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Special and Local.
T_W RSDAY, DEC. 7. 1882.
-x6ai o Nsw ADVERSEMEXT.
W. 1 Fant-5tGce.
T . *- ester's' Sae.
"~- '~ Ne5~ Swi"Macbine.
" #iar, Gibbs & 6.-:-Guano.
SilAM Johnustone-Maer's Sales.
Charlesto Oil Wf''g Co.-Wauted.
W. Hodger--Administrator's Sale.
- S. Boozer-Examiriation of Teachers.
D. J. C. Ramond-Cnsumption Cured.
Werber, Jr.-Poor Howe Farm to Reat.
Saranti . '. Ctiick-Plantation to
Drayto S. Conwill-Notice of Final Set
David F. Foatz-Foutz's Horse and Cattle
F..WerMJr.-Kceper to Poor Hoose and
Flysiciau to Poor Hoas 'andJail.
Mr. Richard Glasgow .died at Col.
Cannon'. near Jalapa. Saturday nijht
of walarial fever. He was taken Sick
Tfrsrt'ay. Mr. Glasgow was a yoing
man of excellent cbaraeter.
-Mrs. Charlotte Smith, wife of Mr.!t
LiUieton Smith, of Edgefitd County, f
died the 23d ulumo, aged atbot eighty- 1.
two.-fr.and Mrs. Smith were. mar
rieseventeentyears ago, she being hisr
thibAwifr. Mr. SmIth is in his ninety- t
second year, and is erjoying renarka- 1
j blygoud bealth for a wanof his age. c
NMr. W. E. Higgins died at hi 3 home.
1ar Silver Street, this Coanty. Satur
-diW::2nJ-instant, of typhoid fever, at
.,_.theageoftbirty-six. He was a native
of Greeniille County. and came to New
b6iry abont fifteen-years ago. He was
agood neighbor and useful citizen. He
leaves a wife, daughter of Mr. Vm.
Laingford..butno ctldren. Mr. Hig
-s.Vas buried at Rosemont Cemetery
Senday by the Masonic Lodge of New
berry, of which he was a member.
F ant's Femnale Regulator cures all dis
eases peculiar to females. 35-tf
The Hot Supper
For the benefit of the Y. M. C. A. in
Newberry last :Thursday night was a
very pleasant affair, and netted $60.
oman's Missionary Society.
rs. W. M. Wightman vill address
(be oman Missionary Society at the
MadihdisL:Church Sunday afternoon.
if you will.use a bottle of Dr. Fant's
Chill Cnre you will shake no more.- 35tf
The lady who requested us to order a
l-t of Goodrich's United States Histo
ries, is informed that the books are
w Vaiing removal.
The Conference
Of the Methodist Chureb, South, will
convene in Greenville, Wednesday. the
13th, -and Revs. R. D. Smart and A. J.
Stokes will leave here Monday.
The.best Tonic and Appetizer in use
Fantis Calasaya Bark and Iron- Try
it, 35-tf.
Cotton Shipments.
Up to to-day 13,701 bales of cotton
have been ski pod ,from Newberry
since tbe 1st of Eptember, against 10,
~93 bales for a corresponding period
last year-an increase of 3,311.
For: Rent.
The farm belon'ging to the under
signed, lately occupied by Henry D.
Bendrix, is for rent. Applicants apply
to the undersigned.
There are names of 1409 persons on
the tax books who have failed to pay
their caxes. Many of these pay only
pol tax; many only a -small amount;
while others are dead or have moved.
An Explanation.
The delicate, flowery and lasting fra
grance of Floreston Cologne explain why'
n is euch a:favorite with t he ladies
The Hot Supper at Chappell's Depot
For the benefit of Cross Roads (Bap
Stist) Church the night of the -ntimo,
was quite a success, notwitbstanding
the.bad weather, netting $5.5. Another
Sape -was -given -at the same place
ndfor the same purpose Tuesday
night, 5th instant.
A Serious Accident to an Old Man.
While Capt. Philip Sligh was feeding
his. cows Saturday one of them ran
nst ap.d threw him down, breaking
a bone.- *m.Mu: -Wai e
set the broken bone. -Capt. Sligh~
about ninety years of age, and this
acdet is a aery serious one.
-mbNransit of Venus
Ach'oss the 'Sun's disc yesterday was
1 by nearly everybody in New
berryv The planet, looking like a dark
oUjeed the- .size of(a silver dollar, could
be pl'inly seen through smoked glass.
We ?ad tb.' pleasure of witnessing
-the transit th voogh the College tele
soope,' and had a very fine view of it.
-Peterson's Magazine'
Is the favorite of iiLe monthlies. The
* anuary Dumber 4is just oeat, and pre
'sents an exccedingly att ractlye appear
ance, with its colored fshbion plates,
and its brilliant array of 5ketehes,.sto
ries and miscellaneocs art.CleS. The
subscription price is $2 a year'. Chas.
J. Peterson. 306 Chestnut Streef,. Phi-li
adelphia, publisher.
Bishop. Howe
Conducted religious services at St.4
Luke's Episcopal Church Sunday, morn
ing and evening. Two persons were
confirmed, and one infant was baptied,
We aid not hear the sermon in the
2nmorng. The sermon in the evening1
rwas an interesting and instructive one,
from the text: "Henceforth let no man
r itrouble mie, for I bear about in my body
the marks of the Lord Jesus."
.~'An Effort to Form a New County.
The Columbia correspondent of the
2ewas and Courier the 4th says: "'Messrs.
?ope and Rice, of Ninety-Six, are here
to-night to urge the passage of a bill es
tablishing a new County, to be called
Ninety-Six, from portions of Edgefield,
Abbeville and Newberry."
Newberry haq no territory to spare.
What do the people in the Chappell's
Thpot sectioc. think of it?
Amity Lodge, No. 87, A. F.M.
At.the regular meeting of this Lodge
> Monday night. 4th instant, the follow
iofficers were elected:
Euard Scholtz, W. 3A.; A. C. Jones,
S. W.; M. Foot, J. W-., Win. Johnson,
Treasurer; J. E. Chapman, Secretary.
The following are the appointed offi
e.ers: N. B. Mazyck, Senior Deacon;
-'eter Rodelsperger, Junior Deacon;
;W: T..Tarrant and E. W. Thomason,
Steard'.: P. H. Duckett, Tiler. .
Landreth's Garden Seeds
10,. PAPERS, WITH DATE 1882.
.At 3c.,
From -Now Till Jan, 1 1883,
Nov. 29. 1882. 48-tf
Best evermade, Emory's Little Catbarti
;bls. pleaant- to take. sugar-coated; nc
~rping; ory i cents a box. of ijruggi. t
or by mail. -tandard Cu-e Gm.. i 14 _Naw at
treer. New York Jun. 1. 2s-8i.
outh Carolina Historical Society
Mr. B. J. Raniage. Jr., has acceptel
he invitation of the South Carolina His
orical Society to deliver an addrets he
ore them, and will he in Charleston
hout the 15th mst. The mibject of Mr.
atmage's tasay is -Local Self Govern
nent in South Carolina-The Parish,
he District and the County." and w ith
he uppxrtunities be has had it will nc
loubt prove instructive to all who are
nterested in the early history of our
iotate. and a valanhip contribution to the
1llections of the Society.-Charleston
Yews and Courier.
toreleepers. I guarantee Sbriner
ndian Vermifuge to destroy and expel
vorms from the human body. where
hey exist, if used according to the di
ectious. You are nuthorized to sell it
n the above conditions. David E
outz. Proprietor, Baltiore. Md.
utt's Pills Sugar Coated.
Tatt's Pills are niow covered with i
vaiilla Sugar Coating, making them a
)leasartt to swallow as a little sugar
)IUL. and rendering them"agreeabale t
he most deli-ate stonach. This is a
reat addition (were it possible to add
mything to these very popular and
vonderfully efficacious pills) as it de
troys the bitter taste and protects them
rom changes of climate, thus preser
ng their virtue in all partsof the- world.
The consumers of Tu'T's Pui.s will
loubtless'appreciatethis 'improvement,
vbich has been made at great expense
o the proprietor while the price re
nains the same as before. - 49-fc
)ur New County Officers
Have qualified and entered upon the
liseharge of their duties. The follow
ng are their bondsmen: For J. D.
;mith, County Commissioner; P. C.
)mith, J. W. Smith, I. M. Smith; for
1. J. Livingston, County Cqmmission,
-r, J. T. Davis, B. C. Workman,J. W,
dieKittrick. T. R. Workman; for Jacot
3pting, County Commissioner, G. S.
Hower, J. L. Sease, Thos. V. Wicker,
rhe bonds cf the County Commission
,rs are in the sum of $2,000. Bends.
nen for J. C. Boyd, School Commis.
iioner, G. S. Mower, J. N. Martin and
Fws. F. Todd-in the sum of $1,000.
J. B. Fellers, Probate Judge; Alleri
Elawkins, J, L. Sease, J. T, P. Crosson,
1. F. Long.
Dr. Moffett's Teethina (Teething
Powders) will cure your child. For
lale by all praggists and Country Mer
hants. ____ ___ 50-ly
hrksgiving Day
Was observed in Newberry~ the 30tI
altimo with more unanimity than ever
before. Heretofore it has been thb
yustom of one or two merchants t<
slose their stores, but this time ever1
plae of business in town was closed al
the day, ~Quite a number of fairmeir
ame in from the couptry with cottor
to sell, but they could t#nd pp buyers
and were forced to leave it and .c.opu
back next day. At the Methodis
D2bureh Dr. Steck delivered a fine dis
morse to a very large audience. Rev
ltr. Dickinson conducted services at th
Episcopal Church in the a,orning, atn
Rev. Mr. McClintock at the Associate
Reformed in tbe afternoon; and bott
ad good audiences.
*zmption Cured.
An old phbysician, retired from active
practice, having had placed in his hands b:
s. East India Mssiny formnula of
.iple vegetable remaedy' for ;hp speed:
and a permanent cure of eo13sump~tion
Bronchtis, Gatarrh, Asthma ,and all Throa
ad Lung affections, also a positive an
radical enre for General De d al
i v powers
housa:'ds of cases, reels it is his duty
make i known to his fellows. The recip
with fcu! particulars, directions for prepara
rion and uss, c.;4 a!l necessary advice an
instructions for~ r.i:[email protected] treatment
your own home, will be sent yS; by yetui
mai!, free of charge, by cddrmin~hg wi
stamp or .stamnped self-addressed envelop
164 Washington street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
g Mention this paper.
nteresting to Ladies
Our lady readers can hardly t'an g Oa
their attention called this week to the la
est. s.mbination of improvements in tha
most uises4 pf all domestic implements, tI
"sewing maing."
As we understand ,t, a machine for fam
lv use should m.eet first or z4I;4hese requiri
riants: It should be simple in it. sepc,har
ism ; it should ruzt easily ; it should do'
wm range of w 4; it should be as nearl
noseer.s as' p te ; it should be ligh
bandsosme', 4y r, and as cheap as is cot
sistent with e .odence. throughout
Teconiipns th "Light-Running Ne
H ome"~ certai.uly .mpee,. jet }as also severa
ery importan:. and use(plX ,etadgents an
"notions" of its owo, which gelig' So
good its claims to populair favor.
Now a great many famni!fes have been an.
are still using the old machines - wy.tin
for tbe ,.imes to improve ; waiting for t
ltest im1rvemnents in designs and mechat
ical excellenes
.But why delay eger?~ Considering tb
ow prices at which ggg machines are nol
.Cold, ad the improvementu Jh ave beel
made, -now is a good time to bmy, g4 tl
-Ne w fome" specially recommends ,itse
to purchasers on wcount of its superi(
awebanical construedes'~ ease of imnag<
meat and reasonab>le price. le.~arly .halt
million hMre b-en sold in the ig thre
years, all of' whieb are giving universal,s,
isfaction. This aralled niachine is m'ar
uactured by the NEW HOME SEWIN
MACHINE CO., 30 Union Regare, Ne
York, who wish ns to say that as /;g
send for their new illustrated catalogue a
enclose their advertisement (printed on at
other page), will receive a set of fancy ad
ertising novelties of value to those colleci
In all ages .i.qggyeries have been mad
which at the time w'ere;;t appreciate<
This is eminently trate of ike grmt veg<
nble Specific S. S. 5, whieh has iien
een known to fail to cure the worst cas
of Scrolutla. The action of the remedy
sunple and perfect. ~Eradicates the disea:
hr renewing and parying the blood. Pric
Beyond peradventure or dispute. that
the loveliest, cheapest and most elegant
line of
Ever brought to Newberry, are now
and will be on exhibition at
Santa Claus' feadquarters,
Pelham's Drug Emporium.
Sr To rave money call at Head
quarters..JO 48-tf
Mrs. A. Coke Smith. of Charleston,
is visiting her motber, Mrs. Dr. Mayer.
Messrs. P. C. Smith, P. B. Workman
and S. B. Aull went down to Charles
I ton yesterday.
Mr. Jno. R. Swindler, who went to
Arkansas from this County about a year
I ago, returned Monday. He has had
enongh of the -great West" and says
"there's no place like home."
Mrs. Orlando Sheppard, ofEdgefield,
buvin! spent several davs in Newberry,
left yeste day for home. Her sisters
Misses Efie and Lizzie Griffiu returned
with her, and wili make Edgefield ther
Callender's Colored Minstrels
Gave a performance at the Opera
House Monday night to a pretty fair
audience. Barring the excess of bad
whiskey and loud noise on the part of A
portion of the audience, and the defec
tive gas lights, the untertainwent was
an enjoyable one. though rather below
the general average of winitrel shows.
The dancing was good. and the music,
both instrumental and vocal, was ex
cellent; but the other features were
searcely worth sitting i a cold hall to
see.-sapybsipg that -one could see,
which he could not do with any satis-.1
faction, the lights were so dim. The
gasoline was either very poor-though
it was bought as good quality-or else
there is something wrong with the ma
chine. Such poor lights as the audi.
enee had Monday night would spoil a
good play; and would drive a male au
dience to frenzy in opera bouffe.
Why Should They.
No mab or woman can:do satisfactory
work when the brain is dull, the nerves
unsteady, the system relaxed and they feel
generahy wretched. Why should anybody
drag through their work in this condition,
when a bottle of Parker's Ginger Tonic will
at moderate cost give them the strength
and will to perform their duties satisfactori
Saleday-Land Sales.
A bigr crowd was in town Saleday,
and lands, with a few exceptions, sold
very well.
In case of W. H. Grierson and wife
vs. Thos. F. Harmon, adm'r. of Middle
ton Kinard, and others-marshaling as
sets-Middleton Kinard lands: Tract
No. 1, 99 1-2 acres, to Thos. J. Maffett,
at $780; tract No. 2. 197 14-100 acres,
to Joel R. Abney, for $1,520; tract No.
3,.127 78-100 acres, to James Nelson,
col., for $605; tract No. 4, 358 acres, to
B. B. Werts, at $3,010; tract No. .5,
130 8.5-100 acres, to B. B. Werts, at
$760. Distance from Court House, 10
Lillie E. Schumpert vs. W. Ernest
Merchant and others-partition-Samp
son C. Merchant lands: Tract No. 1,
Home tract. 140 acres, to Dan't T. Dom
inick, at $2,580; tract No. 2, 106 1-2
acres, to Mrs. James Y. Culbreath, at
$1,500; tract No. 3, 88 3-4 acres, to W.
Ernest Merchant, at $1,300. Distance
from Court House, 3 miles.
James 4. Crotwell and others vs.
. Margaret Wells, Ex'v., apd others
.lands of's George. Foster Wells-mar
Sshaling assets: Tract No. 1, Home
I tract, 470 acres, to- W. G. Abrams, at
$4,125; tract No. 2, School House tract,
i 202 1-2 acres, to W. Q. Watkins, at
$1,360; tract No. 3, 240 acres, to Win.
A. Hill, at $725; trect No. 4, Shilow
tract, 152 acres. te JY F. Boazrnan, at
S$8101 tract No. 5, 362 acres, to D. E.
r Holland,. at $S2,850. Distance from
aCourt House. 18 miles.
S'Thos. D. Miller and others vs. Nancy
,I. Lominik-partition-74 1-4 acres,
Sio F: Pier%Je Wie,ker, at $400. Distanice
i from Court House, 7 m1is.
LIJno. G. Piester and Jas. H. AuUl,
D. B. Piester, vs. Eliza A. Pies
nter and h ' nds of D. B. Piester
ed to Mrs. Piester as liomestead; tract
dNo. 2; 238 acres, to J. H., W. B. and
o S. B. Aull and L. W. C. Blalock,.at
n $825; tract No. 3, 343 acres, to same as
h above, at $1,830. Distance from Court
e. House, # ilies.
Agnes D. Wells and otbeys ys. Elijah
Wells, adm'r., and' others-patiio&
100 acres, to Benj. H. Mathews, at
$735. Distance from Ceairt Hise,1
D. Henry Wheeler. fs.arry B.Scott
e -foreclosure-81 1-10 acres, to Ro bt.
SMborman,. tt $1,205. Distance from
tCourt Hhnse''. bii.es,
i-Christian Suber vs. T. P. Riebard
3- son--95 acres, to J. B. Suber, at $435.
1-Christian Suber vs. Dan'l W.-Living
E stop-100 acres, to J. B. Suber, atS710.
y The tav plag.&s above named are about
10 miles from tibd EaSr Ruse.
w J. M..and D. B. Wheeler, ex'ors. Ja
I cob Wheeler-384 acres, to George
d Adam Long, at $4.185. Distance from
P Court House, 15 nilles.
DC. D. J3urton, J. D. Pitts and W. M.
6 [email protected] ez'ors. Heniry Burton-525
~ cres, to idfrey garmnon, at W.,990.
eDistane from pourt $Q0se, 1p mgs.
e Claudia F. and Wilson Abney Norri
I -90 9-10 acres, to M.aybin C. Moore,
" at $505. 'Distance from Court House.
e8 miles.
E .N.V. and R.Ap. Lake-Tract
No.'1, 78 6($-~ acres, to Thos. Bnz
h ardt. St$845; triect No.-,$6 2-100
e acres, to ~P. N. Livi6gston, natSp.
I1 A, Langford, at $510 ~~Distaggce e
Sol b Shrif, 95acres; average
. Sld y pivae prtis,354 ars
verge ric pe ade,$8.26.
TheShkanps;e, ewYork Week
Sy e okLdger.'ifsige Dog
e; ain ndohrlieayand story ia
Var.oa and all About.
Cold weather.
Wood choppers are scarce.
Bar r,,oms all 4iosed Thanksgivin
The News and Courier speaks of
"bursted" boiler.
Mr. Geo. A. Langford killed a mai
dog near town Friday.
It takes a pound of cotton to buy i
pound of hog-hair, hide and all.
Attention is again called to the beau
tiful asenrt mtn of goods at the IExA Li
Book Store.
Indigestion. dyspepsia. heart-hurn
nause.a. etc., cured by- using-Brown'
Iron Bitters.
The Senior respited three days it
Charleston last week, and is now at
home reidy for liusiness.
Ex-Judge J. C. Leahy was electe(
County Attorney of Ellis County, Kan.
sas, at tile recent election.
Rev. J. A. Sligh, who was quite sicl
at hotue last week, returned Monday t(
his seat in the Legislature.
A sow anod two barrows on the lot o
Robt. Moorman. The owner can have
thenm by paving forthis notice.
Seaside Novels and other interesting
books suitable for 'winter nights' read.
ing, to be had at our Book Store.
DOi not forget where you can obtair
suitable presents for the children-the
HERA LD Book Store is the place. Beau
tiful books are a joy forever.
The hot supper was a succe,s, and tht
YM. C. A. feel happy. - The ladies,
bless them, ulwayr, makc. 21 swnv-w ol
everything--even their husbands.
Mrs. Sill makes an oyster stew fit for
the gods. We took one for our own
b,netit. aid another for the good of the
Y. M. C. A. .Both were pai. for.
Again do we request wtrr frictos lir.
ing in the country to furnish us with
the news. Every news item helps to
make the HEHAiD nore interesting.
Christmas. .will fxjon: Mondayland
is but two weeks and four days off.
We make this mention lest soue of our
readers let the day slip round without
More new subscribers are w:"ted.
Look at the notice elsewhere of tne pa.
pers which will be fainished with the
HERALD, and make up your minds at
Now is the time to make your selec
tion of Christmas gifts for the little ones,
before the shopkeepers get too busy te
attend to you. Don't forget the chil
dren. good folks.
D.~H. Maffett, colored, who was prin
cipal of the Hoge School, left Newberrj
some time ago, saying he was going tc
Kansas. -B. W. Nance has been made
principal in his placo.
The Drug Stores look beautiful witt
their displays of fancy Christmas goods
and so does the HERALD Book Store
If the publit are not satisfied now there
is nothing that will satisfy them.
Next Thanksgiving Day it is hoped
will be kept as well by our friends iz
'the country as those il town. We don'
like to see the streets crowded witt
loads of cotton, while the stores are all
A young man named Win. Davis, os
Columbia, an emplo-,-ee on a freigh1
train of the C. & G. R. R., stumbted
and fell while coupling cars at Donald's
Monday night, ruptured a bloo I vesse
and died.
Messrs. A. C. Workman and W. HI
Workman killed a hog a few days agc
that weighed 406 pounds. They killed
several more that weighed wore thai
200. They will not huy their mneal
from the West ncxt year.
Rev. A. WV. Thoamason has resignled
the pastorate of Bush River (Baptist:
Church, his resignation to take effect al
the close of the year. The Chnreb has
called Rev. W. B. Elkin ; but lhe has
not yet giiven zjn ipsWy.
A subscriber writes to an editor ii
the West : --I don't want your papel
any longer." To which the editor re
pliei: -T woeuld! not uzUk< it :a;. Ig
if Ton did, its present length just suita
me." There are other editors of the
same opmi)on. -
Fifty-eight million dollars is 'the es
timated value of finger rings in this
country actually worn, and still there
are people mean enough to go backins
and coughing because tbey do not wvan1
to ipvest 25 cents for a bottle of Dr
Bull's Ooogh Syrup,
It is said that the firm of Hlldeshei
mer & Faulkner have spent 'this yeal
Christmas Cards, which quite throw
into the shade our American enterprise
in that line. A few of them are to b
founi at the HERiALD Book Stor.e.
Ma ==: Keely and Purcell, we ar
plenised tosay, are the Managers of th
Flynn Store,' op Mollohon 1Sow, an
these gent,lemen ex'pect to wake up ol
levnerry in-tiie next issue of the HEli
Dx.i In thie meantime theflpublic ar
advised to go'ana e'xamine their stoc
and ask for prices.'
" The Newberry HERALD is mistake|
when it says the News d Courier wa
as sijen; as ths grave pn the subject
the'CoristtitorialAnfandment aasto th
formation of new counties. 'The 'Neu
& Courier explained the whole matt
and gave its views on the subject.
Charleston Yews & Courier.j
We return thanks to those of on
sb..cjbes who have paid up. We ar
saifid th'they fel s goo as 1|
do. There are many' more yet to come
and it is hoped that the! wili do so be
fore the first of January, the time fo
lopping off the withered and decaye
branches. We must start the year witl
a healthy, vigorous paper.
Malaria, Chi'Is and Fever, ad Bilious a'
cured with Emory's Stan
er rem dieaaled, They are reare<
expressly ror malarious sections, indoublt
boxes, two kinds of' Pills, containing
strong cathartic and a chil breaker, sugar
coated;- contains no Quinine or Mercury
causing no griping or purging; they ars
mi'! and efficient, certain in their actioc
and harmless in all cases; they effectuail
ca,;:e the system, and give new ie an<
ti,iet& the boiy, --: 1. ousehold remeui
teyare-uneqaledhltrivea Cc pti
their equal is not known-;'olii SokdvIhim'
a wonderful etreect on the worst cases T Ii.
are used and purescribed by Physicians, an<
sold by Druggists everywhere, or sent b:
2,5 andc50cent boxe~s. Emory a Littb
~ewTors" ~ ""'' .,i
Notice of FiiA Lettle
I will uake a settlement as Guardian
the estate of Fannie Lee Chupp, in the Pro
bate Conrt for Newberry County,'S. C., o1
Tuesday the 18th day of December, 1892
and 'immediately thereafter apply for a Fi
I;igcharge as such Guardian..
tl:'W. SE*N, Guardia;,,
I of the universal success of
Brown's Iron Bitters is sim
l ply this: It is the best Iron
preparation ever made; is
compounded on thoroughly
scientific, chemical and
medicinal principles, and
does just whatis claimed for
it-no more and no less.
By thorough and rapid
assimilation with the blood,
d it reaches every part of the
- system, healing, purifying
and strengthening. Com
mencing at the foundation
it builds up and restores lost
health-in no other way can
lasting benefit be obtained.
9Dearborn Ave., Ccago,Nov.7.
1have been a great suffee from
dysp' in its worstform. Nearly
ev '=Il ate ve me distress,
andI could eat tlittle. I have
triedeverythingrecommen a
taken the prescriptions of a dozen
ph *cans, u t no relief until I
too Brown's n Bitters. I feel
none of the old troubles, and am a
new man. I am getting much
stronger, and feel frst-rate. Iam
a railroad egmnee, and now make
my trips eguy. I can not say
too much in prabse of yu odr
fal medicine. D.C. Macx.
does not contain whiskey
or alcohol, and" will not
blacken the teeth, or cause
headache and constipation.
It will cure dyspepsia, indi
gestion, heartburn, sleep
lesiess, d ines, nervous
debility, weakness, &c.
Use o Iron Bittermadeby
Brown QMrc4. , ~atie. Crosse4
The greL tupenority of DR.
all other cough remediesis attested
by the immense popular demand
for that old stablished remedy.
IFor the Cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Croup, sthma1 Bron
chitis,Whooping Cough,lucipient
Consua en awl1 f'r the r.'ifof
consu'r e e:.sn -: r:-ed
tages of e Diseam ly' Faie
NLwasaarT, S. C.. Dec. 6. 1882.
Ordinary..................... 1
Good Ordinary..; .'..,..,;;,.
ILow Middling........,....... Sia 9
-Middling......................9 a 9j
Good Middling.................. a 9!
Good demand.
Newberry Prices Current.
By J. N. MA RTIN & CO.
.shoulders. P'rime New... a
ShoulderaSugar Cured....
S C.R, ew.......... a 16
* S p~des' Wi;......
Sid, C. R,, New.,,.. ,,, - a
-Sid, Long Clear.,..
Uncanvassed Hams.......18
Canvassed Hams, (Magnolia) 20
in, Tierces............. 16
s 'gaf, in Bnckets...........16
g0vdered................. 16 .
Gramulated Standard...12a
e Extr C................ 11
e New Ore Moaser 6
Cuba Mola'.*" ""60
Sugar HouseMolasses. 40
S Young H yson............."".20
s oasted or Parched. *. 2
Best Rio..... .......
Good Rio............ .1620
Cider Vinegar....
White Wine Vinegar..
e Tennessee................
0 Bolte:... ,,,,, ,., ..
Unbolted................. .\~
BARLEY........................ 1.;1
SOAP.......................... -1
r SrARCH......................
3j STAR CANDLES...........1
R A kR,er SOMIN..............
CANDY................ 20'i
CONCENTRATED L YE........... 10
ENGLISH SODA. ............ 10
BAGGING-Heay........................ 11a
eARROW TIEs. Der bunch.......... 2 00
RED CLOVER SEED-per lb...20
RED OATS-per ba............ 4s45
STIMIOrHY H AY................... 175
SWHEATperbu..............11a 1 25
I bave bonght the PHlQTQGRnAF.H QAL
LERY~ from W W."Clark, and 'Will oonue
r he'uiie at ;h-e eaia piade,"ana 'asi I
continuance of the liberal patronage be
stowed uponi the former Artis. I abalI do
my beat to please all and give satisfaction.
fJ. Z. SALTER, .Artist.
, Lcan recommend Mr. Salter to the peo-.
-pie of Newbery and vicinity, as an Artis'
of fine taste and good judgmept.
I N 15-. ~ W. C'OLARE.
Dry Gowls atid .TH!h$88.
-OF -
BnH1 CImo & -co.,
We take areat pleasrnre in informing our
friends and the public g.neraly. i',st we -
are preptred this season TO NSHIBIT A I
Than we have dozie before.
Our vtok is now atout COMPLETE. 4
though every day we are mi-tkiig new .ad
ditimis wbich will be kept tip thronih the
Plaids aud Stripps,
Tncikings, -
Red Fva- --.
WhiV F,bgs
)pera Fhtinels,
Conon siFijnnebr,
Kerseys, -
* Sumdngs......- ..
J$Jack C4shjnere,
Color-d C.Aoueres
Colored Plush,
Black Velvets,
Colored Velvets,
Black V;-lvewecn.
Crape Veilings,
- Black Dress Silk k
Black Trimmuig Silk,
DoloredTrfminrng Silk,
Black-Brocade Silk
Colored Brocade Silk,
Colored Satin, - t
Handkerchiefs, &c.
We Invite special attention to our: -
Dents' Furnishing Department,
which is now complet .
Polite and courteous attention given to
wvery visitor, whether purchaser or -not.
When visiting the City don't fail to call f
ad see us.
Sep. 7, WN6-&tf.
Every Article in the Line of
Shoes up to a.Hat.
UNDERWEAR a Specialty.
Clothing for Youth's.
If you way.t a gog4 qut a iane suit, a
plain iauit, a cheap sgit, at WRIGHT & J.
WV. 00?'POCW'S you can be suited.
A full line of Shirts, over and under,
Drawers, Socks, Suspenders, Gloe, Rabd
kerchiefs, Ties, Bloot, Shoes, Hats, Cape,
Umbrellis, Trunks, Valises, Canes, or any
thing else, always on hand.
Nov. 28, 47-tf.
Io G6en|[email protected] and Youths
Who WoiuM Mar
A Good Appearnce.
I'would state to those who want nice fit
That .f have in stock the most choice selec
tion of
eseen in this city. My son, who has
even cutting at one of the first custom
ssin New York, is with me, and with
-foreman, Mr. Hagg, will be abl to
ae the :ost fastidious of tg~y custo,qien"
alemieto of.&r ,ress. Shirts, 'Un
dis' and Oraweis. It costs nothing
A as Assisitat Teeac rn
ap dof a Fre .. .,,.
Sp.2,2-6 rR L FIE
Are acknow.e- - y '-ryl o.4y tolw the Lf
Cashi. amd on reamonable terms- ev,4
&nd their Agents throughout the Country.
You e"n at all times find the BEST A N
Also, a full line of.CAND
Freach.and Anmarjeanandy
Assorted Craeker&
A IargP and choice'sekction of Chrizntu
t low price.
I and conv ne yourself.
Yhlrb pitt''0 Virai ecreai
A. 'oe , Qcttes Ure
1i? Iti d-Of higf pr%e.s Hfiu insa
f a%ef60 t bce t# poles"Addi6E
letste-rushed it hernarold
ion awaited him. Witb 4oves f a
n sich a fashion that-the4epleawoke-a)
aied so long. .
Iit all very wel to patronizegias
ith, money in yoar 'poc;et enter the stor
1). c. 2i
Ld.sa.veyour40 oe, 0 percen.,:oa wiM
erqugh mere acquaintangeate, bu-,with
ron has4akenjlace i,eajjis of 5AYi
daid- tn' -ertoi tReei
eea'd UmiWzhe-buldij oes 1i thero
Ierely askin the-god people of this and
MMENSE STOCftmpiete-with everyt#
- R1 -CIA'NZ .D. I
Ee is dterwined o. io be uad~ersots, ;
eqisitesi ENERGY, ABRAF-3Sin
)u6e in thEf*aot basttling fotr peopbek
A visit tatesoeisk eineg gng u
Droerd, altid ne. pains sa red. 04R
5Mioloiu How, Nem t t
Wei-sae an eti
I would esfpectfully calf the4 - ttention of
ty friends and patrons 'to mny complete
iock of 4
Nlaring the largest stod in th. Countylj
ad aelliug ati; v~ioeprices I as' a, call
ne:;aunadlo of my arge stoelk..
Iwould also5eall ther attentionof6 the
medical.profession and, public to, my .Pre
cr1iption I)epartmerat,whicT is uider Lhe
upervision of Kir-J. GARD.NER, a -thbr'
onable prices. --
-By Jacob B. Flels, iProbae Julge. I
Whereaa, Ebenezer P. ChaTmers; Clert- e
~oort, bath made suit to qe t#o grant hIat4
.etters of Admiznistgation of the. derct.k 4
steze and efects of Warr4b Eusbell, ds
eased. -:
These are therefore to cite and admocnisb
It Wad singular the kinzdred and cre'ditors'J
f the said -deceased, thas: they- b and
ppear betore me, in the. Cours- of-Pro- f
ate, to be held at Newberry Core ffoie,j
.C., wi: the 3d day. of Janarj inest,
fter .publication hereofg g 11. o'le19ek in
he f o p. * y-sh cawse, if any they
aye, wy fr adAdministration should.
'ot be granted. Given under mp;Hand :
Sis 22nd day of November, Anno Doutini I
Agd Whlwssle ealer la.
Apples, Ptatoes OntensdeM
21;5 East Bay, *
a- Country orerslicised,an4 satis(ae.
tnguaeanb'ed. NOv.25, M-jng.
Notice Tq fs.
uti making up~their Monthly e
ce~ IepdrWe '1 il give the avernge at- o
endanee each of maesr-nd-females. n
Nov. 27, 1882. 4
Newaeopy- --
~~:.&PR AO IPI~ TE,
r Fniy- m6l:%n
-ediawith.14tvpr by
Wli~softa oir.
D 0~
Wholesale-and .Iai. 6
Lae Variety
Las and Hodak G'ood
z- 7=
We - A
s~~t e e g % '
A wondered why thqThad
a 6WO laSSu
dwod re,d wh1he4 adn
aquaistancessb E liyota
a be i -s~bL
.ri I:N g
a he is o
h Tre
& ~fe 4UJh
~u i
-- .
~- Y1J~
4 -d
e I
ruer paan oC.h ustr

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