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The Newberry herald. (Newberry, S.C.) 1865-1884, February 28, 1866, Image 1

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is PL'BLISiED E\~E:' WThN1CE .'6,
ED 11ro P;s A r 1P:. S.
'Pay:zent reqired inv:r-tA.v in dance.)
Advertiseme:::s ilre a: ,., per Zj".re, for
first insertionl, 'l fo eneb doi.en m on
iarr'age noticv-, : vi: .u., bi:r
and Commun ic;.:s 0 pcrsO at."'erest ch ed
as advertise : ents.
Countin IlIuse 'Calendar for 1.S60'.
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Intervi'M Beln-f-tn can..t 1'
and Coiorod oi.
'From the Wai.: t
w e tak-.e the iniel.c
tion onl the 7t e
up as f.!!n'r.
eo T. Do~wn -Z -
land Statc, : 1 . i
lanld ;'J"hn Jone. -!
of the Ditr-t 1 n \
of South ('Cro2ia h -
per, of Pemnn" - . -I 'nI
Alexander D)uiU: I a. :t a m'
1A.pper, (n hie a.4 ''
D)ouglass4 s;.'ko as f.AM 44 :'
'you, sir, a to you 4s -'.a .. p:
trate of the Re:''1 , but to y'1~ (our reIS
pet, anid to p1rent in brif e einm of cur
race to your ta-:oral coni er'.- In the
'order of D)ivine~ f': id41ce au a\e ncd in
a position uhecre you hav th ae oSave
or destroy us, t) ns or at na. I in*an
our whole ra'.'. Ycrrd :m 1.iumane
predecessor placed in o'r 1:mne t.ie s4.mU (I to
as'sist in sav ing the nati, :14ual( we h'pe that
you, his ahi su:&ce.4sor,\ n ia f(or:iV 44 egel1
the placing in our had th ba!!vt wit a i
to save ourse lve.'.
We shall submiit no:armument on in-ai pnt.
The fa'tt that we are the subje1.ts F e Cn
ment, and subject to to X tion, sui "t to vl
unteer in the service oIf tChe co 'ny su ec
to being drafted, suIh$ctI to huar t4,he burCeI
of the State, makes it *t imroper t at we
should ask to share in th4e priviege~s ofthi
I have no speechi to make on ti o'ension.
I simply submit these observaitons as a hit
ed expression of the views atnd feelings of the
delegationi with which I havec come.
1I:S1ONsE oP TPE PP:SmrN'r.
The Presidernt replied substantia!!y as fo!
In reply to some cfvyour i4oi:1e.--not to
-make a speech Uupon the subi't, for 41 I. !
ways best to talk p'lainy a ' di:icy abut
such mnatters-I will '::" that if I hav'.e no;t
a~ friend of humn4ity, a:;' , that prt'(71 en f it
which conistitutes the eo (red 1 n 4: 1
'van give no ecu4ence i4er. I s.at
i bave h id, bo(:4 r e:y
hias been pi di: C
tthink tl.at I (1:4:
wh~'at sr.nu:'; be t.:e i ''
(ion, anid wMIt C'.r" -
tdn the amUeUCation
'rot only of t'r.e C'.'r'e 1'?
'of the people of the n' '.
if I have not giVu: erd una 1e
'of humzanity, an eCpe' y hefundofth
-colored man, in my pa C' codnt 44 i
'nothing that I can now' da:h0t wo''h 1 1e
peat, all that I po'4'essed--i,lb:ymd
property-have been : isked in con.e1i'
with that questio,en I had4 ever 2 ~indc
ment held out to tak th other coe by
adopting which I woud have neenmpll '(ished,
perhops, :ii! that thI'e un t ambi1 . dticus might
have desired. If I 'w myse'.lf, anthe el
'ings of my1 owno het, they hav'~e beenr fIr theC
colored man. I have oned slv 1 andought
slaves, but I never sold1 one.- I mih say,
however, that practically v o far as; y con
'nection with shlves hn' '''4. "4. I h ave been their
slave instcead of their b)4' -nie. me have
even folIowed ine I4r,u nIs ('eCe
cupying arne omem C12tr unal* my
-Conlsent. I(r 4,4e e r' 4 rae, m' me,.s
mOy time, my all ha44 i.. n 'e'i ia ;ad o
at this late day, af' er"' -: er ' 'o t..t i
tangible, that is vr iAl, I f:n fe to say to
-vou that I do :.rt Kk a: r:4a a he s
'who ca:: zc: Up h :i :.:. 44
idoas of "+berty who (ever p!iere lifo, In,er
te, or nroiert . This kid of theoretcal, hol
lw, upracial r lip amn.1ts to but
ver yit:!e. Wil I say that I a frin of
th i coo:e mIn, I do m>t want to a.it a
p(olcy t: I I-lieve ili e1 in a Contest e tw
tween the rac, whb!i , if P'YiOte in, will
rASWA in 1 xt"rina ntins of one r th INer.
I Al iida that I shouhi he tingo, in such a
Now, it is always be't to tak abut th in
pr%lcticaNly, ad in a Commnion sense Way. I
hUve Oal, :u"I I reeat here, that if the colored
ian iii the L'niteId States coubl find no other
Moses, or any Moses that wauld he more abl,
a,d 0iiient than myself, I would be his Moscs
to le:i him froum bondage to fre edo; that I
wonMd pass him frm a aid where he h:al
live in siAverv to a land (if it were in our
ruacb) Ai Ae(iim. Yes, I wuld be wiling
ti pass with him throni the Red Sea to the
L:mtd ol Promnisu-to the la1d of liberty ; lit
I :m n- wili 1 u dr either Cir(:1iniMtanc .,
to :'ipt a iry k wi11h I beliive will only re
it in ta sacrile*e Of his alfe and the shedliig
of his bia I think I know what I say, I
feel Wit I SaV ; and I f,-el well assured, that
if 1he p liCy Ou ''ib o me he p i ted in, it
wi; resolt in great inuiry to the wvhite nan as
weil ts to iie colore!i man. There is a gicat
d na oi tnl' about the swoIrd in one hand(. le
comiila el:d, and(1 theV ball"ot accoml
:: ther at tie ballot box.
The-e t a!l do very we.1, and somne
time ave rcib a'phain. WWe talk a
DUt justice ; we talk Amut righ t ; we say
that the w hite Iman h1:1s beenl in t:h(e wrong in
keping~ the blk ima in slavery as long as
he h . Ti1 i ai! true. Again, we ta"k
Wb.uc the DelAratmn (A Ineedneaai
:: j e . l i befjre the law. ymu m:lserst'li
al :r :n' \!i'n how to appreciat it. Dt,
w :",z u1 loIk each o:her in the f:ce: let ns
go , t 1 thegrat umgut clrdmntruh
bat the Olve Niaten ; l1t us VCk the CUNA,
: are at theI preseilt ti?ve-and1( i
ntvi0me zlt th..ir codii at they
. Mat rekI tmi .ay tW e e:wivu
n- te m:m i ha-o -re 'I o ynild
- I Y I a reat In
A"11CvAs:Ad and oww'd i:- I.,
C eAiij! mC a . : el IN the f v to
'-I !i~ C\
t le ke t I' 'i g t terat
t es .il eit ee th w hte1*' orn atI d l
I cl
ca e w
.lk,mi , It ne thAe nIt t Qf Te ou
nni n,,,(q!ii(o
ce n i s: :iin. TI e:e we're ti .er tweny
t t. 1 v pa Kow er ci::triLA that St.in.
.* a 1 hak t this n1! to- as it i'. Ahough
,'i :.l wS in s:lavery tht're, .
1ac 'f that in:aity, ned of that c''mn:in
t, yet,sw m u com the: hizewnnn, and mN
,ii here with the non-:S1vowler, h
:snia'iv e,1:miatei os imiportance~ ;ut.t :n 1pro
so tin t io -ieor laIves that1 his 1n.:'w
er miyne , w i n ::en'r non ave.hi .ue-.
Ii..ve yo-"u eve I.r Uliupon a patn
M'r. D)'nelas. I imve, youur Excrllency.
TIhe. itre.Ilent. W bcna youi woi!d i ook oveCr
sWe a m:m1 who h':ltl a inrge familyv, sting
har upon a' po'r riece af land, you !
ud.t a1 rea dal icss of him than you did
your own" mastr 5 niegroes, (:an it you .
V'.i t o'l a ' N t I.
Te Pr si.t Well, I know sneh wa the
ag .na large2, majmeity oif yiu in those 1
."tins I hre such is the case we kno1wt
Lei is~'i a mty, wxe know there is a -hate.c
he poor white nman, Onl tile other hand, was.
?IaSedI to the slave and his master, for the
>1ored main and1( his master combined, kept I
in a aOvery, by depriving him of a fair. par- I
cipationa in the labor andi productions of the i
o h mnti o ine coantry.
D)on't y ou know that a colorCd man, 'n 3
ro to hli 't a miai-er, fas they Call it) for the
est ye"r, pref>rrn d hiring to a man whol
oned ('htvexs rat her thain to a mnan w ho (il r
o t ? I know the fact, at a!! Cvenits. Th1ey
id~ nIt coinsohlr it qulite as respiectable to hire I
o a mnan wxho did not Own necgr'oes as to oneC
Mr. D)o'zi::::. Because he0 wouldn'at be t
Li eii as w.t
T- ' P-t. The tat islr ;nothe rre
*t inl t. r of 'hat n go in t ay lIt
im.' Iie. is a pa:;t and p:arei of the political
\V'n you cim ba1Ckn to the objetcts of thits C
rar, yin flnd1 that the abo;ition of slavery was
0 1:: of the (1 oe:5 Congiress and the
irsident hilf dec iared that it wvas waged3
mone pI art in oraer to suppress the rebellion
-tile abolition1 of slav~ery' has come as an in
idenit to the supli ressionl of a great rehe!ion a
as an incident, and 'as an incidentt we should
ixe it tne prop'-r direction.
The colored man went into this rebellion a
ave: and hir the operation of the reb,eiiont
ei camne out a freedm'an-equal to a freedmlTan b:
n any oither portuion of the country. Then b:
here'is a great deal done for him on this point. v
he non-slaxveholder who was forced into thet
ob' i1n, wbo was loyal aus th"ose that lived r
'1enord the imits of thie Staite, but uxho
ari ' ito it, and his p'roperty, and in a n
aumbe r (of nstances, the liv es of suich were
~acrifed, aId hr who has surivxed has comes
at of it 'w ith ne'l'.'::-n1 b"t a grtat aea!
4 - ..
theL he aced 111 a con(li n :n er'll I "i
waiit t w re before ()n the j?ne ha d ,
a-h :w a n tde ; onl the othe.r
: ap i ofr vicw, se u cAl cc awlis wh;rv he
N'' w are tWAkig aout wLhre We :IrC
gri.g to bciT. We have g1t at the hIte that
existe'i hbetween. the two.( ircs. Th c'('a n'
cow:1s up, whete thsp- two rav;3, Qwol
as' 1Io wer A'e IC'e'9'e, T VItlou r; ri'
w t Itho t t 0l' for as Ion a d e'XCit'len't Io 1 t
r!ap a, : ,I: withw:t tiie f Lr the u h t
impi ovement-u- hetr the one shonbhi hC
turid loise uon tho Other, ntd hc thrown
togetLheCTflat t h 'ia t-H :x witt Ibi enn CI12
ad hate v.ii hbtween tTo mtc . The qucq.
COT11 CS Up t i theLZ1 re, wleth ' I e!(r w (e n! 't C:n
mence a wnr of rmes. I thik undyh:rtai
this quesqtin ; and espQ<ially iw tIs the o ens
when yOL Orce it upol a peole n ItuiUt. the
You have s n!: s h a!.)o'ut (ovri ernm It
Where is jower deived froi ? We sav it s
d.:ilved from tho p ee. Let u t!ke it So,
and refer to the li.st ict of Colwn:i:a bv wa.v
ofI i!! ltrat ' Sn. I S S fQr instonce, here,
in thisMAKY p C.4"m cmdniy,w to toA crtir
ex"unt mu1.st have W>veNmen, muu twhan
law", al :nit.g it i Ate iet AAl'si.
v ncan--tak itoc,ei aio th!e rlai
Which tie "W hiCe bA heeUAW rx to th
Colhwed law--in it P:PPVr to Moe ;Mn th.!
Co011 ni tyV, u X o tt rc nsn,tc :ci
lranchise, uWu e u to or la i
U N i ve l ?! A!
N, 6wh r "lai yA 111 i ? 69vernment
must have n n.-mAng ow.r ; n01st hve a
Knigmient. bir instawe, SlpYse ('ingrus
hOu l oss a Ow aunTtAi izing nu VeICSlt t
b'e bh(1. ut which al! O er tweniI0t C 1!av .ii
age, . ithult re I:n to c r, Shoudh he l a
h0'X,"ved t') VOte, a '1 a m A ity Sio u t''eid.
at Such a eA ion tiim,t the e lciv it:meiS:
1hou "d n .,t 'e vn.e-a: hat w udy u d
Aout it? W N\ n(Uld settle it y AS yow
dun that E ir.st it i ixil- of the i i t of
ry-A:t to ! arb*it y ' o- we,r, ai;d say a imia
rty of th'is p son'h rcceive a state A
-Ir. .I )I -! L. Th ti wa:.N th war.
ne I' ,n
The lI..' .-e. ( um n w t n a b u a
' r. LnT o::A g.' :Ily wf~ . ha y.A iA i ou av .Ai
MrA. Prt hi nt. t . : rOln f6l in, ce,
rea m j i'y of the i inha;Ibit:a!:Is ae CO
TA S Ar ' IiAt. : !z o u go to . : 1 th
i i zvernm n t 1.mn:All it' i thNi;
p : t us it : :. vouI
I.t p i ' 11n: : . A ti I i l-th
vehaI :' ''I' u a lau' ' i n I r il.
e I! Isetv h:1!). in . t>hi rn o r in 1:e
.:tA .e (A. li i ' c te for t Ahem Ilve .
Jie e 110 i ry TN iA s poI(Atientl power than' '~
myio:dy e , c nd it is for the LAeg 'tii 're
iir thet need. I f 1) to say S n'A ho ishl ve t,
ndA nout'for the C a'.zr ss oit~the U ited 0 : .
m'idtZ go i'I"'n hIr to ' .the Al haibo t'
a r w :1:rl vAt.: A'irecti' fir ii n 'iA : ST.f
r: e; bu if a A.,::t :AO'ity N' If theC pe
TIh~i Io I 1: u1 co hr -w ud he t : n
h In i t IhAoutI t i the [ . I s Al Ao.::' '::
nuiot toh gM I -y AdA.i Athere T''II Any hi wions tIr
mfIr > inI. tT t .. A0 C il?11 A TIA.iu,
Thee Pi ht t . .i i' S t he ptopi( f :1t: i' vi ei
atesj t'Ua must nr Iemselvis Ie:ei ne~
fk thlIT N'at Til c oe:.e a warI foracs 'pI
van tilo iegin the :1 n o k prep:OT'filo, and
he.c Rates',:iAA ori T'1'i the ,;! nce on Au iiy
:enc tha this n ew stte of f a rs il oper-a
ao i ! prT o tec hi imA A. t i n :ll(;(. hIlAVs I r ights :md
'ire hm th every o f.si l aan tie when theyw
ec'ome e!d i e'CI so cihal and1 pAi l iticallyA tA o
Ci stateIi ofL Ch i. Then will t''0hi e order
he te;.e before'c I thiy s are :I prpae o r it,
fee at'ii( cni tionT ti t driving T t h matt0r
T'ronI ths loop 'po ah 2icmnty w5'Cil
elnithTl it t injur ofI both races,t Oand (tth ru-T
esir bu the go'od (o the whol ehuanwe
would it were.N sA" l\tliit a 'l Aoat co ANH
Am or A ;.etn to~ b:e wi''e r t n r odnce
lin it; le u end er 1to T'odf o what
d -:r w ti. th tAl anth"'ing fI en o I ii'i
enz' o ('XT valte the rae1 t f n n
1.l'iorXaUlAte A the on iTtin I ' do,11 am Tit b
bl tA. AAO soiSpItheA tio:r are ofe nw At.'TA
I4 VOm Whel t haTemt y , andii~sii than y'ou'
.r the1 codu hat von hav Tl.'Aidme
31r. 'I))'iilog . . I )gav t retrn t that
ur th:usTlO', LVIr. P iS lent,l fortsoi I kim1ly
rning usrx f thisineI I'w We) die no(t. comel
ereC ectf 01igItol SAIrIe rei'1)the s i ws
ourLT hxetAlncy,cbut simly tol sNtateI hatC
-er x dou views oir w shes ihes preitses.1
we were isposed toaght Vte enestion,
nd tou wuld granOt010 XAN ushprmtsion, ofAcourse
ore would tendsaor toA controvert spom of the!
ostin you0 haviasued
Afr Do nig ' 'r. DogAs tae ttat
1'et I wn. t o v Or two w 0 ords
Thw Pr, i.-nt. All I have done is sim1p
to i'' I hat I views rue, as I su,:po
vo'' e :md ne to fron youzr addrecss.
r. Iin ai':'.. My\ o'wn imp!ressin is th
thet ve thi:z vr.r F.xcelh.nev woul avo
th very mn(ire. tht 'we pri'polSe; anl
,,otc1s t. I mv bro.hnr -n tes that .
ause I a:r i%.e e. P idu - t is taken stro!
diIruIV. my: my:aIty:t to remolve any1
iiis u r :e N it a hie Ias expresse .
thunghit wiv' 1ad Ivtter edIc the ie u I - i
the expre"sin -- th ..:s. [.\ ireviug t
i'e it1I Int ifvoor IL:ae.llner wxii
'le ia.d tc hicr, I wo-il lk to say C . .d
tx o i i r "% that ore inacer Lf tie enfra
iIr tht v r thi v . bfch y1 vou:- .xcelb(-mI
-:rvms tll cpre d--that is, a conliet of r
Th'1'e Prs tt I repe(alt, I n.'ry want,
to i:nt' nc y vii w., in reply to your adr:
as I C.i l lt wt, "I .s un.)er the cir u!
t:recs. Yoe r .sata -n .t va: a very fraf
!n11"4 e t it. Ias due to v u t mP
tL in th c s. 'lne; sj ''it.
s I. :mnk Yo-, sir.
The 1 Prsitiet I :hink xn x .i1 findl,
I: as tiw 'n: is : toneirnedi, that, if youi wx
alin n I: ' t i.: hi , in conn1ctio withx~ t
o:e you nrI:e, Ih cIlre p Vj . e n flie .1
ecewi c: th:m' crowdedha toecthe.r in the Suut
1$r. COW1.01t pt ma ,trs have F!
n,als:n'' f th , an~ l21d we camn)t get awv,
T P i) t. W 11aha1t prevenit you ?
L? I L
.. !c l \\. e havex' not theC sunri
ight'. of l'eumctcin through the Southeu:
The P n t.1 If the a mast -'r r w Cntre
the2 fre''d.n, woh! he n t control his V)t(
Mr. icmi'. Let the ne(ro wnce I n d e
si:u-,N th he h1s anog ner t v voteC a
he'1 wi il rUi , 1p a a yin he ouh Ammw.
the p , h . L:,1y with 1 hi. There
this I r:l t::t yu spvuu k of between t
wea!!.y -bvtholdr *:lite pomr man.
n Yoti t.ieA i ht upon t!
pinI t r. Th r is t:isi cot-flict, and hen
mu ,. w oe . nto. cii- nas ing 1;ls powl
i i g tc, leive, rem r!
to 1 S. "Tlie Priident sen
us w .i we wi .ave to go a:
get t
T); t i -ir. I have great flci
i thc t. h't they will <
nt hat i. ud'c' ha1 no' dc obt they will si
ilic the i . n ir. r I l >pe thiat it %i
The .:'leit.tthe bmmi a:'.d' wtithdcrew.
G s n: Eunar-Wea:e iniftormle
;' ii that
Or'll ,.n lit t eh r i def1t:nde1r of F,)
. n r, i.a been tird and a ccta ti.
pinn''ccc ntli of ..'iK1mt :\gen't of' Transpo
tie en V- :\ 4sa bcinnieh of Lthe "Soi't
(1.tns !Li !..:v1. The G;eneral hcas remon
dayc, ei .1 r upo hie fled of labor. T!
ap i:.tmen t i n 1, exe Veti one. The roldh
di b: lS his utie. ibs ex n le i th
s uing to worke'i ti n-pai;r the ra:es whie
iwrI ofi thle Liihe't e'muIatin. We sil
tiwe- Cu' r wK' il fow the example of G3tii
r:J Ei!, and~ the ti'c41Iu(Sads of ote bro:r
and goi( men V who inve been prominienti
dni!e with tiht Confedraite caulse. lHee
not the inang ote n,ii'erable fana1t'es wh'
are ni Vw s'..'' ::;:. to 0distro the whole ('ounitr'
Our' c day wii vett cnt'. IIa the mesatimce ou.
hm ~nil e a spher c o long as it p rov ides foo
and rninenit.
Errr:::Nr':n 1 -rn Sm-rTn.-Tlhe AtLiant
:!orgIn c7 Era says:'PThe (ispo1tl ion
rc:i! newxx boo'ks, 'cs noex Li*tla'ved inl tle Souitl
h:0eanld i \ii mannecr of books are tim
'c'ased en(lyil, awl1 readP wiith av'iditv. Poetn'
wih a~ f ew; years~ ago wtoul hav~e l'rmine
con tii' shlves of bookstres' until cob-webCi
h: c! tic md ti verxi thle coveris, is now bot: 'h
ccf li tio,'cnol' 12nuter hocw weak anid stale, fir;
so:n er tender femle to weecp over the haps an
Wevae ci'to se t-'ihis evident hetar~ing
tiiw cuie. mid. An. epoiichit book1 mai:kIn
i...h...;.e.. on in the history cf a natimt
It 'i *'i::: ii-mt f wxeakt 1 and pro(speity. I
a ayfoIg a ilois', andi are s'eeking foo
Sre:tal en'1cure. It I'vi2(Ces tie fac.t tha
t "::r :1 as'' ec:it'a:.t tr:inr ni'en
er b:ah th puh!! n :inii, but tha t n!! icr
w!:h to co:ne 'C up ':od f,a'd at the sa:o mi)
te dun 1 t l, : *n '1: togn ber li r th' ie pc
ic'g''ti'on if an Ir cf M ien; in c:r Iiationa
The H-tory of Mxico nshoiV5si that dun:
th.e 1:si fo'rty 't year io i as hadc thirtxy-Cev
haveC amoiunitcd toc ov er tx'o hundiIred. Man:i;
year s since a' Mc 'xi 1 Pro.t ectora te was urge iic
uponci the n;i,td Stactes Senate by GenH. Hocus
1on, upon the U: cu~nd that Lthe 3Mexicain peop!i
therwise woul fal tl a preys to somie hAurIope:u
powerc. The~ I I( project wa condem ned an
btandoncued. Bit prhapnjs inl viewv of the pas
and present it wouhd nave bceeni well.
TIhe (ar' has adrse a rescript to thb
(;ov'ernime.nt of Warsaw, p rumulgatiung a serie;
ofi '''elioni'al mesu;res to be carrt~iid ouit ni
IPoad. Sucp eriorH andl elemenitary schools arc
to be e'strablished ifcr P2 ces, Gireeks and Ru.s
s;ans, anil se"oarat*es' scn;i for Germrins2 an<l
Li huanian .;.iA' 5 lr will bce taught thc
Pc. h antd Ruc 'chm h"'tc'lrind langu'ages.
' .scovery ora .Ntw stoci !or Paper.
Il we :. te to crbit thn pajors whilh rhb
Is 1y "he his1t Engish n .,, a i n : a s
slat I&t bo Wio.e-d u%.h Wi i%-: 1O
phice of cottnn a; raus in the maknkmirt-M
loper. It is oiut m the S Puthn 10iM
(d.pnn and' is k 1i as "e-p) 1't granmn.
cry as M lo's:
The Iim ) .1i'C ant oiti w cchi:1h ti;i t
coveed rt ticle of 'f o'enm ha ii'La .itL i
(II ~ ~ ~ La 10POV W-;i iII i
en in omerce iis ery mtereming in n O,
th sug(I't o iclkly the i -, kVer i
a n w pIn o tion to l eLx,rI l C
an imllrtnt iuec on the preihto o
no : idtrv, Anuth"r di:overy his N
bWen m:in whidh thlrui fl ( o.daan
taim ta 13f itrole :L , is still j: i n s il
n ebaracter, and! so Uryful as rL:n!dS n n
t- port- I Et -. ie - fcturc, thiat w ie tik
o I.u rIe. al er i be g% t. I r e::iv t h veo -
a- ing,r i nT ltntatiol! on th bjct.
W ~a telue to e ti cw- Crt l! n-adl of
the alivaialy o the Atoh, onor, as iL i
S1 CaNled in gan epro"to the mn,uafine
, 1f paptr. Mr.% L'y' , or f the Walthnniusin
P::per ' i, is stated to h n, t ! a d a g ht
shae in the nerit a Tis itmvr: and ar.
ark, \te :ha it Unte at ecel h't as cit
up ain inimrskingy repo:t on thi sufAMet
which h s !atIt beo-n !1n: Ae i i in the i ."m
mALial report. s grass is tne p Uaue C'
wvaste lai:ds--it requires no exp, i n ;-1Cult;
V tiwn and litth- in C e Ctinl-. IL it -es t Pro
pI-gatvLd t;m tel routs and.not from emL t
Is pe r a, d a ndiprpvats of;r.nj i tslf, a il
provet%"s by _ ae'guar gatherinm, if; lwk
e:d u i"h Sufilcient care. 31r. Alai k hasd volted
e gre a or hiUs emieavors to ascertain the
elimate and soil whiebh are favor.able to thle de
veloprient (f the pInt; and it "ner ta
I the Ato::ha rqu hi s a d i t ,,:; dry
Mlimt; thut it gr)ws equlay'3 wi mCth
Ains and in the mountains to a upW:rato el
evatin, :and that aS regard oil it MOUr ise
I bothin cal(care us ind ar gilac ous uoilr, or
when t:Ie ilS Wre I&!Ide( in tie foinl of
The greatent qjuantity is sipivfriomn the
I.provinceo; of Ahnwiria and AVarch but it is
found thou in less ab6und:me. in a.L the
e n'.n povines o Simip. It is aWSO Imid
to be pientifi! inls e Pars of the OP;.ottu
coast of AMricn, 81n11 shiptmnts are- made frym
eOran to. En:n.Pri.r to the dist:uvory or
its being made avnilale for th ane man u re
r of Ipaer, the esair i ha1 be.e used in Si
as Wi, in the minnufure io red s or nAin
i ndigit ad fori' makilg bsts aIl
ltt ll It Ia ttlt.
I;nt th;e disnof ry < fert r
tieS o)f the tL gra inha la:d a comis rev
YOU o it d:emLtIS uOnre it groAs. jQ;o
tunew have been i eializ e hv inividuals u t
were Ohe i f the rhad wh:h em
dures it. 'I he price hm to than d1 bi.-'
and i., eimo ,ttcb Mr. 3k at E: V.
pe"r Egiht'1n on b":ard. Tegee :r
cl e exam ts have fs yet bon drecd 'w
-.n 1 :u , h %here, in the Q it.114p of un D ue ')-a
tmrli ya,Lhe : I Ltman ntu.mne aI rgs:n0
Ua th iQh:st imlort:a:c, 161,1MU tons har
nQ been, as .t is Si, isma ted into E5iioar
in that Hrim i: and M fr. .lark e ti- : the
are.,ent r-ate of annual expor at 5% ton-;.
Mr. M%Ja eati s tht at-vof it e: n
plac th oteto,hm and woo!, i a X~s o no
a Lteisltnle ad eeni sl ha ses >infctr on
f'whom i aems lr:uy to prov toi'l our paVer
men (in~ Wtwre etween ts sCo,iuktr adt
This as tae oar of peei aiary tmprtancX ew to
we ier in ctry, mio oriew of t-wou 11r
priece of ae r rhy may ; not~ this"sart h
rass"Cl I ben butm lied t llthe wauth, nhre the ii
el'imIate ad sicl torresond ith tht of-i.
iouthrn SaC in?) tis fis ai mtter' worth Iin- iI a
e vsgn. -Smeth Trorkza Enin P.. .1a
hiogs fokashun1'si with aprofound admin tIfre
ntauon fa whieb enn:.ed yu to~ honor me by)yur
vodtes wta ea i the 1 fiat oI Gery.
For Xto mometus tandisii ek the I I
ofXwho iIiam proudjI Ito bei thi. Fo sevr
sorter I:.' reknyacetoL see whetheir Geit
we were m ine of t-ie ot at of i-whetn io
bno miean ea'' toly.' fIthr weour.l'C p oin-.
cetcilrn bor dmn th IX,wrea l
Tis l int are muchunseth:, butiOr c
woen are a-ii'' ed to be X kahn' and s:ee.
Myil 1C i frien s nurC aim1 have lonty Cent
l o u II ackX it tefs of tp n ryou -' Ld t
EnI n. i the prody:;a1 J l i o:- tI e h:il nut
(in to live on', a?l thein lI oneoea:i h r,
ci~~~ ~ ~ Sr--'r r
be s-me ons we k, -x .-'. aw-h
n ! ny . I ..n: e:-ora: e winin no
! : a , t 1* tif n k ilwx of a mn-A
k !- f ;"!! i:
U 1-,nIt be b i i ' ''1mll: , -Liral L.b
Ke in iK nil FiWWV a an. A CU', :a:d a
Tr a'j i, t i Ul t: I !!I :l, s so ill
ei t . : - :e IF, % a1u i -d i , ni a
el.ri, i , ab. mu) , iii ;;n01t% .1:! bio'.
li.:utibW i-;,i--:1:e:a]. I -n:nsthinik
> ii: il miy bi n ;;i s,-rier ndie , a d I
t1 like bpecumi; a voumte.l con vikt of tho
Lqnnuk .nlu:m.
Chnrity nnue, me to the ,iyun that old
Sut:ner re: (c:iz . ilmi b- h!7b- e gittin
.vrae er> r snl h- r 1n the brain
u:d it do nem o:- the W- a ha ve prTved
Nntw;US. If they be f.l PC-I" it ml'ut be
the PN ace that pa.ethali nru tandin, fir we
7an't fathwm it mi tht.e r,;gb-s. Th,3y f,ut
ia to free th. ;.' mggr' tbut (hli nt ket r for
tii p Th WesTern hb 1)t us fOr
I Uir butt dert k1er f'-r thei r:igger. By~
L'et :an o' ucw t:ev ii, - ' u, aimd we
fi n t' up, but '- thi I: dn' u:mt our
r the . er (o ' i o -t ri, UAi rn,
my!th arnien .tl' to .0:::.a em hajth
a t :s o r ii,bhKd p'eople e-:t:r indt to;zit)k,
[-,s tik moist hard1 -t War tO wi up that his.
",r)y rkr. n r,S nanld Corn1panly
:r StH. .1 1u-.-il; .:oi t*mo in);: a _-ut th)e e*ver
aVs, an: sqUat In a jewrv, and want to per
it u', ther f in .In t !,:):iC thing
3r N -:1ar to ci edensa.em. u,herc is
h- css'i man'? Theyv -: it- ailri.;zht for a
'it ru ot to vWue in ncedent, b n there
int bUt aI few Oi* tm th ; :nd itS :! %rong
emL *' I, t '.i; in t G irg bk.us thee a
.' 'e:n here mi they -dk L tik :tnd Re
-t v'n".i t irc b wt i i'. WL (~i) aint
a wi i a sA! t Sse Si-: ru: but a
T ,irt n - fUWeSezes, I someitimes
i e lid n v n o g Iern,'0en.
.elt th%t waly sorte.r wh.,,en Mir. Gibioon: O Pr;. t
! ettee oil the i S:a1v of tiw EpUb
i.When' the I.ket-yrAd ont myi name11
i lI.'ixed up w ith the Ri;bk, I flt that I
-a ohilzted to I ce . t-i t n i'e0-tku to
-y fet :Sn y "l. P . t1e:eg to he re
pektabi y ey k I Tyr, it'yo p . ir thar
. my it, : 'WA n thS sil: Uf J &I I cant
-nevo it at thts tOn uMn theSO SpTaks.
um % 1, i l n .1! \~iTA- .v 03 Port
J. : ai t i co t -ty .; n 1%y in
NST, 1A i h:Vvot (i of it in North
-r li.n : I aive W.rK f a skrub con
Mun % fV. a t WAinte 'ev cWl: a Repub
:k, h .r, it ar l ie : : grand
M- that ever e mi on ai mnti
nt n n:cOm. sopm.vu. it re to be
U:.";As Yh Mu..m w1.h, infpal w girims 1n a
7n : :d I OW.t nothin 'n do w ith it.
.x Me, .uO , but I ,t ii-i,t, on bein re
paVaby dis-na: ge .
I to,k iy sca tatmi! tbe -most refoundcst
mnd utul us Wen evur s-evd, an 1 Mr.
i un~ rm:e:i tht he ;Mein t im p. - e the
?Reublii: i o r.se fcitable man agzin bi' wish
a.iliutee, 'andi se be hoiCi wec '.' Obl tako
n,rnedtiate zeior, fo 1r the- ~ i- had to money,
at .:'te f i:'i. Ti raa noLit have
xse tht I U: t eat et' ra " Frthit Lh I
c'? g 'riar- m: gect n:"' for 'a tempo
ar~ i r. Jekhis -e r.ogr-t0iYatedl, fir they
n* ut.- -i ta to tie ui . Ihjius, sa's I
*e-' - e t. h:t the wig'in If u earu
et,we c-n *,o :r none in Ancgaty. If
re ait a R,.- .- ii ione of o:r btushws-is to
,ens .
Wha i the djIer.'s ia a Prhovisional G--v
raen for,i ti f~ 'it Li't to g.t up proiionsr
tid p'rm ide f-r a f, 1-r y- r iy ? I inado
p a ni d that pe.rhapJs ue b:UI t;en htu
oiu . dy ar.hut i.g enaf. We had] as
Ie tirtt a ifv'n.or :s .>ihamalC 0:
U t'r (trru 'o. ZIe o at: ts t8 back ar,iut as
ad S w e wI atil! i- et' b a l :a lit'.le had
I he fri!-i itt'---m'ch we wovn't e-i t nio
tdy-I go!!y ! ' li nke the sti:d. LOm! go
arkwardsii'(c. I ftr:hith retu:rned tn the. Cap
(1., aind ,tre-hin f th m:i o fL i my arnl', S s I,
o!yU ; i i:t i an g 'aiIL- star n\ ill be8
'a r.ue- jf:-':n . h'- -iri r , .ntd the
- n -i t \ rl t forIC Ci:Vc I t o okiLt
- T e predi - were celegrafd. t
o,:rno an :oi h )a est T'i theU
e1 , n ka fi . .Ih- t:nods, th:at
Ve! w ii fui t l 'ii Ty, (20d ILen Da/nGS,
ei n,eber f otm --ui: reunukt ed that he
S. e-: 'ke rain. Ilis othe'r eve weUr beat
tyaX Yan.- solie nt hi' -e tCarien were
pri-n Of course-~i th- vir ier- ntie.d for
tlt ' .-lIt . - le, 'e t it- in n.' . on C n
ir i en.- ~. , i: -*' w l tr- ! :

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