in Tennssoe, Caftie and hogzare dying 'off
at a fear~ful rae legd 6 are inforfiedh tt few
cses closely,resembling cholera have 'occurred-in
Wa regret' to learn that Dr. 0. V.Trezevant,
of Chairlesto'i, as murdered by a negro named
Fortune W~right,anember of'the 96th Regimnent,
U. S. C. IIis murderer is under. arrest-at Carol
to'n, La.
A bill has passed the Tennessee House of Rep'
reentatives proposing a stay of execntions-lintii
the first day of January, 1870, provi|ded that the
deu>tor pays one fourth' of his debt inithily for
four years.
Law in fvrof negro tedIimony, in- Ten
nessee, passed the Senate by ana majority.
The Georgia'Gonveniton repudiatddeareb
bavote of 123 to 12'1.
ICaptain Henry .Wirz 'was hianged last Friday.
sp1.-ThIe cheleral. thIe cholera! is' the one
ong, terrible cry ot-.agoay-. frorpa -neadIy..verf
part of. t&e.Queen's home dominions. At $eviller
Alicante, 'Milga, Pampelunia and . )adrid,a its
iavages.are .horribl&, but it is at VYalentia, in
Adalusia, thit ~the lifost 'astonnding alWighter
has resuilted-no - less than 1,000 persons biv
ing been swept oft' in a few -cajs. Af,- ilma,.in
th -Island of Miejorca,.thd deniayin'gbodies of
men and .wonien-ejeuniber the .hduses. forlack
of hands tO buryjtheni-well-nigh ail 'the inhiaba
L tants havrig-ed. At aveelond: -all i'hpii
are shut,'and the~inhabitants imielle;d-tefig by
their- fea,'s; endeavor toi.eserpe even leyosd4the
Fneh frentier,-where, alas'! the dreaded-.deatht
stalks before them-as fearfal as where they left
it. Business und politiea. alike are glumb in the
presence-of such' -frriod.
Afterjh pblctin of thereturns of the Gu
bernatorial elect.ion, Gen. Harntiptn, with' the
nole spirit of high-tond manhood; which cha
racterized. hiri an' all 'occasions, requested Gov,
Perry 'to infornt the. President that he had . not
been elected, so that-the Prcsident might with
draw his pardon should he think properi
The Citizens of Georgetownrecently petitioned
Gen. Meade'to have the negro t.oop9 removed
Ifrom- their midst. Gen. Meade cormmunicated
w ith 'the President, and an -order subsequently
relieved the negro troops. Fim hundred white
soldiers haf'e taken their place.
It is sed that "waterfali'~ are prohibited
by the English game laws.' The clause which
applies to them runs *as' follows:; "Neitig
the hare shall lic punished 'by Ike and im
prisnment," etc. -
JAcssos Mississrrri, November &.-The
bill to abolish the special court of equity, es
tablihed by Prov'isional Governor Sharkey,
has passed the House over the Governor's Ve
to. It will pass the Senate.
gressional test oath and what Mr. Seward
thinks of it, may be gathered from a conver
sation he had with 'Mr. Rives, of Virgini r
The pfanters of O'ub have addressed a
manorial to the Court in adrid asking for
abolition of sfavery on the Islnd.
The steamer Renublis from New York for.New
The appoty which ev-ry ie i eag
seekingnow peseats tself in the cat,;of *th
i YorkJewellers m seiation, wblh siows
:how easy i smnalf inve'stient i is taget more
thin ys money baec. Thl induoidents$ ,e
libera'an the plan ~of working imtple, -plaia.
'ed.ai'r. Faint1eart never won,fair lady, and if
you wish -to win-something elegant, read- thecird
and try the means.
The reaaer's attention Ji d'tected to the carA
of Messrs. Beebe, Keech & Co!, ConMmission Mei'
thants, Ito. .6, South'et.,- New York. This *cll
known firm does an exclusive Comn&sion Busi
mesa.; Air. D.- R-Pifer, agent, who is favorafly
kn-owa thro-hpt. the State, is tuthorized- to
make advances, &c. All. consignmens -co#ered
by open policies of insurance. See references.
The Laurensville Male Academy, L. X. Gla&
.iow, A. B.,.Principal, offers indu-cements to thro-e
seking an education. The position of the Acade
my is a good one, and its antecedents are fiqtter-a
ing. See card in abother Colum-i for particulars.
Hon. Jno,. W. Simpson. is the Chairman of Facul
The advertisement of Mr. Stern ut the new-q
4tore, next.to Martins Hotel is of such attracEive
terest, that those who read-must obey the- in
vitation h&eiu contained. An. examination. of
the'stock proves it to be what is said of .it- ,.a 1d
the .p4oes are in keeping.
it -v11 -be seen that Mr. -M. Winstck, of' Cul
unbin, invites the merchants of this 'and adjoin
ing districts-to -an 'exaninMion .of his extensive
stock of Dry and Fancy Goo s, Boots, Shoes,
Rats, etc.- He will supply the trade at Charles
ton prices, barely adding cost of transportalion.
It will be pegeived.that Capt.-Parker has,'at.
the Variety Store, LAw Range, m supply- of Genu
it'e-French confectionery, cocoa .nuts, liquors,
sardines, &c., Damask D'Oylies, Marseilles Quilts,
etc', a.nd many desiraWe goods for Ladies' wear.
Notice't!-e sale of the Real an& Personal Pro
Pdrty-of- the etate of the late.Jno, Reid, dee'd.
The. personal property will4e sold at the late
residence of deceased- on the 28th Inst. The real
estate on next sale da'.
Mr. Zed. White calls attention to thi fait that
he has.just hceived ah assortment of Pistols ;-nd
Firearms of various desigis atil fintish' 04atear
ly, or somebody wiU be too-late to secure a bar.
gat -
4ttentio;.is called tWthe adrertisements'of Dr.
W. IF. -Pratt, in another c6lumn, .by-whih itwill
6e seen that he 1has.various articles of sit,y
comfort, aqd luxury, in. addition-fo hiv large a.
sortnEnt of choice drugs.
Our friends-Carwile & M inriu-rein re
ceipt of a stock of new go, elected with es
pecial-care farthis m*rket, by the snior partaer.
The assortment now displayed is especially wor
thy of attendon,being fufl,various anI elegant.
Dealers In Boots, Shoes,--H-4ts 'aps,te, are
hnvited,to call' on.E. Daly, Charleston, and ex
amine-his,xtensive Stock in the-ab lve line, Ire
fore pqresing elsewhere, and- we recomnjead
they-do so.
*-Ki gg & Good rivh Chiarleston; ariirnpower
of-Foreign-and-DLou!estic Goods,. andithe in tou
tiou-of-nierchabts is called to their Stock, a hi,e
is large and comiplete.
Henry. Bischoff & djo., Commisnion 3Ierchmn:s,
Charleston, respectfully call attention to that
fact, througli card, and as Jealer's in W ines,
Liquiors &c., off'erall rVasonabTe inducements~
We'take pleasure in directing attention to 'il.
notice of a young ladyl-expeuienced ip teachi~g
*-wh6 desires a situWtion either as teacher or
governess. Address: Box 70;, Greenville, P. 0..
J. M. Suber & Co' 1arge stoelk of hoesi are
artiing, and among the.hanudsomest aortmient
fIdt the ladies ever seen.. .
-Notice to cre4htirs of the Estate of thie la e
,Tage -John B. O'Neall. -
- -umor hath .it thbat a coi ps dranmatiue wiar
an early day, appear~beoth-e-tiespindW
of this place -'Thce, atla persona are gunite
*llibte Physiciang oif N'ewberry -Tstrtv ict
earnestly requested to-aticnd a'ieeing of thea
'Ne.le'rry^ Mgitaf' Ass6eiation"; tn. be hebul-at
the Court House on thg first -ondIsythi Dedenutbr
next.' 09 that day- the.(Committee, appointed t
the meeting held* on ..last sale-dayv, win report to
the Association for consideration, a-Fec-bill-and
system of By,Lias.- .- -
-Ostendorff, the senior,nmembe; of the firm 6f
.Ostendorff and Rutledge, grocery deal rs;1efC -or
the up country yesterday, ostensibly for a suppij
of the generous prodnetion- of that favored climni'
such as mou'ntsin butter, apples, etc., with whichi
they supply the citizens.- We have suspicions that
he has gone after a fairer productionl stHl. .A'nd
that he'fl-soon beicome a benedict. :Brighut
eves a'nd butter! what linestimabie Inx.arida
Bt-le him bevate of viders.
Messrs. - dwards'& Oletn, have opened desli
"KncHEN", whiere tlhey-will, be glad to see themr
old and new -friends. *They hare moralizers,
socializer, ti-anquilizers, harmonizei-s, oranized,~
and philosophizers, toather witi soei-&ilm
also kootwr sonp andbroth.
N. B. Ed. Peterson says that .tlere arefit~
Ca-o men iin Newbefry~ who believe what they
say, and btey are .0. I Well!0 yer- I !0ELg
at 4+, who'llgiv4.? -
A GodaNsriferoN.~ A litie boy once glorie~d
over .he f'act of having a gruemnher, 'it was a
splendid ting he said to cItave a gransothr
granhnother's werejolly:bld soals; giveyou en*
dy and- sweet things and let yon -srce theor 5?
much as. you pleas& Thae xGtn importance to
grandmother'asare Ufiela;g6ot, e!eter uhelegg
who carry cajAeierpisaddle bgs;.andi-lage pock;
eta, and who always:have themn hiledi wiih- some
thing good. .dieavea protect our- uncles and
and keep their saddle bags' in good omdidon:.
(Wee of theal calHed-i the other day and~empt1sd
his bags'in oui' sanetum in saclv an acceptable
pane-;hat'we ari obliged? to rise our-voice -ih
6iiise braien bqas our' ungles, Kw. saddlet
bre mg(s; or-any o~threfktd of bagsr
A.XOB A.FruE.-On last Saturday while-tbe
wind was gaily blowing, a small buildin5 of rili
er qluestionablie character, attached to Martins
otel, .was observell 'to be on fire,but thanks to
the active efforts of Mr. Montgoi6?ery. wl1 hapy
pened.to be on the alert, it wtas nipped in she
brd. -But for the immedliate prozimiity of, more
vatable'aid. less - obectinablgroper ligd#
loss would have be7en spistaiuied. h'4 it .beens al
lowed 0bun. An accidental Iodgmeat of i ma~d
fron te gunfa juvenile sportsman, whe elatid
at-the idea of goint birding, prenaturely fired
the same at the offensive object above alluded to,
was the -cause.
-Fires of a serious character frequensly happei
from just such causes, and of late we~ notice that
the boys of Newberry are-rather loose with their
snibs and firearms. Our town fathei-s, we res
pecfully sugg~ might acceptably put on theit
spechicles an dI after th'e morals of these boys
who seem to have no other fathers to brizrg .tem
up in the way tlicy should'go'.
Marrie( on Sunday, the 5th instans, by the
Rev. Henry Herlong, Mr. J. H. Blease to Miss
E:na, darughter of Simeon Crouch,.Esq.,- all of
Edgefreld District.
For Congress.
GEN. SAMUE, McGowis is respectfully ~pre
sented to the Voters of the sd Congr essional
District indluding. Abbeville, Edgefield,' Orange
burg,'Richland, Fairfield, .Lexington and New-.
bery, as a candidgte for Congrese at the next
Fo o~zs-ea4 autoi VoER.
noucr. C GR.- e o a d u fied to rn
-Go o'
Dr as Goods
HZ nide s are0ow openI, r s
Selcqed by one the firm in New York,
EnalWand American -
Cjeets, Hemstitched Handkereh
#Linen anid-Embroidered
Collars and Sleevee,
rnserting. S-beetings, Shirting, Godf
for Gents an I B.ys' _Cotiing"
U ' roM'Sc. to $2.50.
per yard.
Blank t orocaBe
- DRES& BUTTONS, &c., &6;* &.
They will alio receile in a ay 1
two, large addittons to their stock e
Crockery, Lamps, Glass Waie
Iardwarc, Shoes, IIPts, Groce
House-keeping oods gene;ay_
Nov 15 47 -f
RTH fl O
Ewill open, in.a few davi% sarge-ic
SW h G ' KID, 'and'. KOROGCQM J3 iR
SchasYbu used to ear befdr0h iw.
E:ety artiete wa 4Aied t&-g set
isfaction Therefore,Ladies yoe
want, good, kandsome SAo
give i 2 call.
money! by' visiting us befor~ t )a
elsewhere. Our stoA will bef.ll ans
Main street,.next adoo iW e4
-Novemibe' 15 47 3.
Lw whange,Conirtfn
A smali loef Byfrtid ngZI~i
mings', se., foe.Yadies1 et Ah4 ~e
'O Ke.14sil,Mas a
*D-ANNT1 rati and Prfne
A .For saleat
nov 1E 47 PRAW B DRUG & 0 F
001)D White Wie n C dViep
'For sale at
nov 15 47 -PRAT?DEUG TOREz
* 'TEA, TEL TrEE- 2
REEN and Black Teas of superior. as"i
(3 For salle at TU
INE hewng,Smoking and4elace 'Tobacc
Citron, Piekles, John-Bull's, Bartey's ait oi
cester Samomaoito supi Walnut Oatsups!.hoc
don and'French Ms and Pepper San6; ,
AP1NE assortment of Fredefr Cogeconii
- For sale at
nov 154 - =-PR I!S DRUG STORK.
LadPOEttR of the ver! best qut
AFor1ne at
ifitn TEUS9~t#
take cha're of sallico -
ufrlatr:ene li ar
Capital:............ .......O
.An immense stock of Pianos, Watches, -1ewel
ry, and Fancy Goods, all to -be so?d for -ON]
DOLLAB~ each, without. regard to value,-and no
to be paid for till you see what~ you will receive
CERTIFICATES, uaming each article and ti
value, are placed in. sealed envelopes and wel
miixed. One of these envelo'pes will, be sent t
any address oni receipt of 25cedi; five for $1
eleven lor $2; thirty for $5; sixty-five .for $1
and one hundred for $15..
On receipt of the Certif~emte yeu: wil'see wha
you are gorig to have, and then it is at 3on
option to pay the dollar and take the article c
not. Purchasers may thus obtain a Gold Watch
Diamond Riig,~a Piang, Sewing Machine, or an:
set of Jewelryniod ur-lis for $1; and in u-. casa
dan they get less than One Dollars' wor th, at
ther6 are no blanks.
Agents are wanted in every town in the coun
try;i etery person can make .$10 a day, 1sellia:
oui- Certificates in the greatest sale of J'ewekr
ever known. -
Send 250. for a Certificate,. which will -inforn
you what you can obtain for $46 At the sa,nx
time get our cireular, containing full list and par
-iuas lo e~n-oA'M
tiuHs;as,Tr Ut Ag SON .. -
Address, 'JAMES 7BrdHNSON. .
-- *t
Twis 14tCW
well kne "
Smi - eis'
-fft kad*sf -GU.
,n24teog .
: - Irk;v
r ,.
-1 j 1
~5 ,
* -0 -
Soaldso Brgn,o -efs
ru,- *Vlse, CaptBas
Sim-a cosimnt
. an serni-wee
-2 a
il WIrfo aeatNiery k
an nzen nmu.arm -m
J zill'offcr for sale ~'t wbeny(~ ff~is
a. -day next~ne J~OUS~ ADd LOT, cout~im~.

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