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Special and Local.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 28, 1882
Z. W. Taylor-Notice.
Herald Office-Wanted.
F. Werber, Jr -Bridge Builders.
S. F. Fant-Cotton--King-Cotton.
B. 0. Strother-Edgefield Land for Sale.
Thos. F. Greneker-Stationery and Fan
cy Goods.
F. Werber, Jr.-Annual Meeting of the
County Commissioners
tices in this local column are inserted at
the rate of 15 cents per line each inser
Obituaries, notices of mneetings, com
munications relating to personal inter
ests, tributes of respect, &c. are charged
as regular advertisements at $1 per
Notices of administration, and other
legal notices, obituaries, tributes of re
spect and notices of meetings, as well as
comunications of a personal character
must be paid for in advance
The subscription priceof the Herald
is $2.00for twelve months, $1.00 for siz
months, 50 cents for three months and
25 cents for one month, in advance.
;ames in future will not be placed on
the subscriptiun books until the cash or
its equivalent is paid.
gr All communications relating to
personal interests will be inserted at
regular advertising rates, one dollar per
square, cash in advance. tf
This paper may be found on le at Geo. P.
RoweU & Co's Newspaper dvertising Bu
cean (10 Spruce St..) where advertising con
eracts may be made for it in New York.
Mr. L. S. Bowers, post master at
Prosperity is our authorized agent at
tbr. place.
Maj. Peter Hair, father of Mr. Jno.
S. Hair, of this place, died at his home
in Greenville Tuesday, 26th instant,
in the 80th year of his age. His body was
brought down to Newberry yesterday,
and will be buried this morniig at 11
o'clock at the Ebenezer Grave Yard.
Mr. R E. Brannan
Has bought the right of Newberry
County for the celebrated Alexander
Graziug Yether and will 4ell Plantation
Rights for the same-price $3.00.
Silas McCaugbrin goes to the Citadel
,cademy as a pay cadet; and James P.
Xiaard and H. H. Blease,Jr., as benefici
aries-Mr. Blease in place of J. Wilbur
elly, who received the appointment,
but afterwards withdrew.
Don't Waste Money
On trashy extracts when you.can buy a
lasting perfume so delightfully fragrant and
refreshing as Fioreston Cologne.
The Secior Editor
Very gratefully and humbly acknow
ledges that through a period of four
weeks of great sickness and paln. pains
incisive, sharp. keen, -pains long, deep,
lasting, twisting. torturings tormenting,
he sees his slow way througb,
The best Tonic and Appetizer in use
Pant's Calasaya Bark and Iron. Try
it. 35-if
R. R. Schedules.
The passenger schedule on the C. &
G. BE. R. was changed -four mninutes
Monday. The up train now arrives at
1.56 P. M., the down train at 4.17 P. M.
Throught night freights have been put
on for the winter-one train each way.
The up night freight arrives at New ber
ry at&55P. M.; the down at 2.45 A.
Cinhouse Burned.
Mr. Win. S. Birge's ginhouse at Pros
perity was burned down Monday at 2
P. M. There were two gins running
iu it at the same time by steam. The
fir caught in the lint room, and is
abought to have come from a match ms
the-cotton. The two gins were burnedi
sad about three bales of cotton. The
engine was not injured.
When in the Course
Of human events it becomes necessa
r.y~for a man to blow his own horn, let
him do so with no uncertain sound, but
blow long, loud and sonorous, that all
may hear alike. We respectfully an
DocelC without fear of co,ntradictior
that our assortment of stationery, fancy
articles, fine paper, envelopes. visiting
cards, and printers' stock, never wai
larg er, better or more complete. Come
ndexamine it, and what you don't see
If you will use a bottle of Dr. Fant'
Chill Cure you will shake no more. 35tl
Churches in Newberry County.
There are forty-two churches for the
white population of 8,235 in Newberr3,
County.-S. C. The Lot b'rans lead witl
12 churches; the Methodists follos
closely with 11; next are the Baptists,
:8; Preshyterians, 5; A. R. Presbyte
rians, 5; Episcopalians, 1. Missioi
points are not included, each denomina
tion having one or more. Each denom.
ination named above has one church in
the town of Newberry, and the Luther
ans and A. R. Presbyterians have one
each at Prosperity.-Lukeran Visitor.
The Second Primary Election
Came off Tugsday. The result -i
published in another column. May bin
ton sent in no returns; and it is report
ed that-no box was opened there, Thi
vote a1 that box is light, having beer
on-ly 34at.tbe first primary; so that i
would not have changed the result
But it is very much to be regretted if n<
election was held at Maybinton; andi
the Mfanagers there and the voters o
that section have not some.good excuse
for their failure to bold an election the3
-will be censured severely, and deserves
ly so. They should, by all means, hav4
held an election, unless it were impos
afble to have done so.
IBON STATIoN, N. 0., Aug. 17, 1881
Ct.James 7. Johnston, Charlotte, N.C.
D)EAR SIR-I am highly please<
*with the 8x12 Bay State Boiler and En
gine I bought of you. I like it al
m&ch as any I have ever seen. Itit
the best boiler I ever saw. I can ge
up steam in ten minutes. Am verj
-munch pleased with the way it is se
up. Mr. Barnett did his duty in evera
respect, and left nothing undone.
Respectfully yours,
K(endaIrs Treatise on the Horse.
\ This valuable book is for sale at the
Book Store, price only 25 cent
Ssingle copy, or five copies for $1.00
-book tells you what to do for youa
when sick, and treats of every 4ii
4eto which a horse is liable. Get
uv.and save money and anxiety.
~nyfor sale at the
flwa.n Boos SOES
Look on
Nominee for Probate Judge, is 47 These
years of age; is a native of Newberry Fourteer
i County, and received his schooling at Cotton
old field schools. He rolunteered at
the commencement of the war, and prices.
went to Virginia as 1st Lieutenant in The sw
Co. G., 13th Regiment-of which Com- this year.
pany Col. Wm. Lester was tbe Captain. Houses
At the Second Battle of Manassas, Aug. Newberry.
29, 1862, while in command of the
Company, be lost his left arm. In 1864 How ma
Mr. Fellers was elected Tax Collector to-morrow
for Newberry County. and held the of- Merehan
flee until reconstruction in 1868. In: in business
1877 be was appointed Trial Justice at
Prosperity, which position be held un- "Brookl3
til 1878, when he was elected Probate of Newberi
Judge. He was re-elected in 1880, and There u
is now serving his second term. He to-morrow
has made a good officer. In the late
primary be had no opposition. and if When y
hh had had he would have been nomi- get the pri
nated all the same. College
JOHN K. NANCE prospects a
Was born near Milton. Laurens The cani
County, June 20, 1840. He graduated Prosperity
at Erskine College, and came to New
berry in 1859, and began the study of The gem
law under Maj. Baxter. but the war off the 7th
coming on put an end to his studies, The gam
and he never became a lawyer. Mr. birds after
Nance entered the war at the beginning
as Orderly Sergeant in Co. E.. 3d Regt., Mr. W.]
and was afterwards elected Lientenant. day. He i
At the consolidation of the 3d, 8th aad No doubt
15th Regiments Gen. Conner appointed. due to exp
him Major. At the battle of Fredericks
burg, after the senior oficers of the 3d Tbe wor
were shot down. Maj, Nance command- Columbia i
ed the Regiment. At the battle of the The cool,
Wilderness he was assigned by Gen. week have
Conner to command the skirmish lines .
in the flank' movement; and he com- It is not
manded the skirmishers on the retreat ry will bav
at Gettysburg. He commanded the 7th year.
at Winchester, and after the battle the Mr. E. V
Regiment petitioned that he be made position as
Lieut.-Colonel of the Regiment, which tiary.
was done. James' Battalion of Sharp- Mr E. B
shooters also petitioned that he be put M
in command of them. severe spe,
Since the war Mrj. Nance has been ter again.
engaged in farming. Two ye*s igo The prii
he was nominated for Auditor by the hand of the
primaries, and was accordingly ap- two years.
poi,-ted by Gov. Hagood. He has There wi
served nearly two years acceptably. six bales
Is a native of this County, is a fatrwer C
and is about thirty-eight years old. He Miss llie
entered the war at the beginning, was pist Seeki
a gallant soldier, and served in Co. B., past week.
3d Regt., until he lost a leg at the Bat- When a
tie of the Wilderness, Ma) 6.1864. Mr. with a j wc
Livingston served as County Commis- of sickness;
sioner from 1878 to 1880. He was ever
watchful of the County's interests, and adpre at 1
made a good officer. of October.
Is a native of Newberry County, and rALD S
will be ,59 years old the 18th of Octo- -
her. He is a man of great zeal and cents each.
piety, and for twenty years past has 4 few da
taken an active interest in Sunday tuid to do
School work. A few months before liest things
the close of the war he joined the 13th Newberr
1,giment, and served with it until the
close. Pe has been a farmer and hard- a large pr
working man all his life. This is his cowing in
first appearance before the publio in Dr. L. A
any political capacity. Store of M
Was 45 years old the 9th of March; r
is a native of this County. He was a Mr N.
member of Company B.. 3d S. C. Vol- confined to
unteers, during the War, and lost his with fever,
arm at tbe Battle of the Wilderness, Invalid
May 6. 1864. After the war he farmed restored t<
for several years. but since 1874 he has Iron Bitter
been engaged in the Livery business at
Newberry as a member of the firm of It woul
Christian & Smnith. He has never held majss mneeti
public office, berry some
JA3MES C. BOYD Mr. It. (
Is a native of Chester. and is 48 years fers some'1
of age. He graduated at Erskine Col- sale at a gi
lege in 1855, and soon after entered the
ministry of the 4ssociate Reformed There i
Presbyterian Church. locating at, or amount of'
near, Prosperity, in this County. 'In term of Co
1857 he was ordained Pastor of Pros- The ta,
perity, Head Springs and Cannon's paying up:
Creek Churches, and has been Pastor There will
of these churches now for twenty-five
years. He has taught some two or three The C. 1
years all together, a part of the time in track, or si
the Prosperity High School. Mr. Boyd old cattle g
was elected School Commissioner at a platform.
special election in January. -1878. and
discharged the duties of the office faith- Mr. Joe
fnlly and efficiently ontil his term ex- sent to this
pired in November of that year. lar "Jumh
Is a native of this County. is 40 years Sickness
of age, and is a farmer. During the decreased
war he served gallantly in Co. B.. 3d two weeks
IRegt., and lost his leg at the Battle of extent unti
Knoxville, Tenn. He was elected Cor
oner in 1878. and has held the office The pee
since, discharging the duties satisfacto- extensiveI
rily. -Fairr, whic
MARTIN H. GARY .r2th and 1
Is a natiye of this County. a son of Mr. F. A~
the late Dr. Jnlo. 1K. Qary, and is 38 Antine an<
years old. He was a member of Co. ago a reap
B., 3d Regt., during the war, having week he s<
entered at the age of seventeen. At a harrow.
the Battle of Knoxville, Tenn., he lost
his right arm. Since the war Mr. Gary tA gnl
bas been engaged in farming, thatke lia<
Fant's Female Regulator curbs all dis- with six fc
eases peculiar to females. 35-tf hay. It ni
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly for Oc- Mr. Edu
tober. dence on (
The great excellence and the remark- Mattbe we
ablecheanessof this periodical have served the
se-cured for it, deservedly, an immense wl ul
circulation. The present number is it.
exceedingly interesting, entertaining. -Newber
and full of general information. '.En -Thscle
gkand's Qnly Living General' (Sir-Gar- This State '
net Wolseley). by Alfred H. Guernsey, ithe Statem
is an admirable and timely article. It tsa thewp
has seventeen illustrations. Among thnante.p
other notable profusely illustrated ar-tedne
Stieles are: 'A Visit to the Phosphate Now thr
SFields and Hills'; -A Visit to Palermno,; nominated
'The Last King of Tahiti'; 'The Ma- that it get
riner's Compass.' by Win. Durham- overwheln
ete,.. etc. A new serial by M. T. Cal- and all op
dor, 'A Whited Sepulchre,' promises to out ag'ains
-he deeply interesting ;'The Letter 'S';
Or. The Jocelyn Sin.' is concluded; and Co. B.,
there are short stories, sketches, etc., represente
by S. A. Weiss, A. E. Barr, Margaret Gary. Sa
F. Aymar, etc; poems (mostly illus- shore wer
Itrated) by popular writers, and a mis- ny. Smnit]
-cellany embracing a large variety of Livmngstor
subjects, affording very delightful and leg.
instructive reading. The embellish- ~rN
ments are even more than usually num- r.
erous, and are meritorious works ofWabla
art; the colored title-page, 'The Sultana thi l ife or
and her Attendant,' is very beautiful. instant.
The price of a single number is 25 Izen. a nal
cents; yearly snbscription, SS post-paid,t was eight
Address Frank Leslie, Publisher, 53,
55 and 57 Park Place. New York. Mr. Ir,
A Beneficent Action. week at
The miserable looks and feelings of ages by
ths cofndat desks or work tables, are of marria
csused by weak Stomach, Kidne.ys or Bow- erCo
Sels. Pariter't Ginger Tonic wit.hout intox- gaged to
ieating has. such a beneficent action on another w
Sthese organs and cleanses the poisonous Iplaintiff
matters 'rom the system, that rosy cheeks! breach; tI
and go health are soon brought back :moniy; anl
ag4n. pe.tiff*9,000)
I all About
now for gin accidents.
ooniight nights are lovely.
cotton-buyers in Newberry
ickers are in demand at higi
.et potato crop is very fine
for rent are in demand it
ny will go to iee the animal.
ts report a gratifying reviva
n" is the healthiest portior
ill be a big crowd in town
n sell your cotton don't for.
opens October 2nd. Thi
re good.
idates were all massed at
ral election this year comes
)f November.
e law allows the shooting o1
.be 30th instant.
). Hardy was in town Fri
nearly well again.
many cases of malaria are
sure to the night air.
E on the new Union Depot at
i progressing rapidly.
autumnal days of the past
been fine for cotton-picking,
it all piobable that Newber,
3 an Agricultural Fair thii
T. Stoddard has resigned his
Guard at the State Peniten.
Christian has had another
of rbeumatism, but is bet
nary is over, and the right
voter has a rest for another
re two hundred and forty
of cotton sold in Newberry
E. Lane and his daughter,
have been quite sick for thg
n editor spell. congestion
uld you call that a bad spell
N. Lipscomb will deliver an
he Greenville Fair the 10th
esiring extra copies of the
n get them at the office-i
ring young men have ven
n the piebald hats, the ug.
v ought to be manufacturing
portion of the cotton that i
East has bought the Drng
"R.,. May bin. He took
W. Hodges, who has been
his bed for several weekt
is up again.
wives and mothers quickl.3
health by using Brown't
s. A true tonic.
I be a good idea to have i
ng of the democracy in New
time in October.
. Srother, of Walballa, of
alable Edgefield land fol
>od bargain. See ad.
rill be less than the usua
~riinal baine's for the nexl
rt; no :mportant cases.
payers are rather slow ii
money is too scarce yet
be a rush at the winding up
; G.R. R. isrunning a spu:
ding, at the depot from the
nard to the rear of the cottot
ph Glenn, of Dead Fall, bai
ofBece a bean that is a regu
o." He calls it an Englisl
throughout the County hai
rery materially for the pas
Chills will prevail to some
>le of Greenville are making
reparations for their Count,j
i will be held the 10th, 11th
3th of October.
.Schumpert sold to Messrs
I Haup Buzbardt some timi
er, mower and rake; las
ld thern another mower an<
man told us the other da:
Icut from a small patch tha
it was not worth botherinl
ur-horse-wagon loads of fini
as cut with a mower.
ard Scholtz has sold his resi
ollege Street to Mr. J. E
fo S1.800. Mr. Scholtz re
Southern half of his lot, an t
a bandsome residence upoi
T College opens Monday
e gets rno appropriation frori
'reasury, but is conducted o'
rits. We are glad to lean~
ospects are good for a full at
.t the County Ticket has bee;
.the Democrats should se
elected in its entirety by al
ig majority, against an
~osition that may be brougb
if the gallant old "3d," is wel
on the County Tickei
ith. Livingston and Long
Sall members of this Compa
and Gary each lost an arm
and Longshore each lost
than Hunter, living ahovy
four or five miles, 'lepartei
Friday nigh)t last, the 15t
dr. Hunter was a good citi
ie of Newberry county an
-two years old.
(Walhalla Courier.
ring Fuller was sued las
Laurens for $10.000 datr
[iss Belle Jones for breac
'e promise. The parties live
iHill. Mr. Fuller, while er
diiss Jones, suddenly marrie
oman-hence the suit. Th
,oved the promise and tk
e defendant put up no test
d the jury found for the plali
S. Comm'r Co
Newberry C. H.. . 139i 24 11
Gibson's Store. . . 51 21 4
Cromer's Store. ... 18! 30 j 5
Jalapa. . .......... 8 29 2
1Mushore's Store..;i 48i 47j 6
Williams' Store. . :. 7 33
Dead Fall...... . 17 10
Prosperity....... 231 62( 7
Jilly Street..... ..46 5
Powaria. ...... .. 19 50 3
Glymnphville........ 16 35, 4
Total......... .1 610, 546 46:
The following "notis" was found pos
ed on a church door near Timmonsvilli
Darlington County, S. C.: "Notis The
Will Bee A Gren Back Labor Meetin
at This Place on the 16 at 3 o'clock 1
m. all boo want to support the indeper
dent ticket will pleas at ten promptly.
Mr. Carlisle intends to resign the o
flee of Trial Jostice, which he has fille
for ave years. There are already pet
tions out for the a ppuintu pt of hi
successor; one mn favor of Mr. Josep
S. Reid, the oti er in favor of Mr. 11
H. Hunt, Jr. Both petitions are numw
ronsly signed.
Remember your promises. subscriber
and advertisers, to pay your indebted
nesses as soon as cotton is on the mar
ket. We have waited long and pa
tiently and now hopefully look for th
realization of your promises. Ever
dollar due is needed. Let us not have t
ask you the second time.
The Concert given by the Sunda
School of the A. M. E. Church Weduea
day night, 20th instant, was a ver
creditable affair. Rev. Turpin, pas:o
of the church, was master of ceremc
nies, and his daughtor presided at th
organ. The hall was full, the orde
was good, and the music, speeches an
dialogues were well rFndered.
Our young wale friends are singin
-"Sad1 is my heart, joys are unknown.
Misses Lizzie and Effie Griffin, sister
of Mrs. Orlando Sheppard, have returr
ed to their home in Newberry afte
spending several months in Edg-6ek
May the many hearts made sad by the
leaving be brightened again soon ani
often by their return.-Edefield lhror
Miss Virginia, daughter of Mrs. St
san Montgomery, of Newberry, h^
sent her old friend, the Senior Editor <
the HERALD, a copy of the Topek:
Kansas, Daily Capital. The Capital i
largely given up to interesting pro;:ee<
ings of the State Fair, which was
grand success. Thanks, Miss Yirgini
we often think of you in your Kansf
Dr..L. A. East leaves this city to-da
for Newberry wvhere he will in fuu
reside. Greenville always regrets tl
loss of a good citizen and will miss tI
energy and publicespirit whic~h han cha:
acterized Dr. East during his residlent
here. It is hoped that success will a
tend him in whatever enterprise he en
harks in at his new home.-Greenvil
Nes 26th.
Our tabulated vote is not oflicial, hi
is, no doubt, correct. We did not o1
tain it from the Executive Commtitteo
but directly froni the difieren, uoxe
through the kindness of tlie Manager
to whonm we return thanks. The n.e
nominees do not Lpp(.ar this~ tig a
the "'mast head," heeause the ohlicia
count has not yet been made. It wi
be made to-day; and next week the
will appear in their proper place.
The Qointette Club, the unrivalle
and only genuine~ vo)caia~. v..t 01
again Monday night. After serenadin
their sweethearts they paid their r,
spects to the editor, and poured fori
their tribute- of song at his feet, so1
speak. The performance was opene
with an entirely new sang that is de
tine. in time to become popular. Froi
a few words caught up here and thei
it sounded like something about ii
Sweet By and By. This was followi
by a touching and pathetic song aba
the fly on the wall, and by other sele
melodies. Our thanks are tendered.
the kind vocalists.
The Republicans
Of the County are lying low at
watching their opportunities. Thc
did hope for a time that there would
an independent ticket put in the fiell
but that hope is gone; there is not tI
remotest probability tbat anything
the kind will be dc.ne. They are no
waiting to see whether tbe half dozt
greenbackers in the County will do s<
and if the aforesaid greenbackers<
not put out a ticket they will put o
one themselves and call it greenbac
-They have no intention, so far as v~
can learn, to put out a straight repub
can ticket; they think they can aecot
plish their purpose better in anoth
way. Their purpose is to oppose tl
regular democratic ticket, and they a
trying to devise some scheme to di
guise their real object and to get ti
support of some whit. men in the Cou
ty. In this they will no doubt fai
hiut, all the same, they will put out
ticket before the election comes o
The ticket will likely be selected I
the executive committee. They a
working in secret, in.the hopes of ta
ing the Democrats unawares. The
County Chairman, Henry Kennedy,
keeping very close and quiet, but he
working in the dark. He has not y
got any of the campaign fund; he
expecting, however, some soon from tI
State Chairman,E. W. M.Macke
Money will be furnished to beat t
to be wide awake and to watch closel
and to secure all the votes they possib~
Malaria, Chi Is and Fever, and Bilious
itacks positively cured with Emory's Stu
d (ard Cure Pils-an infallible remedy: r
er fails to cure the most obstinate, lox
standing cases whes e Quinaine and all 01
er remedies had failed. They are prepar
expressly for malarious sections, in dout
boxes, two kinds of Pills, co taing
srong cathartic and a chill breaer, sugi
coated; contains no Quinine or Mercui
3 and harmless in all cases; they efectual
i cleanse the stem, and give new life a:
tone to the bd. As a household reme
"the areunqaed. For Liver Comlai
their equal is not known; one borwl ha
Sa wonderful'efec on the worst case. Tb
aredusrdscrib bPhysicians, a
.mail, 25and cent boxes. Emory's Lit
Cathartic Pills, best ever made, only
SCents. SindartCure Co,114UNassanstre
hem Ya,ae J' 1, U.e-a
er 26, 18S2.
Commissioners. Coroner. : Treasurer.
8 248~1 -195 159 180; 167! 148 218
0O 321 41 28! 34 391 17 55
0 39 121 9' 41 11: 39
41 7' 26 24 24 24 25
1 77. 23 20'i 83 8: 18 76
B 34 24; 101 25 13 9 29
5 ' 18 25E 15 7 121 14
144! 121t 263: 195: 100. 250i 56
5 40 81 45 20 31 23 29
S261 18 62. 25 43 50 19
5 20j 8j 27i1 23 27 14! 37
2 7081 463 6771 6:33 500! 576 597
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Johnstone return
r ed home Tuesday.
H. Y. Simpson. Esq., of Laurens, was
in town Saturday.
Maj. C. H. Suber reached home Sat
. urday from the Springs.
d Mr. Wallace Brcce is now the tele
graph operator at Laurens.
Rev. Luther Broaddus got back from
Virginia last week. He has entirely
recovered his health.
Mr. R. H. Swaffield, of Columbia,
was in town- Monday and Tuesday.
Sorry we were out when be called in.
Mrs. Glasgow and her daughter Mrs.
- L. M. Speers beve gone to North Caro
lina to visit Rev. Leotnidas K. Gl:tgow.
Death of Major Peter Hair.
Malor Peter Hair died yesterday
afternoon, after i qu:t:: a lung ill
ness, at shortly after three o'cl(wk, in
y the 79th year of his age. Major Hair
r was alnative of Newherry, and came to
- this county nearly twenty years ago,
e havino residad with his son-in-law,
r Mr. Villiam Goldsmith, since that
I time. The deceased has always been a
most -in"f!! :a,d .nrrtir- ei!" r, and
his extensive and thorough knowledge
of practical work was conceded by all.
He was one of the original contractors
s of the Columbia and Greenville Rail
road, and was a contemporary with 0
r Judge O'Neall.jwith whom he was most G
intimate. Major Hair was an excel- L
r lent farmer, and was celebrated for bis
genial and entertaining conversation.
He was highly respected by every one,
and made friendships wherever he
- went. He was most highly thought of
s here. and his death is much regretted.
if His remains will be taken to Newherrv
t, to-day and interred there.-Greenville E
s News, 27th.
I. S
a The Eclectic.
i, The Qctober-number of the Eclectic is
a one of unusual interest. Among its no- E
amerous articles ~are the following:
'Some-Impressions of the United States,'
Sby Edward A. Freeman, LL.D: 'Re- E
miniscences of a March;* 'Ladies in
e Iceland;' 'A Turning Point in the His- L
tory of Co-operation ; 'Personal Recol
Slections about Garibaldi,' by Karl Blind; S
-The Salvation Army ;' 'The Bairns a'
at Rest,' by James M. Neilson; 'The
SHistory of Kissing,' by T. F. Thiselton
Dyer, M.A.; 'Letters from Constanti
nople;' 'Frederick Chopin,' by E. J.
t Whately; *An American View of Ire
- land.' by E. L. God kin; 'Death and
3, Life,' by A. P. Stanley ; 'Literature and
3, Science,' by Matthew Arnold; 'A San
i& Carlo Superstition;' 'Disease Germs;' T
W 'Deserted;' Literary Notices; Foreign
1t Literary Notices; Science and Art; and a
ti Miscellany.
11 Pu blished by E. R. Pelton,- 25 Bond 9
y Street, New York. Terms, $5 per
year; single copy, 45 cents.
d It is a we'l known fact that Rheumatism
g originates from a disordered or impure con- C.
dition of the blood. To relieve the system ~
3 of these excruciating pains permanently,
hyou must purify the blood-root out the
0) poison. S. S. S. is the only remedy known
d that does this. Others relieve the pin ; S. s
a- 8. S., by renewing the blood, cures the die- 8
n ease. Price, $1.00 and $l.75 per bottle.
e Dr. Moffett's Teethina (Teething c
d Powders) will cure your child. For
3 sale by all Druggists and Country Mer
t chants. 50.-1y
Best ever made, Emory's Little Cathartic
Pills, pleasant to take. sugar-coated; no
griping; only 15 cents a box, of Druggists
or by mail. Standard Cure Co.. 114 Nassau
Street, New York Jun. 1,2s--m..
y Liens for Sale.
e Blank Liens for supplies and for rent.
3, for sale at this office.
1Club Rates.
SThe Columbia Register will be club
nbed with the HERALD as follows: Week-.
.ly Register' and HERALD $3.50, lri
lweekly Register and HERALD $5, Daily
a Register and HERALD $8.75.
~.The Weekly Yeoman and HERALD at
*e SS50. 47-tf.
leTwo practical printers; the former, havingt
published tbe first daily newspaper issued in
n- Columbia. over thirty years ago, being well
li; known by all its citizens.
a . THE SUMTER ADVANCE is the best Ad
f. vertising medium in the County for Mer
cha and odher business men.
S scription only SI 50 per year.
re Addres-. DARR & PARMELEE,
k- Sep. 14, 37-tf Sumter, S. C.
yB emoved to store two doors next to
Wheeler House.
A full stock of Pure Medicines, Chemi
cals, Perfumeries, Toilet Articles, Garden
and Field Seeds, always in store and at
lmodera'.' prices.
Orders prom tldy attended to. .
tt- Apr. 11, 15-tf
:v- E. R. sTOKEs. JOHN I)ORsEY.
If Blank Book Manufacturers1
13d -A D
SMain Street, Columbia, S. C.
to vigorously push a business,
strength to study a profession,
strength to regulate a household,
strength to do a day's labor with
out physical pain. All this repre
sents what is wanted, in the often
heard expression, "Oh ! I wish I
had the strength!" - If you are
broken down, have not energy, or
feel as if life was hardly worth liv
ing, you can be relieved and re
stored to robust health and strength
by taking BROWN'S IRON BIT
TERS, wh: a true tonic-a
medicine universally recommended
for all wasting diseases.
sor N. Fremont St., Baltimore
During the war I was in
of a shell, and have suffered
fromit eversince. Aboutfour
sis, which kept me in bed si
months, and the best doctors
in the city said I could not
live. Isufferedfearfullyfrom
indigestion, and for over two
years could not eat solid food
and for a large portion of the
timewasunableto retain even
liquid nourishment. I tried
Brown's Iron Bittersand now
after taking two bottles I am
able to get up and go around
and am rapidly improving.
a complete and sure remedy fp
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Malaria,
Weakness and all diseases requir
ing a true, reliable, non-alcoholic
tonic. It enriches the blood, gives
new life to the muscles and tone
to the nerves,
NEwBERRY, S. C., Sep. 27, 188s
rdinary...... ..............10 a
ood Ordinary.....................10=8
>w Middling......................:0;a
iddling ..... .. ...............11 a:
nod Midding ...................l11a
Good demand.
Newberry Prices Current.
y J. N. MART IN & C
Shoulders. Pritse New...... I
Sboulders, Sttpr Cured....
Sides, C. R., hew...........a
Shoulders, New.............
Sides, C. R, New........... a
Sides, Long Clear........... a
Uncanvassed Hams.......16
Canvaesefi 1ams, (Magnolia) 18
Leaf, in Tieroes...........18
Leaf, in Buckets..........18
Powdered............... 16
Crushed..........*-.. 2
Granulated Standard.. . 2ja
Extra C................ 11
Coffee C..............10
New Orleans.............. 10
Demarara............... -
New Orleans Syrup... 85
New Orleans Molasses. 50
Cuba Molasses....60
Sugar House Molasses. 40
Gunpowder........... 1.50
Young Hyson..............1.50
BPPER......................... 25
Roasted or Parched...25
Best Rio............... 20a
Good Rio.............. 16a21
Cider Vinegar........650
White Wine Vinegar.. 65
Tennessee.............. 1.25a..
Bolted. ........1.s6
Unbolted............... 1.35
ARLEY...................... 1.50
OAP.......................... Sa
TAR CANDLES................ 15
LOUR, per... b..................8.00a10
ANDY ................. 20
~NGLISH SODA................ 10
.XLE GREASE.................. .. 10
3BACCO............. .......... 60a1
AILS (10) keg................. 4.50
AG GING-Heavy............ .... 11a
RROW TIES. per bunch......... 2 00
ED CLOVER SEED-per lb...20
~ED OATS-per hu............. 35a
]MoT 1Y HAY........... ...
VHEAT, per bu..................1 15a
ositively Retores the Hearing, and is
Only Absolute Cure for Deafness Knowi
This Oil is abstracted from peculiar
les of small WHITE SHARK, caught in
~elow Sea, known as CAReHARODON I
~ELETI1. Every Chinese fisherman kn<
t. Its virtues as a restorative of heat
rere discovered by aBudidhist Priest at
he year 1410. its cures were so numer
nd many so seenmingly miraculous, that
eme&y was officially proclaimecd over
ntire Empire.- Its use became so unuive
hat for over 300 years no Deafness has
sted among the Chinese people. Si
balges prepaid: to any address at $1.00
lear What the Deaf Sa
It has performed a miracle in my case
I have no unearthly noises in my h
nud hear much better.
I have been greatly benefited.
My deafness helped a great deal-th
nother bottle will cure mue.
"Its virtues are UNQUESTIONABLE and
t once to flAYt.OCK A JENNEY. I Dey Str
ew York, enclosing $1.00. and you. wil]
~eive by return a remedy that will eni
on to hear like anyoy else, and wie
urative effects will De permanent.
ril never regret doing so."-EDITOR
M- To avoid loss in the Mails, please c
Only Imported by
(Late HAYLOCK & Co.)
7 Day St., New Y
1880. - 88
(Formerly the Wheeler House,)
TERMs, sW.o TO $3.00omRmA.
0OUN Te WILLE, Preprie
No'..10, 4.-l
I take pleasure in informing my friet
chased. the largest stock of
For Men, Youths and Boys, that has ever
Fine line of
Men's Suits and Ovei
Youths' Suits
W Call and examine my stock whe
W All orders addressed to Box 84
Opposite Grand Central,
Sept. 21, 38-tf.
Grand Offer for th
$85Q Square Grani
PIANO STYLE 32 Mtae,llpens
scale, beautiful carved legs and lyre. beav
iron frame, French Grand Action, Grand.l
can in any way tend to the perfection of tl
ca Our price for this instrument, bo
cars at New York. with fine Piano Cov.+r,
Just reduced from our late wholesiN, fact
by far, the greatest bargain ever offered
Tremendous demand for this style! SG4d
This Piano will be eent on 15 days teat
money with order. Cash sent with order
both ways if Piano is not just as represent
$t0 up. Over 15,000 ini use, and not one~ di
fore buying. Handsome Illustrated Pi .no
timonials ever awarded any piano maui
SHEET MUSIC at one-third price. Cata
sent for 3c. stamp.
Jun. 8, 21-1y.
01711 IMIll TAILE
= For the Next Sixty Days
In all Our Lines of
Our Bargain Table
Contains several hundred pieces of CLOT]
0, ING and other goods which will be
Sold Without Regard to Cos
17 Our Large Stock of
Is off:red at prices that cannot fail
We have in each of our lines some ODI
AND ENDS which we are determined to
GOOD BARGAINS await any who can u
these goods.
Come and see us, and we will tell ye
why we are selling so cheap.
-Jun. 15, 24-tf.
Cloths and Suitings
SExperienced Cutters,
I! Best of Tailor:
te Mar 16, 11, tf.
th Wholesale and Retail
y !
I would respectfully call the attention
ad my friends and patrons to my comnph
stock of
Ly &c., &
Having the largest stock in the Cour
and selling at very close prices I ask ac
9and examination of my large stock.
I would also call the attention of1
medical profession and public to my P
scription Departmer., which is under1
supervision of Mr. J. GARDNEft, a t
D, ough Pharmacist. We maae a ae-t
dispensing Physigianzs' Prescriptions at :
gquab.!e pnices,
'r S. F. FANTr, M. D
lAug41. R-L..f
id: ,i Ih: puli.- gen a ,t I have par
he n in the City, and the GOODS HAVE
and Overcoats.
ys' Suits and Overcoats.
n i' the City.
will receive prompt attention.
e next 60 days only.
I Piano for only $245.
wood case, elegantly finished, 3 strings, 7 Oc
t cantante agraffes, our new patent overstrang
y serpentine and large tan.ty moulding. t lh
{ammers, in ract, every improvement which
ie istrument, has been added.
xed anc' delivered on board $4
tol and B,ook, only.0
to %%" *'* $245.00
ory prce, 495, for 60 days only. This is now,
the musical public. Unprecedented success I
in your order at once. Do not lose this rare
trial. Please send reference if you do not send
will be refunded and freight charges paid by us
ed. Sever-4l o'her special Bargains: Pianos,
stisaed purchaser. Don't fait to write us be
Catalogue, mailed free, giving the highest tes- "
facturer. Every Piano fully warranted for 5
ogue of 3,000 ohoice pieces of popular Music
- P. 0. Box 2,058, NEW YORK CITY
15,609 lbs.,
CDoking and Heallng Stoves -
' 160 Cook Stoves,
20 Heating Stoves,
SBought from the largest manufacturer .in
the world, at low down prices, and shipped
at Oar Load rates of fheight, enabling us-to
offer inducements that cannot fail to pleas.
, every one.
Every Stove warranted to give entire
satisfaction. At
Hardware and Stove Store.
The next Session will begin SEPTEMBER
20th, 1682.
Academio Department.......$20 to $25
Collegiate ". .......$30 to $40 -'
Per Term.
IFor full information, apply for Circnlar
to C. MANLY, President.
Or to PaoF. H. T. COOK, Secretary.
Aug. 31, 85-Im.
Courses of Study-General Science,
Mechanics and Engineering, Agriculture, .
Classical 'Course, Latin Course.
IPartial Courses, in English Studies,
l'ractical Mathematics, Practical Agricul
Student.s admitted to anya Course for
which they are prepared.
Tuition Free.
Annual Fee of $10 for repairs. Board,
*in private lamilies, from "$12 to $15 a
monmh. Excellent board in messes at from
$8 to $10. Entire expenses need not -e
ceed $125 ; ought not to exceed $175.
), For further information, address
See'y of Faculty,
s- Aug. 24, 3--m. Columbia, S. C.
9 Tenxt Sesin.pene MONDAY, OCT.
2. 1882.
Tuition fo~r nine months, $25 to $57, so
cording to class.
Ensi:-e expense including tuition, board,
I &c,$150.00to $175.00.
, Address, -REV. G. W. HOLL AND,
Aug. 24, 34-St. President.
I will sell, at private saie, all that tract
of land in Newberry County, containing
, FOUR HUNDREI) ACRE',, seven and a
half miles North of Newberry, owned by
me as Truaree. If not sold soor.er, I will :
e.ll the sme at public outcry at N{ew berry
C.LI., S. C , to the highest bidder, on Sale
div in November next. Terms madeknown
on'day of sale.
G. W. GLENN, Trustee, &c.
July 10, 1882. 28-12t.
ty I will sell at private sale my plantation ~
"of Th.ee Hundred ~and Forty (340) .Jere
Imore or less, lying in Township No. 8 oi '
he Ne#'urry County, near Beaverdam Creek,
re-.md h oanded by la.n,ls of Mrs Thos. K.
~he l'ayuinger, F. WVerber, Sr., I. H. Boulware -
or- and Dr. D. A. Cannon. -The lad wili abe
of sod in abody or divided into tracts toskt
*u- purchasrs. Forther informaijon as to said
jand can be obsaiced from-my-rhria
O. GoggasaandJa.LK.P.

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