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Respectfully informs his friends and patrons
that the remnant of his stock, saved from the fire,
will be opened in the store formerly occupied by
Williams & Ferguson, Mollohon Row, for the use
of which he is isdebted to the kindness of Mr.
W. H. Rutledge, He will remaia there until the
new store is reconstrueted,-not by the Rad's or
-Thas, but by Capt Davis.
J une 2. R. B. HOLMAN & CO.
Having saved a few goods from the late con
flagration, and having removed them to the store
room formerly occnpied by Mr. W. T. Wright, as
a Tin Shop, we will be happyr to see our old
friends, customeris and the public generally.
The Administratrix of the Estate of Bennett
Perry, Es,% deceased, (Mrs. M. C. Perry) having
app*inted me her attorney to settle with all
those indebted to, the above Estate. I hereby
noti fy all concerned that they can find their notes
and accounts at Newberry S. C , where I will be
glad to arrange with all parties on the most ad
vantageous terms that can he allowed, consistant
with the circumstances of the Estate. I will
hold these papers at this place until about the
first day of September next, at that time they
will be placed in the haud1 of Lawyers in the
different Districts where the parties reside, to be
sued on. All parties who have demands againat
the Estate will please hand them to me soon.
-f. H. BLEASE,
Newberry, June 15th, 1866.
Attin Sales.
I will sell on the first Monday in July next,
before the Court House, the lot of land formerly
covered by the Boozer Hotel and Thespian
Hall. This is a valuable lot with a stable on it.
6 Boxes of Tobacco, 4 boxes of smoking
Tobacco, 2 Horses,-2 Mules, and 100 pair of
The reson I sell this lot is to get money to
feed the hands T bave employed. It takes
2501bs of baconl per week to feed them. I
lost all my cotton in the fire that burnt the
buililings. This is a valuable lot for~business
of any kind, as it is near the public square.
June 22, 1866.
EWBERRY C. H.,, June292, 186&.
The Gitizess generally, and especially th~e omi
ters and maembers of the Local Police Companies
at Newberry are earnestly requested to meet at
the Court House on Monday July 2nd, 1886,
at : o'clock P. M.
. WM. -W. HOUSEAL, s. N. Th.
MESSR~s EDiroRs : You will please announce J.
D. SMITH, as candidate for the ofice of Tax Col
ec-tor, Newberry distries and oblige
May 25; 196. M ANY FRIENDS.
P MEssRs. EnTORs .--You will oblige the friends
of MR. W. J. LAKE, by nminating him as a
candidate for Sheriff of Ye wberry District.
Apr 11, 14. NEWBRRY.
-MESsRS. 1EDIToRs :.-Yon wi11 please announce
N. F. JOH~NS&N, as a candidate for Sheriff of
F Ne wherry Distriet, and oblige
April 4, 14. MANY FRIENDS.
Tohiends ofCapt TIIOS. Mf. PAYSINCER
The Herald office is located on the tipper floor
of the building formerly - occupied by NV. T.
Wrigbt as a Tin establishment, and now on the
lower.stor.y by Lovelace & Wheeler, and oppo
site Col. Leavell's marble yard.
Au Appeal,
Which will not fall upon cold ears, is now made
by the proprietors, to friends and subscribers,
who can render very material assistance in this
pressing juncture with but little trouble and cost
to themselves. It is simply that each subscribef
will exert him or berself to get us one or r6re
subscribers WITH TIE CASH; all in arrears imrnedi
ately pay up ; and those whose .time have ex
pired renew with the CASH also. This is a small
matter friends to each individual, but to us in the
aggregate it will be very important. We would
have it understood that we are not begging. have
had no idea of it, but ask only a favor which will
be RETURNED il .full, value with a paper which
every man or woman in the district should feel
in duty bound to have. Our loss is heavy, no
nsurance, and an entire new offico will, have to
be procured at heavy expense, and for cash,
therefore now is the time to"HELP us not only by
new additions to the list of subscription, but by
paying up back dues. Who will come up first.?
Amercan says : "The unpleasant odor produced
by perspiration is frequently a source of vexation
to persons who are troubled with it. Nothing
is more simple than to remove this odor much
more effectually than by the appli'ation of such
unguents and perfumes as are in common use It
is only necessary to procure some of the com
pound spirits of ammonia and place about two
table-spoonfulls in a basin of water. Washing
the face, hands and arms with this leaves the
skin as clean, sweet and fresh as one could wish.
The wash is perfectly haimless and very cheap;
is recommended on the authority ofa distinguished
The Columbus Sun mentions the case of
three or four little white girls, 10 or 12 years
old, who will not beg for a living, and have
gone to work removing bricks from' a burnt
lot, thereby shaming numerous lazy, boys,
Iboth white and black, who are too proud or~
indolent to obtain an honest living. While.
we honor the spirit those little girls . display,
we regret that the people of"our city cannot
find some employment for them better suited
to their tender years and delicate limbs.
lately heard of-several instances~ Qf loss .along
the line of railroad between this~and 'Charles
ton. It is becoming a nuisance. Corn is
stolen, and even boxes nailed and hooped are
broken into. Cannot something be done to
put a stop to this plunder ?-Winnsboro
News. .-____
IA Mrs. Heron, residing near Caldwell, No
ble County, Ohio, recently gave birth.to four
children-three girls and one bcy. The latter
died when a few hours old. Mrs.. Beron isj
ontly thirty-four years old, and is. the mother
of sxtee ebidren
THE ART oF BEING POITE.-First and fore
most, don't try to be polite! If you,: keep
overwhelming your guests with ostentatious
entreaties to make themselves at home, they
will very soon begin to wish they were there.
Let them find out that you are happy to. see
them by your actions rathr 'than words.
Always remember to let bashful people alone
at first. It is the only way to set- tbm at
ease. Trying to draw them out has some
times the con; dary effect of driving them out
of the house! Leading the conversation is a
dangerous experiment. Better follow in its
wake, and if you want to endear yoursef to
talkers, learn to listen well. Never make a
fuss about -.inything-never talk about your
self-and always preserve composure, no mat
ter what sole-cism or blunders others may
commit. Remember that it is a very foolish
proceeding to lament that you can not offer to
your guest a better house, or furniture, 'or
viands. It is fair to presume that the visit is
to you and pot to -these surroundings. Give
people a pleasant impression of themselves,
and they will be pretty sure to go away with
a pleasant impression of our qualities. On
just such slender wheels as these the whole
fabric of society turns; it is your business
then to keep them in'revolving order.
paper, in discussing the relative merits and
estimated value of these two articles, says; A
glass of whiskey is manufactured perhaps
from a dozen grains of corn, the value of
which is too small to be estimated. A glass
of this mixture sells for a dime, and if of a
good - brand is considered well worth the
money. It is drank'in a minute or two. It
fires the brain, sharpens the appetite, deranges
and weakens the physical system. On the
same sideboard on which the deleterious
beverageis served, lies a newspaper.. It is
covered with half a million of types-it brings
intelligence- from the four quarters of tht
globe. The newspaper costs less. than Ohe
glass of grog-the juice of a few grains of
corn-but it is no less strange than true, that
there is a large number of people who think
corn juice cheap and newspapers dear.
THREE THINGS.-Three things .io love- A
courage, gentleness and raffection. Three
things to admire-intellectual power, dignity
and gracefulness. Three thinge to hate
cruelty, ignorance and ingratitude. Three
things to delight in-beauty, frankness and4
freedom. Three things to wish for-health,
friends and a cheerful spirit. Three things to
pray for-faith, peace and purity' of heart
Three things to like-cordiality, good humor,'
and mirthfulness. Three things to -avoid
idleness, 'loquacity and flippantjesting. Three
things to cultivate-good books, good friends
and good humor.
SINGrUA DIvoRcE CAsE.-A Singular- divorce
case came off recently at~ (annelton Indiana. A
yong lady in Perry county was married to, all
appearance, happily; but ten days after the cele
bration of rruptials she filed a petition in the'
lerks office for divorce, rsetting up as a plea
that the individual she had magyied- was -not a
man, The evidence on* the trial.was sufficient to
estbish this 'act, and the div~oree was veyr.pg

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