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The Newberry herald. (Newberry, S.C.) 1865-1884, November 30, 1882, Image 1

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As Newberry, S. C.
X. jW In Ada".9 A trtm elu,, es
li =.r *It;s paud.
-17 Q -. .:,I
.1,-Ttm kmaik denotes exPhiriOn .of 'm'bVo*.N WBAY-.
InaalyI dSu.A Fml ~mpnon eoedt h-aue -Niolay AdvwertAgeientsurnsertedtsat&the7rate c
,. .00 quar (ontinc) fopira fasrtio
- admee.sforee iseIuet~-srti
- xie7O netngibiarisndrbec
crip-i--.-. 4ofJJrespect,saJ.e_r_tNO jsEaggUER 1882. *
~m- - adkdOerS8 aJ1Utg.)AY
_o_.XVII NWBERY,8. . H TDY, OV BER20 88 o 4
siceUaaeaus. -
V Call Te4l -w How to Be.
4"U"WR D0ter..
T1ur aw DOitr
Xji*Tia*e al)adtaste inyour moth,
aslowiess oryialow color of skin, feel de.
ent tu;d and drowsy. apvetie un.
Ug6mtbedaobe or dbadnessyou.
Irke-oNotlNg will irounse your
ind strengthen up your sys.
ft=mequa to
4n~l M~kewberry by Dr. S.F. FAT
would respectfully caR the atteirtieffo
ff luiad- patrons to my complete
HzvyfogMe largest stock in the Coofy
SUd selling at very close prces I ask a cfl
sni'eiamiaation'of rny large'sto~ck.
ZT"oud also call the attention of the
ioedIka profession and public t&-My Pr*
criptdc Deipartment, which' is -under the
saEon"of Mr. J:GKEDNEE, a tt
S oughPTIKmacistr Weimake osiak-of
diigPhysciaiFe Prescriptions -st res
onable rcs
S-- RA V.Nr, . D.
yCake~wry te dpope f eery
an an eP yied u
-~y rea romehehest quant
A AT5h &N~
ConrygdersEoneCiaa satisaC
ar. Lwe1s jW. WESTa XK4sacNas
kttorae s aLa w,
~'Will pracLice.in the State and Fed
'$Courta. Aug. 10, 82-8m.
ASool large enough to justify two
hdies who will teach English branches,
latin, Music on Piano, Organ and- Guitar,
idergarten System,, Caleshen ces and
, iyWork.
Peforther information, ioquire at, -
anot, lifei:reprbyoan
and lmaleave behinL
$56uffee. No risk.
nezshgiw. CapitalnOtreifr4.We
fortunees.- Ldies make as muhas
iu,ad boys aa gls make getpay.
Rne f you want buiesat yoc. 7u
SqU~ grepl an e time, wrrI1
RTe i WA7rash be"j writep
AiheulgifraI baa iag, in the Oae
Of lily-white bands and fingers,
Ina ti way-s -
Who lives among dmonds and lik,
-But sotaetimes in *feisrmer's-wife
is obifgd Io#dos~se*ork, and zlif.
AiA wOtnan'sitmi1oi to'ouiourder
Is fuldlIed in the strength of the little brown
rWhen the zu.wu are blushing the,asT0t,
And the vines cMb**tt th6tt -
Wben the robins are rocking Aet4irdIes
To sleep 'mong the mapUee6i*s,
be sunshine smiles * cross the thre,
When the lb-ft zf lve seeme but rest
Whetherro iwg rMabousebold birdies
QkMluss&t&ar home-nest
Oh! I pity you all who can't unDetside
The wealth and the worahbf "plittIWbrown
If I were a man with a fpon.ae
A milion laid by ot4*&belf
if I were a youth-ifL wisW't, in truth,
If I wasn't a xenM1Mself
I knowwhatm4d4 ii minute
'fWbtigYftYgri-i0e often misled),
I'd seek after those whose rich tintWishows
Acquaintance with puddigs and biaif:
I'd use all the eloquen il wdic6ald-eom
mand, -.
And be proud a WIaalIttle brown
-XmrsqafiP. l1iral New Yorker.
Some suggea Tug Development.
MOBILZ, ArX'.a$gust 14.-Mr.
Ji. G. BatQ . roprietor Belton
Journd, Be1oyTexas, Dear&r :
kindness in piblishing in)circ -
your fetWof thil2th-inst.: It
has tbe right 'ring' to it.. 4eald
4#Lm e 4took s
s te st tiinr in s 146t o o
nuated of ;jt(yge; I thick it
will do moro- to s_make labor- (if
sugh ight work eribe eirdia),
brri1itblo and fasgldth m
any othe;,ontpi p.. present
ed to the cocsideration of the:
"Iam grad you itend to e
it 'go g 'e The:
ladies and girls ralto itnost
heartily;:;7fi airmoitall pubbei
approbation, but will give it more
ma ~.pnte r.is
the most approved nmuIberry trees.
Raise i'inig t the b It breed
Urge combinati6n and co-opera
three persons, start. Soon you
will b vW i enofaebers . Then
e.As .soon asyog can get a dozen
togetber,. go .into .permanent.or
-nsao 31e oers. dhare
aemrhip Iee of at fez-elJars
ti mdnth!f dfees-wh'at you wifl.
Give 'picnic. concerts,s tableaux;
4, etc.g, fo; tge aq6& f
ide ~society." ~Seba dut atE a
dozen or gmore of your prettiest,
brigh%tatmost chartming and per
subscriptions for the good cause.
talk will procure many a V or an
X, a20*10 'pegM$ti not
prompt the eQgtributionJ. Many
vf your. uic-siritd~ men, will
give from $5 to $50 each. Xry
traJd ga9)9eWDy, of
fro'm 20 to 50 acres, for* your
s6diety "15rnetizias, a Jlige
hearted inan will give this, and,
gene4aMy,-anygo'fts iilieit very
~ceap and oun easy terns.
This fall, .set ouW several tbou
~sand of the most approerefi
e1ryti1ees-Moretti Moruns Rosea
and Lkouor Aorus Japonica. All
these are needed to produce
bighest gilta-and gyou-ught to
aimg athag lt dQring, or late
in February, let the company
erect their cocoonery-at simply
mananuctyand cheap affair. Buy
silk-wor gaow
Let those who desigo going in
to si&k en'ltre on their owns ac
count buiy theit ernaberry trees
tbrisfall, and pant them. -Why ?
Because their trees .-will bvean
unobstructed year's growth (a
much needed .ondition) and they
will then have learned silk culture
at,.bs _,bic cxooFery, At the
pubhc expense, without the cost,
trouble or risk bfi private ven
tre. So,:- vext year, they know
8YcuI(fiQ,m and start with
ex:price and resdy--tree&,
-A ic"or a societyco6.berx
ia a-rrednestor. As scces
the efAectiof
fifty :priVate failtires. So one need
fail priiaty lt .Vgu_k6
11 0 4 'b ve
res and o paspicaoas success,
alk raising a ltivea 'etback? in
your commuaniy and mnay be in
defnitely postpofed; -I you bave
i tiblic 6c~oenoer .teW will-ta ift
privsely, ae Y&site to eam
dedir mories forab ilispices,
and ifany, or matjy.try-it privately,
a~ ebli cocoodeiy tends gretigy
to prevent private -failares; be
Eauseg ublic.cogopneries ti'gh th
be so managed s to:eneure abo
lute certainy of'sdcess. Hwi
sa . W byra pbie cooonery man
dit''tipert it sik iture :fta
Whe aaiar; five'wegia; and
19'% pendee 0 eif-'g) t o
BA"idese& i.ubqW"ocoonery is
acessinh tog tbelGojrthe kepti
G$$ 0 Viv
so4(h iclieoneyin'bomeac dafl,
dab'iV%5~eoiaol0f91 eer lix
wek4 ;drato oftbeuik &aising
ommrypaten wihy: he--Morus
Sfoity j esr
agea&:defx. ita ;impreesiosdaep
Miveto-da. eThese aperson are
si60r in~ tii9if mistrnst. M'any
iveme grossig ..dceived. SopQf
4treI?'verdressoslyinjtred, yo
cuniarily. tis 4%uWa44e t*.
WHteuttail;d,Milit tbs 'h's'f his
day, sh61& ha, .4 Po
with;tit*6 muit onfront it with
patiene and ylacidity,, and-Aseek
toWM w1e
Sttatiof-of b~ very fWtvoable
4spa .. an~ -.-reat
progess df tdage, omar rd
AonditAs f sheay bt4e"Oifer
popholyfailare.of forty yearasg6.
--A cdocooaery is'sagreatfotno..
Ter&O soefabitify.-as your silk
societya' meetings will be-and its
will be 'a pace ofp'opnlai-rrobg
The. burdens of attendance.tng
dMed;a the-whoie!.babors nothing
moreilian'a diversi6n.
r -Li you are overrun with sight
se'duend*cbearge ton ere
admission to all but the' poor, the
sChools and the~ members, and
~raiae-a good 4ittle sum.
You sbould,"' of coiirse, 'liavd
your cocoonery in tow~s, where it
is 4eebIe to' W6mbers. Once
let yggsday.t a finaess at your
public cocoonery, and silk cleture
is establisiidy!bNyyor aggre;
taion of nobodies can .laugh it
ont of-popularity.s That is-why-I
arit du~atloiminities.
No inconsiderable good,- is the
comrn ndation is cess gives;
of enabination, to Southern peo
pIe-the 'ebarnis, udes, values,. fa
cilitie of;co-operation., You will
rpprviste' tihis. 'The Yadkees
effect s6 ridh bby -w6ll organized
coudbinati'on.' Five iundred fac
tory girls put in the earnings.of
-twoe or three years' and build a
goyton, fasckory, and furnish thbem
selves employmient and get profits
on.t.be'intestmcnt that went to
theirs-fdrmer employer. A land
owne,ttwo or three masons, a half
doze crpenters, ibrick maker, a
painter or two;, a lumiber merchant,
a hard ware merchant, combine and
build hout.es by tb.e dursen, with
out a penny, almost, of casha being
~t up. So s, ad initur: But,
you knowgwe o5~tombine Soutb.
Slavery semed segregating. A
Tich planter~ was arC epitome ol
the world's industry, almost,-a
kind of organiised coirmait-a
microcosm. Xe had his%baek.
susith, hoa~~~r~
son, wheelwright, ete., and .was
independent. WHenee, the 8outh
never. learhed -,.Aombination anid
,.opertioN." The loMiaters-never
ow,sa~poEic cocoonery, a sik
society,) is a1cbeap 2 nd charming
sigti in the diteio of 0o0pers
tion. Whait willo. cooony, do?
Well, soppose rliat. ata cOst of $5
eaeh. it, bas tanght two hundred
niembers silk enltare. .la cotthiat
cheap? But,. the childien of
many of Lhe members have learn'
ed aiso.
But, see, what an advantage to
itart the teit year, kiowi!kfi1p*,
and- With your. tres 'ready-i
imean your private trees.
.But, it:Lhis all? ...ay no medus
You- Soeiety Va rAised 7n'bugb
eggs flom the cocuonery to-sup
pi.very immbes wir; all bmor
sbo needs, Weij*o the busines
'ds9k'c:nIture oi jivat-e acC-ini.
A nd&f,h is !4-2LI iWVoi6nte to
you than all your investmeit 'in
But tbere is your farm yet and
1-he mulberry trees-oUthie ftae.
4f you hav. set out 5,00 o 8
4xee#, you are going- to sell a great
gny' from- 'entLtins; in two or
three years, for more thAn enough
to pay for your .f#M. and all
;!Thetij fb tr
Aet up raling .your-ow sil,
ingyour own cacobn. Tern,
naybe, yQraWiJj base & silk man
ofat&,y It takes f [ess*than
gw.o.nid think,. Ynn h'a.n baen
been so ,much, delibted and:in
apitd,AaIa.yowdfiad yourraspi
ilfii o roierp wondrfung
A adfiee Do riidi<fil th~by
~egird r or ft ofmuMzerry
trees-edde i~o- antthintany
acas; ?ays .to:15A . The
-emt,r of- * i Wrot in a fe,
l.aPge ventures but t,many small
0130s. ecaose; yir- "caz.'t wen
command the. labor...to pick tbe
-esfee and-have tbe-elealmess
~eceiary whcre a a;ge 16qptuxe:
~is:'+udetakemOf cucrA. %i-s
easy in,a soiedyc< ooney.but,
few families are large oftr;obFI
5 agre--and; 1:adwseno rora-in
private Jamilics. Donti n the
ossge0orauge and lxpert money re
stIiii nor - the Aojus. ru ltiaulis,
from thu osage 1rnZ i
Moru"s muticd^ = M
Br.,arn every one againr,t
-b6pm any wer-c-. in .. busi.
'naess ~o1nt-fvisw, in the' ueof
tRea-sage 'soanges The difficuky
in Fini ci nt ieavesb
raate et4heroe; the4angers o
*ei sidediIent.ieaf at t;he late
aages rf :Lhe iJk worm, aside
frol guty, fiodted points ori this
joodgenight to-.prevent anyone
-Qsing - 68~ f ilger,exceft 't0
legraIm iThe ~foo.d anawers for a
year,_ as food, while you 1esarn
ceand <zn til-yor mal.
berry trees. can b,e used ; but I
think theit anthiorities will
a re~e Mbat excejpt as aiersioni
silk-cultre -os -osageoranoge, will
pio9e a faihn~e.
n~vig a newspaper, yot. can
soon construct .an organization ;
and as newspapers are tehebest
.poneers of progress and the con.
V'entional vehicle to promulgate
ne things,. they'are about the
best exponents of Dew thoughts
apid biest methodse. You can soon
mold public-- sentiment. There
for&l call a pablic meeting next
issue. Start; it.sa great thing to
begin ; and you will soon have.
twenty members.
rejoice at jour determination.
Silk culture is irrepressible. 'PThe
ladies embrace it as if by intuition
and as if by an -ungovernable imn
pulseo atid,omne kmysterious man
date. They will make it succeed,
if no, man ever touch it..: Begin,:
and you'll. have scores of the most
euitured' and beautiful ladies, for
four coadjutors, in a very'sihort
If a cocoonery (public) be start-V
ed, experia can be procured t. bej
on-hand at the moat needed time
,through_the whole sesn. No
one need ie~-roa.Ahis, that silk
culture is "Iytr or a
welf Wduescesi ae
ofi such momnent~
.M. B. B.rznan.
mes- ;yb:teas is inbtwer,
and I shall be delighted-t-o aid and
enorae a many a I can.
The rapid strides of progressive
.tvilization of the highete-tand
xrdin America, is the greatqet of
kit astonisning marvels in the old
world. Young in national -exis
,ence-young even in known,go.
)graphical existence as a part of
he globe-the progress that-we
x-tAe recorded -seems to1 thersdie n
isttv and philoisophers of the old
NoIld 'like a .fancitImidosmneE
light's .dream, or a 6.f i d
nst- im1Agin ation._
iientury isince, art, sjence
Lnd developmont ip all directimne
were of the most primi;ve order,i
ot now, as-it were"W1 rs""by
nagia ebanged. Our artisbtYtake'
ank:*ith the .rst.andloregnL
1h-e, old world; oar ecieMiA
Ld-poruy;buve made linowirthei*
)ier -aid the -ecbanTeis1tif
iave.-progressed more rapi
,in in any othe copry. ,n4
o-day ethis aterfal, de.ilop
nou is progressing with speed
itherto u*nown, produCigr
iults of &b'e'most rnornento
)ortance to all mankind. -
It is atact that the state of
,ivfization in a .odMr i be
ltattintaa daeopmest--he
WiefdPien art in thi Uihed
States hai ertiairiy #een $6
io:nibal anwhile 'a fe,wyears
aue we,wereArAwn -Lescale,
'day we stgodeidebyside-with
aton that wre oli at tlrimeu
th e'oellremio of or inne
pemen .Bata f ars ince
ryal pietgreaset iv*ortjtd
telS imupre, bev no our o*n
Lrtists supply nearfy' all ofibe
Iver iicrea degtand for great
works.>igbirtf cu'
. Great art p4blishing houses
ire come ito eziiteni. able
)f "pplyjpgany dempad hAtiseII
sa.mmad6. for.sk desiions ef
ictures for ff1lerieW-iintF %oe
MRMIMR.. it is A IWnteresting
nd noteWorthy fa-t that t.,be
~icturen delaaindedl .of ihese att
e ge all-Rnperi.t.. LITOSe:
dndlinkho fnAeifofu iides~4
b6roadtir run.01i bElhe apermtiows
8 h'e) li I1Iglo us,
good picture. 44atsb a few
rears since 6o:t farge sumr of
zoney.aynw be; puressd
eaastrjudgmnent4s bronghbt to bear
mneritgnay p-a4ei; ifip,nr
shaser -baw no taste~ in such mat.
him to be sure that he purehatses
~he goods of Wrelia1,le Biouse.
li- this conneet,ioa it may be
proper for os to men tion t.hegeat:
m.rt oublish ing Irm of G~eorg
i'h6 iselle be an Javei'ge,~o~4
lesriptions-.a- m.illin pictures a
month. It is believed th'at they
more than any other firm in this
~eenbty iU mae?bdan-ot4,er
bouse in the world atlarge.
..Drig tbe gear. 1i87f9 1sy d
[rposi,ag stinmy 'evmeeig ty
ieven thbqnsand Aollars.s Daring
~he year:1880s t.hey;paid for pos
gage stamps over ogne sh.ndred
a,d tWedtfi.~th~ousiid dolirs;'
while for the year '881 their pos
(agel bilLawmnint6 th Nover dfoe
:aundred and fort,y-fogr ~osad
lollars. Thus, it-willgeeOtlt
K!essrs. Stinsonki~o pythe two
iioded-su~ds ftietty part of all
ostate *iolected bh the United
States Government, and it should
e remembered that weodive in a
:onntry having-.oea.rly Jifty thou
iand posto$ces :and over ten
housand newspapers and periodi
:al publications. While such sums
treL:paid~ for postage, the fact
ihould not be lost sight of.that
>nly the smaller packages are
ment by Irl, all Ige 6rders be
fig sent by exprestanod freight.
Their trade eittinis all over the
-,ivilized world, though, of course,
A.merica comeb in fdf~ the lion's
hbare. Messrs. Stinson & Co. are
we behind :1.te;iines5in properIy
understsnding-the gra -power of
he judicious use of:printe-'.mir,,
wlt is conee. iWonWe is
to state that in less than -~ie 45
hundred and iftyv ihdusidof
ia - -
.Enterprise,. jaduisry .y goog
judgment will acMPlidsh gre
things, and in the success of Lhi
great art, publishing house .w
have. a forcible example of that
fact, and now they nay-we.fei,
sure, fairly; claim to w'and aL-,h!%
head of the art publishig busi
nessin4hcoay ....
We have lately received four
elegant SieeI-engtuings, yiblisb.
ed by' Mesi-s. Stiion & C6 lif
are very.-inA.Works. of igiiii,
and do-dredit, to the publishers.
Theseengzc&img are very large,
thirty'b' ifoty-inceb each ; the
plates~ eget somn., igty
thousand'dolfarm [email protected]
are sold. at $15.00 p'erepy wPT
shigrh.en e igeit of taistig.
ind"desriti6 o ' *'1iaU
requires - l"b o Ainet.ekL
ful artist. froma. Oe -t0 two.years,
and-oft~les:onger 1These elegamt
engaiden.-ar etThied -P& S
Br ei S 6 2- '1m;iem6rai'e"I T Ve
Bather'si At'Tdan'..an he
Gardep Ge.' r+.:
It is- believed; and gOheraHy
toadeded,49-t' these eigratingis
mike u. lthe findst indmost e1
gvwteset of works of lipurtp-ever
brugbt..out ~hy; A;ni irican-putE
be 'nds beaifulP':bfKreiihed
works of ar anf pices.forallY
now li low .Wat thermi U nazio
exiuse f4s the alls to- rebtin'
igiomny, uniiofndd, and hei{fess.
Emericaioos sh'.aldbe jde
beatifu.and zhe tonAeney ofli s
wilb . ke-more ie-ed %m]
beautifu- the' lives -614611d*tlei4
th . :%E".
Preem the
br.e English -isweria , after
cri#ically examii'g ahela
pbeomen.of the UiiWdState,
diar6s Statesriglits to 'b thedoi
ly cpttioal amf ,CIgdg
uiney Aor Qar waty,oad blunt4y
white+rrihn an'd Eitil foiiiii.d
- p an (he Chiaman a nui
sance .we do .we- tokeep awffy
froot sUores.
Dr. J . b. akrf iays: 'Fo
millions ot aduWcidr;eri abd tw
'millions of Voters,-. o the
electors, canot write their:namel
Add -t this ormidat arraya
school population of eigbte
millions in an e Eid St,ates, of
are. growing pinigoorance of
the'alphabet.' Fot uostr of which
we' can-thank Lincoln, Stevens &
Co. -
Fortune has been considere.d
the gazardedivsiaUy of- fools;
and, oiM tlfszdrisefe das been
aecuned of.blin diels ; but it should
ratLier ,be .jdduced,. as.. a proof of
heru sagacity, when- she- helps
thesa who; certainly eanoot'belp
We are always .more disposed
to faugh a zgogeoehMwt gen
.Gino wit ; because :the nonsense i8
more- agreeale to as,-being inore
comfortable to our own natalres;
fools love folly, and siise.men
wisdom. -
Shall. we repine at a little mis
plaeed charity, we who.could no
'way foresee the effedt when an
ali kne ing,.alimwise ein'g4owir
ers dowe every dlay his benefits
on the enLhankfal-and undeserv
It was the policy of the good
old geptIeman. to make his chil
dren. feel that home was theshap
piest place in the world ; and:1
value this as~ one of thechoicest
gifts a parent can bestow.
Gold- hath been the ruin of
many. Watching for riches'edo
sumeth the flesh, and thle care
thereof driveth away sleep.
The apple and the pomegranate
trees disputed'-which was fairer,
w hen the thiste exclaimed, 'Bre
t.hren, let us not guarrel!~ -
.s& de; is too littie for one,
epogghfr &o gadj Avo much for
tut .wd -
,S.ow&good ser.vices; sse&t es
membt an bi41 arowviroM i 69
- r
benaken oiet for ebe nwantfactumrc
of shingles :copseglau.ss, t
caie4jr;ths,lgeial aaJiism
Imuch nore durable, etiongesed:
-w er.vuOo .ri phaa slateor
11 ther bsteee or usedeb
b.S.:Lp.aripely i.erg&_,
- AZao
ecans Mbe laeet ii ynageiy
Jwowua...Thee shingizsJhave:tba
tbm -d1idoAse4'-, of ath
thnisai,ke egh1~tessoanub
ug n of hnd21ereof3an
tittseonad o peaL n--heas
asito he d-velur lte wasegnaeisi.
whigihgese-k sr- apmr ,q
ves(. asr ily0eg iMi
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