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:Special _Ua
SPECIAL NOTICE.- Business notices in
-ts local column are.inserted at the rate of
.een3a per line each inse tion.
0bitaries, notices of meetings. communi
>emtionstelatinzg to personal interests, tributes
eisret op, &e., are charged as regular adver
ti: et at $1 per square.
:Nodoes of administration, and other legal
'oles, obituaries, tributes of respect and
ties of meetings, as weir as communica
" :Ui of a personal charaeter must be paid
-for in advince.
The subscription price of the HERALD is
for twelve months, $1.00 for six
'; oatha, 50 cents for three months and 25
".ta for one month, in advance. Names in
eer in not be placed on the subscription
boks uutil the cash or its equivalent is paid.
" All.communications relating to per
.ona interests will be inserted at regular
ersog rates, one dollar per square, cash
r. L'S. Bowers, postmaster, at Prosperity,
rfs onrathorised agent at that place.
TA pper nay be found on file at Goo. P.
.-Oweii &ds Newspaper Advertising Bu
-; ta ($Sprnce St..) where advertising con
tt. may be made for it in New York.
C. Boaknigbt, Ex'r. & Co.-Dry Goods.
' H. Clime & Co.-Dry Good<.
E.P. Matthewes.-Notice.
_we Council.-Election.
4 C. C. Blatchley.-Pumps.
EW. E. Pelham.-Cabbage Seed.
..,; 31s. Stacia Counts died at the resi
dence of Mrs. Dr. Mayer on Tuesday
aoreing. Her health had long been
yAvr:;, ,nt Postmaster'
C J. Mulkey, formerly of Tugalo,
. Ga., says: "Norman's Neutralizing
Cordial cured me of a very severe case
of diarrhuea.. The medicine acted in
stantaneously and I cannot recommend
S awriage.
Yesterday morning at the home of
the bride's motherin'Rich1and County,
Mr. E. B. Blease, of Newberry, was
married to Miss Maggie Montgomery,
bthe Rev. J. C. Lindsay of Columbia.
s The bridal party reached Newberry by
the up train yesterday morning.
Liens of the following kinds for sale
at the HRAcD office:
Agricultural Liens with Mortgage.
Lanholders' Liens.
Planters' Special Contract. tf
Becoming Popular.
Norman's Neutralizing Cordial is
fast becoming one of-the most popular
articles in existence. It soon will be
the sine qua non in every household.
Mothers do not hesitate to give it to
their children, being so harmless hence
s popularity.
Farmers and others desiring a gen
* teel, lucrative agency business, by
whicb $5 to $20 a day can be earned, -
send address at once, on postal, to H.
C. Wilkinson & Co., 193 and 197 Ful
ton Street, New York.
Temperance Worker.
The initial number of the Temper-.
by~ev J.L.Stoesgves promise o
geat good, and we g adly receive it..
The price, '75 ets.. per 'annum, is so
,small that It may welbe taken by all
iell-wishers to the cause of temper
anee, to whom we are pleased to corn
mend it.
A copy of the Great Industries of the
United States, a large $5 book, will be
given for two names to the HEALD, if
accompanied by $4. Only two subscrn
bers. Four dollars in subscriptions,
adfive in abook. tf.
Boukinight & Co.
.We are pleased to present to our
readers the card of C Bouknight & Co.
thsweek. They carry an immense
and yarried stock of Dry Goods, Boots,
Shoes, etc. It is quite a pleasure to
viit this elegant stofre, and the satis
faction is complete on getting the ar
ticle needed, for they keep everything
that man or woman can possibly want,
in their line.
All parties wa.'ting Guano, Acid, or
Cotton seed cake ill apply to J. C..
~' Taylor, Saluda, Old Town, S. C. The
gnuine imported Gerna'n Kainit will
Bedelivered at points on C. & G. R. R.,
at $20.00 per ton. 3-3m.
CalLand See Me.
Mr.C. C. Chase extends a cordial
invitation to all who contemplate insur
igto call and see him as early as pos
sihie. He will go to Laurens, Union
and Satnugto canvass those poimts
in-a few days. He will be very oad
to see his friends and explain to tfem
what he knows in reference to the
benefits which accrue by insuring in
the Hartford Life and Aunuity 1insur
ance Co.
New Spring Stock.
anouncement this week,
their late'purchases being already on
their counters, and the stock displayed
is worth any man's time to examine,
as well as worth the money asked for
b#tying. They feel so happy too in
being able to accommodate their old
friends aud patrons that their souls
break forth in poetry fit for the muses
to read. Try them.
An improvement Long Desired.
We present the HERALD this week
to each subscriber with his or her name
printed thereon, with the date to
which the paper has been paid for. We
are justly proud of tiiis improvement
in sending forth the HEALD, and feel
cofident that our subscribers will like
t.Eaeh subscriber can now tell when
'- his subscription expires, and if the
paper is no longer desiredhe can notify
us. -'There will no longer be any need
of our danning him for the money, for
it can be plainly seen when the .time
K expires, and all that he has to do is to
send us the money. The mailing
mnachine is one of the Londley make,
and is perfect of its kind.
Accident and Warning.
b. On Monday one of a number of co!
ored boys who were playing on the
shifting cars at the depot came~ to un
expected grief. Contrary to the orders
~' of the railroad hands, he volunteered
to couple two flat cars. His right
baud was canght between the bumpers
and badly hurt. Ti:e third finger was
broken and all the skin was torn from
the fore-finger. The small boys about
town, both white andi black, are ae
eustomned to play on the car tops while
thy are standing at the depot on Sun
ds,and to plyin and on the cars as
they shift at te depot durin the
we - This patimeO is never hl,but
*t -aawy ~ieo and those who
' a th autl*iyshould put an end
to it.
Having a drug store at Asheville, N.
C., I am enabled to supply the public
Ounoibe Cabbage Seed1
Mar. 28, 13-tf.
Easter at Newberry
Sunday was a raw, rainy, gusty day,
mud it brought only disappointiment to
those who expected a bright and happy
Easter. The Methodist, Episcopal,
and Lutheran Churches were decora
ted at a considerable cost of time, and
patience. The decorations, consisting
hiefly of evergreens, were tasteful
nd beautiful, but only a few persons
vere able to attend services, many of
the decorators themselves being kept
tway. All are now inelined to think
with the poet, "Into each life some
rain must fall."
The Lord's supper was celebrated
it the Lutheran Church.
Another Fire.
Mr. R. C. Chapman came very near
;nlering a serious loss by fire last Sat
trday morning. A piece of burning
wood rolled from the fire place upon
:he floor of a room occupied by one of
is boarders, who was absent at the
ime, and set fire-to the floor. After
burning through the floor, the fire
;pread -between the floor and ceiling,
md burned through the side of the
touse. Fortunately it was"discovered
.n tinie to be brought under control
ithout great difficulty. The extent
f the damage was about one hundred
lollars. The loss was covered by in
;urance, the policy of insurance on
:he house having just been renewed.
rine Portraits.
It is a treat to steal a moment from
;he. everlasting sound of the "click f
;he type in the stick"~and spend it in
:he studio of Mr. Albert Guerry. His
portraits seem as if ready to step from
;he canzass and take you by the hand
-so truly life-like are they. We knew
:hem well in life, and love to look at
;hem now. Attention has already
>een made to those of Mr. Reubin
hick, Mr. Geo. Mower, Dr. Parker
nd Mr. Duncan, aud;it is unnecessary
;o say more than that they look more
.ike life now than on the first view.
r. Guerry has added two more splen
lid pictures to his group, that of Gen.
9art. Gary, and a young Miss, beauti
ul in coloring and costume. One can
tlmost fancy he sees the blood flowing
a the veins of the former. Both are
rarely excellent in coloring, finish and
t Will Cost You Nothing.
To get from Drs. Starkey & Palen,
1109 Girard Street, Philadelphia, an
ionest opinion in your case, if you are
Y'ering from any chronic disease, as
onsumption, Catarrb, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, or nervous irritability
mud weakness. They are making won
lerful cures with their new Compound
)ygen Treatment. Write to them
md give a clear statement of yonr
ase. They will answer promptly as
;o the chances of a cure. PTey make
ao cargeforconsultdons. If, however,
rou do not wish to consult them at
resent, drop a postal-card, asking for
heir Treatise on Compound Oxygen,
i which you will find a history of its
liscovery, nature, and action, and a
arge number of reports 'of difficult
md desperate cases which they have
reated successfully. It will be sent
2edication in Williamsport.
The Williamnsport dlaily Gazette and
Bulletin of the 19th, contains a full ac
~ount of the dedicatory servie which
~ook place on the 18th, at St. Paul's,
:he new Lutheran church erected un
ir the administration of the Rev. S.
P~ Hughes. Dr. Joel Swartz preached
yn Saturday evening, and Dr. S. A.
Repass preached the dedicatory ser
on, Sunday morning.
The church building cost $16,000 and
s one. of the handsomest in the city.
[t has an auditorium of 27 by 78 feet.
Light is furhished at night by wall
handelier's,. and for day service by
legant illuminated windows. Its a
mustics are perfect, and its ventila
tion superb. The pews, which will
seat five hundred persons, are of rcd
aak and cushioned in maroon. It has a
2000 organ and several memorial
stained glass windows, with inscrip
tions ; altogether the interior is beauti
Rev. Hughes has done an impor
tat work during his short stay in
A Necessity of the Day.
Few minor invlentions have been so
readly appreciated and come so quickly.
into general use as the stylographic
pen. None who have used one will
verbe contented with any less con
renient apparatus for writing, and in
a short time there will be few who
have occasion to write at all who have
not adoped it. The general principle
of the stylographic pen is so, familiar
as to require no explanation. We
have made trial of various kinds, but
have found none to equal the improved
Livermore Stylographic Pen, which
combines all the advantages of other
makes. It is convenient to use, writes
with any kind of good ink, and is prac
tically indestructible. Sold at first
for 3 each, the price has recently
been reduced to i$2 for plain pens, with
fifty cents extra for gold mounted.
By sending that amount to Louis E.
Duinlap, Manager Stylographic Pen
Company, 290 Washington Street,
Boston, a pen, together with a package
of superior ink, will be sent by return
mail, and the money will be at
once refunded if they do not prove_to
be perfect in every respect.-3onig
Mail, Lowel, Mass.
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly.
The April number is already out filled with
deightful reading and elegant embellish
ments. The chrome presented with it, "A
Basket of F lowers," is a gem. "The Archi
tectural Progress of Newv York City," the
opening rticle, has twelve illustrations of
promient new public and private buildings.
"The Descent of the British Crown," by A.
H. Gernsey; "Edinbughi," by Noel Ruth
yen, "Leon Gambetta," "Ancient Laborers
and Princes of Grand Chimnu sud New Gran
ada," etc.. etc., are exce-edingly interesting
and profusely illustrated. The serial, "The
Beaiutiful Couatess of Clairville," is continu
ed, sud there are admirable short stories,
sk ctches. adrentures, ete , by popular writers.
Ge. .'leredith, Geo. Weathe-rty, etc., con
tibtute some excellenit poems, and the ~ii
cellaneous articles, paagraphs, etc., abound
wi:h entertainment and information. There
are 128 pages quarto, and ever 100 embellish
ments in each number of this favoritemsaga
sne; the price of a single copy is 25 cents
on. $3 a vear, postpaid. Address, Mae.
PLI.K LEsL IE, Publisher,5f3, fiand 57 Park
Plaa, New York.
Fullnes.s of the eye-somnetimes de
notes lange, and again it denotes
that the owner eclled some one a liar
and a hrse-thief.
Sniffles Travels.
"Some love to roam where the dark
seas foam, and the shrill winds whistle
free," but not so Sniffles ; at this sea
son of the year, I don't hanker after
dark seas, white capped waves, nor
whistling winds, I might pay more for
the whistle than it is worth. My soul
longeth not to risk its frail tenement
on the treacherous sea, if it is the home
of the dolphin, whose back is biny
gold. And then there is no need of
that risk in travelling between the two
chief emporiums of the State-New
berry and Columbia-a ride of two
liours with a little jolting and jerking,
and you are over it. Occasionally do Ivi
sit the city-about once in ten days
and it being a rare occurrence I cannot
but speak of it. Although the train
was nearly two hours behind time when
it reached Newberry on Thursday, we
reached Columbia the same night.
This time I travelled with the youngest
Sniffles, who asked as we were wThsked
through the streets, "where was Mc
Kenzies candy store?" That boy is
a chip of the old block, and will make
his mark-with a burnt stick.
Columbia reminds one very much of
Newberry, there are houses and peo
ple there, and streets, and then there
will be a cotton nill, just like ours, and
both are on a high boom and looking
forward to grand result'. If Newber
ry ever goes back on Sniffles, he will
remove his capital to Columbia. In
one thing I noticed a. difference be
tween the two cities, here no expres
sion was given to the feelings in regard
to the terrible accident which lately
befell the good Queen of England and
other sorrowing countries, there it was
the reverse, owing no doubt to the ed
itorial of Mr. Pope in the Register,
a'nd which he sympathized with her Ma
jesty, in that he too had skinned his
knee. He did not sa,y how he had skin
ned it, this was an oversight. Colum
bia was profoundly stirred by it, and
several fellows made frequent visits to
all of the bar rooms, to see other fel
lows and get the latest information
it was received in a liquid form. One
gentleman was so grieved that he would
not take any sugar in his own.
It will be gratifying to the editor,
who never goes abroad, but stayb home
attendidg to his business,-to learn of
the estimation in which the Herald is
held. I happened to meet many of
your subscribers there, and they all had
a good, cheery word for your paper
all except one "_tomer renewed, and
his backbone weakened because there
was another baby in the house, and
his expenses -were enormously increas
ed. Poor fellow, how sorry I felt for
you, Mr. Editor. I give you a few
names of the fellows who stuck, and
will continue to stick while a button
remains on Gabe's coat : W. C. Swaf
field thinks it the best -paper in the
St'ate, his wife and children look for
and read it with pleasure ; that veteran
jeweler, Win. Glaze, says send it on,
family look upon it as a household ne
cessity ; M. L. Kinard says his wife
lulls her twins to sleep while reading
of the exploits of Snitiles, that it is bet
ter than a dose of Winslow's Soothing
Syrup; J. H. Kinard says it is the joy
of the house ; Asher Palmer, the Tin
man, says the tin shall always be rea
dy for the Herald ; E. E. Jackson says
I don't.dare to go home Thursday night
without the Herald; Reese, the barber
says he shaves easier after reading it ;
and W. J. Duffie, the book dealer, says
it contains more of interest than Web
ster's blue back speller, the words - are
better arranged. Well I might go on
till never, and give you a score of such
good words, and tell of the dinnters in
vitedJ to, and the soft lyds to -reclinc
on, but I know that you know all about
these good folks already, and it is good
ense to know when to stop.
Columbia is a wee bit ahead of New
berry in that you get oysters there on
the half shell, delicious, fat, large oys
ters-I had some, ai treat from A. C.
Jones, who already knows where the
best things are kept. I had the pleas
ure of beholding his genial chief, Capt.
J. N. Lipscomb, and in course of chat
was assured that he thinks highly of
A. C. J. The dust inthe land commis
sion office is gone where the woodbine
twineth, but the leg of the broken sol
dier which surmounted the Confederate
monument is still in need of soap and
water, no doubt the means are not yet
Do you take to sea-crabs, fresh, ten
der sea-crabs, with oodles of rich, yel
low eggs, packed away in their shells,
well just go to Dr. Jackson, and tell
him you are hungry for a sea-crab
presiption, that is all you have to do.
Silas Johstonecand B. J. Ramage know
the ropes, and pronounce his prescrip
tions A-i.
C. F. Jackson is another frienti
the Heraid, and a new subseriWer, he
likes Sniffies, his wife, and lilbwise his
children. He has a large store, lots of
pretty goods, besides gude pretty girl
clerks, and sever le clerks, not so
pretty, but all xy and willing to sell
cheaply. Is%led on the three pretty
clerks, it*ne of my failings, and they
returnec:it. C. F. J. presented Mrs.
Sniile( with a dress pattern. Long
maylie live. I stop.
' lisses Kate and Alice Mayer are at
home again.
Miss Kate Summer is visiting friends
in Newberry.
Prof. Holland preached at Prosperi
ty on Sunday.
Mrs. C. Mower has returned from
her trip to the North.
Mr. E. C. Simkins is Intendant of
the town of Troy, Abbeville County.
Col. Wardlaw Perrin and ex-Judge
Thompson Cook were in- town last
Hon. J. G. McKissick, of Union, was
in town yesterday and the day before
on business.
Mrs. Mary Blackburn has been
spending some time with her aunt,
Mrs. Barre.
Mr. A. A. Killian and family have
returned to Newberry, and will make
their home here.
Col. Feirguson and Col. Todd of the
Laurens Bar, and Prof. Perrin of
Prosperity were in Newberry last
Rev. 31. 0. J. Kreps has accepted
the call to Lexington, and will enter
pon the discharge of his duties there,
in June.
On Sunday Dr. Steck received Miss
Elizabeth Pratt and Mr. Fred Zobel,
into the Lutheran Church by confir
mation, and Mr. and Mrs. James H.
All, by certificate.
Ex-Treasurer- Wheeler and Mr.
Zobel, who went to Columbia on Mon
day to make a settlement with the
Comptroller-General, returned yester
day, ha'ting nearly completed the
James Y. Culbreath, Esq., has gone
to the mountains on business. On his
trip he will take in Seneca City, Wal
halla, Toccoa City, with, perhaps, any
number of clients and other- things
peculiar to the mountains.
Dr. James McIntosh has just return
ed from the "Land of Flowers." He
says that the State is crowded with
vsitor, immigrants and sns seek
ig homes. The price of dsbom
mg, and a synelegay in Flodda
makes one Ilftnithere-slife ian
Various and all About
Can any one tell us what kind of a
peach crop we will have.
Vegetation looks sickly hereabouts
after the late severe frosts.
The sun 'do' shine once more, thanks
to the clerk of the weather.
Indelible Ink, Automatic Pencils and
other articles just received at $erald
Book Store.
The -"Loti"" were disappointed last
Sunday. They will wear their beavers
next Sunday.
The Herald Book Store is the most
popular place in t'he town of Newberry,
and don't you forget it.
The members of the Lotus Club were
handsomely entertained at Mr. J. E.
Brown's, Tuesday evening.
As a true and efficient tonic, and one
that excels all other iron medicines,
take BrowiV's Iron Bitters.
"Who killed cock robin?" We
heard several gentlemen say that the
shot rattled about thejr heads.
Mr. Thos. Harmon rescued us from
the cold on Wednesday morning. The
biggest load of wood this season.
Pomaria is on risiugpround; another
son is born. and David Wedeman is
the happy father. Its a boncer.
All the world and the rest of man
kind are info*ied that the Herald has
the largest circulation in town, county
and State.
Under the new post office regula
tions, no mail, except letters, will be
.forwarded after it reaches its destina
tion, without aJditional postage.
Sniflies, one of our most indefatiga
ble and laborious itemizers went to
Columbia last week and lost his head,
hence the scarcity in this column.
Don't forget the mass meeting
which will be held in the opera house
this afternoon for the purpose of nom
inating a Council for the ensuing year.
Several persons have taken the new
departure-slips with printed names
and dates of subscription-as duns.
Well, sd mote it be, we cannot stop to
The Pine Grove school near Mr.
Rikard's is taught by Mr W Bowman
Boinest instead of Mr. J. B. Boinest.
The latter gentleman has a flourishing
school near St. Paul's church.
Muns. Long, colored, ex-school com
missioner, has- a school of eighty pupils
in No. 7. His wife with one assistant
is teaching about one hundred and
forty pupils, near Prosperity.
The Debating Club will meet next
Monday night, and discuss the ques
tion, "Do revolutions advance civiliza
tion?" This is the question that the
club didn't discuss last Monday night.
Come and see our beautiful wedding
and invitation cards and paper, with
envelopes to match. All kinds of Job
Printing executed at this office, cheap
for cash, and with the utmost expedi
We fancy that the robins think this
government treats them worse than it
treated the Chinese. It takes care of
hatched birds, but lets migratory birds
look out for themselves. "Protection"
is the cry.
The Hair place was not rented on
Saturday. The Supreme Court grant
ed an injuncet:on restraining the Mas
ter from renting the place; and the
Supreme oara has a way of command
ing respect.
No child wvill1 have a rosy complexion
as long as wvormas exist in the intestines.
Shriner's Indian Vermifuge will de
stroy the wori.s and restore the health
of the child.
For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant.
There is a man in Newberry who
will riot chew tobacco on Sanday,
though he is anr inveterate chewer dur
ing the other six days. There are
other men in Newberry who can't, or
wont keep from chewing in church,
and leaving the spit and the "quidpro
'We itre under obligations to the.
Clair Mineral Springs Company r a
copy of their new illustrated pa phlet.
It is handsomely illustrate d print
ed, and contains one undred and
twelve pages. As -ork of art and
also for informa:' it may well find a
place on eve ble.
Lo ut for the engine when the
w e e blows, -mnd so when D. C. Flynn
lows you may look out for his card of
spring goods which will appear - next
week. He will hang it out to the ad
miring gaze of the readers of the Her
ald on Thursday morning April 5, at
sunrise. Look for it.
"You say your wife gets mad and
raises a row?" "I should say she did.
She makes encough fuss to run a freight
train forty miles an hour." "But if
you knew she was in the habit of get
ting mad why did you marry her ?"
"Because if I1 had held back she would
have got madder than ever."
Myra Davis is back from the Peni
tentiary. You remember Myra express
ed the belief that a short term in that
institution wo:dd make a decent wo
man of her. The term must have
been too short; Myra renewed her
acquaintance with the first barroom
she struck on her way from the depot.
All goods warranted, and everything
done to please his friends and the pub
lic. This is what our wide-awake, in
telligent, and reliable friend, B. H.
Cline. says in his large and attractive
card this week. The readers of the
Herald can phe~e the utmost reliance
on what this gentleman says, and spend
their money with him satisfactorily.
Energy and a liberal use of printer's
ink, have made a man of him.
'The narrative that has been running
in Texas iftin?ge since last May, enti
tled "Through Texas on a Mexican
Mustang," and written by Sweet and
Knox, editors of that paper, is being
published in book form by the 'emin
ent publishing house of S. S. Scranton
& Co., of Har.ford, Conn. It will be
a book of over six hundred pages, 11
lustrated with two hundred original
illustrations designed by several of the
most promine,t artists in this country.
It will be sold only by subscription,
rnd will be re.idy for delivery in May
,The book w'.l contain all of the nar
rative that ha; been published in &ft
ings. Author.s artists, and publishers
have combined in a determination to
make this book, in general interest, in
elegance of it s make up, and in profu
sion and beauty of its illustrations, the
best and handsomest subscription book
that has ever been published in the
United States.
A Card t'rom Uncle Dick.
The subsci iber gratefully acknowl
edges his obligation to the many
friends, white and colored, who so
willingly and laboriously helped him
on Saturday morning last, subdue the
fire which otherwise would surely
have left him houseless. He thanks
the.m one and all from the very depths
of his heart.
EcLacTio MAGAI&m.-The April num
ber of this sterling old periodical is at hand,
and contains the usual rich and varied store
of good things. Its table of contents com
prises something for every variety of taste,
and is as follows: "Gambetta," by a Friend
and Follower; "Gambetta," by a German;
"The Art of Rossetti," by Harry Quilter;
"Adventures among the Austrians in Bos
nia;" "Church-going Tim,"-a Poem by A.
Mary F. R?obinson; "The Creed of Christen
dom, by Rev. James Martinean; "Poets and
N=ghtingales;" "Fireside Musings on Serious
Subjects," "Mexico and her Railways," by J.
Y. Sareent; "Hours of Rest," by Anna H.
Drury; "Lord Richard and I," a Story. by
Julian Sturgis; "The Violin's Voice," by
Beatrice Harraden; "The Photographic Eyes
of Science," by Richard A. Proctor; "An
thony Trollope," by Mrs. Oliphant; "Doe:or
Henderson's Romance;" "The Beginnings
of Art," by Stanley Lane-Poole; "Dr. John
Brown of Edinburah;" "The Odd-Looking
Man;" "Cnriositi of the Telephone;" "By
Neighbor's Well:" Literary Notices; Foreign
Literary Notes; Science and Art; and Mis
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The Irish have aimed a blow at
the English government at its very
seat. On the 15th an attempt was
made to blow up the Local Govern
ment buildings in Westminster,
London. The explosion was terri
ble, but the object aimed at was
not accomplished. Patrick J. Sher
idan who is in this country, and
whose extradition England has de
manded, says, "The work is that of
Irishmen, and is but an advance
picket. Much more ,will follow.
England will shortly see that she
must shortly free Ireland or suffer
the consequences." Congressman
elect, Finerty of Illinois speak
ing of the attempt, says-"I am sor
ry it was not more successful. My
countrymen are poor and starving
and the government will not aid
them. They have reached the point
where they must fight, and I am
glad to see them do it."
Information is wanted regarding
the .whereabouts of the relatives or
next of kin of one J. G. Johnson,
who formerly worked at this place,
at the saddlery business, with the
lazte Wm. Hang. Mr. Johnson re
cently died at Gilmer, Texas, in
testate, seized of some property.
He is supposed to be a native of
this State. The relatives of said
deceased may find it to their ad
vantage, should this meet their eye,
to address C. W. Kern, attorney at
law, Gilmer, Texas.-Laurensville
The London Times says that the
new tariff law in the United States
is only a step toiTard free trade.
Some persons have the faculty of
seeing just what they want to see,
no matter what the truth may be;
and in this instance the Times
seems to be one of that class of
persons. *
The Charleston News and Courier
says, "the farmers are going to
rule this land," whereupon the
Augusta Chroneicle and Constitution
alist remarks -Winety per cent. of
lawyers in Congress, chiefly elected
by farmers, rule the land."
The remains of Jo ,n Howard
Payne, the author "Home, Sweet
Home," have be .n brought back to
America. -
TAugusta Chronicle and Con
%.fionalist is in favor of the
Whipping Poet.
Four barrels of water from the
Great Salt Lake, after evaporation,
will leave a barrel of salt.
NEwERET C. H.. S. C., March24. 1883.
List of advertised letters for week ending
March 24,1883:
Copeland, Miss Sallie Ray, Miss Eliza
Colem, James LSms, Miss Mary
Crolers, A S Wih,MsEl
Owens, Mr 1Wlh,MsEl
Parties calling for letters wilt p lease say
f advertised. R. W. BOONE, P. V.
NEwBERRY, S. C., Mar. 29 1883.
Onlinary......................... a.
Good Ordinary.................... a
Low Middling...................8a 81
Middlir.g....................... 8a 9
Good Middling .................. 9 a 9f
-Good demand.
lNewberry Prices -Current.
coBREOTZD wasrY .
By J. N. M ARTIN & CO.
Shoulders, Prime New... a
Shouldes New.............. 10
Sides, C.R., New.... a 11
Sides, Long Clear........... a 1k
Uncanvamsd Hams..1.. 4
Canvaesed'Hams, (Magnolia) 16
Leaf, n Tierces............ 15
Leaf, in Buckets..........1
Powdered................ 16
Crushed............. ....It
-Granulated Standard.....: .. a
Extra C.............
Cofee C.................10
Yellow.................. 10
New Orlens.....~....... 10
New Orleans Syrup, new crop, 90
New Orleans Molasses. 60
Cuba Molasses.... 60
Sugar House Molasses. 40
Young Hyson...........1.50
ALLSPFICE.................-... 25
FEEE..........--.---. 25
Roast~ed or Parched...20
BestRi................. 15a
Good R10............. 2a
Cider Vinegar.... ...60
White Wine.Yinegar.. 6
Tennessee................ 90
OAP..............---...... E 10
srARCH.......-- ...----... S 12
STAR CA.NDLES..:............. 15
CAND'........ .....-.. 20
ENGLISH SODA...: ...... 10
ATT.E GREASf... ......... 10
TOBACCO..-.. ....-... . 60a 1.25
NAID) keg.. ............... 4.50
BAGGING- Heavy.---.----. 11a
ARROW TIES, buncha...,..... 2 o
SPCED W TIES......... 1.26
EED CLOVEE lb,... 20
EED O rl20 .............- L0S6
_~ cwn
in the up country. Gent( and Ladies' f
attention to our
Gexitg' Furmi
Try our perfect fitting "Scratch P
is simply beautiful. Among which are t
No trouble to show Goods ; call
the buttons on Shoes bought of us, with
Young men and maidens contem
platingmarriage, or who are
about to enter into con- -
nubial bliss in the
near future,
Young men who correspond with
maidens in reference to church
- going are cordially and af
fectionately invited to
examine a very
lot of
Wedding and Invitation
" C. C. CHASE,
Ne berry, S. a.
Rooms comfortable and newly fur
Table well supplied with the best the
market affords.
Servants attentive to every want.
Permanent and transient boarders
amply accommodated.
Satisfaction guaranteed in every
Feb. 22, 8-tf
*For Whitening and Preserving, the
'eeth. (Formula of Dr. T.T. More.)
The Best Tooth Powder made, keeps
the Teeth clean, tfie breath pure and
sweet. W. C. FISHER,
Wholesale Agent, Columbia, S. C.
For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant and W.
E. Pelham. -Feb. 28, 9-ly
We will make final settlement on
the estate of John Glymph, -deceased,
in the Probate Court for Newberry
County, on the 16th dayof April, 1883,
and immediately thereafter apply for
our discharge as Administrators there
of. A. Y. W. GLYMPH,
Administrators of John Glymph, dec'd.
Mar. 15, 11-5t.
Nlie t fr Final Discharge.
Pursuant to an order of the Probate
Court of Newberry County, I will
make a final set'ement on the estate
of John Lark, deceased, before the
Probate Judge for said County, on
Monday, the 23d day of April, A. D.
1883, and immediately thereafter ap
ply for final discharge as administrator
of said intestate.
Administrator of John Lark, dec'd.
Mar. 12, 11-5t.
All persons having demands against
the estate of Heiry Halfacre deceased,
are hereby notified to render them in
proerly attested to the undersigned,
andthoe iidetedwill please pay up
at once. L.A ATACE
Mar. 6, 10-3t.* Executors.
I will make a final settlement on the
estate of Mordecal J. Boyd, deceased,
in the Probate Court on the 7th day
of April, 1883, and immediately there
after apply for my discharge as the
Administrator thereof.
- D. P. BOYD.
Mar. 5, 1OM~t.* .Adm'r.
By Jacob B. Fellers, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Ebenezer P. Chalmers, as
C. C. P., hath made suit,to me to grant
him Letters of Administration of the
derelict estate and effects of Margaret
Livingston, deceased.
These are, thergfore, to cite and
admonish all and smngular the kindred
and creditors of the said Margaret
Livingston, deceased, that they be and
appear before me, in the Court of
Probate, to be held at Newberry Court
House on the 9th day of April next,
after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, to shew cause, if any
they have, why the said Administra
tion should not be ~ted.
Given under my Hnd this 26th day
of February Anno Dominl, 1883.
.J. B. FELLERS, 3.-P. N. C.
Feb. 26, 9-6t.
E TI 1 i 4
re are daily recejvnglargestand moeta complete ne
rexhibitedin Newberry. Ha!inglus retirl
re we have been for some time buyingfuc mni=
>wn,house ofd. 8. Cloud of Spartanbnrg;S. C., weew ta et ,
tomers Goods at prices never before beard of in-fdimiW
"Quick Sales andSho P
ur inotto. We defy competiton in any spa}e Our
.lete, containing cheap suits -- .
handsomest assortment of
S 1 0 E SA
ne Shoes especially from the best Maentctnreae .: wo".'
ocket" Shirt, the best in the matlet: o of '
1e celebrated CROWN COLRS and vUiP. ,
early and make your selections, dTo imore battoem
the new patent fastener fseeof charge. Wfl?
New an r
Are being received ev
Large and complete
Spring ad
[ft 1l'Unewvibe of~d
ibmmine them.
'arch 28 13 tJ 0- BUMCWw"
rwtielo.aeontht bes ie ne i. .
Nw ilsou che e l ande o n my rieo s
es 74 nd73 By 4M Str
staea en----fb- wa-. L ng
No I -u c Stne. am and 4lemypea -
Feb. 1. 5-r. QOL
hsDeTons birular and. Labnentive Boaner Ear~b~Ia a
Steam Gaugs. awnnecis. Whstln.g; Ceness,oe
Valve, GoernosPatena k ,etete M*wr
- wiiMt out R-tur
rtabArle alE ngs(on weel. .) ot.i.Z i o
EgeTubular adCornid Whelat T JaeWae
and Whet Mills and Weedi Shatlnabys3oa Kann
aenWhat ertosan Cteas. "nGix (seJnd
ydando Retton Horseraound down.y
ConVeercand Boil e ersw . ,
Jonso &rG.eCOer & CO..- a
Copers andeInders.ll Retpraon)dnins Fawra Co A get '
Tuua oilers. CorltmdWhatr and Praiis. IMuUm
Cairdbhats Tanrdeser , aaors and Claners. "Grou h
NeHyt& odrich Cotto CrottonGn Breid9s-~ Batn Gon)hw
Press.steao HSmitrdCndompg -
Hay res. Fede. Cow - -ne
Beerndines. Reapeon ind &c.,r CineC SalMBu~, s,
oroeras.ueCultndv.tor ar.~omer
W.NF AILUAR Ag t., for eWerry
Pors.tamo er. mihsIpoedDa-o
Byewirtrginia pFeer oftttorney.con
Sa gndes otnQn, c,rpi in a mortga them e3.
cutdeto eoneiten -pofiancute. o a.-1.er
no asal e O, a ppl ery tour all
t oF. GewRhAgt, o Nwerry,cnanntohn- n ani
Jared seemoeo-ls,an oydd**.
Mortgaee' Sal o
Taers i asrggh. hmee-I ~ ~ r
cuedtmeontE. KIBnth 4a0J?.~
Mar. &O ilsllnteScudy

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