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The Charleston Mercury.
The old patrons of the Mercury will be pleased
to know that its editor, Mr. R. B. Rhctt, jr., will
revive its issue on the 1st of December.
Tpogmaphlc Eessenger.
om1n Jas. Conner's Sons, Type Founders, New
York, we have received the November No. of his
M.?esenger. It is beautifully printed by French
& Wheat, JAnn Street.
Lord Russell,
By advices per Steamship City of London, to
the 2th instant, has been confitmed as Premier,
and Lord Clarendon, as Minister of Foreign
Another Company.
Capt. D. A. Dickert, pursuant to orders of Gov.
Perry, has raised a company from the 39th Regi
4eat. It will be remembered that Capt. Dickert
displayed much gallantry during the war, as com
-mander of Company H, 3d S. C. V. The Lieu
tenats are W. B. Whites, A. J. Hipp, and J. W.
Our Book Table.
N.&MELESS. By Fanny ffurdaugh Downing. One
volume, 16 mo. cloth. From the press of W.
B. Smith & Co., Field & Fireside Publishing
House, 58, Fayetteville Street, Raleigh .Y. C.
Price $2.00.
We find upon our table, with the compliments
of the publisher, a copy of the above work. We
have given it a very hasty reading, a.d do not
feel able to bestow so good a notice as it deserves.
It is an ingenious and felicitous story of heart
life amid the blandishments of fashionable soci
ty, the plot being creditab'y sustained. The
ideal is oertainly charming-many of the pas
sages are replete with gems of thought. The
book is readable and we recommend it to lovers
of Iight literature.
The Direct Tax.
The Charleston Courier remarks that judging
from the many enquiries propounded, that the
nature and object of the Direct Tax now;being
eollected, are not thoroughly understood, and
for the enlightenment of those wishing informa
tion, thus sets it forth:
"In August, 1861, Congress levied a Direct
Tax of $20,000,000 upon lands and houses in the
several States of the Union. This Tax was for
the purpose of defrayig the expenses of* the
war. All the States were accorded the privilege
of assuming their proportion of the Tax and
paying the same at once. In consequence of the
struggle, the Tax could not be collected in the
States comprising the late Confederacy, and, at
the cessation of hostilities as many of us well
know, the Government provided means for se
curing the amottnt due, under the penalty of
forfeiture of property should the parties assessed
fail to comply with the regulations. Of the
amounts claimed from the Southern States under
the head of the Direct Tax of 1861, Virginia, is
set down for $$37,550.66 ; North Carolina, $576,
194.68; South Carolina, $863,570.66; Georgia,
$584,-367,33 ; Alabama, $529,313.33; Mississippi
$413,084.66 ; Louisiana, $385,886.66; Tennessee,
$669,498; Arkansas, $261,886; Florida, $77,
522.66 ; Texas, $355,106.66.
In the present depleted condition of South
Carolina, we do not perceive how with justice
the Government can force an imm,ediate payment
in cash or Treasury notes of the taxes due, and,
on that ground, we uphold Governor Perry in
his effort to have the collection of the taxes
postponed for a brief period at least. If the
State should have the privilege of assuming the
debt, it would be a benefit not only to ourselves
bct the country at large."
The .Tamaica Bevolt.
A prompt and terrible retribution has fallen
upon the wretched actors in the late revolt in the,
island of Jamaica, in which the most cruel and
bloody scenes were est eed. The following ex
tract from the Kinston C3rrespondence gives the
scene of execution ;
On the north stands the late Court House, like
a hnge spectre as a witness of its sad -dispoilers,
eid before it is the beama, and the crutched sup
p'orts, for so mnany necks. Immediately in front
of these; -their faces towards them and their
bas to the south, are the doomed rebels. In
the rear is a long line of untried male rebels,
taking up more than two-thirds of the south side
of the square ; their line being fianked on the
right by the rebel women, and on the left by the
t wemy-two prisoners I have named landed from
the Cordelia. On the west are a few ot the gen
try and inhabitants of the to,wn. The east side
is an open space. To the northwest stand pro
prietors, magistrates, officers of the army and
na'vy, &c., and in the center is the Provost Mar
shal. All is silent as the grave round that sol
eman spot where stern justicc is to be adminis
tered. The soldiers, with loaded rifles, line
around in the rear of all and the police are the
guards for the culprits. While the jack tars are
adjustir,g the ropes the measured tread of the
Provost Marshal seems to count the few seconds
left to the wretched mortals. Soon he stops and
in a clear voice calls out one by one the names of
prisoners to be executed. Lawrence. was first
called. As the rope was placed around his neck
the blood rushed to his face, and every one
thought that he was going into a fit. The last
taken out was Samuel Clarke. I stood near to
Mr. McLean, the clerk of the Vestry for St. Da
vid, and a thought crossed me. There he was a
witness, unexpectedly, to the execution of the
man who, all believe, was the :aourderer of his
father. Some years have elapsed since that
tragedy was enacted in a neighboring parish,
wherein Samuel Clarke was the chief actor, and
it seemed a just retribution visited upon the
head of this arch villian. There is a deep silence
-then a hush. The Provost Marshal puts his
watch to his ears to ascertain if it is still going,
then he holds it in his hand. "Are you ready ?"
"Yes, sir !" "To be hung !"-pronounced loud
ly the Provost Marshal. The planks are with
drawn, and the bodies of these plotters against
the peace and order, life and property, swing in
the air.
It may not be ahogether uninteresting to your
readers to know that slightly over one thousand
rebels have been hanged and shot in the parish
of St. Thomas in-the-East up to date; and it is
not at all unlikely that ere the different courts
martial close their sittings there will be far over
two- thousand who will have paid the penalty of1
their vile attempt to extermninate the white and
colored races of this island.
gram which we publish this morning, says the
Charleston Courier, but which should have been
received in time for pubication yesterday, an
nounces the not whoity unexpected intelligenceI
of the issuing of an order at Washington for all
the United States Cavalry troops, excepting the
Fiftieth -Pennsylvania Regiment, to repair to San
Antonio. The purport of this movement will be
readily understood by those who have kept thiemn
selves infor'med as to the late actions in Mexico,
and have no.ticed- the effect of those actions in
government circles at Washington. It is gener
ally known that Major-General Logan, recently
aoooited as Minister to the Republic, is strong
The Mexican News.
NEW ORLEANS, November 16, 1865.
We have highly interesting news from Mexico.
The Brownsville Mexican Republican of the
17th instant announces the capture of Monterey
by the Liberal forces under General Porrs.
The Republican also says that no Liberal rein
forcements have arrived from Brownsville.
A merchant who had arrived at Brownsville
says that a large French force was landing at
An extra of the Republican says that Gene
rals Pendro and Mendot had arrived and joined
General Cordo before Matamoros, with eighteen
hundred Liberals, an i that previously they had
surrounded and utterly destroyed an Imperial
garrison of one hundred men, including a num
ber of French troops.
The Liberals claim that Matamoros is com
pletely at their merev, and that they can take it
wncer they please.
The Matamoros Ranchero says that the Liber
als have offered to give four hours, in which to
plunder Matamoros, to all the United States
troops at Brownsville who will join them in ta
king the city. The Ranchero warns the United
StaleS commander at Brownsville to keep a suf
ficient force there to prevent his troops joining
the Liberals for that purpose.
The Galveston Bulletin of the 12th instant
says that Colonel Jones and General Escobedo
and staff had arrived there from Brownsville.
Captain Sinclair, of the Liberal forces, former
ly a Lieutenant on board the Alabama, had cap
tured an Imperial transport on the North Rio
Grande, taken her into Brownsville and turned
her over to the United States authorities, who
placed a guard on board of her.
General Canales, at the head of a Liberal
force, was marching towards Bngdad., and would
try and capture it.
An Imperial gunboat had passed up from Bag
dad, to Matamoros.
NEW ORLEANS, November 16, 1865.
A firm of wealthy Matamoros merchants, who
left there on the 7th instant, say they have no
fears of the place being captured ; that it is well
fortified, the troops armed, in good spirits, and
well supplied.
The steam ship Manhattan, from Vera Cruz on
the 7th instant, arrived in New York on the 17th
It was rumored in Vera Cruz that Juarez was
in Texas, on his way to Piedras Negras. It was
also rumored that the United Sta(2s troops in
Texas were more and more approaching the river,
as if contemplating some hostile movement.
A Republican camp had been attacked by the
Imperialists near Matamoras, and among the
prisoners taken were three soldiers in United
tates uniforms. They were handed over for
trial to a Court Martial, which would no doubt
order them to be shot.
NEW ORLEANS, November t6, 1865.
News from Texas state that the Indians are
creating great alarm on the Northern frontier of
that State.
Advices from Austin say that Provisional Gov
ernor Hamilton will soon issue an order for the
election of delegates to a State Convention, the
election to be held about the 15th of December
and the Convention to assemble about a month
The Houston Telegraph of the 10th inst. learns
that orders have been received in the State from
Washington not to muster out of the service any
more troops, nor to sell any more Government
property, until further orders.
The Germans it Texas are preparing to plant
cotton extensively and to raise it by their own
labor. They also invite their couutrymen to
emigrate to the States
A curious law-cas'e has been tried in h'ance,
to discover who was the rightful owner of a well.
Swearing and complication was goiang on about
the matter at a lengthy extent, when the Judge,
astonished, exclaimed, "but this is all about a
little water. What can it matter so very much,.
that you should both put yours'lves to so muw h
trouble and expence about it ?" "Monsieur," re
plied one of the advocates, dryly, "the pleasures
are, both of them, wine merchants." The value
and significance were seen at once, and created
a roar of laughter.
The Springfield 1Republican narrates a curious
railroad accident which occurred at Clinton, Con
necticut, a few days ago. An express train was
approaching, when a cow, annoyed by asmall
dog, dashed on the rails. When the trai.a had
passed, the cow lay with her head cut off, and
he little dog with his tail cut oft; sat betweeni the
ails looking after the retiring cars wi^tr a face
ndicative of the most intense astonishment and
Among the powers which, besides England
and Turkey, have made known their intention of
aking part in the conference for the purpose of
studying means for preventing or repressing the
holera, are Austria, Prussia, Spain, Portugal,
Roman States, Bavaria, Saxony, Hanover, Wur
emberg, the Hauseatic tow: s, Deinark, Sweden,
Belgium, Holland, Greece and Baden.
A mortgage deed was recorded on the first in
stant, in the office of the Recorder of Trumbull
ounty, given by the Atlantdc and Great West
ern Railway Company to John R. Penn, of New
York, as trustee, for thirty millions of dollar;,
r which seven per centum bonds are to be
issued. The instrument required one thousand
ollars of stamps.
General Robert El Lee recently forwarded a
equest to the War Department for permission to
etain a few old United States pieces of artillery
ror the instruction of his military school in gun
ery practice. Stanton replied by sending an
officer at once to remove the guns to Richmond.
A highly amiable proceeding.
General Longstreet says that on the first of
April, 1865, the Confederates had under arms
but two hundred and fifty thousand men, while
the Federals had in actual possession ninety
eight thousand Confederate prisoners of war.
The Germans in Texas at-e prepa' Ing to plant
otton on the extensive scale and coming season,
md to raise it by their own labor. They are
using their influence to secure a large emigration
from Germ ny into tiat State.
A man with nothing better to de has calculated
that the entire amount of the national debt in
silver would weigh 125,000 tons, and laid side by
side the coin would go four times and a quarter
around the earth.
The deaths by cholera at Paris are said to
have numbered, at the latest advices, about two
hundred a day ; but precautionary measures ap-I
pear to have preven&d the spread of the disease.
GENERAL JOE JoHNsTON is now in New York
on business connected with the National Express
company, of which he is President. He is quite
a lion at the New York Hotel.
Hogs have declined in the 'Western portion of
Indiana, on account of the cheapness of corn,
which can be bought it fields, along the Wabash
Valley, at fifteen cents per bushel.
Lieut. Gen. Grant has reduced the volunteer
strength of the army, until it does not now numn
her 60,000 men. The regular army is nominally
over 40,000 strong.
In Eastern Florida, there is a sentiment favor
ing the dismemberment of the State, and the an
nexation to the Eastern and Southern portions of
Matamoras, on the 58th u't., was still in poss
ession of the Imperialists. Several unsuccessful
attcks have been made by the Liberals, but
they were driven from the field with great
slaghter. Imperial loss slight.
A national bank, to be called "e First Nat ion
al Bank of Rome, will go into c :'ation at Rome,
Ga., in about one month, with a capital of one
hundred thousand dollars.
We record the death of an old citizen and
public functionary, Mr. Thos. Chambers, which
took place on Sunday last.
THAT WINDow.-Passing by the store of
M. & M., cotton and produce merchants, a few
morning's since, our eyes were drawi as by a
magnet to a most wonderful and fanciful display
at their front window. As a public announce
ment of the same was strangely overlooked by
these gentlemen, we deem it a duty in behalf of
the public, who might otherwise remain in
ignorance, to cal attention to such a beautiful
and unique attraction. Look at it wonder seekers
and sight lovers. The Senior, a staid, sober,
married man, had no hand in this artistical
embelliqhment, but the Junior. who is single and
I full of im.ginative powers, we bet high is the
genius who succeeded so happily in the beautiful
arrangement. The focus of attraction is on the
side next to the tin establishment.
KtLLxD.-Jesse M. Lawson, long unfavorably
known to this and other communities, met with a
sudden, but none the less just death, On Wednes
day last, near Chappell's Depot. His criminal
courses had long since made him notorious, but
as such comrses eventually-bring their merited
reward, he is another example to the many in
the past. it appears that while under arrest of a
federal guard, and while at the depot at Chap
pell's, the cars havirg just arrived, he sprang
from the platform .and succeeded in getting to
the cover of woods near by. His guard, private
Murray, immediately gave pursuit, and on ap
proaching near, Lawson begged him not to fire,
stating that he would return peaceably, but em
bracing his opportunity, sprang forward and
grasped the musket of Murray. A desperate
struggle then ensued, each determined on the
other's destruction, and yet though Murray was
the weakest of the two, he'finely succeeded in
recovering possession of the gun, and firing it at
the other at almost arm's length. We are told
by the guard that never had he fought so hard
or been endued with such strength.
The ball entered the breast and caused death
Immediately. The body was brought to New.
berry. Lawson is said to be a native of Georgia,
and by those who knew him there, that he bore
a character of the worst kind.
For Sale-superb 7 octave Rosewood Piano.
Apply at this office.
Eclectic Ziagazine-one of the best in the land.
See advertisement in atlether column.
Executor's Sale-personal property of Mrs.
Margaret Floyd, deceased. &ee advertisement.
$25.00 Reward-Horse lost.
Sale in Equity-Real estate of S. J. Buzhardt,
deceased, on first Monday in January.
Notice sale of Government property by H. B.
Kinard, next sale-day.
H. H. Kinard will dibpose of a Rlocka way and
harness horse on Monday next.
Do not fail to read the card of Marshall &
Bro's, and perhaps we~ might adtise action 4U
A dministrator's Sale on the '7th prox.-The
personal estate of the late Chancellor Job John
stone. See advextisememt for particulars.
Furniture at private sale, at the residence of
Mr. N. B. Mazyck. See advertisement for list of
It will be perceived by referenee to our~ adver
tising coluins that Mrs. Lengnick advertises her
handsome furniture for sale.
Lt. D. J. Crooks has a buggy which is sup.
posed to be stolen, the owner by making p'roper
application can recover it.
Mayes & Martin &dvertises for cow 'peas and
fruit, and are ready to pay or barter for any
quantity of the same.
Dr. J. W. Grierson is opening, at his store, a
fresh and superb supply of goods of every des.
cription usually found in a first class Drug and
Apothecary Establi?hment.
By reference to another tlumn, it will be
seen that a sale of Government Property comes
off'at Greenville on the 4th December, (sale day).
Mechanics and others would do well to attend.
An elegant and large stock of goods can be
found at the store of Messrs Webb and Lovelace,
which they affirm will be sold at unprecedentedly
low figures.
A. M. Riser, at the "Old Stand," has just open
ed a pretty lot of calicoes, hoes, gloves, hand
kerchiefs, hair oil, soaps, brushes, etc., Also
choice pickles, sardines, capers, segars, Liqueres,
etc. See advertisemen,t.
We call attention to the Co-Partnership iheloice
of Messrs. Pratt, James & Garlington, Druggists,
at Newberry & Laurens. The business capacity,
character and eXperienee of these gentlemen re
comrnend them to public patronage.
The old friends and patrons of Mr. McD. Metts,
will be pleased to know that he is connected with
the shoe house of J. M. Suber & Co., and that
the establishment is now open with a fine assort
ment of everything in their line.
Messrs. Wright & Coppock are in reccipt of a
large and well-assorted stock of clothing, shirts,
hardware, dry goods, crockery, harness leather,
Colt's revolvers, navy and small pistols, which
they will sell.at low cash prices.
The proprietors of the Phoenix Iron Works,
Columbia, S. C., Messrs. Goldsmith & Kind, are
prepared to fill in a workmanlike and expeditious
manner all orders for iron and brass castings and
machine work of every description. Railings,
fencings, etc., artistically executed.
The region around will be much gratified to
learn that Maj. J. P. Kinard & Son, have opened
an extensive stock of goods, at their residence,
four miles north of Newberry Court House. This
enterprise will prove a great convenience to that
Immediate neighborhood, and w~e wish themi a
large success.
C. Graveley, direct importer of hardware, cut
lery, guns, powder, shMt, agricultural implements,
bar iron, cast steel, grind stones, mill stores, etc.,
takes this method of informing the trade that he
is in receipt of large invoices of the above goods
direct from Europe. The reputation of Mr.
Graveley's house is his best reference.
Edward Daly, agent for manufactufers, Charles
ton, advertises in to-day's paper th:at his whole
sale shoe house, 133 Meeting Street, Cbarleston,
S. C., is now filled with boots, shoes, hats, trunks,
etc. He is the agent for several large manufac
tr-ers, and is prepared to offer rare inducements
to the trade. It will be to the interest of mer
chants and others who do not know Mr. ? aly to
make his acquaintance.
Pete? B. Glass, bookseller and stationer, Co
lumbia, S. C., offers to colleges and schools,
R. B. Holman & Co., are again in receipt of
an asortment of Dry Goods, which from what
we learn, is f a most ravishing description, and
a sight of which Ut set creation's fMirer por
tion of Newber r a beautiful glowofabimation.
Mac is in the zenith of his gloty now, d1spenstag
happiness by the yard.
ERN MEMBERS INTO CONGREss.-The well-informed
correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger, writes
from Washington, Nov. 10:
The opposition are in fine feather over the re
sult in New Jersey and New York yesterday, and
they declare that the coast is now clear for action.
What they propose, is to have an early caucus,
at which a plan of action shat! be agreed upor',
and this action is to be made binding, if possible,
on all the opponents of the President's policy.
The bold feature of ie programme will be the
exclusion of the Southern Representatives, and
there is too much reason to fear the game will
be successful. Indeed bets of two to one are
making that the South will not be admitted un
less all the deman ds of the Radicals are acquiesced
in. A union of t'.c D -mocratic members with
the Northwestern Conservative Republicans may
possibly upset the proposed scheme ; but the
chances are that the opposition will have things
pretty much their own way, even though so.-e
burns while their fiddlfbg is in progress.
FIENDs.-The Europe, of Franktort gives the
details of a horrible crime, recently Lonmitted
at Zajez1a (Creatia). The cure Lemic was bitting
at supper, when six brigands forced their way
into his house, and whilst three of them guard
ed the door, the others proceed to bind all the
servants and lock them up in the cellar. They
then turned upon the cure and demanded all his
.money, inflicting divers cruelties on the old man.
They even went so far as to pull out his nails
with pincers. They then dut off his fingers, and
afterward his hands, and tnally decamped, leav
ing their victim in that horrible state, and car
rying off all his ready money, together with his
watch and plate, worth about one hundred Ho
rins. The cure died the next day of his wounds.
The Government has realized over six millions
of dollars from the sale of captured cotton.
Sales this month:amount to $1,200,000 in gold.
According to the report of Col. Thonias, of
the Freedmen's Bureau, the total number of ne
groes in Louisiana drawing rations from the
Government is twenty thousand.
The revolting bachelors in New York decided
at their meeting that $2850 was the lowest cost
of maintaining a wife.
The sheep fever in Vermont continues. A
ram lamb was lately sold for $1000, two yearl.
ings for $2500 each, and another for $3000.
Some enterprising chap has offered the Gov
ernment $1200 for the privilege of digging up
the bones of the horses which have died around
Washington for the past five years.
Died on the 7th of November, of Congestion,
JOns ANDREW, son of Robert L. and Anna P.
McCaughrin, aged four years, eight months and
eighteen days.
"Full short his journey wag; no dust
Of earth unto his sandlals clave ;
The weary weight that old theun must,
He bore not to the grave.
Ne seemed a cherub who had lost his way,
And wandered hither ; so his stay
With us was short, and 'twas most mnt
That he should be no delver in 9earih's clod,
Nor need to pause and cleanse his feet
To st.and before his God :
O blest word-evermore!"
All the Physicians of Newberry District are
earnestly requested to attend a nmeeti:.g of the
"Newberry Medical Association'', to be hel;l at
tihe Court House on the first Monday in December
next, On that day the Committee, appointed it
the meeting held on last sale-day, will report to
the Association for consideration, a Fee-bill and
System of By-laws.
Nov. 15, 47-tf. -
And still Receiving,
1*01, RARE
Lot of Beantif'til IFANCT AND
Embracing the most elegant and tasty
patterns for the ladies, and all the thou
sand anrd one etceteras which go to
make up the sum of a well-selected
stock. These goods have been chosen
with an especial desire to gratify a
Wholesome and cultivated Taste,
and need but an examination to prove
their beauty and worth, anrd a full enu-'
meration of which will be given next
week, by which time our goods will all
have arrived.
Nov.29 It
Extra Fine St Julien Claret!!?
Superfine Mustard Pickles (chow-chow).
Best Marseilles Jlive Oil.
500 Boxes BONELESS SARDINES, Very Fine.
&c., &c., &c.
Nov 29 49
Twenty-five Dollars Rewards
L OST, on the night of the 10th instant, at
Washington Duval's Mills, ih Lsurens
District, one Chickasaw light cream horse Mule,
branded P on lei t shoulder. The above re'ward
will be paid to any one who will deliver him to
me, ot- place him where I can get him.
Worth of Goods
Low Figures.
Webb & Lovelace
Are receiving and have now in store, the lar
gest and most complete stock of goods ever
brought to this market, which they will dis
The stock comprises
And every other kind of ware.
Of every character and variety.
For Kerosine, and ahead of all other styles.
In fact our stock is unusually large in
all the various lines, and we . invite an
examination to satisfy the most skepti
cal that our
nov 29 49 WEBB & I OVELACE.
Uents. Silk Ntixed. Casssimer Suits.
"Common Cassimer Suits.
"Satinett Suits.
"C Fancy and Black Grenadie
Silk Vests,
" Black Cloth Coats-super qual
" Black Doe-skin Pants, do., do.
" Fine and Common Oversacks.
"Superfine and Common 1air1en
Bosom Shirts,of latest style
"Travelling Shirts, &c.
A splendid lot of
Colt's Navy and smaller ristols.
which will be sold at LOW PRICES
or CASH, by
XTOT exactly open acccounts never to be closed,
.L ar.d hotes not paid, but pay up and cor.
tinzue to paiy.
1858 & 59 186-I-2 &3.
3, 4 & 5 years you have been indulged ; do
:omne forward and pay us all or part, you have
used up some of the goods and some you still
wear, you have had value received without hav
ing paid as nmuch as interest on the debt.
call for help, will you come forward ? ray
some, & Buy some.
dont be bashfull if yon have not paid up, it is
common, but don't slight us and pass -by like
you did n6t know we were still kicking and with
i store full of nice goods, and as chaap as the
:heapess. MARSHALL & BRO.
Nov. 29-49-1I.
O FFtRS his stock, (all entirely new), of,
School and College Text Books, Letter,
Dap arnd Note Papers, Envelopes, Blank Books,
Pens, Ink, and other School and office Station
~ry, at the Lowest Market Rates.
Of Orders promptly attended to.
EF" Terms cash. Nov 29 49 6
Ladies and Gents Gloves,
Ladies and Gents' Handkerchiefs.
Hair Oils,
Fancy Soaps,
Tooth Brushes,
Hair Brushes,
Neck Ties,
A. M. Elser1
Nov 29 49
W At thi S tor,b thuscies
AtChernSor, byteP bciers
Corn, Peas,
New Goods!
P..KIYARO & SON, are now receiving
U ag openin*a ne selection of good,
At their residence 4-inies- NOrttof
NeAerry, C. H.
Their stock consists in part d the IolowiUVg:
Prints, Delaines, Black - Bombazing, for
Ladies dresses, Flannel, bleached Hdm6spun,
Hoop Skirts, Jaconet, check Muslin, Ginghams,
Worsted goods,- Black AIp*tvv--Ler cloth
cloa ks, Balmoral Skirts, Ladies' and men!s
Hosiery of all -kinds, ladies' and t n"
handkerchiefs, Leather abd Silk Beltitl&es
collars and cuffs, Gentlemen's ,coilars;la4n and
paper, Shirt Fronts, white.aud colored spool coP
ton, needles, hair-pins, comnbs ad brushes, &c.
Cassitnere fo Pants, Coats,
For Ladies and Gj ntlemed6
OpfaHkinds. -t
Knives, Forks, Collins' Axes, Nails, Traco;
chains, Buckota and Tubs, Sieves, Shovels and
Spades, Chisels, Augers and Files, Gun caps, &c.
Alio a good assortnent of
Toether with line lot'of
Crockery - Ware.
Together wvith
Sugar and Coffee, Teas, Pepper, Spice, Mack
erel, Cheese, Flour, Liverpo&l Salt, candles,
chewing and smoking Tobacco, Segars; Bagging
and Roping.
And m addidon to tha ab'dve a finiisortment
Toys and Cofectionlery,
We will buy all country produce, and pay cash
r exchange goods for the same.
-We will also buy and pay the highest mar*eb
rice for cotton. Any one wishing to ship. thieir
otton to Ch-arleston, New York0 or' Lierpili
an do so by application to us. We will make
ulvancements en shipments from Charleston.
nov 29 49 J. P. 1CINARD & SON.
I 0N~
Sitated at the Foot ofRio
son Street, nearGreenvill
R, R., and Opposite the Wa
T1 IIESE W ORKS, 'Newly Erected, are now
.1completed, and the undersigned beg to in
form the public that the'y are prepared to fumaish
All Kinds of IronCastins,
Machine Work,;
Of Everv Description
SUSAR 4...
Brass Casttngs
gg Orders are solicited, and wilf be executed
at short notice, an<fon reasonable terms..*I
Nov. 29 49 1mo
Eo-Partnership IVeti 1A1
T HE undersigned having this,day formed a
Co-Partnership Irthe Di-ng51sineass under
th* name and style of P'ratt Jamesa o.a
Newerry C. H., and J'ames, Pratt & Coi , a Laut~
rens C. H., advertise the same and solicit a sad
On o f the partners is now in New 1ore.e
lecting stock which will compose every thiiig
usualfy fourd' in the best ordered Drug. Stere.i
Di. f. F. RATTg
Nerry ..C. Nov. 2a4th 186& 49-8t.

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