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Special and Local.
THURSDAY MAY 17, 1883.
SPECEAL NOTICE.- Business- notices in
this : eal column are inserted at the rate of
t enta pxrine each'' sertion.
Obiturites, notices oTmeetings. communi
cations relating to personal interests. tributes
oNespeet, &e., are charged as regular adver
tisements at $1 per square.
Notices of administration, and other legal
notices, obituaries, tributes of respect and
notices of meetings, as well as communica
tions of a personal character must be paid
for In advance.
. The subscription price of the HERALD is
$2.00 for twelve months, $1.00 for six
months, 50 cents for three months and 25
cents for one month, in advance. Names in
future will not be placed on the subscription
books until tho cash or its equivalent is paid.
0 All communications relating to per
sonal interests will be inserted at regular
advertisipg rates, one dollar per square, cash
in advanee.
Mr. L. S. Bowers, postmaster, at Prosperity,
is our authorized agent at that place
This paper may be found on ille at Geo. P.
Sowell & Co's Newspaper Advertising Bu
reau (10 Spruce St..) where advertising con
tmo av be made for it in New York.
Wm. Lester.-Notice.
D. Hipp & Co.-Jack Notice.
B. W. Payne & Sons.-Engines.
Abe Foot.-ro Rent.
Miss Nancy Merchant died on the
4th, instant.
Little Vida died of diphtheria Mon
day night, at the home of her grand
father, Mr. J. D. S. Livingstone-af
ter a sickness of less than two days.
Thoughts for Reflection.
At 35 years of age you can carry
$5,000 insurance on your life for $35.00
per year after the 1st year. Come and
see the plan. C. C. CHASE,
Aprl 4, 14-tf. Agent.
Work given out. On receipt of your
address we will make an offer by which
you can earn $3 to $7 evenings, at your
home. Men, women, boys or girls can
do it. H. C. WILKINSON & Co., 195
and 197 Fulton Street, New York.
May 10 2 m
Memorial Day,
Was not generally observed in New
berry. The Confederate Monument
and the graves of the fallen soldiers
were decorated with flowers and ever
greens; but we are now almost con
vinced that the custom is more honor
ed in the breach than the observance.
The Herald Book Store
Is no longer "cribbed, cabined and
confined." but has been made larger
to accommodate its increased business.
It shall be the aim of the proprietor to
-keep every article needed in the Sta
tionery line. Visit it before making
you purchases elsewhere, and see if
you cannot get what you want.
The May Queen.
Who shall she be ?
When flowers, are bko'ming
And hearts rejoicing,
And Nature assuming
Her richest adorning,
* The Queen remedy shall be,
Norman's Neutralizing Cam
A Great Compliment.
Mr. W. J. Hix, merchant, Fair Play,
S. C., is one of our best customer-s for
Norman's Neutralizing Cordial. We
have no testimonial from him, but con
sider his orders the best compliment
that could be paid the Cordial as he
-certainly could not sell so much if it
did not give satisfaction.
A Fire in the County.
On Tnesday a fire which came near
being very serions, occurred on Mr. J.
- T. Bynum's place, on Enoree River,
near Maybinton. A double negro. cab
in was accidentally set on fire and
wholly destroyed. The wind being
high, tlie fire was communicated to the
gin house which stood at a distance of
one hundred yards from the cabin, and
to the carriage house which stood at a
greater distance. The hands on the
place saved these buildings only by
knocking off the roof of each. They
are near the dwelling house, and it
could not have been saved if they had
*been burned. Mr. Bynum was not
Shooting Affray.
We learn that a shooting affray oc
curred at Mr. Drayton Brown's mill,
on Tuesday, bet ween Cal Cannon and
Dan Lever, 6oth colored. Cal armed
himself with t wo pistols for the ptu-pose
of killing Dan, whereupon the latter
,armed himself with a double barrel
shot gun. Wheni Dan tippeared with
his gun Cal begani legging it in fine
style. Both barrels were discharged
at him, and he received the contents
(shot) of one in his back, but was only
-slightly injared. Cal then turned,
and the tables were turned; Dan began
to doubule quick to the music of pistol
bullets that whistled har-mlessly past
him. It is said that he ran "clean off.'
The Wadlington Will Case Decided.
Tfhe Probate Judge filed his decision
yesterday in the case of Bauskett and
Reid, plaintiffs against the Keitts. lHe
decides that the proof (does not show
that the will exectited by Mr. Wadling
ton was destroyed or suppressed by
the defendants, or that it eve' rme
into their hands; that the presuption
is, that Mr. Wadlington destr-oyedI the
will, and this presumption has not
been rebutted by plainttiffs. The're is
no proof that a duly executed will was
in exister.ce at the time of Mr. Wad
lington's death. He therefore decrees,
"I de':line to admit to probate the will
set forth in the plaintiffs' petition, and
dismiss the petition."
The plaintiffs will appeal to the Cir'
duit Court.
Newiberry Rifles Entertainment.
In point of attendance and interest,
at least, the entertainment given at
the Opera House, Tuesday evening,
for the benefit of the Newberry Ritie-,
was a success. It consisted of vocal
and instrumental mttsic by Mrs. Davis,
Mrs. Bailey and Miss Mamnie McCaugh
rin, and recitations and reading by
Miss Ella Motte and Messrs. Pifer,
Silas Johnstone and Cronmer. In our
judgment the recitations were admir
able, and the reading, barring that
part of which we could not becomingly
speak, excelletnt.
What shall we say of the mutsic ? Its
excellence wvent beyond our powers of
just criticism, arnd it was frequently
applauded to the encore. Commnent
must follow the line of comimendatiotn.
On the human voice, that most delicate
and difficult of musical instruments,
Mrs. Davis plays with consummate
The attention of the audience was
held untirinig till past eleven o'clock.
The receipts were about j25.
We have reached another mile po.
in our history, and the HERALD to-dl
is issued front an enlarged office. V
breathe freer, with greater roomn, an
our facilities foN"~ork being greatl
increased, we are readi to do all maI
ner of Job Printing that mgy -1
brought to un. We extend a cordi:
invitation to our friends oie and all t
come and see us. At the same time
may be well to ,tate that as the in
provements made required money i
the making we will be glad if all it
debted to us pay up promptly.
There are people who do :ot know a goc
thing when they see it. And there are .o;
who can't see a good thing when it is rig'
before their eyes. We don't think of
re .ders belong to cither of these classes, 1>t
as we are ever interested in their weltim
we take this ; p.>rtunity to call their atter
tion to a ie.tly good tiing, which every or
of them should have. It is a new month)
magazine c -lied HoME, -SwEET lOME, TUI
lished by Ludden & Bates' Southern Musi
House. The subscriptiou price is only
cents per year, and each subscriber geis
Premium of over SI 15 worth of nice, ne
music. Send your name for a free specime
copy, to the publisher', Messrs Luddeti
Bates, Savannah, Ga.
Rleading Notice.
The Gom:.y's LAr>Y'S BooK for.Junceconr
plete- it., ifty-third year. the oldest magazin
in our countri. Though so old, it comes t
ns under its new management as the brightet
and the best number in our remembranc<
Each month marks a decided improvemen
and we cannot say mer: for it than to tell on
readers that it will beat the most critical e:
amination in comparison with any othe
Fashion Magazine.
We certainly think that a magnzine the
has lived through the last half-century is er
titled to the respect and patronage of th
readers of the present, ;:nd especially so wit
Godey's. replete as it is with fashions, nev.
and stories.
"The little blarchioness," by E Kirke Hall
"Such a little Simpleton." by Estelle Thom
son; "The Illustrated Poem," by Augusta D
Bubna; "Mctlin, by Hollis Freeman; an
"Fools and their Folly," by Thco. Maret
will pleasantly occupy an hour or two.
"Naval Engagements"
Was played at the Opera House las
Thursday night by the Thespian Club
The opening p>erformance consisted o
three songs : "Rhip on Fire," by Mis
Ray Foot; "Non E Ver" by Mrs. Sait
els ; and "Welcome Pretty Primrose.
by Miss Lelia Rives. This musica
"prologue to the play coming. on
served to whet expectation to its keen
est edge. The play is a good one
farce that is unobjectionable, light b:r
not broad, and vivacious without be
ing too light. It sparkles with repar
tee, and has. withal. a sufficient dasl
of sentiment '.f the nobler kind, t<
give it soul.
The east was good. While the act
ing was creditable at all points, soi
of it was excellent. The audience wa
intelligent and appreciative, but i
was not so large as the performanu
merited, and proper advertising woul
have insured..
The Cotton Mills Lpcated.
At a meeting of the Board of Diree
tors on Monday, an agreement wa:
closed with 31r. J. B. Carwile for th<
purchase of the five acre lot on whiel
his dwelling house stands, and witi
31r. Win. Langford for twenty-fiv
acres adjoining the Carwile lot. Tht
prices are, for Mr. Carwile's lot $4,500
and for 31r. Langford's $2,000. Thc
'committee appointed at the forme,
meeting was continued with instrue
tions to negotiate for such other lan<
as may be needed, and it has closedl ar
agreement with 3fr. Geo. Langford fo3
12 or 13 acres adjoining the land :d]
ready bought at 805 per acre.
The Mills will be built just acrosi
the railroad, from the station, on th<
lot bought from MIr. Carwile. MIr
Green. of the firm of Lockwood d
Green, has been telegraphed for, anc
will reach Newberryv next week
The work of building will begin as
soon as specifieations are furnishei
-and other necessary p)relimry ar
rangements made.
Adecoek's Porous Plaster
C'ures Where Other Plasterm
Fail Even to Relieve.
Take no other or you will be disappointed. In
uist on having
PartA., 308 NORTH THIRD ST.,
February 1, 1883.
I have been using ALLCOCK'S Poaou
PLASTERS for a number of years and alway!
With marked benefit. I have been muel
troubled with Muscular Rheumatism; hav<
been treated by five of our best physician
without receiving any relief whatever.]
then usedArLCOcK's PLASTER on the part!
effected and I can assure you the pain ha<
almost entirely left me. I can recommenc
them to every one as the best plasteLmade
I here tried other kinds but foun4' their
worthless. ii. F. GALLAGHER.
CoNToocooK, N. H.,
March 3, 1889. 5
I hatve been greatly troubled with Rhcun
tism and Weak Kidneys. I was advised t<
try A LLCOCK's PonoUs PLAsTERs (had use(
two other kinds of so-called Porous Plasters
which did me no good), but one of yours ha
worked like a chainl. giving mc complete re
lief, and I have not been troubled witi
Rheumatism and Kidney Complaint since
using them, and I consider myself cured.
apr 3, 14-3m e o wv.
Wife-Murde*n Newberry.
usually quiet conumnuity was throwr
into quite ani excitement yesterda;
morning by the news of the cold
blooded mur-der oi a colored womar
named Frances Stuart, who was sho1
and( killed by her husband, Louir
Stuart. in thme houtse of Henry Lang
ford, who lives on the plantation o:
Trial Justic W. S. Pitts, on Monda)
night about half-past S o'clock. At
inquest was held by Trial Justice WI
S. Pitts as soon as a jury could be em:
It appears fromi all that yotur repor
ter can learn that Sttuart amnd htis wift
never lived happily together, and wet'
all the time separating, and it was dut
ing one of these separations, that si
was living with Langford, when iti
supposed that Stuart became so exas
pe'ratedl thtat he wilfully and1 delibe
rateli- shot her thmroug~h a crack in thi
house of Langford, thi shot taking of
feet behind her~ left easr and causinw
dleath altmo-ttt itntly. Two of th<
sc'attering shot also took eflee't in thi
person of La'ngfrord's chili, who wa.
in the room with the murdered woman
Thue weapon usedl1 isupp)osed to havy
beetn an old rutmy musiket loaded wit]
mixed shot. a- I>oth small and buec
shot was taken from the wound b;
Dr. MeSwain, who examie thede
Stuart was seen last about dark 01
the eveninget the 7rlh, with a gun, an
was heard to Tar that if she did no
live with hinm sKs should not live at al'
that &e wa going to kill hter. Stuart ha
decamaped, but Trial Justice Pitts ha
issuedl a warrant for his arrest andi
i< htopedl that lie will soon be brough
to .instice. A LPHA.
[ Yewes and (Couriei
The income of Gen. Grant is sai<
to be $9.000 a year.
Sniffles--What he Heard.
st Did you put that key in your pocket,
y Mr. L-? Why, where else would I
e ptt it? in my mouth? is my mouth like
ud the 3lississippi river, bigenough to swal
y low everything tha*- comes along? or
may be you take me for a barn dobr,
e with a patent lock, and suppose I cram
i1 med it in there ; or that I am one of
0 those new aritlunties, and that I was
it trying to work out a problem with it.
i- I never supposed one half of what you
n have said. Mr. L. One fourth then. is
i- bad enough, and just now of all times,
when I anucdoiing my prettiest to look
like a ge-to-meeting-=aint. and on my
wNay to church : it upsets mie. knocks
dIny- le,s canh fromn !uder mte. and I
wcont beable to enjoy the pre:icliin!g, or
t the s Ii by the chfoir. Did yon =ay
ir quire, Ir. L ' ar.- the swet warbhlers
it twenty-four in nmnber like the sheets
in a qiire of paper? Your brain is be
1 coming more act ive, and vou hit it on
e the half-shell this time: sonetimc"s I
think there are forty-eight in one of
C uri" qiies. when they sing a new
0 piece. One gets a -minim, another a
a quaver, and =till another struggles with
v. a deni-eni-quaver, i hile a hialf-dozen
n take the whole gamut [email protected] their
teeth. and then it i- <iitlicult to tell
Old lHndred' from 'Inil Columbia.'
I like sinig. and have the keenest. er
for i , ancd "the miian who has no
music in his -oiil is lit for trea-on-,
sirt.te,emts aiihn spoils.'' Ye-. I remnemi
Sber how Von wcild himg over my
shoulder when I used to sing, 'Am I
t, not fondly thine own." and with the
ir sweete;t expression ask me to do so
again. No Such tlhing. I never was
r such a simpleton. 'liat was not the
t kinid of song I l'ked, but something
. like this
e There she lay, all that day.
In the Biy of Biseav-o.
Now, \Ir. L.. I n!ever-ah, believed-ahl,
that-I-would-ah. have-lived-:hi to
hear-boo-tht there was another wo
e mat in vour case, bco-o-o. Why, what
in the world i, the matter with the wo
mn now, has anybody been poking a
stick down your back, have you run a
tack in your foot, or your back hair
come down. Why it w an't no woman
at all. but a great, big ship, in a storm.
in the Bay of Biseay. But liere we are
alnost at the church door, so compose
the features on your face, and put on
an angelic expression, and to-morrow
I will take you down to see Pelham's
$1500 Soda Fountain. Will you, Mr.
L? what-a dear good man, and I shil
have a glass of his sparkling soda, with
a harmonious blending of all his deli
t iouns syrups. Not if the honorable
-ourt knows itself, Mrs. L.. why one
drink would put you into a kind of ef
ferve.-cence, or high-lorse-feeling, and
you would want to go there again,
Here the conversation ended and the
~ couple entered the church.
* Land Sales.
The following sales of land were re
l corded in the Auditor's office during
the month of April:
March 3, 1S83, A. H. Kohn to H1. S.
Boozer, one lot in town of Prosperity,
- bounded by lands of J. W. Stockman,
H. S. Boozer and others. $140.20.
March, 1883. Thos. M. Lake, Referee.
to Carwile Baird. 30 acres in No. 10
bounded by lands of Henry Baird
and others, $300.
January 19,. lS~ . A. W. Monts to
Lawson S. "Mayer,i 17 acres in No. 10,
bounded by lands of Geo. DeWalt and
r others, ?1,000.
_ March 20. 1,83, Dinah Duckett to L,
1 S- Oileli. 150i acres ini No. 4. bounded
by lands of estate of IHenry Whitmire
and othiers, $700).
,1883, Elizabeth Riser to
3Martha Aull, (ti3 acres in No. 11,
bounded by lands of Adam Rikard and
others, $500,
A pril 2, 1883. C'. F. Boyd to 0, 3M.
Buzhardt, 18 acres in No. 2, b)ounmded
byv lands of Q. 31. Buzhiardt and others.
3March 8, 1883, Pomectia Derriek and
others to .J. Pat. Bowers, 100 7-10 ecres
-in No. 11, bounded by lanids of P. W.
Counts and others, $:3.4u0.
April 12. 1883, Jiio. P. Kinard, Ex'r.
of Emeline Kinard, to J. F. M1iller. 70
acres in' No. 5, bounde.d by lands of
Frank Kelly and others. $100.
Decc. 1, 1881. J. W. Felker to E. A.
Hlollanid, :30 acres in No. 11, bound(ed
by lands of D. A. Wertz and others,
Mdrch 9, 1883. Commissioners of
Sinking Fund to 3largaret F. Bynm,
102 acres in No. 3. beii nglots 5, 9. 10
and 14 oi Baird and MIooriman Land,
April 10, 1883, Aman;da A. Mualligan
tB. F. MIeGraw. 1 acre in Helena,
b)ounhdedh by landis of Geo. L'onhirthm
and others, $475.
M areb, 13, 1883. UI. H. Folk to Jito.
31. Folk, 125 acres in No. 1, $1,500.
April 19, 1883, L. C. 3IeCrackin
to Wmn. 31. Wicker, 316 77-100 in No.
4, b)ounfded by lands of W. T. Abrams
and others, $1,020.85.
April 19. 18S3, L. C. MIeCrackin to
Wmn. T. Baker, 174 02-100 acres in No.
4, bounded by lanids of Win. T. Abraims
and others. $580.84I.
February 2, 1882. Geo. Gallmian to
Shelton Gallnian, 5 acres in No. 10,
bounded by3 lands of 1Ienry Gallnmn
andt( others, $12. 50.
Feb. 2. 1882. Henry Gallman to Shel
ton Gallman, 1 28-100 acres in No. 10,
bonided by lainds of Fenry Galluman
Iaiid others, '20.48.
July 17. 1879. L. E. Folk, Auditor.
to Levi 31. P'ressly. 32 acres in No. 3,
bounded by lands of 3largairet Blym
and others, $5.30
Who Cares for Orphans?
HIomeless, fatherleess and needy,
they are not friendless. The true and(
good of earth have the cause of the or
phaiis at heart. At Clinton. South
Caroliina, they have bought a hand
sonic property, have built two neat and
-commodious dwellings and( are now
finishiing off' a handsome three story
"Orphan Semuinary-.' Here, ini the
T hornuwell Orplumiage. forty orphans
ate fed, clothed and educated. and
this good work has been going omn for
eight yeairs past. In this beautiful
-couintry hiomie-school, they are trainedl
in a life of freedom, inniocence amid in
dustry Our girls. noble little women
thait thiey are, do all the cooking. wash
ing,~ hous.e-eleaning &e. Our bioys are
equaly industrious. TIhiey are iaug~ht.
.too, in the ithigs of the heavenly Kinmg
(.011m and the broad reahin of natmure
and Literature.
It is a nole charity to piy thme
fathierless. especiailly the dleserving,
'aid thei a re, indeed, deservinig. Their
support comes day'i byV day, as Eli.iah's
camite it Chmerithm. God po'vides it.
And,~ vu, reader may be as the raven,.
whioi'Goid selected to carry the daily
portion. Gifts of clothing. provisions
Iof ill kinds, books, &c., send directed
simply to TIhornwell Orphanage.
Giltts of moneg, Send(' by register let
ter', or check Oin New York, or Postal
order on Newbterry, C. HI., to Rev.
SWmn. P. Jacobs. President. Clinton. S.
In 1804, 3Irs. TI. W. Boozer, in prepar
ing for Sherman's raid, hid a jug of
~sorghum molamsses in the garret of her
hou-e. On the 11th instant. her soni
tG. B. Boozer, .Jr., was repaiiing a
,leak ini the roof, and discovered the
'jug. The molasses, a sample bottle
of which is on our table, has a deli
I eious flavor. Like wine, it has im
?-prvd with age.
Mr. W. H. Kelly, spent the first of
the week in Newberry; and returned
to Cokesbury yesterday.
Miss Minnie Herbert has returned
to Newberry, after spending some
time in Orangeburg.
Mr. J. F. J. Caldiwvell went to Edge
field on business la,t Tuesday-to be
away two or three days.
The Hon. George Johnstone attend
ed a meeting of the Sinking Fund
Comnission. in Colutnbia, la 3Ion
(lay night.
Mlessrs. W. II. Hunt. Jr., and 3f.
Foot. Jr., with other applicants, will
he examined for admision to the prac
tiee of law, on the 29th instant.
* :1r. Berly Epting has returned to
his one tie:r Pomlaria, where he is
stud.ing medicine nunder l)r. Berl'"y.
His experience while in Nehwberry is
proof that he has a coisi it)ttion that
will endure the riding demanded by
aln extnsive 1"o1llntrv p)riletice.
Various and all About.
Cotton is up.
hIt a b)eautifll World we liVe in
Farning has comneueel in ear:nest.
The Sheriff is now without a deputy.
We are proud that we live in New
be rr:.
Tue sday was a very diustv. blustery,
lisagreceable (lay.
The Messrs. Nirhnls had a file lot
rIf tine li-h in town Saturday.
Strawberries are plentiful inl New
hfrrryeve after the festival.
The Master has moved into his new
r>flice in the Crotwell building.
Wanted-the news from all sections
:f the county. Send it or bring it
'arts of No. 4 and No. 5 townships
were visited wit : refreshing rains the
iirst of this week.
Remeniber that Children's Day vill
be celebrated on Saturday at Tranquil.
[t will be a big occasionl.
We are growing larger, swelling out,
lad Baxter the planist and sawist is
the man who has done it.
Mis Nellie Chapman's school pie
nic at Hartford, last Friday, is said to
have been a very pleasant affair.
On saleday the 3aster sold the Epps
tract of land in No.4. containing about
700 acres, to D. R. Phifer, at '2,100.
Gre:t interest -i. shown as to the
next hog crop, and shoats are in great
:lemand. Every one is looking for
:hiem.loin fr
If that William goat, at Jalapa is
laughtered for Saturday's big day at
I1ranquil, we hope to be advised of
:he fact.
If you have a good appetite and
would enjoy a ride into the country,
o to the Law n Party at "Mr. Riser's
:o-morrow evening.
An inhabitant of the regions round
ibout Jalapa ate his first strawberry
ast Saturday, at Col. Cannon's. He
s about SO years of age.
The Board of Trustees of the South
arolinta College will meet on the 23d
nst.. for the purpo=e of electing a
)resident of the College.
This is the hardest season on th.
louse keeper, if it were not for Yankee
anned goods we woteld perish. Won
er what the Hotels feed on.
At the rcee:.t meeting of the Sn
renie Lodge ( i the Knights of Honor,
ni Galveston. Prof. G. W. Holland was
e-electedl Snyp mme Chaplain.
A beautiful line of Parasols and
>ther Seasonalle Goods have just ar
.ived. Conme ind see them.
1. Hi. CLINE & CO.
What's the use having (lyspepsia y
Why belch andl say you've got
ieartburn, everyv time. von eat ? Be
ens ible taike Brown's Iron Bit tters
Wa has1m been declared by J. C.
lynn h~ile opened( lire on the public
saturdayu morn'ng last, and lie say- lie
vill light on that lille if it tak'es all
W~e are told that the Sunday school
ieince near Mt. Pilgrim. below Pros
>erity, to-miorr >wv will be a big affair.
;peechies are e:;plectedl from Dr. Steek.
Vir. Thos. Mfoo:mnan amnd others.
Poultry sells in Charleston at 20 ets.
1er 1b.. feathers andR all. Here the
>ic'e asked for a chicken whieb (does
iot weigh a pecud is 30 ets. We have
1o taste for the birds at that price.
A Smter papeor says Dr. Garmany
mad his son were assaulted in the
treets by two negroes on Friday night,
he 4th. War; ants were issued for the
rrest of the 1 .groes wvho are known.
Is it true thu: the Liberty Hall Trial
Fustice. is so niuch afraid of the wild
voman, that bh now takes the train at
Viartin's or Cl! Itoni when he wants to
-ome to town X our deal. 3Iuns.
The President has appointed 3fr. B.
3dell Duncamn of our County. Consul
it Catttana on *of the largest cities of
sicily. MIr Duncan has renidered!
listimnuised service as Consul at
\ aples and Smyurna,
A~ genlemnal tells us that whlile on
ui w'ay to) t)v, ii last week lie saw one
nan hoeing cittonm, and another who
va preparming his land for planting,
)lowin'g umndem cot ton that should have
>eeni picked..
We learn fro:n a private source th:at
Erm. Jno, F. He bbs, who has been ini
Australia for sonme time, is pleased
svith that cou;try and is dloinig well.
LIe may return to South Carolinia in
thout two years.
Th'le only itc i reported fronm Jalapa
his week is th. felonious taking of a
im and sideC of meat froml MIr. W. C.
sligh's smoke houSe last week. The
hief was very considerate in leavintr
everal other i eees of meat.
Spasmodie emxnvulsions are frequent
y causedi by wormis gniawing at the
~it als; therefor -, at the first indications
>f worms. Shriner's Indian Vermifuge
boulnd be adeinistered according to
For sale by Dr. S: F. Fant.
The people are not paying taxes
rery prompltly. The treasurer tells
is that on tie day appoinited for the
:olletionm of tax:es at Cromer's Store.
M1r. Wmn. Scot wi ws the only man who
,urnedl out," and lie left before the.
:reasurer arri'.cd.
Dr. Steek did m ot accept the invita
:ioon to prieachi the Bacealaureate se.
non before th : raduating class of the
Walhailla Fem.:l. College. He has been
nvited to p)rea-h the Baccalaureate
e rmoni at the ap proach.ing comme nce
mumit of Roanoke College, Va., but it
hvill probably l.ot suit him to accept.
Editor Tod2. of the Anderson Jow1
'il wants to kniow how Abbeville
wouM like to fuirnish him a mother-in
law. We thi .k wve can tind sons-in
law. in Newi erry, who wvould gladly
fnuish him s:x or more mothers-in
law--ready m:.de.
The Strawl erry Festival was one of
the most agr. cable entertainiments of
thme sea-on. Thle crowd was large,
lively and libe al, and the Festival was
a success. Tie gross receipts of th:e
evening were about m$110. the expense.s
being about ti n dollars. The result is
gratifying to those in whose iinterest
the entertainment was giveni. and they
are indebted t >all who contributed to
Rev. F. P. Mullalley, D. D., Presi
dent of Adger College, and his two
sons, Lane Mullalley and Adger Mul
lalley, were arrested last 3onaay, the
7th. in Walhalla upon a warrant issued
by Trial Justice Gibson on the oath of D.
A. Xulky charging themi with riot on
Sunday afternoon last in front of Mul
ky's house. The defendants were all
bound over to appear for trial and to
keep the peace. These are the main
facts, and the particulars will proba
bly be more fully brought out later.
Anderson Journal.
George Stephens who was a mem
ber of the party of colored emigrants
that left Newberry for Texas. in Jan
nary, returned a few days ago. He
soon became dissatisfied with Texas,
and began to work his way home. He
had a rough and varidd experience,
and he is inclined to*put New Orleans
down :is the wickedest City in the uni
verse. There he was fleeced of a car
pet bag containing his clothing, and
subjected to other indignities. A
dance was in full blast on Sunday and
that holy day was desecrated without
conscience. George says Texas is a
~iieathen country;" it does not fnr
nish religious advantages such as he
had boen accustomed to. He says the
party soon "got its fill' of Texa's. but
staved there because there was no way
to get back. H las ma(le up his min'd
that Sauth Carolina is a good enough
State to live and die in. Sensible boy.
NEWBERRY, S. C., May 17, 1883.
Ordinary...... .................... a
Good Ordinary..................... a
Low Middling...................... 8ta 83
aliddliig ......................... 83a 91
Good Mi ing ..................... 9ja 91
Good demand.
Newberry Prices Current.
By. J. N. MARTIN & Co.
Shoulders, Prime New...... a
Shoulders, Sugar Cured....
Sides, C. R., New............ al1j
Shoulders. New............. 10
Sides, C. B., New........... a121
Sides, Long Clear........... 114a12j
Uncanvassed U.ma.......... a16
Canvassed Hiams, (Magnolia; 163
Leaf. in Tierces............. 15
Ltaf, in Buckets............ 16
Powdered.................... 16
Crushed............ ..... 121
Granulated standard..... .. 12}a
Extra C..................... 11
Coffee C......... ............. 10
Yellow...................... 10
New Orleans................... 10
Demarara................... -
New Orleans Syrup, new crop, 90
New Orleans Molasses. 60 a60
Cuba Molasses......... 60
Sugar House Molasses. 40 n50
Gunpowder............. 1.50
Young Hyson................... 1.50
ALLSPICE......................... 25
PEPPER..................... 25
Roasted or Parched...... 20
Best Rio. ............15a
Good Rio................. 12ja
Cider Vinegar......... 60
White Wine Vinegar.. 65
Tennessee................... 90
-Bolted... ..............90
Unbolted.................... 90
SOAP............................... Sa 10
STARCH........................ Ja 12
STAR CAN DLES................ 15
FLOUR, perb.......... ...... 8.00a 9.03
PER OMINY................4
CANDY... ....... ............. 2
ENGLISH SODA................. 10
A XLE GREASE............... .. 10
TOBACCO...................... 60a 1.25
NAILS (10) ker................. 4.50
BAGGING-Heavy........... 11a
ARROW TIES, per bunch....... ..2 00
RED CLOVER SEED-per lb...20
RED OATS-per In............. 4s45
TIMOTHY HAY.................. 1 75
WHEAT, per bu................1 15a 1 25
BRAN, per I' 0 IbI............. 1.50
Spring has been very slow in putting
in an .apealrance, but it has
come at last,
And so has our stock
of Staple and Fancy
Consisting of a very nice small selec
tion of dress goods of
Notion., Hosiery, Glo'ees, and as for
White Goods and Hamburg Edge
ings, Laces. Trimmings, and
Ladies Fine Neck Wear. it
is perfectly superb.
From the fact that wey had to take from
all the manufacturers whatever
they had left, we propose to
blow our own horn, and say
right here that we have
not bought all the goods
in the market. but we
do intend to sell
all of our goods as
low as we cani afford, but we cannot
afford to sell goods at less than the raw
material cost.
We only had a few pairs manufactured
from the scraps that were left, and we
have got up in that way, a very fine
selection of Ladies, Misses and Men's
Shoes, and
Every, pair warranted at
We hiad almost fotg.ot ten to mention
And now say that it is very fine, for we
have just had a Band( piut on an 01(1
Straw Hat, and had a Black Stiff Brim
mueud Hat Dyed.
T1he trade whent in the city will not
oeantig b)y examnining~ our stoek.
Are just lovely, co me and see thtem
To sumr up the matter we cannot sell
goods for nothing for we have to pay
House Rent, Clerk Hire, Insurance and1
Taxes. But if our old1 patrons and the
putblie generally in passing will only
drop in on us, and furnish the wrap
l)ing paper and twine, we will just
throw in the goods and no questions
Yours with care,
Trs5per et. off for cash, 2 off
for 30 days, the balance when cotton
comes in.
IMay 3 18 ti
The Largest and Most
Attractive Stock of
-Geots' FlrQishing Goods _.
Ever Exhibited in Newberry !
- AND Fine Custom Made-Shoe
Genuine French Calf A= F C onde for Ladies and Chldren
Hand-made Shoes for SMALL PROFITS in all styles. Bute C
Gentlemen. The Fin- .. fastened on with Paten
d B dis our motto. Best Gooas Fasteners free of chg
est made Boots and and Latest Styles always will never ecme off N
Shoes ! on hand- Yhurt the'feet.- T
The nobbiest line of Try our Crown Make of dollars
Collars, Cuffs and Neck Wear and Cuffs. The Patent
in general to be found in the Up- "SCRATOH POOKET"
country. Shirts for sale only by us.
OIL, ILE, ndGeneral1Mill Supplies. HUHS AUTOMATIC CUT-OFF ENGINES, for Electde ~
Lighs ad oherpurposis requiring steady, reliable and economical power. This is the simplest
: AtomticEngnein the market.
Reais yCompetent Workmen. Charge& moderate.
Write for Prices and mention this paper. Charlestons S. C. ~
I Hosiery ! Hosiery ! POST OFFICE,
I NEwBEnRY C. H., S. C., May 1s, 1888
1h~~J in colors of every description. Our List of advertised letters for week endig
Bargain Basket of Misses Extra Fine May 12,1883:
Beo e tl o * ose is still before the public. These Boyd, 4Margaret Keller Miss Jenni.
hoewere to iefor this market, and( Dinson, Lake, H C
When money was plentiful we could have been marked down with a view of Croops, Ed Lyles, Edward
afford to pay exorbitant prices c r losing teou.Do ntltti p GntMs anej t,Ms sbl
Goods, but since the war we have in- portunity ass of procuring your chil- Hendesn, Miss Jose- Ruth, Miss fina
deed become p)oor, the great question ren Hose L iat tclceas, at a nominal phine Ba t h e r fo rd, Ms
which dlemandls solution is: Where is price. A new supply of Veiling just Johnsoe, Miss Mary Charity
the place that I can expend may little arrived. Exactly what you have been Parties calling for letters will please say
money to a g/real adranfrage, which in needing for a long while, Laces, Ham- it advertised. R. W. BOONE, P. K.
the making is draining away my very burg and Swiss Embroideries bought Cs- _________
life bloob: pecially to please our customers. You
will be charmed with their beauty and PAYNE'S 10 Horse Spark-Arsh
Ielgneof finish. We are constantly Porabe nin ra u 000I fNdgaM
adding to our eight.foot lengths.
B* *. CLIN k C * Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods ---
offer y.ou the aidvantages of a larger,
better selected and more attrartive Featmn
stock of Dry Goods than has ever before the latest novelties, as they appear, in .
been exhibited to the people of Newv- Scarfs. Tics. Cravats. Cuffs, Collar-, ~
ber.Pten fgetbat n &.Acmlt ieo ais n Our'10 fom re t5:'-ankto -arnish powe
Silks and Velvets, Gentlemen's Underwear always in Saw s,00ofe-t of luemme ra is o rt 1 os. av
stock. Try our 55e. Shirt ! It is'cheap 25 Bo ~ tn c7' t..ry in l me tne.
bought especially for Spring and Sum- only in price,- retailing regularly, as it f0 je CURN
auer. Nun's Veilings, in the most does, at 75c. It will give perfect satis- fuel and water thin any etr 3.
fashionable shades and colors. Worst- faction. Buy the Diamond Shirt al- (" r.ot fted ~ -ihanAe
ed Pl nis in great variety, suitable for ways; Wamsutta, 2100LInen, reinfore- C-OrfI ortbl E nt Boe 5gh
making the little ones beautiful cos- ed. Bettermaterial cannot be put into Jar Saw-Mill, aa or , :A
tumes. Cashmeres, Buntings, Alpacas, a shirt. It has always been the am- rgh-Irorun le, mme forer
Worsteds, Dress Linen, Lawns, in rieh bition of every manufacturer to pro- illustrated catalogue, No. 12, fore
abundance. A sp)lendid lot of Ladies' dycee a shoe that would compete with information and prices.
Ulsters; new, unique, perfect fitting B. W. PAYNE & SoS.
and durable. Counterpanes and Cro- Hi(1 A1~ I!IlfN Corning, N. Y. Bo1 .~
ehet Quilts, pretty, serviceable. and fl1~ JjJ ih~ f~ May 17, 20-1y.
White Goods ! White Goods ! "4orame oFinte Shoe. Fot rea t PATENTS. o" u.
Ml,Pqe,checked Nainsooks, We are tihe sole agents of these cele- e ~ Srcor.,Op.. .
Linen ile Dacca, soft finished Lawns brte mnufactuirers; and(, im regard to lcted o-agfrdle ofed~
and Camnbries. Ladies are keenly price, we are dleterined to place ths &t Bakes andPaa - w
suscep)tible to the beautiful; and theyv justly famous shoes upon the same rap of Insruonsee. 1ntc,a
ha:ve inldeed benlaihinepesi~ footing with the shoes of mieaner mann- Jn. n. 2-tf.
their admiration of our lov 1v line of factue. Slippe (rsever id o
Dotted Swiss. The unprecedented sale' lm, vnigdrs, bails. &c.. at roe k L .claim asc1t.and WA
of our 10e. bleaching still continues. bottom prices. Let us show yon ouer nFD1~N~
See it ! See it ! T here is no bleaching Straw H at s, kllS LND SCRIP bogm*c" da$d.L
nth erdcomparable to il! Setn,to set or burV 'It ao. write to A. A. ema*5
Towelings, and a general supply of before you buy. We know that we' &ttoney-a-L~aw, Washington, D.a
house furnishing goods always onhnand. t n save your mioney. . Jan. 1, 2-tI.
A superb assortment of W e solicit your patrouage. We wdll .._____________________
Ladies' Neck Wear ! mei iso by giving yo a flargeran WOOD'S ODONTINE
to make your selections.
in Fishus, Rufflings, Rushings, Co
larettes, Neckerchiefs, Lace, SIlk andi B. H. CLINE & 00. IFor Whitening and P*rv the
Mull Ties, which are true to style. The ___________________Teeth. (Formula of Dr. T. T.
nobbiest (display of Ladies' Furnes in The Best Tooth Powder made, keeps
Plush. Velvet, and Leather. GUARDIAN NOTICE. the Teeth clean, the breath sou
Fans!i Fans ! Fans!i Notice is hereby given that I will sw.eet. W. U. FIS B
'make a final settlement as Guardian of Wholesale Agent. Columbia, S. C.,
in exquisite tints and colors. Para- Hadessa Epting. on the 19th day of For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant -and W. -
sols. Ribbons, Buttons, Gloves. Collars, May, in the Probate office. "and wvill E. Pelham. Feb. 28 Ol
Cufs,Cra- s,Children's Bibs, Child- immediately thereafter appfy for my
Curtains. Perfumeries, and fancy F. D. GR AHAM. opes, cards, weddin note, inks, pens, -
articles. April 16, 16-5t. &c., at the HEnaLDmB k Store

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