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hURSDAYr JA 'Y. 11, 1883.
""J &. A P36 FOR Tile PEOPLL.
isopl ofy and the
, t reslates extensively, ad as an
>iedium odbrs nnrivaledad
- b Terms, .see rarpae.
~5he Newberry Cotton Mlls"
$ 8~i the General Assembly
ifoorporated the Newberry Cotton
fils, b a Act that was declared
nblic, sad was to remain of force
-twaity years: A number of
Se [email protected] whose names ap
ir .ithatiAct, are dea and the
t bas speat more than half of its
e d; but the cotton mills have not
beea ereeted.
Atr th last session of the Gen
e e t Asambly a similar Act was
,incorporating "The New
- rry? (dotton Mills," which are to
i; :ereted within the corporate
of Newberry. The capital
to+k;'to be not less thau30
0 OOQ, anc not more than $50,O00,
be raiid. b subse ption. The
'K Johnston T. V
KA. t'rotwell, B. P. Clark
x .eil, W. T. isant, J. N.
I H. Wright, G. s. Now
~ , F ant, J. E.&Bown, R. L
3. 0. Peoples and
" ~e. iKIntosh. The charter it
t h4 t years. So the NeAberra
ton e aiilla are incorporated a
of Newberry whc
the of thisAct
they are
YW* &. subject importau
trifing; and wos
to consider the wo
of Manufactures in ott
-of:the State. Newberry '
y i has sought investment in e
e- x a elsewhere; and it is a
en all hands, that a cot
m ourvery doors, wonld gre
1 niat our people. It woi
firmer a better market I
_and enable him to b
- ns; it -would keep our capit
and nng oneyinto
onninanity ;--~ it ivoulda enhance
-,7 e1 of properg etbei
giving confideneflo our too t
eapital; it would give new life
- energy to our industries. I
oyer, the wonderful advance'
of manniheturing interests in (
gia, and ihelargedividende deel
on the stock of the factories at ]
mont, Graniteville, and elsei
In our State,' prove beyond que
that in this branch of industry
~ takBide an investment that is
~. ash and profitable.
Oharlestoir that has been rei
ea as:too c6nservative to be
~ressee,aNIiT too proud of her
-~t~b ery thoughtful of. her fi
--even Uharleston now sgoe
ista with the hrm af twenty
sand spindles in her ears. 3
othes plaices, 1es highly favore
natre, are bringing the mil
~their dloors, Newberry should a
to a sense of her best interese
leave the grooves in which sh
-been running. A man is ne
who has the nerve and energa
brin to take hold of thiswm
and press it to a conctusion.
berry now has a,cts enough o
subject of mills, and it is tin
lher citizens to act. Will she
- s.pirt of enterprise,- and
*ption books, or wi
itories on ]
-~ doe'nt want it. Those w)
- something of the bonfires
byhim onhis "March to t
- think -that a warm climate
- liarly snited to his nature.
The Preident's receptic
ended by the annonnemen
death of thme awaiian Mini~
A. Alien, who.a few minutes
h ad - been prsentd to the
dent. They say that his Aeei
(bater A. Arthur, wept.
It is estimated that more
Weekilled in the United Sta
Ohnistnas day thain the Britia
anthe recent campaig,ns)
- inng Dm b.r last, the
s- eb was decreasedi $15,
5Gha tsq,distinga1
d ied on the
Northern CapisL tr
Much has been said, of -a, about F
Northern capital, and the impor pl
tance of inducing Nortbern capital- pi
ists to invest at the South. These er
theories about building up the waste e
plces of the South by an ibflux of of
Northern capital, are fanciful, and
cannot too soon be abandoned- th
Thos. who advocate them, seem to co
think that by offering a tempting of
bait, they can bring Northern B
capital into the South very much A
as partridges are led into a trap ; A
and that; once'here, it will become Fl
a part of the wealth of our country. L
Such economists have all the faith G
and not a little of the folly that N
caused Mulberry Sellers to believe S
that he could make millions of T
money by selling his Salvation for T
Sore Eyes. The era of sore eyes
failed to come.
What we most need is less talk b
about Northern capital, and a little i
more Southern energy and enter- te
pribe; more of a disposition to do ti
for ourselves, and less talk about
what the North is able to do for us ;
more of a spirit pf co-operation, _
and less of that other spirit ,which A
says; "Every man for himself, and A
devil take the hindmost." A
The only way in which we can
acquire substantial wealth, is by c
bringing money into our Community C
in exchange for the products of our C
soil, and the fruits of our skill and C
ndustry. In the rich mine of our D
natural resources is locked up un- E
measured wealth-; .aad, after all, F
to the =deselopment G'
o ihee terial G
prosPerity and adva
Lynda Law.
The lynehing of a negro man at
Abbeville last week for cotton steal
ing and assault and battery was a
disgrace to the county, a crime
against the rights of citizenship,
and a stinging reproach to the
civilization of our State. At cer
times an outraged community,
,c u brook the lan dwlay
d and submit to the .
l may resort to.lynching with g
ter e . It is a violent remedy bee
'P- u dull, brutal nature
?t- for w as a warn
,d te
on out to the d .
it -and for the ra
id ment i too s - h-ab
or severe. ~But-lynch
my larceny and assa.ult and
-Those who dld th -eed a;re
1- -crime tbat'they assu
topunish, was insignificant, a
our their offence should not be wini
the at by the officers of the law. 'I
ides Abbeville papers are prompt in th
imid condemnation of the outrage whi
and shocked the law-loving citizens
ore- their county.
teor. The Newberry INewspspers
ared The Abbeville Press and Bani
*i.d reading a lecture to the Ne abe:
here papers, says :
jtion "The public want newspapi
ca.which can stand on their own meri
both which are worth the money chart
for them, which aim at the high
standards in thought, in morals,
pard in political economy, anderhieb<
pro give us a good example in treati
~past a competitor with the largest m~
ure of fairness. We say let no qa
ture rel take place. If either should
B to or ao that which is- wrong, and
hou t he injury of his competitor, let
I'hen injured editor face his assailant a
by repel the wrong in the manlier i
is to To those who take control of
wvake mechanical department we wo
and say that we believe small type
e a a patent outside -are necessary
ded the greatest .success. The ne
'paper which adopts this plan
and else being equal-will altimal
Now. With good wishes for all,
i.the with unkindness ft.r none-we sl
hereafter look for the Newb4
Le for newspapers with increased inters
:atch Under tbe bead of "Advice
open Editors," we find the -following
Il she one -of our exchanges and reprod
it here:
pr 'Publish the best paper you
lapse8 and don't worry about your riv
ic blie will take care of i
kindled reading ma nd the best pa
he Sea," of the, paper. The Jou r
a en editor tries to place himself0o
right Bide of every question
one the people are after.' "
n was The lecture is brimful of
Sof the sense and good advice, and ~
ter, 3f that the mind of the writer ws
before of good intentions,; but there
Presi ground)~ of apprehension .as t
dency, fatnre~ of the present friendi
that e?ists among she Newi
eople editors; and the BTarun at I
es on ot given to assuming post
b lost tat will require others "to
p.the wrong in the manlier way."
7t ER.au,D has no fighting editor,
na jcaBnnot a presnti iford to emj
413, lone. - On this aceoutaswl
for other reasoas, the j~
fe o bear wi
net that the experience of the
tess and Banner -has been :at
acid, as thecourseof the-Ne*berry
tpers promises to be ; and that nc
ivious riva! may ever drive the
liturs of that paper to the retelling
wrong "in the manlier way."
eir pawphlet, just issued, give a
wpiled estimate of the cotton' crop
1882-83, which is as follows :
timates of Corres
pondents from- Crop 1882-83.
iabama .............6,397,800
rkansas .............. 6,308.313
orida.......... ......6,089,007
)uisiana ................6.619,425
eorgia................ ..6,313.896
issiasippi.............. 6.397.800
arth Carolina........6,308,313
both Carolina ...........6,466,374
noessee ............... 6,478691
xas.................. 6,466,966
Average of ten States.. 6,413,18(
The compilation seems to be ex
mstive in the use of numerons esti
ates, reaching thousands and ex
nding everywhere in the cotton. see
>. The estimate of the crop o
>uth Carolina by counties is :
UNTIES. Bales. - Bales.
1881.82 1882-83
bbeville ..... 24,663 32,06]
iken ........ 13,418 14,76(
uderson...... 29,499 27,87E
arnwell...... 26.924 32,301
eaufort...... 2,565 '2,56
barleston ... 8.708 10,18E
rester....... 17 832 2L,93
esterfield... 7,239 21,953
arendon.... 8,039 7,23%
ulleton....... 4.559 . ......
arlington.... 22,414 25,321
digefield .... . 33.566 42,9(
airfield ....... 24,084 29,14]
eorgetown.... 154 20(
reenville..... 75.976 17,57
tn. . ... 7,217 8,04
Lexington..... 8,474
Marion. ..... 20.356 20,4
Marlboro..... 22.268 26.0
Newberry .... 22;613 30,3
Oconee ...... 3,575 4,4
Orangeburg .. 22,891 28.E
Pickens. . .. 5,391 6,4
Richland ..... 10 261 13.(
Spartanburg.. 22,646 26 c
Sumter.... .. 50,755 23,E
Union....... 18,507 22.:
'Iaburg. 6,269 6,.
22,019 30.t
Counties rep
Estimateof Co's
not reported
this year....
f S.C.
r. .. 59
this3 to?e the New Yeai
T'ax -jg is the unabridgE
~,on of the
-\AcT to Raise ii
'ed t. opriationls for the Fisca
Scommwencing November 1, 1882
Ber iencebythe Sena
ich of :iooth Carolina, now met and
of in Gene~ral Assembly. and
authority of the same :
SECTIoN 1. That a tax of fol
and three-quarters of one mill,
sive of the public school tax
er* afte~rovided- for, uo vr
rry of the value of all taxable proj
this State be, and the same its
sr levied for the purpose of meeti
et, propriations to defray the.cnrri
ed penses of the Government for tC
est year commencing November 2
or pod to meet such other inde~
as has been or shall be provide
Lng the several Acts and Joint Res
as pmeed by the present session
iar General Assembly providing
to.SEc. 2. That a tax not to
the three wills upon every dollar,
md value of all taxable property I
,y of the counties of this State I
a.the same is hereby, levied for
the purposes for, the fiseal year co
old ing November .1st, 1882.
mld 1~n the county of Newber
to mill for the payment of the
ws indebtedness of said county, at
-all ed for by Act of the General
ely by, and one-half of one mill foi
school indebtedness; and on
mnd of one mill for the payment ol
all ficiencies for any and all fist
.rry prior to the fiscal ye-ar begini'
s.ember 1, 1882: Provided, I
to That should there be an excet
in last fsund over~ the demands ag:
uee same, then it shall and may bE
for the county,comumissioiers
can Conty of Newberry to apply
'as pIns to the payment of any otl
em demands against the said cooa
Santicipation of the collection
taxes hereinbefore levied, ii
the two mills constitdunal ta:
0teding the ta-x for fundedi
neschool indel
5 th e by, empDowe 4 of sa
of the said county, an
god the county treasurer, so mu
e5 fea ay be needied toumeet
te current exPenses of si
a fulProvided, That the sum so
is no silha no event exceed thr
the of the estimated proeeds of a
and, uoeProvidd, further T
'erry greater rate of interest than
east, Centum per-aonuw.
spel esa tht onin
and he s making money fast by
loy practice, and that be takes
tie interest in politics.No
Too Platt!
en The Peindeto -e
be form Bill, passed th e Hou
eont amendment.
Several days bgn the News and
Courier published a paragraph about
certain giants of Georgia. There is a
clerk in one of the dry goods stores in
Columbia, formerly a travelling sales
man for a Baltimore house, who is,
perhaps, the most powerful man in
South Carolina. He has lifted 'as
much as. 1,604 pounds dead weight
with the use of strape. In Sumter
and also in Columbia he has on two
separate occasions carried a compress
ed bale of cotton, weighing 450
pounds, in each hand, across the'
street, using a common cotton hook
to aid him in holding the bale. He
can hold a keg of nails weighing 100
pounds in each hand straightout from
the shoulder. Altogether his feats of
strength are almost incredible. His
muscles are like iron, nod I have seen
him lift some weights that would have
surpr-sed Samson. ,. C. H.
Au old Tar-heel who was "thar"
says that at the battle of Chancellors.
Ville, while the fighting was raging,
Gen. Rhodes rode up to Gen. Ramseur
and asked him what time it was.
Ramseur, pulling out his old timepiece
slowly, said : "General, in such an
emergpney as this my old watch never
runs." Rhodes "took" right off, and
returned to where the bullets were
"ticking" the seconds.- Waynesboro
In the Master's Court.
Notice is herebvgiveu that Pawnee L.
Mathews has made application to me to
have her komestead set apart in the per
sonal properLy of her late husband, John B.
Leonard, now deceased.
Jan. 10, 1888, 2-4t Master, N. C.
69 ra, robate Judge.
49 suit to ne to grant him hath made
istrstion'of the Estate and e ee
69 - These are therefore to cite and admoni
14 all and singulat, the kindred and creditors
69 the said C..Gnin, deceased, that they bea
31 appear, before me, in the Court of Probat
to be held at Newberty Court House, S. (
48on the 22r.d day or January :nst., aft
6 0 publication hereef, at 11 o'clock in tl
08 forenoon, to shew cause, if.any they 'ha
86 why the said Administration should. not 1
6 granted. Given under my Hand, this .6
day 61 January, Anno Domini, 18t
J. B. FELLERS, it F. N. C.
41 Jan. 11, 2-2t.
),625 . t. superiority of DR.
- BULL'S C 2 YRUP over
all other cough remediesis a
,966 by the immense popular demas
for that old established remec
e State'
y the
ir mills -2 3
excln- -
herein- For the Cmne of Coughs, Ce
dollar Hoairseness, Cr-oup, Asthma, B:
erty of chidis,Wlrooping Cot:gh,Incip
ereby,, Consu;mt.tioni anel for the reli
ng aP- conl?un ei persons in a 'r
I for in
of the
for the
e, and
county no longer from Dyspe
nmeno- sia, Indigestion, want
ry,one Appetite,lossorStrerig
fded lack of' Energy, Malar
providIntermittent Fevers, 4
funded T ERS never fails to cu
~.eighth all these diseases.
the de
al years Eoston, November 26, z81
g Nov. seC nan~te co.
owever, beenagraturrerrrom Dyspa
s in the and could get norierhaY,Dgl
iinst theeverything which was recomm.
wh ha bee bsette
law foowies lRON BmTER.l i o
of said boee.ith ms ,sing e
he sur- Burwvr yt g late distre
ecr legal "| as,ig
ty. In which wa unbearable. Since
of the ia BaowN's 1RON BrrTERs, al
cluding bomuwtt < iaea1
but ex. Meso. W.J F.
debted- *oMaeikst.,F. Bo
e- TERS acts like a chai
h money e digestive or'ga
promptly . dyspel
'counts: mgOthe Stoon
e-fourths Heartburn, etc.
id taxes; Only Iron Pr'epara1
~at said - that will not blacken
od at a teeth or give headac
mght per
Solcd by all Dvug-ts
's hair B'W lhria
)f-that . atiamor.e I
his la, seet,azn an ,
ee Re.
oj!r 1Iou
Saturday, Jan. 13th.
The World's Greatest Comedias,
A roar of laughter in Three Acts; people
laugh until they cry !
Reserved seati On bale at' East's Drug
Store. -
Admissfon 50 and 75 Cents.
Jan 11, 2-I -
These grades are rich in ill the essentials
constituting first-class articles, carefully
prepared from best materials. Our long
experience in the-trade, together wit.h Prof.
Shepherd's analysis, are guarantees that
they are ..dapted to the wants of consom
For sale at. market rates for cash, time or
cotton. J. N. ROBSON & SON,
Jan. 1I, 2-8mos 68 East Bay.
Sale under Mortgage.
By virtue of a power of sale granted in
a certain. deed of mortgage made by- Win.
W. E. Biggina, decoased, tae of said Coun
ty, to Thomas J. Mafett, and afterwarda
transferred and assigned by the said T. J.
Mafett to me, I will sell before the Court
House at Newberry, at public outcry on
the first Monday in February - next, all the
lands describedin the said mortgage, to-wit:
.tbat plantation of land on which the 'said
'Wm. W. E. Higgins lately resided, lyinglo
Newberry County, State of South Carolina,
containing (206 4-10) Two Hundred indSt
Four-tenth Acres, more or lees, and bound
ed by lands of T. J. Maffett, William I eig.
ford, Young Longsbore, Andrew J. Long.
shore. John T. Peterson and E. U. Long.
Tawis or Sar.-One-half :cash, belance
in one year secured by bond and mortgage.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Jan. 10, 1888, 2--4t
Three Hundred and Sixteen and Half
of land 2 miles east of Ninety-ix, C.
in e o. I botton land
? 5 'acreA ffo ve: d
Y good. Will-sell satek
id and wri'give possession at
Apply to or addrea,
tr Jan. 11, 2 --St.* Ninety-six, S. C.
I take great pleasure in thanking ,
friends and sequaintances for past-.fave
I will befound at No. 1. MoLr.oa Rc
when I will !.:e pleased to share a libe
portion of their patronage in the future.
The old frn of Fant & WcWbirter o
beir.frie,d.i -
Cov W. Wa
As my License expir
the 28th of this
- month,
I will sell my Stock
Liquors regardless
of cost.
11. JONE, Agt
d 1. so PATRr. Ito I
- our motto- We I
.g-inull lnstructions i
-'- AdresLsB.. A.P. LAC~EL
--- Got F St,, Washingt4o,.DhC .- I
eni~"dtevs on1
seucas, wound or
- Fees, .10 Bount;
ington;D. C. Jan.31
~C. 'All kinds of Job Printing neady~ 4
r.. at the
re HriiJb 1lg U
If you want
a BHi ileads, Letter J
S tirculars, Clards, invita
t Posters, Dodgers, Cettoa
S ets, RteeIpts, &.
Bring your work to this offee.
-Fine Work a Speciai
gg" We guarantee good. work
m- work and quict work.
NL ThOS. F. Grenet
Re-opening of the Newberr
1%Academy at the Academny b:
tie Harrington street near Mr. 1&
st- residence.
The Board of Trustees annoot
ich, - g of this seh6ol on Mond
The '. ~ vnext, under tb4
iOn Pro- Brown is a gradute'
the olege, lhas had seal
he. perience as a teaeher, andi
assured will Kneet th req. r
our .commnonitr- This sL--c
receive the benefit of the -oli
O.- "wm.- S. P.OJ
by - - .
llpersons indebted to es
late Mordeia J. oyd are hMiby
to Settle the saute to the Prohe7j
*te sa de* o ebruary,a41
*be-re,zde,ed inb thai we
- e. 8 e ..
W Ib gitawsy I: a!sn t &h
scribers. "Yor pen* caddrs
HERAL,Uitemr Go0
-4:aars Orsoge.Cd4'iTfdr16e
Jan. 4, 1-4$.
By Jacob B. Fellers, Probaste Jide. -
Whereas, Ebcaeeer P.. Cha1' e, Clerk of
Court, hath made - suit to me ter grs f ai
Letters of AdifiT6tiit?o " wkh ih"?I
annexed ofibe derelict Esate sed e*
'ail.ansiagnt..h iedred fd credi
of he said Josepb _Bedenbabg, decesse i
-hat they be :and appeer beore s., in
the Gourt of Probate, o bee& at New
berry Court Honse, .& C:, on the Ath 4y
of February neit, after putsiciaso he-.
of, at 11 o'clock in the fornooto~ she
cause, if any . ther have, 7wythe ai d
Administration sbodknotbegianted-les
under my Kand -dbid-2ud day-t~imiaey,
Anno- Domii,1683.
-J. B. FELB8,s a. "t :
Jan. 4, 1-4t.
Is hereby ivea to Ixs niai
traors,a Bardians, Ttn!tee& d
ciaries that Tuesday ad Tiaueda of each
week during.the months 4( Jaeuary and
February, 188S; .b et apart for'tbe ean
ination and 6l. ef their aalnteense
as required by law.
Jan 21888, 1-4 * .P, O
By virtue o6der .t ,i 1 ust -Beg:;
Probate J dge. i w3'seH. os the
day of Janary; 1188, at thIe b s' Se
Yragocis Eo9m;o nis#Co., 8..,.e
that personal p f'whiche died
aeized,sud oa :,oget afl~g,
an. 4, 1 2.
The undersigned aj4udds b~m
the e
they ti'luplyt th Ieelto :
fo e*b err y 'agnet
a charter for "The Na,bt :
and -Woeaiea siodd
acee with .e -proeion. o h
tbs State,Peio h ee
there ,
enwick. Jo C
- -hite, Y. J. PopeJ
Spesrmar,rw ;
SQEk,.CBroara J
Brown, W. T. a
. Dominick, J P.
,on.fl gL
-rose5,'J. W:
Wheeler, A. 8ia
r4 Y: SpearsThi- i
T. G
.igned w
Little rive
o'cloelk .ou
coIaet, fQr
over th e haid 1.
to plans and
amean#kiIek iihe 9i$da
are xequeeSe*ima e
the old bridgeoah d a
ace -
oks L? GOGAlI00 k
icD. - sat
gab -
.ewberq. 0 R
zecuted- .
I~ dcssas,lpessa
playaestte . Mrs 5
Fiekre- an-a. m
ArpbeongboMdE?gdeiaagpJs aa
estate of 4nes C.xser, deceeq,,
J1. Poe, Est., an&aUR pusoa. inds
sai estate wili jaske. ma to ma
As Admninistratr s t4e4hste:eM
declWSQ t Oa-0 a ee
LY. 01 i -
Ice thbe_____ ___
my the
ras ex.
2entf o
'oy - -
1 A.
a a.
at4Y fbe
,ust : fr7
*.d iFil

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