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The Newberry herald. (Newberry, S.C.) 1865-1884, January 18, 1883, Image 3

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,for .uci0 aad '
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IAt*eople.know whal
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"e Tho erkne brged
. ar n encoong
Mr. E J..Houseat op.
J* o 19 pupIP, ner Mr.
College last
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We hope that he
de with his new vocatjeN.
asiraoon a piee of burning
frooi tbealr";e. ii Dc.
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a seriouslos to
oe : It is never toooold
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eA PoorIIouse
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the poor hoase, and very
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M4r. Wilana
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An -nportant Question.
awmaosny times have you snfi
rom having eaten a little too msch
dinner er supper? Dyspepties ple
answer. One dose of Norman's Ne
tj %dinl eacbht will
arising from defwient gastric secretions.
It is nserpe.
Ho for the BalI.
-Wife itoi $or hews his thanks to
i the committee on invitation of the grand
Ma eradi Ball, fer a paid op ticket
forbied ind w lawns, throogbh Mr.
MordecaiFoot, to attend and trip the
li ?gi his fesive sd diigbt
she oer e'da -
evening, the24th inst., at the Newberry
Hotel, and will ne 4ogbt be latgely at
tended, some theee hundredlnItations
having been extended to the fair ladies
of this and other sections kitheaom
mittee. -
Tickets for aale.atEd. &belts:
Laurens Lawyers on Seduction.
The''iAt e rla*yer ielto have
Bushed a whole evgy .eedaction
edes.-'bnd ~ ere af theib
down,, one, or- even.A brain. Rt u time.
Tbis tiie "Mity~ L alde 'nuesth:.
A. Keller for 25O000, for seduction on
-de .. .f Jaar:#sg.-slaire.n
inding "Mis Mary quite contrary,"
is that he left * roperty. The Lan
odens' d call a halt some
few days ago ew Yerk 'nry gaa.
girl a verdict f67r-5,000n a similar
Our thaln ar tendered afair Coas
everssw. ,uq a ,bind,teagembcance.
is not grate Dy received and highly
apprecisa d ank them vru
Alse* tb- *#rad/ 4 .
A*ld& ofMiliriNto Sooroflike:'
delicia iDski nW'Qt itbss
come over our friNads in oranging as
Herald B S and 0 -
When in 4-gpP4i i; l sdk.
Memorandum boek, Letter paper as.
Telopes,.or any thing else in the lier
stWhen the readdb:bb'e gsanr d,
n4sit the erad Store, there
is something there for 5ou.
A fall line of beintifal" cream laid
pa and faeklirAn-rprinting wed
dioaitl p 1nitttons, just received
it this office. The printing will be done
cheap-and neat. - - -
Bill head, npte heam .. he .pa.
pers of extra quality, just received at
this office.
All kinds of Job Printingdone at the,
Herald office with neatness and des.
tbch. .Call and see specimens and ask
r prices. - - -f .)
We are .ratfied that. the condition of I
the Rev. C. H. Pritchard is in,proving. 1
lie is ablo to walk a little by the aid of I
a stick. This will bs good news to his:
Mr. J. Hart. Blease who has been
suffering, fr9eg asavenattack of-rheu
matism is In a fair way t'o get out soon.
Dr. Gardner, the -effBeienL.prescrip
tien clerk-of DreEat-b.s-goua to New
York foy~-sbIstitime, for rest from the
isafresponsibilities of that practice.
He has wiado a:bost of friends.itt New-.1
berry, and we wish him asafeandapeedy
Mr. E. HI. Aell, recently a prefessor
in Newberry College has gone to Qreen
woed, where he expects to practie
law, an the position.. ---ste by
Mr.areyaliiter (tte'aftera.
Arges wish hii& success in his
new venture.
pointed Soheel Trustees.forirCanty :
Township 1-W.'E. Targent, L..M. .
Spears and J. J. Pa'ysingefi
No. 2.,T. 0. Turnipsedl, S. W. Can
non.and..A.J. Gibem -- -*
No.3.-B. H. May bin, T. B. Aughtry .
and Thes. Alewine.
-No. 4.-Z. W. -Bedenbangh, T. F.
W. 25. Ilady
Ne. 6.-W. (j. ?eterson, A. B..Semn
and J. S. Floyd -
No, 7.-F. A. Tesgue, Dr. J. 0.
Dickert and James Larkins. ~
atWe.tong, . WBonlway e
Si Bibcr t
Na H.Whdaer,3.E THunter
No. 10.-J. D.. A. Kibl L. W.
Bowers and S. H. T'ellers.
No. 11.-Thee. W. Holloway,
D. Graham and Perry Halfare.'
Our Doctors. ~
Th. hysiian Wbo hav
la the Clerk's omi
requirements of t
J.D. Bruce, .
Jefferson Medical Co
J. A. Berley, diploma
Cqin iae4cal Cellege, 180: E
lom* from Sot; arlna
diploma from Sooth Carolina Medical
College, 187; B.; Pa. Clarkr AIpes
frem South dasolna. lidient.ollege; I
1839; Jno. K. Chapman, diploma from
the University of Maryland 1869; 0.
B. Evans. diploma from Geergia'Medi,
cal College, 1880; J. W. Folk. diploma1
from South Carelina Medica.l Cellege,
1874;~ Jas. K., Gilder, diploma from
University of the City of New York,
1878Slao. .C. Halface, diploma from I
South Carolina Medical College, 1874;J
Jas. P. Johnson, diplomsa from South
Carolina Medical College, 1881: Levi
L. Kibler, license from Medical Society
of South Carolina, 1835; 0. B. Mayer,
diplna from South Carolina Medical,
lg, 1840; 0. B.Mayer,Jr., diploma
Soth CaroliEa Medical College,
874 James.Mpjat.eh, diploma from
-nth Carolina M'edical College, 1861;
Pope, diploma from Jefferson Medi
,olp Philadelphia, 1868; D. W.
;88 P'B Ruff, diploma f.roey
Carolina Medical eollege, 1882;
MedialiC- l ; G. A. Sets
1866; J. II. Thompson,
from Jefferson Mediesi Col
Pa., 1872; D. B. Werts, diploma
Eclectic Medical institute, Cin.,
phyian who wishes to col
fees pranMhing is required by
onesas stated above.
The Firer Fiend i Newberry.
--A an,[email protected] F'ree.
eterday mordting about l o'cloc, ti
handsome iron front building, occupied b
Dr. W. E. Pelham, as s drug store, and b
f iqa d -> s etorel ;
tiraa in nihtly Thi-(rebgaef
the second floor in the office of Silas Joh
stone, County. Master. and. is supposed t
hdve come froin a~ deft'6dre cliiney flat
L.ading from a firtplavce in- Pelham'a .Dru
$ore. Mr. C.G.'Jaeger.wbo%uis a: oeic
and a bed-oom cn tbesecond f[ooi, was rou
ed. by. the stiing smoke ; be gave the alarc
tt 1ess J. W. Pethua au Gee. Gillilan
whi had sleeping apariments ob' the sam
floor, and the three had barely time to es
cape-Mr. Gilil>yod esesping thirough'i wis
dow. by' meatia of a ladder that wis raisei
to his.asistance. In a few minutes aite
t4fire w*s discovesed, The -building --
wrapped In flames. - The burning buildini
waseseparaced from Dr. East's Drug Store
on the East, by a solid brick wall 2 1-4 fee
thiok, and from Wjseeler ]rothers' Confec
tlones Stoae, o t e -West,.. by a simila
wail. It bad been raining, and the neigh
boring roofs were very wet; this ciroum
Itanee, together with the .brick. walls jus
mebtioned, arrested the spread of. thi
9ines. and- the adjoining -buildings .1rer
sawed, 'ahnost: -by miraele, it eeemed
lhose,wha rad the heart -and wiliagnes
[ought the fire with mod:and water dippei
op s 'the- dstreets-bus to %litsle - purpose
Whes she games reaehed.-the baer is o
kerosene and liquors jn the Drug Store ani
nr, sent vp dene yolume# q
noke,.and licked their lurid- tongues. fa
oot into the nijhr-and the tow't wag' sav
Tld building was owned by Mr. J. A
Drotwell; it was worth about $8,000, ani
a th ir. "A. t gent
Yhf. Pehiam?. tack goadssaaetlm
ated at about $7,000; ineuraace, $1,871
with Aver: , o3t se,;1i10 'th Sogu
ki. e siwdthGle a r
5=1f 'ol s#" ee oosil
papers,., 1el througiluto ie eeuar, an0
se ot yet been recovered. -
Mess. Saesae & Co. easred- two- or three
la ofwl.iskey and their saf.,.v W
unable tlii out tthe l 0
hefr tof,u' sup i 1the1t1Ja" edver
s4 b)insur nera which i#e s folios. -Wit1
ieat'd Pot,'$l,50b ;' ied + h "
Besit& #1,100.
Afice. - All: his office furnittirv, togeth. I
itl tie papers. an4 bp, ks relting to hit
Ace waa4esfroyed ;: io n*urance. Thii
is heavy los. --
.f(r.. pE , : J er.itsd .ot# -=h;
rurai'ure, book, at- paaers being wbollj
lesgoy4gRHe wa_ jeisttr-in Bankruptcy
tad all the p.psr1 and books of that oflie
Re:-naumved. Niu insurance.
Mr. J. W. !*l:b,m, saved nothingexcepi
few articles or wearing apparel. No . in
Mr. . Cillil in.3s:.red, nothing bat.:hi.
adrooar- fat-il ore 'iit w0-ri g appa*e
were covered :.} i .eur.incp of $2*., TI
oss of the four las.-gentlenea.cannot h ew
timated in dollars and-cents.
'The stoci of the Wheeler Bros. was ver
:onsider.cbly damaged by removal, that of
Dr. -East, that. o'f I. P.ut,-,%nd that. o
Flynn t Co, ,nfrired :o%e dan.go. t*,tlia
oss in each case was covered by insurne
'he two adjoining. buildings were injured
)ut. both are in6ur'ed. - -
Newberry has no fire department, afa
loes'nt seem -to c.tre for one, the people
yreier to trust their property to Provideuco
uld the Insarsnce Companies-rather the
ntter. -
nie at Hgpa
On Monday night, the 14th instarnt
Mfr. R. B. Hoitnan's dwelling besse
~as desiroyemd by fire. - Mr. - Bolmas
ays that the house cost him, altogethee,
i.bout *1.000. The building was injur
ad for *750, and the household (fjd
un and wearing apparel, for. 5.,, its
he Lancashire. Insurance Cormpany,
(anohester, England ;(9ena & Pool,
kgents. The origin of the fire is un
mown, but It is shought that it was ae
~idental. About 3- o'clock Mr. -Hao
man an4 bls famly ~wers roused fro:p
leep by the roaring of the names; aod
bey made a narrow escape, the roof
alling in somne three minutes later.
[Che only artieles of-housebold fuhniiure
awed, are.. a feather bed, a trunk. a
mail phairge e lock, twobureau .draw
sis,2da!sahtl awith twe'drg
es,4ne ofN4hlch oataiWed Mt. Holi
paa's pepers, The wearing appare]
f the family was consumed.
~oisafmthe Woifi. -
Rat.Snurda-ight, Mr~ -oha
[boqppsont and~ his "star troupe" played
tti1erO$era House, to a very cold and
ey small audience. The trueis
I~.e~DoWagId and
Miss Nagle sings indifferently well,
oisigs aii beter ibin she talks,
oiss Thompson plays the role of an
rish g'rl, anid one E her various ac
omp~ sbmtis is tlas :ability tc speak
ha ."ialeet?veiy rapidlIy, iand wo
Istinedly as to he understcal.aa oeily
el1f stre'spokei Saniskrit, or Roptic'or
aw Dutch.
Mr. Thompson. makes a very good
risahmana,and ia amusing Dutchman,
bshtg.able, at will, to become
Ist.alian, o hns,.r
s is d unrausical, froa
sm14t.f1l the ny tngs is that
d iar remained be(ore tb public for
~.4rd~of the ience- was,
'We i. seen wo'rse things;" but the
undlence could ser that of anybody or
knything -short of B6elsebob, prince
af devils. Altogether, one would not
se likely to choose such company at
ir., Thompson .4ffods; for. a second
royage aro ~world.
That veterafrsoldiertof the cross
md good -man known over the
yonnds of the State, the Rev.- David
Derrick, died in Columbia, on .Sat
irday last, afathea4taneed age o
33. We knew and loved hii fromr
aarly childhood, and utell remember
uis first mimistration -at the-SE
Fames Chappel, :Dear -..ir6'treet
saedei, in Colm
bia, died Miss Abtnie McKenzie, thi
beloved daughter of Capt. Johi
hfcKenzie;, and again on tila isn
iay in tbe same city1.ra.. MeJunk
ing, wife of the editor of the Pal
oaefto Yeoman.
The last issue of the Press an<
Banner annonces the dissolution o
Lbe partnership existing betwee,
kr. Wilson and Col. Wardlaw. Th<
Press and Banner is one of on:
most- valued exchanges, and we re
gret the ril,hdrawal of Mr. Ward
law. This, paper however will no
be any the less vaiued or valuable
under the- c,oel of its origi
arious and all About.
- More-mud: -
i Plenty of mud.
it sore m'n than is wanted.
Mc A. rWhedwr-isti Trer.
Some Lxilgt0aUi" wait tok ow1 i
how the elecion went-if it's over!
g "Who sa the Son'on Thuisday last
-why every who ad eyes to see.
Question: "oes a wife's name as
d surety, give any weight to her husband's
bond P Don't all answer at-ence.
The penalty of Auditor Nance's of
i cial bond is $5000. instead of $8600 as
r stated in the last issue of the Kera.
The Clert of the weather has lo't his
grip of the helm-the weather is vii
If you want to double your crops, and
r Wjben and strengthen your fibre, use
t Mrs. Hillary Soberi&s recefred'from
. the Knights of Hoier, $2000, insurance
a on her husband's life.
The Princess Lodis and the Marquis
of Lerni are coming toCbarlesten, faom
wbisb place they do not expect'tp=ooge
f to 3wber7.
. Mr. Guer r pi'onopsiee Newbry,
. oneof the 'dst intelligent ad utva
ted twns with whieh be-Is ac-=nd
and be is a gentleman of taste.
What has cone over So*ohy T'wn
aid - its genial inhabitants? We trust
they hve not been submergba in the
prevailing nud .
The people who shat deers when they
come in and go out,-are eithr gone
dead, or .gone to Texas,a"is we serry.
for It. The R egiajer makes this Men
tion;, we tae have mis'sed them.
T e first Quarterly Conference of the
Methodist Church was held 6t 8atixday
add nday. the Rev. W.,D..lirkdasd
pres ding. The meeting was 1iteC Ot
i s:G E. 'Werber will ,es}lPWf.
B :W. Bittle in teaching .he PrePara
toryDepotnf Neieriry Colge.
' ayoun g,inap of much pr;omise
every body likes ''Gos.
Aeopy e the. Qrat'Industrie of the
United States, i large 5 bgk, will be
gien for twp names to the Herald,; if
$ecoespanie#.W44. :-Ogty two 'uhsaii
hers. Feur dollas" i'ubscriptlens; and
Sve'in a book. - tf.
Mr. A. W. Habdter fisjust uistied
a handsome piece. of car painting- fr
the C. C. & A. shop at Columbja,
The work is highl$ spoken of by the
Register. Hamnter is an artist with
the brush. -
The prevailing eeld,-so intense has it
been that we -find it dificult to get a
good I mpresso of the lERA.D. Type,
presses and men are all but frozen. and
we long'for;a_change over the spirit of
the drieam.. -
A Man who signs, "Charles Gniteoau,
2 PD:wrgte to the May fBatlt;iant
the 15th, that he.will kiN Jov. Butler,
in five months and twenty-eight days
from the date of letter,and then chocee
the Mayor for Gov,
Dr. Carver the ceibrated parlp.
mpan 'is challengad . gardits. flo
says he will shoot against any boely in
the world, for 81. to 810.000. TAt-the
Newberry Glass Ball Clubs be organ
ized at once.
Four good things in one day, nmakes
a man feel good all over-a present of
saddle pony to the-wife, box of oranges
from the land of flowers, another froma
Charleston, together with a cheering
piece of information-.Eog o n
day. surely.Eog o n
1ero.ye lead. and a holding hard;.
Ashley's progress you can?s retard.
Whbile dat Nigger is a laying in bed;
Ashley Melon-de climb up do shed.
Fetch thiat Bone to the Ashley pile
When g,roupd tq dust the rad w'ill
Drummers, anal regular boarders si
the Newberry Hotel all pull down their
vests after eating, expressive of their
so preme felicity, in being filled witb.a
fullness, and Chase is landed to:the
skies. We -think soue . M jhe ias
should he given to hi better half, the
good madam. She knows how things
shotild be dotte, to oar'knowledge,
In a weeak or two Mfr, Jimmie Anl
and fanilywill have eixnpleted,a neat
and easy .cottage on the Baxter old
place, between the College and steam
mill. No prettier size .could. have been
selected for a dwelling, and when-their
vines and fig trees grow, may they sit
under the shade thereof in peaceful con.
Wood is much needed at this ofifee.
Will seone di our near at hand and val
oe wodpaying subscribers bring us
For the printers do shiver with cold,
Their fingers can't pick op the. type;
Te-se them you'd think they are old,
~or t1te poor house they:are muost rip.
The priepes too are guite. stiff
the ink is congeal-ed all-up.
So wood up and give -us a 1ift,'
Of.i-wod uy, byallnmeans wood up. I
lored Baptist Chiareh.
NZB -8. C., Jan.9 1883.
Baptists of Newber a
churebh building, badly '"~
Scott's Creek. Of late the _.
tinhsgreatly ireedand-theho
is too gmall to hold thie peple, wiho
come to hear the gospel. preached
Besides, the building is in a low, damp
place and inconvenienitly located with
reference to the larger part of the col
ored population of our town. We
are exeedingly anxionsXo get a bet
ter iteandbuid alarger shoupe. on it,
prove the house we 'nowon; but:we
are very poQr. ..Oar members lis#e to
workbhai dig. tp support tJasfs.ehr's
asd' thaeir families, and are u't(y not
able .to.4o thia-work, unaided. I de
sire, therefore,'thrliglh -your colisnins
to beg lielp of Ou'r white friends. We
are coestaatly receiving tokens of
kindness from the white people among
whom& we are living and we appeal
with confidence to this generosfty.
We think 'this is a worthy cause and
fwe believe God's blessings will rest on
those who help us in oar .nced.
a Any contributions will be grateinl-.
r ly received and may he iandbd toRev.
-Mr. Brosddus, pastor of the Baptist
-Church, anad to myuelf or soase one of
b the- deaconeef the church.
"Os the Wing."
MY hEAl H Ai -My appoint
ment to tte M i'biistibt was the
surprise ofimy itinerant life.' But in
Istatter we pre,ared to ;ia!e,nd sp
the 26th ohiuo the "ffane!
waq. si;en to ur a lue:fde'fair
friet the tiii. fdand
dluzs t ahe'9isebPussg at
Miri. S. ('., ready for business.
The W -. in r'-ception .eeeived, words
ofer .iu :veuent giieo, and hope in
spirin_. op.t (allin; alvog the line
of~du'b i'. n"1 only appreciated,.bat
tend' t :.,, ntitigate the disadvau
tages ir tong move. On the 4th
inst., I !" f: <ly fawily amoog strangers
in. Marion,. to - atteud the quarterly
Moenting .t: tie Backeville and-Ca.
waybort C!hrges .requiriug an absence
from. L,unr of nearly two weeks..- To
reach the iIk,rry -.o end of the Dis
triW t Littr"&e Dee Siaip 104ui
be oros- . Toa uop-country mn it
is quit.- an adventepe-two-its'
of er yt wade, befOre you reach the
th a itit-.-;ve times in this
b * *m. Ase.blck; * wan
swept#ise .b the be 0i wio
hae rani baggage; away, bat ob
bira 6 hin bit3ielf aboy.-jg
watur.:hol&.haggage-aloft. hat an
undeveTq =d oaty. H6t is
of iti ft i a pnbe o(~p aai -a
finb: rp of. oitoo corn; rice, oas.
po etc. If you could send
doMo sewie of:Newberry's esterising
fanners, they Would in a~fes years
make this land *blosom like a renova:
ted Edei. . B; okaile . tad .Port
Hielon, ebis +s recosatlload
ing lainbei Nava1Storesnd NNon,
for Ni a S TI
millspNB gktc e ob t
icale. The =ypress ad3i
altre 48. bigsippe a
forg g eMi T
Di +:tlerieseaound , 6Ee
doe nply fas~?ebers e M, .
and aiions of-eapif1. '
0h0riare:a4ig io
Df _ .lnas" ity-ad A;itiew
[email protected], w&at tli
;e el this pentbft
The~ lae i g nn t
tor"ef is -d ib4 are i
Btcksvl, .-. MS f
.Bucksille, Hnrry Co.,- S .
Jan. 10th 1883.
ImsateC. H., .C4lm. ;SP
List df asivernised letters fer 'we&
raw. 1315 ig:_
Arnold, 3tis. Alocs Price, Jobo G.
Dotcmin. Jrcob Price, William T.
Dlxcoa, Lucian (2) Pits, Jobu
Dickert, Andre Philson, Kiss ,elile
reltman, G. W. Ruff, Wm. S
Hendrix, Henry Tater Miss Ellen
Sarp-Jno. Whtt.b o a
n. B. Will dms, Mont.
ong. A. G. . . .
Parti d a!e ,g for WR f I E . s yM
andverpedl R. 90 IZE. P M
Nswsrna . C.. Jan. a4g. 3
)rdinary. ., ...-....,. . a
sood Ordinary................. a
Low Middling...a..3;~. .A... Sjia Si
Iiddlin ---------........ - a 9
Good demand.
Newherry l'riee' Carreut.
Shoulder, PriflneNew.... a
Sha.eru New.........
6idus; C.'-, New....
Uncmnrassed Huns.......14
(Canvmse-d Hams, (Xagno1ay 16
A lD
Leaf, in Tires........... 15
Leaf, i-Buickets...........16
.. drd... .......16
New Oreuls............,. 10 -
New Orln Syrup new ce,9
Youn ed.o H Peobed....
Best 10.'....'......; - a
God0...... ,........ 12,:
-cider-VInegar........ s0
--White WhaEi.fnegar.. 61
.TXant.ise............i 5
I Bolted................... c
Unbotted.............;.. Le
......................... a1
TAR CA5NDLE8................ 15
T%............... ............0. 9.0
OANCEUNT.AEDL.......... . 4
KGLISH SODA. . .......... 10
ILE GEAB.............10
OBA000................. .....,.60. 1.2
LsILs-1 i... ....U
LEBOW TIE8, pe neh.......... 3 00
WssoNrs [email protected] MaceaM
rich in all the iSeential
>repared from . 5b. . ~
~xperience in th t ,
shepherd's aalyuIs, are. rf
hey are adapted to the wants of
For sale at mattet raten for oash,;tlane
,o&ten. J. N. ROBSON4 S6N,
Jan. 11, 2-Since 68 East Bay.
As my License exp~
the 28th ofthw
I will se of~Jcp
Liquor rIIs
Ja. f. rtos,t
All persons indefstdto the estate of the
latE Xoeseld Boyd ire hrboI4el
sJ jettle Alsmm asoa the
the tras day f( Tetire taR~
Are oass
And their Agents througboat the (thty. '
Toe en ot al tim,fiae the BES MD WELL
Flour, Ar.- MM
Freiet aidA4 erIesh 1 1
A Irgeand we ection otfo 'Istni
U Coland ~4
No ,ds8- UMER 8. C
1 -t
. 181-.-la c - -
Wkefr e r
friendM and dnhe ptbicne"l .a'~
S.~~A1-t *)1 ..11 t fA -
are.pepare shC"an TO -- -BT
ST0"0C 44
j _
. We take grea pieiueia :iyorwi:
thohevery Od we arlc~etmaking~a e d
seaon --
- sand-8 -s - -- _
Combgiese - scsa
Lintogs and cros
- Whht Fla-il
Gottda Faanels, - -
easeys ,
- Sfoldgs,
Bepelsa, *
Black Oashbleres -
- (e0GoIee Cashmeres
Colored Pinah,.
ETak Velvet.,
Cooed V etee n--- ----- --
4) ~1Back Drss Silk,
Black Trmminglk,
Colored Brocade Sitk,
- ,HoIery, -- -
- - :Bandkerchefs&e
We invite special attention to our
whish Is now oodnplta.
folite and ouesna:ttention -. iven to
every viuitor, whether p~hswor not.
wdi seeas. --
Geolg VcWhirey hatti made-C
*him lttorn-ofUadmian A~
dnce i6., -.sad.fet t
al.andsingular, the ~ ~ 4~ .
the said C. Guin, deceaised,
'appear, before me, in the Court d1eas
to bs held as Newberry Court Hous, IW iuIUL'
e te d day of January 'nst,
publication hereof,. at 11 o'clook: in thie 9ia
forenoon, to- abew can.., if any they 'hap,
why the said n na' bmsould oo be Jan.1
granted. Given my Bnd this 6I
day ofJauryLANDeaa,as
a-. -inds of ILAB EEE
- eane1.na men e
* * "iere'Wm hat "see . COW
shewajiaa- elaa applihation to me to
-bive hi.% JU.d. et isprt, In .the per-. This
ransl propoty er atea hauhand, ohn B. m odernn

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