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'Rf -H
There was- an elopement M high life in
Louisville recently.' The Democrat says t'>
lady retired at-the usual hour,but before doing
so tied a cord to her wrist, leaving an end of
the cord hanging out of the window. At the'
hour appointed, the impatient lover, unterri
ed by the roar of heaven's artilery, and las
ardor undaped by the torrents of rain that
were falling- made his way to the abode of his
charmer, seized the cord nervously, and gently
polled the_BELLE. The signal was answered
by a hundred and forty pounds of female love
liness, dropping gently intohis extended arms.
bThe party hurried into- the carriage, and were
driven rapidly to a clergyman's and "lined."
A WESTERN GRL.-A lady. in Concordia,
Illinois, was very sick a few days ago, and her
physician decided that squirrel soup was
necessary for her.* A request was at once
sent to all the men in town t9 shoot a squir
re for her, but there was not a man to be found
in the town willing to. do this simple act for
an invalid.. A coantry girl, who happened to
be in the neighborhood, hard of it, shouldered
a rifle, and returned in atrut half an hour
with four sqirrels-e.ach 'shot through the
The State of South Carolina, Newberry District,
In Equity, Helen O'Neall v Walter H. Hunt,
Bill for Dower.
It appearing to my satisfaction that Walter
Herbert Hunt, the defendant in this case, resides
beyond the limits of this State.
It is therefore Ordered, on, motion of Mr. Bax
ter,. Comp. Sol., that the said defendapt, plead,
answer or demur to the bill in this case, within
three months from. the date bereof, or the same
will be taken pro eonfesse- against him.
Comm's office, May 22d,. 1866.
May 30 3m $1i
The State of South Carolina, Newberry District
in quity, Sarah C. Gary, Admx., v Jno. B.
Carwile and others., Bill for Dower-sale 6f
land-and to marshal assets.
The creditors of the estate of Hillary W. Gary
deceased, are required to render in and establish
their respective demands, on oath, before the
Commissioner on or before the 30th June 1866.
Comm's office, May 30, 1866.-4t-$9.
The State of South Carolina, Newberry District
In Equity, John A. Henderson v Salliei Hender
son et al., Bill for Partition.
The creditors of the estate of James M. Hen
derson, deceased, are hereby requested to reader,
and-establish on oath, their respective demands
before the Commissioner of this Court, on or be
fore the fir'st day of July next.'
Comm's office June 6, 1866.
June 1 3-24-8t-$7.
The State of South Carolina, Newberry District
-In Equity, Johrn S. Birge & L. B. Maff'ett
F Adm's v Wmn. -Bridges, Charles Bridges et al.
Bill for sale of lands, .&c.
The creditors of Wiley Bridges, deeeasedl, are
hereby required to render and establish their de
mands, on oath, before the Commissioner of this
Court on or before the thirtieth day of June in
Com's office, June 11, 1866
The Administratrix of the Estate of Bennett
Perry, Esq, deceased, (-rs. M. C. Perry) having
appointed me her attorney to -settle with- all
those indebted to the above Estate. I hereby
notify all concerned that they can find their notes
and accounts at Newberry S.-C , where I will be
glad to arrange with all parties on the' most ad
vantageous terms that can be allowed, consistant
with the circumstances of the Estate. I will
hold these papers at this place until about the
first day of September next, at that tiMe they
will be placed In the hands of Lawyers in the
different Districts'where the parties reside, to be
sued on. All parties who have demands againat
the Estate will please~hand them to me soon.
Newberry, June 15th, 1866.
MESSRs EDITORS: You will please announce J.
D. SMITH, as candidate fir the office of Tax Col
lector, Newberry-district and oblige
May 2, 166. MANY FRIENDS.
MESSRS. EDITORS :-You will oblige the friends
of MR. W. J. LAKE, by nominating him as a
candidate for Sheriff of Newberry District.
Apr 11, 14. NEWBERRY.
MESSRS. FDITORS :-YoU will please announce
N. F. JOHNSON, as a candidate for Sheriff of
Newberry District, and oblige
April 4, 14. MANY FRIENDS.
The-friends of Capt THOS. M. PAYSINCER
respectfully nominate him as a suitable candidate
for Sheriff of Newberry District. VOTERS.
Attorney at Law-Law Range, Newberry.
Offers his services to the citizens of this and
adjoining districts. June 27
W. A. Elmore,
Manufacturer of Saddles, Bridles, Harness, &c.,
&c, -&c.;, Four miles South of Newberry C. H.
Repairing done with ne.atness and dispatah.
May 23 3mo.
Notice to Trespassers.
I forewarn all persons, white or black, day or
night, from Hunting or Fishing on my Plantation.
May 23-21-6m. W. B. McKELLER.
Notice to Tax Payers.
All persons liable to Tax on Real Estate with
in the Town of Newberiry must pay said Tax on.
or before the first day of July next.
E. P. LAKE, Town Clerk.
June 13-24-30.
-Notice to Creditors.
All persons having demands against the es
tate of John Drayton Senn, decd, are- hereby
~notified to present the same to th,e subscriber
on, or before the 10th day of JuIg-;iext, as a
settlement will be made on said estate at thatI
time. Those who fail to present their claims by
that time will be barred.
June 1 1-24-4t. JESSE SENTN, A dm'r.
The State of South^Carolina, Newberry Dis
trict-In Equity. Richard V. Gist and
Wife and others, v. Osian A. Rutherfordi,
Ador. & others.- Bill for Partition of Land.
The creditors o4 Dr. Thos. B. Rutherford,
deceased, are required to render on oath and
establish their demands before the Comnmis
sidner of this Court, on or before the first day
of Sepemuber, 1866.
(Ond' Offiees 12 June, 188&.
Just Received
-500 Bushels 00rftN.
3000 Baltimore Bacon Sides.
2000 Yards Twill Osnaburgs--colored.
400 Bunches. Cotton Yarn-5 a 12.
600 Yards Dundee Bagging-best.
300y Yards Striped Homespun.
300 Gallons Mountain Whiskey.
5 Bbls. Lime.
I Bbl. White Wine Vinegar.
Sugar, Coffee, &c.
Also, 100 empty Flour-Barrels.
Wheat taken in exchange for any of the
above articles.. MAYES & MARTIN.
June 27 a
1000 Bushels Prime White Corn,
3000 lbs Bacon Sides,
Bbls. Porto RIco Molasses,
Rice, Sugar, Coffee,'&c., &c.
For sale at lowest market rates by
June 27-2t. Agents.
All Letters must be paid for by stamps, or
they cannot be mailed,! no deposits will be re.
reived. Stawnps and Stamped Envelopes always
on hand for sale here, for cash only. All
drop Letters must be paid for with two cent
P.ostage Stamps, or-ttrey cannot be delivered.
No credit can be given ini.the Post Office as it
is strictly prohibite& by Law: I hope no credit
will be solicited. , Newspaper postage must be
paid for, quarterly in advance.
June 27-4f. P-.E
By John T. Peterson, ""Ordinary of Newberry
Whereas, John G. Houseal & Thos. H. . Cromer
have applied to me for Letters of Administration,
n all and- sing ular the goods and chattels, rights
and credits offenry WalteirRidlehuber, late of
the district aforesaid, deceased : .
These are therefore to cite and admonish all
and singular, the kindred and creditors of the
said deceased, to be and appear before me, at
our next Ordinary's Court for the said District,
to. be held at Newberry Court House on the 6th
f July next, to shew cause, if any why the said
Administration should not be granted.
Given under my hand and Seal, this 22d day of
Tune, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
undred and sixty-six.
June 2'7-2t. JOHN T. PETERSON, ().N.D.
- Wool Carding Notice.
Having thoroughly re'paired our Wool Carding
Rachinery and added an entirely new set, there-.
Sy inereasing our ability to do work promptly,
we invite all who feel disposed- to come, and
~et their wool carded the same day.
After the first of June, we will have a convey
oce waiting at Cedar Spring Station, on Spartan
>urg and Union Rairoad, to receive wool sent
ip by the train on Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
ay, of each week. We guarantee work to give
~atisfation as to quality and dispatch. The
est of oil for greasing furnished free of charge.
TERMS-10 cents per pound in specie. Curs
ency and barter of all kinds taken at market
~rice-but please understand-no credit.

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