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Special and Local.
HURSDAY, NOV. 23, 1882.
True & Co.--$72.
S7inson & Co.-Wise.
. Fellers-Citation.
I. Hallett & Co.-Rest.
Thos. IL Adams-Notice.
E. S. Coppock-For Rbut.
1. W.:'England--fhe Sun.
O.L. Schampert-Land for Sale.
Wright & J. W. Coppock-Clothing.
Mamie C. Oxuer-Adminitrator's Sale.
Isadore Ruff-Blacksmith and Wheel
rigbt Shop for Sale.
wes in this local column are inserted at
the rate of 15 cents per line each inser
Obituaries, notices of meetings, com
nunications relating to personal inter
est, tributes of respect, &c. are charged
as regular advertisements at $1 per
Notices of administration, and other
legal notices, obituaries, tributes of re
spect and notices of meetings, as well as
communicAtions of a personal character
r4ust be paid for in advance
The subscription price of the Herald
is $2.00for twelve months, $1.00 for six
months, 50 cents for three months and
25cents for one month, in advance.
Naaes in future will not be placed on
the subscription books until the cash or
its equivalent is paid.
gr All oommunications relating to
personal interests will be inserted at
reguiar advertising rates, one dollar per
square, cash in advance. tf
This paper may be found on ie at Geo. P.
bowen & Co's Newspaper Advertising Ba
ea (10 spruce St..) where advertising con
tracs may be made for it in New York.
Mr. L S. Bowers, post master at
Prosperity is our authorized agent at
Mr. Geo. Fellers, of this County, died
the 10th instant, aged about eighty
Use Pelham's Peetoral Syrup for
_Coughs and Colds. 6-2
Cotton Shipments.
From the 1st of September up to and
'ncluding the 20th instant there have
been shipped from Newberry 10,288
bales of ootton.
For Rent
The farm belonging to the under
_igned, lately occupied by Henry D.
Hidrix, is for rent. Applicants apply
to the undersigned.
47-St E. S. COPPOCK.
Sugar Cane Syrup.
Mr. F. A. Schompert left on our ta
* Wednesday a sample of Syrup made
rom the real Sugar Cane, and we pro
nounce it equal to the best. He says
three hundred gallons can be made to
you will use a bottle of Dr. Fant's
Cure you will shake no more. 35tf
L.arge Stock of Clotbing.
Messrs. Wright & J. W. Coppock
have one of the largest and best stocks
-d Gentlemen's and Youth's Clothing
ever brought to this market, and an ex
amination of the same will do you good,
even if you are not able to bay. Go
and look by all means.
It has received iteLf4asIp hs pub
Eie. -Wbhai? ylP
; 46-2
Carolinian Promoted.
S.W. T. Lanbam, formerly of
Spartanburg, S. C., but for many years
a citizen of Weatherford. Parker Co.,
Texas, has been elected to Congress
from the 11th Texas D)istrict. Col. L.
is one of the most brilliant lawyers in
.Northwestern Texas. He served dar
ing the war in the Third Son,th Caroli
Fant's Female Regulator cures all dis
eases peculiar to females. 35f
Rev. Dr Stock
Began a series of sermons in the Lu
theran Church last Sunday night, his
subject being -'The fulfillment of Pro
Lphecy." He proposes to continue the
subject each Sunday night during the
winter. The Doctor has studied the
subject very carefully, and his discourses
will no doubt be entertainig and in-i
-Large bottle, pleasnt to the taste,
and worth the money, Pelham's Pect.o-'
ral Syrup. 46-2
Second Crop.
Ned Austin, colored, living on Mr.
Jas. Harris' place, near Mr. Wallace
Cline's shop, brought to the HERALD
office Saturday an apple of second
growth of good size and nearly ripe.
There were six on the tree.
Mr. WV. H. Blats pulled a seoond
crop apple from one of his trees Sunday
that was ripe and of full size.
The best Tonic and Appetizer in use
Fant's Calasaya Bark and Iron. Try
it. 35-tf
F.xcursion Rates to Charleston.
For the next few weeks Charleston
will present several special attractions;
among them the Industrial Exhibition,
the Music Festival and the Races. Tne
S. C. R. R. offers special rates to visit
ors. ~From Nov. 20 to Dec. 16 tickets
will be sold at all stations on that road
for 3 cents a mile, round trip, good for
ten days. From Columbia and return
the fare is $3.90.
Avoid noxious nostrums, and use
Peltham's Pectoral Syrup, an elegant
pharmaceutical product for Coughs,
Hoarseness, &c. 46-2
A Big Yield of Potatoes.
A lady of Sumter raised six hundred
bushels of sweet potatoes on an acre of
Sground. Mr. J. M. Johnstone has her
written stateument to that effect and the
statement of the parties who measured
the potatoes and the land, sworn to be
fore a Trial Justice. She expected to
Thealady is Mrs. Jonathan Maxcey,
formerly of this County.
The house of Harry Bloore, colored,
on Mrs. Chalmers' place, near Jalapa,
caught- fire last Thursday, and came
near.burning down. The bedding, fur
nitura and everything else in the house
were burned. Old Ned Hampton, one
hundred years old, and two small chil
dren were in the house, and these were
rescued with much difficulty by Mr.
Hayne Chalmers and others. The fire
was accidental: the clothes of one of
the children caught fire, and the child
got into a bed to extinguish the fiames,
ad tus set the bed on lire.
Why is Pelham's Pectoral Syrup like
the Democracy of 1882? Answer. Be
cause it always leads by a large major
ity. 46-2t
Eclectic Magazine.
The December nouler of the Eclectic
is at hand, and is one of the best of the
entire year. The vivid sea-story, "The
'Lady Maud,' " is brought to a conclu
sion, *nd every variety of taste will find
something to suit it in the table of con
tents. Published by E. R. Pelton, 25
Bond Street. New York. Terms, $5
per year; single copy, 45 cents; Trial
subscription for three months, $1.
An Explanation.
The delicate, flowery and lasting fra
grance of F!oreston Cologne explain why
it is such a favorite with the ladies
Mr. W. H. Clark. pbotographic art
ist, and family took up theline of travel
foi their future bowe in Florida. on
Monday afternoon last. We bade them
God speed in front of the HERALD Of
fice. and with regret, and hope that they
will arrive without mishap, and meet
with as many friends in that sunny land
as they left behind them in Newberry.
The trip was commenced in a nicely
coyered wagon, fitted up inside with all
conveniences and comforts, suitabl6 for
a lady and children, and with the ex
ception of the rigors of the weather will
no doubt prove a pleasant change from
their heretofore pent up life.
No County Fair.
It was quite late in the season .before
the Agricultural & Mechanical Joint
Stock Company was- formed, leaving
very little time for making preparations
for a County Fair. It was decided,
howerer, by the Directors. to make an
atterpt, and Premium Lists were is
sued last week for a Fair to be held the
22nd, 23d and 24th. Monday the bad
weather came, and Tuesday morning
the ground was covered with ice and
snow and the skies were overcast.
With these facts and prospects before
them, the Directors met Tuesday morn
ing, and decided that, under the circum
stances,-it would not be wise to attempt
to have a County Fair, and no Fair was
Now is the Time to Subscribe.
Any of the Magazines or Papers named
below will be furnxshed at publishers'prices
to any one bringing their orders to the
HERiD Book Store, or who send the cash
ew vYork Weekly, AIustrated.. . $3 00
Saturday NighM, 3... 00
The Reartao, 3 ... 00
Beadle's Weekly, " .... .. 3 00
Frank Leslie's *eekly, . .......... 4 00
Chimney Corner, ". .... 400
Harper's Bagar, 4 00
Godey's Lady's Book, monthiv........ 2 00
Peterson's Lady's Ma e, montbly? 5 00
Leslie's Popular Monthy........... 3 00
Leslie's Sunday Magazine, monthly.... 3 00
Any other paper or magazine not- en this
list will be sent for.
Nov. 23,47-tf.
The Shadow on the Snow.
There isn't much snow yet, but there is a
heap of shadow-and the shadow is the
shadow of Christmas, which like other com
ing events, projects its umb,a in front of it.
In every family two important problems
are hastening to solution; and while the
elder members are asking themselves,
"What shall we give ?" the younger are no
less eagerly speculating as to what they
shall get. The boys drop vague hints of
the desirabiliy of skates aud sle4s, and
books of adventure and exciting narrative;
while the little girls are bemoaning the di
lapidated condition of the present genera.
ion of dolls, and artfully trying to inveigle
mamma into that phrase so full of promise.
".We'll see at Ghristmas-time."
It. really is no easy task to select a line
of Christiras presents, so as to insure that
every litt:e oue shall get just what it 'will
rost appreciate, arnd none shall be unduly
~favored ; and as the holiday season draws
near, the careful mother feels, more than
at any oter time, the ned of some relia
be minmual, by referring to which she may
know j'ist what is to be had, and just what
every thinug will cost And luckily is this
age of journalistic enterprise, the very
thing sha wants lies ready to her hand.
For the winter number of the Fashion
guarterly is out, and a copy can be had
for only fifteen cents. U itihi the compass
of its ninety odd pages are illustratipns of
every kind an,d description of Christmas
gifts; from the rattle or toys for the three
year old infant, up to the gold-headed cane
or dressing-gown for papa, or the long
wisedfor watch for mamma. Dolls and
doll's furniture, tin toys, mechanical toys,
telegraphic machines, bonbon boxes, veloci
pedes, fancy stationery, gorgeous plush
covered boxes, saviugs banks, magical ap
paratus, books of every kind-in short, the
wole range of possibilities in th.e way of
Christmas presents is covered ; and parents'
purses and children's fancies can alike be
suited, howerer fastidious the one, or at
tenuated the other. Iudeed, we believe it
safe to say that such a mass of useful infor
mation, for so small a price, was- never is
sued from the press before.
'The Fashion Quarterly is published by
Messrs. Ehricb Bros., of New York, at 50
cents a year, or 15 cents a copy.
Best ever made, Emosy's Lipt.le Cathart'c
Pills, pleasant to take, sugar-coated; no
riping; only 15 cents a box. of Druggists
r by mail. Standard Cure Co.. 114 Nassau
Street, New York. Jun. 1. 22-8m.
In all ages discoveries have been made
which at the time were not appreciated.
This is eminently true of the great vege
table Specific S. S. S, which has sever
~een known to fail to cure the worst camse
of Scrolula. The action of the remedy is
simple and perfect.' Eradicates the disease
by renewing and purying the blood. Price,
S.00) and $1.75 per bottle.
Dr. Moffett's Teethina (Teething
Powders) will cure your child, f'or
sale by all Druggists and Country Mer.
chants. 50_____ S-1y
Malaria? Chi-Is and Fever, and Bilious at
tacks positively cured with Emory's Stan
dard Cure Pills-an infallible remedy: inev
er fails to cure the most obstinate, long
standing cases whete Quinine and all oth
er remedies had failed. They are prepared
expressly for matar4oqs sections, mn double
boxes, two kinds of Pills. con4tajnamg a
strong cathartic and a chill breaker, sugar
coated; contains no Quinine or Mercury,
causing no griping or purging; they are
mii and efilcient, certain in their action
and harmless in all cases; they effectually
cleanse the system, and give new life andl
tone to the body. As a household remedy
they are unequaled. For L iver Complaint
their equal is not known ; one box will have
a wonderftel effect on the worst case. They
are used and prescrib8d by Phlysicians, and
sold by Druggists ey'erS where, or sent by
mail, 25 and 50 cent boxes. Emory's Little
(athartic Pills, best ever made, only 15
Cents. l.tandard Cure Co., 114 Nassau Street,
New York. Jun. 1,22--sm1.
Kendall's Treatise on the Horse.
This valuable book is for sale at the
HERAW Book Store, price only 25 cents
for single copy, or five copies for $1.00.
This book tells yotu what to do for your
horse when sick, and treats of every dis
ease to which a horse is liable. G~et a
copy and save money and anxiety.
Only for sale at the
Liens for Sale.
Blank Liens for supplies and for rent,
for sale at this ofie.
Club Rates.
The Columbia Register will be club
bed with the HERAL.n as follows: Week
y Register and HERAL.n $3.50, fir
weekly Begister and HERW.D $5, Daily
Register and HERAL.n $8.75.
The Weekly Teoman and Hamar. at
SS.rg- 47-if.
was a Latin injunction; but Remember,
is the modern phrase that many dollars
are saved by buying Drugs. Medicines.
Toilet Articles, &c., of Pelham. the
Druggist. 46-2
The Thornwell Orphanage.
The 7th annual report of this institu
tion has just been issued. There are in
the Orphanage thirty-two orphans,
whose bodily, mental and moral inter
ests are looked after with parental so
licitude and care. They are instructed
by good teachers, and at the same time
are taught to work, so that they way
be prepared for useful lives when they
grow up.
The Library of the Orphanage con
tains 827 volumes, most of them gifts
from friends; some have been pur
The "Orphans' Seminai-y," a house
intended to supply chapel, library, mu
seum and school accommodations for
one hundred pupils, was began last
Marcb, and is progressing finely. About
$2,000 has been collected and expended
on this work; and $1,750 more is need
ed to complete it.
There has been added during the
past year $879.58. to the Endowment
Fund, making the total at present $5,
In the line of manual labor the Or
pbanage has a good printing office,
from which is issued an excellent paper
"Our Monthly," the orphan boys doing
the entire work of Lue office, at a net
benefit the past year of $166.90. The
farm belonging to the Orphanage is cul
tivated by the larger boys.
Rev. W. P. Jacobs. Superintendent,
is doing a noble work, and he deserves
the earnest sympathy apd help of all
Christian people.
It is said that Pelham's Drug Store is
being rapidly filled with the largest and
most unique line of Fancy Goods, Co
logne, Hair Brushes, Toilet Articles,
Fine Lamps, Wines, Brandies, Cigars,
&c.. that has ever been brought to New
berry. It will doubtless repay a visit
to the Drug Emporium. 46-2
Sniffles Wants a eow.
A good cow is wbat I want. a cow
that will give from four to six gallons
of strained milk, with lots of butter in
it. A cow whose tail needs no tying,
which will not kick, nor jump, nor ca
vort around promiscuousiy, apd which
will always stand to the rack, fodder or
no fodder. This is the kind of cow I
want, that is the old woman and I want,
a cow that belongs to the peace society,
gentle, kind and meek eyed. We have
talked the subject ry. and are ready to
milk a cow dry, in fact we banker after
a cow, and the possession of a cow with
these admirable qualities will add much
to our happiness. Oh for a cow. We
have been saving, and saving for more
than a year, and wont mind giving as
much as $10 or even $15 for one, I
had a call the other day from a man, he
didn't own a cow himself, but come
froin another man, or leastwise a wo
man, for the man was dead. This wo
man' had a spl.epdid coW, asked $25 for
her, and that may be $20 would bl?y her.
He talked a great deal, and looked as if
he had been drinkinq-milk, and re
m,rked that her calf, the cows calf, was
no young thing, but was eight months
old, and that she never had been milked,
be referred to the cow of course, and
that, she was some on the jump, and
might book. There was no telling how
much milk she would give, as she had
never been tried. The old woman and
I concluded that was not the cow we
wee looking for. Well, another man,
he came, and he had a cow, that was a
cow, and he did not care .much to sell,
Tbis cow's'calf was like unto th.e first
one, that is advanced in months, 'but
without feeding she would give 'two
gallons, and bow -much with feed, there
is no telling. Se gprised her so higbly,
56,. that nreithe~r tbe old woman nor I
had the heart to ask him to part with
er. Now I see by the papers that a
man over in Clayton, Ga., has a 'boss'
ow, a new kind of a cow I suppose.
He says: "By dang it! a man can pick
her up and tote iler; then set her down
and milk her, and be can4t tote the
milk." -That's my bow-idol of a cow,
and if any man here about has just such
aother, he can have all our savings.
Why Should They.
No qrpn or worpan can do satisfactory
work when the brain is .dull, the nerves'
unsterly), the systemi relaxed and they feel
genenJiay wretched. Why should anybody
drag through their work iir this aondition,
when a bottle of Parker's Ginger Touic will
at tnoderate cost give them the strength
and will to performs their duties satisfactori
The Mile Maize.
Three weeks ago we gave a descrig
ion of a new grain that is being culti
vated by Mr. Champion of this County.
The following nostice of the same grain
is taken from the Southern Lumberman:'
The Rev. H. D. Pratt, of South Catro
lina, who was for some time a mission
ary in South America, has presented to
the public a new cereal, which he calls
ilo maize. It is found in Colombia in
large qnantities, and forms the common
food of the working classes there, and
is also used for working animals. Mr.
Pratt has been successfully growing it
in South Carolina for several -years.
The cakes made from it, 'ground into
meal, are preferred to cern-meal bread.
The Savannah Guano Company's chem
ist pronounces It superior mn food quali
ties to wheat. Experiments show that
from 50 to 100 bushels of clean seed per
acre can be raised. Mr. Pratt describes
the plant as follows: "The plant is al
lied to the sorghum and Guinea corn
families, and should not be planted
where there is any dlanger of mixing
them. Thbe grain la smaller and more
mealy than ibe Guinea corn, the heads
are larger and more compact, and the
color is milk white instead of red. It
differs from tbe sorghum in this, that
the sugar it contains is fully converted
into corn when the grain matures-so
that tho pith of the green stalks be
conies as dry and tasteless as thiat.of Jin
dian corn when the stalk is dead. In
Barranquilla, on the coast,. where we
have a dry season (which is really a
drought,) of five or six months' contin
uance. I have had it planted in my
garden. and after it had ripened one
crp of seed. I have cut it down to the
roots, in the uzi'lst of this dry setason,
and had a second ery of ipfe'rior gnal
ity of course. Co shoot' up ast once from
the roots. I have been told that a thir
crop of fully ripened seed can thus
made from a smngle plant. I do o
know what this can imply (for the
at that season gets dry as a pots r
and nearly as hard.) unless it m'eans
t at above most other plants this lives
off the atmnosphere, whi.ch there cer
tinly is densely charged with moisture
from .the sea. It was ibis unlimited
capacity to .stand drought which in
duced;zne to bring the seed home, in
the belief that it would be of incalcula
ble service to our Southern States, when
our cropsn nooen fail frmm drought."
Varicus and all About.
State Fair is over,
Winter has come this time to stay
The fine weather is a thing of I
But not so the HERAU Book StorE
Chickens and butter and eggs i
fearfully high.
Mr. B. H. Lovelace has moved ii
the Boland House.
Mr. Stapleton, of New York. is
town buying cotton.
Newherry County was largely repi
sented at the State Fair.
The Governor has appointed Mr.:
Foot, Jr., a Notary Public.
It is time to place your geraniums
pits; cold weather is.advancing.
A large quantity of land will be sc
next Saleday. Look over the list.
Prosperity didn't have enough snc
Mondaf night to make a snowball.
A good family mare for sale. W
be sold cheap. Apply at this office.
Thirty-two cases on Calendar 1-ju
calendar-have been tried and dispos
0. L. Schumpert, Esq., Attorney,
rers a nice little farm for sale next Sal
Young man, buy you a farm, an
m-,ke yourself independent, umful ai
Make yourself healthy and stron
Make life happy by using Browj
[rc.n Bitters.
Mr. R. Y. Leavell broke one of tl
whjeels of his tricycle in Columbia do
ing the Fair.
No oe hsas yet brought as In 4z
wood. Bring it in, friends, while tI
roads are good.
Two farmers from the upper portic
)f this County hauled cotton to Greej
rille last week.
Judge Wallace is pushing forwgi
he business of Court, and the docke
are being cleared.
Farpers are taking advantag of tI
late rains to plow in pats. A larl
rea is being plAfited.
There was a heavy snow storm Nor
last Friday. We got a small sample
it here Monday night.
The Hearthstone, Beadle's Week
nd Popular Moithly, are for sale
he HERALD Book Store. 47-3
Secretary of State Lipscomb attend(
the session of the National Grange
ndianapolis, Indiana, last week.
Mr. A. J. Kilgore is the proude
man in the County. He is the hapi
rather of twin boys ten days old.
Rev. W. F. Dickinson, Rector of d
Episcopal Church at Newberry, has r
eived a call from the chbrcb at Spa
Ed and Eugene report a glorious tin
at the State Fair last week. Eugei
says he !get 4ussell and broke bret
with him.
Mrs. A. C. Welch, who has been e:
tremely ill of fever for some time pa,
is convalescent, and was able to sit c
F?oupd, by fjart Cald well, a plat4
pin, with small chain and key attache
which the owner can have by payir
bim for repairs.
Mt'0-ulbreath had two more bales
~etton than he thought; he made twe
ty-two bales (instead of twenty)<
twenty-three acres.
Bapon eaters and buyers will he ghi
to" know that tbe arti:!Y is gradlual
hipping down. We hope soon to I
able to buy a cutting.
If there is an individual in New ueri
wbio would like to act ats a Book ager
application made at this oflice will gi
bim a job. There is money in it.
Mr. Frank Moon showed. us son
butter yesterday froma a hialf t>re
Quernsey that was the yellowest i
eyer saw, almost as yellow as gold.
The Golden Days, New York Wee:
ly, New York L"dger. Firosid" Coz
panion, and other literar.y and .wry p
pers, will be furnished on order. 47.
Trial Justice Carlisle has withdrav
bis resignation, and will serve until l3
term ofPofice expires, which will occi
at the:close of the next session of t.
Mr. John A. Harp says that he g
thered one hundred bushels of col
fros sig acres of ordinary land. Ti)
of course was not all the corn he mai
by a good deal.
Mr. Arebie Sloan says that it mak<
no difference to him if meat is 17 cet
a pound-he can raise all the meat I
wants; and every other farmer can<
so if he will try.
Some person "to the jurors unknowl
amused himself a few nights ago I
shootibg at the street lamps along Bou
dary Street. He was a pretty fair sh
or he broke most of them.
On the shelves and counters of tI
[ER.A.w Book Store are placed, pil4
and packed an elegant assortment
Fancy Stationery, which must be sol
An examination is asked.
Dr. S. F. Fant has a supply of th
very ppular medicine, Simmons' Ii
patic Compound. If you have ai
trouble with the Livei- or Digestive A
paratus, try a bottle of it.
Do not be afraid that we will pre
you to buy any of the handsome St
,ionery exhibited at the HERALD Bo<
Store. All that we ask is an examiin
ion, we are sure you will be pleased.
At the same time ask to see our sp
cimens of Job Printing, such as B
Heads, Letter Heads, Cards, Czrculai
&c., it will be no trouble lo you eith
to ask the prices of same.
Rev. T. C. Ligon has resigned tl
pastorate of Smyrna, Gilder's Cre4
and Mt. Bethel Churches in this Coo
ty, and expects to move to Anders<
County in the course of a month or tw
Thes December number of the Ames
ca Agriculturist to hand, the last cui
eer of volume forty-one. A moste
cellent agricultural journai; 61.50O
ear. grange Judd Co., New Yor
~he following Newherrians took pi
mioms at~the State Fair: Speake & Br<
best evaporated fruit; T. N. Kibli
second best mare, over 4 years old; DJ
vid Hipp, Jack; J. A. Sligh, best bai
upland cotton.
A drugo-ist in New Richmond, (
Mr. B. 7 Dlonbge, wgrii.es us the f<
lowing: -I consider Dr. Bull's Coo
Syrup one of the very best .Lhin
made. I use it altogether in my.oi
famil nd a t herefre ecomme
There was no snow at Spartannurg
Monday night, except a stray flake here
and there. At Laurens the snow was
heavier than at Newberry.
be When will our merchants stop say
ing, -Well, we don't know whether
advertising pays or not." This is sim
ply foolish; the most successful mer
re chants are they who advertise, and who
do so liberally. It is certainly the best
Ito of investments.
The darkies are pleased to know that
in the fall in the price of bacon is the re
sult of the late democratic victory.
They will all be democrats now, as the
-e- only way to reach a man's soul is
through bis stomach. The fall is sweet
A. music to the freedman's ear. Grease
your greens.
in J. P. Sims, colored, brought hi two
colts to town Wednesday expecting to
exhibit them. One of them is two
Id years old, the other one; both mares.
out of the same mare, by Rappahan
w nock. They are beautiful colts, and
had the Fair come off Sims would have
been quite sure of two premiums.
Mrs. Scholtz is visiting Per old home
, in New York.
Col. Thos. J. Lipscomb, Superinten
e- dent of the Penitentiary, is in town.
Mr. L. P. W. Riser, of Liberty Hall,
d has gone to Charleston to buy goods.
d Mrs. Merrill and daughters have gone
to North Carolina on a visit of a few
's The genial and irrepressible Dogan,
of the Columbia Begister, paid us a call
i Tuesday.
-- Mr. Julian A. Cavis, of the Spartan
burg Herald, paid us a pleasant visit
y yesterd*y.
II George Johnstone, Esq., went down
to Columbia Tuesday to attend a meet
ing of the State Executive Committee.
He returned yesterday.
We had the pleasure of shaking hands
.d with Mr. Slawson, of Cigar and Tobac
co fame. He now drums for M. Har
ralson & Co., Atlanta, Ga.
If Snow Storm.
Ea Manday morning snow flakes
could be seen drifting about. and a little
.h later sleet mingled with snow began to
Df fall rapidly, and continued for an hour
or two, and theli the rain set in, which
lasted ill day ad ifto the night. Toes
I day morning the ground was found cov
it ered with snow and ice to the depth of
three or fonr ivelps. Thir was uelting
d fast, and soon formed a slush that was
it disagreeable in the extrege.
WhP Mr. Cline, Mr. S. S. Langford
and Mr. D. B. Wheeler came down to
their stores Tuesday morning they found
that the melting snow on the roof was
leaking through into their stores. The
ie leak in Mr. Cline's store was confined
3- chiefly to the back part. and by cove
r- ing his goods with oil cloths he kept
the water off them. Mr. Langford's
store and Mr. Wheeler's were flooded
e from one end to the other. All hands
, ascended to the roof with shovels and
spades and shoveled off the snow as fast
as they could; and during the day-the
- leaking ceased,
it, The store of Mr. W. T, Wright also
P suffered by the failing of plaster and
leakage generally. Also - R:image &
jSon, Foot & Son, Sease & Co., Dr. Pel
,ham, and Mr. Goggans' Law Qfiiee.
The skies clear,ed off beautifully about
11 o'clock.
After sweeping out their stores and
flooking over their stocks the merchants
- find that the damages have been very
Islight, if any at all.
A great many people are psking
t.. what~particular troubles Baows
a- IaON BirTERs is good for.
-3 It will cure Heart Disease, Pral
!ysis, Dropsy, Kidney Disease, Con
is sprFtion, Dyspepsia, RMenatsn
ir Neuralgia, and all similr diseases.
2Its wonderful curative power is
simply because it purifies and en
nrichesthe blood, thus beginlning at
is the foundation, and by building up
le the system, drives out all diseasg.
s A Lady Cured of Rheumatism.
s Baltimore, Md.a, so
lo Rheumtism when I commencd
19' Iam now usinte third botde andI
rySecmmen ito wall.
[1- I cannot sytoo mnch in praise
of it. Mrs. Max E. BRAsMRAa,
e Kidney Disease Cured.
dsuffrin from kdney 'isas,
ofrom whichi I could get noreieI
tried Brown's Iron Bitters, hc
c-rd mecmlete A. hldo
had no appetite and did not seem to
be able to eat at all. Igave himnIron
it Bitters with the happiest results.
-J. Kyz,s Mo,erAGUI,
p- Heart Disease.
Vine st., Harrisburg, Pa.
Dec. a, :5sr.
After trying different p
Sand many remedies for o
a- o,f the heart without reevngan
kbeneit,wasadvisedtetr Bron
Iron Bitters. I have usdtwo bot
aties and never found anything that
LI For the peculiar troubles to which
s,ladies are subjea, BlowN's ION
e~r BrrrERS is invaluable. Try it.
e Be sure and get the Genuine,
Containing an "Index of Diseases," which
ir, gives the symptome,. cause, and the best
a- treatment of eacnh; a table giving all the
le principal drugs used for the horse, with the
ordinary dose, effects, and antidote when
poisn ; a tab'e with an engravinG of the
--horse's teeth at 4ifterent ages. with~ ruleel
1-for telling the age of the horse iand other
h valuable information Call -id get a copy.
gsFor sale at
ad ERALD1S4tf B00K ST1flRE.
Tne t,;caz buic!tority (it DR.
%,.17 C TT { :~ . A:
all other cough remedies i.;attested
by t. inmer. e pr var d-nand I
for that Od e-itablished re:.edy.
For the Cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Croup, Asthma, Bron
chitis,Whooping Cough, Incipient
Consuminion and for the relief of
consump~we persons 'n a '- ..:.d
stages of the Disease F- .e
NzWBEREty, S. C., Nov.-22, 1882
Ordinary...... .................... a
Good Ordinary..................... a
Low Middling...................... 9 a 9*
Middling ......................... 91a91
Good Middling .....................a 9
Good demand.
Newberry Prices Current.
Shoulders, Prime New...... a
Shoulders Sirar Cured....
Sides, C. E. New............ a 16
Shoulders, New............. 10
Sides, C. R., New........... a 15
Sides, Long Clear........... a 14
Uncavassed ans.......... 18
Canvassed Hams, (Magnolia) 20
Leaf, in Tierces.............. 18
Leaf, in Buckets............. 18
Powdered.. .......... 1
Crushed... ..
Granu.lated Standard..... .. 121a
E:iti .................. .11
cr C..... .......... 10
Yellow....................... 10
New Orleans............... 10
Demarar.................... -
New Orleans Syrup, new erop.
C4ha6isses.. . 60
Sugar House Molasses. 40
Young Hyson...........1.50
ALLSPICE.... ......... 25
PEPPER... .... 25
Roasted or Parched...... 25
Best Rio................ .20a
Good Rio............. 16a20
Cider Vinegar......... 60
White Wine Vinegar.. 66
Tennessee................... 1.25a1.3
Unbolted.................... 13
BARLEY............................ 1.50
SOAP............................... 5a 10
STARCH........................... f 12
STAR CANDLES................... 15
FLOUR, per bbl............. ....... 8.00a10.01
PEARL HOMINY................. 4
CANDY ..... ................... 20
CONCENTRATED LYR......... . 10
NG.,SH SODA. ..... 10
AXTLE GRE ASE.................. .. 10
TOBACCO........................C00a 1.25
NAILS (10)keg.. ...............4.50
BAGN -ev.................. 11a
ARROW TIES, per bunch............. 2 00
RED CLOVER SEED-per lb...20
RED OATS-per bu............. 40a46
TIMOTHY HAY................... 175
WHEAT, perbu.................1 15 1 25
Notice is hereby given that all parties
who have failed .to pay their Town Taxes,
must settle on or before Dec. 1st, 1882, as
the penalty will attach and extecutions be
issued on the expiration of said date for
the same.
By order of Council.
J. S. FAIR, C. &T., T. C. N.
Nov. 16, 46-2t.
Patent Flour,
For sale by
Nov 16 46 2t *
Growing Sugar Cane and in need of
wi; lin.d it to their interest to call on mae
b.- cre making purchiases, as I am agent for
S-of the cheapest and best Factpries in
thie country.
July 19, 29-4t.
The patrons pf thg gondersigned are re
spectfuilly solleited to sell a small portion
of the Kiso, and settle up at once. I am
miuch in need of money, and know that
ray patrons will relieve me.
Sept. 28, 39-tf.
Oats Want,
Twelve or fifteen bushel, of Oats can
find a purchaser at the
Nov. u 45 :3t HERALD OFFIGE.
Removed to store two doors next to
Wheeler Hlouse..
A full stock of Pure Medwines, Chemi-.
cals, Perfumneries, Toilet articles, Gard.en
and Field Seeds, always in store and at
moderate prices.
Orders promptly attep4Qd t0
Pub.lished at Sumter, S. C., by
Two practical printers: th fome baying
published the first daily' newspaper issuedi1
Columtlia, o4er~ thirty years ago, being well
known by all its citizens.
THE SUMTER ADVANCE is the best Ad.
vertising medium in the County for Mer
chants and other business men.
Subscription only S1 50 per year.
Sep 14, 37-tf Sumter, S.-C.
E-erylbody lb dellahted wth the ia.-tfu
sar, who ha.s EEvER FAII.ED to please her
costunmers. New Fall circular juast issued.
send for it.
877 Broadway New York.
The Groti
Only Hotel with Elect
Only Hotel wit
This commodious and spacious Hotel is
T4e Furniture of every description is N
persons patroniling the establishment at hoi
The Rooms in this Hotel are spacious, I
Eotel in the I-p country.
One of the Best Sample Rooms in the S
All horses entrusted to our care will be
TERMfS, $:2.<
The Table shill lr-frni.hed wili the v
Having secured the services of a FIRST
iish the Public with the FINEST'QUALITY
CAK3E of all Styles a
CANDIMES at lowest fgures-manu
teed to'
Also, a Large Stock of
W' Orders for the above will receive I
Call on
Nov. 2, 44-tf. ANDE
Legal hales,
Christian Sube'r vs. T'. ?. Fichardoon.
By virtue of an Execution to me directed
n the abovc stated cae, I will sell, at New
)erry Court House, on the First Monday,
Sale-day) in December next, within the
egal hours of sale, at public outcry, to the
3ighest bidder, all that tract or plantation.
a land situate, lying and being in the
County of Newberry and State aforesaid,
,ontaining Njuety-Five Acres, irore or less,
ind bounded by lands John A. Kibler, Maj.
Jacob epting, Daniel W. Livingston, -J.hn
Livingstou and others Levied on as the
prop.'rty of T. P. Richardson.
Txaus-Al:cash. Purchaser to pay for
D. B. W HEELER, S. N. C.
Sherifs' Oflce, Nov. 8, 1882.' 46-3w
Christian Suber vs. Daniel W. Livingston.
By virtue of an execution to me directed
in the above stated case, I will sell, at
Newberry Court House, on the )first Mon
cay (Sale day) in Deeember next, within
the legal hoirs of sale, at public outcry,
to the highest bidder, all that tract or plan
tationi or land situate, lying and being in
the Countyv of Newberry and State afore-.
aid, cor.taiciing One Hundred Acotes, more
or ess, and bounded by lands of Willie
iibler, M.j Jacob Epwing, Jlames Wicker,
A J. Bedebibagh and others. Levied on
as the property of Daniel W. Livingston.
-TZaXs-All caslr. P'urch,aser to p.sy for
papers. D. B. WH EE LE.;lt 8. N. U.
Sheriffs Office, Nov. S h, 1882. 46-3t
We, the undersigned, Qualified Exectttos
a the last Will and Testament of Jacob
Wheeler, 4ceased, will sell at New berry
Court House, on the First Monday (Sale
lay) in December, A. D. 1882, at public
,try, to the highest bidder, all that tract
or parcel of land of abieb Jacob Whbeeler
ied seized and possessed, pontaining Three
Iundred attd Sighty ~your and 4-5 Acres,
noe or less, situate, lying and being in the
County of Newberry, State of South Caro
ina, and bounded by lands of N. B. Wheel
ar, J. L. Sease and Geo. A. Wheeler, ex
:ept one-half aere Neludincg the family
Burying Qrodind, with a right of way in the
post direct and egnvenient way to the Pub
ic Roadi, twenty feet wide. Plat aill be
exhibited oni the day of sale.
TERMS or tAr.E-One-Lhird cash, balance
an a credit of one and tito years in equaL
nual instalments, with interest thereon
rom day of sale, credit portion to be se
~ured by a bond of the purchas"r aned a
nortgage oc the premises sold. ?urchaser
o pay for papers.
Newberry, S. C., Nov. 10, 1882. 46-35
By permission of the Jutdg~ f P'robate
Fe the C'ounty aifkrpeid. ae wi:l s--1, he-.
rore thle Court House at Nr-wberry, at pub-.
is outcry, on the First Monday in D'cem-ra
er, 1882, the R--azl Estate of Dvid Kinler,
dceased, f not Z;,wi.'e ds.nme l o! by :h -
yill of said di. ee'eed.} in lots aid pare. I
as indicat,-d by phuns to be~ exhib,i-ed ona the
lay of safe.
ThaMs-The purchaser-will be segqniede
o pay one.half of thie purchase money in
ash, and to secure the balance ptaab'e at
,welve months with interest from day of
sale, by bond and zsojtgage of the premis--s,
vith leave to pay all cash.. Purchaser to
pay or convey.ances.
Plats of the lands to be sold may be seen
prior to day of sale at the office of Fred.
Wrter, Jr., at Newberry C. H.
P W. T. KIBLER, Ex'or.
.H. W. KIB3LER, Ex'tx.
Nov. 9, 45-4t.
Uderh.rts and Drawers
Will Cure Rheumatism!i
And are manuf.fe:ur, d by
18.4 Ibag St., - Charleston, S. C.,
O. 1to 4a-zm
~rll Hotel,
ric Bells in Newberry.
i Cistern Water.
RY. S. C.
vow open and fally prepared to entertIn all
eT and no effort-wil.be spared to -maker alL
rt-11 lighted, and the best ventilated of .any
well cared for at Christiau & SmWits Stable
) Plan IDAV
ery be,z -Nov..2, 44-TY.
-IL&SS BAKER I am now prepared to f
md Shapes, at Reduced Prices.
ractured at my esablishment, and guama
be pare.
Foreign and Do~mstic
rompt atteution and be Delivered FEE
-riinos a"dO~us
(" C
eas a
I carg fo Uo ofmoel o=rn i
the UInTitedICt
helgets iru~n, a d, anUe
Gnilnesaeriand pulMeo n
wldT iatasaeas'rtic.YNo -
cha rg o.amiato of orate draw
word.- o~tDfsnhmtc.lr
-Thisil and esats.trdyael new
tie NeOY%

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