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Special and Local.
THURSDAY MAY 31, 1883.
SPECIAL NOTCE.- Business notices in
this local column are inserted at the rate of
15 cents per line eachV usertion.
Obituaries,'notices f meetings. communi
cations relating to personal interests. tributes
of respect, &e., are charged as regular adver
tisements at $1 per square.
Notices of administration, and other legal
notices, obituaries, tributes of respect and
notices of meetings, as well as communica
tions of a personal character must be paid
for in advance.
The subscription price of the HsaALD is
$2.00 for twelve months. $1.00 for six
months, 50 cents for three months and 25
cents for one month, In advance. Names in
future will not be placed on the subscription
books until the cash or its equivalent is paid.
07 m All communications relating to per
sonal Interests will be Inserted at regular
advertising rates, one dollar per square, cash
In advance.
Mr. L. S. Bowers, postmaster, at Prosperity,
is our authorized agent at that place
Skating Rink.-Carnival.
- HERALD Book Store.-Books full of fun.
An infant daughter of Mr. Martin H.
Gary died yesterday morning.
Osgood, infant son of the Rev. Mati
ning Brown, died on the 29th.
Mrs. Fulmer, mother-in-law of Mr.
Luke Sease, died on the 28th.
A negro woman died on Mr. Smith
Livingston's plantation this week.
Mrs. Christina Long died at her
home near Prosperity, on the 25th.
aged 75 years.
Mr. Wml. Dickert's son Clifford,
aged six vears, died on the 18th. and
his son Sethwood on the 23rd-both of
Died at the home of Mr. Perry Fant,
in Laurens Co., Richard the infant son
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fant, on Fri
day the 25th. aged 2 years. The be
reaved parents left on Monday for the
distant home of the mother's father in
_Kentncky, with the body for burial.
Miss Elvira N. Ramage, daughter of
Mr. B. J. Ramage. died on the morn
ing of the 28th. Her life was an un
selfish epistle of love, and death rests
upon her like an untimely frost on the
fairest flc. r of all the field. Her
' gentle spirit, chastened by suffering in
to a sweet resignation, and freed from
the ills of life, is already with the
ministering angels. We sympathize
with those in whose hearts is the ach
ing void, by whose fireside the vacant
chair,-those who loved her most be
eause they knew her best.
"Lay her i' the earth;
And from her fair and unpolluted flesh,
May violets spring."
The remains were interred yester
day afternoon, in the family burial
ground near Mr. Jacob Paysinger's.
Cotton Quotations for Thursday.
Good Midling 9k; Middling 91.
A lot of fine lampa saved from the
tire w' il be sold at astonishingly low
tI is L. A. EAST.
Map Notice.
Agents having undisposed copies of
maps of the County of Newberry, will
confer a favor Ott Thos. Lake by de
livering thema either to Mr. Jno. A.
Chapman or to Mr. T. F. Greneker, at
his Book Store.
Our Schools.
Th'le public school fund of our Cotun
tv is about exhausted; bitt, with few
e'xceptions, the white schools are kept
open by p,risate subscription. We have
not been able to learn that a single
colore(1 school will continue after the
public scho)ols close.
Battles of Bull Run.
Members of Bonhamn's Brigade wi1ll
be p.leased to readl Uncle Bob McKay's
account of these battles-in verse. For
sale at cigar stimld in Newberry Hotel,
price only 15 cents. Come and get
one. it
Work given out. On receipt of your
address we will make an offer by which
yucan earn $3 to $7 evenings, .at your
hoi.Men,a women, boys or girls can
do it. H.*. WILKINSON & CO., 195
and 197 Fulton Street, New York.
May 10 2 im
Accidental Shooting.
A tive-vear-old child of Simu Chal
m-r , a r~enter on the place of Mrs. W.
B. M.Kellar, acehdlentally shot hitm
self in the head with a pisto)l, with
wvhich he wva< playing, ont Motiday
afternoon. Death was instantaneous.
Anothter example of the danger in
We learn with pleasure that Mr. A.
C. Jones will be transferred from the
p)osition lie ntow holds in the Lantd
C'onnission Departmient to the muore
exalted and( lucrative rank of chief clerk
in the office of the Secretary of State,
on the 1st of June. We extend to him
.our right hand and the heartiest cotn
gratulatiouts Ott atn advancemient which
hie richly merits.
The Y. 31. C. A. Convention.
The Eighth Annual Cotnventioni of
-the Association in this State will meet
at the M1. E. Chturch, Camnden,. otn
Thursday. 21st of .June, prox. andl wil
adjourn 'the following Sunday night.
An earniest request is made that each
Association be represented. Redtuced
fare on the rail roads will oc had, and
the names of D)elegaites going must be
sent to Dr. A. A. Moore, Camden.
The Celestial Symbol.
We have receivedl front J. C. McCur
dy & Co., of Philadelphia, a copy of
*The Celestial Symbol, by Herbe.rt W.
Morris, D. D)., author of -Seience and
the Bible.'" The work is one of more
than ot~rdiry interest and attraction.
The learned author reasons by atnalo
gy front the stuti of the physical tuni
verse to the Sunt of Righteotisness.
The work covers ant interesting tield,
and is adornedl throughout witht the vai
ried learning and ripe scholarship that
have made the formier treatises of the
author justly popular.
Newberry College Commencement.
Jutne 24, Sunday. 101. a. mn.. Bacca
laureate Se'rmon, by the Rev. G-. D.
Bernheim. D. D. ; S p. im., A ddress to
Students, by the Rev. F. W. E. Pes
June 25. S p. in.. Contest for Prize
Medal in oratory.
June 26, 10 a. mn., Address before
the Alumni Association, by C. M.
Efird, Esq.; 8 p. mn., Address before
the Literary-Societies, by the Hon. D.
Wyatt Aiken.
Jnea 27, Annual Commencement.
The Skating Rink will be the centre
of attraction next Thursday night.
There will be a grand carnival on
skates. and a tripping on the light fan
tastic toe, without skates. The young
mena and maidens fair will excel all
previous exhibitions of their skill on
rollers, and their grace in the dance,
and it will pay a handsome dividend to
invest a quarter for a ticket. The
young people of Newberry are head
and shoulder above those of other
towns. See advertisement in another
Honors at Newberry College.
The Seniors of Newberry College
stood their final examination last week,
and the result was most gratifying to
their professors. in a rigorous exai
iiiation, the highest grade being 100,
E. 0. Counts r.-ached 95 ; W. D. Senn,
92.); and W. W. Berley, 89J. Mr.
Counts received fir-t honor; Mr. Senn,,
second honor ; Mr. Berley, a distine
tion. Mr. J. T. limiter did no( apply
for graduation in 31athematics and
(reek. His average in the other stud
ies was SO : and he will be reconmnend
ed for a certificate of pro:i:-iency in
tho-e studies. This class is siall. but
it is most promiiing.
Poisoned with Quicksilver.
Monday night Mr. George Boozer
and two of his children were poisoned
by drinking milk that contained quick
silver. They discovered the poison in
the glasses from which they were
drinking, and by immediately taking
an antidote and producing vomiting
they prevented serious results. Quick
silver was also discovered in milk
given to a negro man. On Tuesday a
negro boy who was living on the place,
decamped, leaving no doubt that he
was the fiend who poisoned the milk.
It is supposed that by the assistance of
an a?sociate he got possession of a' bot
tle of quicksilver that Mrs. Boozer had
in the house.
Knights of the Golden Rule.
A castle of the Knights of the Golden
Rule was organized by Friend Tuttle,
Grand Commander. The following
named comrades were elected and in
stalled as the officers of the Castle for
this unexpired term, ending June 30th,
J. S. Hair, Commander.
W. A. Fallaw, Vice-Commander.
J. B. Clary, Master at Arms.
C. C. Chase. Prelate.
W. W. hodges, Recording and Fin
ancial Secretary.
A. M. Bowers. Treasurer.
D. M. Ward, Herald.
J. T. Bynm, Warder.
J. E. Stenhouse, Sentinel.
Prosperity High School.
The annual commencement of the
Prosperity High School will come off
Thursday, June the 7th. The exercises
will oecupy the whole day, commencing
in the morning with the Primary De
partment, under the management of
Miss Steck, at the school building and
winding up at night with the commence
ment proper, in Grace church. The
exercises proir'se to be varied and in
teresting consisting in the main, of
essays, orations, recitations, a debate
and music. Every effort is being made
to make the occasion a pleasant one,
and no pains will be spared to accom
modate those who may attend. All
who feel an interest in such matters,
are specially invited to attend.
School Celebrations.
On Friday nighlt last the Sunday
school children of the colored methio
list church, entertained themselves
and a large audience at the Hog~e
school house. It ra a very credita
ble and entertainnmg celebration, and
the audience was well pleased with
the marked sign:s of religious instrule
tion on the part of the children.
On Saturday wve attended Jesse
Brook's school pie nie near Dr. G. W.
Glenn's residence, eight miles from
town, andl were gratitied w;th the ad
mirable delivery of the many declaima
tions by his bright pupils. A fter their
little speeches, short addres ses were
made by the principal and others, all
of which was appropriate lv followed
by a splendid dinner. This'school has
ani attendance of sixty, wvith a roll of
An Embargo.
Some time ago a contract was made
between the County Commissioneris
and Mr. J. F. Oxner, by which he w~as
to receive a stipulated sunm, monthly,
for putting the traveling public of
Newberry, across Enomee River, till
the completion of Brazehnan's Bridge.
Tha's chapter one. Last week Mr.
Robt. Moorman's hands and wvagon
failed to cross the river, on their way
home from Newberry; for the very ex
eellent reason that the flat wvas locked.
Messrs. Oxner and Moorimain do not
stand in the same friendly relation into
which we have brought their names in
this senltence(. That's chapter two.
Thei Co:imtv Commissioners came to
the rescume wvith a prounciamlento re
minding Mr. 0. of the terums of his
contraict. Chapter three. It is not
necessary for us to tell Mr. 0. that lie
is in a fa~ir way to get no compensation.
Chapter four.
The Factory.
Mr. Green. mill engineer, of Provi
dece. R. I., was in town from laist
Saturday until Tunesday, on business
relating to the factory. We had the
pleasur~e of seeing a dIrawing of the
front (side) elevation of the building.
The building will be 204 by 100 feet,
and wvill he three stories high; the first
andl secondl stories 15 feet each, and
the third 101 feet high. The looms
will be on tihe first floor: the cards, on
the second; and the spindles, on the
third. The side facing the railroad
will contain three rows of large win
dows, fifty-two in all, and two doors.
The building, as showii by the draw
ing, will present a very line appear
The contracts for building. &c., will
be let, as soon ais the planus and speci
lIenions are furnished.
We understandl that the directors
are ready to receive offers for furnish
ing the mnaterial for floors.
Liberty Hall Notes.
LIEERTY lA LL, May 29th, 1883
We are as dry as a powder house.
Crop prospects arc gloomy.
If it does not soon rain, the black
berry crop wvill be a failure, and we
poor people will suffer.
Sheep shears will be in demand to
cut oats wvith. The Messrs. Calmes
are cutting to-da:y, but I don't know
what with.
Our Trial Justice is in luck. Sun
day morning about 3 o'clock sonme one
roused him from sleep and handed him
a dollar, saying, 'We want to be muar
red quick!" R un-away couple-Rufus
.Jeanes and Mitty Asene. The bride's
father was in hot pursuit, but he was
a little too late to see the knot tied:
he didn't want to see it tied. The
knot was coloredh. The happy couple
are laborers of Mr. S. W. Y's., who~
was indhignan~t that they didn'it give a
wedding supp.# and break the monot
ony of cornbre4ld and buttermilk.
It ham-'t raied yet. L.
Mrs. W. P. Hiouseal returned home
on Monday.
Col. Wi. Wallace. of Columbia,
was in town on business yesterday.
Col. J. W. Ferguson. of Laurens,
paid our town a flying visit. last Mon
Mr. B. J. Ranage, Jr., and his sister,
Miss Sarah arrived at Newberry yester
Senator .James C'allison, of Edge
field. was admitted to the Bar. last
Gen. L. F. Younans was in town,
Tuesday. oil buttiness connected with
the Wadlington Will case.
Mrs. Mary White. a married dangh
ter of our townsman. Maj. L. .J. Jones,
is on a visit to her parents.
Nat. B. Dial, Esq., of Laurens, pass
ed through Newberry last Monday,
on his way home from the University
of Virgriniui. at which institution he
was recently graduated in Law.
Prof. R. 11. Clark,:ot has been eleet
ed principal of the Columbia Male
Academy; and Miss 0. A. Garlington,
daughter of Gen. A. C. Garlington
principal of the Columbia Female
Me; rs. A. J. Bowers, 1. 0. J. Kreps
and .To. W. Sheppard have returned
from the Theological Seminary, with
their diplomnas. The two last named
gentlemen were accompanied by thei
brides, both of whom are Presbyte
rians: and we hear it whispered that
the Presbyterian Congregation of Salem
will lose another charming member in
the near future. Mr. Kreps is at Lex
ington where he has accepted a call;
Mr. Sheppard is at his father's at iel
ena ; and Mr. Bowers is near Pomnaria.
The most reliable, carefully prepared and
best purgative of the present age is
They are compounded of Roots, Herbs aunl
Gums of the most healing and beneficial kind.
As a Family Medicine they are unrivalled,
curing Head-ache, Constipation, Liver Com
plaint, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia - clearing
the blood of all impurities-acting on the
Liver, Kidneys and other important organs,
removing the waste tissue, and adding years
to the lives of all who use them.
For fifty years they have been used by the
American public,. and their constantly in
creasing sales show how they are appreciated.
A Perfect Remedy in 20 Diseases.
I am verging on eighty years, and deem it
my duty to suffering humanity to say that
my long life is due to BRANDRETH'S PILLs
which have been my sole medicine for half a
century. I know the last forty-three years of
my life is owing solely to their use. Your
PILLS saved me many times after the best
medical skill in several States had given me
up as hopeless. I have had many converts
to purgation with BRANDRETH's PILLS, and
have seen them perform almost miracles of
cure. For children, a few doses have cured
measles, searlet fever, and whooping cough.
In all female troubles and weakness I have
never known them to fail. In adult males I
have known them to cure the worst cases of
dyspepsia, rheumatism, kidney diseases, dvs
entry and diarrha; even dropsy, paralysis,
and apoplexy have yielded to a persistent
course of BRANDRETH'S PILLS. In fact I
have found them the true Life Elixir. They
act as continual preventives against the
effects of time, disease, and labor.
Mr. Guerry
Received solme very tetnpting offers
from Baltimore, and for at tinme he was
in dotubt as to the prtopriety of going
at onice to that .City ; but we are pleas.
ed -to -learni thiat lhe has der-ided in fa
vor of' Newberrv. That his mer it is
teognizedl and fuilly ap)preciate-d here,
appears fronsk thme fact that lhe ha:s r
eeived seventeen omrders since his por
traits were plced oni exhibition ini
Newberrv. These sevenuteei niorders
comprise~ portraits of Mr. McCatughr-in
andi wife, one of Mr. G. S. Mower, one
of Col. Renwick, one of Mirs. J. N. Mar.
tini, one of Dr. Geo. Keit t, dleecd, one
ordered by Mr. J. L. Keitt, and ten for
Col. E. S.KEitt, including pr-otraits of
J. S. Preston, WV. C. Preston. Wade
Hampton, and Bishop Lynch. T1hie
peop)le of our town are not slow to re
~cognize dlistinlguished merit, atnd new
attractions will attach to Mr. Guerr-y's
In addition to the above, we atdd a
suggestion to our sister- County of
Abbeville, the birth place of the great
and gifted Calhoun. This is that no
more fitting tr-ibtute to the dleadl states
man coldd possibly be rendleredl, than
to have this distinguished artist painit
his portrait be hung in some
conspicious hall to the admiring gaze
of tihe public. We kindly ofler this
thought to the consideration of thme
Abbeville pr-ess.
The Moonlight Picnic.
The members of the Lotus Club ap
preciate thme imnportance of social pleas
ires, and uniderstand the art of pleas
ig, as well; studying for the pleas.
ure of others, they enjoy pleasures of
the highest order-. The Moonlight
Pinic had none of the distinctive fea
tures of a pienie, biut it must be ad
mitted that it did not stuffer by being
peculiar to itself-a pienic of its own
kind. The lawn was beautifully illiu
minitated with Chinese lanterns, and re
freshmnts consistinig of cake and ice
cream, were ser-vedl out of (doors. With
in, however, were gladness and( gaye.
t-anid thme soul drank in sweet de
lights. The Loti were as attenutive as
Gallantry's own self, the ladies radiant
atd charming; and eyes its "'soft as
the down that swells the cygnet's
nest''-"looked love to eyes that spoke
again.'" Time sped fleet winged, till
heeded on, and when, at two o'clock,
the HLERtAL reporter turned with re
lucant ste-ps fr-om thme Picnic, the aii
was ./ pulsing antd throbbing with
the rythunic beat of the dance. Sem
per vivant "Lot i," atque voltuptati ali
orun studianmt.
Plc Nies.
Miss Beiulah Greneker's interestinl
school at Helenma united with Miss
Ann Milliganm's pr1ivate school and the
Sunday school of thme samte place, of
which Mr. Junius Chapman is the
superintendent, in a delighitfuli pie pie.
beyond Helena at Mr. Bob. Welch',
place on Friday last. The (lay was
passedl very sensibly, without any
lengthy spceeches t.o tire the youing
people, free reign beinig given to fur
amd fi-olie which imnduceid a fine appe
tite for thme elegant basket dinner p)re
pared by- the good mothers. We re
gret our- in ability to attend, our twc
repesentatives, however. enijoyedl the
Oni the same day Miss Nora Colield':
tine school took a recess froti book:
ad enjoyed themselves on the greet
sward in Mr. Burt Maybin's grove,
The day was pleasant, thme futn exit
beant. thme dininer excellemnt, and con.
sequently the enjoymient wias great.
NEwBEREY C. H., S. C., May 28. 1863.
List of advertised letters for week endinj
May 26,1883:
Christia, Abner - Neal, Miss Charlotte
Irvin, A 'O'Donnell, Patrick
Lessane, Marnmda Williams, Miss Fan
Lowan, MIss M M Iny (2)
Nace. Miss Hanna
Partmtos calling for letters will please saa
it advertised. E, W. BOONE, P. K.
Grand Recepttn--Feast of Reason
and Flow of Soul--Every one En
On Friday morning last the proprie
tor of the HERALD issued gilt edged
cards of invitation to his friends, to
meet at the office at 8.30, sharp. This
was done in honor of the completion
of the annex to the building in which
the HERALD, and its fine class of Job
work is printed, and the response was
gratifyingly large. The office. in fact,
was filled, seats being arranged down
the main aisle, between the composi
tors' stands, around the imposing
stoie, and ii every nook and corner
where a chair, stool, or box, could be
insinuated. The large imposing stone
served appropriately as the table upon
which were spread the refreshments.
All being comfortably and quietly
seated, the beautiful goblets-kinudly
loaned for the occasion, by 31r W. T.
'1'arrant--were filled and passeto each
guest. The objeet of the meeting be
ing asked by the chairman. Mr. T. S.
.Ioorman. the proprietor arose. and in
tre mulous tones, stated that he was in
a fin:ncial strait. superinduce"d by the
great expense of building the annex,
and that he had adopted the idea of
calling the wealthy and Influential cit
izens together. and appealing to their
I sympathy for aid. The explanation
had a dampening effect for a moment,
involuntarily however, a large number
of hands sought pockets. while a few
seemed ready to render assistance to
the embarrassed proprietor, with his
elephantine annex. It took another
moment only to show that the proprie
tor had perpetrated a dry joke, and as
the company were pretty dry by this
time. they sipped from their glasses,
and then commenced a delightful sea
son of generous sentiment, a feast of
reason and a flow of soul, the proprie
tor and his pet, the lIERALD, receiving
many compliments and earnest wishes
for its prosperity andeontinued success,
Short and witty speeches were made
by Messrs. T. S. Moorman, Silas John
stone, W. II. Hunt, Revs. Stuart and
Holland, and J. 0. Peoples, L. Sim
kins, C. H. Suber. N. B. Mazyck, Dr.
S. Pope, G. G. Sale, D. 0. Herbert,
J. K. Goggans, R. W. Boone,
andI W. T. Tarrant, even our
faithful colored attache, Hart Cald
well, who for ten years has turned the
wheel which grinds out the news, put
a spoke in the convivial wheel. Sun
dry responses were made by the grati
tied proprietor. If the HERALD reali
zes one hundreth part of the kind wish
es expressed on this occasion, it will
spread into the proportions of the
Green Bay Tree. The whole affair was
replete with happiness,every one enjoy
ing it, the only regret being felt by the
proprietor that in the hurried manner
in which the cards were issued some
good friends were overlooked. Similar
entertainments will annually be given,
when no friend will be overlooked,
A Sniffles Reminiscence.
It was in the delicious month of Ap
ril, 1862, that the old 13th Regt., S. C.
V., under command of the gallant Ed
wards was stationed at Green Pond in
this State. The boys were hungry to I
be led into the deadly breech--and for
rat ions. Soldier:s are proverbially hun
gry. Co. D. particularly so, and no
wonder they were hungry, for rations
were tantalizingly short, and they had
nothing to do but think of imaginary
feasts. Capt. Hunt hearing of a comt
fortable farmer, not far oft, whose
store houses were running over, and
who was reputedl, strange to say, to be
filled with benevolence to the Confed
erate with mUoney~ in his pce,detail
ed Private Sp:rks and myself, with at
two horse wagon to go for him, and
we went. S. dIrove. An early start
was made, the morning air delicious,
andi freighted with the scent of the
yellow jessamine which clambered in
p>rofusion over tree and shrub in ev.ery
direction. We two became confiden
tial, we spoke of love's young dream,
a subject as dear to a Confederate heart
as rations to his stomach. In this way
we journeyed, tilled with past bliss,
and the hope of something ro eat, be
fore night spreadl her sable mantle over
nature's loveliness, and enveloped two
weary, hungry soldiers in gloom. At
length but long before it was looked
for, the house, of which a description
had been furnished us, appearedl in
sighmt. The approach to the honse was
thriough a long avenue, dheeply shaded,
it was a restful, hopeful place, visions
of cookeries floated before our mental
vison,e fet h generous biscuit
duing pie. following each other downi
our throats, and meandering about
seeking app)rop)riate space in .the spa
cious void below. I suggested to my
companion, as my coat had less grease
sp)ots thian his own, and furthermore
had more buttons, and I could bet
ter hide the soiled linen, which was dis
playedl by both, that lie remain to mind
the team while I wvent in to reconnoi
ter. With elastic step I neared the
house, ascended the steps, and saw a
charming woman tripping lightly thro'
the spacious passage. There has ever
been an atlinity between Ine and wo
man, we therefore lessened the space
between us, we dIrew closer, her bright,
penetratinig eye quickly discovered in
the greasy soldier, tihe immiortal, long
lost Sniffles, who though lost to sight,
to memory was still dear. I pass over
the exstatic joy of that meeting. Tfhe
last time I saw lier she was a little teii
year old girl, in the rose bud period,
and now a charmingly developed,ifull
blown rose of a woman. The thought
of that meeting comes over me nowv
with a deliciousness which requires too
many words to express, is it any wvon
der then, that as she led me gracefully
into the parlor, I forgot Sparks
and the wagon. In the parlor were
other girls, and it being spring time,
they were lovely in muslin and ribbon.
My heart melted, my eyes suffused, my
stomach had long since collapsed. I
asked for music. and got "Polly put
the kettle on," anid "Uncle Ned," and
when they came to "lhe had to let the
corn cake be," the girls saw that I was
overcome with eniotion, not knowing
that it was produced from hunger, and
their allusions to tea and corn cake.
The character of the music was chang
ed. I revived, minutes flew on golden
wings, they grew into hours. The uin
mistakable souinds which precede the
approach of dinner, struck my tympa
num, madle b)y the rattle of knives and
forks, the clatter of plates, followed
b)y savory smells of roast, boil and fry.
I[felt trainsported, I floated through the
seventh heaven. I thought of woman
as at ministering angel, and all this
time Sparks was out in the sun, the vi
till spark miay have lied, while I wvas
sparkiing inside, under the combined
influence of woman, muslin, andi sweet
smells. The dinner bell sounded, and
it seemed like the soft peals of a con
vent chime, I could not resist it, I was
always susceptible, and easily led--to
dinner. Going in I found Sparks en
tering b)y a side dloor, the farmer had
rescued himi from an untimely death,
and brought him in. He sparkled with
delight, the dininer was before us, there
was no time for recriminiation, we ate
and were thankful. After dinner the
w'agon was loaded, paid for with an I.
O . U., a little more music, tender
adieux, and back to camp we went. I
have since met that lady, but alas, my
friend Sparks yielded up his ticket of
life o, the batr1e field
Various and all About.
The editors of Newberry-all fine
The papers they get out. are incom
We must fear that spring oats will
prove a failure.
Everything done in Newberry is in
first class style, eve, to her fires.
As bait for cat a, grasshoppers
can't be beat.
The colored people have a skating
rink at Georgetown.
Wheat is turning and is ready for
the reaper, but the crop will be short.
Mr. T. S. Duncan has the finest field
of oats that it has been our pleasure to
If wheat were the only article short
we might survive it, but unfortunate
ly money is also short.
Sniffles was unequally yoked on
Thursday last. His companion had
the advantage of him in weight.
Gen. Pope has obtained an order
from the U. S. Court, restraining the
sale of the Chick property.
Somebody took a free ride on Mr.
Latimer Lon-'s mule Saturday night,
and left it atir. Mike Buzzard's.
The HERALD Book Store has
spreads its banner to the breeze. All
kinds of stationery kept on hand.
Another man in this County has
found that it is not wise .to salt the
dough that you feed to chickens.
We give notice in time that there
will be a barbecue at Rikard's Spring
on the 4th of July. Don't forget it.
Our next session of Court will meet
on the 9th of July, just 34 day from
next Tuesday-Judge Kershaw pre
The senior and junior editors both
went fishing last week, the first to
Herbert's Mill pond, the other to Broad
River, they caught right smartly.
Brazleman's Bridge has been finish
ed and received; and the County Coi
missioners have paid $800 on it, leav
ing a balance of $600.
Everybody should get one of Mr.
Thos. Lake's maps of the County.
They are good maps-undoubtedly the
best of our County in existence.
Too many pie nics, it is impossible
for us to attend them all, without se
riously neglecting business. We ask
pardon for being unable to attend.
Those who had the fortune to attend
the school pic nics last Friday, pro
nounced them "very pleasant affairs."
That was what everybody expected.
Since the adjournment of Congress,
Senator Hampton has killed no fewer
than nine bears, and numerous small
er game on his Mississippi plantation.
Dr. John Harmon says that if the
person who found his valise will re
turn the papers it contained, he may
keep all else, including the flask of
The twenty-fifth annual catalogue of
the Sayre Female Institute of Lexing
ton. Ky., for 82-83, is on our table, it
indicates the Institute to be in a flour
ishing condition.
Messrs. Walter Hunt and Mord
Foot were examined before the
Supreme Court, on Tuesday, and
admitted to the bair. That makes
about 30 for Newberry.
Reports from various parts of the
State, say that the crops have been
very seriously~ injured by the cool, dry,
windy weather. The out-look at pres
ent is far from being cheering.
Job Printing in all varieties neatly
executed at the HERALD office. Our
facilities are unsurpassed, and our
stock of fancy cards, paper and envel
opes will compare with any other of
Mr. E. H. Aull and family have mov
edl into the house near Mr. Cline's, re
cently occupied by Mr. Hamp. Harris.
Mr. Aull expects to build on the lot
which he bought from Mr. Cline, as
soon as he can make the arrangements.
Mr. Sid Cunningham bought a self
steering traction engine from Mr. WV.
T. Gaillard last week, and he will go
into the lumber business for a while.
The engine propelled itself home, and
went up andi down hill "beautifully."
Mr. Jackson has been engaged in
opening a new street from the mar
ket across to the street in front of Mr.
Coppock's residence. The work will
be completed as soon as arrangements
can be made for a way through Mrs.
Bradley's place.
Last Saturday Mr. W. P. Johnston's
mule was frightened by the slamming
of a door, and breaking from a negro
boy in whose care it had been left,
dashedl down the street, with a top
buggy. Fortunately the flight was ar
rested before any damage was done.
The name of the postoffice at Mar
tin's, Laurenis County, has been chang
ed to "Goldville," the reason being
that there is another Martin's in the
State. The change will take effect the
first of July. Address your mail ac
cordingly. "Goldville" not Leadville.
A crowd gathered to see Mr. F. A.
Schumnpert reap his patch of oats Tues
(ay afternoon. The reaper and bin
der worked like a charm, and the oats
were bundled in a jiffy. We think the
bundles rather large, but we have no
idea that the mules and horses will re
gard this as a serious objection.
Mr. Forbes, the agent of the LaFrance
Fire Engine Co., has been in town
several days waiting for the engine
that was shipped some three weeks
ago; the reel and hose have arrived;
and the engineer has come; but no
engine yet. We have known fire~
engines to destroy an immense amount
of property-by being behind time.
The total value of the real estate in
the town of Newberry, as assessed for
taxation this year, is $679,620, against
$685,495 for last year. This falling off,
$5,875, was caused by the loss of prop
erty in the fires that have visited our
town in the last year. And it shows
that. however much fies may benefit
individuals who carry heavy policies of
insurance, they do not benefit the tax
payers of the town.
Remember that "The Blind Man
Eloquent" wvill lecture in the Opera
House next Monday and Tuesday eve
nings. The subject of Monday's lec
ture is. "Sargent S. Prentiss, Amern
cas Most Eloquent Orator, and the
Flush Times of Mississippi." If you
have never heard genuine eloquence,
go to the lecture ; if you have heard
it, persuasion is unnecessary, you will
not miss this opportunity of hearing
The corner stone of Mr. Scholtz's
dwelling house was laid Tuesday
morning, with appropriate ceremonies.
Two small boxes were deposited with
the stoiie, containing copies of the
HERALD, Obserrer, News and Lutheran
Visior; the names of the mayor and
aldermen; a manuscript giving names
of the architect and contractors, per
son for wvhom built, price,--and birth
places of Mr. and Mrs. Scholtz; a price
among which was one of the new five
cent pieces.
The Largest and Most
Attractive Stock of
*CGeots' Furoishing Goods
Ever Exhibited in Newberry !
_ Fine Custom Made Shoes -
Genuine French Calf ,AND for Ladies and Children
Hand-made Shoes for SMALL PROFITS in all styles. Buttons
Gentlemen. The Fin- ustened on with Patent
est made Boots and is our motto. Best Goods Fasteners free of chage,
and Latest Styles always will never come off or
Shoes! on hand, hurt the feet.
The nobbiest line of Try our Crown Make of Collars
Collars, Cuffs and Neck Wear and Cuffs. The Patent
in general to be found in thej;Up- ". "SCRATCH POCKET"
country. Shirts for sale only by us.
OIS,FLE,-n Geea MilSple.-GE'.TMTC U-F NIE,frEeti
Ho- r HseyI PANE' o H karstn
OILS,FILES and enera Hose Supis. stlHeethepuTOlic TheNIE, o leti
hoseAweomatoo finineointthe market, an
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af rit e feorbPicean et ie on r thi s in themr out.rDosnotetthis.op
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hue Qurishin prety,serable, ohand. befre ou uy We know ~ th t e corbf fs,wteoA..TH E
A superb assortment oftcanusave your money.g44mBet.C.
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