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The Bei-ald.
KTmRSDAY NOV. 30, 1882
#Iwcftnty and tb*
State. Itaa
1iges oht a
cbange is m the manner -of
selecting the Board of Penitenting
tap1isjagggbeei. compose4 al
- n~iie1 mmbes of the
egjalatpathese memlbers living
dffeimt-parts of the State and
ost. of them at a datananfrom
OoWnmIa Ihbiebara' three strong
objetioqs, we tkhiulg to. this ar
ST~ ucasdton forbioa
eMia ebal.old more than
-I M&hof profit;nder teState.
heedieesrswho are wembmr
Ad"r, of Jhobst: .and also
drew paat,the rate of $5 per day
and 10 conai ageeack wy as
n r Ome Board of Penie
iary Directors. T o
Second The Legislature isealed
upon as&apart# iitd4uty toe paSI
poun the . .- of Abe Board of
Directors, The pajority of .he
- .nuantiary Directors, therefea
sit in Judgment up. their .ation;
and.th& *hola Legislatnre.-aim iu
judgMiet upon the actions, of a
pOrtiofthat body.-and th%s_e
do-net think right or proper.
Third. The members of the
Bo.r,' being srattered about over
beftat,annot have the ful and
anuaa-knfowlsdge of the Peniten
-~ ~ 3 ijr.aigha O"enbl them.
Aoe ffDietly7 and wisWy-in'
be matIg .Only a .few.iowths
-of-sessure againstthp Superintend
et for notbaving aafEist nDn-.
n otiat ohe ofa,O and
~pioqone annared hands in it;
abryafterwards it entered
a eioitract with the Geaanwood
urs.. to fonikh it one
lareghands. Tosu,pply be one
pylad tote rail roa it was no
c(sgry sto take a portio~n.of the
fahr fsathe CanaL. And wheni
gjiaprintendent or not shaving.
asuninreg d twenty hands on
Wh4 olmbiRgeter atthe
7 and prved. that the Board
th$eritnety1as vindi
with XJevrenx,oi Charles
tonregarin~g grgnite hasecost the
State $17500-and ther. has been
nozetua for it. And this contract
WSg made against that earnest ad
yiseof the Superintendent.
Itisa raanbl to conclude.that
the Superintendent will knQw more
about how the Penitentiary should
be .managed than meu do whose
knwleelgofits workings is necss
Mad}y fy .limited
The Board as at presnt consti
tuted is semewhat expensive too:
for the sptsr the members have
Webeieeheod as at pres
ent constituted is a hindrance to
the efficient maaeet of the
Penitentiary. It would be well
r ~ enough and proper to havecsuaper
viaory board or a board of.inspec
tore to whom .the Superintendent
should be required to maka stated
.reports, and having power to ap
prove or disapprove; and it would
be better if this board were local,
with the Governor, Comptroller and
one or two other State officeers
muenbers of it. No member of the
Legislature should be a member of
the Board
Eaurens farmers carriesd off $272
in premiums from the Stats Fair.
Iaurens. County has a large num
-ber of progresaive farmers; among
whom -maybe mentioned J. Wash.
Watts;3Jno. . -McGowan, Joe. B.
Humbert, L L Young and Sam'l
W. Vaire. -
*The Abbe-vile farmers are among
the most prseosand enterpris
ing in the State..*At the recent
State Fair.they wona large number
of premiumsen hogs, sheep, cattle
horses and field erops.
The LegIeme
Convened at 12 R. Tuesday, 28th.
The following membo oirW uWOmi*.
nated for Speaker -of" tr Huae:s
James Simons, of Charleston, Geo.
Jobnstone, of Newberry, and E. B.
Murray, of Anderson. Mr. Simons
was elected on the irst ballot: the
vote stood, Simons 71, Johnstone
25, Murray 20-number of votes
east. 116. In the House Col. Jno
T. Sloan, Sr., Clerk, Jno. D. Brown.
SeeAifi~i-ms, ~nd a . .~
dersom, Reading Clerk, were re
elected. Representative Ansel gave
n6tike of a -ill proi6i for t1i
appointment by the Governor of
three- Rail Road Commissionerm]
whose business it-hall be to regu
late railroad freights and passengei
tariffs in this State.
In the Senate Senator Harlleei
of Marion, was elected' President
prostem., and CoL T. Stobo Farrow,
Clark, Co AD.. GIodwi*g -Besd
ing lerk,:and,L. I. Marshall, Ser-;
geant-at Arms, were re-elected.
Senator Henderson,- of Aikez, in
troduced -a bil to -probbit the
standing aside of jurors, except for
aua in the State Zourts. Sens
tor Smythe, of Charieston, intro
duced a bill4o provide for a- rail
road commisaidn. Senator Mller,
of Lexington, gave notice-of a' oint
resolution providing for a Constitu
tional Convention. Senator .How
e., of Coletin, gave'notice of a bill
to amaend the Stock Law.-ox
dexsedfrom News, ad Courier.
I HendrixnTIn, late dndi
date for Governor, and exJudge
Willazdeturned to Columbia Sat,
urday from .Washington, whither
they had gone to!consult the At
torney-General in. referenee to -con
jeating the eleetion for Governor
The.Washingtoa. correspondent of
the; New Orleans Ilmes.Democrat
says they got no encouragement
from the dministration.
Senator Butler, whose term of
ome expires the 4th of March
next, is.a candidds, for re-election.
We hav heard of -no -opposition.
The Legislature wil elect at its
Mr. James Simons, the new
Speaker,sa a young lawyer of mark
ad ability..and fine character,-and
will make a good presiding offimr.
Hiis father was Bpeaker for .mny
.We asialast week that only 24
ol1dkamberiofthe House had beeni
r-e-elected. It should have been
29.4 We gave the names all right.
state lews.
Admiral Strong, of the U.'S.
Navy, died in Columbia the 28th.
Governor Thompson will be in
augurated the 5th day of December.
Hon. Bobt. 'W. Baaelof Col
umbia, died Saturday, 25th, in the
82nd year of his age.
Spartanburg, by a vote of 439 to
287, decided the 28th to issue no
more licenses.to barrooms.
-Charleston will .unveilher.Xon
federate Monument to-day. Ora
tions will be delivered by .Senatar
Bntler and Hon. B. H. ButleAge.
. Mr. J.0C. Stribling of Pendleton,
has been offered $3,000 for his Jer
-sey cow Lily of Glenore, and $1,
200 for the cow and 'her calf two
weeks old.*
A correspondent of the News and
Courier from Clarendon tells of a
farmer in that County who made
this year ;twentyeight 475-pound
bales withi one horse, besides peas,
corn and potatoes to spare.
Mr. D. B. Baseltoin, of Charles.
ton, ha. invented and patented a
cotton-picking machine. The News
and Cojer, speaking of a teat
made of the machine, says: "All
the open bolla.on the plants were
pickeddostclean, while not an nzn
ripe bol ndr a form, nor a bloom,
nor a leaf was in anyway injured."
The United States Circuit Court
will meet -in Columbia the 4th of
Irecember. District Attorney Mel
ton sass that none of the esses aria
ing-fromn the election of 1880 will
be tried at this term. There will
probably be.a few cases arising out
of.the late eleotion for trial; several'
parties have been bound over to
Court for trial.
The Managers of Election at one
precinct in Charleston have been
arrested and bound over to the U.
S. Court on the charge of refusing
to receive the vote of Win. Rivers.
The reason the Managers zefused
hin vote was that a certideate of the
Clerk of Court was presented to
the effect that Rivers had been oom
viceed' of petty larceny, and the
would-be voter acknowledged that
he was the man.
The TBaptist State Convention
muet in Darlington last week. CoL
B. W. Ed.wards was chosen Pre*i
sent, and Rev. Luther Broaddus
Seeretary. The eo-nSs
rotary of the Home Mispion Board
reported that tbe-Bourd had col
lected $&00 ad tit the funds
we" sufficient to pay oil the in
debtedness of the boird. Dr.
James Furman,. Chairman of w>m
mittee on work among the colored
people, reo-ted that tbere are in -
superable difficulties in the way of
doing anything among them at
presnt. The Mission Ciureh nt
New Orleans was repor13te in A.tt
ened circumstances, heavily. in debt
and.threatene4 fwith ex6ctOn. The
Baptists, white. have 650 churches
ria W5Site-eight uh&ichurchef
organiied- daring the past year.
There have been- ,02 baisims
dnring the year.' Present urji'rb--r
ship 58,437. Sunday Schoul met
bership 33,689. Money received
during the year $122,605. Value
of church property $635,771.-Con
densed from News and Courier.
.CoDitipation, liver and kiduey dis
eses are cured by Brown's Iron Bit
tes, which enriches the blood, aud
strengthens the whole system.
Now, 21st, 1882.
MESSaI. EDIToas:. Rement -pen
sketches" of a few of the worthy citi
91s' bw living in your town, has
suggested the importance of rescuing
from oblivion the many noble speci
meOs:ot me and women of the varione
Townships in your County, who within
the memory of the present generation
have "allen on eep""and bei gath.
ered unto their fathers. With' what
intense interest wes 'TJdge O'NealI's
Annals of Newberry" read by ,lnost
aI the people. It might 4e dificulU
t,o find such a fit 6roiclsr of the vir.
tue and peculirtharcteristicswof onr
fathers and their cotem porar e d -as be
1:as; but is- there nor>sme one in
very Township in Newberry County
who wod if sought for. give, a brief
sketch of our fathers and their neigh
bor? What- a chapter of "Dute
Fork" would the pen of Doctor May
erprodusei HowIwouldbe-pleased
to read sketches of such men as "Un
cli'Fred Schumpert"-the. father of
J.hK. Sohupert-0f 'the Connels,
Herbeits, Bickleys, Kelleys, Sibleys
Joshua -Boyd, Goggansj and others,
wo were my father's,neighbors when
I-was a boy. What neighbors they
were! If a house was needed, or.log
to be rolled, or any otherall for
neighborly deeds, allthat4as neces
mary was to send a messenger to inform
hem that their services were needed,
and the morrow would find them con
gregated with the required tools or
implements and" i work was done
with heerflness ea-with 'joy.
- And- the women !- What nithers,
and wives and sisters -they-. were.
Whtdnera they prepared i Their
nams, erenever printed ,nor were
their virtues aver engraves on endar
lng maonuments; but their 'children,
ad neighbor's ehildren, -saw the
beauty of their lives, and observed the
sy0tfmetry of. their character.- Let
somebody ,"write up" these, holding
them up to tiieir descendants as mod
els of virtue and patterns of imperish
able worth. J. M. BOYD.
[The suggestion of our good friend
is receivedwith pleasure, and we trust
that .it will be: responded to. Brief
meinoirs of this kind would afford
much satisfaction to the readers of the
Hxantn. Give us the point., if not
elaborate .artieles, and we will fill
them.out.-EDs. HEEALD]
It .has been clearly established that
iYatsa itao odjpoisdn; therefore,
any remedy thatis a perfect blood
purifier, will.este this disease. S8. 8.
S. is the remedy, being gurely vege.
table, and has been known to cure
some of the .worst cases in a few
weeks. Prioe, U'00 and $1.76 pat
A Ueruted.ebwke.
In sending out tickets for the De.m.
-ocratie voters in Kershaw County, at
-the late election, the 8Stte Executive
Committee furnished so tiokets to
those Democratic voters who wished
to vote agains the proposed amend
ment to the State Constitution relative
to new Counties. Th.'press in inany
Countibs of the-State had brought'to
the attention of the- voters in their
Counties, sometime before the elec
tion, thsd '~ that.the committee had
determinerio print no tickets oppos
ing this proposed amendment. It ap.
pears as if the committee, far-seeing
in their political- wisdom, had deter
mined that they would he the people's
masters in this important matter, and
the people-the Democrats-of South
Carolina must vote as the committee
dictated. Here in Kerahaw, had the
proper tickets- been furnished to-the
voteirs,,the "new county amendment"
would beyond a doubt have been lost
It is gratifying, however, that the
proposed amendment has been lost,
and the committee has, in this particu
lar case, received a just- and merited
rebuke at the hand; of the Democracy
of the State.-Xershaw Gazette.
THE GWAN CEoP oF -1882.
WAsHING'ON, &v. 23.-Commis
sioner Loriog, in his annual report,
estimates the yield of grain in 1882
as.follows : Corn, 1,635,000,000 bush
els ;~ wheat.410,000,000 bushels; oats,
470,000,000 bushels; barley, 45,000,
000 bushels; rye, 20,000,000 bush
els; buok wheat, 12,000,000 bushels.
A Dig Success.
'My wife was in bed two years
with a complication of disorders her
physicians could not cure, when I was
led to try Parker's Ginger Tonic. It
was a big success. Taree bottles
sured her, at a- cost of a dollar aud
Ifty. ieat, and she is nowuatrong
/aywms-. B&w
AIMw Afdverfemem"a
e it before the Pubic,
The lawgest and best stock of h
comprising in part
Luk Books, 'I rardum Books, Pocket
ooks, School .Books, Picture- Books,
= B Bes, -
oellaneous Books, and other
. kinds of Books. d
oto. and Auto.: Album, Visiting Cards, t
'lain Cards. Christmas Cards. Reward A
Cards. ags 0hromos, Perto.
ratd Sar risolBoard,
A Z 4 Blocks.
S *Paers ch as Note. Letter, Cap,
Bill Paper-wide and nar- I
row, black, blue, r
velo all sizes, Medad v
Slat Pes, Card Cases.
ekgammon Boards, Chessmen, Domi.
wes, Checks, Gaes. ToyPaInts.Slates,
toy and plain, Rubber Rings. -Bra
sers, Chalk Crayons.
ner Pae Colored Paper. Tissee
Paper!ld and Silver Paper, Writing
, Work Boxes. Noah's Arks,.
Pens. Tags, McGilPs Fasteners.
1nd many other articles not enumerated.
iand see them.
'hos. F. GRZNEKE,
ine Stock for SalIt
I have two (s) ane young mares forsale,
ro and three years old a,t optiag, kind
d gentle. One Boar and three yng
>ws, Essex and' Poland-0 inaoes I
iso a Guerniby-Jersey Bull, 14 months
d, on my farm 7 mles West of-*eNwberry
.E., . G. H. D. BOoZER.
Sov. 30. 48-29*
Dwetlag-R.use t Re&t.
I will rent to an approved tenant that
rick Dwelling-House on the street leadi
mm Newberry to Reles, now toc" 1
r Mr. Jno. M. Livingston. A good .el
water and all conveniebt out'soli
I the premlse. P os u gi
It of January. .. F00?.
Nov. 2, 45-t
akiable La 1bfr S l
We wM wO an the ms$ *oida T'Do
aher on-t, befAn the Cd=r Bese I*o
e bighest bidder the folowlin tras of
ad, sitused in ewberry County .
Tract No. 1-Gontains 78 62400 Asese,
ore or leo bannded,by TrWeNo.
Ad , and by lands'of N. 0. Resgin, T. I.
*ke and bBink iver, wU&a sipests
from a . o . Faysinger.
Tract No. 2-4outaii 84 28-100 Awsk.
ore or Is,and is: baded y Iads of
ra. Lucy Gilliam, BashBilur, whise sp
tes it from lands of F.8.Pysinger,
racts Nos.land8, and is seprated ifrom
ads of Xis Betty Reagin by ihe Lindsay
ridge Road.
Tract No. 8-Containe 76 85-f00 Acre,
are or less, and Is bounded by Tracs.
o.land1, and by lands.of W. D. Re.
n, Noiah Martin, and is sepuraied from
ads of V. -D. .Beagin .onthe Worthby
a Lindsay Bridge Road.
Plats of the aboe. will be exhibited on
y ofsale.
Ts-On-third cash ; balance payable .
one and two years with interest from
y of sale, to beaeeured by mortgag. Of
a premises.
)U R
Friends and Debtors, you. owe us! A1
artlng fact. Yet we coagratilate you on
rng itble to attend the Stare Fa*;socll-a
L. You have p'i your Bank potes and
te, and. a rif nfall -of'yur'Lien .
'ehave waited patientif and' bus. asid
ithing; we now think It osr time nest,
id be asuried we r do our mi'oney, and
!gin to fesl that'ta abeat time its had
Now just- step up to the Capain' eee
id settle at once. We think said tielieve
in will eome up like men skid rejds s
te this our last pathesic appel.
Yours with oars,
Nov 16 46 sf
Large Young Mulds
For Sale.
IVaia ofer for sale on iA Dee'r
it, ive lfrge fo6 inufl," not sai
oe that timeat privatea mi.
3ov 16 46 St W. O.OBEE..
By lacob 4. Fellers, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Ebeneser P. Chalmers, Clerk of
>rs, hath.made snit tome to grant him
tsters of Admiinstration of the derelict
state and effects of Warren Russell, de
These are therefore to cite and admonish
!and singular the kindred and creditors
' the said deceased, that they be and
ear baeore me, in the Court of Pro
te, to be held' at Newberry Court House,
C., on the Sd day e January next,
ir publication hereof, at 11 o'clock In
e forenoon, to shew cause, if any they
e, why the said A.dminitmeashould
it be granted. Given underimy Hand
is 22nd day of November, Anano- Domini,
J. B..flLE2RS.sP. s. c- a
Nov. 23, 4'l-65.. e
I have on hand and 'will receive weekly I
ege lots o.f Refinished Glothing, a great fi
tiee now on the -market. Receiving
emn direct from Northern. Pawnbpoking j
ops I am snabled to sellast News Yorkd
For prices and other information,' apply
71 Assembly Street,
P.O0. Box 90. Columbia, 8.
nershrts and Drawers
Will Cure Rheumatism I
And are manufactured by .
tag e - asassa4
Count of the COaUaNNes.
The Offisal Vot& -ofe sae r sout CaD
The tabulated re'.erns of the votes
est in the various Counties for the
eandidates for State offiers give the (
following results:
For Governor:
Hugh S. Thom .......... 67,158
J. Hendrix Mc............17,719
Thompson's majority........e49*
For Lieutenant-Governor:
John C. ..............6 0V7C
Bobert' I ..... ..-7'2
Sheppard's mjority........,S.
loreeesary of state:
J. Nf. Upscr-nb................ 60"6
Upseomb's majority.............51,0
For Attorney General:
Cb. Richardson Miles...............64.691 a
C. Baring Farmer..................13.110
Miles' majority.......... 51,881
For Treasaurer; El
J. P. Richardson..... . ........e,60
W. H Stanton....................13,097
Richardson's majority.......51,53
For Comptroller-General:
W E. Stoney...............,. ....64,721
Simeon Corley..... ...........13,095
Stonsy's majority................51.026
For Superintendent of Education: W
Asb Coward ............64.716
. D. D. ta..... .........13,00
Coward's eaority......
For A2stant and Inspector-General: Zi
A. K.enisaltL....................64.706 3
Juius DeJoagh.............13.061
MaIgault's majority..........51,635
It will be seen from this statement
that Col. Thompson ran ahead of tb.e
State ticket, receiving 71 iore oa s i
than Sheppard and 2,437. bnoro votes
than Mr. W. *9. Stoney, we received
the next .rgest vote among: the can- W
didtesfor State oficers to that pelred
for Mr. sheppard. Gen. Manigault
received a larger majorty oei his
Greenback opponent than.any ether 7
man on the Denocratio ticket, his
vote eing 51,645 in excess -df that
polled for hisopponent
vzma CouGRassox&, DIa?Bzc!.
Alken. .Eups.li .
hbeille...........2,451 ;do
Anderson...............2,878 o
Ne.berry................2,054 463
Oe1n51........... .... 963 675
Pickems............ ..1,201 167 -
* Total.......9,245 ' 1,77
.Alken's mgjority.........7,5B
A VZTERAN.--We were informed gj
yeuierday of a remarkable of log. b
evity in the person of Mr. W. H. Bar
detz, who resides in, Fork Town*hip
in this County. Mr. Burdett was born
on July 15, 1776, eleven days after -
the Declaration of American Ibdepen
denoe, and consequently bas reached
the ags of, one. haundred and six yer.
He is~stilf hale aad hearty,.and. J ida a
fair to unve a number of yeas yet la
Be is, probably, the oldest iman i the
State. He: wa born in FAg eld *
County, and has resided in South
Carolina all his life,
[Andersox Intelligencer.
MaDy lose their beauty from the ?
hair falling or fading. Parker's Hair
Balsam supplies nesessry mourish
sent, prevents falling and grayness a
anad is an elegant dressing.
Nfov.23,1882,byrBev.J. B.Jraywick, Mr.
.E.T aara, ofNewberrT Co-, S. -C., 10 di
Kiss Praacs Psaar, of EdgeMe Co.,
-Nov. 21, 1S%,by Rev. T. C. Liges, at the d&
reasidnc of Mr. Frn ohnson, -Mr. Baa- ti
war Joauuow and Miss FAzmara ur,, all
-of Newberry, &r C.
iNmnar. S. C., Nor. 25, 1882.
.List of advertised letters for week ending
Nov.25. 1888:4
Buasman, H. B. ,. Jones, Miss Clarissa
Coates, Drayton . jKlber, W.LK
Hogg, Mi.sunan' Thrift, George
Parties calling for letsers will, .las say
lf advertiaed L.W. BOOif, P. K.
..a edvertiesests. b
Notice to Teachers, i
Teachers in making up-their Montbly n<
School Reports will give the average at- E
tenadance each of wales and-females.
H. 8. BOOZER &C. N.C.
Nov. 27, 1882. 48-2t 8
News coy
Neosived from consignee of the Peruvlsu
Best Fertilizer hr Wheate
Jor-sale by
A. J3. -XeGA..VU :N.b
Nov. 30, 48-2t..
Fresh Oranges Every Week.
Northern ?ruits.
Figs, . 1
g' Orders filled with dispatch.
C. BART &CO00e
Nor. 30, 41-.6m.
I am anxious to get employment in New
bryCounsy as my tradesa a Well Di
ger. I will guarantee satisfaction. In ad
dition to digging wells, I will waRl'them
with stone, brick or charcoal. The last
walling, charcoal, is used in wells that have
In my absence from Newbrry Court
House, persons desiring my services will
p-as apepo . W. Pesse.
[email protected] NEWBI.
Christias be' v.q. T. P. Richardson.
By virue 4.an Eecution to me dire
the above statqd asoe, I will sell, at N4
rry Court Hose, o-a the First Mod
ae-day) in December next. within i
gal hours of sale, at public outry, toi
gbest bidder. ;l that tract or plauntad
land situate lying and being in i
alof N W IInd Sat .stores
aasining inet.Five Aeres, more or l1
ad bounded by land John A. Kibier, I
swob EpdTDaWie-W. Livingson, J
Lyingto and others Levied on as I
uperty of T. P. Aknhardson.
Txaxs-Al eash. Purchaser to pay
D. B. WEELER, 8. N. C
Sherifs obe, Nov. 8,1882. 4
bristian Suber vs. Daniel W. Uvings
By virtue of an execution to me dire
i the above stated case, I will sh
ewberry Court House, on the First X
ky (Saleday) ih December next, wit
we legal .hoursof -sale, a public 6uso
) the highest bidder, all that at or pl
tion of land siAtuat, lyingind being
to Couny 4.Newbry .and 8Ase afe
id, containing One Hundred Acrse, =
r less, and bounded by lands of Wi
ibler, Maj. Jacob Epsiog, Jamis Wieh
. J. Bedenbagh and others. Levied
i the property of Daniel W. LivigAton
Tax-All cash. Purchaser to y
apers. D. B. WHEULER, . . 0
Sherirs 09e, Nov. 8th. 1882. 46
We; the tdzge ud 3xc
( theellm .1illan.pu or im
fheeler, deceased, will sel at Newbe
;ourt House, on the First- onday (8
ay) in Deefmber, A. D. 188, at pu
0tery. to the bighest bidder, off that t
ercel of land of which JL;db Whe
,id asiajsand sessad, eontaing Tl
lIndred.andl ightjy-Fer and 4-6 Ac
sor or los, ifnate, fyng sitbeingin
bouny of Newberryi s, of. eth G
na,nd bounded by lands ot N. B.Wb
r, I.L. Se a)d Geo. A. Wheelpr,
ops ooe-haf acr &Aincding the Fa
irying Ground, with a right of way In
most direct ind conveniet way to the I
ke- Road, twsty fes wide. plat wio
zhibited on the day of sale.
Tz=s or Sar.s-One.bird cah, baa
ea eradit of an andtfb -yarm -in eq
&anal inalmaq, with .insat ther
rom day of sale, credit portion to be
urod by a bond of;the:p ebt a
Borltp ofthe premim saId. .urco
o pay for pars.
Newberry, L 0., New. 10, 182. 44
By.psmliio she-Jadge of 1act
ir the County ahresaid, we. wil sell,
6re the Court Rouse iWEwherry,st
ic outcryi-on the-Firs nday in Dec
or, 1882, $E eal Estate-of David Kib
Lease,d. (not oherwise dispesso by
rill of said Ayc6d,) in lots and pa
a indicated by platw to be ebiAd an
hy ofsile.
Turns-The parelasetr wEHbe reqtd
o. e.half .of,.thepurchine ason
,andto secure~she bafnce' payabl
weligaonf,hs with inter# from da
rith leavet a l cash. Purhee
my for conveysaces.
Plais of thelinnds to be soh maey be4
riorusoday of sale atthe eace of F
Weeer,'Jr., ai Nebey 0; 'B.
D. W. -T. EKIRLER, Eao
B.W. KIBLER, Ez'ux.
Nov. 9, 45.'4t
I wuilRtoelqhigh~essbidder oaf
lay in December next,iii te of laned 13
nNewbiery - 0anty; conangg Nir
ad 9-10 Aeias, and haaunded by Asadi
'abent Moore, 7no. J. Ganasis, la
rou.ar?esq9.,s appears er p5an.
Isb4f -Aiur,-1881, .and seerded ib
iler 's 0ffis.
Tsan or Sa.h-One.ialf' enk..h
lAus.eesitof-twelve montasto be-see
ay bond and montgage,o the pron
mId. -
Att:ney-in-facs for Claudia F. Ne
ad W~ison Abney Norris.
Nov.A2t 7-.4.
I:wril sel,uspublicoosry,as the
esideace of anes Omner,, dessoaed
fewherry County, on Thursday,' the
lyofDbeember next, all the Pemn
sdoeed, consistinLno
Corn, Fodder, Oars,
Costpn Seed,
. ParaingImplems
ouse'hold and Kitchen Furniture.
One Engine,
Wheat sad Qaa Stray,
Nov.16, 1882. 0
We will siel to 'hfheasttaes
feeberry @. [email protected] on othedy in
ember next, he trees of land kr.ow
he Payne Piadeof theisate of BE
lrton, dec'd.
Terms mode kbown on day of sale.
J. D. PJTTh, lErasuts
NoT. 9, 45-'.
.By Jacob B. Fellers, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Joseph L. Keitt bath made
o me to grant him Letters of Adbnisis
ion -of the Estate and effeets o d
lorge Kest, deceased.
These are therer to cite mnd adma
I and singular, the kindred and credi
t the said decesed, that they be
ppear, before me; in the Court of Frob
* bebheld as Newbery Csrt ense, S
o the 7Uh day of December next., a
oblicasion hereof, at 11 o'clock in
arenoon, to sheease, If-any they -h
rhy the said Aasaationa shouldno
rs;ted. Given uder my Band, this S
ny of November, Anno Domini, 188s;
.J. B. FELLEBS, s. ...
Nov. 28, 47-St.
I wii ell, at public outcry, at Newrb
urt House, On theilab MoneAy In Dee
or next, (unless soid at privaesaje bel
ha time) my planation of Three Hund
ud Forty (840) acres, more or lees, ly
a Township Huo, 8, ef:Newberry Con
ear Beaverdamn Creek, ad bounded
d ofWa.Tos. .Pauinge. . 1
r, sr., J. H. Bomiware, .and D. D.
~ason. -Sold in a ody,-.ee dlyided
12 S. Wt3R
ed -A TiT
hea - .., .
0.WeN take CrUs phoocie"sn Wohdamlg.n
* friendo and dhe-peble'generally. th"t v4
aee prepared d sum TO-EaNT A
e. Than we. he" doe.:bef'eU
ore Our stock is now *bos o"LET. .
le though every dy -e a" makig new ad
er., dhions ewhib will be kept up shrough ihW
en, mu&on.
[email protected],
der jeaf,
:Me . Twieedib,
trok BNIWk .1,et -
t1W codolm6
netCe cremdSn,
b- -
ez eresspeUh atn a e
Bhe Poid Ites o m
ho~il 6SgC
e rtoy spq wh ba, r eW
e WM inS,i t
*'- saw- via 0 aabnr
S . p i f v. _W A Woa,rW W .
era hSf
Ak CAl o e aidu?
is ors, Soe i Suse Sb 4defR
cases oran
s Shg uupthand
$nInms ea1sae t t h want3 a e
as,StI he,n tockthe, mohen or se
.C. tiog"ebs Ja~ed
the. WuQg,. 'ceff
sadt Ieewessing asweo he rt alas,o
iase ~a1sel.ost ma hote ms
.... Willasf nk.o re rs'it,U
dershirres lan Drwr. y ass nohi
b Ce i oLUYBA, . hm,.n i
~. oem , T.f il ea~
de.hfA as Dtn s~ Teaser o Pi.
by aNF Tcoo,b layli
r..,..:a .. ...:..
W. 0. Griorson aisite. vs
.mom, AdA'r., aud otrem.
By orderf.the Co.rs, I wili%e, e1pb.
Hc outcry, befor e oWrL 9mm... at New
b on the *s Monday in
'188o.-miila' of s10i-la t
atn.Kin.rdi de*iad, consiedaugaof .been C
line Headred.bnd -:Asy-Nine Acres or
land, more !hhS ,iseed in she ceans
-ad Staforesaid, on Sd RILTer
bounded by1 sda.of Micbeel We,'buiy
Wera, DaniWetei sud+Georg-Lg..
TbeSi 1ds wilt bi sold in pumb A& -n
casd bt phist bes exhbited.an
- sgewhbjyb m,b!n i U1Ie
she- ofice ofshe undersigned.
Tza'.-th4bdaer.-ig .6qe
to pay~ in one-A. shea;as
wooy, and to seenhe the bilac ..pjabas
at4irel.-mnths, writh 1nse0 fram'd
of ase, by bond and a mortgae of''sh
-- -SELAS-40USTONE Misse~
Masiier's Ocag;Jo.,682 .^54w
Iw~ Dwo ol
irem id
mor or e'&Iiii
Ise Mon a o
Ian is
she goirs Boe aJoNeberryes the
Monday In Decemw6.182,as~ _
doy ( ale, by hd ad it *ti
'Master'sOffice, ., 1t
A. aftmdosbe mdo
-y, on bla
b er, 18ta
reel estate'Me
dred d ed
e?ze o-h ebs-ru11b
a pay mebirdd
wesey, edwmqsc esp
any gas o ad esbfcuW,
Nasr's Ofice,y3Nov., 138t
Border of slt erh Iwill pa
tesI,ibas trssieded "of ~k~q
MBe iled.seised dposess
alidcoonty, eon4aang Svny.W
18, ab elesee laDa.
ISaZse eOee usNov., lss 46-as~
oluteridbsfoe-the CoureoIo, uII.&
~aa r ir te eMondayiin
is iedsih.ed andmsweised,lbasl. il
oCun, esaipsiing 'Oe Buedyabe
oe o s, and teoanded by ande5o S
pronrook ado1 ber
mo neendsoSsere Nohe balSne Ap-35.i
da aipe, byl bend a~bn vosg uag .ahb
assrerOo, out1888. mUspM
oaBULL, bfore he Cold insMa,is o ed
g r -sle the subscraiber For forsher
parbticuars o enutire f 3m
a~rer Iseue .n .one J. lB.d BEAG2 -
so pay m b eie-ha s o y d1.

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