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x B DAY, MARCH 22;9 88
ii iiAL;NOTICE.- Business notices-l
ibis iocsleolumn are inserted at the rate of
tents per lne each insertion.
'otices of meetings; communi
reladg to personal interests. tributes
e; are charged as regular adver
tat$1 per square.
4, W-eeof administration, and other legal
_ obituaries, tributes of respect and
. o a of meetings, as well as comimunica
ssof a personal character must be paid
rkwi advance.
The'subscription price of the HLa.D Is
$2.for twelve tbonths, $1.00 for six
06us,: 0 cents for three months and 25
-ast fo oae month. in advance. Names in
= fatsil notbe placed on the suLscription
Dtio uftil the cash or its equivalent is paid.
W All communleations relating to per
aaigi interests will be inserted at regular
aartisIag rates, one dollar per square, cash
Lr.8.-Bowers, postmaster, atProsperity,
# wwsuthorised agent at that place.
;i. 6permaybe found on file atGeo. P.
= &eH o'aNewspaper Advertising Ba
1 Sprae St..) where advertising con
- "may be made for it in New York.
i Ntional Bank.-Report.
BH.. Harper.-Poulty.
C. C.Chase.-Wood.
:&isawson d Co.-Cotton Planters.
rs. Davis, the mother-in-law of Mr.
Robt. Holman, died at Helena on the
ightof the 20th.
Mr. W. C.Parker lone and favorably
knwo in Newberry, wiere he resided.
r' many years died in Spartanburg
on.T'hursday morning last of cancer of
.he stomach. He was sixty-eight years
j -age, and at the time of his death
was one of the proprietors of the Mer
Y c hents Hotel. Mr. Parker came from
nasachusetts to Newberry and for a
of time carried on a Tannery
, from which business he enter
: ed;ino that of hotel keeping, and sue
essag ran the Parker House and
$obsequently the Newberry Hotel;
ke 'the Hotel there. Two years ago
he moved to Spartanburg. For a year
or.more he was in declinino health.
was buried in Union, where the
remains of his son Willie are interred.
Mr. Parker was a man of indomitable
energy and stirct probity, and gained
the esteem of all who knew him.
tee his ashes.
Cotton Quotationsfor Thursday.
Good fiddling, 9 ; Middling 9.
Market quiet.
Fresh Vegetables.
The time will soon be here for fresh
vegetables. A time looked for by all
house-keepers and when a bottle
of Norman's Neutralizin Cordial is
necessary to counteract a l the colics
and. diarrheea produced from eating
- them. Be sure to have a bottle con
c venient as "a stitch in time saves nine."
Liens for Sale.
Blank Liens for supplies and for rent,
for sale at this ofiee.
It is good to have a soul, one like
that-be the, vest of our young
friend, B.-' -th. He tells us that
his cad e H r brins him in
trade / Customers~ tell him thbey have
see i and therefoge all. It does him
gJ,he appreciates it; it does us good,
a we appreciate it. We both feel
-$od,and he is 'ready and willino' to
g,,Tood in his line, while we wi' do
as much good in like manner to others
~ as wedo tohim. This is agood world
to live in, if the people only knew it.
All subscribers to the HERALD are
' invited to ask for and receive a copy of
Kendall's Treati n the Horse. A
very valuable boo h we intend to
distribute fr .tf.
SHas Confidence in it.
Mr. Jno. D\Oappelman, Attorney at
Law Charleston, S. C., says: --I high
Ay rec'o'mmend Norman's Neutralizing
cordial for all troubles arising from a
disordered stomach. I have used it
several years and I know it to be all
that is claimed for it."
Liens of the following kinds for sale
c t(the HERALDOffice:
Agricultural Liens with Mortgage.
Landholders' Liens.
Planters' Special Contract. tf
Out o Bail.
On the16ath. Anthony Henly, charg
ed with nmurderino Robert Cannon,
was taken before thief Justice Simnp
son, on writ of Habeas Corpus, and
obtained bail in the amount of $500.
On Saturday, he was discharged, until
'the. July term of Court, his bondsmen
A' being Messsrs. Allan and Malcom
Johnsone.Henly is represented by
essrs. Johnstone and Cromner.
r Farmers and others desiring a gen
teel, lucrative agency business, by
which $5 to $20 a day can be earned,
send address nt eye, on postal, to H.
C. WilkisonA & Co.. 193 and 197 Ful
ton Street, New York.
Dec. 28, 52-4rm.
L Religious.
tweek's religious meeting in
e -list Church, was well and
seriously tended throughout. Revs.
Smart, Brown and Hodges preached
The committee appointed to raise
the quota assessed to the, Methodist
charge of Newberry for the purpose of*
endowing Wofford College is 'ener
getically and faithfully pushing the
collection. Remember that it is only $1
-to the member, a sum that can easily
be paid, and a sum that will aggregate
$100,000 if every man and woman and
child pay it. The committee are: Mrs.
Y. J. Pope, Mrs. W. T. Tarrant, Mrs.
- .C. Jones, Mrs. T. F. Greneker, and
-- Mrs. J. K. Gilder, Mr. D. 0. Herbert,
chairman. _______
A copy of the Great Industries of the
United States, a large $5 book, will be
given for two names to the HERALD, if
aecompanied by $4. Only two subscri
bers. Four dollars in subscriptions,
~and five in abook. tf.
Reading Notice.
Godey's col'es to us this month replete in
its colored Fashions.-surpaissing many, and
equalling any, of the French magazines. Its
reading matter shows a careful selection,
and Is much above the average of magazine
The colored Fiy-leaf prin ted in gold is cer
tainly a novelty not heretofore attempted by
any magazine, and shows that its new pub
lhers have the enterprise of the present
tes, which, added to Godey's reputation
in the past, will enable them undoubteoly to
achieve the success.which they deserve.
All parties wanting Guano, Acid, or
-Cotton seed cake will apply to J. C.
T sylor, Salida, Old Town, S. C. The
gnulne imported German Kaimt will
bedelivered at poinlts on C.&G. R R,
at 320.00 per ton. 3-3m.
A white woman, Miss Ella Brannan,
of Columbia, originally from the
North, was in town Susaday, "mL-sson
ating" among the colored Baptist.
She teaches total abstinence from
whiskey and tobacco.
The Best Teas -at
75c. and $1.00.
HE-NO TEA at 80e.
Mar. 14, 11-ti.
Hartford Co.
Mr. C. C. Chase, we are pleased to
state has accepted the Agency of the
Hartford Life and Annuity Co., Hart
ford Conn., and in pursuit of his busi
ness called on us yesterday, and stated
that those who had any doubts as to
the financial standing of the company,
and of the reliability of its officers
should write for Dun's report of March
1883, or call at the National Bank of
Newberry and obtain it. We are pleased
to see Mr. Chase in this new role, and
feel confident of his ability to do good
work for this popular and reliable.com
pany. Success to him. A long article
will be found on the first column of
the editorial page in reference to this
matter, which should be read carefully.
Another Overcoat Stolen.
Hampton Delany's penchant for
overcoats led him to appropriate one
belonging to Mr. Jacob Sligh to his
own use and benefit on Tuesday even
ing of last week. Opportunity present
iugle disposed of his entire interest
in it to two roadworkers at $2 eacTi.
In the meantime Mr. Sligh shivered in
uncontrollable grief and cold, until
Saturday, when he heard of the sale,
and also getting the names of the buy
ers, went for them. One of these buy
ers of second hand clothing had sold
his share to the other fellow who want
ed to attend a party with the- entire
overcoat on. From him Mr. Sligh
bought the coat back-not the coat's
back-but the entire garment for $2,
and is now happy again. The con
elusion of the whole matter is that the
-fellow who is out $2 will. go for Mr.
Delany, and get the worth of it in
epidermis. ,
Shooting Affray.
Wele ,rn that a desperate shooting af
fravoecureda iew days ago, just across
the Salud. river, in Edgetield County,
between Mark Berry and a son of Mr.
Wister Swindler, in which the former
was seriously wounded. He advanced
upon Swindler who was at work in the
field and presenting his shotgun, ask
ed, "Do you know that you are a dead
man?" Swindler said that he did not,
and subsequent events showed that he
was correct. He sprang upon Berry,
wrested the gun from his hands, and
red upon him. The load entered the
left arm near the wrist and followed
it to the shoulder, tearing the flesh in
a fearful manner: Berry turned and
received the contents of the other bar
rel, which proved to be only powder
and waddina, in his back. The sup
position is that he loaded the gun -in
great haste and excitement, and. put
both loads of shot in the barrel which
was first discharged. Of course a
woman was "at; the bottom" of the
It is said that Berry's reputation as a
debt payer is not good, and a number
of doctors refused to' visit him. We
have not heard how he is doing.
Sniffles and Shad.
The intimate relations existing be
twen myself and the senior editor of
the'erald, made me an eye-witness
on Saturday last to a scene of pertur
bation into which the latter was
thrown by the reception of a box of
huge shad, the least one of which
weighed over six and the heftiest eight
pounds. There were six of them, and
spread out in a row, they were beau
ties, and each had a row. They came
with the compliments of Mr. A. C.
Jones to T. F. Greneker. .That is so
the card read on one side ; turning~ the
card over however, it was seen there
were two sides to the question, for on
the reverse in beautiful chirographiy
appeared 'one each for Silas Johnstone,
Dr. S. Pope, 0. L. Sehi. mpert, M. A.
Carlisle, J. Y. Culbreath, and the Edi
tor.' The first side of that card threw
the Editor off his feet into one of his
nervous shakes-what to do with so
many and so large shad puzzled him,
"just like Crane," said he, "he makes
his sight too high, and has not the gange
of an Editor's stomach." The other
side brought him up all standing, and
restored him to tranquility again.
A happy smile beamed over his Sun
day-shaven face, once more he was
saved from an agonizing death, in the
removal of near fifty pounds of fresh
shad from his mental vision, for five
other good fellows had to share the lot.
I have been requested by these several
gentlemen to return thanks to Mr.
Jones for his delicious and princely re
membrance, and to say that they were
perfectly surprised, in that they had
no idea that the land commission offiee
was capable of showing such fish al
ready. If not from the land office
whose fish basket did Jones get into.
Any how no such shad were ever seen
in Newberrv before, and if Jones has
any difficulty in explaining they will
ask no more questions. Being connec
ted with the Editor's family I dined
off his shad.
Mr. Jno. T. Speak has moved to
Miss Palmer of Laurenis, is visiting
her sister Mrs. Manning Brown.
Miss Alice Day of Virginia, is spend
ing a few days with Mrs. B. H. Wright.
Miss Octavia Garlington was in town
last week visiting friends.
Mr. E.- HI. Christian and wife have
moved back to his old home.
Mrs. Mloorman and Mrs. Wardlaw
are visiting at Abbeville.
Prof. Baln is in Barnwell County in
the interest of the College Endowment.
Dr. E. C. Jones has moved back a
his old office of the store of Wheeler
Thle Rev. Jas. Y. Fair will preach in
the Presbyterian church, Sunday
Mr. Chas. P. Dickert has been ap
pointed Trial Justice at Walton' in
this County.
The Rev. A. A. Gilbert is visiting
friends in Tavares, Orange County,
We are glad to learn that the Misses
Cornelia and Sibbie Coppock are both
Mr. J. B. Boinest, who wa.s gradua
ted from Newberry College, in 1877,
will teach at Pine Grove Academy,
near Mr. Rikard's.
Dr. Theodore Johnstone who ,has
just finished a course in the Dental
College of Baltimore, is spending a
few day's at home. He thinks of prac
ticing dentistry at Anderson. We
Iwish him success in his new prQies
r. Various and all About.
Snow fell here yeNerday morning.
The mumps are at large in Newber
ry; look out, your time next.
n The small boys in town have no
t. mercy on cock robin.
e We reiterate the cry that wood is
it wanted, and badly wanted.
A beautiful stock of Easter Cards
at the HERALD Book Store.
There will be preaching in the Lu
theran church to-morrow morning at
e 11 o'clock.
The Knights of the Golden Cross
are raising money to help the Western
flood sufferers.
The most beautiful Soda Fountain,
which Dr. Pelham bought in New York
a short time ago, has come.
The stock of the Saluda Medicine
,1 Company will be owned exclusively by
I Drs. Pope and Gardner.
Wanted a small and active colored
boy at this office, to do home and gen
i eral work.
r Wanted, cash customers at the HER
ALD Book Store to buy cheap station
ery, and school books.
Will cotton be the main crop this
year? we hope not. Plant corn, peas,
r potatoes and cotton last.
Y The increase of business renders it
f necessary that the dimensions of the
3 HERALD office be increased.
Eyes brighten, cheeks become rosy,
r muscles gain strength by the use of
Brown's Iron Bitters.
t The fame of the Newberry Cotton
Factory has reached New York. The
- Herald mentions the subscription.
t Our next municipal election which
will take place on the 10th of April,
promises to be unusually quiet.
The - Lutheran Sunday School has
decided to postpone its Easter Con
i cert. Mumps.
At one time yesterday there were
1 about twenty bales of cotton on the
public squai e, all owned by colored
1 men.
The fodder trade has been brisk this
- week. This time the farmers are sell
ing, instead of buying, and of course
- fodd1r is cheap.
Dr. Steck is holding an interesting
series of nigL mwetings in the Luther
an church this week. He will preach
to-night and to-morrow night.
The present County Commissioners
have sent sever:l negr:es to the poor
f house. They sent an ancierc dar:ey
last Tuesday.
- The TTE .D Iook Store will be also
en1arged. Then we wiil have room to
1 accommodate the crowd which flocks
- in.
A few days ago, Mr. David llipp of
Pomaria overloaded his store, and
broke down -the floor ; this shows that
a he has a heavy stock of goods.
On Saturday a number of our citi
- zens who sympathize with Ireland,
r wore green ribbon, in honor of Saint
F Patrick.
1 Does every body know the follow
ing law: "The charges for weighing
cotton shall not exceed ten cents for
each bale."
e The Charlotte Journal speaks-of an
infant seventeen days old, that weighs
Ionly one and a half pounds. Its face
B is so small that a silver dollar will cov-'
-ea it.
Our subscription book is kept open
1 night and day for the enrollment
of new names, which we are pleased
jto say come in steadily, and with the
ii ash.
- Mr. Petty, of the Carolina Spartan,
- very truthfully remarks: "The man
B who takes the paper year after year,
1 expecting to beat the editor out of his
-subscription, is guilty of a fraud.'
A few days ago, we heard a learned
, lawyer say " 'famaen,' as Soe
rates says." Of course he knew that
'Socrates never spoke a word of latin
in his life.
s The question has been for -some
B time, "Does Good Friday come on the
- Sunday before or the Sunday after
Easter ?" The average Newberrian
answers promptly "The Sunday before
SEaster, of course."
-. General Youmians says that Newber
ry has a strong bar (of lawyers, -under
. stand) and that Newberry County can
Sboast the handsomest young lady in
the State. But we were not asked to
j make this opinion public.
1 The guano merchants think the sale
-of commercial'fertilizers in our Coun
1 ty this year, will be larger than last
-year ; the reason being that this year
r we are following a good crop year,
a while last year we were following a
t bad crop year.
The American Agricultterist for April
is already to hand, and as usual is
Sbrimful of sensible and timely articles
.for the farmers. For the farm and
s garden we know not of a better author
t ity. Terms $1.50 per year. Clubbed
B with the HERALD for $3.
1 There is an order on record in the
- clerk's office in which Judge Aldrich
- directs the County Commissioners to
procure a suitable chair for the Judge's
-bench, "a cane seat office revolving
-chair." That's all we have to say
about the matter.
s We were shown a specimen of Milo
e corn by Mr. Girardeau on Saturday.
It was raised by Mr. Champion. The
s specimen was very fine, and we think
It well worth cultivatino', both as bread
a food and for stock. '~f. Champion
a says that a dry season only makes it
.grow to better advantage.
Mother, Remember that no medicine
scures, it simply assists nature in re
1 lieving itself of an unnatural condi
tion of the system. Worms disarrange
-Shriner's Indian Vermifuge kills and
tdrives them from :he system, thus re
moving the cause of disease.
For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant.
0 The Debating Club decided Monday
e night, on the merits of the discussion,
that The assassination of Abraham
r Lincoln was beneficial. The question
e for next Monday is, Do revolutions ad
m vance civilization ? It is surprising
that so few of our young men, espbei
ally the young lawyers, take an inter
, est in these debates.
SFiank Leslie's Weekly for March
21st will contain Jeff. Davis's Home at
Beauvoir; The New Cotton Exeb nge
at New Orleans; Portrait of Rev. Hugh
Miller Thompson; and supplement
~with portrait of Mrs. Frank Leslie, and
illustrations of all the departments of
her Publishing House. Copies can be
obtained at the HEnRA Le Book Store.
Puffery is no part of our business,
and it is not our custom to indulge in
indiscriminat,e praise ; but we appre
d ciated the argument of L. W. Simkins,
e in the will case, and when we appre
d ate a thing we like to say so. He
k was followed by four older lawyers in
y four speeches of more than.ordinary
y ability, but even ,in. that light his ar
e gument was conspicuous for strength,
clearn and thoroughness.
NEWBEERT C. H:, S. C., March 17.1883.
List of advertised letters for week ending
March 17,1883:
Allen, Beary Lake, Mrs Lizzie
Brown. Rebecca I Mathias. Benjamin (2)
Butler, Calhoun Moore, Moses
Brown, Mrs Anna Paysinger, Miss Fan
Boney, A. B ny
Calmes, Alexander Reeder, R K
Chapman, Bob Riser, Mrs F C
Calmes, Sallie Smith, Cal
Farlough, William Sease, Mrs M E
Green, Miss Suda Scabb, W A
Gallman, S G Wright. G V
Harria, Miss Eliza Worthy, Drew
Hinley, Abner
Parties calling for letters will please say
if advertised. E. W. BOONE. P. M
3 1 Flqrrled,
March 6. 1883-, by W W. Wallace, Esq.,
Mr. J. J. WHITE and Miss DORA WELLS,
both of Chappell's, Newberry County.
March 14, 1883, by Rev. J. A. Sligh, Mr.
Gus. Loicx, of Lexington County, and
Miss LAURA K.IDLEa, of Newberry County
NEWBERRT, S. C.. Mar. 22 1883
Ordinary...... ........ ......... a
Good Ordinary..................... .a
Low Middling...................... Sa 81
Middling ........................ - a 9
Good Middling ..................... a 9}
Good demand.
Newberry Prices Current.
Shoulders, Prime New...... a
Shoulders, Sugar Cured....
Sides, C. B., New............ a 11f
Shoulders, New.............. 10
Sides; C. R., New........... a 11
Sides, Long Clear........... a 111
Uncanvassed Hams......... 14
Cauvassed Hams, (Magnolia) 16
Leaf, in Tierces............. 15
Leaf, in Buckets............. 16
Powdered.................... 16
Crushed............. 1sf
Granulated Standard..... .. 124a
Extra C..................... Il
Cofee C....... ............. 10
Yellow....................... 10
New Orleans.................. 10
Demarara.................... -
New Oriens Syrup, new crop, 90
NeI Orleans Molasses.
Cuba asr"........ 60
Sugar House Molasses. 40
Gunpowder...................... 1.50
Young Hyson.................. 1.50
ALLSPICE.................. 26
PE PPE R................................ 25
Roasted or Parched...... 20
Best Rio................... 15a
Good Rio................. 12ja
Cider Vinegar........ 60
White Wine Vinegar.. 65
Tennessee................... 90
Bolted... ............. 1.00
Unbolted................... 1.00
BARLEY.............................. 1.50
SOAP............................... 6a 10
STARCH............................ 6a 12
STAR CANDLES................... 15
FL U ,prbl. .................. 8.00* 9.00
CANDY . ..... 20
CONCENTRATED LYE........... . 10
ENGLISH SODA.................... 10
AXLE GREASE .......... .. 10
TOBACCO.................... 60a 1.25
NAILS (10) keg.................. 4.50
BAGGING-Heavy....... ................... 11a
ARROW TIES. per bunch....h.... 2 00
SPLICED ARROW TIE$........... 1.25
RED CLOVER SEED-per lb....... 20
RED OATS-per tu............... 40.45
TIMOTHY HAY.................. 1 75
WHEAT. per bu.................... a 125
BRAN, per 100 lbs...................... 1.50
Watch Youir Interests!
Drugs and Medicines,
No Old or Stale Drugs on Hand.
& Physicians' Prescriptions care
fully compounded and receive special
INext Door to Mrs. Mower's.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist.
Mar. 14, 11-tf.
We wili miake final settlement on
the estate of John Glymph, deceased,
in the Probate Court for Newberry
County, on the 16th day of April, 1883,
and immediately thereafter apply for
our discharge as Administrators there
of. A. Y. W. GLYMPH,
Admiistrators of John Glymph, dee'd.
Mar. 15, 11-5St.
Notice for Fimal Discharge.
Pursua.t to an order of the Probate
Court of Newberry County, I will
make a final settlement on the estate
of John Lark, deceased, before the
Probate Judge for said County, on
Monday, the 23d day of April, A. D.
1883, and immediately thereafter ap
ply for final discharge as administrator
of said intestate.
Administrator of John Lark, dec'd.
Mar. 12, 11-5t.
I will make a final settlement on the
estate of Elisha K. Schumpert deceas
ed in the Probate Court for Newberry
County on the 9th day of April, 1883,
andl immediately thereafter apply for
my discharge as the Administrator
Administrator of
Mar. 7, 10-St.
For Whitening and Preserving the
Teeth. (Formula of Dr. T. T. Moore.)
The Best Tooth Powder made, keeps
the Teeth clean, the breath pure and
sweet. W. C. FISHER,
Wholesale Agent, Columbia, S. C.
For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant and W.
E. Pelham. Feb. 28, 9-ly
be aad o = o cas
tmesolstyear wthot?- itIsE re.n
lEGS vaies Vertbeand Plower ed,
Nr. J. N. Fowles, of Gilbert Holov
and Mr. E. H. Aull, of Dyson's, wei
in town last week.
Messrs. Youmans and Bauskett ri
turned to- Columbia on Sunday, b
private conveyance. in order to be i
time for the return day of their Cour
Mrs. 0. L. Schumpert returned hom
last Tuesday, after a very pleasant visi
to Augusta. Ga. Her many friend
are glad to see her again.
Miss G. L. Herndon returned t
Cokesbury last Thursday, after spent
ing some time in Newberry. Sh
left many admirers who will look foi
ward with pleasure to her next visit.
Rev. F. W. E. Peschau, associat
editor of the Lutheran Visitor will a]
dress the students of Newberry Co]
lege, on Sunday night of Commence
ment week.
Mr. M. 0. Kreps who will soon con
plete. his course in the Theologica
Seminary at Salem, Va., has receive,
a call to a vacant charge at Lexington
The ratnv friends of 3r. Susai
Montgomery and Andrew will hea
with regret that they left yesterda:
for Kansas, where they will live wit]
Mr. Corwin. We wish them a long au
happy life in the far West.
Mr. Douglass Barksdale, Master fo
Laurens County, has been in towi
several (lays, trying to do somethin;
with the Rutherford estate. Some o
the lawyers live at a distance, and it i
difficult to hold a satisfactory reference
The case is old, and is likely to gros
much older.
The Hon. D. Wyatt Aiken spen
Sunday and Monday in Newberry
with his daughter, Mrs. Smart, and re
turned home, on Tuesday. It is no
difficult to find men in Newbe:ry wh<
think that' South Carolina has n
better representative in Congress, thai
Colonel Aiken.
On Monday we were very muel
pleased to meet the Rev.W. G. Neville
of Ninety-Six, who prea^hed at Gil
der's Creek last Sunday m-rning, an<
at the Presbyterian Church in town
Sunday evening. He went throng]
the Junior class' in Newberry College
and was graduatbd at Adger College
He has been elected to deliver th<
alumni oration at the coming com
mencement of the latter institution.
The Wadlington Will Case.
A short time after Maj. Tlos. B
Wadlington's death last winter, letter
of administration were ranted to hi
nephews, Joseph L. Keitt and Thos
W. Keitt, who at once took charge o
his estate. Not long afterwards, Mr
John Bauskett, a first cousin of Maj
Wadlington, tiled a petition statin;
that the estate had been willed to hin
and Betty Reed, colored, Maj. Wai
lington's reputed daughter, and askin;
that he, as one -f the exezutors, bi
allowed to come i:to the Pr;bate Court
and prove the will. Thr petition wa
resisted by the administrators, on th<
ground that the deceased left no will
The case came to a hearing last Thurs
day. Mr. Bauskett was represented b:
Gen. L. F. Youmans; Betty Reed, b,
Messrs. Moorman and Simkins; and thi
administrators, by Messrs. Suber ani
The examination of witnesses oc
cupied two days and the evidence was
in many places, conflicting, but th'
leadinr facts are substantially as fo
lows: in 1873 M1aj. Wadlington aske<
Mr. Bauskett to write his will, and ha
sent him a draft containing directions
Mr. Bauskett handed the papers to hi
law partner, Mr. W. S. Monteith, an<
asked him to do the work. The wil
was drawn, according to the directions
giving four hundred acres of land,
watch and $1,000 to Betty Reed, an
the rest of the.property to Mr. Baus
kett. Mr. Bauskett was named as es
ecutor and al blank was left for the
name of a second executor. The wil
as drawn was sent to Maj. Wadlington
The rough draft of directions was in
troduced in evidence.
In 1873, R. V. Gist and R. C. Son dle:
witnessed a will for Maj. Wadlingtor
and they swear that Capt. Jno. .
Sondley was the third witness. Capt
John Sondley swears that he know
nothing about,it, and is positive that h<
never witnessed a will for Maj. Wad
lington or anybody else.
In the spring of 1882 Maj. Wadling
ton placed a regularly executed will it
the hands of Mrj. Silas Johnstone, an<
asked him to draw a new one, makin,
some changes. Mr. Johnstone remnem
bes that the will was witnessed b:
R. V. Gist and some Sondley, but he
feels sure that he would have r >tie
if Capt. Jno. R. Sondley's name ha<
appeared as a witness, that gentlemai
being named as one of the executors
rThe will must have been that draw:
by Mr. Monteith. In the new will Mr
Johnstone was directed to provide fo
Betty Reed, but the rest of the estat<
was to be given to Thomas W. Keit
and Miss H~attie Keitt, instead of Mr
Bauskett. On the 31st of August
1882, Mr. Johnstone sent both wills t<
Maj. Wadlington who was sick an
directed them to be put into his desk
About two months afterwards he wa
rendered helpless by a fall and did no
leave his bed until his death. On th<
second day after his death, a scare:
was made'by Col. Ellison Keitt, assist
ed by his sons and daughter, but noth
ing in the shape of a will was found
except the draft drawn by Mr. John
stone; that had never been signed
Much evidence was introduced to shoi
Maj. Wadlington's feelings toward
the Kekts and Mr. Bauskett, but hi
unchanged purpose appears to hai
been to provide liberally for Bett:
Reed. A great deal was said about hi
declarations as to the disposition of hi
property, but much of the evidene
was conflieting. The case seems t<
resolve itself mnto two questions: 1
Was the will which is attempted to bi
proved ever executed ? 2. If so, wa
it revoked by Maj. Wadlington?
The aruetwsbegun at 1
o'clock and ended at 8 o'clock o3
Saturday. It was exhaustive, on bot]
sides. The Probate Judge will ne
reach a decision for several days; ti
is about the hardest nut he ever had t
crack. In about five years we hopet
be able to give the final decision of th
Supreme Court in this case. The cas
has excited unusual interest '.n ou
community, both on account of th
novelty of some of its features, an
the amount of the property involved.
The chici e., Police captulredl Hamj
ton Delany at a negro (lance, in He
ena, Tuesday night. The woman,
whose house the dance was going oi
was indignant that the chief made a
arrest in her house without her consen1
And the other uegroes came near mnol
bing a boy whom they suspected <
having betrayed Hampton. Hampto
confesses his crime; says .he is guilt
of petit larcegy and will go to th
Mr. Dan. Dominick, overseer, he
had trouble with the colored rot
workers. Two of them were up befo:
Mr. Packer yesterdaiy, and were fine
five dollars each for refusing to wor
tw days; two others paid the Cont
Commissioners, each ons dollar a da
for two days-, asid there are other d
The State of South Carolina, Plaintiff,
vs. H. C. Moses and others, Defen
All persons Interested in the funds
which came to the hands of H. C.
Moses, late clerk of this Court are
bereby required to render and establish
before the undersigned their respective
lemands on of before the first day of
Slay, 1883.
Master's Office, Feb. 20, 1883, 8-10tt
Lee H. Sims, vs. Fannie Andrews, et. al.
The creditors hoL,hig demands
igainst the estates of Lo'iisa Sims and
ohn F. Sims are hereby required to
ender to the undersigned their respec
:ive claims, on or before t ie sixth day
)f April, 1883.
Master's Office, 1st March, 1883.
Mar. 2, 9-5t.
By Jacob B. Fellers, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Ebenezer P. Chalmers, as
3. C. P., hath made suit to me to grant
dim Letters of Administration of the
lerelict estate and effects of Margaret
uivingston, deceased.
These are, therefore, to cite .nd
Ldmonish all and singular the -kindred
,nd creditors of the said Margaret
;ivingston, deceased, that they be and
tppear before me, in the Court of
Probate, to be held at Newberry Court
louse on the 9th day of April next,
tfter publication hereof, at 11 o'clock
n the forenoon, to shew cause, if any
hey have, why the said Administra
ion should not be oranted.
Given under my Hand this 26th day
>f February Anno Domini, 1883.
J. B. FELLERS, . T. . c.
Feb. 26, 9-6t.
Emeline Titus vs D. B. Wheeler, as
Sheriff, and Abram G. Lyles.
By virtue of an execution to me
lirected in the above stated ease, I will
;ell, at Newberry Court House, on the
irst Monday (saleday) ia'April, A. D.
1883, at public outcry, to the highest
)idder, all of the interest and estate of
Abram G. Lyles, in and to the follow
ng Real Estate, to-wit: All that tract
)f land of which John L. Lyles died,
eized and possessed, situate, lying
md being in the County and State
iforesaid, containing One Hundred
mnd Eighty acres, more or less, and
bounded by lands of Catherine Hardy,
John F. Oxner and estate of John V.
4yles; and all that tract of land of
which John V. Lyles died, seized and
possessed, situate, lying and being in
the County and State aforesaid, con
aining One Hundred and Seventy-five.
cres, more or less, b ounded by lands
Af R. Renwick, estate of Abram Gor
ion, and estate of John L. Lyles.
Levied on as the property of Abram G.
TEBms-Cash. Purchaser to pay for
Coroner, N. C.
Mar. 9, 1883, 11-3t.
Frances G. Lyles vs William V. Lyles.
By virtue of an execution to me
iirected in the above stated case, I will
sell, at Newberry Court House, on the
&rst Monday (saleday) in April, A. D.
L883, at public outcry, to the highest
bidder, all of the interest and estate of
William V. Lyles in and to all that
ract or parcel of land of which John
L. Lyles died, seized and possessed,
ituate, lyin and being in the County
nd State aoresaid, containing One
Eundred and Eighty acres, more or
ess, and bounded by lands of Cather
ne Hardy, John F. Oxner and estate
af John V. Lyles. Also all of the in
terest and estate of William V. Lyles
in and to all that tract of land of which
John V. Lyles died, seized and posses
ed, situate, lying and being in the
ounty and State aforesaid, One Hun
:red and Seventy-fiye acres, more or
ess, bounded by lands of B. Renwick,
estate of John L. Lyled, estate of
Abram Gordon and others. Levied on
s the property of William V. Lyles..
TERMS-Cash. Purchaser to pay for
ppr.D. B. WHEELER, s. N. c.
Sheriff's Office, Mar. 9, 1883, 11-3t.
Eliza A. Paysinger, Adm'r, et. al. vs.
Emma Paysinger, Calvin Kinard, et.
By order of the Court, I will sell at
public outcry, before the Court House
it Newberry, S. C., on the first Mon
ay in April, 1883, all that tract of land
i the County and State aforesaid, con
aining about one hundred acres, more
r less, (being a part of the real estate
of Benj. F. Paysinger, deceased), and
bounded by lands of Thos. D. Buz
ardt, T. T. Stillwell, Jas Schumpert,
nd by public road leading from town
of Newberry to Bouknight's Ferry. To
be sold by plat to be exhibited on day
of sale.
TEEMS-The purchaser will be re
luired to pay one-half of the purchase
money in cash, and to secure the bal
ance payable at twelve months, with
nterest~from the day of sale, by bond
and mortgage of the property-with
leave to pay the whole bid in cash.
Purchaser to pay for conveyance.
Master's office, 9th Feb., '83, 4t.
Mortgagee's Sale of
By virtue of a power of attorney con.
ferred by 31. J. Waldrop and W. H. J.
Sanders in a mortgage by them exe
cuted to me on the tenth day of Janu,
ary 1880, I will sell on the second day
of April, 1883, within-the legal tours
of sale, at Newberry Court house, all
that tract of land situated in the Coun.
ty of Newberry, containing two hun.
dred acres, more or less, and bounded
by lands of Micbael Wertz, M1. T. Kin.
ard deceased, G. S. Wertz, and James
S. Spearman, dec'd.
Terms of sale, cash.
Mar. 7, 10-3t. Mortgagee.
All persons having demands againsi
the estate of Henry Halface deceased,
are hereby notified to render them in
properly attested to the undersigned,
and those indebted will plepse pay up
at once.
Mar. 6, 10-3t* Executors.
Nos. 784 and 73& Rey4
Also Disston's Circular Saws. Rubber sand
Steam Gauges. Connections. Whistle
Valves, Governors, Wrenches. l
Vle, Steam and Water I
Talbott's Agricultur~al Engines (on wheels
Engns Tublar an omtvB
and Wheat Mills. Saw Mils. Shi
Patent Sps
Watertown StE
Watertown Agricultural En (esn whe
Engines (tor small bu ) Vertica
and without cut,Of:~ Return T
Locomotive and Vertical B
C. & G. CO(
Cooper's Self-Propeling araation) Engines
PotbeEngies con iskids.) Station
TuuarBiers. Corn and Wheat
bolt attached.) O Smut Macbine
and Oat and Weed E
(double as
Cardwell Wheat Threshers, Separators al
Hydruli CotonPresses. Horse P<
Hydruli CotonCorn Shelers a
Johnston Harv
Reapers and Binders. Reapers and Mowers
Mowers. Cultivatori
Fairbanks' Standard Seales, all sizesi
Neblett & Goodrich Improved IIL Cotton G
Press, (steam or water power.) Smitb
Hay Press. Cotton Gint A
New Virginis
Bngines. Cton Gins, c., rept
Orders solicited and promptly executed.
tnlormatien, etc., applyt
W. F. GAILLARD, Ag't, .f
Jan. 4,1-ly.
Young men and maidens contem
plating marriage, or who are
about to enter into con
nubial bliss in the
near future,
Young men who correspond with
maidens in reference to church
going are cordially and af-.
fectionately Invited to
examine a very
lot of
Wedding and Invitation
Important Notice !
Buying and selling for
I am enabled to offer to the public
also the finest and best French
Brandies, the celebrated
for family use, at prices wh1eh defy
for family use, one dozen Pint Bottles
at $1.00
All orders will receive prompt atten
tion. With thanks for former patron
age to this house, I respectfully.solicit
a continuance of the same.
Under Newberry Opera House.
Feb. 22, 8-3m
"Plow Br-and;"
G-UTA N 0.
Is Full and Complete.
I solicit a call from my friends and
guarantee satisfaction.
D.B. Wheeler.
Feb. 15, 7-tf
Now is the time to get a good and
cheap buggy. I offer for the next
my stock of buggies (of my own make)
At Greatly Reduced Prkes,
made with the greatest care and of
select material.
Apply to
Opposite Jail.
March 1, 9-4t.
I will make a final settlement on the
estate of Mordecai J. Boyd, deceased,
in the Probate Court on the 7th day
of AprIl, 1883, and imnmediately there
after apply for my discharge as the
Administrator theeo. P OD
Mar. 5, 10-5t.* Adm'r.
Easter Cards!
A Beautifal Selection of Riek
aid Elegant
together with a lovely assortmnent of
Birthday Cards,
new on exhibition andqfor sale at
Mar. 8, 10,-3t
Le., together WaUR&
LGZT Fnins efe.
Portahle -grnee(oastlde :
tIng, Pibeys, Bozs, angeraed
k Arresters -
eis.) Portabla Eaan skf.k=
I Engies. Salur ZgISVt
vbnlar Boi?ara (with twBt6e)r
)ilers. Saw Mills, etc., et.
Farm Agriapltara7 res (dat
ty a.. LocomoUvr and -'. rt
[l.PosSabta XD3 (wfthpOtebD
i. Dustees h8 ax
.trato. Saw --s
a single.)
WELL & .
i4 Cleaners "Gouut --
mezmounted anddon.;
ester Compan y
Combined. D ?
. Reid%s Patent r
eder. Cot-oa C-od-nit.
Feed Cutter. " .
rdd In au
Fot~Jar Lad is
-01- -
whelre e er A.
clerksand myelf.
- - I~ad Ii 4
- r- .ko4 .
teutico and g-t
clran myef

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