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Special and Local.
THURSDAY, NOV. 2, 1882.
Eleclion Notice.
Henry Bayer- -Fruit.
Hart & Co.-H"trdware.
A. Koppe'-To the Public.
Jno. it. Thompson-Notice.
Pelhum's Drug Store-Blue Stone, &c.
Goggans & Herbert-Professional Card.
Mrs. Emma F Blease-Tbe Crotwell Hotel.
Dowie & Moise-Simmons' Hepatic Com
tices in this local column are inserted at
the rate of 15 cents per line each inser
Obituaries, notices of meetings, com
munications relating to personal inter
ests, tributes of respect, ec. are charged
as regular advertisenents at $1 per
Notices of administration, and other
tegal notices, obituaries, tributes of re
spect and notices of meetings, as well as
communications of a persowud character
must be paid for in advance
The subscription price of the Herald
is $2.00 for twelve months, $1.00 for six
month.. 50 cents for three months and
25 cents for one month, in advance.
Names in future will not be placed on
the subscrtption books until the cask or
its equivacent is paid.
6' All communications relating to
personal interests will be inserted at
regular advertising rates, one dollar per
square, cash in advance. tf
This paper may be " ...: LL flie at Geo. P.
Rowell & o's News,aper Advertising nu
reau (1O SpruceeSt..) where advertising con
tracts may be made for it in New York.
r. S. Bowers. post master at
Prosperity is oar authorized agent at
that place.
A three year old daughter of Rev. Z.
W. Bedenbaugh died the 23d ultimo of
As we go to press we learn the death
of an estimable lady, Mrs. Emelino
Kinard, the wife of Maj. Joba P.
Kinard, of Paralysis. She was abot
sixty years of age.
If you will use a bottle of Dr. Fant's
ChillCare you will shake no more. 35tf
Codey's Lady's Book
For November to hand. It is one of
the best fashion magazines published.
Besides fashion articles it contains short
stories, sketches, novelet. &c. Pub
lished at Philadelphia: $2 a year. -
He No Tea.
Kind Chinese drink. For sale by
44-lt Agent for Newberry.
Democratic Meeting.
There will be a democratic rally in
Newberry to-morrow night, under the
auspices of the Carolina Democratlc
Club. Hon. E. B. Murray, of Ander
son, and others will speak. Let there
be a rousing meeting.
Fant's Female Regulator cures all dis
esses peculiar to females. 3-tf
Is directed to the advertisement of
Messrs. Dowie & Moise, wholesale and
retail druggists of Charleston. They
have an immense establishment, and
their goods are pure and reliable. Or
ders promptly attended to.
Entirely Satistactory.
Ladies wishing a perfume that combines
novelty, delicacy and richuness, find Flores
-ton Cologne entirely satisfactory.
?Ir. Henry Bayer,
The great and popular fruit dealer of
Charleston, is before the publhc with his
Fall card, His stock of Fruits is large
and embraces every variety in its sea
son. Send sour orders to him and they
will receive prompt attention.
The Card
Of Mr. A. Koppel is cheering to all
bread eaters and will be read with in
terest. Think of twenty-five loaves for
$1, with cakes and candies fresh and
nice at proportionato low prices. Any
and everybody can afford to eat bakers'
bread at this price.
The best Tonic and Appetizer in use
Fant's Calasaya Bark and iron. Try
it. 35-tf
A Splendid Yield.
.Mr. Michael Werts, of Mendenhall
*Township. gathered last week 1,000
bushels of corn from 30 acres.
He reports the corn and the cotton
crops in his section as very fine, There
is some difficulty in getting hands
enough to pick out the cotton.
Accidentally Slot.
Casef of Police H. T. Fellers was ac
eidentaliy shot through the thigh Fri
day morning by Mr.--, clerk
for Mr. J. Brown. The young man
was looking at M4r. Febers' pistol, a
self..cocker of 44 calibre, when it went
off, with the above result. Dr. Pope
dressed the wound, and Mr. FeHers is
getting on very well.
Blue Stone i Blue Stone !!
Large stock of above in store and for
sale as low as the lowest. At
A Generous Gift.
Dr. Norwood, of Cokesbury, has giv
en $1,000 to Wofford College to estab
lish a scholarship in that institution.
The interest upon the amount will be
used to pay the tuition of some young
mian from Abbeville County, or in the
event that it be not needed for that pur
pose, then to pay the tuition of any
young man the Faculty may select,
Hart & Co., of Charleston.
Special attention is called to the card
of the above named firm. They are
large importers and dealers in Hard
ware of all kinds, and zare the agents
for Kemp's Manure and Cotton See.d
Spreader. Particular attention is di
rected to their fine assortment of muz
*.zie and breech loading guns. Call on
Hart & Co., when in the city, or send
your orders.
Of the Crotwell Hotel is deserving of
attentioni, and travelers and the public
generally will find it worth their while
ao patronize this house, not only on ac
count of the liberal furnishing of its ta
ble, and eoamfort of rooms, but for its
remarkably cheap rates. Its Proprie
tress, Mrs. E. F. glease, takes pleasure
saig that ample stable accommo
stions are farnished, and also Drum
mers will find one of the best Sample
g: ooms in the State.
lnsfor Sale.
Blank Li.ens for supplies and for rcnt,
r sale tthi oce
Largest Stock REF
Of Drugs, Medicines, Lamps, Oils. Dar
Tobaccos, Wines, Brandies, &c., for a
sale at reasonable prices.
44-1 ilr.11QUARTEPS.
Personal. pub
Mr. Isaac Aiken, of Georgia, stopped t"
over Friday to see his niece, Mrs. col
Smart. fror
Messrs. Burr H. Johnstone and Jo- shi.
seph Caldwell. Jr., are attending the the
University at Columbia. C
Col. Wallace. of Colnmbia, was in the
Newberry last week, looking after the h
interests of his plantation. ina
Mr. D. O. Herbert has returned from was
Georgia to his native heath. He will I)
make his home in Newherry, and will kinm
practice law with his uncle Jas. K. P. Vh
G (ggans, Ezq. rari
One Woman Kills Another. poir
The negroes of the Bush River see- Bah
tion had a party on Mr. 1). S. Satter- ry,
white's plantation Saturday night. The mor
festivities continued throughout the
night. About 5 o'clock Sunday morn- and
ing Sarah Rook and Louisa Ellison got thi
into a ditliculty. when Sarah stabbel ho
Loui.,a with a knife and killed her. ven
The case of the trouble was j..alousy.
Trial Justice J. B. Campbell held the the
inquest. The testimony -made ont a a
very ugly case against Sarah. When was
an oiiucer was sent with a warrant for J
her she had gone. and has so far es- le
he 1
A Difficult Problem solved. he i
The desire for stimuiants is becoming a and
moustr,us evil and how to overcome it is a him
serious question with reformers. Parker's bav
Ginger Touic fairly solves the ditlieult t'
problem. It invigorates body and inid B
without intoaicating, and has brought B
health 4nd happiue s to many dcolate He
hn:es-E:quirer. . e other column. a br
.. 1l he
A Colored Policeman Charged with Lar- [Bo;
ceny. reas
The community was greatly surprised do
to learn Thursday that Policeman Har- 311.
ry B. Scott, colored, had been arrested othe
on a charge of larceny. IIe has always Mar
en'oyeu the respect of the whites of elec
Newberry, and aq pne suspected his not
honesty. He was well rtused by his on n
former master, Mr. G. T. Scott. who 14
left him some property. Lately Harry vies
has been considerably involved in debt, Of c
and his property has been ordered to be tion!
sold. has
The charge is that he asisyed in, becr
breaking into a car at the depot the serv
night of the 18th of February, and steal- no n
ing from it a large quantity of bacon. end<
fie was a policeman at the time. cam
Anstn Weaver, who is now in jail on itsel
another charge, fg implicated in the if w
matter. quie
A preliminary examination was beid sent
before Justice Carlisle Friday. Mahalv dem
Swittenberg testified that Scott and dem
Weaver made arrangements wi:.h her clad
to hide the bacon in her cellar, and that that
they did hide it there. Anderson Ken- disf
nedy testiped that Weaver came to his the
house between midnight ar4 daylight peol
with two sides of bacon, which he th;t
wanted to put in his (Kennedy's) house. peol
Jason Jones testified that S'cott told him the
the evening before the meat was stolen to
to tell Weayer to come up town that com
night, he wanted t see him. will
The Trial Justice bond. Scit? and of v.
Weaver over to the Sessions Court in the they
sum of $600. Being unable to give colc
bond, they were committed to jail. Jot-I
Dr. Moffett's '.&eathea (Teething old,
Powders) will cure your child. Foer "P
sale by all Druggists and Country Mer- crat
chants. 00-ly cad
Ertilros, S. C., Jan. 16, 1882. Jury
Capt. JamesF. dhaimsteh Charlotte, N.C.: W e
DEAlR SIR-The B:ay State Engine den
we purchased of you last August has ma
given entire satisfaction in every re- hoo<
apet. It works noiselessly and smooth- fort
ly and runs a 60 saw Winship Gin, tras
Feeder and condenser and a Boss tho
Press with perfect czs.e. We, as well D1
as many of our friends, thinkr it the rary
most durable engine we have seen, and oflic
feel safe in saying the Bay State En- Los
gine is not to be excelled by any aye
other in any respect. -a'
Very truly,
E. A. & A. H. McCORMAC. be
Mile Corn, er South American Maize. tm
We have seen in several agricultural the
papers mention of Milo Corn, but never Con
saw any until Mr. D. 0. P. Champion say
showed us a sample Monday. It grows Dar'
a good deal like millet cane, and has a Ara
head much like it, but is much larger- the:
and the grains or seed, instead of being A
covered with a husk, grow in very ton
shallow cups, and are easily rubbed or a re
threshed out. Mr. Champion got a fer.
handful of the seed last year from Rev. puzs
I. D. Pratt, of Winnsboro, and planted insc
an eighth of an acre, fro;n which he Ben
says he will make 20 bushels, besides a cam
large quantity of fodder. Stock of all 1st,
kinds is very fond of the seed. The sup]
seed when ground make pretty good and
bread, equal to second quality of floor. Con
The fodder is bountiful, turning out Tha
3.000 pounds to the acre; is thicker and tin
more cux~ulent than corn fodder, and fett
horses like it bee;- 4.han corn fodder. lutic
The stalk does not cont.in 's tunch of ti
juice as cornstalks. Rev. *Mr. Pratt, cans
who was a Missionary several years in Grei
South America, where the Milo is the Grei
principal article of food for man and andI
beast, brought some of the seed home inat
with him when he returned fQer years mer
ago. He has planted it four years. He got
speaks of it in the highest terms; says sisti
it stands drought better than anything endt
else; is easily raised ; and that from one Con
acre he made $32.50 worth of fodder. hon,
Mr. Crawford, of Riichla.nd, has a Maf
large quantity of Milo planted. The Nax
editor of the Columbia Register, in his5 es
paper a few days ago, says that Mr. set
Crawford's yied of the seed per acre is jecti
estimated at 9,522 pounds, or 146 bush- proi
els. thre
Chil andthe
Malaria, Ch-sadFever, and Bilious at- baci
tacks positively cured with Emory's stan- ask'
lard ure Pills-an infallible remed~ty: nev
er fails to cure the most obstinate. long. mer
standing cases wheie Quinine and al1l oth-~ decj
er remedies had failed. They are prepared tb
expressly for m?alarious sections, in double tb
bo;es, two kinds of Pills, containing a wer
strong catharti.s eand a chili breaker, sugar- aIe
oated; contains no Quinine or Mercury, I ay
casing no griping or 'purgingi they are and
mild and efficient, certam in their action inat
and harmless in all cases; they effectually ,
ceanse the system, and give new life and noe
tone to the body. As a household remedy the
they are unequaled. For L iver Complaint wite
heir equal is not known; one bar will have
a wonderful effect on the worst case. Thbey ioo
are used and prescribed by Physicians, and in
old by Druggists everywhere, or sent by ti
mail, ?. and So cent boxes. Emory's Little
Cat.haric 'iThs, best ever made, only 15 tick
ents. Standa,rd CiirCo., 114Nassau Street, ga
ow York. Jtii. 1, 22--8m. m
Kendall's Treatise on the Horse. live
This valuable book is for sale at the T 1
HERALD Book Store, price only 25 cents der
for single copy, of five copies for $1.00. and
This book tells yen what to do for your nat
horse wh et sick, and treats of every dis- tira
ease gio ~l~ahorse is liable. Get a He
opy and save morney agd ani4ety. et b
Only for sale at the ye
.a -tr IIEiALD BOOK S-rORE. D arl
kness Unrelieved-A Squabble Over
Nominating a County Ticket-No
Ticket Nominated.
'he County Convention of the Re
lican party was held Saturday, 28th
wo, in the Hoge School House.
are were sixty delegates present, all
>red. There was no representation
a No. 2, No. 10 and No. 11 Town
s. The HEI:AT.D represent:ttive was
only whii.e person pr.enit.
ounty 'Chairman Kennedy cal led
body to order at 1 P. M., and stated
object of the meeting to be to decide
ther a County ticket should be no'nr
ed, and to nominate a ticket if it
thought best to do so.
II. Maffett nominated P. W. Daw
as temporary Chairman and C. W.
itmire and Jesse Brooks as tempo
Secretaries; and they were elected.
committee on credenti-ils was ap
ted, consisting of B. W. Nance,
Lm Glenn, D. F. Lyles, Jordan Ga
A. W. Longshore, Carolinus Sim
s, J. B. Boozer and Silas Dawkins.
re were no contesting de legationis;
the roll-call showed that about one
1 of the delegates had stayed at
,unson Long moved that the Con
ion hear from the delegates as to
r views in reference to nominating
:ket-adopted; and Baruch Boyd
called upon. Boyd said he didn't
t so much talk. but more secrecy.
tmes A. Hendon was callod on.
said tiat the Convention kept too
h noise to attend to business; that
ad been a member of a body of 130
, where one man spoke at a time
the rest kept quiet and listened to
[Long, interrupting.] It couldn't
3 been when you were in the Legis
R. Wilson was next called upon.
;aid: "Looking at our sitnation on
oad scale, my view is, I don't see
re it is any use to mae a ticket."
d, interrupting]-What are your
ons? We've got a majority; and
you think that Mr. Culbreath and
Goggana and Mr. Mower and those
r men will appoint such persons as
ragers as will cheat us out of the
ion? (Wilson continuing) 'I'm
bere to discuss that," Boyd insisted
n answer, but didn't get it.
. H. Maffett was called on for his
s. He said:' Nominate a ticket?
ourse we should. I favor nomina
s, 1st, because the republican party
the. majority in the County, 2nd,
use it is necessary in order to pre
e our prganization, 4dr if we make
Lominations it will 'be said that we
rse the democratic ticket, 4th, be
e the republican party has planted
f upon principles that are true, 5th,
e make no opposition and remain
t the local newspapers will repre
that the fegroes are in-favor of
ocratio rule. I do not favor the
ocratic party-the 'party that ex
es the negroes from the jury-box;
by an iniquitous Registration Law
anchises 60,000 negroes; that by
Stock Law has deprived the colored
le of nearly all their cows and hogs;
by a Lien Law makes the colored
ple pay 25 per cent. interest, when
legal rate is only 7. ' I am opposed
the democratic party because it is
posed of a set of bull-dozers who
not allow the negroes the privilege
otiDg or count their ballots after
a voted. You know how tl'e
red people were iyeated at the bal
OX in 1880; how they were abused;
.t little boys not 13 years old did to
grayhaired men when they went
o vote; - and these little boys were
minions and proteges of the demo
fo pry, sannh~ery for that purpose,
to annoy the colordd' voteirs. The
that meets at the Conrt House next
k hasn't a colored man on it-that's
ocratie rule. There is not a colored
here but whc, if he has the man
to egryg himself, will say, put
2 a ticket. Wid shail be falso to our
ts and false to the expectations of
republican party if we do not.
.H. Maffett moved that the tempo
officers be made the permanent
er of the Convention. Muns.
g moe3; table the motion. The
and noes we're called tnd ;-esulted
es 24, noes 31.
:affett moved that the proceedings
pened with prayer by Rev. Joc!
ted. At this jancture a furious
ngle sprang up that lasted some
, the country delegates accusing
town delegates of trying to run the
yrention and of having too much to
The Chairpar, app,ointed Newton
by and D. H. Maffett Sergeants-at
is, order was finally restored, and
Rev. Joel offered up a prayer.
ad now came the tug of war. New
Darby handed to the Secretaries a
solution, which he proposed to of
The Secretaries and the Chairman
ded over it as if it were a Chinese
ription, but couldn't make it out.
Nance, wvho wrote the resolution,
e to the r.esene and read it: It was,
That this "Corbention pledge its
>ort to the Greenback State Ticket
to the Greenback candidate for
gress from the 3d District; 2nd,
this Convention make no nomina
s for County Officers. D. H. Maf
was on his feet as soon as the reso
was read. He said the first part
ie resolution was unnecessary, be
;e they h;ad sent delegates to the
nback State Con.vention and the
enback Congressional Convention.
these delegates assisted in the nom
ions; that was sufficient endorse
it. At this point Nance and Maffett
int3 a heated wrangle, each one in
ng that 'thie other a.ssisted him to
rse the greenback' candidate for
gres, and each striving for the
or of doing the most in the matter.
Fett characterized a statement of
ice's a:: "false es bell." Boyd sug
.ed that the' two go otz doors and,
te the matter. Newton Darby oh
sd to a few men's taking such a
ninent part in the proceedings, and
'atened that if they didn't go on with
business he would take "No. 4"
where they earpe from. Boyd
d wether the resolution included
nbers of the Legislature, and it was
ded that it did. Maffett moved to
e the resolution; the ayes and noes
e called on the motion, and resulted
S27, noes 30; but the Chairmnan
Secretaries, being iD favor of nom
ions, brought the count out, ayes 27,
25-and the Chairman'delded~
resolutin tabled. Orange Maffett,
> a voie like a fog-biorp, took the
r and delivered a labored harangue,
w'hich he said: "The republicans in
State will support a republican
et, no matter how it is nominated."
ie one moved to adjourn, and the
ion was adopted. About twenty
left, but others stayed on.
he Chirman ca,lled 1.i;. body to or
again. D. H. Maffett took"ths floor
under the plea of making a nomni
on, delivered a violent and abusive
de against the democratic-party.
said: We ought to nominate a tick
ecause it is our duty. If we do not.
e;dpres the democratic party-that
y wh.o we -:mo, to befaise to
every principle of right and luetice
that party which has foisted upon us n
the most oppressive laws; has disrobed ti
us of our privileges, and has made us
worse t!'an chattels and slaves. If we E
do not nominate a tieket we say to the
world that we want to have the kind of li
go7ernment we has e had since 1876.
It would be to say that we are satisfied T
with that party whose plans:and methods :
of carrying elections are a shame and a Z
disgrace to American civilization. The
law giarantees to every muan his rits T
as a ei' izen. atde it would he a damna
ble di-gr-ae for the colored peoplu to 1
give up those riglt whil'. they h::ve a -
majority. I am oppoesed to the demo
cratic party ; hev:musc it ha al lwa's op- ti
posed1 our people in everything that d:
looked to their advancement; because w
it is opposed to our si)cial, political and c:
eduostional progress; because it held T
our race in slavery for 200 years; be- I
cause since 1868 it has shot down the t
colored people like dogs. to terrorize
them so as to make a solid South and to
make us, in all but name. slaves again;
because at the judgment day there will to
go up from Newberry County colored
men who have been shot down and a
murdered by the democrats for their
politiral opinions-such ment as Lee
Nanee and Johnson and Randolph. W
Let us remember the Cainhov riot, the
Ellenton riot, the Ham,burg riot, and w
the Lancaster riot. 'The democratic ti<
party will never give you your privi
leges; it is determined to keep you
ground down in the rut that they may e
enjoy all the advantages, while von re- th
main the he wers of wood and the draw
ers of water. Any colored man who p,
does not oppose that party ought never ril
to have been emancipated and ought to
be a slave to-day. We hare mr:ulo pro
gress that has not beer u,ad, iiy the th
white race; a progress that has startled or
the world. Sueb men as Wendell Phil
ips, Charles Sumner, (who shed his sti
blood in the United States Senate by us
the hands of a South Carolinian.) and
Abraham Lincoln contentied tr our
freedom and rights because they knew VC
that by creation we were tbeir equals; to
and we should be true to the memory
of these noble men. He then nowina- fa'
ted F. L. Hicks for the Legislature. ha
Maffett's speech was loudly cheered.
Joo. Daniels nominated Newton C.
Duckett, of No. 4, for the Legislature. fa
Duckett was not present; but David F. Ye
Lyles, of No. 4, said that he was satis- fo
fied Duckett would not accept the nom
i'nation. He opposed nominations be- th
cause he thought there was no chance as
of success. ro
Charley Brown, of No. 1, said there
was no more use to nonninate a colored
man for the Legislature than to get a
dead man out of the sea who had been
there a thousand years, and run him. ca
He and Maffett had a wrangle over the
respective merits of ignorant negroes za
and educated negroes, in the conrse of at
which Maffett said that one of the most pe
ignorant negroes he knew was Gen. 00
Smalls, and he had been in the peniten
tiary. th
Lyles moved to adjourn sine die.
Maffett took the floor again. He said:.
If the republican party has got to that d
point where it is afraid to make a fight ds
while it has a majority I will say to it,
farewell, for it has sealed its destiny. ge
The responsibility will not rest on the yc
young men, but on the old men who th
have been bribed. Your County Chair- w
man has deserted you; he doesn't want pr
a ticket.
A delegate arose and declared that
two or thre9 men could not prevent fa
their making a ticket. Maffett said,
these two or thrce men are gogto ah
make a ticket, and it is money that is t
working. hicks said ho had bee-n ask
ed to take part in a movement to make
a secret ticket, putting one dIemoer'ltic se
nominee upon it, and springing it om th
election day. He said that wen had Ft
been to himu to make such a coalition, th
and that money was being used for the by
purpose as in 1880. The mone-y that in
was collected from the republicans in
180 and sent to the Court House to hi
priit tickeis, &c., was solen and kept w
by two men-and they were getting g,
money from the demiourats at 'the sames
time. rRr-ferring to ilenry Kennedy-~
the reporter could not learn the- other
party referred to.~ e
At this stage of the proceedings some
one nominatedi D. H. Maffett. Maffett w
declined; ahimei I iei sti5
Orange MaIkeL moved to adjourn for R
want of a quorum. About fifteen of the at
twenty preseht kept clamoring for a am
ticket: "Make a ticketanyhow ;" "make et
some sort of a nomination ;" "two men w:
made a ticket in 1880; fifteen men can
do it now;" "make a ticket;" "we must 1i
have a ticket." Joe Hlimes mounted gr
the stage ad pot*ed forth g torrent of o
invective against Kennedy, and clam- S
ored for a ticket. Maffett got the floor
and advised against wakmng a ticket, as ,.]
there was not a quorum present. nI
And the Convention dispersed.
The Court of Sessions of
Was opened Monday morning, Judge &;
Wallace presiding. b
The following bills were banded to $1
the Grand Jury:
State vs. John R. Gelding; carrying Cl
pistol concealed; guilty-sentenced to
pay a fine of $15, or in default of that to b(
serve two months.in the Penitentiary. tV
State vs. George Harrington and Jim w
Duckett; stealing corn from the field; R
guilty-one year each in the Peniten
StaWe vs. Charles Williams; arson;
guilty-ententlary for life.
State vs. Wade Livingston and Wilson
Anderson; burglary and larceny. Liv
ingston guilty of burglary, and sen
tenced to the Penitentiary for life. An
derson gtuilty of petit larceny, and sen
tenced to SQ days in jail..
State vs: Thomas Henderson; house
breaking in the day time; no bill.
State vs. 0. P. Saxon ; assault with
intent to kill, &c. Failing to appear
when called, beach arrant issped for
his arrest.
State vs. the same; carrying pistol
concealed. Failed to answer, bench
warrant issued.
State vs. John R. Gilliam; selling
property under lien without notice.
State vs. Elbert B. Please; carrying
pistol concealed.
State vs. Harry B. Scott and Austin
Weaver; burglary and larceny.
State vs. Herbert Coleman; carrying
pistol concealed.
State vs. F. H. Dominick; obstruct
ing public highway-nol pros'd on con- F
dition that he rpnoye the- dbstructions.
State vs.,James Elser; housebreak
in g-nol .pro.s'd.
State vs. Clarissa greyepv; appeal
from Trial Justice-judgment confirm
State vs. Thos. Tinsley; breach of
trust with fraudulent intent-nol pros'd.
State vs. Louis Crede; appeal from
Town Council-new trial granted.
State vs. R. T. Reagin; breach of s
peacs-truck off
State vs. Jas.'W. Sanders and Ellen
Felker; adultery-continued, Sanders
sick. fc
State vs. U. B. Whites; breach of
trust and embezzlement-continued,
Mr. Pope, one of his Counsel, being
State vs. same; failing to turn over
orey to his successor-same disposi
State vs. Levi Brown and Nathan
rown; malicious mischief.
State vs. Zadoc L. White and J. Vil
am White; conspiracy.
State vs. Zachariah Taylor and Eda
avlor; assault and hattery of a high is
ad aggravated naturt-; guiity as to IR
Wih. Tay lor-nety trial grantd.
State vs. John Gilliam ; appeal frotu
ri:l .Justice-appeal sustained.
St: te v:. Mal:uk IhO,(.y, Chariott S
uscee and A:. tuda Btoye ; cttspiracy an
-nol1pro. 'dil
As soon as the Sessions Court is over
t, jurors will be disehargmd until Monl- ne
tv, 13th. and the b:+lanc. of the week in
i!l he devoted to Calendar G and equity sy
Ises. There will he no court Monday,
uesday and Wednesday of next week;
bursday, Friday and Saturday will he
ken up with equity cases.
irious and all About
Mrs. Boland and family have moved fe
Mr. Ed. K nnerly is recovering from fe
severe spell of fever. Ci
The matrimonial market is brisk. th
ill give quotations next week.
Have you your registration ticket at
bere you can lay your hand on it elec
>n day?
The time for paying taxes has been
tended to and including the 10th of
is month.
Mr. Merrill was struck by a train at
)waria Tuesday, and had one of his D
>s broken.
Mr. R. T. Caldwell has moved into to
e house opposite the Baptist Church IE
Caldwell Street.
Nerves, brain, and musc'les gain
enth and the power of endurance by
ing Brown's Iron Bitters.
If you don't want taxes increased
te against the proposed awendment
reduce the area ul Uountics.
"Old Mollie," for many years the A
,thful buggy nag of Mrs. McK -llar, TE
,nded in her checks last Saturday. i
Lawyer Culbreath is the boss town wi
,mer: he makes twenty hale-s this m
ar on twenty-two acres. He planted ,h
Mr. Jno. 1). Brown has resigned from -
e police force and has been employed
Watchman at the depot by the rail
ad company.
Special trains will be run from New
rry tU C uiuumbia at baei evety day I 0
ring the State Fair, so that persons ;
n go down and return the same day. Th
The State Board of Railroad Equali- BU
tion has assessed the C. & G. R. R.
d the Blue Ridge R. R. at $10,500 a
r mile, and the Laurens R. R. at $3.- by
0 per mile, for
The cotton-buyers here complain that
ey cannot get their cotton shipped
omptly. Large quantities of cotton
,ve had to lie at the depot for several
,ye before shipment.
The coming holidays will be more
nerally observed than any for many ,
ars,and we would remind our readers
at a bottle of Dr. Bull's 'Cough Syrup
ill prove a most acceptable holiday
It is a strange coincidence that thirty
ars ago Washington Floyd, grand
~hr of L. WV. Floyd. was convicted
d fined for obstructing the very road
at L. W. Floyd lately prosecuted F.
Dominick for obstructing.Fo
Harriet King, colored, who has inst Hoa'
rved out a sentence for stealing from .ht
e person, picked the poeket of Mr. Ci
ank Kelly, a juror, Tuesday night on Con
street. The money was recovered COns
-Policeman Chappeli, and Harriet is- tg
jai. a
There shitald be an ordinance to pro- -
bit persons leaving team. s on the street
itho~ut some one mn chtarge of them.
.turday two 'teams on thd~ public
uare, having been left alone, started Orinal
run and were stopped by disinterest- Good C
Trial Justice Fair's Constable has a Good 2
arrant for two white men who reg- Good
ered at the Newberry Hotel as Win.
Henry and F. B. Willhims, Atlanta, No'
d at the Grotwell under* the same
mes, tiut from Columbia. They are
arged by Thos. C. Lewis, a darkey, -By,
ith robbing him of $35.
3est ever made, Emory's Little Cathartic
ls, pleasant, to take. suigar-coated; no
iping; only - - cents a bo., of Druggists
by mail. Standard Cure Co., 114 Nassau DRY S.
In all ages discoveries have beer nade hAMS.
dch at tbe time were not appreciated.
is is eminently true of the great vege- ~AD
>le Specific S S. , which ha.s never
en known to dil to cure the worst case
Scroula. The actio of the remedy is SUGAI
ple and perfecrt. Eradicates the disease
renewing and purying the blood. Price,
.00 and $1.75 per bottle.
ub Rates,
The Columbia Regi-ster wvill be cluh
d with the HERALD as follows: Week- XOLA~
Register and HERALD S3.50, rin
eky Register and H ER ALD $5, .Daily
igister and HERALD $8.75. TEA
The Weekly Yeoman and HERALD at
L,50. 47-tf.
Beautiful A.LBU MS, large and small. BAG GI
Beautiful SCRAP BOOKS, plain and fancy. OPIC
Beautiul DESKS, all prices. RED C
Beautiful WORK BOXES, handsome. .TIMO
Beautiful INKSTANDS, all dolors. WH EA
Beautiful PAPER WEIG HTS. nace.
-INK, P'ENS, oh
ENCILS, 4on t
LARtis to-r og~ immed
JUsT IN Oct.
A.nd a variety of other goods, making my
ock the largest and best ever exchibited in Gr..
g- L you don't see what you want, ask
Proprietor Herald Book Store.
sep.2, 39-f. A ly
New Life
given by using BRowN's
inter it strengthens and
rms the system; in the
>ring it enriches the blood
.d conquers disease; in the
immer it gives tone to the
rves and digestive organs;
the Fall it enables the
stem to stand the shock
sudden changes.
In no way can disease be
surely prevented as by.
eping the system in per
:t condition. BROWN'S
ON BITTERS ensures per
:t health through the
tanging seasons, it disarms
e danger from impure
ter and miasmatic air,
td it prevents Consump
>n, Kidney and Liver Dis
se, &c.
H. S. Berlin, Esq., of the
fll-known firm of H. S.
rlin & Co., Attorneys, Le
roit Building, Washing
n, D. C., writes, Dec. 5th,
Gentlemen: I take pleas
ure in stating that I have used
Brown's Iron Bitters for ma
laria and nervous troubles,
caused by overwork, with
excellent results.
Beware of imitations.
5k for BROwN's IRON BIT
:s, and insist on having
Don't be imposed on
th something recom
ended as "just a; geo."
ie geuiine ~is made only
the Brown Chemical Co.
dtimore, Md.
LL': COC;G H- SYRUP over
)tiercough remedies is attested
the inimens? pol.u;iar demand
that old established remedy.
the Cure of Coughs, Colds,
rseness, Croup, Asthma, Bron
s,Whoopinlg Cough, Incipient
;umotion and for the relief of
mptive persons in advanced
:s of the Disease. For Sale
NEWBERRY, S. 0., Nov. 1, 1882.
-y...................... a.
rdinary.................... a
iddling...................S81a 9
g....................... 9a 9I
[idding................... a 9t'
berry Trices Current.
I. N. MARTIN & Co.
Shoulders, Prime New... a
Shoulders, Sugar cured....
sides, C. R., New........... a 17
Soilders, New.............. 10
Sides, C. R., New...........a 17
Sides, Long Clear........... a 18
Uncanvassed Hlams......... IS
Canvassed H ans, (Magnolia) 20
Leaf. in Tierces.......... S1
Leaf, in Buckets.......... 18
Crahed.............-.... 12j
Granulated Standard...1%a
Extra C................ 11
Cli'e 0................ 10
Yellow..............,.... 10
New Orleans.............. 10
Dearara............... -
rew Orleans syrup, new crop.1 0.)
New Orleans Molasses. 50
Cuba Molasses......GO
Sugar House Molasses. 40
unpowder. ............. 1.50
'oung Hyson............. 1.50
Roasted or Parched... 25
Best Rio............... 20a
Good Rio.............. 16a20
Cider Vinegar...... 50
White Wine Vinegar 65
Tennessee.........-.... 1251.80
Bolted.--......-- 35
;7....................... 1.50
.... .... .... .... .... ... . 10
u.........,............da 12
OI. ....-..... 20
NTRATED LYE........... 10
S SODA.-............... 10
1REAsE...., ,. 1
10ke............. 4.50
NG-Heavy. .... ........1a
VTIES,.per butch........... 2 00
DARROW TIES......... 1.25
)VE R SEED-perib....20
ATS-per bu............. 35a
Y H AY............... 'o
T, Derb'...............:...l15a 1 25
I make final settlement as Guardian
state of my ward Sydney B.. Aull,
20th day of Koyewoer, 1882, in the
Court for Newberry County, and
ately thereafter apply for fir.l dis
as such Guardian.
li, 1882. 42-5t.
ving agar Oaae and in need of
Sit to their interest to call on me
making putohases, as I am agent for
the cheapest and best Factories in
tr. S. P. BOg R
2)rp =IE an Xfins
--AT TilE
- OF
BelH>Cit Co.
We takte great pleasure in informing our
friends and cho public gencr.t'ly, t,At we
are p.e-pared tlia season TO EXhIBIT A
Th we have do:e lectre.
Our stoc k , .u>. .i>ut CoM 'LET^. al
though every day we are makin; new ad
ditions which will be kept up through the
;eaaon. -
I'l;ids tnd Stip.s, .
C'ambric ,
Li nie
1h i tin rs,
Shear ings,
R-d 'hiantu 1.',
WVhi:t" 1F.anriels,
Cot:on Fb,nels,
Black oshmeres,
Colored Cashmeres,
Bl.ck Plush,
Colored Plush,
Black t\elve*,
Colored Velvets,
Black Vclveteens,
Colored Velveteens,
Crape Veilings,
Black Dress Silk,
Black Trimming Silk,
Colored Trimming Silk,
Black Brocade Silk,
Ookred $rocade Silk,
Black Satin,
Colored Satin,
Handkerchiefs, &c.
We invite special attention to our
Gents' Furnishing Department,
which is now complete.
Polite and courteous attention given to
every visitor, whether purchaser or not.
When visiting the City don't fail to call
ad see u-.
BM. II. WN% & 00.
Io $8ntl8fi6f aod Yoth
Who Would Make
A Good Appearance.
I w~ould state to those who want nice fit
lhat I hive in stock the most choice selee
tion of
ver seen lai thia city. My son, who has
een cutting at one of the first custom
ouses in New York, is with me, and with
y foreman, Mr. Hagg, will be -able to
please the most fastidious of my customers.
Will also make to*order Dress 3hirts, Un
irhirms and Drawers. It costs nothing
o call and see
Oct. 12, 41-tf.
For tie Next Sixty Days
In all Our Lines of
Our Bargain Table
ontans geveral hundred pieces of C LOTH
ING and other goods which will be
Sold Without Regard to Coste
Our Legge Stock of
[ offered at pri,cec. ta Cannot fail to
We have in each of our lines some ODDS
AND ENDS which we are determnined to
G00D BARGAINS await any who can use
these goods.
Gome and see us, and we wil! tell you
why we are selling so cheap.
Jun. 15, 24-tf.
A position as Asistant ieacher,-gr Prin
cipal of a Free Schnc, by 'a "lady holding
first Grade Certificate. Ingumre at
Sep&. 28, 39-tf.
e-a- 1
Oct. 5,4 - m
Whlsl adRti
I ol esetul cl h ttnino
ly rieds ndpatonstomy ompet
=oe o
Oct. &,.,0&cm.
Whleslatvrle apriceakal
I would aepfll call the attention of
riedaprfss and patrons to my pree- -
upiio of M.JADE,ate
DUGamcst.W, aea pcat
ispnsngEhy ICIa'PrsipoNS e
Noticg ishelreystc gie: the Cunaus
nsell gat vey le ices th anesig ed
erd petiAtic:; of v laried se of
I heruad alsmio cheldrenin o cetai
reac ofesoand of whice lt husband
hcrretn pRsell, hicise andr tosessd
eatedviin h ount ard St AER aor-d
ontaensing Pihycn' Aerescmrptornls ande
oundbedb prices o r.T .Pyigr
isSbeBrD. A.Canon, Frank
TATE and Ors AndaOLomstAd
aChrOnY OFat oftesadErrea ..
ts Ell dec eaisel~
osrpitil Bore thae aring, and s offe
ronher absolher for hldenina Keown.
This ofiladsotrac e r laeusndse
es ofe sall, diedSHK seized ind thsee
ELETau.n Eigery ACies,e olerm ,and
. Is irtules astD A.retoaveo. Pang
rere dohered by a! a ad hoPresat
ieme-he w4a st ofeiy prol'.aid overte
ntirsel EpreaIsed bcm.ounvra
hargiel prea,to tny Hares, a $1.0 te -
tisoear WatF SHeK Deafg Say th
Itlo ea, erowne as miaRcinBDt myoas
DTI. ver bnerh noishermn mydw head
LIt virbees gratly reneortie. har
Myr diasceped audgriet abutn
ntheer bott0e wiu cure me.es umr
"Itsires re ItsussTecameLE nis
t ongeSpp, to Any adJrEss ;D$.0 er,
thet fork,ve enrog. anodous has re
eise abyn r et aCha t peole. eable
Rut ear Wike -h eae, anhs
Irtiv eas peroreamiclinmynen.Yo
I hav oueahynoises so"-ntO OPhe
an Toeavoi much i btte peaesn
Onae e raly benefidtby .
ost akmrRI toa Ammuca OEERA. Writ

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