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Special and Local.
THURSDAY MAY 10, 1883.
SPECIAL NOTICE.- Business notices in
this local column are inserted at the rate of
15 cents per line each" nsertion.
Obituaries, notices of meetings. communi
cations relating to personal interests, tributes
of respect, &e., are charged as regular adver
tisements at $1 per square.
Notices of administration, and other legal
notices, obituaries, tributes of respect and
notices of meetings, as well as communica
tions of a personal character must be paid
for in advance.
The subscription price of the HERALD is
$2.00 for twelve months, $1.00 for six
months, 50 cents for three months and 2,5
cents for one month, in advance. Names in
future will not be placed on the subscription
books until the cash or its equivalent is paid.
Ii' All communications relating to per
sonal interests will be inserted at regular
advertising rates, one dollar per square, cash
in advance.
Mr. L. S. Bowers, postmaster, atProsperity,
is our authorized agent at that place
This paper may be found on ile at Geo. P.
aowell & Co's Newspaper Advertising Bu
reau (10 Spruce St.,) where advertising con
tracts may be made for it in New York.
Talbott & Sons.-Engines.
J. F. W. Dorman.-Baltimore Jobber.
Dr. Andrew Wallace.-A Card.
J. E. Cooley .-Notice.
J. C. McCurdy & Co.-Celestial Symbol.
Thespian Club.-Opera House.
A. Blythe.-U. S Marshal's Sale.
Mrs. Kate Carwile. the wife of our honor.
ed and beloved townsman, Mr. Jno. B. Car
wife, died somewhat unexpectedly on Satur
day morning, at half past one o'clock, at her
home in this town, and was buried in Rose
mont Cemetery late Sunday afternoon. Mr,.
Carwile was a native oi North Carolina, an.t,
being left an orphan in very early life. wa=
reared as a member of the family of the el
der Dr. Brantly, father of Dr. Jno. J. Brant
ly, who was so long the pastor of the Bap
tist Church here. In the circle of that ele
gant, Christian home, she imbibed the spirit
of refinement and profound piety which
adorned and ennobled her life. She was nat
urally gentle, amiable and benevolent, and a
life of great bodily suffering and sore afflic
tion tended only to develop and beautify
the graces of her character. Her patient
and heroic endurance was the admiration of
all who :'ew her. For the greater part of
her life sao was - member of the Baptist
Church, and fo- . her chief pleasure in at
tendance upon the house of God, and in con
tributing of her sympathy, her prayers and
her means, to the needy and suffering around
her, and to general benevolent and mission
ai enterprises. She will be sadly missed in
her home, in her church, and in the entire
community. But she rests :-like a weary
child, worn out with the pains and woes of
life, she sleeps upon the bosom of her Father
Charles D. Wright, son of Mr. W. T.
Wright, died yesterday morning. He had
been a patient sufferer for a long time.
The friends of -Mr. W. T. Wright
and family are invited to attend. the
funeral of his son, Charles D. Wright,
this (Thursday) afternoon. Service at
the Baptist Church at half past four
o'clock, and burial at Rosemont Cem
etery at half past five.
Good Shooting.
Messrs. Bowman, Kelly and Thoma
son tried their skill with the rifie on
Tuesday afternoon, at a nickel, and hit
it 48 times out of 90.
Cotton Statement.
Receipts from Sept. 1st May 4th,
22,930 bales. against 15,927 for same
time last year. Receipts for week end
in May 4th, 75 bales; last year 72 bales.
Thoughts for Reflection.
At 35 years of age you can carry
$5,000 insurance on your life for $35.00
-per year after the 1st year. Come and
see the plan. C. C. CHASE,
AprIl 4, 14-tf. Agent.
We didn't go to do It.
Our very lively friend The Drtwsner
accuses us of using two of its articles
without credit. Now we did no such
thing, the articles alluded to were
copied from another paper, and were
not credited. That is the how, Mr.
Work given out. On receipt of your
address we will make an offer by which
you can earn $3-to $7 evenings, at your
home. Men, women, boys or girls can
do it. H. C. WILKINSON & Co., 195
Sand 197 Fulton Street, New York.
*One Hundred Cents.
Messrs. Zimmerman & Johns, Drug
mists of Westminster, S. C., in their
$tst order purchased only the dollar
size of Norman's Neutralizing Cordial.
Those who try the 25 cents size always
buy the large size next time, thtus its
use is advertising its merits daily.
A Sensible Man.
* Josh Billings says he never takes
auy foolish chances. When he looks
at ia dead mule he stands in front of
him. Norman's Neutralizing Cordial
is neith~er a live or a dead mule but a
real nice family horse always ready for
your service. Mothers, we advise you
not to take any foolish risks, but al
ways keep a bottle convenient, and it
will save you many hours of anxiety.
To Disabled Soldiers.
The Comptroller General Mr. WV.
E. Stoney, requests us to inform all
soldiers who have unpaid claims for ar
tificial limbs, that they will be paid at
the very earliest possible period, and
that notice wvill be given from his of
fice, as soon as there are funds in the
Treasury for that putrpose. Parties
holding claims are adlvised to deal di
rectly iwith the Comptroller in their
settlements, and not wvith agents.
Strawberry Festival.
The strawberry festival for the bene
fit of the College will be held in the
Temperance Hall, to-morrow (Friday)
evening. Contributions should be sent
to the Hall on Friday. The conmmittee
found it impossible to visit everybody,
but they will gladly receive contribut
tions from those who were not visited.
Everybody is invited, and requested to
come hungry. The objeet in viewv is a
good one, and we are confident that
the festival will be a success.
We like to strike the dlear people,
but not with hard blows to hurt them,
but in an easy, pleasant manner. and
not in the way that Billy Patterson
was struck. It strikes us therefore that
the very striking card of Messrs. Tal
bott & Sons, of Charlotte, N. C., and
Columbia, S. C.. will strike the atten
tion of every man in want of the arti
cles they keep for sale. Read their
* card and you will see that they offer
Portable and Stationary Engines aiid
Boiers, Saw and Corn Mills. Cotton
Gins and Presses, and that at ev-ery
Fair where they have exhibited pre
minms have been awarded them.
The Newberry Steam Mills are closed
after Sautrday, for two weeks, under
going repairs. it.
The Eye and Ear
Are important factors of the body.
and there are many who suffer untold
troubles from imperfect sight and hear
ing. Not a few of these persons may
be restored by skillful treatment, but
they lack the opportunity ; no surgeon
is convenient who makes a specialty of
these cases. We are happy to say to
all such that Dr. Andrew Wallace of
Greenville, a successful practitioner,
will visit Newberry shortly, and will
thus afford the opportunity desired.
A Cattle Farm.
We learn that Brown & Moseley, of
Prosperity, have begun a cattle farm
about two miles from that town, with
the view of furnishing good beef for
market. They also contemplate im
proving their scrub stock by crossing
it with the Jersey. so as to be able to
furnish rich milk and butter. The
enterprise deserves success, and pro
perly managed will succeed. New
berry offers a ready market-and a
cattle farm in this county ought to
prove a paying investment. -
Children's Day.
Saturday, the 19th of May, will be
Children's Day, at Tranquil church,
and a large attendance is hoped for
not only from the town but the sur
rounding country. The Rev. A. A.
Gilbert, the pastor, extends a cordial
invitation to one and all.
Saturday last was Children's Day at
Hopewell, and we are pleased to say it
proved quite a success. Addresses
were delivered by Revs. Colton and
Wood, of Clinton, and Dr. E. T. Mc
Swain, Mr. W. W. Summer, and Mr.
Geo. Speake. A missionary collection
was taken up.
Town Elections.
The Town Council at their meeting
last Saturday night, received a number
of applications for the positions at their
disposal. J. S. Fair and J. W. Gary
applied for the office of Clerk and
Treasurer, and the latter was elected.
After serving about two hours, he re
signed and 3'r. Fair was re-elected.
Mr. Fair has made a good officer, and
he was endorsed by the citizens' meet
ing that nominated the present Council.
The applicants for Chief of Police,
were Henry T. Fellers and John H.
Chappell-the former was elected.
The following persons were elected
policemen: J. M. Sill, T. M. Chapman,
D. Q. Wilson and R. W. Davis. The
other applicants were J. H. Todd, J.
H. Means, and W. J. Leonard. In Mr.
Chappell, the Council loses an efficient
Mr. W. T. Jackson was re-elected
Street Overseer.
Children's Day.
-There was a crowd at Ebenezer last
Saturday, made up of two classes, in
the words of Dr. Carlisle, "those who
are children. and those who once were
children." The day was perfect-the
committee on arrangements could not
have ordered a more suitable day to be
spent in the woods, if that matter had
been left to their wisdom. The (lay
was occupied from about 11 o'clock till
1 o'clock, with singing and addresses
one by Dr. Carlisle, on "Thought and
Thinking," which, by.the way. was re
markably thoughtful and interesting;
and one by Dr. Darby, on the general
subject of Sunday School work. After
partaking of a sumptuous dinner, the
children were turned loose and left to
enjoy themselves as best they might.
They enjoyed the occasion as only chil
dreni could ; but towards evening, the
time began to drag somewvhat heavily.
The only objection to the day was that
there was too much of it. But the
children wvill be anxious and ready for
the next Children's Day.
Colored Teachers' Association.
The Teachers met at the Hoge School
house, Saturday, May 5, for the pur
pose of effecting an organization to be
known a's the "Teachers Association
of Newberry County."
After temporary organization, Mr.
B. W. Nance moved, that the meeting
resolve itself into permanent organiza
tion. The motion was agreed to, and
the following officers were nominated
and elected: P. W. Dawkins, Presi
dent ; J. S. Stewart, Vice President ;
A. E. Hampton, Secretary; G. W.
Guignard, Assistant Secretary; T. W.
Stewart, Treasurer; and J. B. Arnold,
On motion of B. W. Nance, a comn
mittee.of five was appointed by the
President to draft rules and regulations
for the Association, and be ready to
report its proceedings at the next meet
in"' of this Association.
hefollowing. are the committee : B.
W. Nance, F. L. ix, B. F. Means, J.
S. Stewart, C. W. Whitmire.
On motion of B. W. Nance, resolved,
that when this Association adjourns,
that it will adjourn to meet on the see
odn Saturday in June, 1883. And that a
copy of the proceedhings of this meet
ing~ be forwarded to the Newberry HER
ALD and the Ob.serrer.
There being no further business
ready for transaction the meeting ad
journed. ________
A Kind Liberty Letter Hall.
Messrs. Editors:-Will you try to
persuade our neighbors that there is
no wild woman at large ? It is putting
some of our acquaintances to a great
deal of inconvenience; our Trial Justice
has the scare,-he now goes to Martin's
Depot to take the train when he wants
to go to Newvberry, (so they say.)
We promise to see that no one com
ing to the Lawn Party, the 18thi, shall
be molested; so come along everybody
and see the sights.
This Lawn Party is getting to be a
tremendous aTYair; it looks as if the
laies are preparing for another
National Centennial. We men want
to plant cotton, but are kept busy
putting up posts, tables, seats, &c.,
and they will not tell what the poll is
for. Some of the young men think
they will climb it-the one making the
best time to be allowed to crown the
queen of love an '1 beauty ; so if the
18th does not soon come they wvill not
ma:ke a crop, as they take up all their
time practicing climbing. It can no
longer be said ladies can't keel) a
secret ; all they tell us is to come and
bring our pocket-books-not empty
Health of community good; the
doctors should be glad if they have to
(10 as our Martin's Depot doctor, he is
taking his pa in 'coons.
Respectfully, L.
A number of gentlemen in town
speak of organzinmg a society for furn
ishing a series of free lectures on
history, biography, literature and kin
(red subjects. Our people need ini
formation on such subjects, anmd we
should be glad to see the society or
ganized. Trhose who have no taste
andl little opportunity for reading,
would avail themselves of an op
portunity to learn tv- hearing interest
ing lect~ures; and a course of public
lectures would be of great benefit to
our citizens.
The Newberry Cotton Mills.
In obedience to a call from the cor
porators, the subscribers to the New
berry 'Cotton Mills met in the Knights
of Honor Hall, Monday at 12 o'clock.
for the purpose of organizing. Dr.
Jas. McIntosh was called to the chair
and Geo. S. Mower, Esq., was request
ed to act as Secretary. The list of
subscribers was called. an(l it was
found that1.034 shares were represent
ed in person, and 280 by proxy-ab
sent subscribers being allowed to vote
by proxy. A committee consisting of
W. T. Tarrant, R. H. Wright and R.
L. McCaughrin. was appointed to ex
amine and verify the proxies present
ed. They were reported as in proper
form and correct.
Mr. R. L. McCanghrin, chairman of
the committee to secure subscriptions,
reported that the subscriptions reached
the sum of 8157,000, and offered the
following resolutions which were adopt
Whereas, The Newberry Cotton
Mills were incorporated by an act of
the General Assembly of South Caro
lina, approved Dec. 21. 1882, and
Whereas, the subscription to the Capi
tal stock of said Cotton Mills has
reached the sum of $157,000, Now, we,
the subscribers to the said capital stock
of said Newberry Cotton Mills, do
hereby resolve. 1st, That we accept
the said charter for the Newberry Cot
ton Mills ; 2nd, That we proceed to or
ganize under the said act incorporat
ing said Newberry Cotton Mills, by
adopting by-laws for the government
of said corporation, and electing the
officers provided for in said by laws.
In connection with these resolutions,
the charter was read.
Mr. Geo. S. Mower, proposed by
laws, drafted by himself and Mr. Mc
Canghrin, which were adopted, by
sections. The next business before
the meeting was the election of elev
en directors, provided for in the by
laws. The chairman appointed as tel
lers, Messrs. W. H. Hunt, D. B. Wheel
er and J. E. Brown. The election re
sulted in the choice of the following
persons : R. L. McCaughrin, James
McIntosh, Geo. S. Mower, D. H.
Wheeler, J. N. Martin, Jas. H. Mc
Mullan, of Maine, M. A. Renwick, R.
H. Wright, Wi. Langford, Jas. A.
Crotwell and W. T. Tarrant. At the
close of the election, the meeting, hav
ing done the work for which it was
called, adjourned.
Immediately after the adjournment
of the meeting of the subscribers, a
meeting of the directors was held, the
following members of the board being
present : D. H. Wheeler, W. T. Tar
rant, Jas. McIntosh, 31. A. Renwick,
Geo. S. Mower, R. H. Wright, R. L.
cCaughrin, and Wm. Langford. R.
L. 3icCaughrin was elected President
of the Company, and Geo. S. Mower
was elected Secretary.
A committee, consisting of R. L.
McCaughrin, R. II. Wright, W. T.
Tarrant, Jas. McIntosh, Geo. S. Mower
and J. N. Martin, was appointed to
receive propositions for lands, to en
gage services of Mill engineers, to re
ceive all information in their power
upon the subject of construction of
mills, and to report to the next meet
ing of the Board of Directors.
The following resolutions were then
adopted: Resolred, That an instalment
of ten dollars per share on the stodk of
the Newberry Cotton Mills be called
in, payable June 1, 1883.
Resolved, That the President and
Secretary be authorized to purchase
such supplies as may be necessary to
performance of their duties.
The Board then adjourned to meet on
Monday, the 14th, instant, at 9 a. ma.
Thie mneeting on Monday was quiet,
earnest, harmonious and satisfactory.
It did important work, and did it well.
An air of business pervaded the meet
ing, and nothing was done hastily or
without diliberation.
The by-laws provide, among other
things. That the Board of Directors
shall consist of eleven stockholders
elected by a majority vote, on the first
Wednesday in May, of each year. The
Directors shall choose one of their
members who shall be President, as
well as Treasurer and financial agent
of the company.
In the event of a vacancy ini the
Board, the remaining members shall
fill the vacancy for the unexpired term.
A notice of every election of Direct
ors shiall be mailed to each stockholder
at least seven days before such election,
and also advertised at least twvo weeks
in one or more of the Newberry papers.
In all elections, any stockholder may
vote by proxy, provided such proxy be
a stockholder and his appointment be
in writing signedl by the principal.
No meeting of the stockholders shall
be competent to do business unless a
majority of the stock is rep)resented.
The Board of Directors shall have
authority to call i.n unpaid capital in
such proportions and at such times as
they may deem for the interest of the
company ; to regulate the internal
business and elect and fix the com
pensation of all officers and em
ployees of the company, to suspend or
remove any of its officers or agents for
official misconduct, and to supply his
or their place ; to delegate any and all
these powvers to the Presidenb as they
may dleem proper. A majority of the
Board shall constitute a quorum to do
'The Secretary shall be elected by
the President and Board, and hold his
office for the same term.
The certificates of shares of all capita]
stock shall be signed by the Pres; and
countersigned by the Secy., with the
seal of the company attached, and be
transferable at office of company, on
its books, by the -stockh )lders in per
son, or by attorney.
When the capital stock is increased,
the additional stock shall be divided
among the stockholders in proportion
to their share in the capial stock. Se
much of the increased stock as shall
not be taken by the stockholders, shall
be disposed of ~by sale, or otherwise as
the President and Directors may deenm
At the annual meeting. which shall
take place On the first Wednesday ol
May, the President and Directors
shall make a full exhibit of the finan
cial condition of the company.
All meetings shall be held at the(
Mill unless otherwvise ordered.
The Directors shall call special meet
ingwhen they may dleem it necessary,
or wheni requested in writing by ten
stockholders representing one tenth od
the capital stock of the company.
At all meetings the vote shall be
taken ra roce, unless a stock vote iF
demanded by any stockholder, in whici
event, each share of stock representet.
shall be entitled to one vote.
The seal of the Corporation shall bf
the words, "Thme Newberry Cottor
Mills. Newberry, S. C.,'' in a circle, ir
the center of wvhich shall be the wort
If the owner of anly share neglect t<
pay any instalment assessed thereor
for thirty (lays after the time appointet
for payment, the Treasurer, by orde>
of the President and Directors, ma3~
sell at public auction, a sufficien1
pay all instalments then due, with a]
necessary incidental charges. Notic
shall be given, of time and place o
sale, and the sum due on each share
Prof. Rahn is teaching at the colleg<
during Prof. Holland's absence.
Col. B. Z. Herndon of Cokesbury ih
visiting his daughter, Mrs. J. S. Fair.
Ex-Governor M. L. Bonham was in
town last Tuesday.
Mr. B. B. Hunter and his bride
went to Laurens. last Thursday, ac
companied by Miss Lelia Rives.
Mr. A. Blythe, U. S. Marshal. was in
town last Tuesday. on business-not
Mrs. Z. W. Bedenhaugh took the
train, last Monday, for Virginia, where
she will spend some time at her old
Mr. E. P. Aull h:s gone to Green
wood where he will act as agent for
Pollard, of Augusta, in selling machin
We had the pleasure of meeting
Lieutenant Garlington in town yes
terday. He will set out on his expe
dition into the Aretic regions. about
the first of June, for the purpose of
searching for a party commanded by
Lieut. Greely.
Prof. G. W. Holland h ft Newberry
for Galveston. Tex., last Friday, where
he will attend the meeting of the Sn
preme Lodge of the Knights of Honor,
of which he is Chaplain. He expects
to return the first of next week.
Dr. Jas. Carlisle lectured at Ebene
zer. Sunday morning, on the subject
of missions, and delivered a lecture in
the Methodist church. Sunday nights
on the subject, "lie went about doing
good." The lectures were fine, and
were heard with close attention by
large audiences. Dr. Carlisle has the
happy faculty of being able to give
new and striking thoughts, and to pre
sent old ideas in new and attractive
dress. His audiences are always im
pressed with the truth that the man
behind the words, is greater than the
Dwelling House Burned-Loss $3,000.
Mr. W. H. Dickert's house, on Moor
man St., occupied by Mr. D. M. Dickert
and wife, was destroyed by fire on the
night of the 3rd, between two and
three o'clock. No one was sleeping in
it at the time, Mrs. Dickert being at
Chappell's on a visit, and Mr. D. at
his father's, near Helena. When the
fire was first seen, the roof was falling
in, and nothing was saved from the
house. The value of the house was
about $2,000 ; and Mr. Dickert says
that $1,000 would not more than cover
the loss in furniture, jewelry, cash,
wearing apparel, &c.
The building was insured for $1,00C
with Boozer - Son, Agts. of the Liv
erpool and London and Globe, Co.,
and $500 with Mower & Jones, in the
Georgia Home. The Liverpool and
London and Globe, Boozer & Son,
agents, had $325 insurance on furni
ture, and $75 on organ. The Star Co.,
N. Y., same agents, had $150 on wear
ing apparel. Mr. Dickert is satisfied
that the house was set on fire, the prob
ability being that it was first robbed.
He says that he left it on the afternoon
before the fire, at 5 o'clock ; and that,
before leaving. he examined the stove,
the only place in which there had been
fire during the day, and the fire had
gone out.
Notes from th m Swamps, No. 4, May 7.
MESSRS. EDITORS :-As dots are in
order, I will send you an item fromn
this place. Our farmers are busy
planting their crops and making a big~
effort to do somnething this year. Cot
ton pilanited be fore the big rains is nail
ed to the plank. There has been sc
much rain that the bottom lands have
not been planted yet, and look like
wheat fields. Small grain bids fair for
a good yield,-so do fied chickens.
Tranquil C'mreh has a fiourishing
Sunday School, made up of MethoQ,ists,
Presbyterians. Baptists and Lutherans.
Mr. W. C. Sligh and lady are valuable
helps there. We are expecting :1
grand time there on the 19th, Chil
dren's Day, and we hope to see our ed
itors out. Glad to learni that oum
friend G. B. Cromer is one of the
A few days ago a man and his wik
went fishing. and in attempting tc
walk a log across the creek, the man
disappeared. When he re-appeared.
he said some'.hing; but what he said
has no busine.s here.
Mr. F. Z. Wilson is happy with hi:
bride :and his neighbors are busy thin
ing grass. N-:w hoes in demand.
Enough, 31. W. DC.
Various and all About.
Messrs. Pool & Taylor press 20,00(
brick a day. Quick work !
Mr. Jim Harris lost a good cow
few days ago. He says she (lied os
"high living."
Look for D:-. Mayer's "The Wizar'
Gunsnmith'' next week. It is rich anmi
racy, as well ais instructive.
The school of J. C. Brooks, colored
will have a may party on the 26t1
inst, to whie't public are invited t<
attend with b:skets.
The Institute at Leesville is unde1
the managem mt of the Rev. L. E
Busby and Mr., instead of Mrs., J. G
A beautiful line of Parasols ani
other Seasonable Goods have just ar
rived. Come and see them.
May 9, 19-: f.
The Thespia a Club's entertainmen1
to-night will be worth attending
Naval Engage:nents and a concert o
vocal and instr:umental music. Attend
by all means.
Au enterta'nment, consisting (1
readings, recitations and music will
be given in th , opera house next Tues
day evening, for the benefit of th<
Newberry Rines who wish to procur(
new uniforms.
Early last S sturday morning police
man Sill ran u;pon a negro nman with:
chicken under his arm, and suspecting
foul play, arrested him. The innc
cent gave his nmem as Williams an<
said that lie had been living with Mr
Jo. Folk. Investigations made by
the Chief. re:.ealed the fact, that hi.
name is Silas S;mowden, and that 1.<
had been eukl ivating too intimate a
quantance w i Mr. Girardeau's hen
house. He was bond over to Court.
May 3rd, by the Rev. E. P. McClin
tock. Miss IDA MAFFETT, of Newber
ry to Mr. B. B. HUNTER, of Laurens.
May 1st, by the Rev. Wmn. Elkins
LONGSHORE, all of Newberry County
NEwBERRT C. Hi., S. C., May 5. 1883
List of advertised letters for week endin
May 5,1883:
Clopton, Dave ILindsey, Mrs Francia
Camel Miss Lucy IWicker,.Niss Maggi
Gyer, J.L. |Wicker, Miss Nora(3
Hill, H. P. |Wilson Louise
Jones, Luther Md Workman Mrs. Ros
Jones, Mss ElIi
Parties calling for letters will please sa
:.aderi-.a n r.WBunE,P.
I Memorial Day
I On the 10th day of May, at 5 o'clock
P. M.. beginning at the Monument.
Mrs. N. B. Mazyck, Mrs. J. F. J. Caldwell,
Mrs. C. L. Schumpert, Mrs. R. V. Gist,
Mrs. J. W. Simmons, Mrs. Wm. Lane. Mrs.
J. W. Gary, Miss Ella Motte, Miss S. Cald
well, Miss L. W. Baxter, Miss M. K. Mc
Caughrin, Miss Gussie Hood, Miss Josephine
Fair, Miss Rachel Foot, Miss N. Mazyck,
Miss Mattic G. McIntosh, Miss K. S. Rather
ford, Miss May Boozer.
Mrs. R. H. Wright, Mrs. A. P. Pifer, Mrs.
Dr. S. Pope, Mrs. T. C. Pool, Mrs. C. A.
Bowman, Mrs. W. T. Tarrant, Mrs. T. F.
Greneker, Mrs. T. J. McCrary. Mrs. E. C.
Jones, Miss Coleman, Miss Julia Hunter,
Miss Kate Mayer, Miss Fannie Ramage.
Mrs. R. L. McCaughrin. Mrs. Fannie N.
Baxter, Mrs. J. C. Wilson, Mrs. J. Y Cul
breath, Mrs. Alan Johnstone, Mrs D. A.
Dickert, Mrs. nios. S. Moorman. Mrs J. E.
Brown, Mrs. Dr. S. F. Fant, Mrs. L. M.
Speers, Mrs. Dr. J. K. Gilder, Mrs. Dr. Jas.
McIntosh, Mrs. Geo. S. Mower, Mrs. J. E.
Chapman, Mrs. D. B Wheeler, Mrs. B. H.
Ladies comprising the committee at
Monument are requested to iet at
that place at 10 o'clock A. 31., Thurs
(lay, the 10th instant.
NEWBERRY, S. C., May 10, 1883
Ordinary...... .................... a
Good Ordinary..................... a
Low Middling...................... Sa 81
M iddling ... .................. 83a 9
Good Middling ..................... 9 a 91
Good demand.
Newberry Prices Current.
Shoulders, Prime New...... a
Shoulders, Sugar Cured....
Sides C. ., New.......... 12 al41
Shoulders New............. 10
Sides, C. I., New........... 111a13
Sides, Long Clear........... a 11.
Uncanvassed Hams........ 14 a16
Canvassed Hams, (Magnolia) 1S
Leaf, in Tierces.............. 15
Leaf, in Buckets............. 16
Powdered.................... 16
Granulated Standard..... .. 121a
Extra C..................... 11
Coffee C........ ............. 10
Yellow..................... 10
New Orleans................... 10
Demarara.................... -
New Orleans Syrup, new crop, 90
New Orleans Molasses. 60 a60
Cuba Molasses......... 60
Sugar House Molasses. 40 a50
Gunpowder...................... 1.50
Young Hyson................... 1.50
ALLSPICE........... ...... 25
PEPPE R................................. 25
Roasted or Parched...... 20
Best Rio.................... 15a
Good Rio................ 12a
Cider Vinegar......... 50
White Wine Vinegar.. 66
CORt -
Tennessee................... 90
Bolted... ................ ... 1.00
Unbolted.................... 90
SOAP............................... 5a 10
STARCH.......................... 6a 12
STAR CANDLES................... 15
FLOUR, per bbl......... ....... 8.00&9.00
PEARL HOMINY......... ........ 4
CANDY ... ..... ........ 20
ENGLISH SODA. . ......10
AXYLE GREASE............... .. 10
TOBACCO....................60a 1.25
NAILS (10) keg.. ............... 4.50
ARROW TIES. per bunch...... 2 00
RED CLOVER SEED-per lb....20
RED OATS-per hu............. 40*45
TIMOTHY HA1................... 1 '75
WHEAT, per bu................1i15a 1 25
BR AN, per 1(0 lbs................... 1.60
Spring has beer. very slow in putting
in ain aatpearance, but it has
conme at last,
And so has our stock
of Staple and Fancy
Consisting of a very nice small selec
tion of dIress goods of
Notions, Hosiery, Gloves, and as for
White Goods and Hamburg Edge.
ings. Laces, Trimmings, and
Ladies Fine Neck Wear, it
is perfectly superb.
Fromn the fact that we had to take from 1
all the manufacturers whatever
they had left, -we propose to
blow our own horn, and say
right here that we have
not bought all the goods
in the market, but we
(10 intend to sell
all of our goods as
low as we can affordi, but we cannot
afford to sell goods at less than the raw1
material cost.
We only had a few pairs manufactured
from the scraps that were left, and we
have got up in that way, a very fine
selection of Ladies, Misses and Men's
Shoes, and
Every pair warranted at
We had almost fotgotten to mention
And now say that it is very tine. for we3
have just haid a Baud piut on an oldl
Straw Hat, and hatd a Black Stiff Brim
-lmed Hat Dyed.
-The trade when in the city will nott
lose anything by examining~our~ stock.
Are just lovely, come and see them
To sum up the matter we cannot sell
goods for nothing for we have to pay
House Rent, Clerk Hire. Insurance and
Taxes. But if our 0old paitrons and the
-publie generally in payinmg will only
drop in on us, and furnish the wrap
ping paper and twine, we will just
throw in the goods, and no qluestions
Your s with care,.
a Terms-5 per et. off for cash, 2 off
for 30 days, the balance when cotton
r c omes in.
May3 18 ti
.Wz1 E we tD PER TISEMe.71 T
The Largest and Most
Attractive Stock of
Ever Exhibited in Newberry !
AND Fine Custom kade Shoes
enuine French Calf - for Ladies and Children
land-made Shoes for SMALL PROFITS Ein all styles. Buttons
xentlemen. The Fin- rmott eGfastened on with -Patent'
etlmen BTs ands our motto. Best Goods Fasteners free of charge,
st made Boots and and Latest Styles always will never come off or
hoes! on hand. hurt the feet.
The nobbiest line of Try our Crown Make of Collars;
oollars, Cuffs and Neck W ear and Cuffs. The Patent
n general to be found in the Up- "SCRATGH POCKET"
>untry. c Shirts for sale only by us.
It .
OILS, FILES, and General Mill Supplies. HUGHES' AUTOMATIC CUT-OFF ENGINES, for Electric
SLights and other purposes requiring steady, reliable and economicaI power. This is the simplest
i Automatic Engine in the market.
Repairs by Competent Workmen. Charges moderate.
. GEO. W. WILLI.A..MS asS3r
Write for Prices and mention this paper. Charleston, 8. C. ' e
iiiD in colors of every description. Our NEWBERRY COUNT!Y.
liiiBargain Basket of Misses Extra Fine By Jacob B. Fellers, Probate .Tadge.
- g Hose is still before the pubbec. These
hose were too fine for th,is market. and WHEREAs. Ebenezer P.Chalmers,as
When money was plentiful wec could have been marked down with a view of C. C. P., hath made suit to me to grant
iford to pay exorbitant prices for Dry closing them out. Do not let this op.. hinm Letters of Administration of the -
~oods, but since the war we have in.. portiinity pass of procuring your child- derelict estate and effects of Rom.eo
ee" become poor, the great quiestion ren Hose thtat ieill wccar, at a nominal Halfadre, deceased. -
hich demands solution is: Where is price. A new supply of Veiling just These are, therefore, to cite and
e place that I can expend my little arrived. Exactly -what you have been admonish all and smo-ular the kladred
oney to a qreat adc antage, wi ch in needinig for a long while, Laces, Ham- and creditors of ~e said Romeo
e making'is draining aw ay my very burg and Swiss Embroideries bought es- Halfacre, deceased, that they be and
ife bloob. pecially to'please our customers. You appear before me. in the Court. ofp
will be charmed with their beauty and Probate, to be held at NewberryConre
llC elegance of tinish. We are constantly House on the 23rd day of May next, -
addingto ourafter publication hereof, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoori, to shew cause, if any
. H. CL N k C Gedntee' Fur nihn Goods they have, why the said Administr
toshudnot be nted.
ffer you the adv antages of a larger, ReatetGvnunder my d'ti7hda
etter selected and more attractive of April Anno Domini, 1883.
ock of Dry Goods than has ever before the latest novelties, as they appear, in J. B. FELLERS, J. P. . N. .'
een exhibited to the people of New- Scarfs, Ties. Cravats, Cuffs, Collars, April 10, 15-5t -
)erry. Patterns of great beauty in &c. A complete line of Ladies' and___________________
Silks and velvets, Gtlemen's Underwear alwy n WOOD'S ODONTINN
ugtespecially for Spring and Sum- only in price, retailing regularly, as.it
er. Nun 's Veilings, in the most does, at T5c. It will give perfect satis
shionable shades and colors. Worst- faction. Buy the Diamond Shirt al- For Whitening and Preservig the
Plaids inget vaity suitable for ways: Wamsutta, 2100Linen, remnforc- Teeth. (Formula of Dr. T. T. M r.) .)
aking the ltle one beautiful cos- ed.~ Bettermaterial cannot be put into The Best Tooth Powder made, keeps e
ues. Cashmeres, Buntings. Alpacas, a shirt. It has always been the am- the Teeth clean, the breathpr and
forsteds. Dress Linen, Lawnms, in rich bition of every manufacturer to .pro- sweet. .W. C.FIHR
bundance. A splendid lot of Ladies' duce a shoe. that would compete with Wholesale Agent. Columbia, S. C.
1sters; new. unique, perfect fitting For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant and W.
nd durable. Counterpanes and Cro- E ehm e.2,91
het Quilts, pretty, serviceable, andAN i ij' B.ehm.Fb289-y '
ow-ricd.world-famed Fine Shoes. For a great HORSE AND CATTLE~POWDER
White Goods!I White Goods!I many reasons they have utterly failed.. -
We' arc the sole agents of these cele- -
Mfull, Piques, checked Nainsooks, brated manufacturers-; and, in regardl to -
ineni de Daceam, soft finished Lawns price, we are determined to place these
d Cambries. Ladies are keenly juistly famous shoes upon the same
is5cetible to the beautiful; anid they footing with the shoes of meaner manu- -
ae inldeed beeni lavish in expressing facture.. Slippers of every kind, for -OHEgwndo OI.ETd
eir admiration of our lovely line 01 home (evening dress balls. &c.. at~ rock Tz,i otaPwesaeue intie
otted Swiss. The uinprecedented sale -bottom prices. Let us show vou our Foa ow,derswffleneandPganHOe
f our 10c. bleaching still continues. - Foas Powders wuif inre~~se th unty
ee it ! See it ! There is no lleaching Stra w Hats, an ra wnype et,nmr the as
thelin, aoml a gea l tsheeting) before you buy. We know that we Fo 1'wemwlcar remt
~ouse furni4hing goods always onh~and. can save your money. Fozs Powxz wIU GrvE SAuanonBar.
e uebassortment ofnieti it ur >atrg ou a argr n( D- 'P. POTz. tp4
Ladies' Neck Wear ! anomrtckof goods from which ______________
to make your seletions. AJIDoe3Xa
LaFishus. Rutilings. Rushings, Col- CsonNEorILIIIand
trte,Neckerchiefs. Lace, Silk and BI. [. CL N & 00.
Mull Ties. which are true to style. The adl.31
obbiest disph::.- of Ladies' Purses in GUARDIAateOTICE
>lush, Velvet,'and Leather.GU R I N OT E. g ;,
'Fans ! Fans ! Fans ! Notice is hereby given that I wilf Jan.n1.2-tr.
make a final settle ment as Guardian of aiU Ba a IS
n exquisite tints and colors. Para- Hadessa Epting, on the 19th day o1 LA~ NDI
ol,Ribbons, Buttons, Gloves,.Collars, May,.in the Probate office, and will ~ ~~ STA
uffs, Cravats, Children s Bibs, Child- immediately thereafter apply for my . s met MBIGHE
reni HoodsPe Cobs Bsesnd Lac discharge as Guardin. GRoAH A . oAbuy 1s iet .A
rticles. April 16, 16-5t. -fLl,

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