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dd63dOray, U%'113 . i 1
The Governor's Message.
We give this week a brief smnmary
the contents of this very remakb
dr,rument. We nav rver to it agai--.
The opening part of the iessrie is d
voted to an exhibt of ihe fliancial c,n
dition of the State. The nctwal exi-.ti
public debt is set dow:n at 11 'vj:,90'S.9E
Of this 1-nount the old debt is stated t
be $,6,453,908.(:8, showing a total in
crease since the new order of ti.in-s
$5,511,000. This enormous incrense h
charges to the account of the oppositior
as they, by their cla:nor, embarrasse
the financial operations of the goverr,
ment, and caused an immente dopreci:
tion of State bonds. The only portio
of the debt, he says, actually created b
the present administration, is the sete
hundred thousar,l dol,ars issued f!or th
Land Commission.
Under the head of expendtires of ti
State government, he Fays it woUl
scarcely have been possible for the ne
who combined to destroy the credit
the State, to have executed their purpos
so successfully, had not the General Ai
sembly lent them its practical co-oper.
tion by exhausting thrOugh its extrav!
gance, the fund< in th Treasury, the
leaving the S!,te nirh:t s-ov resE"r(
balance to meet the fhancial exig-ny.
The tonney expended for printing alom
dtrirg, and in,cilent IV the ia.t sp.inc
n,noitrs to the enormous smam of $2r2
556.34. F-r "c,ntingent expet 4e; an
repairs" the soium of $2,14.f5, wa
drawn upon the wdrs of the Prew.'e
of the Senate and S: kri of the Hrm;:s
"Win.h," he sas, "may' well id th
l d!rdar-:ieut pause in the ;.a:
t0 it ha- len pursuing."
Without warr4it of lhw an aleg
libi.ity g':.int tile State waf cotractt
to he amount of for furaitIr
f,r the Sia:e house.
are certaiy startii facts, an,
give us some slight inkling of th- gr,a
abi,si:s that have crqpt iiao the fo;:,i
e.pa:rt1e-.t of tOe State.
i. is re enet that the menb,e
rf the General Assembly b, pai. a shl
ry inttead uf the pre*ent per diem coim
It iz alo recormended. that th C,d
Commission, which is melvntiolld as
stainng repronch to the State G,ern
mvnt, and an unnecessary drain u,n th
'C easiry, he nbolished and:1 a comp.tec
jurict be enplo3cd to cnop!ete the co2i
nion of the laws.
The abnolniion of several OI$Sces, thb
.L"d Gnmmission, Arijn:an'. Gencr's
the St:.te and County Auditor's, and
generai r' 'uctioin of saaies is ad ned
The amoent of taes in arros.r, du'
from dr.linquent tax-peyers for the year.
3i8, 1809 and 1870, is put down a
The sale of the public lands, the es
timated value of which is one million o
dollars, is recommended at a minimunr
Considerable space is devoted to thi
Ku Klux, and his Excellency labors ar
ducusly to throw tbe whole blame of the
present unsettled condition of the Statt
upon the opposition, and to justify his
course in calling to hisq assistance the
military power of the United States
Several flings, as unjust as they are un
dignified, are made at the former wealthy
an;d influential citizens of the State; and
persistent efforts are made to excite
feeling of hostility in the minds of thb
laboring white peop'le against that class
The system of minority representatior
is not recommended, but it is subm'itte<
to the deliberate consideration of th;
Legislature "whether the men who arn
now demaanding the estatblishmen:t b)
1:ny of the system of minority represen
tation, are eutitled to this act of miag
nlanimtity at" their "han'ds." "It is fe:
you," he says, "to determiue whethe:
the line of policy pursuedJ by themn sine<
the adljournmnent of the tax-payers con
venition, tennds to commend the speedi
:aloption by you of an elective system
which must large!y increase the nutbe;
of those in the Gjeneral Assembly wh<
are hostile to cur systemz of free govern
The total schol:a.:ic popukation of t<
State is set down at 197,179. The whob
nztunber of teache:s emnploye-i is 1,855, a
an .avenge salary of 85 dollars pe
mnonth*. lHe reeomumendjs a reduction o
th;is rate of comt;.ensationi, "as," he says
ui s wel! known that the qualidecationi
of at large portion of these teachers woulk
not enable them to earn over otne-tir<
of thne pay' now received, in any ethe,
vocation they might adopt." A r"os
den,lorable fact truh-.
The total nunbr of patients in tin
Lunatic Asvlumn on the 31st of October
1s:1, was 370 ; of these, 295 trere whiter
and 75 were colored.
At this tiame th;:re aire ZO09 convicts ir
the penitentiary. During the year 152
have been pardouned.
S:ne other matters are touched upo:
by his Ex:celiency, suchn as the B!ui
Ih'ge lRail Road, S:teL Orphan Asylum
:: a hang~e is recomimueuded in thi
Ce'cin liaw so tV:t thecre u'ey be:
shorte-ti:ne bet sveen receiving and count
U~ ndeuhtedly his Ex"&eoucy makle:
'm1 oo. 5uggesti3:' Onil rec.tmmend:a
:in,adit is to be hoped t hat the (en
*:i Assemniiail act prompily upori
i - o that thec presenit Adiniiitratie:
'-nv not bie utterily n-i enztiruly Gad.
We hav.e receivedl a copy oft the Me
ci.ni, a new paper puNlished at Abbe
v:le t. HI., by Messrs. Hlemuphill & Co
it is a very hand-omne sheet.
Mr. iH:nry Sp-arnick has commencee
t I.1 pubieation of the A\ilen T: ibune, it
the new C"ounty' of Atken. We have re
e. :ved the first numbner, n~ hich is a nra
:d well mad.ne np patper. its prireiple:
iB-d ad B1an prtsi:fing. Atiot ;ey.
' en i .haiii' wri-tin, gt-ini rai State
wrtl.. %-d.Ir. % m"uIgo on pru.,-i
ectti. r ii c ct2in caso,. Su'h eillnettt
cjt ts-e , as the n. Re:ery .Johnson,
ex- \ : rney Gene:al Stbrr,A Ohio,
a ud.t I' .ret, of Ne y t , have
- tbeen retained.
tte Mr. .uohsen' I at:: t .-ce wit t
. ttitn l Ian.- iz t'e ia"S. T"r (i niN
w& obseres n he rnyre of te h)t~ of
- timjrre,tan table t~t ar nil by Mr. John-w
Lrt sh t he Artt Oi- t fCf on
11nderi whi-ch PreS':1en1t Gr'lnt ha:S C3r.
nrid on his r:iNt:.!'- prlva edings i!i thi
State i utte a nt!m v nce with the
A C:,nstitution of tihe !amoi. Mr. John ian
- wll ptoes he ay (, f the Duke of
Well-inglon, that "mnrlti la!aw i4 w) aw;
Iand as the resn'!t of h4is -)xnobeatn
and knowledge, hie says : '-T feel !atified
V that if sueh aI law as: Ithe one I hAve ex.
n an.inedI, and sneh ant ex:2entin of it its
eis now goin(-: on in South Carl)lina, was
pa"sved IV the Englli-l Parliamett, and
wnav so tnf'rced b' the Goverm;t, the
* penple cf that el:ntry tIoud, !ith te
ivie, drire f!on ;o:er i e p,!: ics
n conic,rned in it.
A NewLerry co-recr-!tA Scnds the
following indignant pot-st to t!e Cum
bia Phoinix, agilst th vi!e siander of
-tttlley, the correspn&-nt of n :ht Tiin',
whih Att P-:dore y the -t-or 0 Ie
Ut;or'-To vi:: "Tht the nidtr, tn of
this State is the p'orn-st ofein:e.o the
race t' C wo-! ever zaw:
"WhAt a p"y its Conns at- rnt he
-eOtd by hin (Smalley) -who ham delbera:4lr
proone-d the dfiberate 'lander that tIe
Rave'age white matt Of tk i:txt-aht,-ed,
sor-ly-tried Walr it, ifh pnore,.t o;eimen
of Ihe ' 'aca-iAn raci the worM ever -,
t lhen it iea'i he wight di -Over it wou'd
he doitg no Vi'eitee to trwk tw adiijt isat
thev would hear 6o-ur% tt :nt, im l ith
e hintelf in all tihe ettrilotu!es o1 true v;.n
hood az weil as %ith ti o0i *1. oiuli ie
rive p, , ure fron the jet ui-,l (1 the vile
slinder he ut:ered-tttd. ev-n in their r-,<
t.d their wrong-z, i1iit'-v supetior to
hose reproitCin. ad end>riL: i thiU!
We regrtt to ian of the deijke of t':
Le-uved lii-hop Davis, of the d:(CesC of South
Legislative Sanuaary.
The Lecilatue as!znbled o TuI
.Ah- tEc 2Sth.- ult.
The Sonnte met at 12 .1, P "-ient
Ransier in the Chair. The roll was
cailled. and . qt:rtum heirg present,
prlyer w-as orf7red by the h%pia:n.
N-otices mfre given c,f the introutrtion.
of the f )-irg 'ills:
L Mr. Sm!aih-Ta repeat a j,int rognlu
tion entitled a joirit requton ahori:
ing the Go rnor to u' ase 2,i
star.da of arms, of the ma't app'~roved
pattern, aith tlhe usuial compL:eO2ent (if
ammunition; to repea! Ljint resotlti n
authorizing thie Ga'vernor to empldoy an
.arwed f.ircit for the pro'-rioni of the
peace ; to alter at-d auccad the~ Iaw i ro
!ationt to fences.
Ma. MAaye-Bll to am-d the tax iw
Ec. Whitteme,re- B:l to prortect the
fiua-ees ar.d credit of the State of South
gaged itt th.e bu%jress of lttlres arnd
the rale of I -ttery tickets.
of public tweeiys byV Couty Tmhirte.
atnd their disbursemtentt be the Saate
The Iltuse met att 2~ .If. Speak er
Mo-es in the Chair. The roti was raid,
and a quorum b.>in- preet., prayer wa
Ic.fered by Revt. W. D). H-ri.
A n<iessage was recetid front Gov
crnr Scott. rettir:-ing the folloin:g biki
thereor: Abill to coans-olidaJteth
North-.wem.ern Railroad~ wid the Gee
incorporate tcheri' intttsinth
variour, Couin tli of the State.
bia, apper.rt in several of our Sate ca.
chauges. We approve the- move. 'h
(Giaceras-Einenti, counse1 from the
North have been employed to defend thLe
turnf prosecuted under tie Kit K!nz~ Acts of
. Congre.s. Th has~ be tundertaken in
order tha, ample jiuis ti:ay be donie, atnd
to the end thas the continional qu.t:ions
itnvolved tmay be cons.id.-red. This kis de.ined
, a public diuty. Itn order to e.irry outt tis
pups,i,i necessary to rai-e the sonlt of
ler, J. B. Paeir, J. P. ' lno'na. :. L. Leap.
CcTTIso uts WISDM TEETH -The lo
cal isa vrytender-hearted in'lividuna!, his
bowls re ullof-comp:sion, orbhave been,
and hence he has been vic'.imized times antd
times wi:hout number. Nine hundred and
ninety-nine timnes has he yielded to the cry
of "please lendI me half a do!Iir," or one
dollar, and somnetitmes flye, made 'iy some
;unfortunate colored man or woman, who, on
such occasions, realzed the tratb that tbere
wai nto use itt knocking at :he door of a tad
ica! heatrt, for though the p-irry have pohitics1
till nteitheir they nor their frieuds can rest, the
mi'k of hum ainnes and the~ :hn caii
ed naoney, is not to t>e given away. Well.I
he has loaned, but no return has he realized.
lBut he is growing wise, an d rave evidence a
night or two ago. that he is cctting a wisdom
tooth. Imnmedtately opposite this offi-'e, lie
was accosted by a ta%! thin dark ie, who is
living on future hopes of advtancement, with
the request to loan bim fifty cents, that his
mo'ther was sica;. This local's heart was
touched, he took him in to Motte & TarraDt's
and gave hi the amount. The dark ie h-Tt
ithl thanka. Tie local thought, this is the
thiousand!:h t.mec; when will citmmrnt seuse
resumea its svway. Ii' went out. O:her col
ored boys were outside--they are always
htn~'ing round loose now-and to one said
he, do you know the boy who camne out a
moment ago? Said he, yes. Well, who is
he, and what his character? Said he, he i
ar sca, lie stole my bucket of dinner. This
c.. told of the half dollar. The other then
iug-e. and sail it woutd conme back never.
The:cal then followed the borrower and
foun.d hint not tar off, and asked to see tht
half dollar, and it being produced, the locail
athered it and phaced it away for safe keep
inig, till another one e ids-when may be it
-will not bie given. The lost wasi found, and
the joy experienced in being sharp one rime,
was immense. The nextt day rh it hatlf dollar
*was tnvested in oysters, an.1 cannot be bor
rowed miore-.
A c- lored! wi'tnn:, y embrit . white
a'temptting~ to i-It a hone with at hatchet,
m ti ndr her aim and (cit tT the fingter of
a iittle colored child, who washoin
Sthe hone. -PIXenix.
*.r the NerabN.
Rspecifu'iy ani enrnestly, and wih ere
strong desire to ridvancl the moral and re
;iou-t, as weil as the business interests -of boi
this CoTmu.ity an! town, is this memorial lar
precen:-cl to you. Re,pretenting .n order ma
whose wachwords ate "love, purity and fi
delity," and with prineip!es fixed and un
wavering to precain the truth anj the right, t
and to dare mainii-1: it, we :onl'd f.il far
sh:rt of mr duty and priviHege. if we faill tra
to call attention to an evil nich ij-r exis
in our town, and which threaetens, If con
tinued en ! ailowed to grow and spreAd, to (th
work untold ruin. We s.!nr!c to the :raelice "
(if merchants and traders dispening in:oxi- I
cating liquors gra:nitou-ly to their cps til
mer-i .s .n induccment or Incentive to trade.
&,.- be
Dear fellow-citizen-. fr:end--, bjioEher,, h
bands, fathers, we do r-t in any spirt of
dictation. or superior wisdom, or goodnes, I
make this appeal to you, but in kindness and ett:
love, and we beecech you. as you love ordier, be
morality and an I an elevated tone of society, thc
to lend a hnnd to stop an evil which threat- bef
ens so much mischief. We do not .sk of I cat
you much, the sacrice Is not great. We do an
not ask Yo% to Jon onr order, aLhotgh this tea
wonld prove a"conisummation dev:Oly to be
wished," but we do asL ytu *o frown do,:n a
practice so sebversive of >-piness. It is
now i Its inCIpiency, for it i> comparatively
a recent birth, but fa:hered by bad taste, eos
tered and promote I by Infliuencsof the most Phl
baleful character, it m;t-it grow alarming If ah
not cbecked and stopped in time. This is a ,
new thing with yon, fclow-itizns, and that
it is only practiced by a minoi:y, gives us l
hope that It wi!l die the death it merits. Stop a b
it for the love you bear those dear to you;
stop It for the hope you have of the fut are,
a:d before the sin grows greater, and per- I
haps hey.d rutdy. What is it for? A key
little gat'n, or to make tHs p!ace of business ie
taore attractive and popular than others?
Would you give that to a fe:Iow,creturi, to
gaia his noney or his g:;o14-ll, whIch
will steal his sen-ez. rob him of his tim-, de- o
prive his family of their support, and nn-!y an
ictud hi: to -er,d:on, and only for a few
pal-ry dollars? God forbid. Wbo are the
viCtims? In the first instare, the c>ord'red
man-for they are oacily led to grasp at an ts
allurtreat which copo in such attractive
firm. And we ask here, is tho-e gain iW the
end? Brutalized by strong driak, choap
dr! Irep
drt:k, thewor;t kiud of poiou,atu hey n
mado a destiuctive eloinout, reidy to do any
mic.icef their hauds find to do, or which ch!
they may be prompted to do by designing (
and cvil-diposed per'ons? Thiuk of this. Put vm1
not in the balance a miserable money gain ow
again,t every pricci of right, honor and are
in terest. Inc
A n-1 t4ie, ti 4jk of your clerks ;m1, your sOn4 . the
Our efrorts have been put forth sueccssfully of I
anong them, and we hope and trust, that by tow
makin.; them sober, or restraining thtrm pat
from the evil, we add to their efficiency as ing
employees, and rendcr thcn more trust- cot
wo:thy and reliable. But, wh"e the work Is C
thus begnn by us will, if sacessflly for
carried on, redound to your advance- am
meat as business men, we fear that the prac- It i
tice azbove referred to, may render the tics ent
with which we have boti:.i them to tempe- imj
ratice, partal:y, if not wholly inadequate, vat
and caur-e many of thema to fall of and be or 1
carried beyond our influence for .good. As bei
tic member of our organisation can cons feel
sistently, either as an en-p'oycee or otherwise, be.1
dispense intoxicating driuk to other;, should E
they, by reason of the aforesaid practice, he per
ca.lled upon by youto do so, aud, comply, ori
they will very soon after yielding, become in- ge;;
conisisteit Ia ether respects. Thitnk of this our
dlyl, and hourly temptation arnd example, lou
:mtd refrain, we heg of yout, bieore it is too enr:
late. Inat
Anrd l;tly, oat of reepect '0 the mothers, con
sis ers and danughterts of or town, who would a g
nnt. if they knew you foltowed 2lhe practice, tre<
peonize you, we beg you to decsit. And tow
we. the Stins of Tempennraie,' .ndi the ladies inc;
of Newhberry, will support and assist all L
thoset who, in the interest of iaw, ordi'e, mior- g riv
atlity and an e'erat-d toe of society, dota
not practice t-uch anl evil, but icown it don :he
wherever it may hereadier be pr::cticed. ni
---- - w econ
To THE ;.DITO!lS OF Trts N.WBF,aRY flEn- cre
muts :-When I tee-ved an ri the en- ine
e:osedt note, which you will p!ease print in biec
emme-ion with this, my fe!ingts we:e very !cg
deepty moved, not w;th anger or resentmencit, pro
but with profound pity for the frailties antd
weakcnesses incident to ou:r commoni human- dotn
ity. The names ettachted to this ne a the er <
names of grod and true men, and the most
of them are my own dear and honored ft-iends, A
and their advice is wortty of all respect and~ bes
consideration. They are meni of sen-e, of ver
honor and of good business judgment. Btut be I
tieverthieless, my own opimina is, that in giv- frot
ing the advice they did, they made a r,ad day
misak-e. The appointment, under the cir- the
cnttn?ntes, was an insult to the whole pen- Tha
plc o-f Newberry, and I cannot see otherwise ne
then that it was unbecoming in any one to of li
:aecept it, an.d that its acceptao.-- is giving wot
direct~ aid and enc-'urag'onrt so the usurpa- and
tions of a reckless and uncrupulous ad- bee
minisration. evil
B'it the appointment has been acccpted, a fr
an-I if these Commissioners faitbfully do Jand
their duty as hm:-; as the oince i.; in their Ith a
hands, le t them receive due credit for that no
lerformanlce. EI
it is due to the Com::isrione-r to whom ner
ref<:rence i4 specially had in may formesr arti- cu
ele, to>state, that I have been informed and in a
have good reson to believe, that be at fitth
deternimed to refuge the appuint:ment ten
deed him-, but was induced to accept by unt
the udvice of the ;:enttemen whoSe 3iames are the
subscribedJ to the enctosed ntote. tii
Respecstully, CTO
rss. ED1TORs:-In your ig'ue of the
21st uit , your correspondent "Cato," allu
ding es;ncially- to osNE of the C.ouDsy Com
muisor.er= APPOINTED by Gov. Scott, Nov. py 1
10th, '71. says, "l.f HR had refused the ep- Ioth
pointmentt he would have done welt, ad
have gained the respect of all good and hoo-Of
est men." We, the undersigned, insisted ou mon
his ace'-pting the appointmnt. atnd believe nrta
all considerate men will , -ide. it his dutyth
to accept UtNER THE CiBce MSTANCES. hut
we of course believe that Messrs. MariJ &Sw
Les:er, and no others, should have thne ;tmees A
to which thee were elected.I
J P. Pool." John T. i'-terson,
W. G. Mayes, E 8. (X;pock,
A. G. Maybiu, Thos. M. L4iie, Slit
W. T .'rrant. P. Rtodel<perger, i
R. L. Mci auzbrin, George i. Tuck-er.
PaEER, 3iUSICAL MONTULy for Decemn
bet' is to hund, containing uineteern choice IA
piees of Yoc:d and lnstrnuc'tntal Music, tall A
o which cat he lhst for 3) cents. It see mts a
hs:;rd to believec that so touch can he fur-ha
niished f'or such as small sum, but Wn E yowth
that it :s. it coms regularly eveC y mlonthI. txi
and Contlin; nothirn :t good Music. Bound b
voltues for 1871 are offered. post-pail, for.
%5. JTh'y co'me elegtatly boundI in erims~on it 0
cloth. git si.! es amnd edgis. and are gu-iran
ti-cl to%contain 450 worth of choice P'ianoi
Mit-ic. (somec 240 piece;.) If ordered per ex- pre
prsa S4t.50 will secure it. We would audvis-'
aill t:b e sking Holiday P'resents no bear '
this work in mind. Music is always a proper ove
pre,ent to a :ily, an! in no other sape~ nor
the -came amurnnt of' gd mus tic canr h
h1n tgt. It i- puhii-hedi by J. L. Peters, .t'? -i
U;oandw-y. N e' Yoik.
- - +-- e+ - the
The Spi irt-s.nur antd U -ion It iion !- n.1 Ia
vertiset for so:le by the reteri es. Mee-rs. 1; x- thi
ht haTd---recent!y f-1un1d. e-.r, be riCov
! by the owner's seniYg to this offlee.
.%LF DAY.--NoNwilhstandiing the rough,
4;erot- nature of the weather, th,-e wa.s a
:e crowd in Town on lMond7y 1;t, and
ch property was disposed of.
tlention is invited to Dr. Fant's raver
ment in another column. The Doctor,
-Ill be seen, prepares quitm a n:mber of
uble remedials, which Le offers to the
le as :ing pure. strong and eflicacions.
Corns op L%crviPes vi- he aircn,
first of which to !,; d rivered on Frm!ty
hr week.) in rH of the Ft male Seminary.
:.l lectures are now in course of prepara
, r.nd due notice wit' h, giren, of time,
ce and subject. A miderate c'narge wil!
mQde for ;dm'sion, the proceeds ;o be
d as above stated.
ARATA.-Attention is C;old to M-. Dack
ia(dver.isementof M.ile Acadery; it will
seen that his rates are 550, 49 and 30 for
. bole ye-r. instead of $20, 15 and 10 as
ore stated. Also that he does give a va
Ion. This Is an cxce'ent school for boys,
I Mr. D. enjoys a wide reputaion as a
Ic hIve received a c,;py of a pamphet
)lI-Shed under the ru;pices of the Columbia
ird of Tra1c, setting forth the advantages
:he ('.p!al as n mrn'acturing wnd coM
rea! city. The pamphlet is from the
)oix efflre, an,1 is handsomely printed,
cvntain> a To!nme of it:restIng matter,
aing to fbundation, destruction and
cequent rvhabili9tam xnd growth of Co
9in.'' The ptaph!ct excellazly serns as
ook of refe-ence, and does tredit to the
erprising Board of Trad'je of that eity.
(otte's Victoria Tonle Bir:eri shonld be
it in every house, and their life-giving Ton
'roperties tripd by rJ. 4&--t.
cess a!temled tie cfforts of the lndies of
3L. r. Cburch in ther diner and supper
sa!e day. 'Ihe fare was rich and abundant.
waq parttken of wi-h satisfaction. At
ht the seere was resplendent. We rmgret
t limited srace prevents a more cx*cnld
ice, and snch an one as the occasiou mar
Suffiee it that it was all that coid kave
z desired. In our nfxt we shall siy more
ut this rleaxant aff.r. oue that might be
Dated agin :ud stgin.
Cotte's Victoria Torie ittter- w:l keep off
Is. 48 -6:.
't.DWF.L Sri:ai -Tt.e proqpective ad
tages which are pre-enei to property
iers, In the widening of Caidivell Street,
many: prominrnt Pirong whieb are the
ren3ed vaIne of real estate on that street;
Certs!nty of its hec-ming the grand angle
he mart of trade, n .n ornament to the
'n. Topographi;a!ly, it is the avenne.
excellence, ci sh;,d be enl:trged. Be
the eentre of o:tr twn, in the poeible
tingency of fire on either aide, (our town
ompact, 9n1 the strts are too narrow
tbc denands upon tem) it would give
p!e spaee for its combat and rei.,tnce.
the opinion of many that this roooted
trprise shoulsd be consumrnsed, for the
iedirnents are so ranch less than the ad
tages to be derived, there being but one
wo buildings Ia the way, the front line
Ig ground, more or less, unoccupied, ten
of which wonld tnot toaterially umar the
uty of the enciosure::.
hall we take that tide which, beyond a
tdventure, must lead to fortunate rsults,
till we al!ow a war. of publie spirit ad
erous euterprise to catu.ss the residue of
comnmercial lives to be bound in alhal
s? Ev-erythnog woosand invites t-te
rgemen f Caellsreet-i:<. centrality.
rai execelnce, pauelty of o)bstruction.
imunity dem~ands, Sre. To give this street
-cuter width, with Iiues of gnerou-. uhade
c,will make the avenne an; ornament of our
n, and thre initial point the centre of bus-.
at us jump at so fine an opportunity of
ng greater businiess facili:ies anid advan
:s to our town. Ev'ery improvement 01
town is a mutual benefit to the cornmun
at large, and appeals even to oar selthh
siderations, inasmuch as real estate in
ises in value, and ro honses go up,
a gretrth in population and trade, the
:itable rCeIl. Newberry is destinedl to
yme a city; let us take advant.age of all
timnate way.s and meant of I::erea.sing her
Eotte's Victoria Tonic Bitters. are, beyond
bt, the best Constitutioal Renovator ev
ffred to.thelpublic. 48-8'.
SLtP BETWoE CUr Am Lx.-The
:laid picns g-mg iglay at times, and in
fication of the oft repeated adage, a wou'd
'appy bridec-groom, not a thou-and miles
a this ('art House, about a wtek or ten
S ago, al; things being ready, started for
vinc-emboweredl cot of his lady love
tnight ho expected to receive a full
.sure of haippiness; it was to he the night
is wedding, and it was "the night whi;ch
Id either make him or undo h im quite,"
like a true knight he wais arrayed as
ime~ a loyal lover. lBut alas alas, in en
moment lhe took with him for company,
end, whao ras a!.so arra:yed ins sore clothes,
somrnhow or the o:her way, the two Lo.
io's fel!out:ntd qnarrelled.nnd.i in revenge,
cuht, the friend of the ex pectant bride
mn, putting on his mno't captistming mr.n
,enticed the fair oue out, and gained her
ient to take a walk. This wvak resulted
ride. "They rode and they rode ott
r foatig steeds," all the nigh t, nearly,
I they reached .Squirc ---s house.aboct
dawing, and were married. Wheother
was a premeditated affair or noat, we
a, s-:y; we ra:her thiink, however, that
fair co had been datllying with two
rgs to her bow', and at the !ast moment
ded which of the two should be the hap
tr mant, and hope the next time beoessays
venture of this kind, that he will be
e successful. 11lad he been robbied of his
o by death, it migh: htave been sai.l of
et - she died1 as it were to-day,
nd -- he died to morrow;
et -- died of pare, pure grief,
nd -- he died of sorro'v, rtrror, rorror.
was buried in the old church yard,
was buried r;ghit by ther,
en out of her bosom there grew a red
ad Out of his own a briar, riar, riar.
rid perhaps this briar and red rose might
e grown to the chunreh steeple top, uttil
could grow no higher, anud then en
tel1 in a true~ lover's knot, for all true
ers to admire, ire, ire. Uut fate ordained
therwise. Alas. a-lass.
[otte's Tinoria' Tonic lIitters ate usedl andi
scribed by Pihysicims as the best. 48-Or.
r 100 pages. sent by tnail to any a ldtres<
Ct , Adertti.ing Arents. No. 411 l'.,rk
N.Sw Ytk. [he Washmog'in (I). C.)
rdar-I s:ays : "It pttrs thte I ivertiser tin
track of s,vin-r nmtner- by juldii.'s ot
,;:md gi: inform.j,onInd wiieI tat.
e h'r..nr:ti, .nte liind It.rit int rpensine "
.irE~a T;urr"s fror thc Hlerald.
o]:-T r oe paragraph II
lazt w.ek, a-4i.;t Ior, aid caling attention f
to the DeCe.,s!'Y of, more InPT ACCOXxO- t.
rATON, wa< most appropo. It wa one of
the right thingr in the right place, and I
t.n<t it mar have the desired effcct, in no:
only Showing the ofilers of the Greenville i C
Rai! Road how derelict tiey have been, in a
so long overlooking the comfort ar con
vcnience of the traveliin- eablic, but in giv- 1r
Ing paSCn.gers what thiy su mub need.
?and. too, nbat they have ,t ri:Iit toj look for. .
On il well-rcgui-ed and wll.apponted
r oads, the c'tr.fori of p-isseIer% j< ',oked to, y
and why should not the G. & C. R. 1. o
likeir:i'? Its bu't:eS! ir gt, and no ex
c'o can bc .fferedl on the gmund of having
no mons. I for fni ve fe:t the poverty ti
of the preset cheeris and uninvi:itg depot r
ou!-!o,k, and nlore in consideration of the
tender femals and ch1dron, who are forcod tj
to rough it in comrnon with the roughe1st e
It is time the c-nditi:>n is irproved. Tre
people denand it. On Friday la.it it was 9
horrible, with the Aleet and snow thick on
thAgrnund, ind reminded we of the time
It d
"when in rain, hail, sleet or snow, we poor o
soldiers bad to go," a4 I st!ol on the open i
edificte, or platform, 105 feet long, wbich now
Re-rvrs all the purplw, of a depot. Speak of
;it .gaii, Meori. Ei:or;, ano oh!ige more
-thIn on2 nt in :he C"1 PASMENGER.
?o the Eii!ors of the !tra6b :I never want e
to beur more rfian my ohAre, Meors. Editor"
and il oldcr that the c-!c may n-rlersittnd
the late municipel ertion, I wiMi endeaor b
to gave tome p"min fw-!!s : A portion of the b
citizent gvt nt a Pry Tickt in oppo,4ltion to
the Wet T.cket. aP4 Pl;d me to help them I
to elect It: we tifrng at- ebcice in the two.
0nmy we thonght that the Dry Ticket would a
be mom to our Interest than he Wot Ticket. I
AIao, some of uq get a little more than our b
shave, fur we all have been a little too wet,
N. B. Ah-o, Per-ons wanring brick-t4yers V
will do well to e.i'l tn Mathew Grry aud Lige t
Stucknn, at Newberry C. U. Tbey will c
guarantee tUrt they wiU give genoral satis- b
factio. L)op a few ai. at the post offlo,
ad wewi enm -.t any call.
Your., 0
W1,TE D REDPAIR.-The body is ui- &
dergoinz cc:tin-ut wa:re, brth in the vrpl
untry :wenenof zbor''d .act;" gon
erally inertal as weil a., physical) and also y
in the invuhmn-iarv proceszoes (respirition
for e.aph.) This W:-0te1 m.at to repaired V
by the biood, as it ce:int:aly circu!atoe s
and comes i-vo cootact with the various I
portions of the sy.i;ew; and the lo.wes of Y
the blood nin-t he suppid from foad. As I
the material of the bo-ly is derived from '
the '1Static! of the food, s. all vital power I a
iA derived from foree sored up in the food. 0
Food is or2aric matter in a .l:e:e ef mole
cnlar ten:-inn ; rnd whey, in digeston, it i
becorips decomrpos'l, this ensorn, is given C
out in the form c.f :hysical focs such as -
mnu.eubar poer, anrima!i he t and the like.
E'very thot:ght that we :hink, e-ery- breath
that v.e draw, <:very slightest mtoton or
gesture thb.: we make, wears away the or
ganized-t tissutes to .sma~ exa nt. In a healthy a
e-ondition this wasta pouces~ a popor
tiooata adegree of apprire andb of dge,tive
rigour. 3ut in mperfe-ct health it is not
so. Either teappti: is defcies, or the
forcc' of the dige.tive organs~ are r.ot a de- 1
queel so oc,,vera into autridbou. blood that
awnum:it of footd w'ria the appri:aenrves.
Now Dr. Fi-vl\'s Et:ra is a tune anid stir:
ulaut atprod by is igre,dien.ts to create
an a:rehn blen petite, -...d aJ'o la like d.e- ed
gree to stimuWt the utgesuvie powers.
Whenoa ame isr& aco uli.-hed, and the
systeum o:nce p'ut iu ;he i- iy of apropriating ?
nouriiu:ent for itself,i wO uayl kok upon
he cure as a:dy d'et ted. Time and e
caireful livi:g will do she rea'. tI
ecc. 6', 42-I m. e.n.w.
AtL ANiFAL -ioeter's t:;ited Statesa
Ainmanae for 1 ~2, for distrib,rion, gratis
throughout the I'ni:ed Sta:es, anid al lcivi
bizeb contriea of the W7estern HemiP.p'ere,
will ha published; aout the f:r't ofJanurry,
ina the Ength-h, man,ra French, N;orwegiT
Welth, SwedKdh, tHoihnd, 1Bohemaian ar.d
S1xtisht languaages , n.: nlt aho wh.hto
understa::d the true phlo-ophyv of health
shouldI read and p.or.!gr the vaslunole
suggiestionas it contains. In a-diion to an
admuirt.le meihca treatise on the causes, I
prstliont and cure of a great variety of ti
iseases, it em.bracea a hunrge amount of in
formation interestit g to the mrerchaut, the
mechanic, the miner, the f.:rmeir, the planiter,
and'. professionia! man ;a:ri the calcuhatios
hiave been nuiinde for Much mmeridians~ and
latitudes as are met m:tahit' for a correct
and comaprehat;rire .5doOt:..i'aider. The
natulre, tuses, nitri (:Xtr:c.si:ary maary Y
effTects of THoste:ner'a s cameh Ftitters, the ~
staple tonic sand ailerative of norte.
half the ('br:iian world, are 5;;v set forth
in its 1..go, which~ air.) uno irttrtperd I
w ish pic toril d !t!st t ium:, valb:.. wei..s
for the i ts.-bhl anid farm, humorousa an
ecl te i :i ohtr basrerz e andi amusaini
Amion;g the Anau:.j to ,pp.>ar wi.hi t'r.e
opemiug of Ihe ea. thi -- h i ae ce of the
moost useful, ao wear ile b .i for the ainig.
The proprietors, :desm:. !?oatetuer ,& Sitith, I
l'iit:dsurg, D., toa r-eeipt of a two ce:nt
sitanp. wvii! forward a cop~y ty tuo! to anyiV
persoa w!:o cannoct p ri.ctrt: Oo in bisueatigh- .
borhood. The Ltters aro sold i-a every
city, town atd valU.ge, aud are exteuaivly
used throughiout the ec'.ire civilized world. t
Dec. G, 49i I
l'anmoF I'ostir.--h .immenve "a!i or roa'
er -xx-ewin 31.chis - a pn' I ia ve f thaeer
merits. No Iii ox kiovi. in :--yi: .tii tht.t
themn -are wv ing t du wxithout ore. Au liiiing~.
a i te. wiy of e i. plaii* Or orn;0 m: n. enni
be- doneC onf them,~ a:: ach Cid nwith butt iit:ie in
structiou Can runith wit:ri e facity ThLe m
chni.erv is simpeed not lat' to reuk otr "et i
out uf~trder. -IThey have. bee known.ax i to keep~ In
goiod. runintg order er litetiu years without
' m.ed ot repairs. wh icen ta 't bie to:id of oither
m::cineis. .'e .srt. Click & Chick are thle a;:eute
at Newxberry. St.
EaWBtP.Y, S. (2 , December 5.-Cott n
Lt.stIoro.. Diecember 4-Ev.'moti -Cot
tin fiim-uphods 9: lirlean< 9' a 10
qu'ivt-upho:izds 1t : ( tIc.anos 1- Gold lull.
*at 10.
CnA wrLSos, lcember 4.-Cott.aa strong'
-miidlan: 1S i.
ArGts'ra. lDecembeir 4.-Cotton strong
m jtng 172.
Justr receivedl. Now is the, time
to put them in. For- sale by
j..-( harle--tou is f:it becoming a mn:,nufactur
-as well a commercial city. The h, rgest 11t1.in
ctory of doorm, sashes. blinds. &c., in tIwa Stati,
n States is that of Mr. 1'. 1. Toame. on Hort
,ek's Wharf in that city, sales roomq -.t No. 2.
aynestreet. .iir.lToale'sadverti:--nctapars
i anvthercolumn. Nov. 1- Im.
ennin. paint, windows, china and glass
are; for polishing knives, tin, iron, brass
id copper warn!, and for rentoving stains
otn marble and porcelain, and rust from
achinery, F.n-ch lorgan's Sou's Sap3lio
the best thir:g in use.
ION-"Drawing" one of the 24M5 cash I
'ft< which are to he distributed by the South
01rolin L:nd and Imrrigration Assoc iation
t the Grand Cont-erts in Charle-ton. on the
:b of January next. Unike othcr dentists,
Ie luckv fellow will nut "'look down in the
PENZTZATING to the source of disease in
te secretions aud the circulation, regulating
ery organ, and bracing every nerve and fibre
Sthe body. Da. WAL.EK'S VInGa Brrrzas
re ef'ectits- the most astonishing cures of indi
.,tion, biliousness. nervous weakness. rh-uia
em, scroltulous diporders. and chronic coustipa
on, that the world has ever witnessed.
oout, renders the mouth enchanti g. composed
r rare antiseptic herbs, it imparts whitentess to
ie teeth, a delicious flower-like aroma to the
reeth, and preserves intact, from youth to age,
le teeth.
'WHO WILL SUFzR "-It is now 24:renrs
rooe Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lini:nent was put be
>re the public. warraynting it to cure Chronic
heuWatism. Ileauh:che, Cuts. Burns, Bruises,
Id Sores, Pahns in the Limbs. Back and Chest;
nd it has never fuiled. Sold by Druggists. De
Dt, 10 Park Plape. .ew York.
THE EUMAN IAR.-Barnett's Cocoa]ne. a
mli;outd ofCocon-uut Oil, etc., is unrivalled
t a dresiDg for the hair. For sale by all Drug
PlAT'S ASTRAZ 0IL.-Not the Chearest,
ut sest and Bt Illuminating Oil for family
-e ever made. lurns in the ordinary kerosene
mp Does not take fire, nor explode if the
mp is upset and broken. Send for Circular.
I1 House of'harles 'ratt, established 1770, New
arbolio Acid. acts as a universal external care
il, acting on the nerves connected wit' theskin.
promnptly relieves Neural.ia Paiis, Cleanses
od oures old sores and ulcers, flesh wounds,
urus. bral.e.s. sprains. &c. Sold everywhere at
eents. Morgan & Rislay, Wbolesale Drug
ists, New York. General Agents.
ghtful toilet preparatiou for beautifying the
tin. has been established over ten years; during
:at time over one miIlion ladies have used it; in
rery instance it ha- given entire satisotion; it
moves all imperfectious. tans. fteckles and sun
ur-s, giving the skin a youthil appearance.
old at all Druggists and Fancy Good Storm.
epot !, God Street. New York.
r3irs. %% inslow's Soothing Syrup. the bearts of
any parents have been made g!ud by witness
ig the beneiclal etects. which this remedy nev
111ai;S to produce during the critical period of
CAPI."C SALVE -Nothing like it ever
towu before. Cures cnts, burns. sores. wounds
e.. like mr.gia. Physicians peak of it In terms
f the highest prais.. Price 25 cent per box.
An F. Henry. Sole Propriutor, 8 College Place,
ew York.
2HYSICIANS who have prescribed Svaptiia or
rirded (JiJiua use no other form of opum in
icir prntic-.
C2-ISTA1OR-S ZAIR DYM.-1fall hIs hairs
ere live. or0telIosaid, "my great revonge hath
omach for them all "' But hair that's grey or
rndy, whi-9 or red, the la<iies huve no stomach
r ai all. Use Cristadoro's Dye and the evil is
nmedied. Wauui&ctvry,68 Maideu Lane, .New
THE PUZZST and Smetest Cod Liver Oil
i the % orld i. HaiardC & C:,swell's made on the
a-hore, from fre:-t. selected livers, by Cuaswell.
s:ard & ( o . New York. It is absolutely pure
id swe.t. Patien.s who hiave otice taken it ore
r it to al others. PhySicials have decided il
iperior to %=y of the oi her oils in the market.
JO'JVIN'S Inodoroms Kid Glove Cleaner re
ores soiled g1Pwes equal to now. For e by
,ruggists aud Vanc) Goo(!* Dealers. Price 25
!nts per bottle. F. C. Wells & Co., New York.
Dec. 6. 48-len. 145-7-ly.
Christmast; begins Dcemn
e'r 6th
'If you dlonht this a;! you have to do is to
-to A. llarris', ns my~ hea-rlirte'rs are
ere, and you will Sudl that he has
:andies, Toys,
And Ku Klux,
il of w hich 1:e wi!! sell :i t Nices so low,
hat thism is the place for you to go.
e has got Tru:npets yotu ca:; b'ow,
tid he L. s .Mot:keys that can go,
n:l Dolls wh'iich can crow,
;d Donkeys v ot wont go.
Th.sides Clowns, IHoraes, Dogs, antd Cows.
fact he, has all yo:: possibly enn~ W.t:t for
D)oh't forget where it i-.
At A, ARI'
De . l -19--i.
in0 let .Ladies' Furs,
elvet Ribbons. all sizes,
ry Good:s, U ots and Shoes
~raceries, etc.
us.t reoiC'Ved and for salo
..ow at A. H ARRIS.
Dee 6 -19?
totice for Finaal Dis
NOTICE is hereby given that I will apply
>the P'rob.tte Court, lorn Newberry Coenty,
ri the -ith'd.ry oh .J.a:nry, I -:2. tor a Sntal
Webnarge as Admink-'.rato.r of the~ estate of
r. Jamtes lidl, dee'd.
C()UNTY (.)V NIEW1Eli{---IN
xPa'.r:e John C. Wil-on as Audm'r, &c.-..
Pen tion for Sele of Personal Ptoperty.
Prsuntt to all order of the Prolate
idge, I will sel! ont W ednetsdayv, the 20th
ist., at the residenice of Thomtas RI. Wilson,
ed. tall the persomda propt:rty of said
ee'd., cotnsisting of
(Ite hior:e,
iad calest,
U::e huggv,
~A ieulitral imlaemInts,
Cotton seed, &.
TIonsehohl and Kitchetn Furtiaor.-, e.tc.
Terms of sale-cash. No0 property to be
emoved until paid for.
Ir,.- -r u. TrA m:r:;n.
RE. ECTFULLY commends to the confi
tions, which are nianufacture d under N own
may be rehed upon for their purity an 1 Offic
Eanta To;
Composod of the best antiperiodic Tonics kno%
A most palatable Cordial, paricular!y recornr
as reside in low, damp situ.dions, where the D(
Fant's Compeund Syrhp of Sar
This preparation will purify the blood and el
Dr FANT'S 0o
An Invaluable U.emedy for Children sufecrin- i
tions generally.
My stock of
Are fresh, lirge and complete, all o! wh*ch I
Alao a large and well selected variety of
Both Foreign and American. I furthermore
Which is perfectly SAFE and RELIABLE, at
experinent what no other lamp has done; th
Precritins refl4 CO-Ll
the Day a
Dec. 6, 49-D.
uhs, Kand 6y arid VrPcI'P1
An] now is the time to supply yourelves
with the i ecensarie% for
S:oekings will be g ip anCistmas
Trees must flourish. Come Soon :" ther.
will be a great rush at the B.ALI' l4i(;jE
GOIRNE, and Sanita "Elans insi6ts on 1y"u
to b-.y in your supplies at once.
Iuorted Yrench, E:ii.Ji,li jnd Americ;,.n
; RUITS of all M-.inds. Whole, h:,If .nr
pa. ter boxri RAISINS. CLiR A N TS,
ALMONDS, ai m!l kinds of NUTS.
CAKES, aid~ a large variety of Crackers.
DOLLS of every size, aud a generatl stock
of ToYS.
Prize Boxes from Fie to Fiftv Cent-s.
Faraily Groceries Gen~era!!y.
OYSTrERS, and all kinds ot GANNED)
DEL in Drasug.ht.
D;ffer.-nt graides oif FEne SEG.\RtS and
TOBIACCO, and miany otheir in ii o nn i
mero,n. to e'rnmeraste, I -W DOW)Ni FOR
(ASH. A!l at te UALi IMORd CORNF.R,
Dec. 6, 49-t f.
I will s-ll u;n:il the I ath d.v oft this
montlh, all the .:osds I harve~ i e Gioce.ry
Line, Crock'ry lit.e and. Tin War: Linre.
[fncy grocries ixepodii) at, andrs in ~sone
eaes, below COYT. Whby ? I.e.m': I amt
ob.ligd to have~ an extra ~supply of rmrn::iy
by that time, an-! because I w ant the roomu
for Christma.s G,ood.
L. P.. MA !?:H.1LL.
Dec. 6, .49- i t.
At a mieetin;r of the Boir! of Co:m;rty
'onlissie'is, it was ordiredr that pr Fi
sals be in:vited lit the !wie:.inz of thie Pour
l[onrse !or the yiear ( lS~t: igh:teenhun
drii andsi se'vnt it iwo. Sidir propu-s toi
bei delivieed in wridii -o.hd
lvy onr ofii Ch:irreani IX;::rd of Ct.si:a
Ii t he Coin tuimn l'X':it-.' W~ hv.
et. at.
1Rit for l'aLrtit;kn. '..
Uy order of the (onirt of (owmn eh-: for
:'wbery Couty. I a it (tI. on ti 1: -
ya in .la'inrary text, all that Trtrct or. naiW sit
nte in Newiberry Couty. iii waters of t nnon's
treek. cintaiin g one hrundred rd nise::cres,
ore or less. bounded by lands of $iophra Neel,
\bram 3Moore. M rs. triflth. and others.
Term- o: Sale-Caih.
1e 6 494 TIlflS. 3. Lilm.h e-feree.
Ih- order of the .Jnd]ge of Prob:re, for New
ierry County. da:ted 5tb D~cembe!r, 1871, I
ivill -eli. at lie laste residence ofiT. dius S.
oiet, deceased, in snrid Comuty,
ju Wednesday the 20th daiy of
D)ecemrc!. instant.
ic personal esta;e of said deccased, consist
ing of
orses. Mules,
Cattle, Sheep, Hoigs,
Cotton, Corn, 'oider,
.'klantion TIools,
]Kitchen Fturtnittr, &c.
TE3ttS OF S.At-2 CAsu
TIlt $. M. PAYSNGCEI, SherifT :. C.
Dec. t 4J-3i.
Giso's .Um3spherie Qu~rn
The subscribers havintg puirchsa<eldie
iht for this kounity, offer for t'ale the
ubove Chiuris, to huniiiies or iniiui.
By the use of tihis Daseir, bu:tr crn bei
nae fromt fresh mtilk in 15 nfntes, and!
ol ertter gn.diity than ini t he ordinary churn.
They haive bieen testeid and are niow int u-e
by a larget tiiumbe'r of1 persons who are en
tirlv sati-hfid with tshein.
The Cicnenber Wood P':nps, of any :engths
to suit piurchasiers, cani be. hiad of
MA.\ ;s & .\llRT IN.
Dic. 6, 49-2t.
20)0 Unrrels and Stiek Flour, in ste
aid to arrive,
From 87.50) to 3i i per ':-rrr1.
No~ 2'JI; \!ow EI.
.Y, S. C.,
nee of the comniity bik popuihr prepar.
sh"pervi-ion, with great @ure,. a.d which
ie Ritters,
m to the Medical Profession.
ended to persons ot weak hibit, and to snah
rvoUs *tystem is, more or less, relaxed.
3apari"a, Q;een's Delight, &e.
iminate mercury from the ystem.
'rom Tectli*.;, Indigestior, and BoTrel Affre
guarantee tohe Chemically P11RE.
call the atte!tion of the public to Lit
i whici has won for iisolf from Chen,ical
IL is, it will not EX0L1DE frin the u,e of
pnded' al ny Hour of
nd Mght.
18 J. M1i T"l;
Invite attention to their
Lirgre !tock of Ladies and
Misses elegant Furs, ranging
in price from $3.00 to $7.00.
Ladies W alking Suits
Also a large stck of La.
S SiaWls and Gloinks.
All of which arc (ffered at
vrY low prices. De6 It
A-et for dhe 1-il of the celebra.e.l Patent
waIrrainted to never :rn or ija:re the *!othes
in any wayi. Besto and chietpst line in the
nor:d, price onl l tecen ts per fooit, mani
n factu;red hv the Hl udon River Wh:e 41111
Co..V Ne ork.
R,. C. SHIVEiR & Co.,
in D1RY GOODS, Notins, .F'ors, L-e-s,
Embroid!eri,e. Gioaks, simwls, Um'-rellas,
ct'ls, M!!nery Gooi4, B3onnet't, Flowers,
Fe.aithers, Ribbont, Y..ivets. Satini-, S.k.,
Wind.ow Shoades, Wi;ndow Cornies, Wi::dow
1)bmnaskcs, Pi ering, WVal Decoratin, o.l
Pali:,Gro..n., Stee.l Engraviniga
Li ter:phs, Up1hol-rery Goods oIf all kinds.
Drec-madking in all its branch:es. Y:anufaic
turing Rooms wth.re we arc makirg op Suits
for b-,< thanth: mi ateri-ds of a imit often
cost. Ourt maimu siii:tock of lhe year is niow
in .store, mr~king~ suzch a .di.tp!ay ot g-ods ai
ut e never had before, far suirpas.sing anything
int-ide N.'w Y'otk eIty. Reing thorou:ghly
..;v to the tinos and, w ith ample abilit.v,
ple- si:. osio to (offer ouir patrons
gie.i: ad.vanar~g , anhd in? pricePs guiarantiec
irg:1:em to tive n.oney de.ding with us.
City v .nd conatr y mercrhant~s, jobbers and
re:: 1ers, n i. fid t~!hey can save mtoneyC and
lo::g r.:i!ro.vl travels by- loo!,ing through
(.,'r geeca. It C. $iIV~R &: CC-,
Lv. ; i t f. (obuui:in, S. C.
Ody $3 for $11 In TaiJce !
Or. for 84. SIS in value.
Or, for $5, $20 in Yane !!!
The he'n-;:ifE'! and, :,ristic Chrome "Iss'-r
:na sasi- d. S Iz- 1:;17 (af:er Lillie M.
Spe.neer, aual price $M, nil i he sent by
m. iil, scntely donie up, post- free, as a pre
iDEM( iiEST'S MONTIi LY, acktnow!edged
the most b.eauttitl and useful Parlor Mag'
a~ b,eam*i ful Chromno and! splenid Parlor
l'ienireO, am11 i a a-udbl wo rk of art, W'.oaTw
Mou: Til.N I!ort.t.: TulE COST or ?cusecnrr
TIoN, puw!. Itgether. itih i EMOREST'S
M!ONTi!L IX:flojrda ant op;:artuityii for the
inv ten of A:; .u-- h nimty never Occur
ag :or, in place of "i-'tr She Pretty ?"
for Si athli:i'.nal, lilovaTur's WVooit.,
(after .Jeromei Thfompsonz), size, 1.5x2.,
priice, gia,5 will be senit post-free ; or bothI
Chromesi, andt D IolasTs MoNTur.T, for onie
yeart, for 8. l!twarita's Wooils, isa,n
eg-m!hiy splendbid work ofi art, a large and
brautiful Chromo, anid nuTli rot TIXIs
THiE PuCes enKAI:n. Ilushtada., Fat,biers,
Blnmherr,, ar.! Lt,vers. do not fail to sub
scrlbe for iiE:duREST'S MAG;AZINE, aid
'r'--ent it w iih a beitrifuil Ch'roimo. It will
nak.-cyessparle w t eig'ht an'd satis
fwtrion, a:d prove a m,o'ithiy remnind~-r of
yo-:r trood ti-re and kinid feeling. Address
W. .Jia.t%(s Dv.ou~Tt, 83's Broadway,
New York. Copies of the latest niubers of'
the1 Mag:.zine 25 eents ec&Ct, post-free. I
Nov. 2J. 48-Zt.
A!vay- park!ing with Interest.ing Stories,
Poemis, Mu-:c, Punzzles, Travel., Games and
lLLUr-!IRaTI., a:nl cideinlated to aimu!te,
itrtuer, andI( elev:re te t:s of tihe younug.
:mnd miake their lives use;tu , trui hful and
bi a p:'v.
Sti-gle copie. 11 ets. po.t-r:ee. Yearly. $1,
or wi a ebo:cec of t..e following heantifuil
and v.dnale. premn:ium< to (e:-h uCi:ber,r
for 50) ets. ex:ra a fim.I: P.iror Clhromoi, worth
c5, or tw o inte-resting .liveiide Books, bound
in elorb :ind rnilt, worith $1 7'5. post-fre-e; or
aine perl--hand :et- imade 1Pocker Knite
and a. pallt' of bes: :dn:Ds, post-trie; or a
ve:v powerfn birais-mntreld, dcuble-eyl in
h i, iv.,r)-;ipped. adj-trah I.e o ico-ope,
w-..i b -2. po,itage 21 eis.;or *i tood Rent0
,ecpe n t oa .e- ie%of 4 w. lO n I.'18ets.,
r iin e.e a:. Po>t ::ai hi A t:1 :r :olding
mins :i tr einhi. A hi]. t . kmin
I ) O ..~. s- umoawav,- Yi' oik.

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