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The Newberry herald. (Newberry, S.C.) 1865-1884, December 20, 1865, Image 2

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fains informatn ac at
present time :
Fre'dw- n -
C'ircu r
In order ' avo
HTy follow a ta' c eo th
fre'edmen to o:t
year, it ias beot
tracts be i: ...
for m h:I Ne
It is Iho;
Providi:- ior t
after the res:oration ot
Such rules and re
the Legislature of : a w
tory to all partIcs. it ;S rki: !
far as practicable, ito I.
honmes for the pn!c i(- . i%
by end mae co c .:b
ters, and that m cai t-!,n
Iaintenance of v: !e
be most easil e- b)
meL for their labor in.
and nedical atte:
ges in money as maY - i .m 1
ding olieers o b
officer at each C t' ii : n
act as agent for te A
take charge of te n !
officer, associated w:'to (I
tary District (miar
wil co -,itute a bo - n.- r ti O
Circular No 5, f : ters.o t : -
In cases where e r an
hot agree upon the te:: o t con .tt., tm
board, after a careCl tin o all the f-ItS,
will fix the terms. The two ci,izens (n n
of the board) shall be pahithrei - pe , dV
for the time actuna-y enag.- i: m rr
their duty- the account to be e tr:. o bY
the officer associated with ti:, a ved
ty the Sub District Com-11. -:Ir.
To defray the n!CCeessary expen:e 1 @: t
eeedings, a fee of fif:y cns shall be ch*' d
and collected for cach frcedman e:ip'oyed 1
tase where ten or less number are emloyed, if
more than ten twenty-five centQ w!Il be c
for each additional f*reed:ani so cploy(.L. T:
entire fee to be pAId by :he copio e. T-- sC
Sees will be collected bv tic o i r
and accounted for to the Sub Ak,t Com:ni
sioners. No dis rsemient, b hm u;I! he al
lowed, except the per diem of thei"-a:e' em
bers of the ooardl, upon api:-o' 'cous. A
weekly report wiii be mad!0 by hmo
AQsistant Commi -:oner, w!:l h be accom1
panied by a cortcet y of al cn'. a ctl nterd
Sub Assistant Connisnor-s i re t wee -
ly to these headquarters the nir oi comaIcts
inade the number of frte1mn contrated with,
and every other r,atter ol i:Imta;ce or intrest
connected with tie bu,iness.
They will also, to tie fU e:ent of their pox
er, enforce the fait*ul t p m cn1
tion of these contrac,,s. Th:r, cf the
freedmen will be c-reu1ly p.r1- , and t heir
rights in every respect protectedl ; i, at the
same time, they must- be compi!e :oc .M ahi
agreement, and, if .dle or vicio0u., .. ush
No effort s'ail be spar to co' : rrn
eous imipression that prei :m'g m A
regard to a diviion of land ; ' i o nc:
sary for them to muake contracs, or ':e n :: he
permitted to leave their prese hon:c, a:ni go
in great numrbers to any oLKr pm' of e ccuan
R.\LU E1 LY,
Brevet IB ' itierGerl
Comm' Sr. C., Nov.' , 5
T'o Brev'etIBria&r-.'wer 1 1:
Assistant Lomm issne B. ! ,('u'. < A . ..
Sta: By authoriv of the- A* :at 'onn ris
sioner, you are hereby dircCted' I to:ssume. ebar e
of the affairs of the llureau' of Rl''uees, Fred
wren and Abandoned L'nds, for lte Is:r~t of
Western South Ca.rolin1 with ( Ha ar tcrs at
Columbia South Carolina.
Subordinate Assistant Coirm:ssioners within
the Tistrict will be subject to surch gen'ral rezt
lations as you nmay publish. inI acLorace with
orders from tihe Assistanit Comnfl: ner 0i1 of on~l
Carolina and Georgia. I am, General, very rc
teectfully, your obedient Servanit,
C. II. Hi: WAiID,
Brevet Brig. -Gen, Insrtr-'
And Chuef ot St.'
From Washington.
WAsmINroN, D~een er 4. 1 S5t.
The 'Virginia deiegati on net ts miornrit g,
and after Eome conf renc ru t.on t..e state iii
things, determined to go qu "'y .ome. Ti:cy
were induced to adapt this eca,&- Oil' byit the
advise, or rathe: by the iews, u e apue
press; for they hid nio dio.tinj o ' W"
the New York TPe ea! an:hre"
to take their seat L rThe! er o:a I) b en
placed ini the hands of the t a a , wiHl be
referred, with other paipers on teu et, to the
Select Joint Committee.
Mr. COtFA.ds eieet'ion as Speaker was uiM
with tremendous ch1eering'. Illis 'I "es on ta
king the cheer is published. Hie rxisss a
hope that the vacant and once I 4bna" ee:n
aroun:d him will be gralduailly ring u ul the
IHall contains represenltatives from' C evr Ste
and District-their hearts devot. to tie Un:ion,
&c. It is probale that thle process of ti!!ing up
will be gradua!.
The expected.Ui providingi for the excr~in
of the tight of suflage to tile fr'edme ot tins
District was intro 2need into :h2om 'n l wril
doubtless be enacted as a law. The tee'le oif
the District wi!1 remuonstriate -i nt- it ma! ini
yoke the President's veto. Th 1b rI bv e re
turned with the President's obIctio.., bunt it
'would still pass by a two thirds vote o f bo:ht
Houses-it beinU' intended to maike tii.s District
the field for the great experimet
It has been nre-ed that sever I constitutionial
amendments, shon!d be secured bef toe the Sou
thern representatives simil b.e restored. After
the admission of the South er n ma;r:te cor:
servative elemnrt oi tue Norm w:vo hrec.
The ComrmisAioner of the Curt 2:.cy es-inra.fs
the cr-p of cot:on for the present y.ar at twci
million and a halt hles, whiebl, wV:.a tart of hcei
cents a pound. will yield a re vet :e of c:;e hon
drned and twenty-five mtiiuons of Ko!birs. jThs
tax, it is h rguied, wvould f'allr n h c:nsnr.
Tne Illinois memnbers fix th son to be dle"n
ted to Mi's. Lincoln at i:1 'I. 'The Sr!.et
Committee raisedi on the h- jct w'.lt pr obably
recommentd this sumll.
The Prerident listreed vesav- R:ilical
sermon in thet L:utherani Cin:: Tur-i:'
took strong gr'ounid in favor of:rri:n.
The President in his letter to Gouvern-or Perry,
advises that nmembers el:et fro tat State defer
their appPcat ion for a :::-s:ion w 'cen wonh! seem
to show that his wi.:hes on this 52bj'ct hadc been
The principal '>a-iness of t:e io::Se was an
pointing Commttees
Several amend:n:t to: Co:::u:-io n of th:e
United States were.. nit el 1
Gen. G,AiNT has re:ucr.vd f rom hirs Southern
A ieso.'uition was In :e U c:!i. ut!on the
President for u. at ': orn!i' !' e eeet
ing the occupdon \t
A changce is weh .0'te il a
1mmbers in ('ore'i. I ':' n ' wh the
chanc'e whl,eb is e:l co in t:
mind's4 of thec peop ' ............
for the belief that ib .. \' -''n ,i
they manifest thei co 'tr;c' u h e
dent's views Congres n o' -'i ut bL'
der.t's pelilev.. The I 'e '
dithicult cir!umstan s H
April whether tie o' - *a
mode of eceib;
t O t nI
Ts of A
U I n L e , he11n, 0, 1n C i.n 1 a
t 1 v i I' Cha th A -cn
n v I ' bt n to I iAl d aI
- o seceine , h r i o Orea
T- nog (0-1ACroved byha
a od :en Snl. i4an toeSn
fA l l nn,L l for i
ttin :A '' . i the iotnro
wt av the 1 R Ib of
ire:d: n d h esth th oi rSign lo i
lco i c"dg , uni!terstrto fThe
Dwm AShouh besimmediatl cromplVI by the
adm i* o o ; me mber Aeleot
C1::trine Sw thno:t e MOA ny la eAr -
r f c i a c i l i e r h ei
Mihs. im usi.eo 'Aecc ion i' not com
mnande; and:er t tht ie wouid Jau* Te
vAn: in Ao, inAxs the - ration l oi the
Thei" oefn to menmus .erlr-nc wic
C U T-CIii z4i,lWLI (101Cr' tmit TO Ie;AI d irI ; lm
wnns t r AoLWi t ard Dpotent0 a rf the
(:;'I" il! b:wS thu np ii\'' wi"no ii'
i i o;l it oil af:er' ihe il le of Anaryi.i'. The
I IA' olrC nl" -Onssruct ion Alli not tull then
bo !nv imed a a re 'tponod upon1101.
The R&Ci'ui:.011i OCBE1NJAM IN IF. BIUTLY:n, Whiel
Iva'A teindeCO' to the War Departnlint a few days
nice, was promptly accepted to-dav. This an
n Anneco':t crea:ws spnation hiere to-day.
In the -mate, ir. Wa!:soa present(I a peti
tien fromn th. 'Alord pople of the Di trict of
Coi1nbJ,* a:l !he right of snl'rage. It was
r : to i1he appropriate Collittee.
Mr. MoMNa nroonted a ietition from New
York unrh ,,zking t1he vr-s-oration of Cer
t_'it relatIve to the Florida coaSt, fureign
hi aml conuereeI.
Mr Wl was appointed Ciiii-nran of a
ConAi.te to repot on the deanh of 3Mr. L:v
AI re'lns ws ofnrd making an earnest
dcl watio agalnt iionar-Chlical dk-igns in1 Mexi;
co, and mtrutimg tie Committe on 'oreign
AMi as to wHat measurc were necensary on
the part of the Uiited tates to seCUe to the
!0eop' of Moxco their rights as members of' a
epubihcano fovernmeont.
A resl:I'A n asI pa'Sse loio the- 'floo
membin ers of' thie S:ates latelxy in rebellion.
m-a :.t ha :1 'en~ hea'vy under the effect of lar;re
s des oin Wedne!a an I this mfornligK hy the
ilnh-Treasurv. These' are evideintlyx madeC ini
pr(opirao ior th e hal f y'ear's interest onl hree
hunir il'Clions of seven Li tirty noteA.s ille 01
:he, 1.5th inino.lTh inltere'St to he disbA:rsedAA
a:nlo1mIS to $1'',lALl ,110 The openii:g piKce xxas
1 , folloe by A l i a deA.cline to 145) and111 a re
-orI.Ary to 1 LU *14, a 't which the nurLIiet cliosed.
('a i l CAh!: contfius abuindaint, anId 7 pci- cen t.
IS n1id. for carring'l it.
was5 dul, irreg-ular aind lower, Is Alown'I by oAlr
llr!IAxedA r~ita'tion'.TheI leC Sls UlmbrAcAd J,571
baKles, part reO'or:e.d at 51) cents for' s-trictly New
(bleans MilA , i b' ut mostly at our gn1Ottions5,
as iellows:
L,!.'d F'lorir,;iaz. M Hc. K. o. & T
'!Snt. ..4 48 49' 41
CnwI '.o NAcemAAber 8.-Flioer an!1 Whleat
uni' eled, Ami ireglair; anles lat i1.1 1 1. for
No. 1, eA 'in: with a few buyercis at out i.le fi;
ure s ; :f LA cent for No. 2. Corn gniet' at 42I
emls (A. No. 1, a:: 0 cents for No.) U.Ot
Are A< uAA, A A5 r I2 ' ieti High W iles are. dll
(:xx (ow 1' at .'A "A 1. PriovIiins areC veryI
I Ao IA, recit lIgt, markeit gnie.t and prices iirmi
NMIix.go: , DeA.cmberA~ .-F' iIur diill. Whlea'.A
ct've andil ir'le'lAr, cloA'ing at abouit $12i
Cor ' Aili . (a: A imve. de line I cnt.
AW AIA\.'us, Dee. U- o . 1 .-Cotton.-No
Era:'irA Tuiene:riN.-We er:Ote sales of 40
C....:-'p..hA T,] -pentineA at ii cellts for'VI Wite,
u1u" A eA A iA ns (A forA! colored.
Unen1 T I Ar:. ::.-S-1A es of 49 bhis. Crude
jA tA .-WeL( gote. Sale'S (of 71) bbl. Common
a t 5,. ,hbbs. ditto lit $So' 5.214, and 22- bbis.
low g'rade No. 2 to str'ictly No. 2 at $68) tale
Ta.Sl's of 'A-4 bU1s. at $2.75. A declineA
of cess
T1:n-Sles of 3 ralfIs timber at ji18 for
A) d mii (1. for inferior', and $i11.75 for
UJ.u~:c'iao, Decemier 9.-Cotton-Firm 20Q 27
inl el: and from1 :Ju a ni inl elrren.cy.
ru'lrANA, Det(cemberO S.-Cotton is se'lling tO
dav a t :> 1a 40cents.
1no':, ji Aceml' er 9.-Cotton quotations are a1t
fromi :} i a :;7i ce:.ts.
Lx a NA; :-, DccembeA.r S.-Cotton is selling at
fr:n ::5 ai :'A" centS' per' poundi.
('oLm ae, D'cemberCi 8.-Bunt little doing ini
coA Aon . iales a.t ';S cents.
Mu\ os::ar Au i ., Decemiber 7.-CattonA
make I du Ailll. S"Iles at 40 cenis.
N As'vA.u: TV:A., December 7.-~Cotton F lat.
ReceiA ' ma i . At uyer irm(111, :5 a 4Il cents.
Ni:xw Yo'':,A DCibe )r 11 .-Ctton dnll at -17 a
. em.Navail Stores dul. Goldl 145.
N..:wN AY' a I, Decmbe i 1:A'I.-TIhe eo t Io ma I~ rl:e t
is ll. 'I heL 5ales yeLsterday'I amiointed tou imIir
Ic-in hl:lArAd bl)e7S, at4 a 48 cents. .Naval
oreAI's ':'e dul l. Gjold 144
TeP iris corre'sponden c lt of1 All C; 'AAy ~ s theO
'AAnlf-h Miisry have\~ deided A to back'i 0o1. of thle
('ilian aLU-, and that theA Spai'iih I Adirinal has
A mlil :ArI rioA (Iere AinC l .riineil rAecnt
lv LO: n'al bly lxf0 ZOnnxeA lad ml:i'1arme, mi
'hichAAI 12~.U'0 nA:":inme Cere Xiiled and L fiftv Wounld
The cat I e plTh.Ln is reported still to he on the
The escap' of '-tep!:en=, the Irish Hlead-Centr'e
of the ) ei AA'', frmai the' DuAtie m iu is~ suproseAI
o Ihave beC aided ''iI by the prio ~oleiAls, b ~ ut it
isIl oa'''A;"xy ho1w and in wxhat n:annler theC
I AAA':'LA A, NavembeA"r '5.lh-:A TIs.
A' r W he't i : lan I1e . I I<.0 low
1r tie o WhAt los A. . CAorn 1s.
P'A r ' A'- A ' 'sfim ii.1 th0 mr" e
- A I. " i' e AA i, in tI:IL . l'o-'
A" A a r. 1.t lI i 4h! sn Or-l
A. ' Ar no .a ! i' :v t chronAi'le "he
"AU 'A'A'ti X Di A'O 01
i'ltl W EE ilk KlLY IE RIZ-A 1D.
Wedinslav .or nin ) D" ebeer 20. 1 r.
. .. ctmn w:il nccept Cur .Itharn!
CO Iw c: Of v: N '!WNv Yoik
vC ofit: i
!ai:IvodtyIv (row I InL this week, will :i r
a the ne:A isse.
Our im't* w, and are 'er"by tnd.re,l
the Gleeille & C(iia l il:l iomi::ny,
and is v:r ceiint and cuiteo'is offlcers for
conmimerc-ntary f*.ivors.
The Newbervy i*strict Mcdi ;il Az3ocii tion,
mect m;.1 orzani:dc on the 4th of D)ecemzber.
The 'orsin (leers were il: for the enSu
ing, yealr :Dr. P'. ElT, Prsdn,Dr. J. MCInI
In accoida.e w N%ith long establihe d usage thc
printers of this ocle elii a Loliday for Christ
inas, therefore, tere w1l be 11 paper issue.
next week. The next number will appear o
the third of January.
A Ncw Volume
Will commence wi:h the next number of the
Herald (3d of Jarnarv,) and no better tie per.
haps, than the tomience:nent of a new volnic
is there for a obscription to begin. Corionenc
with the new year an1 the new volume, vou who
are not already subscries, aid you will have n
complete file that may be always referred to with
Interest. Subscribe at oncec, we do not keep
back nunbers.
Renew your SuIscriptions.
Renew - otr substc ipt;ois, clear off arroaragcs
both for subscrip:ion and advertising, and coam
meniee with a clean bahnce sheet for the new
year ; advice, wilich, if' followed, will allord the
most intense satisfae:ion, the deepest joy, and]
t':e livelest gratitude.
Chancellors an d Law Judges.
The foxowi r-g is the result of the election bN
the Leg islature :
Cia:Ieilrs - Ion. V. .iohnson, of 3L..rboro
Uoo. lk.1r D). Lt.sene, of ChaIlston.
LawF. J. Moses, of Smuter:
Ilon. A. P. Ahlrichi, of Barannell ; lIon. T. N
Da'skiins, of Uniion.
The temzper of the radical n:enibers of Con
gress 5is moderatinga. The lead inga Northe rr
journab: too, ar e miore or' less ini abeyance to the
Pr'esidenmt's polier. ITowever, foreign afThirs arc
comnplica ted, and it would Tot ie surpr'i.,ngi
the United States were to drift into war witi
France or Eng2amd or both of those powers.
Cotten is advazncing in tIhe New Yor k Mark et
Latest qu:otationl 40 to 50I.
Art';riS-r., Decembher 9.-The cotton miarke
quiet, yester< iiy, no0 transa~:ctions of imiportanect
to note. Prices aibout lie s: nne. Thiie demnan t
for gold wvas moderate, and zI.ere are hiarge lots
on1 the mantrkeCt. Imrokers b .vinzg at 47 and sell
ing~ at 4. 1.n the pr oduce uzinzket, beef, 5e.;
baner', :5 a 4'. ; chickens, 5') a 60 a pair :corn,
1 .. ; ducks. i.n a patir ; eggs, 50 ; f odder, 2.25;
geese, 2.5) a panir ; hay, 2.0; mttonl, 2.25
head ; sweet po0tatoes, 75 ;pork, 12 ; peas, 1 2m;
pork sausages, :5; tirkheys, 2.50 a pazir. Th
markhe. is well stocked, aznd tihe continzued arrival
ofcutypro.b'e mun.9t cause a downward ten
MI ..K:r(<i:Vim:L, Decemb'r 11, 180u3.
The Georgia S:ate Senate passed a Bill r'epa
tig contracts between masters and ser .::ts.
Contracts for ovC2 :' o month must be in wriing
work hmoutr to be fromr sunarie to Sl:mset ; thme
servanzts to he rcs'm:aible for dan:age to thc
property of their e mp!>yers ; wages to be forfeit
ed by-leavin ;~ the emtployer may discharge ser
vant's for disobediece, Irun i ennzess, imm zzorality,
want of' respet, leaiving his service, enticinig
servants away ; :nisdemeanior to be punishabie by
a fine of five inndred dollars or by imapriscaen~izt
for f'our mionths.
Ey Mr. Townes-A bill to protect thle proper
tv of married women fromi debt, contracts and
liabilities of the hu aband , and to secure their
separate e'st:ite5 in the s:nie.
Mr. .J. I1. Wihas-A bllI to amend an Aet
ezntitled "Azi Act to lead lie namzie and credit of
the States to th e Grzeenille anad Co !lmbia Raiii
road1 Coampa ny, in the re-adljustmien)t of their
debt," and to0 partifially release the lien of the
State on the property of the said company.
Thie pec!il order--a till to re gulate the col
lectio o010f debh:s izn th zis State, a bidI to a meznd the
law kniownr as the stayv law, anad a IillI to extend (
rele to debitors, and to prevenit the sacrifice of
pro; cert) at p.elic sale-were a;iscuassed, a mend
ed and made the spcil crder for :denday.
Err n.tv.m.xr.-Te wife of Mlaxiilhiian, 'of
Mexico, reeend.v reviewedl the~ M -xicani trints
zn a cariagl:e t hat co<t 910I,0Oe1. It was eon
sructed ezntir ely of glass and silver, anzd the in
side was lizied with white satin anid gold lace.
It is blieedCi that Col. Chiilds, will putrchanse
the C'ohnnbiia Ca nl. I Ie proposes to go into
tmanfactringi' o:i an extensive scale.
Riandal! Hunt is elected Senator fronm Louisiana.
G. W. Gaie, who odired $ 1n,an for the as'
sasinaionof \Ir Licoin, has given bozids to
To th e l'uhlIic.
The co:mritee appointed to arrange a Fee
hiii for the obser'vance of the zmembers of the
ecwherzry district Medical Association, beg
leave to propose the foilowing rates anid esti
mates n pon a gold :md silver standard:
Mileage ina day timzie, 50) cts per mile
Medicine's ch:itaed for accordting to value,
Ofiie Ores'riittin, - - $1 001
Visit in towni, - - - 1 00
Prescri!.tion, - -- 1 00)
()>)tetries, - - '0 ito $50 00
Ulesling, - - - - 50
Cupiig, - - - - 50
Le ci:'g, - - - - 5
litrn, - - - - 1 00
Goo n'Izn advar ce, - 20 00
Extra pautims-preCscription, - 00
The cha2rgs "ire to be paid in cash, or its
equivalat, at the expti entioni of the ser'vices.
in relationi to the Freidimen, the Phy'iciani
will e'xcrciSe his dbi cetionu, as wecll as in sc
oter Caises as wi lequizre a reduction of
chrzges on atcconuit of pioverty.
We, theU nielerigne l P'hyvician; of the
New berry liitrict Mueta Associntioni, do
heieby adapit the above rateCs of chzarges:
. b. M a 'C, J.z. McCnts e,
LOCAL iT 3.Ma.
n:nW Y.-Lk out ch'.l a is
: You wiil x ;l m n ..r;:ile during
bi tie tnixt weck, A! of n ie can e fotund
by ca1 on Dr. Go.ii. T-io attr.ic:!ons at h;is
sfiow wi ow a:e v::rronily beautifuland irr.ist
able,:nsl Ce ihe "hatne hfte isdmy
V:0 to'cui AM ;I:.ss on otiers.
A. Mr-It is m:r luck to be always CItIilttg
ino ono 1,i,i f atoe , : d s metnesan 11gly
1. Tib- ol !I i: r: . I ths i h e, h!o e.ver,
"nybwdy i. t,'' nF tQ. lnttir tqrns out to be
o a 11.1,Z f ' i , .. . y d oit at tiis
thant by: no u u : thoy be WOtLd awl
eith r w%i;i wve. Tuis is ot ,it l as a no
tie, awl if they wy e pre'ehted by our good
frienfS, it is enly betv eca enrrelves, tnd nobody
need Lethni.r
(:; 'I' ;::s.-YMs, ("riomas is com
i long loo!e,, for b,y i th little folk : it is ot
1n.: herk. nd Qll*heat arte swelling with
explctation of the d1lih n nxieh are in store for
themll. Socin nMgS i ie 6U and bags too, all
to be I w g oo i. :m p iis, by that
km t: beInd t ofal ool i llows, ol l Krii
notreicetate0r0-bu, old Kris Krinl,
or t 0:m . It is a p'. r to u- to be able
to tuH the Ark ones th:t he is nn the voa, and
t though th.e ro7ds :r afully mirddyIl and
heovv, hie wN b here :,l in goo; tirme. 3a,I
osicnnot n:q ni unagn, abonugh it is load
e n r im u wh1h t. !rinnaist. s'eetest, prettiest
of intiw, sone o, whieb not being able to go in
the wagon lie in eranmed into his very large
pok -ket ' The jigle of his bells have been heard,
mUily' I' souinin,g in the distance. So look out
hltle clk. Go to sIVep 'aly On Christnas eve,
honi u your stockhyis b)fore goin' to sleep
t and wake tip soon in the niornin, and
t"he irwt thi you do, look into Your bars, and
What fun and wx onder You will ha.C
Wi ie out this A. M. we were stoppe d by our
friend nnd Pitclier B. aftier a very cordial shake
of ha)ds, &c., -ind k., uiders.toodl, we asked
hin how this countrT coubl. be saved. IlIe re
plit-d with some spirit, "why go to Riser's or
Park' store, and bu - tickets for the 'grand'
gift enterprise,' " the best thing of the season.
Attention is called to the card of Mes-rs. Ar
ciibald Getty & Co., whole',alle dealers, sli pping,
commis--ion and forwarding merchants, Chiarles
ton. This is a iespon ille fi rin., and its itCrest
a'i valie to the iusiness con1nutity, is much
enhainced 1by ther ifluence of Mr. W F. Naice,
who represms t~tho Lou'se.
Mr. T. . t rmoan has jai.t returned from the
North nith a h.nlsome stock of dry and fney
goods, groceries, etc. le offers them for sale at
reduced prices at his place, one mile and a half
west of Bush River Chuch, Newberry ist.-c
Our old friends, W. J. DuMlie and John A.
Chapmian, it wil 1e seen by an advertisement in
another cobnn, n i1i open a new Dook Store in
this plice, on or about tho first of January. We
lNish thi-m succesS.
We'n"ite attenion to Me'srs. !ilier & Thonmp
son's alver:iieent. It will bie seen that they
hav ju it received a vetry latrge,' and fresh stock
of boots, shues, valdirws, utnErellas, etc.
3!'e-'rt. Winskemant & Ring have on hanid a
choice stock of famtily Grioceries, of evety de'
scripition, also salt in abutdanice. G.ij;e thtemi a
The srtinz term of th. Gronl'ed Female Col
lege wx'itd be gintf ihst Feb,ruatry, '6, utnder' faxvorablei
an ices. C. Ii. JudiLon, I 'ie:w n: f.
J:iis for rent, on 1st 3!cnby in Jnu:ary.A
potrton0 ofh home place, of ti.e late Hont. J. B.
O'Ne\a tl. On the s:unim ist a grood ihi
And Wiels i'''''epared for ('hristitas arid
' ier m'an.
McMetV nh~ h L L Sub'er & Co., advertise
thir stok of bI'ooL. shoec, hais, &c., as now
Ac heion Sal--pi" r.ol ? r 'e ;t of te late
Dr. T. . Ruthnerford,zasii I ecClmZer, inst. Coti.
ton, COrn, -CC.
Cap'ial inetn't-secam saw and V:i mill
on G. & 0. t l'., 12 iles west of Newi br..
'. & J. Flor d.
iierchants ant io-h0'i 'Vs xnill civ that A. L.
Sotto is t he agenti for th te .mtboat line be
tween tioln aind ( n t'i'-!ei.
Sei W\ebb & Lavidaci.'. cirds-"ou is" for
gentlemen readyv nade elo:hing,. kc. Also Liv'
KigsMountairn Mil.it xy %choo!, at YXor'kville.
Exei'Ss commetnee J .um ary i cbt, 18663t. its
31ad.li- ;oxxw'ki's jus-t!y ceulbrated Instituite
for young ladies cont:::.'nieton the 1->th of1 Jan
J. S. UIrd, jr'., & Co., om. mechants and deal
ctrs itt grain, Lany, ke., Chtarletto, s. C.
Chias. L. (Js.iaumt, Char'e -ton, de.leer it
groceries, banggi, tine, dry "gcods etc.
Cha-. L. G:1! caunt' Ch' r:'-ton, f actor , sip
ping andt ennu:nS-ion mereh:l:a
Wei tb & Lovelace wil: purchtase any quantnity
of di peace'S.
Mr. Mathew JHall has ~>o00 cltoice peach trees
for sale. Now is tire tite to tratnsplantt.
Fin '' i rood mtar e to be soI-l or exchaunged for a
mule. A ply to B. Ii. Lo''elace. sial o
Mrs Foot hans a fine stock of goodsstalfo
Guita and vrilin st:'inmgs--at Miller & Thomp
We avecrs can he suipplietd with a superior ar
tiele of hles ott a p:.intnit to A. M. Ri:-er.
See Fee Jill of lMedical Association in ano:her
*Huste wanrtei-apply at tis office.
Adt:h ibtrantoi's N otice-O. A. Ruattherfot:d.
W.!:,::8 '(To In::..--\ A Washin t on c orres pon -
den t says', tha.t thei omrntKt delegates to Con
''ress are being treated nx tih courte'sy andt ebtid
ertion by many ix oi thtose whio hto!d seats otn thle
floor of tlte lo~ue, anid, it is said in Republican
quarters, tha t t ley xwill ccrtruinlyx be aditted at
ain early day if they cotme ump to tile r'equliremfentts
of the antt ilaver mantjority of both branches of
Conmgress. lie T enntessee delegatlion have more
.smthytix than any oth0 ler, piobabily becaumse P'res
idett JohnlSOnl is a ttTineseen.
Gt:.t tIrns INTEt~ntrae.-Pr'oviPionltI Gov'
eranor P'errrii has u ri ihIed t he Phl oni:< wxith the
rolowng highly gatiftdttoin depthreceived
W.xsmrtyno:, D)ecermbemr 11.-I thankt you for
your' dispatchi. It is graitify ing to kitow that the
mes5n ge nas fa ivor'ly r iecive'id. In a few days,~
you xxii receixe full iniitrctions5 as to being re
lievecd as P'rov'isiotal GoxvernorIt. I hope that all
will move off tight, in a fexv dayvs, withi Contgress.
Prsidenit Uited States.
HI (K 'E wxi:hl not less thtani Four' Roomis wxith
~irep!ace's, a Well of' WXate'r and Out
build ings Appiy at this (ofiee.
De> "i
Here, Genatlemen!
ISa goodI placie to ge t an )UTFIT, as wei hmave
aspem'ndid Ict. of READY-MAD1E C'LOTIHNYG
o thre best var tietie~S, antd chea2nper', per'hap~s than
oi hiaxve pn'chiaseid for somtetimie. Also Boots,
Shoes, Hants, G loves, Sinks, ke. All of which wxe
will sell lowx. WEUU & LOVELACE.
D)ec 20)
BrGod Mare,
.L XRGE strong iittD MA RE will he sold
(X.'or exchanid for a Nulie. She is ntow in
foal by Fiord's liue Inorse'. Apply to
iec 21.:si2tl. I. 11. L)VE LACE.
* Livrerpool Salt,
['SAi'S Lnierool SA LT' for sale low
20 lx.X wL:Im & LOn'EL.
L M. SUBER & (50.,
Is Now Fi! aiid Complete
r ' p:ich * pa t r a!ttent*cn is re-ouested.
We arc satifij:d that an enination will
be sati1ato.r. L M. :UE & CO.
n!:o,n,ctod wt:h'te ah,ov-;:',abl1i:-hment
I take tis opportr.ity to returnv thanks for a
liber1 past patronae, and exen-i an iivitatuion
to m11v mal!y risis to teuew and cul.hivate their
bhpcil. aee1aintanlice w%ih me. From a long
experiLnce in the boe busine0s, J fel conadenlt
in beii able to 'Live satiTaction.
1e!'-32-tf. McD. MFETTS.
Boots, Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Ts of the fullest description, additions to which
are bLing constantly made. Besides which
the line of
Is quite large and full.
Which will be disposed of at most reasonable
Jobbers and country merchants wil find it
to their lvantage to call on me and ciaine
mv stock.
dec 20 3m M. FOOT.
iLSa E A!" D RETAi L
' EEP con -t;iulv en hand1 e vcrv:hig n4ia lly
Found in a' fiirt class Family (.rocery.
IWe are propiredi to sgply the eiins of the
town, the uIst r;ct and' t' e up- Com: ry wih choice
freshi goods~ at sa tisfactc,:y pmicees. Ou3:r stock
consists in part of sag.rs, teas, coffee, cheese,
craceke rs, spicccs, ma ketel, sa rdines, lor:tors, soap,
sada, eard'' lest cs tobacco, sigars. salt , p
ples, eabhi;, e:e. 1mbInp d, e ct einmer
a;e~ the articles .Jus give u<a call for whatev
er you want in the roce.y le
T 'ilE Subtsiicrier pnrpose sihorIy to reso. ne
A itheir (obl buins', ini ihis place, :nt. u
the first of J.nuar'y willI open imp a si-et 3:aek ofi
Fr'om a co:.sieraWe enpenCe m the aho':
buin aems, tiwy' belie ve. they canI give s ml ifcton
Tea cers are part iilarly ~rectd to giv th tm
ai trii;A in the purchaLie of K Scool 8oks an
School Satiouery. WV. J. DF*Fl E, -
Newvherry C. II., Dec. 2io, 83. 532
"'T H IS Rile w ill conme off a t she stoire of C. W.
t Parikem', on Chrni sanas Day-:, at 11 o'clock.
TJo be mange by, diite rated p iries. Ticket s
for sale at the store of A. MI. Riser and C. W.
Newberry C. II., S. C.
Quhitar and Violin Strings,
[( UITAR mand Yiolin Strinigs, IIair for Fiddle
b ows, 8hi!rges and other appendages for
Guijtars and YVolinis, to be had at
D)c. 2i-a 2- f M IL LE!: & THIOM UfCN'S.
P 1"IIE .SPRING TERM of this Iin it i ion n.ill
..begin the FIiR'T of FEBRUA RY, anid con
A f~ ull and very superior corps of instruerors
has been a ecuredi, andl the Boardhig Decpartmeu t
is in the hiands 0f those who cannot fail to give
For termus and fuirthier information apply for
cir cular. C. II. JUDS( N,
Dec 20, 52-Ct President.
Kif8s MllitaTh Mialty S6hooI
'IIE excises of the EL.EVENTII YEAR of
.ltis well k~nownt JInsti iition will begin on
t'e 15TH (OF JA*NU_A iY, 1 %. The usual in
srucions in TACTICS AND DRILL will be
omitted until tihe State is dcfinitely restored t
her polit:cal stat us.
Ter's-For First Session of fiie (5) months
Tuition, Board, Fuel, Lights, Washing and
B ,oks, 8i12.5 011, in adr'ance.
Pupils are required to furnish their own Tow
els, Pill-w Cases, Sheets and Blankets, for Cot
Mat trass.
For further information apply to
Su: viving Principal and Proprietor.
Dec 20 52 8
INSTITU'TE for Young Ladies, opposite Char
.lotte Railiiroa d Depot, Coh unbii, S. C.
The duties of th's Institutec will be resumed on
January 15, 1866i. For ternms apply to Madame
S. directly, or tne Editor of this Journal.
dee 2) 32 8t
\. GE:TrY. E. A. Sot DERi. S. T. SoC.DER.
Archibal(I Getty & Co.,
8SmPPJNG, C0M1118UN,
126 \AN 128N v1: :T I \Ni STRE?ET.
To ffeet the Demands of
WVho :peced to niake a RUSH on this es
tabliAhmen.t for
Xice Things, Good Thiigs,
Sweet Thinugs, Faney Things,
And Elegant Things,
Sainta Claus,
And great grand uncle of A. M. WICKER, will
open the choicc,t assortment of
Christmas Fancies#
Ever seen before, for
Lit,tie children, bIg children, mothers, fathers,
uncles and aunts, who are all cordially invitefto
Itteld the
Decided!v the most attractive in many years;
which rill connienee with this day, and close
only when the articles are all disposed of.
dec 20 5)2 A. M. WICKER.
The undersigned having just returt"
ed from New York with a very large.
and complete and handsome Stock o4
Goods, which he seleeted with great
care, and purchased at reasonable ratesi
offers them for sale, at his place, 2 i&
west of Bush River Church, at prien
as low as they can be purchased any
where. A trial is all that is asked, to
prove that the Goods and Prices wiU
suit everVYLdyt
The stock consists in part of a
Iin~s, Alpatea, Long-cloth,
Velvet, Shieting, Shauls, T'road-cloth, la
kets, French Gersets, Balmorals, llois.ery and "
Cravats, Linen and Si1k H:mrdi.rchiefs, Hat,
and Cape, Sik nnd Kid (Gloves, Comdis1md
8Ibu.Thes, H o#op Skirts and Flannels, Bomba
Zine, Jaconet, G i gham, Worsted Goods,
JLdies' C2lrth C!oaks, Lenther and Silk Belts,
Ladies Colors and Cnlfs, P~nper Collars, Shir&
Fi ons,ol cot:On eedlles, hair-pins etc.
Perfumery, Cutlery, Crockery,
Bhoes and Ects, Hardware,
Tin-wary, Gro3eries, Toys
and Confectionary,
We i ilbu :thl co untry pro~due, and p<y
c sh or exeba:nge goods for the same.
Wev.i'l al.so buy anid pay the highest
mat ket price for coten. A.Vy one wishing
to sip theirc crton to Chairle>ton, New Ywk
>r ncl (an do) so by appl ication to u.s.
Wec ni: mak-e a:c;m.ts on ship.uants
fromi Ch:n k s: n,
I.. HfarmlOnl,
Near Bush~ River Church,.
December 20m 52 3
Chiarles L Guilleaume,
c#ee 143 Meeting~-Street, Directly Oppo.
site liayne-street,
I ConIgnets through hilsfrienlds.
Messrs. S.'wn:n, W.v.L.ce & Co., New York.
Ytssrs. lBou:r.s:, Porrin & Co., Ne York.
Messrs. DXosE:, Gn.m:s & Co., New York;
Messrs JIm:a:UsT & S.tun, New York:
Messrs. Tra.vn, DRIGonAM, & Co., flostoh.~
Messes. J. & D). M.u.coL:sos, Liverpool.,
Messrs. Joam: K. GILoArr & Co., Liverpooh
Messrs. Ib:r.a: Sr.OAs & SoN, Phliladelphia.
Me-srs. Pr:;NnaasTr, FrNswtcK & Co.,Baltimore.
Messrs. Glansa, D 1xn:n & Co., Bost8ti.
Messrs. Craniu.:s S:,nTH & Co., Bosto*
IIis lheilities for Insurance cover Cotton, &c.;
all the way through, by land and sea, from an.y
point at lower rates by floating policies than cad
be effected here.
PROD)UCE bought and sold here to fill ordefs;
it marhet rates, giving owners the opportunity
of selling here or shipping.
Consignments solicited, t<> which I will givd
my personal attention, and returns made in cuf:
rency, gold or foreign exchange.
Dec 20, 52-1mno.
Full and large assortment now in store3 and
:onstantly receiving.
For sale at Lowest Market Prices, at wholes
ale, by
148 Meeting Street, opposite Hlayne st.g
dec 2u 1mn Charleston, S. C;
John S. Bird, Jr., & Co.,
General CommissionMlYerchantS
Con n try Produce received and returns madE
in Merchandize or Money.
dcc 20 3mn
T00K OUT Weavers and secure a supp1f of
-I (;o ev v.il . O can, if you want to'

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