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What Kesulikplitn MeaNS.
The farmers of Stth -arolina, and
the townsfolk too. do nit aiwavs rea
lize what resuiption mezaan. They
see that the prio of whair :hey have
to sell goes steadily down, and that in
wages for daily work there is a decline.
But they do not always pause to note
the rehtive differenee, as it can be
seen in the following quotations fo.
the New Year's days of 1878 and
187 9 1878.
Clear rib bidc-. per ih. S1 8ja 9:
............... 3 a4 , 7 .
Lard .................... 6 7a.i9 a1o
'orn, per ileh, :ack-d... 63J70 72h75
Sugar, yello-. C, per 1b.. . 7 a7. 7a 8
Mo!asses. S. H., per gzl.. 24132 28a30
Molasses, N. 0.. per gal. 35.45 45,A55
CoTee, Rio. per 1...... 9 16 17621
Stit, per sack............ Sa90 85OO
Rie-?, per 1b.............. 5 s6' 5 51
Flour, super,-rpei.l.'! ...0.50a3.75 5.00a5.50
The deline here shown is re
markable. It is uore' than the ave
rage decline in the price of the South
ern staplos. And this view is cou
firmed when we lok to other articles
than m,2re bre.d and meat. B row u
sheetings. in the y-ar, have faien
froa l2; to 3 per ceut., wo1l;
goods 1. per ekut., ready nade clotl
ing 20 per cent., blear-e,d cttous 15
per cent., shoes 10 per cent.. agricul
tural iniplewents 25 to 30 per cent.
Besides this. the decline in thc prie
of butter is fro;n '0 cents a lb. to 2(
cents a lb., poultry (dressed) frou 20
cents to 17 ents. eggs froa) 30 eents
a3 dozen to 2- et. These are
Charleston prices, and not Northerin
prices, and if they teach lnything in
the world thev teach that moneV ca%
be made on cc,tton a " eiZs z
pound. d that We CAn lvc in the
towns ou1,L e p Ws n ruli i.
There is one thling to r a uer.
To ne h oi:o Wprl ;Ics %Vt
mu t o s 0 t ae os A ;** wa ys
It will not d to ive in the exp-c!
tAio of s lin- cot. t C5 et, S.
when it is irla'tha the llt._
price il e .s a
hard. Ested e?o;om ad hccn th1
crib full. broad and mat fin, and
cottoni h t ! D this, and -:uitl
Carolina will r w rich, for the stati
ties before us show that w c:a live -s
cheaply as Lefore the war. Pri ts
th:at sold before the war for 1 e~ ents a
yard sell at 5 to 6. _n OlOa cut
tons the purchasing pwer of a bul0 of
raw cotto.l is great r Zat o"t-re tile
war. and is ,:reater than ever before.
A rvound of raw cotton will po'-': buy
as ituach goods as two andl a nr
pounds of~eotton would buy thirty
years ago. Hanrd-aun and resumptionr
are at the bottoul ot it. ,We sell
cheaper but we buy cheaper. S3outh
Carolina can live and grow rich. The
State can rise usore surely than any
new State ',an rise. TLese are the
conditions: Economy, hard work and
hard nmoney1
idvanced Physicians.
3Many of the more advanced physi
cians, having found Dr. Pierce's Fam
ily Medicines promnpt and sure, pre
scribe them regularly in their prac
Twinvilie, Teno.. May 28th, 1877.
Dr. R. V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N. Y.:
DEAR SIR-For a long tinie I suf
fered with catarrh. I finally called
in Dr. ZaeLary of this place. Hie
furnished me with your nasal Douche,
Sage's Catarrh R-emedy, and your
Golden Medieal Discovery. These
remiedies speedily effected an entire
Yours truly,
iFrom the Lutheran Visitor.]
Froun the Minute.s oflhe South
Carolina Synod.
Report of Newherry College Building Com
The undersigned, in behalf of the
Building Cotumittee, beg leave to sub
mit the following report :
That they have expended the sum
oft $12,708 .72 iu the puarchase of
grounds and ercCtionl of College build
irnz. They now owe on account of
tJilIbi about 82. T i u..AAes
total cost o' grouunds :ed3 building
81.90: 7. Th~ buildin an beAI A
tiohi. \Ehen.A .. bIlding 1 ar e41
the ground1
! '2
) . * 1 fl.LE , a0
i. AA. it Scu. rt Treasure of
-e4t - roti i~to tt:nwtho.
fow: ~appeui et nCtltt
\\'. te underjtiAd emeso
the 0 hre '.uci of Luhe apel. o
Newery.S. .,heeb cetf tha
exaim- byus,th- 11ytV dato
N *xebe.1178
~ &i~ CXV. (B. AWumEijt.A,On'
Dec of Luther..~ Chpl do. C.
. veia... ns 7 e8 -tn.r a
. 13. WIEL1iIt,
.Iom;x A. KINARI',
I ac.as of LuflIc-r Chapel, S. C.
* ,~A4
A OC care-worn and ill-tempered man
Tne Feiee zU
-rof of the uddig is chewing
,rjS!jjI',1pp Ll
t h' #L." is a rulg rism applicable to
to th. ep nriefc of Andersoi Cuntv
ul the q1ueSto!* of fence or no [ecec
a1r()UUd the cro!s. That Cuuntv 1zz-a
NUd one Vear s ex p.rieuce, and the
grand jury at a re,ent term of their
:,ourt miade the followiBg presen'uaimen ts
11upoll ths question:
"We are pleased to report that the
farmers are iow gathering their crops.
and as a oeneral thing are well pleased
with the change in the fence law in
thi< County.
Ye have bw!u uab'e to l.,irn of
auv serious depredtous of crops by
steen, and Liot a si -zle ae of a law
suit ar1in from said law.
The stock i: the County have been
_o)t fatter than btefore the change,
.n'd butter has been more plentiful.
We think this an lUdication tif what
the chanae in the fence law will efifet
in the Couuty, and that Auderson
County will soon become one of the
.nost prosperous Counties in the State
and her people indepeudent and hap
py. S
There are somnie fLw grumblers yet
in Audersou County. for we have wet
them. Farmers who had a great mauy
more horned cattle in July and August
than they were able to furnish p;
tureS for, were coudetiming the fence
law. because the drought deprived
thein of pasture, aud had they becu
allowed to turn their cattle upon the
public, they could have found food
and to spare on the lauds of neighbor
fig fairms.
It has always seemed a Curious
rivilege to US, ~tat becauz a real s -
Ite owner did not care to incur the
ii 1 -
// pnefr 1. C1i).II an th res ofU
:id' had. aZ riht to pz.stue hi
Ile t 1 1e u
Ibisis he !.ai ofthe idler. wii'
ss the world ow.. me a livi,
i Inte2d to inte it I1 I:.ave to sted
t h a:r :s' of t5 da wh mists our C
. . 1 i
eme~S anaU uimanUs tlreau or1 wu
The wr w1L n2 o man anyhi
bUt tiat wib h acquires by St
Sand if y)V ii!dus(rv mad ecUon,v
a orig ;ai S.vS a ew d, ola 1 .rs and
invests tihemn iu a smull farm, it strikes
s tLat truly wholesome laws woul.1
encourae te cultivation of tatl'ar.L
in he. .ost eeouo:ical nanuer, in
,oder that the owner by his exertions
migh ad ~ d ithe greatestpsibemon
o the ne.t ear uitts of his farm. and
thcreby increase the general wealth
of the country. Do the existiug laws
proiduce this state of thilngs -D
XV. Aiken, in .ewcs and Courier.
A Souith Carolinian Cinims to
be the 'Original Inventor of
the Telephone.
To THIE ED110a or THlE NEW
YORKz Sux-Sir: I wish to know
what is the character of P-rof. Graham
Bell, the alleged inventor of the tele
phone, and what he is doing with that
invention. In November, 1875, I
sent a letter containing drawings and
descriptions in full of a similar ar
rangement to the Electro-Magnetic
Maufacturing Company, 36 Broad
street, New York-Post Office box
,278-H. Van Hoevenburg. superin
tendent. This letter is said by the
above to have been "lost in the mails."
Bel's first name for his instrum.eut
was "Electric Speaking Trumpet."
The same was used in my letter. The
instrument at the sending office was
precisely my design, so far as I can
learn ; but I think his instrument at
the receiving offiee was different. I
don't think that I will enter suit
against Prof. Bell, though I lack but
ittle of having evidence sufficient to
justify a suit. I lack mneans to put
other, I think valuable, inventions
before the public. I don't want
mony but a man of practical skill to
take "hold of and deal honestly both
with mnyself anid the public. A sound
printing machine, I think so be
iade, which I would call "The Lo.
raplione'' (from logos, phornos, and
rh.1, besides .uarked improve
1u?tS in the telephone,C for inIcreasinIg
marvellous *wo1P'r.s equal to the
the po. Ther I e S:e acqi ted
ConJ., ue ~i mau ihe~,: t, e aqutac
.f a~ thid woma, t' whom'. Ii wa
maried ZS ~he fnd ou t ~he rum
sti ces respeenug my pievous mar
alsj jnd ed. t thou.i cae oTry
weI ( fon~ irmed theU acuain .!ta of a
sevathirl,mo whmi was mied.
She fled frh e. Learningu th: thi
!as persea intende to have mar
reatd I left Tor adrwe t to:m Lowll
aVsi.Iio fame acros a frind tho sh
troduce me tio.a yong ady and tor
some tifme hein ber comany It
prpser d anndii,t wo was married e.
Abota morth after seas intormed
ofd y prevosrris and I toadel
to leve issacuts ly ahnd cafte
to1~ Winied L. ;;ci., here Io parrI
myiprese~ n wf,s Wariedeto,herd
\bI.1ut a month after she was informed
of 'UV previous tn~irriagcs, and I had
to leave Massachusetts. i then eThic
t~ Y~ infield, L. I., where I married
i~v' pre~ent wife, Miss Wiedel, and
.~,i, 1r.I1 n. i~rr1~rvA I WIIQ 1CL(.t~'1 tm
Be Heiaid i e in thiheszt respettA. p
-wwrpr jivot o m he m aerm! ::le
st-:t -. It ti iculatt.. ext eniP-vLy. and. :L- .an
Advertilih-g medium offerS unriv:tlell i4
aae.L'Or Terms,-. See 11r.St pa.grt.
G,overnor a-m)1pton still contin
nes t0 im1prove. H1is rCeoveryT" nm0\V
is .nly a matter of time.
The A.nderson .-rwzl forgot to
v.7ite NewberrV HERAI - under its
loogest editorial last week.
The Lien Law has been contin
ned in force, except that the 7th
Section, (which made advances to
planters a preferred lien:.) has been
2ostetier's Bitters.
The Comnmissioner of Internal I
Revcnue has deciJied that these
o p : in tbe State, has been
sohrby?.t .) . Trinnieri to jija.ihx.
Iet4ty. Capt. iug S. Faley. who
has caie heppe o the. i.::st
Iffi. TLLIC, 1V Vi2 (IO c;.h
n takes h IA-I
:s !I 0. to
JL - o rno. S. L a. Bou , iof
Eig>ield, has )een appoin: a
laiUroad :'.ma issioneCr, a newVi onlice
ecreatedIby the late Leisla.ture
in1 conneCtionl with ani a.ct to prcent
unl ust discrimnaxtions b,y rildromis.
I d~'o not know what his duies
wi be, as we have not yet seen a
coyo the act.
Th Senate Commaittee to inves
(' (io 01will start South~ onth
h 4ist. They expect to give a
wide range to their investigations,
inclu.ding every Slate from Louis
iana to Massachusetts inclusive.
South Carolina and Louisiana will
come in for the largest share, and
the "tissue ballots" will form a
promineit feature.
H angings.
Ninety-six murderers were hang
ed in the United States during the
year 1878-forty-one white, fifty
two colored, two Indians and one
Chinaman. Texas heads the list
with 10 ; Louisiana 9, Alabama 8,
South Carolina 8, North Carolina 6,
Pennsylvania 6, Missouri 5, Geor
gia 5, Tennessee 4, Illinois 4, Ar
kansas 4, California 4, New York 3,
Kentuicky 2. Virginia 2, Deleware
2, Ohio 2, Mississippi 2, Maryland
2, Massachusetts 1.
Good Order.
The last Christmas week was a
remarkable one in more than one
particular. It was more quiet than
usual, and scarcely differ.ent from
an ordinary holiday. The most
gratifying featuire was the marked
abse'nce of drunkenness and vio.
lec. .Ife looin caeal over
t:i: w- to passd~ by with so
so i-.:( blo i('h-eS. We regard this
as one~ bh- C ial iesni t Of guod
T1he womenCf have beeni xotin.g in
WLmi 2 fo Ve ear:;.
Gen Longstreetihas been ap
ge. Post :Master at Gainsville,
Caleb Cushing, formerly Minister
Ito Spain, died on the 3d inst., at
New~bury port, Mas.
Alonzo Garcelon, hard mnoney
dmocat, was elected Governor of
Man thje 3d by the Legislaturc.
Scarliet fever is raging in New
York1. One hundred and eighty
daths from~ that cause last week.
Commimssioner of Agriculture Le
Duec distributed 50 000 t'ea plants
during 1878, and proposes to dis
triute an equal number this year.
Tiexas hires out her penitentiary
cvicts. One man who is under
sentence for life is hired to his wife.
He is in no worse fix than many other
men who have never beeni to the
penitentiary. frn ~nn
Th1e 1olowing shows the condi
ion 0 the theimioniter (,n the 3rd
t difierent places: St. Yaul, Miun.,
3 deurees below zero: Chicago, 13
elow; New York, 2 below: Indian
poh, 15 below; Lonisville, 6 below;
ashville. 1 below.
The New York Sun. which has
)een constantly parading Mr. Til
len before the public as the fittest
nan for the Democratic candidate
or the Presidency in 1880, has
Iropped him, and now regards him
LS others do-as a dead cock in the
Ex-President Grant received a
varm reception at Dublin, Ireland,
he 3d. He was granted the free
loin of the City.
The City Council of Cork refused
o grant him a reception on account
>f his supposed hostility to Catho
Secretary of the Navy Thompson
ias placed one of the government
-esse's at the service of Grant and
Ais party to visit China and other
>aces. Lt. Fred Grant has obtained
ndefinite leave of absence to travel
tround with his pa, his pay as an
>ficer in the army going ou all the
Benjamin Hunter, of Philadel
>hia, is to be hanged on the 10th
or the murder of John M. Arm
Irong. Armstrong being in debted
:o unter, Insure-d his li,e in his
for 36,000. Hunter, the
oUner to 'et ')Ossessioi of that
Iti; sum, stlie his rind On the
conquencesil3 12t lihora~:t stated.
lunter is a rich aau, but hm will
'win1g. ie tried to ply the insan
Vod ge OUt, it was no go.
A. six days walkiing atel be
w)n 'Leary and Campana was
n-DiShed in Gilmore's grarden, N.
>l the 2ith uIt. O'Leary made 400
iles of actual walking in 3 days,
U8 hours and 44 minutes, a;4ainst
aw-panas 357 miles in 3 Gays 22
aours and 13 minutes. O'LearV is
said to have made 812,000 by the
walk, including the wag-er anid 1. is
share of the gate money. The re
3eipts at the gates from visitors were
Mr. Bishop and Mrs. Cobb live
n Norwich, Conn. They fell in
ove; but Mr. B. was already sup
plied with a wife and Mrs. C. with
i husband. Love laughs at bars.
'he superfluous husband and wife
were got out of the way by the
persuasive powers of arsenic. Sus
picion was aroused; the dead bodies
were exhumed and analyzed, re
realing abundance of arsenic. Mr.
B. has confessed that he and Mrs.
3. disi the job. She denies the soft
mpeachment. The trial has begun
)gainst them both on a charge of
state News.
Sumter has a monument to the
Jonfederate dead.
Most of our exchanges came in
st week on the half shell.
Gen. R. H. Anderson has been
ppointed by the Governor Inspec
or of Phosphates.
The Confederate Monument at
Dolumbia, erected by contributions
~romn every part of the State, wvill
be unveiled April 9th.
Messrs. Cantey and Cash fought
duel in Sumter County, Decem
ber 30th. Two shots were ex
~hanged. Nobody hurt. Bad shots.
The Sisters of the Uruline Con
gent at Columbia, will present a
p)2:ion to Congress through' Sen
100for their prprt' e
stoyed by the ?e deial ar av, ne
shm,in 1805i~.
IT L.1 MCalongh, G-reenville. JEri
y moun berd. Mr. Me
Calion;t1'h lost 89.000 worth? of
-ch isured for 80.)000-L. P.
in... lost a store, ' 1,800 ; J. A.
U:avid, warehouse, 8120 : Garri
son &X Co., goodr. S1.000-no in
surance excepjt in MI!r. VcCullough's
A ir broke out in Charleston,
Wednesdiay night, the 1st instant,
in the warehlouses of the Unrion
Cotton Press and Wharf Company
on East Bay. Four steam cotton
presses and 10,161 bales of cotton
belonging to the company were
burned-loss 875,000; insurance
60,000. The fire was extinguished
before spreading far. Total loss by
the ire 8556,000; total insuranc(e
530000. The ire is supposed to
be the work of an incendiary.
Hots of People are Martyrs.
To sick headache, that infallible symptom
of a di,ordiered stomach, liver and bowels.
Many suffer from it as many as three or four
times a week. They do so needlessly, for
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, by touing the
digestive organs and regulating the bowels
and liver, removes the cause, and dispels
the painful symptom. The in1imate sympa
thy between the brain and the abdominal re
:n c..ses the slightest disorder affecting
Neu 1,()rk Va-lazi i 0
New Year Rcegiers-Cstumes-Society
Toilettes-Coi-ures-Holiday Gifts.
I iS cIJ1.n1)l enough to say that
firs don't lie. This certainly, how
ever, catmot apply to New Year's I
Ioy. Somebody or somethiug in
reckoiincg up the numbers of beaux
who) called, is responiblie for the way
in which fives grow into fifties, fifties
iito five hundreds, and many other
kindred perforumances, and we prefer
to think it the fault of the lady's
arithmetic, rather than to suppose
that she would begin the year by tell
iieg fibs. At all events the New
Year's reception is an important af
fair, the sucAces of which depends
Lubch, of course. on numbers, and
therefore such results are not aston
ishing. Cards are o,ften sent out about
tvi days in advance. These are in
plaizi script, and do not differ from
the visiting card ercept that in the
left corner January 1st, 1879, is tran
But it is with the cosiumes that we
have Lspecialily to do. Many of these
are exceedingly ciaborate, but in gene
ral. :bk 6or dark colored silk with
a s(:Ut u inL of tuillu r lace about
the :k is Co:.,idere,-d sufficiently
dr -. Thet-n in, xev fi!d New
ir ' ' L fI ti ttha 1:i. tlat chl'ge'su
N Io u at thailt t',I w c ZI -
iu:,:. the g'le of Ur1ss dur. t
!' L
th2 V :.e o t a rather
to v.idiiat:i: of wi:;t has been
Sek:. lath:"r th1*n tI de) rve'V thle p
pV't i L Ia:vkiiS. We see t hie
Iome ne t 1ilett shox~w a fullness
on d hi. withx he panier which
bLwever is --oCe writte'l about than
acmy :~WorI. Po'nies are not
dise:ed. and on this style the Ren
via has been iutroduced, while for
those who prefer a asqnue aud trined
skirt, the varina tiaiu amy be comn
b. ned with! t he marjoline basque. The
aminerva princesse dre'ss is a stylish
design recently presented, but as af
fording variety, the Adreinine prin
esse costumec may be mentioned. For
the benefit of ladies who study econo
my. I may add that a great impetus
has of late years been given to the
making of dresses at home, by the
peretion which has been reached in
the devising of patterns, in consequenee
of which so mxany difficulties are
solved and the way made plain for
professionals. Apropos of this, the
Singer machine company announce
that they have taken a gold medal at
the recent Paris Exposition, and on
other occasions have won the first
prize more thtan two hundred times.
Last year its sa.les were increased by
twenty thousand, and this year the
advance is estimated at sixty thousand.
After the Chicago fire, when the re
lief commnittee furnished sewing ma
chines to the neeidy women of the
city, out of three thousand aipplicants,
nearly tweuty- five thousand chose
Singer machimes. The strong points
are great symphecity. by whicn it is
easily mnage i, while at the same
time it is so strongz that it is not readi
ly injured. The wear' is even through
An elegant reception toilette is of
pae" blue stat, tim med with whitei
mrepe li,se set on inuide plaitings,
mad clo cWr-age. hxigh uneck, elbow
sleves andiuar train. Satin boots
t ::at::h ade' dr- iira, side-but
tonedu.va f whie ::i atings of
ca *s g !d in i n . -h:T l with ci g te
1 : w ou-.ht l .smlar dia av
fid h. As th - .i.. . :l tt a s
depoie un'tie:.in. cit:abm:d i
'~~.:5 pif veynd green,roende.-hg
sleevs rfe.lhin arI tin.bo ereled
o-t e~m*i i~ ori bade wh g ile thrae
11ar cin.in.of ume soni tiC velvps,
wa ofedw 11i0 pbrcae.! ide-butoaed
lotes cof very with grop,u lhig
sh'e. of oli.ve gren' a sup aered
arnetile, raad gaitelin ofv
nsh. eMra. lims. P. aly receivedL
ilidin costume of deep buee velvet,
uaitd wrl prayler- brocade; Roe
vtia robnevl with paleu yl;
Mro. emboidre sl. Bro naspr
hartvelve.mined droing soatio
th soeac lightvery shade; Mors. ot-l
stan eartoray thce silis Mrshosn
ve nwntat of bveviet wthpae front
haiemr-idered asoidoteky.ade
nowlngera yog bAucoing ethe cront
hair-is now also adopted by ladies
a,-r anne A enil eit.her erimn
ront hair is twisted. curlcd,- frizzed,
?aved, aid scallitped in so 1uany dif
arert wys that I old iot begin to
ell you the half. [n wrii.g of the
ront hair I decline to ! tate whether it
> the lady's by i1'hritaVe or pur
hase. If masculines in their sim
licity are deceived, let them remain
o. But the sight of a hair drsser's
vindow would incline to the belief I
hat a good many are sold. Who
uys them, it would be ill-natured in
UC to say.
From a list of prices for holiday
ifts, put forth by a leading house, I
[tote the following : Garters, $85.00
aud upwards. Suspender mountings,
125.00. A cup and saucer is quoted
t $50.00 ; and a single decanter
glass) at 6300.00. A pair of vases
in exhibition is valued at $10,000.00.
Mhe Nomination for Intendant.
I am authorized to state that Jor
iau P. Pool will serve, if elected In
endant. He did not desire a re-elec
ion. but he has submitted himself to
he almost unanimous will of the peo
yle who so highly appreciate his ser
Ices ;eretofore in this office.
J. F. J.
Fon Ti II E EA: D.
Decmbe C CW" . 1 78.
The ' toie 11uVes t1i t i!g j!_ mit
e the..: the assiduous e of rLs (f
untrL ECd m1uds. has f;ller1 h,ir to
42,Q0. app'iropriated by Congress last
inIter. ad the metIhod was this:
When 3Vr. Teller called at the Trenas
ry Dcpartileuit to arraurgc about the
1ay:14cuit of his drafts beOre starting
Or New Orleans, he was surprised to
ind that the officials there enteitained
uferent views f-om1 himself alout
heir auth.>rity to pay these drafts.
hiey asserting that the money was
ot available for his committee. Upon
eferriog the matter to the 1st Conp
roller of the Treasury he decided
~gainst the Chairman, but when Sena
or Edmnunds appealed to hium he re
pened the case. Whether he has
endered a final decision or not does
aot matter, for a subsequent reference
o the "Department of Justice" brings
i decision from Acting Attorney
3eneral Phillips in favor of the com
nittee and against the Treasurer. As
his is the "consummation devoutly
o be wished'' by the stalwarts, it is
intended to start the cozuirtee at
work without delay. Senator Tfeiler,
Cameron. of Wisconsin, and Kirk wood
with Senators Garland anid Bailev,
Democrats, expect to leave for New
Orleans to-night. This comminittee
bas had a goo-i deal of fun made of
it even by the Republicans. Its
Chairman, Mr. Teller, is called the
'Unexpected'' Chairman and the
whole~ committee is called Kangaroo
because its strength lies in its tail,
Bayard, Bailey and Garland. These
;riticisms have exasperated the Re
ublicans to such an extent that they
ire now going into the subject with a
il, and a voluminous report may be
xpcted. Affidavits are cheap in
Louisiaaa, and $20,000 will buy a
arge quantity. 1 look forward with
considerable curiosity to the result. As
~:mpaign literature is about all that
will come of it-it can be made as
doody as is liked.
Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, who
as perhaps as clear a head as any one
a the country, has just taken the
nst decided and positive position in
'avrr o,f goernin aid to what is
moewn as the Te-xas and Pacif ic Rail
v:y. ii' this aid is aJked by a united
M.nh~ tre~n sems ti, be no gro und on
whc th te Nenh ic h nconu.~t rois Cooi
ress and thme Exutive. c-an retuse it.
Ihe route is onme of three practical
~rm.euuental ones. the other two
em7'.~. Non horn and ihaving aral
e-eivdOiOlU eo mous a i o the g'v
rn iCnt in the~ wa:y of mon;ey and
and. iudee.d, the demands of the
fxas Parcific are rndesty. itselficm
mrcd with what eitheor of the others
iave received, and iu many respects
he road will be of more general ben..
d1it thtan the others. But, at any rate
It will be of trewendous benefit to the
outh, and that in the near future.
\Ir. Stephens, though he has views
.bat embrace the whole country, doubt
ess sees fis,i this matter, the good
f his own section. What the Texas
tud Pacific asks is a guarantee of the
uterest ou its bonds to a certain
mount for each mile of road actually
ostructed. The amount per mile
s moderate. In return, or as security.
t offers to return 30,000,000 acres of~
and already voted by the government,
d to give the government a first
ortgage on the entire road. These
ems are so different from those
ranted the other roads that they ex
ite surprise. In addition, the govern.
ne+ will norm.mandol exe,rise onn.
We assure our readers that a supply
tauntly in the hus-;u', to b, u.ed aeenrd
na to directi-)is when illness appears,
vill prve the be.t invet<tment that
:Ould be made.
For sut' by nll Drumgists. Dowie>1
M Moise, Whulesale Agents, Charles- o
;on, S. C.
[NGTON, Dee. 30.-When business
Alosed at the ":-easury Depart-went to- I
3ay the available coin balance was
$226,00,O000, of which S200,000.0o
s gold. The currency balance was
'12,500.000. The Treasury paid out
o-day 8306,289 in currency to per
ions who preferred legal tender notes
to gold.
December 19, 1878, by Rev. D. Efird, Mr.
PRESTON DoMINIcK, of Newberry County,
to Miss ELVINA CAI,K, of Lexington County. t
December 26, 1878, by Rev. D. Efird, Mr. n
Amos C. TAYLOR, of Prosperity, to Miss
SUSANNAu B. FRicK, of Lexington County.
By Rev. M. M. Boyd, December 17, 1878,
ro. 1HYnDRix. Ali of Newberry County.
By Rev. M. M. Boyd, December 19, 1878,
M1r. J. H1. KINAHD to Miss M. J. DoMINICK.
All of Newberry County.
By Rev. M. M. Boyd, December 24, 1878,
E. Siss. All of Newberry County.
Owing to the condition of my health o
I have said that I could not serve another
time as Intendant, but upon reflection
and in deference to the solicitations of
my fellow citizens, I have finally con
sented to accept the nomination so
kindly tendered.
With many thanks for the compli
ment conveyed in this nomination. I
wish to assure my fellow-citizens that,
if elected. iL will b- my ambition to
deserve the renewed expression of their
confidence, and endeavor in every way
to promote the best interests of ortown. j
Yours truly,
Jan. 8, 1879-it.
Xnew dvertisenents.
N:WBERRY, S. C., Jan. 3, 1879. 1
A Sei-Anntual Dividend of (4) four per
cent. on the Capital Stock of this BA.k has
been declared payable on and after 1st Jan
UaIY instant.
Jan. 8, 2 - It Cashier.
ThlE.#ATIOA limK (F NEWI T , 8. .
NEw HE11Y, S. C., .Jan. 3, l 09-h
The Annual Meeting of the tockhiolders
of this Bank will be hi..iI on the Se,eond
Tue.y (14th day) of January instant, at
12 o'clock, M.
Jan. 8. 2-it. Cashier.
All persons are hereby wi'arned against
trespassing upon my lands by hunting or
fishing thereon or otherwise, under the pen
alties of law. Notice is further given that
the provisions of the law will be enforced1
in all cases where stock are found trespass
ing upon my lands.
Prosperity, S. C., Jan. 8, 1878. 2-3L*
All ner-sons indebt--d to the undersigned I
arc he'reby notified that they must .make a
settlement, either in cash or by note.
Jan. S, 2-2t.
IBissolution of Partnership.
The Partnership h,eretofore exi-ning be
tween George Johnstone and Frank W.
ant, Lawyers, has been ti-is d:ay dissolved,
by mutual consent. Persons having bus!
ness with the late firm will'call upon Mr.
Jonstone in regard to the same
Jan. 1st, 1879. 2-3t.
In tie mzatter of John S. lhir, of' Newberry
Petition for F'uli and Final Discharge in
Ordered, Trhat a hearing be lad on the
sixth day of Fehruary, A. D. 1879, at Fed
e al Gout tHouse in Charleston, S. C., and
that all ereditors, &c., of sai-d B1 nkrupt a.p
pir t s:id ti:ne and pLece, an-i show
e;a .s, if any- thmey can, why the prayer of
tic Peti:ione-r si'oul.! not be granited.
By or ier of trhe C ourt, the tJhd d cy cof
t.::k of th--. D.i:it. t-t o: ahe Un it d
'. -, for -?ti.: }aroU ia.
By: Jacob B. Feuers, Probate Judge.
WVhereas, Urih U. \Whiois bat h made
sut to ama, to grantt him Letters of Ad.
m inistrat ion, w i th th will an nexed, of th:e
Etate and e1Iects of Mathias Kinard, d, -
These are therefore to cite and admonish
all an.i singular the kindred and creditors
f the said deceased, that they be and
appear. before me, in the Court of P'robate,
to be held at Newber-ry Court House, S. C.,
on the 2:8d day of January nextr, after
publicatLi on hereof, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, to shew cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration should not be
gra'nted. Given under my hand, this 7th
day of January, Anno Domuini 1879.
J. B. FELLERS, J. r.s. c.
Jan. 8, 2-2t.
I have permnancntly located in the thriv- a
ing City of New berry for the purpose of g
arryng- on a CO11MISSION AND AUC- d
ION BUSINESS. Articles sent to me for
Iuetionl will receive promp:t attention.
References as superior Autioneer in the -
State: R.obi. L. Mecaughrin, Pres't Nation-1
ll Banmk of Newberry, J. P. Pool, Intendant
of City, Hon. Jas. N. Lipscomb, Senator,
Hons. C. H. Suber and Geo. Johr,stone,
Member's of the Legislature, James M. Bar
ter, L. J. Jones, J. F. J. Caldwell, Moor
man & Schumpert, .Jndge Y. J. Pope, Jno.
3. Fair, Geo. S. Mower, Silas Johnstone, J.
L. Blease, F. W. Fant, J. Y. Culbreath, W.
B. wan.ce M. A. Carlisle, Attrenes at a
NF.i.:H:tY G. I., S. C.
1.at Ot t, he Ie(1tUin1ements o" law,
erte Will ve I ct aileth e ln te;C see
id TuwSday o January net, 14,1 prox.,
Newber,-y Cour H1use, for an Intendant '
;d Four Wardens of Newberry G. H., S.
. Pol!s wiNi be opened at 6 A. M., and
osed at 6 1. 1. Said election shall be
mnducted by the foilowing Board of Mana
With C. B. BUIST, as Clrk.
J. P. POOL, Intendant.
C. B. BrIr, T. C. & T.
Jan. 1, 1-2t.
lotice to Bar Itooms and
Drinking Saloons.
All Bar Rooms and Drinking Saloons
mll be closed from 6 P. M , on Mondy,
13th Jantiary, 1879, to 6 A. M., Wed
esday, 15th January, 1879
J. P. POOL, Intendant.
C. B. BcIST, T. G. & T.
Jan. 1, 1-2t.
At a metting of the Town Council of
'ewberry C. H., on the 23d inst., the fol
>wing resoluiion was adopted:
"That said (ouncil will receive proposals
>r the building of TEN CISTERNS, (at
aints to be desigaated) to-vit : Two of a
apacity of 35,0;0 gallons each; Four of a
ipacity of 25,Wo gallons each, and Four
i a capacity of 20,000 gallons each, un;il
ie 23.1 d L of January, 1879. at which
Ie sa1 id ppotds will be opened."
In uccordaiet with t:e above resolution,
roposais to execute tie above contract
11 be recei--ed by me until the 23d day of
C. .B. BUIST, T. C. & T.
Jan. 1, 1-4t.
The copa; :ership heretofore exis.irg be
.veu thI ,1-rsii, u;.dr thie tirm. namze
- I , h :ao Dec.:m:.er, S78, by miu
Id cont Ali -uineSs pertaining to
I vue Iir: .:US been :urned ovei to A. C.
A.. c JNES
The unJersigned n i continu- the busi
ess of ll:erehat;dising at the sawe old
tznd, No. 5 .1o1iohoi Row.
J..1, 1- A. C. JONES.
2t inehes Thimble Skein, capacity 1,500
s., $58.
11 inches. Iron Axle, capacity, 2,000 lbs.,
3 inches, Thible Skein, capacity, 2,500
s., *8'5.
These are the celebrated Miluru Wagon,.
re first class work, full warranlted. Only
few on hand at above prices. Terms
ksh on delivery. at
S. P. B00ZER'S Hardware Store.
Jan. 1, 1879 -l-3t.
The subscribers inform the public that
he have on hand EMBALMING CASES,
.<f are prepared to EMBAL M in a satisfac
or riahnner. By the use of these cases
roies canl be kept through all time wit.h a.
erfect pr eservation of features. Those
,ho wish our services n ill e dIl on us. These
mbaiing eases are beautiful in their
make and we guarantee them to be all that;
Ssaid of them, or take back and refundi
he price.
Dc. 11, 50-17.
CHolcE SEEDS, &c. By Mail,
For *1.00 we mail, postpaid, either of fol
owin.g Coilections, all choice varieties:
0 Verbenas, or 8 Heliotr opes,
8 Geraniums, or 9 Fuchsias,
8 Cole u', or 6 Roses,
4 Ivies, or S Chrysanthemums,
r 10) assorted Green House Plants,
8 Gladiolus, or 8 Double Tuberose,
r 24-5c., or 12-10c., pkts Garden Seeds,
or 24 packets choice Flower Seeds.
Circular, w'ith AnomTonAL COLIEC
InS, mile'd to applicants.
[(Local Agenits Wanted ) YORK, PA.
Ja n. 1. 1-2'.
y* Ja.cob, B. Fellers, Esq., Probate Judge.
Wereas, N. P' Chalners, as Clerk of the
ircuit Court, hath made suit to me, to
rn him Letters of Administration of the
rit Smt and dee:s of Frederick
oozer, decesed.
These are therefore to cite and admnorish
1 and singub r th kindred and creditors5
f the s:mid deceased, that they be andU
ppear, before me, in the (:ourt of Probate,.
be held at Newberry Court IIouse, S. C.~
n the 5th day of February next, after
ublication her~eof, at 11 o'clock in the:
renoon, to she~w cause, if any they haveb
hv the said Adminisw"a ioni should not be
rinted. Given under mIy hand, this 18th
ay of D)ecembehr, Amt o Dominai, 1878S.
Dec. 25, 52-4t.
Testaments, Testaments.
'hotograph Albums.
Autograph Albums.
Large Quarto Family Bibles from $3.25
'id upwardi'.

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