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* Special and Local.
TBURSDAY, AUG. 31, 1882.
irnsx To NEw ADVETIsExETL.
Herald Book Store-Come and Get.
Prof. H. T. CooK-Furman University.
A. P. Pifer-Newberry Female Academ.
Dr. S. F. Fant-Wbolesale and Retail
Y. J Pope-To the Democracy of Newber
i Ty County.
T. J. Pope-Notice to the Democracy of
Newberry County.
tices in this local column are inserted at
the rate of 15 cents per line each inser
tin. .
Obituaries, notices of meetings, com
munications relating to personal inter
ests, tributes of respect, &c. are charged
as regular advertisements at $1 per
1? square.
Notices of administration, and other
legal notices, obituaries, tributes of re
spect and notices of meetings, as well as
communications of a perso7na charwter
must be paid for in advance
The subscription price of the Herald
is $2.00 for twelve months, $1.00 for siz
months, 50 cents for three months and
25 cents for one month, in advance.
Names in future will not be placed on
the subscription books until the cash or
its equivalent is paid.
- All communications relating to
personal interests will be inserted at
regular advertising rates, one dollar per
square, cash in advance. tf
This paper may be found on Mie at Geo. P.
Lowell & Co's Newspaper Advertising Bu
cean (10 Sproce St.,) where advertising con
cracts may be made for it in New York.
Mr. L. S. Bowers, post master at
Prosperity is our authorized agent at
that place.
Mr. Romeo Halfacre died Tuesday,
29th instant, of congestion.
Mr. Jno. N. Bass' child, three weeks
old, died Thursday night, 24th instant.
Mrs. Jacob Crouch, of Dead Fall,
died Thursday nigLt, 24th instarrt, of
Mrs. Jno. D. Glenn, of Dead Fall.
died Thursday night. 24th instant, of
The three year old daughter of Mr.
Wm. B. Aull died the 23d instant of
The five year old son of Mr. Pickens
J. Stephens died the 24th instant of
Daisy Pearl Lenore, only daughter of
T. B. and Kate A. Leitzsey, died of
congestion the 24th inbt., aged 2 years
and 5 months.
If you will use a bottle of -Dr. Fant's
Chill Cure you will shake no more. 35tf
The Ladies'
Missionary Society will meet Friday
afternoon at 5 o'clock. in the rooms of
the Y. M. C. A. A full atttendance is
Y. M. . A.
On account of ill health, the lecture
as announced for Friday evening, Sept.
aselarge as mtetiohs tubrw
n The eriae odrifnestnCoon
aent'reloe. Looklator siaure ofs
easescularo. t.Yo eas bot
F uranivesi : thtcntolo
Mr. W. isrC.in Goffens hsarpeo avan
taeryungo mncor teein He tooduh
-ysness durin myfon abeceornt
asulrgas the eand iterm Stock
.ingon thOpevin
Fant'saFemale Aegullatredace dis
for, andtttut promisedis ae toato
clohe Batttion Churlh bet gnoer
dis. nTrmson oferastero adan
Aage yng.mnseigatoog
Mr. A.Ma.d iardand has Sheeof
my busiessr av utgm asnre othsa
prsong les tha twndWiner bsesok
ofe ofothis n ty . A.~ mstT.av
Miss oa Cge lAppSchool for dredfrit
Lle' opular Monh1thly Septi,te
Alot ofadew ASfeaeNvels frsh
an fris, anthepoiei aeta
loseR atterio Lwlye in o the
stdies.TPers loate. SothCaolna
A arge passing.astsatoyeaia
togefoe he cUted Staedistrict
court wales tamittedntoy-foracthelo
lawples This cors of tood trrory. andrw
Pfer pros aot toes ntais ladiest
Tefti County. Tev Cm ttaee
had at thre Cppette ou dredfr.iThe
Commie appCnteMnarsoth
Prie'sy Poltionthly. eteee.
Te comrjuteeapited. 1 . .
ang crisp toSeeme,adpont
1dhefo RAow ngM BOOKl ChifOr
sDad R..iser Assiyernt aktas
. . Phior, at. S.utnha Caroina
after passin C. sCrofery examigins
Wheer, asmtte Wio-a Dro practic
Blaine cou_s_fhisteritry.Mr
hier iest aott sabihala at
aeshi iHndehison interYants foml
te Sead Far eloma Mr.oreW ofnis
cotomdd the st varty-rallk
cotngoing lands.tiv Cownitearl i
The all,ty Effodepature Comrigte
wie and heaCure early enuesday. Te
cpemrust heon mulipl fenhee.
stalks fo ne gnin, anf ne spak
ed buhel tolowin acrgual: disiuear
sha wll ma. W. RsrA istandsfiint forshaltos,
. bsE Brown the acr. Prningham J. ouce.
cents, 1Wpun 6.0Cre, pec E. iggns
Winuheler,. Tthos J il, rer. .
Th Bsteas
f gofrHndron ine Ot fo
Mr. W. D. Hardy
Has been suffering for two weeks
with a rising in his ear He came to
town last week to consult Dr. McIn
tosh; and the Doctor advised him to
return home and stay there. Mr. Har
dy is a candidate for the Legislature;
but his health will not permit his can
vassing the County.
The best Tonio and Appetizer in use -
Fant's Calasaya Bark and Iron. Try
it. 35-tf
The Palmetto Volunteers,
Of Prosperity, A. H. Wheeler. Cap
tain, were reviewed and inspected yes
terday by Adjutant and Inspector-Gen
eral Manigault. There were thirty-one
men in ranks. Gen. Manigault made
an address to the Company and com
plimented it on its martial bearing.
The Company was accepted.
Dr. Moffett's Teethina (Teething
Powders) will cure your child. For
salt by all Druggists and Country Mer
chants. 50-1y
Godey's Lady's Book.
The September number of this charm
itg magazine is already to hand, and
we welcome its coming with pleasure.
It is one of the best of its kind and is re
commended to our readers. Subscrip
tions received at this office. Clubbed
with the HEtALD at $3.50, regular
price of Godey $2.
Best evermade, Emory's Little Cathartic
Pills, pleasant to take. sugar-coated; no
griping; only 15 cents a box, of Druggists
or by mail. Standard Cure Co.. 114 Nassau
Street, New York. Jun. 1, 25-8m.
The protracted meeting at Zion
(Methodist) Church closed Wednesday.
23d instant. The congregations were
large, and much interest was manifest
ed. There were fourteen accessions to
the church. The pastor, Rev. A. J:
Stokes, was assisted by Revs. J. C.
Counts. J. W. Neely and M. M. Boyd,
of the Methodist Church, and Rev. J.
C. Boyd, of the Associate Reformed.
Every person owning even a small gar.
den spot should set out small fruits, and to
know when, how and what to plant send to
A M. Purdy, Palwyra, N. Y., for his cata
logue, sent free to all applicants ; or 25
cents in stamps will get bis 64-page "Small
Fruit Instructor." He also publishes a 20
page monthly paper called "The Fruit Re
corder and Cottage Gardener," price $1 00
per year, or from this time to Dec., 1883,
only $1.00. He sends a specimen copy free
to all applicants. . 35-3t
The First Bale
Of new cotton for this County was
brought in Satarday morning, 26th in
stant, by Mr. Jacob C. Leitzsey, of the
New Hope section. It was bought by
M. Foot & Son for 12 cents, and weigh
ed 444 poands.
Mr. Jno. C. Lane brought in the sec
ond bale Tuesday morning; and about
an hour afterwards Mr. Jacob Wicker
brought in the third bale. Last year
Mr. Wicker b h; ii the #rst bale,
Aug. 16th, and Mr. !ana ,e second.
A Good Foundation.
In American households the prevailing
complaints are weakness of the stomach
and its consequences, Indigestion, Nervous
nesa,gheumatism. Such sugerers can lay a
good foundation for health by using Par
ker's Ginger Tsxcia a.s it tones up the sto
mach and nerves. and keeps the kidney's
active to carry off the foul miatter.-N. 0.
A Negro Lives With a Portion of His
Brain Cut Out
Two negroes on sir. W. D. Boyd's
placeanear Hopewell, Laurens County,
got into a fight the 16th instant, when
one ctopped the other in the head with
an axe. The bl.ow cut off a piece of
bone above the eye, esposipg the brain
and cutting a portion of it away,, The
wounded negro is still living, or was a
few days ago, with his brain exposed;
and has been conscious all the time.
The Doctors do not think he can re
Fank L,eslis's Popdlar Monthly.
The September n.umber is even more
than usually interesting. It is remark
able for the comprehensiveness and ex
cellence of' its contents. The opening
article, 'The Federal Cities and Capi
tals of the United States,' by J. Bur
nitz Bacoa, with its ten illustrations ; 'A
Few Words about St. Gothard and Tun
nels in General,' eight illustrations; ',Jour
neying on the Volga,' thirteen illustra
ions; and 'A Frog,' by Andrew Wilson,
with fourteen illusttations, will not fail to
receive marked attention. 'There are serial
and short stories by M. C. Hugerford,
Burke OTarrell, R. A. Lea, etc.; some de
lightful sketches, adventures. ete, by
fvorite writers ; Poems (sentimental, com
ic and descriptive), several of them ad
mirably illustrated, and a lavge amount of
miscellaneous articles, paragraphs, etc.,
which will afford pleasant and instructive
reading. There are in the number 128
quarto pages and over 100 embellishments,
together with a beaatrifcl frontispiece, 'The
Ri,ht Path,' a picture in oil colors. The
rice of a single number is 25'cents, or $3
per annum, postpaid. A specimen num
ber will be sent free by inclosing 25 cents
to Frank Leslie, Publisher, 53, 55 and 57
Park Place, New York.
It is a well known fact that Rheumatism
originates from a disordered or impure con
dition of the blood. To relieve the system
of these excruciating pains permgl~ently,
you must purify the blood-root-sut the
poison. S. S. S. is the only remaedy known
that does this. OLhers relieve the pain ; 5.
S. S., by renewing the blood, cures the dis
ease. Price, $1.00 and $1.75 per bottle.
Malaria, Chi.ts and Fever, and Bilious at
tacks positively cared with Emory's Stan
dard Cure Pills-sn infa1Hible r,emedy: nev
er fails to cure the most obstinate,.long
stand cases whe:e Quinine and all othi
expressly ior malarious setions are double
boxes, two kinds or Plls, containing a
strong cathartic and a chill breaker, sugar
coated; contains0 no Quinine or Mercury,
causing no griping or purging; they are
mt,' and efficient, certain in their action
and harmless in all cases; they effectually
cleanse the avstem,.and give new life and
tone to the boily. As a household remedy
they are unequaled. For L iver Comnplaint
their egnal iquo k.nown; one box will hays
a wouderful efrec. on the Worst case. Thiey
are used and prescribed by Physicians, and
sold by Druggists everywhere, or sent by
mail,ss andS cent boxes. Emory's Little
Cathartic Pills, best over made, only 15
Cents. Standard Cure Co.,114 Nassau Street,
New York. Jun. 1, 2s-8m.
Liens for Sale.
Blank Liens for supplies and for rent,
for sale at this office.
Kendall's Treatise on the Horse.
This valuable book is for sale at the
HALDav Book Store, prlee only 25 cents
for single copy, or five copies for $1.00.
This book tells you what to do for your
horse when sick, and treats of every dis
easeto which ahorse is liable. Get a
copy and save money and anxiety.
Only for sale at the
Club Rates.
The Columbia Register will be club.
bed with the HeAwn as follows: Weela,
y Register and -HERaWr. $3.50, 2ri.
eekly Register and HEALDar $5, Daily
RBegister and HEAnaLD $8.75.
IThe Weekly Yeoman and Hzann al
The Laurens Primary Election
Came off Tuesday, 29th. The follow
ing are the nominees for the Iegislatnre
-all new men: Jno. C. Davis 991,
Thos. B. Crews 914; Dr. W. A. Shand
865. The old County Commissioners,
J. H. Wharton, James Bell and James
C. Rssor, were renominated. A. W.
But nside, Judge of Probate, was also,
Drug Card.
We call especi'l attention to the ad
vertisement of Dr. S. F. Fant in this
week's HERALD. His stock is large ard
complete, and warranted pnre in drugs
and chemieals. while his miscellaneous
assortment of perfumeries, soaps. toih-t
brushes, combs and asant other beauti
ful articles is very superior. The pre
scription department is in the care and
control of an experienced and reliable
Pharmacist, Mr. J. Gardner. of New
York. Taken altogether the Doctor is
well prepared to accommodate tho pub
One Day Earlier.
Because of a mass meeting and pub
lie speaking at Newberry on the 7th 'f
September, and at the request of manty
interested in our Sunday School Con
vention, I am authorized to change the
time of meeting from the 6th and 7tii to
the 5th and 6th of September. Pastors
and Superintendents will please notify
their Sunday Schools of the change.
This meets the approbation of the con
gregation at Mt. Tabor and the pastor.
Pres't of Conference.
S. S. RAHN, Secretary.
Songs by Moonlight.
They sang until the whole atmos
phete around our house was made vocal
with melody on Monday night, and
they sang well. Whether the serenade
was in honor of our return from Hen
dersonville, or by reason of the depar
ture of our visiting friends, two charm
ing young ladies from Charleston, we
know not, and did not like to inquire.
our gallantry, however, causes us to
give the honor to the fair ones, who no
doubt took it for granted it was intend
ed for them. We thank the singers,
nevertheless, an. hope they will repeat
the vocal treat at no distant night.
STOUT's, N. C., Jan. 16, 1882.
Capt. J. F. Johnston :
DEAR SiR--IL i* with pleasure I can
certify that the 18 horse power Porta
ble Bay State Engine and Boiler that I
bought from you last January is all I
could ask or hope to find in an engine
of the same size of any make. I have
been sawing, ginning and grinding al
most daily with it, and it has not cost
me one cent for any kind of rppairs. I
can cut on an average 4.000 feet of one
inch boards per day with 80 pounds of
steam, and using not over three
quarters of a cord of wood. Respect
tally, yours,
More new nanes this wep. Ourlist
now is as follows:
For Representatives, J. 11. Boozer.
W. D. Hardy, Geo. Johnstone, O. L.
Schumpert, J. A. Sligh.
For School Commissioner. G. G. Sale,
H. S. Boozer, J. C. Boyd.
For Coroner, E. C. Longsbore.
For County Commissioners, J. C. S.
Brown, J. C. Ba*nks, Juo. A. Cromer,
Jacob Epting, A. J. 1(ilgore, A. J. Liv
imgston, J. D. Smith, H. Carter Wilson.
For Probate Judge. Jacob B. Fellers.
For Auditor, Jno. K. Nance. - |
For Treasurer, S. W. Cannon, Ms. H.I
Gary, W. P. B. Harmon, A. H. Wheel
Cotton Shipments.
There were 16,725 bales of cotton
shipped from Newberry for the year
ending to-day. To-day's shipments, if
any, are to be added. The figures are
larger than was expected from the bad
crops of last year.
The following table ebows the ship
ments for several years past:
18734, - - - - 25.520
1874-5, - - - - 25.156
1879-6, - - - - 21,855
1878-4, ., - - - 19,395
1877-8, - - - , 17,330
1878-9, - - - - 19,067
1879-80, - - - - 18,868
1880-1, - - - - 20,621
The shipments from Prosperity (run
ning from August to August) this year
3823 bales. The following is the re
cord for several years past:
1878-9, - - - - 2,355
1879-80, - - - . 3,757
1880-1, - - - ~- 4,518
Applicants for the Citadel Academy.
The Board of Examiners appointed
by the Superintendent of Education to
examine applicants for beneficiary ap
pointment to the State Citadel Acade
my met in the Court House Tuesday.
Tbe following constituted the Board:
H, S. Boozer. County School Commis
sioner, Geo. S. Mower, Esq., and Dr.
[O. B. Mayer, Jr. The applicants were
Jacob S. Wells, Henry H. Blease, Jr.,
James P. Kinard, J. Wilbur Kelly,
Charles Arthur Teague. They were
examined upon history, geography,
grammar, arithmetic and spelling.
Each County is entitled to two bene
iciary cadets. The State pays their
board and tuition; and they are at no
expense except for spending money,
Applicants for beneficiary cadetships
are required to furnish to the Board of
Visitors a statement by the parent, or
guardian, of the applicant, setting forth
the pecuniary inability to educate the
applicant; and this statement must be
accompanied by a certificate from the
County Auditor exhibiting the property
held in the name of the parent or ap
plicant, and also certificates from the
Sheriff and Register of Mesne Convey
ance, showing the encumbrances, if
any, upon the property. If the appli
cation and the papers accompanying it
be satisfactory the applicant is permit
ted to appear before the e;amniners as
an applicant for a bene8c:ary cadedship,
The applicant must be between 15 and
19 years old.
At the examination Tuesday the five
candidates drew cards numbered re
spectively 1, 2, 3, 4, .5; each candidate
then wrote his name on his card, and
the cards were sealed up in an envel
ope. Printed questions were then band
ed to tbe candi<dates, and they were se
cluded for five hours, in which time
tey were required to make out a writ
ten report upon the questions. Their
reports were then handed in to the ex
aminers wit theirnumbers on them cor
responding to the numbers on the cards;
and the examiners then examined the
papers. .Tbe standing of the candidate.
was as follows-out of a possible 100
James P. Kinard, 921-2; J. Wilbm
Kelly, 78; H. H. Blease, Jr., 44 i-5
Charles Arthiur Teague, 43 3-50; Jacot
S. Wells, 86 1-50. Messrs. Kinard an(
Kelly are, therefore, the successful can
Pay nadets are reharged $300 a year
Jail Breaking.
When Sheriff Wheeler went up stairs
at the jail Tuesday morning about day
light he found that two of the prisoners
had been attempting to bore out with
an auger, and had nearly succeeded.
They were Chealey Hutchisen, charged
with housebreaking, and D. M. Conner,
charged with embezzling the proceeds
of a 4th of July barbecue-both color
ed. As soon as the Sberiffgot upstairs
these prisoners made a break for liber
ty, and ran down stairs. Hutchison
jumped out of the second story window,
and hurt himself, and was easily cap
tured, near the jail, by the Sheriff and
those to whom he had given the alarm.
Conner ran over into Mr. Pope's corn
field bevond the branch. The pursuers
chased hiim around for some time; but
lost him at Helena.
It is not known bow they got posses
sion of the auger.
Rev. H. D. Smart has returned from
the mountains.
Mr. M. Foot left Tuesday for New
York to buy goods.
Mr. and Mrs. Mathewes have return
ed from Charleston.
The Senior leaves to-day for New
York, to be gone about two weeks.
Miss Eva Dunning returned to Char
leston on Monday last, after a brief
Mr. H. C. Moses and family left Mon
day for Sumter, which place they will
make their future home.
Mrs. Spearman, widow of Dr. J. W.
Spearman, deceased, of Seneca City, is
at her brother's, Mr. P. J. Stephens.
Messrs. E. A. Scott, J. Y. McFall and
S. S. Langford leave to-day for the
Northern markets, to buy their Fall and
Winter stock of goods.
Miss Annie Arnold, after a pleasant
stay of over one month, returned to
Charleston on Tuesday.
And so did Miss Lizzie Addison to
the same city.
We are sorry for the young men of
Newberry, who are inconsolable. Next
summer we hope to see thegs again,
The Pelham Case,
The trial of C. P. Pelham, of Lancas
ter, on the charge of robbing the mail
was begun in the United States Court
at Greenville the 22nd and ended the
26th. Payseur, the postmaster at Lan
caster, testified that a man named Cly
burn came to the office to mail a letter
te his son who was away at school; that
he put a $10 bill in it, and Pelham
backed it, and it was put in the office;
that afterwards Pelham catge back at
night and asked'him ('ayseur) for it
and he gave it to him. The money did
not reach its destination. Clyburn tes
tified to putting the money in the letter
and mailing it, but knew nothing more.
On the part of the defense a'merchant of
Lancaster testified that at the time the
letter was alleged to have been taken out
Pelham was with bun at his store writ
ing for him from before night until
quite late. Several irregularities were
proved in connection with the Lanca+
ter post office; and testimony was pro
duced to show that Payseur was un
friendly to Pelham. The line of the
defense was that the charge was a put
op job by Payseur to injure Pelham.
District Attorney Melton represented
the prosecution, and Isaae Mi. Bryan,
Esq., of Greenville, the defense. The
case was given to the jury Saturday;
they were out only a short time and
returned a verdict of "not guilty."
Various and all About.
The Senior is home again;
He bad a various and good time,
Thanks to C. C. Chase and his lady
Hendersonville is all right, and will
soon go into winter quarters;
But there is yet time for the tourist to
enjoy a visit there.
Sickness is on the decrease.
Mr. S. S. Abrams has our thanks for
a very large pear.
Come in and get your tickets printed
for the primaries.
Messrs. Dan'l Buzhardt and John
Franklin are very ill.
Master Foster Martin has a pet alli
gator about three feet long.
Two colored children died ia Helens
Saturday of whooping-cough.
Late rains and a pleasant atmosphere
make Newberry a desirable place tA
dwell in.
It is a mistake to suppose that the
smaller a watermelon the fewer chilli
it has in it.
Dr. Jno. M. Thompson, of Silver
Street, has about recovered from a se.
Yere spell of sickness.
There is a very had place in the road
between Mr. J. S. Hair's and the branet
-within the incorporation.
One of the candidates will be elected
today to asecond term by one vota
The preacher swears him in.
The State Campaign opens at An
derson to-day. Every campaign sine
1876 has begun at Anderson.
More universally recommended thai
any proprietary medicine made. A
sure and reliable tonic, Brown's Iror
The second primary election wil
come off--in case there shall be an3
necessity for a second-the 26th of Sep
An abundance of rain this week
Monday night's rain in town was one
of the heaviest that have fallen thi:
"Oats in great demand, and bringin,
from ninety cents to one dollar pe:
bushel."-NEWBzEY HEAI., Aug
24, 1881.
There will be a Reunion of the Stc
dents and ox-Students of Newberr:
College at St. Luke's Church Saturday
September 9th.
The Schumpert Academy, taught b:
Mr. M. M. Kinard, will have a picni
at Mr. Adam Hartman's to-day. Thank
for an invitation.
Cotton suffered dreadfully last wee
from dry weather. In ,ome sectionsa
the County a large proportion of th
young fruit fell off.
Sore eyes is now the fishion, the Iil
tle folks being Jarticularly subject to i
We hope the Board of Health will pre
vent its running around loose.
Barbecues for three straight day:
To-day at Maj. Wadlington's, to-moe
row at Cromer's, day after to-morro
at J. J.Hipp's, below Pomaria.
IThe fleecy staple will be rolling
-like .a flood-tide, ini a few days mor
Tiis cotton-buyers look as happy .as
The sweet potato crop promises large
ly; some are already being brought in.
Rev. E. P. McClintock was at Due
West last week assisting Rev. H. T.
Sloan in a protracted meeting.
Col. E. S. Keitt sold one hundred and
two bales of last year's cotton Tuesday
to J. N. Martin & Co., for the Piedm ot
Mills. It brought 11 7-16 cents all
Messrs. Riser, J. M. Johnstone, Hol
loway, Mower and Te:gue attenIed
the Congres.ianal Convention at An-;
derson last week as delegates from this
There was a picnic among the young
people of Mr. Sims Brown's reighbc:r
hood Friday, and another big picnic in
the Jolly Street country. Several of
the candidates attended the latter.
Rev. Wm. Hayne Leavell has an ex
cellent article in the Boston Herald on
the subject of Southern Education. We
hope to be able to publish portions of
it. He stands up boldly for the South.
A bull's eye lantern exploded in the
Senior's house Monday night, and came
near causing a serious fire. Eugene
was at the bottom of it. We hope Dr.
Fantwill notlet him have another Bull's
Mr. C. W. Bishop informs us that
worms have ruined his young corn by
eating the buds of the tassels. Mr.
Livingston's young corn on Scott's
Creek, in town, has been served the
same way.
Mr. Win. R. Smith, of Chappell's,
expects to move to Ninety-Six soon so
as to be convenient to good schools for
educating his children. He would come
to Newberry if he could get into any
business here.
The C. & G. Railroad has ordered
two new engines, ona of which is said
to be the largest in the State. This
road expects to do a larger business this
season than it has for the last ten years.
-Columbia Yeoman.
Senator Hampton having fully de
termined not to serve another term in
the United States Senate. the question
is beginniog to be asked, who, wjll be
his successor ?-Columbia Register.
Janmes Conner, of Charleston.
(reenvilla Newp.
Judge W. H. Wallace, of Union.
Do not forget the Mass Meeting at
Newberry the 7th. Col. Thompson,
nominee for Governor, Capt. Lipscomb,
nominee for Secretary of State, and
others of the State nominees will be
present to address the people. Let
everybody turn out and give them a
rousing reception.
There was quite a stir In the New
berry Hotel Sunday morning before
daylight. Some of the boarders heard
a dog barking in the hall and gave the
alarm of mad dog. Two policemen
were summoned, and they, with the
male guests of the Hotel, made a charge
on the dog. He was shot once in the
parlor and once in the hall, and. was
fnally dispatched at the back door of
the hotel. The dog was a large black
mongrel. He was prowling about the
hotel, and got locked in Saturday night.
NEIWBERRY, S. C-, Aug. 30, 1882.
Ordinary...... ................10 a101
Good Ordinary..................10a0j
Low Middling.................10!a11
Middling ......................11 allt
Good Middlir.g............11ta11i
Good demand.
Newberry Prices Current.
Sbogilders. Prime New........a
Shoulders Suigar Cured....
Sides Ci. Ne....... 17
Shoulders, New......... 10
Sides. C. Er., New...........as 16
Sides, Long Clear........... a 16
Uncanvassd Hmsa........ 1
Canvassed Hams, (Magnolia) 18
Leaf. in Tierces............. 18
Leaf, in Buckets.......... 18
Powdered............... 16
Grannlated Standard...1215
Extra C................ 11
Cofee C..............10
Yellow................. 10
- New Orleans.............. 10
New Orleans Syrup. 85
New Orleans Molasses. 50
Cuba Molasses......60
TE- Sugar House Molasses. 40
Gunpow4er........... 1.60
Young Hyso............... 1.50
Roasted or Parched...2
Best Rio............... 202
Good Rio.............. 1620
Cider Vinegar.......50
White Wine Vinegar.. 656
Tennessee.............. 1.2a180
Bolted.. .............1.6
SOAP.................----.----- a 10
ISTARCH........................ 6a 12
STAR CANDLES................ 15
FLOUR, perb66.......... ....... 8.0010.03
CANDY...-............. 20 .
ENGLISH SODA. ............... 10
AXLE GREASE............... .. 10
TOBACCO............. .......... 60s 1.21
.NAILS(10) ker ................ 4.50
ARWTIES. per bunch.......2 00
SPLCEDARRW TES....... ..125
R ED CLOVER SEED-per lb...20
EDOATS-per bu............ 35a
TIMOTHY HAY................... 176
-WHEAT, perbu................1 1a 1i25
-DR. E. E. J -SON,
SRemoved to store two doors next to
r Wheeler House.
-A fall stock of Pure Medicines, Cbemi
cais, Perfumeries, Toilet Articles, Garden
and Field Seeds, always in store and at
-moderate prices.
VOrders promptly attended to.
'.Apr. 11, 15-tf.
(Formerly the Wheeler House,)
TERNS, 32.00 TO 3.00 PER DAY.
- ,JOHN T. WILLEY, Propriet're
This new and. elegant House, with al
modern improvements, is now open for ti
- rede-ption of guests.
Mr. , oi-er Pr. dstrfft
The blood is the foundation of
life, it circulates through every part
of the body, and unless it is pare
and rich, good health is impossible.
If disease has entered the system
the only sure and quick wayto drive
it out is to purify and enrich the
These simple facts are well
known, and the highest medical
authorities agree that nothing but
iron will restore the blood to its
natural condition; and also that
all the iron preparations hitherto
made blacken the teeth, cause head
ache, and are otherwise injurious.
BROwN's IRON BITrERswill thor
oughly and quickly :similate with
the blood, purifying and strengthen
ing it, and thus drive disease from
any part of the system, and it will
not blacken the teeth, cause head
ache or constigation, and is posi
tively not injunous.
Saved his Child.
17 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore, Md.
Feb. 22, x88o.
Gents:-Upon the recommenda.
tion of a friend I tried BROwr's
IRON Brrrsas as a tonic and re
storative for my daughter, whom
I was thoroughly convinced was
wasting away with Consumption.
Having lost three daughters by the
terrible disease, under the care of
eminent physicians, I was loth to
believe that anything could arrest
the progress of the disease, but, to
my great surprise, before mydaugh.
ter had taken one bottle of BRowN's
IRON Birrmss, she began to mend
and now is quite restored to forme;
health. A fifth daughter began'to
show signs of Consumption, and
when the physician was consulted
he quickly said "Tonics were re
quired ;" and when informed that
the elder sister was taking BRow's
IRON Brrrrus, responded "that is
a good tonic, take it."
ly cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion and
Weakness, and renders the greatest
relief and benefit to persons suffering
from such wasting diseases as Con
sumption, Kidney Complaints, etc.
I will sell, at private sale, all that tract
of land in Newberry Cqugty, cantaining
FOUR HUNDRD ACl?FS, seven and a
half miles North of Newberry, owned by
me as Trustee. If not sold soorer, I will
sell the same at public outcry at Newberry
C. H., S. C., to the highest bidder, on Sale
day in November next. Terms made known
on day of sale.
G. W. GLENN, Trustee, &c.
July 10, 1882. 28-12t.
We want a limited number of active, en
ergetic canvassers to engage in a pleasant
and profitable business. Good men will
find tis a rare chance
Such will please answer this advertise
ment by letter, enclosing stamp for reply,
stating what business they have been en
gedn. None but those who mean busi
ness need app~ Adr~
Nov. 17, 1880-47-2y. A tlanta, d.
Growing Sugar Cane and in need of
will find it to their interest to call on me
before making purchases, as I am agent for
one of the cheapest and best Factories in
the contry.S. P. BOOZER.
July 19, 29-4t.
Obtained, and all business in the U. S. Pat
ent Office, attended to for MODERATE FEEs.
Our offBee is opposite the U. S. Patent Of
fice, and we can obtain patents in less time
than those remote from WAsHINGTON.
Send MODEL on DRtAWING. We advise as
to patentability free of charge; and we
We reter, here, to the Postmaster, the
Supt. of Money Order Div., and to officials
of the U. S. Patent Office. For circul ar, ad
vice, terms, and reference to actual clients
in your own State, or County, address
C. A. SNOW & CO.,
Jul. 20, 29-6m WASHINGTON. D. C.
fffaweek in your own town. $5 Outfit
LLre. No risk. Everyhing new. Cap
Jffital not require4. We will furnish
W you eything. Many are makring
fortunes. Ladles make as much as men, and
boys and girls make great pay. Beader, if
you want a business at which you can make
getpay all the time you work, write-for
~ tculars to HI. HALLETT & Co., Portland,
ne. 48-ly
"Land of' the Sky."
C. C. CHASE,_Proprietor.
Every attention promised, and satisfac
tion guarauteed.
Try the Grlobe.
Jun. 29, 26-tf.
Containing an "Index of Diseases," which
gives the symptoms, cause, and the best
treatment of eacns; a table giving all the
principal drugs used for the horse, with the
ordinary dose, effects, and antidote when a
poison ; a table with an engraving of the
horse's teeth at different ages, with rules
for telling the age of the horse; and other
valuable information Call and get a copy.
For sale at
A ug. 18. 34-tf.
It is an 8 page parer, designed for the peo
pIe, filed wia~ 'irerest:ng matter-FanmilJ
Eeading, News, Markets, &c. Subscription
One Year, 61 50; Seven Months, $1.00
Three Months, 30 Cen:s-payable in ad
vance. For Six Names and Nine Dollars at
Exram Copy for one year. - Specimens far
nished. The DAILY YEOMAN, an after
noeu paper, is $4 a year.
40-t Editor and Pabiisbe.
Ciabbed with the Hamara at 3.25.
Grand Offer for the
$850 Square Grand
PIANO STYLE 32 taes E te n:"
scale, beauti ful earvel legs andl yre. heavy
iron framu". Frent h irand Action, Grand H:'
can ii an way tendt. the per"eCtini o, the
4 - etur price for this inst.rumaent, 1KOX.
ears at. New York. with tine Piano Cw'vr. St
Just re.fttic"l from onr latl wholes el-. ta:'ir,
by tar, the grcate.t barga.in ever onrero. ti.,
Treinednas de.and tor this style! Send i:d
Tp 's r iano will be sent on 13 days t -it tri
money with order. Cash sent with .r-! r wI
both wa~s if Piano is not ,just as e.-,vtd
$1'i up. Over 15,0(10 in use. and nt e diss"
fore buying. Hanlsoine illustrated Piano C
timonials ever awarded any piano tanutar;
SHEET M1SIC at one-third price. Catalog
sent for 3c. stamp.
Jan. 8, 2.'-1y.
Dry Goods and Motions.
I\" "EPs W
L.AO 6 ,
1. cent per yard and upwards.
IT Call and Examine
our Stoec.
Polite and courteous attention given to
every visitor, whether purchaser or not.
BE. H. CIIN & 0O.
Mar. 30, 13-tf.
Watclaes, CJlocks, Jewelry.
At the New Store on Hotel Let.
I have now on hand a large and elegant
assortment of
Silver and Plated Ware,
All orders by mail promptly attended to.
Watlhmaking and Repairing
Done Cheaply and with Dispatch.
Call and examine my stock and prices.
Nov. 21, 47-tf.
Election is Over.
Not go and hear the votes count.ed at
CLARK'S GALLERY, where the finiest Art
Works that have ever been exhibited ini
Newberry, are on exhibition. And while
there sit for your picture, and take to your
homes some of their superior photographa
We warn yen that delays are dangerous:
go ere it is too late.
Mr. W. H. Clark feels confident, after az
experience of fifteen years, that he cat
produce a class of work that will pleas4
and give perfect satisfaction.
Copying old pictures and enlarging t<
any desired side, also reducing to th4
smallest, a specialty.
For style and quality of work, refers t<
te editor of this paper.CLR O.
Nov. 10, 46-tf.
Attorneys - at - Law
,Will practice in the State an i Fed
Cours. ug. 0, 2-6m.
noes. -
next 60 days only.
piano for only $245.
. a ., l.a strings. ii Oe
Alanra -gr: n .. pt ; net overstrune
rieni .; .t : . : ..: -: lt eling. fall
:I.u"".. r,e V(IOPtit Whlch
aIlllw *i.I t., ~zI
pr1i' ,t r - : . -. Thi ir. now.
musie:0 Il le. r1 ..r c$. 45t.0ews
our (r'r i oneut. 1). it(. lost- thIs rare
i'letse seaI refert'e If you Io not send
I be refunded and freight charges paid by u
Several o her spe ia1 Bargati ns: Pianos,
:isfiedl purchaser. Don't fail to write us be
talogue. nailed tree, giving the highest tes
.arer. Every Piano fully warranted for 5
te of 3,000 choice pieces of popular Music
P. O. Box 2,058, NEW YORK CITY.
Oil RiAlm TA1I
For the Next Sixty Days
In all Our Lines of
Our Bargain Table
Contains several hundred pieces of OLOTE
ING and other goods which will be
Sold Without Regard to Cost.
Our Large Stock of
Is offered at prices that cannot fail to
We have in each of our lines some ODDS
AND ENDS which we are determined to
GOOD BARGAINS await any who can use
these goods.
Come and see us, and we will tell you
why we are selling so cheap.
Jun. 15, 24-tf.
Cloths and Suitings,
Experienced Cutters,
Best of Tailors.
Mar 16, 11, tf.
Positively Restores the
Only Absolute Cure for
This Oil is abstracted
cbes of smnall WHrru e
Yellow Sea, kno .j the
DELETH. E.very ...DON RoNr.
it. Is virues rmani know,
wfere dis Addhstrisaou
and man~y soeemingy mirals, num th
remie4y wa~ ffcially proclaimed over the
etir orpove 300 us becae so universal
isted among th e Chinese peope isaen,
charges prepaid, to any address at *i.o00e
Bear What the Deaf Say
I t has performed a miracle in my case.
aI hv no unearthly noises in my head
I have been greatly benefited.
My deafness helpe a great deal--thJ1
another botte will cure me.
"Its virtues are UNQUESTIONABLE and Itg -
at once to H.AYL.OCK & JENNEY, 7Dey Street,
New York, enclosing $1.00, and you will re'
ceive byreturn a remedy that will enable
you to herlike anybody else, and whose -
curative effects will be permanent. You
will never rertdoing so."-EDIToR ow
.M- To avoid loss in the Mails, please send
Only Imported by
(Late HAYLOCKC & Co.)
7' Dey St., New York.
soLE AGENTS FoR AM[ERICA. Jun. 8, 23-ly
The Proprietors of this Celebrated Water
ing Place respectfully announce that it will
be opened this Season on the 1st of June,
under the same management as last year.
Perda3y...................$ 200
.Per week..................12 00
Per week for 3 weeks........10 00
2er month.... ............3 0 00
Cottages to Rent-per tenement-of 8
rooms-for the Season, $30 00 ; Whole
Cottages-6 rooms-for the Season,
"Special attention given to shipping
the Water. The Springs can be reached
from -Spartanburg at lowest retes by Hacks.
Jun. 1, 22-tf. Proprietors.
And others Uslng Machinery.
No. 1 Babbit Metal.
Wire Cloth for Sieves and Screens.
Sheet, square and Round Rubber Pack
ing. Ru.ssia Hemp Packing.
One and one and a quarter Rubber Hoje.
Betquality Robber Belting, 2to0 in.,
Belt Hooks and Lace Leather.
Golden Machinery Oil.
* Oil Cans, Zine Oilers, Sorew Wrechs
&c. All at lowest market races, at
1Jun.1,22-45 . Ha Zrdw8

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