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Wadnesday, November 2, 1872,
The Attorey-eenral in relation to CountY
The opinion of Attorney-General Cham
berlain on the power of County Coinmis
sioners to levy Taxes for lIighway pur
po,es, is that they are limited to three
mills, inclusive of highway tax, in all the
counties except Fairfield, in which coun
ty the linit is one and a baif mills.
,udge Melton's Injunction.
The order of Judge Mvlton, made on
the 14th, which will be found on our
first page, having been duly served, has
been made absalute, and the State Trea
sarer, and his co-defendents,the County
Treasurers of the State, are therefore en
joined and restrained as in the aforesaid
order, and until ftirther order be made,
from using, disbursing, or in any man
ner disposing of the proceeds of the tax,
authorized to be levied by the joint res
olution of the General Aqsemb-ly, ap
proved March 13, 1872. And further
the itij-inction to re9train the collection
of taxes until further order be made, has
also been made absolute. In both rules
the defet,dants failed to appear at the
hearings, consequently the plotters in
the scheme to gobble up another tax
have been baffled. It is plain from
the inuddle into which the Treasurer
has got, the injunctions made, and show
of fight by the troubled parties, that
there will be no tax gathered for the
present. The Legislature, when it meets,
will make the matter plain and settle
the fact as to what period the tax covers
-the past or the present.
A Disastrous Programme.
During the past two weeks the chap
ter of disasters have been extensively
frightful. The Boston conflagraii n de
stroyed property valued at $200,000,
and many lives were lost. In London,
extensive and valuable f--ur mills were
burned. Tvventy stores, valued at from
three to five hundred thousand dollar4
were destroyed by fire in Chicago.
Brooklyn, N. Y., St. Louis, and wher
citie-; have felt the effects of the fire
fiend. Abbeville, in this State, has suf
fered in pi oporti,,n to its size eqnally a,
much. Besides the Northern and West
ern portions of the European Continent
have been visited bv storms and tidal
waves, which have swept away towns
and villages, vesseIs, thousands of lives,
and millions of property. While earth
q!ake shocks in New Hampshire have
added to the dreadful chapter. Again,
it is apprehended that 800 track layers
on the excension of the Winonai and St.
Peters' Railroad may perish by starva
tion-being cut ofP from communication
or supplies, by a severe sno0w storm.
The New York Herald gives account of
the death of three children within a day
of e::ch other, of some unknown disea,
and the only remaining child of the fain
i}y dangerously str icken in the same way.
After death the bodies presented a dark
appearance, and covere I with blotches.
Physicians are unable to account for the
disease. While the minor or individual
accidental deaths, and suicides, are fear
fully numerous. Not to mention the
horse disease.
Are we approaching some great change,
that every elemnent of destruction is in
active sympathy ? It is suggestive.
Superb Aldine Chrom.
We have received from Jamtes Sutton
& Co., publishers of the Aldine, their
twvo premium Chromos, "The Village
Belle" and "Crossing the Moor.'' The
Aidine has certainily introduced a new
era for the "Art Preservative of Art,"
-its proprietors have taken the Typo
graphic Fraternity with a grand coup
d'etat, for in a few' years, valuable Chro
mnos will illustrate volumes of the most
ordinary ecost, and the influence of true
art will be felt in the humbles.t homes.
These Chromos arc printed on two
immense Cottrei! & Babeock printing
machines, and 25 impressions are re
quirelI to give each picture its delicate
tiats-somie portions of a tint are pre
served pure to the end, while others arie
covered or affected by ali succeeding im
pressions. Many of the perfe:cted fea
tures of color printing are due to Mr.
Charles Stahl, an eminent lithogr;aphic
printer and engraver who supervises the
Aidine press.
It is estimated that before June 1st,
over 2,500,000 imprea.sions will be
printed on each of these Chromnos,which
would give 100,000 pairs. The proprie
tors of the Aldine desire that we state
that all dues shall be supplied with the
l'ebruary num)ber.
County Papers.
Th:e fol'owing is wvhat the Cincinnati
Trade List thinks of those characters
who complain of their county paper, and
inste.ad of helping to sup'po r: it, send off
for large city papers and thus help to
suNtain them ?
"A gentlem an writes to us that his
count.; paper is so poocr that het hazs
sto;ppd taking it, therefore sendls us
three dollars f,r the Trade List. We re
pe-at that we dmn't want su.-cribers ,in
those terms. A mnan's county pape'r i
wvorth more to him t tan any other paper
in the world, or il it is n.ot, it is his ow n
fault. If the coun:y pape-r is properly
e-ncouraged, it may be relied upon for
iniformatio'n of mior e value to the people
in whose interest it is isszud, than can
h'e laund in all the city papers in the
United States. N, inan can affo,rd to
sOp th~e paper that puli~shes the o,tSe'a!
::dvert;-'iiens of his county,. the pub,
he sales, rmarket, couirt new sanmd o'ther
local i:nteligenre. If the paper is poor,
th el -are muore at fault than the
pIubl)i.or, for- liberal patronage. flow
--ver poor the county paper may be, it is
aliwakys worth mrr than it co5ts to
those interested in tho affairs of its lo
Matthew Arnold says that the differ
eace hotween the Bible and the Koian
is that the former- grew, while the lat
The arse Disease.
This disease, which seems to be con
tagious as well as ir.fectiou,, has spread
very nearly over the continent. Some
there are who affirm that this malady
will have serious tendencies-the ne
c:.strv sequence of thoradic affections
communicablt to man, and vitally can
gerous to both alike in their secondary
stages. Catarrh, influenza, iu:.g fever,
with severe cough, dropsy, u!cerous tu
mors, and a virulent pus are spoken of
as the present and pro<pective forms of
the disease. Three forms of influenza
are mentioned-the catarrhal, rheuma
tic and the gastro-erysipvlatous form."
The epizootic is thought by s'ome to
be an epideic and not an infectious dis
Work, especially in ;1 we:ther, has
resulted in drop-y ; an;d poct mortein ex
aminations have revealed wt fact that
the lungs were c.anple:ely e.t1er. away.
Sonre of the best veterin'ians trongly
condemn blood letting,:.rierial sedatives,
cathartic n-useants, and the use of the
blanket while in exercise. But recom
mend that the animal have complete
rest, be blanketed. and w,4l groomed in
clean, well-ven:ilated stables. That the
manger should be well washed with di.
luted brono-chlora!um; and sulphur, tar.
carbolic acid and other prophylactics
u;ed as fumigators. Draughts and
drenches should be avoided, as they
throw the animal into paroxysms of
coughing. Medicines should1 be admin
istered in syrups and paste. Saline med.
icines are considered highly useful. The
diet should be light and laxative. and
the chill slightly removed from the drink.
Dr. McEachran, a veterinary surgeon
of Monteal, who has treated over three
thonsand cases of the epizootic, say, :
"The treatment which he has found
so successful in his practice is thorough
cleanliness, proper ventilation, and the
use of carbolic acid as a disinfectint.
Feed them on linseed tea, oatmeal giuel,
carrots, apples, boiled oats ; in fact arny
thing they may fancy, except dry oats.
The hay should be dampened and %ell
shakeo. If they co ntiniue to feed, he
recommends them to be exercised in
clothing, slowly, but on no condition to
be trotted, at least till after all febrile
symptoms have left them.
He says in most cases it presented a
peculiar intermittent character, the ani
mal being sujlect to chills, shivering
fits with 1lowing. In these cases he rt:
commends them to be warmly clothed,
legs rubbed and bar dag-d, and give two
ounces of liquor ammonia acetate, with
half an ounce of spirits of nitr"us ether,
every two hours till perspir ation sets in
or the fit ptsqes off; the throat and
sides to be well rubbed with ammonia
linament. Cold water to be given fre.
quently, not allowing the animal to
drink what he will, but merely a mouth.
ful or two at a time.
As soon as they are strong enough,
give them exercise in the open air, if
the weather is favorable, during the
heat of the day.
He does not consider it a fatal disease;
in fact, if the horses are kept from work
and properly treated, there need not be
any deaths, unless it be among very old
or brokenm down horses.
The Abbtvile Fire.
. The Abbeville M1ediu-n in its regular
issue of the 20th, says further ini regard
to the late disastrous conflagration that,
in the opinion of some who are able to
j udge, theolosses were over- estimated, but
'mvertheless they are heavy enoigh.
The destruction of our county records
will be felt for a number of years-in
fact tneir loss can never be apiproximated
Ior replaced. In the Sheriff's office there
were books dating back mnto the 18th
Century, from which a history of tihe
Icounty might have been written. All
the dleeds, &c., recorded] in the Cleink's
office and the warrants. financial records,I
&c., in the office of the County Comn
mjissioners were consumed, and the dis
advantages arid embarrassments arising
therefrom cannot be computed. Between
three and four hundred do)llamrs were
burnt in the Sheriff's oGilce. Mr-. A. M.
Hill lost all of his personal property
amounting to $1,500-none of n' hich
was covered hv insurance. Barnwell &
Co. lost, at their own lowest estimate,
I$7,000, in goods and valuables. WVe are
gl&ad to learn that their books and money
Iwere not destroyed, as tras stated in the
Medium of Sunday-they were insured
for $6,000. J. V. Chalmers & Go's
losses are fully covered by in.-urance and
so are those of Lee & Parker. The four
stores burned compose the larger portion
Iof Granite Range and wecrc erected by
Colonel Marshal-there are three of the
old bloek left. Dr:' Rhett, who occupied
Dr. Ward!aw's old office, lost a part of
his medical works and some medicines;
Governor Cr an ford, the uarber, lost
everything but a key.
The amount (If loss covered by incur
ance is put down at $l6,l00, propor
ticned amnong the Companies ais follotw 5
-without an es:nu~ate of the dammage to
goods by remnoval, &r-:
Liverpool, Lo::ion & Gilobe,...6,e
Georgnia Horr,............. ......SI:I
Continemi,.............. ......4,50
IRichmond Banking,..... .. .......2,nno)
llmarford, of Conn., .. ..... ..2,m
Main total of.............1;,1'o
Thme loss of buildings amnd gouds is
placed 14 some at $i25,000. To this
amount may be added per-onal lasses
and other damnaps. Matthew McDIn
ald, Clerk of Court, places his owvn per.
sonal5 lomss in notes and private accounts
at $5,60; Henry S. Ca-on's personal
loss in papers, notcs, &c., is put down
at $2,500--on the-e there is no insur-I
ance. McDonald & Hladdon place their
;0ss by dlamage it) g.oois by removal atI
$700; WXhite, Hill & Cunningham at
$400 Nelson & Canton ait $75' ; Ward
inw & Edwards at $2.000; J. 1B. & W.
J. Rogers at $1 ,000 converedl partially
b.- insurance. Lawson & Cj. :assess thei
damages at $50J0 on siock not insured,
and $400 on buildmgt insured.
c&oses the fir,t volume ot this new tide
pendent ealth Monthly. The present tnum
ber courains a h:rge vaIriety of ilustrated
aric!e'-; i:cuding Popiul:r l'hysilgy; Then
Eye; Medical Sys:emns; Wiling utti Walk
er-; Wuiced Qickerv; Gentle Heat i
Cooking: I he iHorse M-il,dy: az timreiynrv
ticle on the construnctioa of Ice Hlouses. Thme]
Healthi of Peac-hers is coinsider-d; The
Aimeric:mn Institute Fair is de-scribedl;Ma
rial Diseases, and a great variety of imapor
tn: subjects in A nswers to Correspondent;
rakitng a very readable mnagnzine. Price
20i c-s ; or S2 a year. Three months free to
those who subucrine now Address, S. R.
Wells, publisher, 389 Broadway, New York.
TaE OaEET. We have received the
rient.a ineat:y printed and gracefully edited
aper. The Orient is pubiished every alier
ate Mondav during the co!!egiate year by
he students of Biwdoin College Among I
Grart's New Southern Policy.
The P: esid,ent in his annual message
wil' reconmtend the i;ssage of a biil by
Congress temo;inz :"i the dis::biuitie
imnosed by the third section of the four
teenth anmendment to the coistitution.
HIe will take the ground that as the
amendment d.es rot exclude the ballot,
but only . imposes disahilities to hold
otfice upon certain persons, there is no
good reason for difr:&ncisenent of that
kind merely becaue thev nere, before
the rebelln, o. -tandiing and character
erough to ii,: ei ct.d t otiice- requiring
them t take :i t:0n to sti.port the con
Siitution. I'! his I.' mes.,aze, he e
gested tn:it It te wer any persons
disti nguisheld ab ve :1 others 1Or the
part they t.l: il thu rehlin t-ley
mnight be- exi Ika,.ut no h.e pro;PLs
to 1ic1ie eve i .
classv.e; now are all : t : repre
senta'tives otfl .e [Th.iX ixt:.o Tirtv -
seventth Citges -s rl.- of ii:m joili
cial, militiar- : -va : of the
Uni,ed S!a--,:js :-f dt,p: m:n::n;s and
f-reign min.iitr-!s of the i:er States
who par:ip;atv.i in h rebli.n% .
It was rutio:ed :., da that the Presi
dent, in f'Jtiineit of t':4t ;iierai policy
toward the S-tiia hc is pr-inised on
his behalf by so-,e of his friends,
would order thc re'lease of the three
conser:vative m-mtbers if ti( Alai-ama
Legi4lature, who were arrested on
Saturday, refused hail and taken to
Mobile under the pretence of violating
the enf'orc-ment at, but in reality to
prevent a Conservative organization to
day of the Alihama Legi<lature, and the
slhsequent defi-at for re-eiection to the
United States Sennte of that totoriouS
carpet bagger Geor.ze E. Spencer. in
whose sob- interest, it is believed, those
arrests were made.
Neither Judges Bond t;or Bryan were
present, yesterday, aid conseqtiently.
afte-r calling the rols o)! jurors and wif
liesses, Daniel Horlbeck. E,q., the Clerk
of the Court, dismi,.sed the attendants
until this aorning, t 10 o'clock. The
sessions mill be held in the Legislative
The criminal dockt is said to be very
light, and will he take up first and pro
hab!y be dispi,sed of in a week or ten
iays. There is a large aniount of civil
business to cone bieforc thi term of the
court, including the appeal fron. the Dis
trict Court in the bankruptey proceed
ings against the Greenville and Colum
bia Rilro:i.-Phcenix. 25th.
OLn COUNTY A.X.-Ve leiarn that the
levy made by the County Commis.sioners
to meet the e.xpenses f)r the ensuinu,
year is at the r-ite of one and a half
mills upon the dollar. which is the low
est rate of taxation Snc reitconstrieti.n.
Corsiderable soplius ini the Couity
Treasury er ables the Commissioners to
anelioatv the hardship this year, by
levyig so small a sum for County ex
peoses. Probail y no vther Cointy in
the State can onke so good a showing.
[Ande;m>n Itelligencer.
For the Herald.
Nt:wnanrt, Nov. 2i, 1a2.
Tho. Dodamiad, Er.. Sipt. G. & C. sR.
Deaur $;r-On our uip ip, Monday 2.5th,
we Imet with an accident. The ears ran o-ff
about 14 nmiles ftrom Columbia, iad had it
not been fotr the great skillfuliness of Mr. S.
Lime, the conseqtee-s would have been
terrih!e. The mniagemnent of Ihis engine
at once showed be was master of his pro
tfession,. and I muist assert, with the other
passengers, that the traveling pubilic need
not appre-hend when he is on duty, but that
their lives are taken care of. The quiet,
gendlemanly mainner in whiebl eonducter
Istaes nanaged the wreck, antd htis polite
ness to the passengers, at once satisfied all
that lhe knew is businrass. Tihe wreck wans
cleiiredi anid placed in running shape in
three and a half hiours; in fact, every
workman deservesr credit.
Columbiat papets will pl ease copy.
We publish the following noticenat the
request of the officers oif the Survivors
Assoeiation, and earnestly call to the at
tention of all members of the Associa
tiotn time impmortanc-e of a fuli attemidance.
The object of the Assoch.tion endears it
to all whoi hold in respret and veniertt-,n
then memory of the soltdiers who died for
what we considered a right one noble
cause. Let everv District send a full
deilegamtotn and the annual ctontribution
requisite to aid in thle colle-titon antd
pumblication ot the record.;, which pre
serve thme nmes of those who were
killed or wouinded in the cause:
CoLMBIAr, S. C., Nor. 18, 1S72.
To the President of the Survivors Asso
ciation of each District in the State.
Dm-ai Sm': An adjiurned me etmg ot
the Survivors Asso-iation (if the State of
South Carolina lvill be held ini Charles
ton, on Thutrsdayi, the 12th December
next, at which Gien. .J. 1. IIord w ill de
liver an address. Please haive a delega
tion from your District in attendance.
By mrder of
Grx. WADrE I1AM PTON, Pres't.
A. G. II.asKEm. Secretary.
Tribute of Respect.
At a regul-ar communicationl of Pomaria
Lodee. No. 151, Free amnd Accepted Marsorn-.,
held at their Lodge ltomnms, November 16th,
1872. the following preamble and resolutiom:s
were adopted:
WHIER.EAs, The Masonic Fraternity has
been suddi-nly depried of one of its estima
b!- metmbrs. an i society of one of its mon'
valuab|le citiz-ns, in the death of our ixceil
let Brother. JAMk.1 I). WHEELE~R, thereby
'1priving ti, Lodge of a true and tru-ty
amembr, therefore, he it
Rh.SoLVEsD. that in this sudden anti sad
iispensm:ion of a mv,terous Providence, we1
irave been deprived of a worthy and beloved1
B~ro.huer, ahiose mrane virtues. goodness of
eart, and genial characte- endeared him
by more thin ordinairy ties to all of those to
ivnomn he w:t- knowni.
Itesolved,. Thait in his death, society has
lost a most valuable citizen, the Misonic
Frraternity an estimamble and wvorthyi memi
ier, the Church a warm anid devoted chri.s
inhn, and we, as am Lodge, a worthy Brot- er.
Xs a Mason. he was pure. genierous ml ainit
uh; ais a christian, humbhle, zeailotn and ex
amniamr ; and as a friend, always triue, fr.nk
md kind.
Resolved, That while many virtues andI
tool qualiie, endear his memotry to us, and
thoultd se-rye as bright ex:mmpl-s for our im
ta:ion, we -ure re-minded by his depar:ure,
' rhat in the midst of life we are in d--ath.'
Re,otved,. That we tenderi to thme family
mnd frieinds of our deceaised Brother, the as
urance of our ht--utrmfelt sympatihy andI sor
-ow in our ecmmon !o,s, and while we de
>core the mma-fr, ldispen<aition wibti h:: re-in
tnoved from our midI-t a falihful Brother
mdl( warm-heartedi friend. we sincerelr be
leve and trust that het h-a- touri a tdaee in
hat CelestialI Lodite above--That Hon-e
mot made with hands, Eterinal in the Hea
Rm-soived, That in memorvofourdeceaned
3rother, this Lodge be clothed in mourning
or the next thirty davs.
Re-ohved, That a copv of tihe recolations
it- placed upon the minutes of time L-idge. a
opy tran=tritted to the family of :ho de.
esmrd, atnd a copy sent to the Newberry
lerald for puhlicma
Sneb are the vears of thit veteran of the
Rligiou pres-. 'rhe New York Oberver.
All ha:l! sax we to our cider brother, who
was valtn'!l at work lonz before many ot
i:.; were e.trniri to peep: aid who-e page
now exhibit more than ever the vigor ain
strength of manhood. All hail! and bra
wisbes for another fifty years' course, whicl.
is to be initiated with the generous don-iton
to every subscriber of a Jubilee Year-Book
commemorating ti.'y the past, and giving
encouraging anticipations for tha uture.
We are always ready to commenel the Ob
server to our readers. True to its faith, and
faitfltui for the truth, it is unsuipassed as a
family p:iper.
Send -3 to the publishers, anl serure a
good paper and the Juhilee Year-Book.
Sidney E. Morse & Co., 37 Ptrk Row, New
S1.000 REwARD is offered h the proprietor
of Dr Pierce's Galden Medical Di.coverv,
for a medicine that will equal it in the cure
of Broachitis, severe Coughs, and the early
stages of Consumption. it.
Avoid Censumption.
No enemy to the human race is more to lie
dreaded and is more insidious in Its appro.
aclics than the too fatal destroyer of health
and happiness of miyriuds -"Con. ump: ion
in its ghastly form." The duty of all is to
guard against its first advances. This may
be don- by the timely u.c of Dr. Tutt's Ex
Dr. Tutt: BoSTON, February 9, 1870.
Dear Sir-Will you please inform me at
what druggists, in New York. I can get
your Expectorant, as Ican usc some ofit toad
vantage, having seen the effect ot' it on a
friend of mine? I am fully satikfiid that it
has bit to he tried to establish its merits.
It works like miagic. What is your whoic
sale price, delivered in New York. Let
me know where it can be had for the present
in New York, und I will communicate fur
ther with ou at another time.
Verv truly yours,
W. H. BARRON. 96 Sumtner street.
Dr. Tutt's Hair Dye is Sold Everywhere.
hutidreds of tmiaids, wives and widow's look
twenty years yountger than they are in co:,
sequence ofthe complexional freshness de
rived from the u.e of HAGAN'S IAGNOLTA
BALM, is ,itiply to state ai absolute fact.
which might be promptly verified by direc:
testimony if ladie- were as willing to tell
their ages as to ue the best mean- of making
themselves lovely. Nature sometimes, but
very rarely, crowns the charm of perfect fea
tuie< with a compiexion of exquisite clear
ness; but even then tine soon begins to
make inroads upon the velvet check, the fair
white brow, the ivory hust, the ronuded
arm. To preserve the "glory of woman"
unbl!emished, even after the meridian of life
has been passed, it is only necessary to u,e
daily this cooling, healthful vegetable prepa
ration. 1t.
ZELL'S NEW NIONTHLY for December is
receivEd. The appearmnce and titling of the
present number is all that could be expected,
and we have not a doubt that this new claim
nt for public favor will soon have thousands
of admirers and cheerful paying sibscribe-rs.
It is handsomely illustiated. We advise
our readers to send at once to the publisher,
T. Ellwood Zell, the price of sub,crip-*io;, $2.
-- .0440-- --- ---
NovembLr, j!ust received, is replete with good
things, literary as w I as musicil. The
music is, "Evening Urin:s My leart to
Thee," and "Falling Leaves," both four p-lge
songs. Messrs. Ludden & Batcs, the puh
lishers, offter this valuable molithlY free to all
who purch:use S5 worth of musicof their own
seiection. BIsides valuable premuams :ire
given to clubs. Price of magazifie, ,1. Send
for circular.
BUILDINC INTERFSTS.-We again call the
attentiOn or our many ri-aders to the adver
tienentr, in another column of building ma
terials and supa>tie< To those in want of
any articles in this line, we suv senid for cir
cuhars and price lists from the ereat South
ern facetor-y of thtec goods, and extens.ive
salesrooms, of builders, h:ardware, marhic
mantle pieces, Frenchb and Amtericant window
glass, &c., &e. A ddresn P. P. Toale, Ha vne
street, Charleston, S. C. 40-if.
BEEN HEEDED-Siiice the ex1-osure of
the attempts matde by certain t.nscupulous
local dealers, to pahlit off their- coarse as
triungents, tatde fromt cheap anid imiptire
mtat erials, in the plauce of t he great niational
tnie, Hlostet ter's Storniacht Bitters, pub.ie
opinuion his set strongly against these emt
p'ies and their preparations. Their occu
pation is gone, or soon will be. Whent te
lirht is let into deception it soon wilts
down. Persons who trifle with their own,
hie.th biy using unknown prepararitis,
with no gntaranutee to Sustain them, when
ani established specific, provenu by twenity
'ears experience to he exacetly what it is
laimted to he, is n ithin their reach, are
suire to repent their temerity. Mainy have
done so inu this inistance, but it is hoped
that the troh pl intly spoken has arr-ested
thte evil. Int the meaintinie the demand
for the leadit.g protective and restorative
moedicine of America was never so great as
it has been this saatson. From the fever
anid agile districts of the west, south west
a11d south, it is literally overwhieling, antd
it mtay be said of' the advices fromt all parts
of thtCecoutryt of the cures it is eff,eting in
dyspepsiu, bilious complaints, and chronic
c'o'sti pation, fiat '"their namie is leg'oi."
Everywhe're the sick atid feeble s-etm to
have real iz.-d thle imp oria nce of' '-ho lding~
fast that wich is good,'' anad oh avoidiing
what is spurious anud dangerouis.
The tiumerous "Bit tirs," utnder varions
namtes, ni hieb me'reentary de:ih-rs endeaivor
to substitute for H-otter's. Stomachel Bit
ters, shioni be avoided, for thei r ownt
sakes, by the sick aid the putbiie at large.
hIostetter's Bitters atre procurable in bot
ties oinly, and never soldi int bulk.
Nov. i3, 45-hit.
The %~ahinogton Patriot which was
otxpenmded by tes sto--khoider., last Mon
lay, has been pubtlished two years at
'tet loss of $f;8,000u. It is retnarkablhe
hat there should have beeni so smtail a
ot-s as that.
On the 14'lh inst.. by Rev, W B Elkin-,
~In. Suret WA. GttlMES, of Lauren-, to
hiss NANiE V. BRIGGS, ofNevlberry Coui
tin the iS.;h of November. by the Rev.
luhn A . M,d, Ma WAM. P'. IILtiNS antd
uIIsS SALLiE SUBER, at the rcsidenice of the
tide's partents, Helena, S. C.
LVagazines, Books, &c.
18 7 3.
G ott y' L Ily's l3ook an d a be.dut.itu
brio'o, r Three 1ollars a ' 'ar.
T' he Ahlin' a F-i ne Art .Jouiri:;l, iad tw o
nt Ciromto, for F iv,' ll.1hirSs ." ear.
-eind h:~ your sub 'eriti onu ear;y.
Also~', Wrt:ing Deass, Porufotlos, &c.*, &e
At the
Nov. 27, 48 -tf.
Buckwheat Flour !
F;rst qitlity RUCKWIIE-AT FLtuUR foi'
.te-puit up i' jack 'ge- to stilt putreitssrs.
all early as only a smtall s-:pply or hanod.
LAKi: & Coi.
Nov. u7, 48S-1.
Interesting to All.
My term of offie ha.vimng ex pired, I re
p'ethtilly notifyv all personis who had liens,
ebts or miortg'ages recorded dlurinig tmy
'r of office, to call Ott .\e-srs. Jones &
In Largc or ,Smll Qat
And Always Fine and Fresh.
As cheap -v they Can be had by ordering
direct fro-n Virgiuia dealers. The trlde will
find it to tbeir advantge to send their orders
to me, both as reg.Ards saving cost and time.
I am constatti) inl supply, also, of best
BALE HAY. at low figuire.
All orders promptly at:eU!ed to.
Nov. 27, 48-tf. COLU MiBIA, S. C.
Pacific Guano Company's
(CAPIT AL, P1.o.
THIS GUA-NO i, now so well known itn
ill the Some,ii S:Ltes for its remarkable
effects as an a lecy for icreAsing tie p 0
due:s of lajur, as nt t,- equirv e Speial re.
commend&aon from !. Its use for seven
I years past has est.0d ibiel its ebaracter for
reiiable excellence. The large fixed capi
tal ilves:ed b. ,:h .oamn in this trde,
afford [lie sur''st gu:;rntee of he cohtin
Ued excell-ne! of i.. Gu:mo.
The 5!pliesp-:t ino iarket this seasonl
are, as heretofort-, prepared tin+,r the per
son d suptritetdetice of Jr ST JULIAN
RAVENEL, ChomiAt of tte Comp:my, at
Ch;arlesi-m, S. C , Leoc,,t.mirs m.V rest
inar-tured iht its quality and vomp,sition is
precisely the sme is thil br, toftre sold.
Sellinz . ent, Charleston, S. C.
JNO. S. imE.SE & CO.,
Gend A:tiS, Baltilire.
$4S c:t,h ; -.)3 liie, without interest..
To mccommod:te p!ntvs the-y can o,der
now a:.d lave m:ti ir:.t of April to dtecid,
as to w%itthetir the. wiil take at tine or ea:.i
price. When delivered from f..ctorv by
the car oai 'no drayge v.i;l be charged.
Nov. 27, 48-:-:m.
C OL U3 BIA, S. C.
Capital Stock Paid In. $300,000.
Board o! Directors.
L. D. CmILDS. -1s. N0. T. DA RRY.
,1. WV. PARELli'ie., 1: .1. WV.-,.1 %C E.
C. ). 1i ELTON. :40!ielor. JNo. :. WILTY.
R . 0'-NE. LLE,. J r.,E.H .
W. B. (tcx. .:-h er.
C. J. I REDELL. As&'t Cashier.
IN adition to the oidi;n:jrv andl am
brisiiess of Butkii;g, ti. , !i o:it. National
Bank of Coltmi.. S. C., I lle< Itter(st
hevrin Cer ificat for inv tm.:lt, p. a
hie o1. dim:l, antd he.un um-n t..r c.:nt.
interet:trtm <h-,inerscleebe er
ptreviou:sly presente: I ch-o's in gchi re
kir.i. Depositor-a hav il .I het .d a,ata.gts
and rhe afjety of their de posuls is guatran
teed by' a pi td-up~ ca pit al o! Tihree litdred
Throrsanrd Do t.lirs. Persons hAVig lu:d
which theoy wishr to in ve5 tempo: arily, wrill
find tis a safe~ nwantIS of mives tmetnt, rturn
alec Uport dlemr.tnd, andf always ready f<.
uisc should1 a mrire itroitatile investment of
Reritr1t ns may he mn:t.e by E. ros,
antd (Ger icenes will be returnedt bt maii
withou,rt tde.v.
'olumribit, S C'., Nov. 14, 18S72.-48-">m.,
The Great Democratic JournaL
BEN,i. WOOD, Editor and Propri..r.
A Mammoth Eight Page Sheet, Fifty-six
Columns of Reading Matter.
(ontains all the nlews, foreign, donmestic,
political a,nd general, with full and riale
market reptorts. E:etat numbr alho countains
sery raf short -tories, and a great var:ezy or
hterary, atgrietitr l and scient ifie matter,
etc., etc., constituting, it is contidently its
ser:ed, the most complete weekly newvspaiper
in thrs countzry.
Five copies, one ytear ........$9 00
Ten iotifts, one yesi r. and atn extra copy
to the setnder....................l15 00
rwenty Copie<. one year,. and an e-xtra
copy to senrder.... ...............25 00
Ftfty coe, Otne yeatr, and. an exrra
coi-y to senrder................... 5 00
Parties sentd:ng clues as abtove, nary retain
20 per cent. of :he mnoney recdti ed by them
Persons de-i:-ing to aict as agente supplied
witht sp.:eirrt I h bdIe;. Spteimen cotfies
,ctt f'ee to any address. Af i etters should
be direced to
1;(rX 3,775,
NOV. 27, 48-tr.
Train behind time Last
sonillt ste bv comiitr airund to his S hi;t'.
Fish everlV 'hiv.
Nain-e:ino:d ri ter Ut)'.ers, the bedt Vi rgin
a. ennt producee, tor Charicsotn hanId opienied
Fi.h and Oysters serve d up~ il evr os.
be waty.
CIHItiS IA4 GOitDS. suen :ts Toys. Can
lies, Nuts, F'hr-, llaisins, Prunes, Dies.
Dollis, arid other tin tsottn aI in a buu -
datice. L. R. MARSHiAL LL
By the Silver Cornet Band,
Fridamy Eveniumg Noiv. 29th,
For ful irlti s seC :,ogramn,eLs and
posters. lI.
WI'LL beo r; . rn .h . i -, v.h a
fut em ts of e'r.per"i--ne' i T:w
ia ucee. P.o Iid, ineholi :: :-bh. 1 ::
ndt F:.Ai, :o e:her 'aih T': . : I -
For Cirenh!t '-birt
REX'. SA~ t- tL 1. JN F., Pr't,
rm a 4742m: CgTolumui S. C. I
The ldies are e .yinvited to ex
:iaine my' :assortit, ii being
cOMPLETE., as well as CHEAP,
a:ni con-,ists o sU'b variety as ca:.no fail
to please. in
II thw DRY GO0D-4 departmnt, the as
C X Aii , 1 0 F',8
W1111T1. C,OO0DS.
11OSE. &c.
Besidos tle above mIy stock of
Ladies and Gents Shoes,
togethaer w'ith
is uorthy of attention.
Aid i:- addition to the ;Above in
For f:.ily anI1ad pI nration use, caln be fonnd
the be-t.an cheapcs:.
To ali of which I mno.;t respecttfudivitie
dw public attemnion, wih the assur;.,e
that no ea'7r1L niil be spared to aive Qatk
All parties i:debted Ly Meniorandum
Aceui:jt, or in :ay otor wayV, are earnest
ly renqeit-ted to come forwuard aind setle i
wviioutr delav. Mrs. 1D. M.
Nov. 2., 44-tf
L ill IGS HE i1Y!'
And at the Store of
1. BARRE ?t01
Where the Latest Novelties
Of the Season
Have Just Been Recelved,
Can be fourd in
Silk-:. Popli:,.s and Dres Goods generally,
licoas, H!oan.~ra5
Sheengs, .'ahiling,
Lu r;ws Cl :. , ('g- :l S,
E.aractas. Cobginea,
Zrusies, k,., .
Cjaimeare-. C o1ds.
Siatineta, Tameedas,
Sil.s, af,:
F'oa L:tdies, I :antlemn and Youtha, togeth
er with
is l a'ig ad wel.l -elected, as is also our
asorinaa t of
ixe':dde. the abv onr ' of
C.onsisting of
All graades of' Sugars,
Coiffee, I ice, Flouar,
Baicon, Molas'aes,
Meal, Corn,
and Soap,
T!a:-se zoods h:ave been selected with caarr,
boughat low, and conasequeiaity
andl at! we a,k ia thait our frienia in town
andl countatry make ana: moilntioni before
buying el-ewr. i
J. H. O'Neill, Agjt.
C'orner ci(aid weli air:! Fri end St s.
Opposite Ma'. 1'. Scott, Merchant Tallor,
Has just received and op)ening-a general as,
Low for Cash or coun
try Produce.
The pablie it eneraI y are i nvitedi
to t. al d xttrnie my StOCk bU-.*
fo)re puareba:,in g ewwhere. a
The Highest Price Paid for
LE'l I a l ditictl uners:ood tha the
a it.f-d!bb:r a ;Z do inrh:2'a upf ai! aizhr,
, w' prepared lor ~aa)od run ths Fall.!.
!I. ..a e! ork 'ore in a:o I tyk. in
:ludin O co aigof il.i l'iet-:r.-, Fillingz I'ina,
Ria a- tn
A. fin ao of A LIUMS ord-:eda.
Comae a!on a -iimrg this pretty weathaer.
W. II. W!r-E.iAN. -
A Parrtne wahLI a smal! c:apit a. Bu.ir.ess
A,i 1 can show% a so. f
Carriages Buggies, Saddlery,
TIR U.% -iS, vYA 1 1S v8,
Refrigerators, &c., &c.,
generally, i - t;i- *:I. wiii for bc-auty,
be surpassed in the contr.
FACTORY is w%el s:pp'ie! and turns out I
w.irrunted work.
can be found a choice and !arge asort
miet of0
Family Groceries
of every character :,i kind, which we iwill
Low for Cash!
We buy ;irLv (it COTTON and give t1 e
:op of the m1:0amrk aiw.tys.
AN! we ask iS th the r.b!ic w-Ii favor
is with a call si :hatan vxamii ,n may
ye :m:!,-. Rniember :iere are three sep
'a t abtic h ,ents.
Oc. -tf.
rhe .UlERICAN will L:ast a Life Time.
It is superior to all oter for ?liplicity
nfd duirabiit'v.
It has been poniounced by' tiii bet mec
hantties the best fini-,.;d. and a.:de on t!i
etst plIan, of' :r: :'e.n ma ut u r.d.
tVil! sew the fmes't *indi co ::s. fae.~ *, i
nlatter howmuch. starch. Ni-er drop,
.ee,runs li::ht and i in 'st niseless
Gatil and exaine! fr~ voref
'Sobi onl 'ic'neost m asona;ble terms a:td
utiisf;cioni guairantee'd.
Indiujcenf:et s oiC ch:hs.
in; ti e
: comfpii e, .1dw :i !
Low for Cash,
And Cash Only,
The. C.:EIT >YSTE-.M has iaedj out :a
This Magz ne is nov en- PETERS'
eni:g on is s:xth year, and
Src.mnenided a- bic in: th .ched'aj.est Milu,i
ui pub!ica:iuti at!:e word. I; is -,sued oi;
'jery un:b at e:or Fu a lrs ot
'iur-i-and Pieices. e:e . by neht iuhors n
ewairt. Abit. Kun~cen, WyA'n, t., e:
j.ted, and a a induemn for ::oua :' te
valueC. we' llii . -'ed :he( six niumbeir'-,
i;h to D. ember, 18'72 -fir (I:' DIlk:.
hink of? i' ! A t l-a.t fi':y pi'c'' of ch:i e
e'.' 'in-ic fe:; "', andrem !,ietha: y3 n
yt subcriin to 1"'. rs' M1u,iea' Mo li
>: the "i ?Se..r 13S''g!e :nu a b .,ec. .:t po
Wa J;;eav:a, New lOrk.
Nov. t20. 47-3m.
'-Tt)iK mai 11;. Lee v:riety of to) .d, in
1:Y di '( s.(f CLTIlNG, I; 0 ' T' .
, tat any kt:d et bCeit b or
ay tatke in a na'.:nt occulor liy,
ie be, ii ob ud 0. h o e
ittons nece'-sary to :h"' pi 'e. o>f mta:. nd
alieer ar:.2i ; !:a peri-e. b,;ievi'e
r. nei as i. :3 poi i 'c t e v ne
:neour s:oth andi then'i decide for
Ne:x :door to Spxck's Jeweirv S:ore. T
n.--A n_, -1r
B00TfS D S'i0S,
IT1 id 011p,
C oks
Gr1aniterille S h i r t in cS,
Sheetings and Drills, to Mer
ehants in any quantity at
Manufacturers Prices.
The Cheapest.
9 00TS 10isiliG, B Aid0
h--.- Lmln-!:A
Shoes an~d Siippers.
A lv.e .. :-k i a ec i a::di fln ex ::ina:ion,
O- we Ic:. e :: o uil '0 our
Sep. 25, .
Bowdena and Tappaha
nloe Seed Wheat.
hi best (h : ie nd m :pog.tr varie
le in F : ITen --.4', to a.rrive i:n a fewc
by- I:np t: ie ay be~ sen at our
tore in~ ur-t of :h. - - H ..
Also, .. br and - ied :oe:; of
triv :: co .1ny f enwepopoe to
Sell Low for Cash.
ron Ties at Reduced Rlates,
We. will L1ho p rce!7. all ::l.Ls cf
d lany kind ofprodnee or .gnod sgo::
In IL to u, on tuem Lt e onab:e termls,
rid to :h b ta i :. e.
.1.p.b;'i o r e 1 :oe a adexm
eore :'ak .4:. izth:eir pur
s:.-lgood e.:: b-- M i .i ti a -eror
02 p o:: to the aI d : I.:.,:1
l.i~JI 310 1X & ([0.
-e . ;, :: - :
U :I:\l!Y BRO-S., WV.o es atil
RY I '- -.Ie:e I e' mi be
Privae Boarding.
A .\ :z'*7 :n. n c:.l ::n i ''A.1.0 BT
iUE: ENTi::
2dtr n maY. . XV T, SormMQ

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