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Special and Local.
SPECtA No riCE - 8u,ine: i oriees
this locai t.".esun at in.rsed at the rute
15 cents per le e.cch inseiitian.
Obk'uaries, notie.-. of rneeCing". commui
atons relating to per-onal interests. tribut
ohrespeet, &c , ::re clanrgedi as regular adn
*ibauets a' $1 per qua re.
Xotiee4 of administrttiu', :ccnl ot!ner le,
0dees, obituarie., tributc, of re$peet
0tiei of neering", as nrell as commumnit
ttons of a perxontal character tn;t be t.:
r in advanc.
The subscription price of the HSKALD
2.00 for twelve months. $100 for s
*oaths. 50 cent,4 for three months and
= ceats for on- month. in advance. Names
fature will not be placed on the rubscriptio
books until the cash or its equivalent is pai
07* All communications relating to pt
usona interests will be Inserted at regal
advertising rates, one dollar per square, ca;
in advance.
T per may be found on11e at Geo.
- o's Newspaper Advertising Bt
raa (1.0 Spruce SL.) where advertising coi
tracts may be made for it in New York.
"--r. L. S. Bowers, postma=ter,atPro.perit
is oor authorised agent at that place
Mrs. Tho<. M. Paysinger.-Lumber for sal
0. Klettner.-Card.
0. Kletteer.-lnportant Notice.
C. C. Chase.-Newberry Hotel.
Silas.Johnstone.-M:tster's Notice.
E. P. Cbalmers.-Adininistrator's Sale.
Dea .
Mrs. L. Franklin died at Helena, c
Saturday, the 17th instant.
Died, Feb. 16th, Mrs. Dolly Hunt e:
near Jalapa, in the 78th, year of is
age. -
Mr. E. J. Houseal, aged twenty-fou
years, died.yesterday morning, of cor
gestion of the bowels. He was sic
only a few days, during which he er
duied the intentest suffering ; and h
was conscious until the moment of hi
death. His mother who was visitin
in Orangeburg, was written for seven
days ago, but did not reach home i
time to see him alive.
Seldom have we been called upon t
make an announcement that gave u
so. much pain; and we sympathiz
with the family whose hearts ar
wrung with this bereavement. Ei
was once our pupil, and his manly de
portment won our respect and love
He was endowed with an acti-:ity o
body and a keenness of intellect tha
gave promise of a useful an-1 honora
ble career. His engaging manner
made him popular in his community
and his loss will be keenly felt. Mor
than all he was a good young man, i1
the best sense. It is sad that one s
young and so promising was smitten
that his young life went out when it
future was brightest ; that the b,v
was plucked when all were anxious;
looking for the full blown flower. Bu
there is comfort in the reflection tha
the flower of his life has been trans
lnted, where it will always wear
hter bloom, and breathe a riche
Cotton Quotations for Thursday.
Good Middling, 9f; Middling 9.
Market quiet and active demand.
Loins for Sale.
Blank Leins for supplies and for rent
for sale at this olfice.
Best ever mnade, Emory's Littlse athartl
-Pils, pleasant, to take, sugar-coated; 1n<
grpn;only 15 cents a boic. of Drugatist
tb mall. standard Cure Co.. 114 .Nassai
New York. Jun. 1. 22-Szm.
Cotton Statement
ht'e receipt in Newberry utpto Feb
~16th, were 18977 bales; receipt fo
week ending Feb.16tth, 515 bales; ship
ments for same week, 515 bales.
Fresand others desiring a gen
Farl lurative agency business, b:
wich $5 to $20 a day can be earned
isend address at once, onl po.stal, to 1]
SC. Wiilkinsonl & Co., 19)3 and 1917 Ful]
ton Street, New York.
Dec. 28, 52--im.
All parties wantiug Guano, Acid, o
Cotton seed cake will apply to J. C
Taylor, Saluda, Old Town, S. C. Tit
genuine imported Germanl Kaimit wr
abe delivered :. points on C. & G. R. R.
at *20.03 per ton. 3-3m.
Dust On Record.
Mr. Simon Hu::t, Merchant, Momw
tain Rest, S. C. says :"I doubld in
order for Norman's Neatralizing Cor
-dial In four days. It has given entir
satisfaction among my enstomers ant
those who use it once are convmneet
that it is just what is claimed for it."
Tirhd Regiment Nominations
*The convention delegates fronm th
nine comnpaies, compOSing the Timr
Regiment, miet in Grceenvi!le o:i Tues
day night an~d ma:de the iollowin
nominations: J. W. Norwood, fc
Colonel; J- ]F- Allen, for Lieutenan
Colonel; and R. S. Anderson, fc
Major. ________
- A Doleful.Tale.
Here I am, dosed :lmost to deat
with sickening pills and powder:
I've been so filled with strong gripin
medicines that I am unhappy, dyspel
tic and gloomy. Hold my friend, ti
a bottle of INorman's Neutralizit
*Cordial. It will cure you and restor
--you to good spirits and a happy exi
S ence.
Change of Proprietorship.
Mr. O. Klettner, the gentleman wh
bas succeeddd Mr. A. Koppel in tn~
prietorshtip of the Opera House S
onhsbeen conducting that bu4.:e
for some time. He -naderstanids a
about it and his urba'ne departmle
and knowledge of what he ha:s boug~
insures success. The public ean e]
upon Mr. Klettner.
A Good Fish Trap
Mr. J. P. Blair took fromt his fik
trap, on the S.duda river, below Bou~
night's Ferry. in two mnoramg~s, or
hundred and forty pouds of red hor
fish. This is ani u~nusually large han
and evidences some commotion :amni
the finny tribe. What was it TI'
river was too wet, suggests our youini
est typo.
The Debating Club,
Met after the mass meeting, Ma
day night. The question, "Which
the stromrer ineentive to aetit. hol.
of reward or fear of pumshmeac.t:
was decided without debate. TI
psident named one side of his km:
Rope, and the other Fear; lhe th
east it three times, and HoGpe wo
The question for next M:nday mg~
is "Was Hamlet mad ? -
R.ligious Notice.
Notice is hereby given that a co
cert of Prayer for Institutionls
lering will be held in the Presb
terian Church on Thursday eveni:
next, commenine" at 7j o'clock.
Rev. Dr. Broaadus, of Virginia, wi
Sonduct the services.
The professors, teachersand studen
- o the town, and Christians of a
denominations are cordially invited1
Atand the meeting.-.
A Mississippi Narrative.
A young man, whose name we with
-- hold, who left Newberry some time
3. since, (it were better perhaps he had
- never left), and who was a good Sun
day scho >l scholar, up to the time of
r hi; leaving, writes from Mississippi to
o Mr. Ca. r Vance that he killed a bear
ii- E elimbing a cora stalk, and that he also
es found a litter of pigs inside of a corn
=r- shuck. He says that corn grows pro
digously "over the,-e." We fear that
young man w:ll never be a preach:r.
id The Newberry Hotel
This caravansary is noted for its table
iz delights as well as the refre=hing coin
25 forts afforded in its sleeping arrange
in ments, as Mr. Chase, the proprietor,
)a and his amiable lady's long and tried
d. experience qualify them for the posi
:r- tion of hosts. One of the proofs of its
ir excellence is the number of drummers
who quarter there, and who are loth
- to leave and always anxious to return.
* A word to the wise is sufficient, and
- there is no need to say more.
Prosperity for ever.
Our large and constantly growing
li=t of paid up subscribers at Prosperi
ty makes our heart rejoice. This is
certainly one of the most enterprising
e. sections of our prosperous county, and
the generous appreciation of the
HERALD, and the efforts of its editors
to gratify its people gives us unqual
ified pleasure. As a hen gatherethher
chickens under her wings, so do we
feel like sheltering them. M:ay the
storms of adversity never di.,turb
r, Malaria Cli Is and Fever, and Rilious at
tacks tively cured with Emory's Stan
r dardure Pills-an infallible remedy: nev
er fauls to cure the most obstinate. long
standing cases whe: e Quinine and anl oth
r or remedies haul failed. They are prepared
expressly.for malarious sections, in double
boxtes, two klats of Pills. containing a
strong cathartic and a chill breaker, suaatr
coated; .contains no Quinine or Mercury,
e causing no griping or purging; they are
mil'.! and elticient, certain in their action
and harmless in all cases; they t-Tetually
? cleanse the system, and give new :i:: and
tone to the iodiy. As a honseirm1eH reeni:dy
they are uneqa:led. For Liver Co:nplaint
their equal is not known; one box will have
a wonderful effect on the worst case. They
o are used and prescribe.1 by Physielans, and
sol'l by Druggists everywhere. or s-nt by
matil,25andi ',U cent hoa. -s. Emory's Li tle
e Cathartic Pills. best ever in-l, only 15
e Cents. Stan.lard Cure Co., lit %:tssau Street,
ew York. -)tm. 1.22 Sm.
From Rey- H W. Kuhns.
f The following short but expressive
t letter from our long time friend, Rev.
- H. W. Kuhn-, finds a place in our local
s columns, and would it were longer.
His ninny friends however iyill be glad
to hear of him even in the half loaf
1 style :
1 Westmiinister, Cars oll Co., Md.
Feb. 14,1883.
s Mr. Thos. Greneker,
1 Dear Friend-Enclosed please find
t 2, (found Ed.,) for which you will give
me credit on Herald account. This is
t S:. Valentine's. day, and I hope you
- will get many more Valentine- of the
a same kind as the enclosed.
r H. W. KUHNS.
A $20.C0 Bible Reward.
The publishers of Rutledge fonthly
oler twelve valuable rewards in their
odlly for March, among which is
the following;
We will give $20.00 in goll to the
person telling us which is the lo:!ge-t
verse in the Bible by March 10:h, 1883.
Should two or more correct answers
be received. the-reward will be divid
Sed. The money will be forwarded to
the winner March 15th. 1883. Persons
trying for the reward must send 20
cents. in silver (aio postage stamps ta
ke..) wi:.h their answer for whi ch they
wijll receive the April Zothy in which
the name and address of the winner of
the reward and the correct answer
will be published, and in which sever
al mor-e valuable rewards will be of
. fe're-..
SAddress, Rutledge Publishing Comn
,panyv, Easton, Penn.
-Skating Rink.
We are pleased to know that this
popular institution is on a solid basis,
that is every member is on his feet and
actuated solely in minainiga p
- right position in the future notwith
e stan:ding the ups and downs of the
1part. This rolling society meets twvice
,a week, Tuesday and Friday evenings,
and much stirring business is usually
done by the active -members and their
lady coaidjusters, They have lately
- pme hased new and improved rollers
yand there is no telling hoi long they
.will roll. At the last Tuesday nights
e mneeti ig the following officers were
jeieeted; President, L. J. Jones, Jr.,
tVice President J. A Burton, Sec. and
Treas. T. E. Greneker. The boys
and girls have our best wishes, and we
suggest that when the Spring is ad
vaunced pleasantly thaut they will give
da pie..ic and invite the editors.
Laborers' Contracts
r It is important that all farmers
.shoult- know the folowing law: All
r- cor)t racts made between 'owners of
land or their agents and laborers shall
be witnessed by one or more disinter
ested persons, and, at the request of
b either party, be duly execnted before
aa Tr'.al Justice, whose duty it shall be
to read and explain the same to the
Sparties. Such contracts shall clearly
set forth the conditions upon which the
laborer or laborers engaged to work,
Semibraciing the lengtli of time, the
Samount of money to be paid, and
when; if it be on: shares of crops, what
porion of the crop) or crops. The law
provi les that either party violating
such contract may be punished by
0 fine or imp)risonment.
e Whaile these contracts are not requir
- ed to be in writing, they ought always
a to be witnessed.
Of 0 all the attempts which have been
m zade of late to utilize the wonderful
y resources of electricity for domestic
p'roe,none have been more strik
ingly successful, and few are so initer
e.-ting to a- wide range of readers, as
h the new invention of the Por-table
EEleet:-ic Light Company, whose mau
e u:factory, at 79 Water Street, is nowv a
e scene of the greatest activity, both day
,and night. The instrument from
gwhich this company takes its nanme is
e a small and compact piece of mechan
- ismn, occupying a space only five inches
square, and it can be readily carried
from room to room, as it weighs but
- tive pounds. It is so constructed as~ to
furnaisha elestricity whenever desired for
y a large number of import.e t and con
1 stantly recaurring domestic uses.
s When provided with simple window,
"safe or dloor attachment, it serves as
t an unfailing and startling burglar
ea alarm, the trespasser being confronted
n with light and bell in:stantly, and is
l- eally adIapted for the ordinary uses
it ot a call bell. Asa alighter, it is perfect.
beig capable of producing instanta
uieous ight in aniy part of the house,
by adjustments furnished by the com
a pa.v. It can also be attache(d to a
yf miical~l galvanic coil by which a-pow
r- er-ful current of electricity can be con
ig veyed. M:mny prominent business men
are interested in the company, which
1 was incorporated under the laws of
Massachusetts, and is enjoying already
tsa most gratifying success. Orders or
H inquiries should be addressed to the
Sbusiness office of the companf. No. 22
Waern Street. We understand that
this Instrument is sold at the low price
of five.dollars for the lighter; ten dol
lars complete with attachments.-Bos
ton Traeller.
Sinking Fund Commir.sion.
As we have b:-en asked what are the
duties of th:! S:-,king Fund Commis
sion, about which much has been.
said lately. we give the following state
muent of the law on the subject :
The S-ertiary of State shall take
charge of all prope y of the State, the
care of which is no' otherwise provid
ed for by law ; and hold it subject to
the directions and instructions of the
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund.
And a1l vacant lands purchased by
the late Land Commissioners of the
State, shall be subject to the directions
and instructions of the Commissioners I
of Sinking Fund.
For the purpose of paying the pres-,
eut indebtedness of the State, and the
interest thereon, and such further in
debtedness as may hereafter be con
tracted by the State, the Governor,
Comptroller General, and the Attor
ney General, the Chairman of the Fi
nance Committee of the Senate. and
Chairman of the Committee of Ways
and Means of the House ofRepresen
tatives are constituted Commissioners
to be known as "The Commissioners
of the Sinking Fund," to receive and
manage the incomes and revenues set
apart and applied to the Sinking
Fund of the State.
It is the duty of the Commissioners
of the Sinking Fund to sell and con
vey for the State, all such real and
personal property, assets and effects
belonging to the State, as is not in ac
tual public use, the sales to be made
from time to time, in such manner
and upon such terms as they may
deem most advantageous to the State.
The proceeds of such sales shall be set.
aside, and awarded to the Sinking
Fund of the State.
The Commissioners are required to
report, annually, to the General As
senmblythe condion of the Sinking Fund
and all sales and other transactions
counected therewith. All the reve
nue s derived from such sales, are ap
plied to the extinguishment of the
public .debt, by investing the sam, in
the public. sureties of the State. In
other words, this Fund is invested in
State bonds, which are then canceled,
the debt of the State being thereby
Court of Common Pleas.
The following jury cases were tried:
Dr. P. B. Ruff against Lucinda
Brooks, appeal from Trial Justice
Court; verdict for the plaintiff, for .
Mary Spence against James H. Wil
liam.. sealed note ; verdict for plain- 1
tiff for $172.32.
D. A. Diekert against Newberry
County, appeal from Trial Justice
Court; verdict for defendant.
Harriet C. Willingham against A.
Y. W. Glymph. danman:es for moving
250 panels of fence ; verdict for the
plaintiff, $150.
A. K. Tribble against Wes. Saimuels,
attachment. under lien; verdict for
the plaintiff for $12.32. A new trial
has been ordered in this case.
Rob:. C. Wright against James A.
Mars, as Executor, sealed note ; ver
dict for defendant.
Dr. R. C. Carlisle against the C. &
G. Railroad Company, damages for
burning 29 bales of cotton in the old
warehouse that was destroyed by tire
last June. Te trial- of this case oc
cupied thiegreater p)art of Wednesday,
and all day Thursday. The plaintifr
was replresented by M. A. Carli-le,
Esq., and the defendant, by Messza.1
Saber and Caldwell, and John C.
IIaskell, Esq., the Attorney for the
road. The argument occupied. half a
day, and the jury retired late Thurs
day evening. After remai.*ing out
several hours. they found for'the plaiin
tifr, a verdiet for about one half of the
value of the cotton destroyed. We learn
that they decided that the railroad
compJany was "half liable" and the
warehau)tse-man "half liable," anid
accordingly divided the value of the
cotton by two.
Thue J~udge gianted a new trial in
this case, feeling as he said, that the
jury evidently found. a compromise
There are several cases of the same
kind, against the R. R., but-they will
not -be tried until the determination of
this, which is likely to go to the Su
preme Court.
The jurors were discharged on Fri
(lay morning, after trying eight cases
in six days. Court was engaged in
the di-charge of routine work, until
Saturday afternoon, at which time it
was adljourned, in time for the Judge
to go to Laurens.
Mr. Merrill's Family has returned
to Ne wberry.
Mr. WVarren Davis4~ wife and daugh
ter are now residents of our town.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Simnki!xs are
keeping house in ."Brooklyn."
Capt. J. C. Wardlaw has been suc
ceeded by Mr. Henry Hoof, as depo t
Dr. J. A. Berley and Capt. J. D.
Wedamtan are building a steam -mill at
Mr. Oscar Johnson returned to
C"mrleston Saturday, after spending
some time in our town.
Honi. George Johnstone has been
attending court at Lexington; and M.
A. Carli4le, Esq.-, at Laurens.
Miss Betty Cline, returned to Green
ville, Monday, after spending a week
with her brother, Mr. W. A. Cline.
Hon. M. F. Ansel of Greenville, was
in towvn last week, attending Court.
He is a genial gentleman, and makes
friends wherever he goes.
The ever smiling and happy Frank
Parker, fresh from the wild village of
Spartanburg, lent the light of his face
to our city on Friday last.
Judge Witherspoon, Solicitor Dun
can, and Messrs. Y. J. Pope and L. F.
Youmans, left this place for L.'irens,
lat Saturday. Maj. Caldwell went
to the same place on Monday.
Capt. 0. L. Schumpert, Mr. M. Foot,
Jr., and Mr. Tobe Reagin, represented
the Newberry Rifles in the convention
which was held in Greenville on Mon
day night to nominate officers for the
Third Riegiment.
A most agreeable surprise was given
the Rev. Luther Broaddus last week,
in the arrival of Dr. and Mrs. Broad
dus, his father and mother, from Caro
line County, Va. The visit was uin
espected, and untia they stepped into
the parsonage, he was not aware of
their near presence.
Somethng Smaller than Wefore.
The second citizeas' meeting for the
purpose of talking about a 1ire depart
ment was held in the Opera House,
Monday night. The few whites who
were prese nt were reinforced by the
members of the Hook and Ladder
Company , who were out in a body,
prepared to receive the sm all lumps of
"taffy" that were flung to them by
diseerning speakers.
The Mayor being absent, Gen. W.
H. Hunt was called to the chair. The
minutes of the last meeting were then
approved, and the report of the Com
mittee which was appointed to ascer
tain the probable cost of a fire depart
ment, and to raise as large an amount as
possible by voluntary snbscription,
was read by Mr. M. Foot, chairman.
The report, after being amended in
several particulars, reads as follows:
The Committee, after mature delil
eration and inquiry, find that th.
amount necessary to pay for the nee
es ary supply of water-works and ap
paratus for the extinguishing of fires,
cannot be raised by voluntary subscrip
tion. and the only means is by direct
taxation upon the property of the
town. That, until the necessary funds
can be raised, we would suggest that
the Truck now owned by the town, and
in the hands of a regularly organized
Fire Company composed of colored
citizens who have at the late fires
rendered valuable assistance and
showg that by proper drilling and
with proper tools they can be made an
efficient fire company, your committee
would respectfully recommend :
1st. That a proper person be fur
nished this company for drilling and
directing them at fires.
2d. That the Truck, Ladders, Bab
%ocks, Buckets. Hooks, Axes and all
things belonging to truck, be placed
in complete tepair and an extra num
ber of buckets be placed in the truck
3d. That the Town Council direct
their clerk, or appoint a committee to
eommunicate with proper persons to
iscertain the co-4 of the building of
sisterns, laying pipes, and the cost of
t movable or stationary engine, or
inything that is necessary to the estab
lishment of an efficient fire company.
4th. That as soon as the probable
,ost of a fire department is ascertain
d and published, the huestion of ap
,lying to the Legislature for leave to
levy a special tax for said fire depart
nent bb submitted to the taxpayers of
he town for their vote thereon.
M. FOOT, Chairman.
The report was considered by see
ions and was adopted. The meeting
,ot cold, and nervous, and impatient
Lnd adjourned almost without a mo
ion. It is supposed that the Council
vill be ready to submit the matter to
he people at the election of a new
ouncil on the 12th of April.
Nobody was surprised that the vol
intary subscription movement failed;
tnd it is now believe'i that the :ire de
>artment,if it is ever organized, must be
>aid for by levying a special tax upon
1 the taxable property of the town.
he citizens are now looking in that
lirection, but it is impossible to say
iow far they will be able to go-in the
tbsence of anything like enthusiasm
m the subje-.
'arious and all About.
Business brisk.
Weather pleasant.
More new su_scribers.
Good trade in HERALD Book Store.
News items from all parts of the
;ountry solicited.
S. ilhes says he never has been kept
,o busy-he has had no time to write.
The smal grain is much more prom.
sing than it was a week ago,
As the roads improve the guano
rade imp)roves.
Geo. McWhirter's magnolia hams
tre superb.
Twenty negroes left Greenville on
hursday, for Ark ansas.
The Newberry skating rink is grow
ng ini favor.
The communication "Who was the
ventor of the steamboat?" will find
place in necxt issue.
Those whose gates open on the
treet should be required to hang them
o to open on the inside.
Peach trees were in - bloom on Sun
lay ; but no buds have bue-st since
uny night.
Greenville has been makiug it hot
!o a man who slandered the: women
>n Factory Hill,
Capt, John Moore of Laurens, has a
so that has been milking for seven
onsecutive years without interrup
The boxes mentioned last week as
indicating business belonged to Ben
[. C.ine & Co. We were right In the
main, as they meant business.
Iron in a colorless state and Peru
iani bark, combined with well known
aromatics, make Brow .'s Iron Bitters
the best medicine known-~
The Coainty Auditor doesn't know
wha: town ship he lives in. The line
between No. I, and No. 2., passes
through his house.
The McCaughrin cotton platform
is now safe against fire. It is equip
ped with twelve barrels of water, aud
is watched nightly by a policeman.
S ome of the best insurance compa
res don't care to insure property in
Newberry, feeling that the risk is too
We are told that about one hundred
and twenty negro poll-tax payers have
left No. 4 township within the last
eighteen months.
Dr. Carlisle of Woff'ord College will
deliver the address before the S.. C.,
Medical College, in Charleston, on the
1st. of March.
The Legislature of North Carolina
has determined that dog stealing is
not larceny of course not ; the dog
that can be stolen isn't worth stealing.
The number of agricultural liens
filed in the Clerk's office is compara
tively small-much less than the
number up to date last year. Let it
remain small.
All subscribers to the HERALD are
invied to ask for and receive a copy of
Kedall's reatise on the Horse. A
very valuable book which we intend to
distilbute free. tf.
That missing Turkey gobler has no
doubt gone the way of all'fiesh. It
was a toothsome dish to somebody.
We wish they had choked on the
pulling bone.
The way "to be happy" once was
by "getting out de wilderness," now
it is to avoid the sale of 5 cents valen
tines. It will try a man all the way
down to his boot heels.
Mr. Pat Blair was in town Monday
with a keg of fine suckers and red
horse, caught in Saluda River. Mr.
Blair couldn't help it that they went
into the trap on Sunday.
The School trustees of No. 4, have
established a school for white children,
at Flint Hill, little more than a stone's
throw from a colored ,school. Now'
for fisticuffs !
An English physician says that the
Engish sparrow may have the small
pox and communicate the' disease.
We think the b4rd is more likely tc
attacks .*.13 of the salln boy
Read the iustructive and entertain
ing letter from "Magrea." on the firs
page; and then read what "Zero" say
to renters and movers-there's milk if
that cocoanut.
Liens of the following kinds for sal<
at the HERALD office:
Agricultural Liens with Mortgage
Landholders' Liens.
Planters' Special Contract. tf
The News and Courier is delighte<
over the failure of Vennor and Wig
gins, the false weather prophets, or
the ground that if we knew all :bou
the weather of the future we'd havt
nothing to talk about.
A programme of the Eighth Annua
Commencement of the Medical & Den
tal Departments of the Nashville Ten
nessee College is received. Mr. D. X
Crosson of this county is fhe Faculty
Maj. Suber told the jury, in his
speech in the railroatt case that this is
a contingent fee : "If I win nothing.
I get nothing; and if I win some
thing, you get nothing." The jury
seemed inclined to agree with him.
The Cotton Mills subscription book
make a very encouraging exhibit. The
amount already subscribed Is consider.
able, and it represents the very bes1
financiers ii our community. The cor.
porators feel that the success of the
venture is assured.
Mr. M. Foot bears the palm leaf foi
an accurate eztimate of the cotton
crop. He made his figures in his little
office, and the footing tallied with the
report from the Bureau of Agriculture,
6,800,000. He says he can give the
county yield also.
The County Commissioners go to
day to inspect the suspension bridge
across the Saluda near Ninety-Six.
They wi=h to get a suitable plan upon
which t: build a bridge across the
Etoree at Brazelman's; they have
been unable to keep a bridge at that
place. .
There is a constant warfare being
w:aged between the various species of
the animal kittgdom. Think of the
horribleness of an army of worms
storming the citadel of life. A dose
of Shriner's Indian Vermifuge will
destroy them.
For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant.
As neither Dawkins, Reese or Gnant
saw the notice made of them two
weeks ago, we reiterate that they are
all three leagued together in a war
against unshaven faces and long hair.
Their e-tablishment is under Chase's
hotel. We Insist on their wearing
spectacles the next time they read the
The Southern Cultivator for February.
We gladly welcome the February number
of tois old a.d popular jount .1. We are
not surpri-td a the unuiversal favor with
which it is received. It is ftll of practical
information on n.e various details of agricul
ture and kindied subjects, including tne
Dairy, Live S:oe, ate , etc. lhe tab:e of
ctnteuts iudicam,- a rich treat to its readers
which widl be realiz.d in full measu:e.
The clear and able leader "fhoughts for
the Month" by Dr. Jones, is worthy to be
regarded by the farmers of the South as a
sure ru:e of success. lite "Inquiry Depart
ieut" by the same expericncesi writer is re
plete with interest and reliable in:ormat,on,
given in re:puuse to the pubii.hed questions.
We are mtuch p:eased with a new feature
of this journal which couist, of a brie: ex
po.itiou of Supreme Court decisious, of the
various States, affecting ques:ious that relate
to the rights and the duties of the agricul
tural class. As this feature will he continu
ed, fiom montht to month, ;he farmer will
learn ettotngh of law fur bis ownt protectionl,
untd many may be saved the expense and
annoyance of profitless litigation through
this instrumentality.
Although this journal already excels any
publicatton or its class in the South, the pro
prietors are determined that is shall be ad
vanced to a still higher degree of' excellence.
itn the March number will appear the first 01
a series of articles from Mr. David Dickson,
who, many years ago, proved himself the
most successful agricultur.st of the South,
und gave the readers of The Cultivator the
benetis of his system and methods. The
benefit derived from his writings then was
ioc ,lctaiable. His admirable letters will be
revised, rewt itten, and will embrace his pre
sent views.
The series will ~run through twelve num
bers of The Caltivator, and will embrace
every detail of information which underlIes
the successful culture of ti:e soil. All who
know the t-eputation of Mr. Dickson will ap
preciathe value of his e .utributions and
should subscribe, promptly, for ihe journal
through which he has consented to comma
nicatte his views to the people..
Each number of' The Cultivator will con
tain esssys, from the pens of learned aud
eperienced Agaiculturists, Borticulturists,
Dairymen, Raisers of Improved Live Stock,
of Bees, etc., etc., frL.m ail sections of the
South and Southwest. rue efforts of the
publishers to give the Southern farmers at
agricultural journal -as good as the bes1
should be appreciated, and we hope every
farmer who is not a subscriber will send Jas
P. Harrison & Co., Atlanta, Ga., one dollai
and a half for a year's subscription.
We will send our paper and rhe Cnltivatoi
ona year for $3 25.
Thomas3 Clute of N. Y. ate sis
quarts of sauerkraut within ths
space of thirty-seven minutes, anc
washed it down with a bottle o1
champagne. Must be Dutch !
A young lady in Ge., is eighteei
years of age, and five feet in heiget
and has a full head of hair five fee
and eight inches long. Her hair i
as black as the ravei's wing.
One hnndred anid ninety-sis
students are now in attendance up
on the exercises of the State Uni
NEWB3RRY C. H., S. C., Feb. 17 1883.
List of advertised letters for week endini
Feb. 17,1883:.
Blalock, C. J. Kinard, 0 W.
Brooks, Simon Lazenbury, W. W .
Blckwell, G. Long. M. M.
Burton, Drayton Lester. Cathenne
Counts, J. B. Miller & Co.
Counts, H. H. Mabry, Westley
Chal:ners, J. C. Nelson, Mai-y P.
Cmplon, R. I. -Pressly, Mrs. If. F.
Chaplain, Miss If J Parrott, Robt. L.
Con kle, H. If. J. (2) IReley, If.
Dav is, Thbomas Ruff, Moormaa
Dobbius, J. J. Reid, W. A.
Eichelber-ger, Katie.- Ruff, W. S.
Gryhms, Miss Lily Simpkins, Stephen
Griffin Georgeanna Stone, J. W.
Gruber, G. C. Suber, Sam'l.
Hughston, May Swittenberg, W. C.
Henderson, P. C. tThompson, Mrs. A.
Henderson, Tilda ~Toy, R. B.
Hill, Louis IWilson, Alfred
Jones, MIss Lucinda Wicker. 0. W.
,ohnson, MIss Mary IWaits. Hatty
Johnson, John C. IWheeler, J. W.
Moon, Mr. IWheeler, J. Frank
Parties calling for letters will please sa
if advertised. R. W. BOON E. P. V.
Feb. 11th, 1883, at Jalspa, by Trial Jai
tice J. B.-Campbell. Mr. GEORGE NEEr, (
Prosperity and Miss Eu.z r WAr.LacE, nes
Gary's Lane, Newberry County, S. C.
Feb. 11th, 1883, at Jalapa, by Trial Jul
ice J. B. Campbell, Mr Wx. BuTLas an
Miss Lou. GAanr, both of Jalaps, S. C.
Feb. 7th, 1883. by Rev. J. Hawkins, D. D
Mr. TUaNBa Hin'? and MIss MARY BzDm
naUGN-5ll of Newberry County, S. C.,
Feb. 8th, -1883, bRev. J. C.Boyd, at tl
prsonage at Prosperity, Mr.,Rossa WA1
LA,a and Miss EMIr-Y RUE. Bot1 of N.
NswBSsar, 8. C., Feb. 22. 1883.
Or.t:nary ..... .................... a
Go.>d Ordinary..................... a
L,w Middling.................. ... 8* 81
Midling . ........ - 9
Good Middin_, ................... a 91
* Co. I tih"ma'.-;
.- .trrry Prices Current.
A- y 2rr11 WI;EXI.r
3 .. . IARI IN & CO.1
BAu't&C. -
-l""O s .: --r . uiu3. N\c... ... a I
[- ..r-. .sugar (ur. ...
DR :' AL:1TZi
1. , NW..... .... .. 1)
- . .u f ir... . . IIel
ll.tx- -
L .,v.wed liaum........ 14 -
- . -d ta'.s.(Ma~a: iia 16
. irc. es..........15
t. . E iuckele. .......... 16
-Li 1 : . -., r,..t.. ....... .. ....116
-a -:s:-ee44..af r d ... .. 123a
..r.. .................... 11
..'a ...... .0
t+.:.ra : ...... ............
11 t t..u MAr
New urleans Syrup, new crop, 9. f
New Orlean. lgolas-e-.. UP I
Cobs Moltsses........ 6"
sugar House Molasta. 40
TEA- l
Y ouu^ Hyron...................-1.501
A.LLS Vl. " ................... .... 25
FE-PE.. 25 ii
COFFb: -t
i:oasted or parcbed. .... 20
eirst Rio................... 15a
4; d Rio..... ........... 1V a 1
Cider Vinegar......... 50
W bite Wine Vinegar.. 66
COR., -
tee :easee................... 75a t
B o,dted... 1.0
JUnbd............ .'0
BARLEY.............. 1.50 0
S OAA'............................... ba 10 g
SIARCII........... ................. 6a 12
STAR CANDLES................... 16 2
FL.OUR, per hbl............ . ..... 8.00a 9.03 t
PEARL HOSITY........ .... .. 4 t
CANDY. ... ........... 2
CONCENTRATED-LYE............ 10
ENGLISH SODA. .......... 10 ii
AXLE GREASE................... ..'C
TOBACCo ........... ........... 642 1.25
NATI1.. 0 ke"..".. .... ........... 4.T0
BAGGING-fleay................. a.... :1a C
.ARl)W TIES. per buacb.. ... ..2 0(o
SPLICED ARROW LIES .......... 1 25
RED CA)VER SE1 D--per Ii,....... 20
REi " T.S-per t ..... .. .... 4":,45
TIYTI HAY........ . . 175
WHEAT. per bu ..... .............1 l6 1 25 V
BRAN. per 1- 0 lbs..................... 1.50
I have sold my entire saloon to Mr,
Otto Klettner. I return my thanks to f4
the public for their liberal, patrodage E
while in Newberry. I now move my 51
Groceries to Laire w, C. I., where all h
communications will be addressed to I.
me. All accounts due me must be E
paid within te': days to Mr. D. N. e
Ward, otherwise they will be placed a
In ali offlee:'s hand. for collection. :1
Feb. 5th, 1 83, 7-3t . F
Notice of Final Settle- 0
mOnt. e
I will make a settlement on the Es- g
tate of William White, deceased in the t
Probate Court for Newberry County,
S. C., o:i Monday the 19th, day of
March, 1883, and immediately there
after apply for a final discharge as Ad
mini.straitor thereof,
F, 13, 1883, 7--5t.
Pursunt to the order of Jacob B. s~
Feller., E zq., a.s Judge of Probate for e
Newberry County, South Carolina, 3
the undersigned will make a final set- 3
tlement of the E4tate of Jacob Wheel- p
er, deceased, in the Probate Court at fi
Newierry Court House. S. C., on Wed- bi
nesdey the 21st, day of March next, at sa
11 o'clock in the forenoon, and imme. ti
diately thereafter the undersigned will S
apply to said Court for a flnal dis -e
charge aw Executors of the last will and C
testament of Jacob Wheeler deceased. tl
As Executors of the list will and I
testament of Jacob Wheeler, dee'd. tl
Newberry, S. C., Feb. 14 1883, 7-5t. o
Is made by
G6ntlemens' Suits,
Which are(
Fits gaaranteed. A fine stock of
GeNts Furnishing Goods,
SAlways on hand.
Write or when in city call on,
Feb12 tf COLMMBIA. 1
Notice of' Final Settle
I will make a settlement on the
Estate of Pierce P. Langford,. in the
Probate Court for Newberry County,
i S..C., on Monday 12th. of March 1883,
and immediately thereafter apply for a
final discharge as Guardian of said es
Feb. 7, 1883, 6-5t. Guardian.
These grades are ricli In all the essentials
constituting first-class articles, earefully
prepared from best material.e. Our lonig
experienre in the trade, together with Prof.
Shepherd's analyis, are guarantees that
thegare adapted to the wants of consum
For sale at market ratee.for cash. time or
cotton. J7. N. ROBSON & SON,
Jan. 11, 2-Smos 68 F.ast Bay.
AT -
Executor's Notice
Notice is hereby given that the un
lersigned will make a final settlement
f his accounts, as executor of the
ast will and testament of John
'. Buzhardt, deceased, before the
lonorable Jacob Fellers. Judge of
'robate, for Newberry County, on
riday the ninth day of March, 1883,
.t 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and will
mnuediately thereafter apply for his
lischarge from -all father duty or
iability as such Executor.
Executor John P. Buzhardt.
Feb. 7, "t.
In Probate Court.
aney C. Harris, as adm'x, &c., Plain
tiff, against Win. H. Harris, et. al.,
omplaint to sell land to pay debts, &c.
By virtue of an order In the above
tatd case I will sell at the risk of the
urmer purchaser at Newberry Court
louse, South Carolina, on Monday, the
th day of March, 1883, within the
egal hours of sale, to the highest bid
er one house and lot belonging to the
state of C. M. Harris, deceased, situate.
the town of Newberry, in said Coun
y and State, cont 40-100 of an
cre, more or less, and bounded by
ands of Wallace A. Cline, by the new
tt road, by the C. and 0. Railroad
ud by lot of Mrs.-. Evans.
TEEMs-One-third cash and balance.
a credit of twelve months with interest
rom day of sale. to be secured by a
and of the purchaser with a mortgge
f the premises sold. The 'phrehaser
rill be required to procure policy of
surance at two-thirds of the value
hereof, and have the same assigned to
he Probate Judge of Newberry Coun
F, with leave to pay entire bid in cash,
desired. Purchaser to pay for
J. B. FELLERS, J. P., N. C.
Feb. 7, 1883, 6-4t
In Prolte Court. te
rm. F. Schumpert, vs. Mattle Schum
pert, et. al.
Petition for Partition.
By virtue of an order in the above
ated case I will sell at the risk of the
rmer purchaser at Newberry Court:
ouse, South Carolina, on Monday die
h day of March 1883 (salesday) to the
ghest bidder, that parcel or tract,of
and belonging to the estate of Elisha
Sehumpert, deceased, situate In
Lid county and State, known as the
ill tract, containing six and one half
re> more or less, and bounded by
LL of M. Wicker, J. M. Taylor, B.
Nichols and others.
TESi.-One third cash and balance
i a credit of one and two years in
iual annual installments with inter
t from day of sale, to be secured by a'
)nd of the purchaser with a mort
tge of the premises sold. Purchaser
pay for papers.
Feb. 7, 1883, 6-4t. J. P. N.C.
hun F. Glymph vs. Thos. H. Crooks.
ifred Y. W. Gymph vs. Thos. H.
By virtue of executions in the abowe
ted cases and of 'sundr other- e-'
utions to me directed ,I wilsell,t
ewberry Court House, on the frst
[onday, (sale-day), in March next, at
ublic outcry to the hhetbidder the
illowing real estate sitate, ligand
eing in the County and Stateaor
iid, tc,wit: All that tract orpan
on containing Four Hnrdand
eventy-six acres, more or less, bound
i by lands of Henry Degr,I. If.
'annon, David Suber and ohr. - All
iat tract or parcel of land containing
ne Hundred and Thirty-nine acres,
ore or less, bounded by landsof John
. Glymph, William A. Hentz and by
e Columbia road. And all that tract
r parcel of land containing Two
[ndred and Fifty-five acres, more 01
hse and bounded by -the Columbia
Sby -lands of John F. G h
avd Saber and others. Leidon as
Le property of Thou. H. Crooks.
TRRMS--Cash. Purchaser to pay for
D. B. WHEELER, S., N. C.
Sheriff's Office, Feb. 7, 1883, 6-4t
Under an orderimade by JdeW. 9
L Watllace, Nov. 27th; 182, i the e*
ase Mayes and Martin vs. Bank of U
fewherry, S. C., a final dividend of
9 61-100 cents on each share will be
said to the Shareholders of the Bank ..
if Newberry, S. C., upon presentation
>f their certificates to the undersigned1
it Newberry, S. C.
Feb. 5th, 1883,-St eceiver. s
Rotice of Final Settle- -
wil ment. ''
I wnmake a settlement on the :Es
ate of Spencer Neel, deceased in the
'robate Curt for Newberry County,
s. C., on Tuesday the 20th day of a
iarb, 1883, and Immediately there- u
ter apply for afnal dischrge asAd- a
ninistrati thereof.
Feb. 13, 1883, 7-5t A dministratix. s
J., E. Aughtry vs. J. H. Odel.
By virtue of awarrant to seize crop a
.der Lien to me directed in the above r
stated case I will sell, on Tuesday, the
Ith day of March, A. D. 1883, at the e
sidence of the Defendant, J. H. Odell,
ibout three rmiles north of David E.
Phifer's mill, TwoXundred and Seven- ~
y-five bushels of Corn, more or less,
it public outcry to the highest. Seized ts
is rop gonon land, rented by De- 1
tedant frmPlaintiff.
Sheriff's Office, Feb. 14,1883, 7-3t.
$2.25 Per 'Year.
sur subecribers -a Ias-clas
magazine atthebarecoetofMthe paer
sn which it 13 priated. The A i u
armer Is a 1paemetby agzu
try. number ui oti
armaion forthIrrh1i
And k -
Audas K '
For te EAdies
SiIks, Pri*i
Endbraces as err
Do not fafl to esit0
ere you -ft ec
itia; an
eb. lild
nas .L
%eEe -
an in~-i
et ucesa
doo- conriute-b~
sor slece. yt e~
one of praedes neW
mu pock itsms
old illWU,SU
fetimeof two k3i
ndues to be *isse~ 0
A advocese and
as 8Wome fhi7**
Sthe ladics. ofhe en
lower and Oramentalt
iWidow ad Hem.insag .
z atteton frooi cltvt- -
edhe heade their prolaoslt
,Te AinecrIdi Wdfrier Is
rymouth, on-h *1st 4th
iseuof printed on Wbitr~
'pe. 31 aearr TocIbm
LM ech.
a.dm., Yu1-are
ngiveg to altbese sh
ouble toullc
Ior be cWe eoiSaMw

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