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Special and. Local.
T$URSDAY JUNE 21, 1883.
SPECIAL I)T1CE.- Business notices in
w . tis local,elun are inserted at the rate of
1'S ents per line,ch insertion.
dbitUaries, no of meetings. communi
cations relating to personal interests, tributes
of respect, &e., are charged as regular adver
tisements at $1 per square.
Notes of administration, and other legal
notices, obituaries, tributes of respect and
notices of meetings, as well as emmunica
tons of a personal character must be paid
for in advance.
The aubscription price of the HERALD Is
$2.00 for twelve months. $1.00 for six
months.50 cents for three months and 25
cents for on- month, in advance. Names in
future will not be placed on the subscription
books until the cash or its equivalent is paid.
D' All communications relating to per
sonal interests will be inserted at regular
advertising rates, one dollar per square, cash
in advance.
" This paper may be found on filn at Geo. P.
Sowell & Co's Newspaper Advertising Bu
reau (10 Spruce St..) where advertising con
tracts may be made for it in New York.
Mr. L. S. Bower%, postmaster, at Prosperity,
is our authorized agent at that place
100 Songs of the Times.-Herald Book
A Live Florida Puper.-T. W. Harris.
Notice.-Jno. C. Wilson, Adm'r.
Resolutions.-O. B. Mayer. Jr., M. D ,
Acting President.
Dr. Wn. 31. McCarley's infant child
died on the 10th, instant.
Mrs. Bettie Moore, died at her home
near Prosperity, on the 13th, aged 83
years. -
Lain Allen, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Blease, died on the mnorn
ing of the 18th. instant.
Died at the residence of his son,
Luther, near Prosperity, on Sunday
morning last, Mr. Martin Kinard,
aged 82. He was buried at the old
home graveyard.
Died on Sunday afternoon about 5
o'clock. dear little Ella. the infant
child of Rev. abd Mrs. B. D. Smart.
God. indeed, moves in a mysterious
way. This inncocent and beautiful
child was closely linked to the hearts
of its parents, but they have been call
ed on to yield it up to its Heavenly
parent, to enter upon a new and a
better life in the upper mansions. The
hearts of these sorely afnlieted parents
bad not ceased to bleed at the death of
Louise, when again the untimely shaft
has opened the wound. Our sym
pathy is given them. May the loving,
gentle Saviour give them strength and
-Jesus stood on the golden strand
And bid the baby come
So we meekly kissed the folded hands,
And said, *God's will be done."
During Commencement go to Cline's
for your Ribbons, Fine Neck Wear,
Gloves, Notions, &c.
A lot of fine lamps saved from the
Are wiil be sold at astonishingly low
P -prices.
tfi L. A. EAST.
Oo no fu.rther than to Wr-ight & J.
W. Coppock's for white and colored
Marseilles and duck Vests. Cheap.
- Liens of the following kinds for sale
at the HERALD office: otae
Agricultural Liens withMotae
Landholders' Liens.
PJanters' Special Contradt. tf
*Work~ given out. On receipt of your
addres.s we will make an offer by which
y ou e-in earn $3 to $7 evenings, at your
home. )F-n. women. boys or girls can
do it. H. C. WILKINSOX & 'CO,, 195
and 197 Fulton Street, New York.
May 10 2 mn
* One Among Many.
Mr. S. K. Cannon of High Falls, S.
we ays wre ofl sign any testimonial
we ma wrie ofthe virtues of Nor
man's Neutralizing Cordial. He is
thoroughly conivinced that it is truly
a great medicine and he recommends
it to every one afflicted with stomnachic
disorders. Small size, 25 ets. Try it.
At the Opera House
To night, the public may look for a
rare entertimenit in the closing ex
ereises of Capt. Pifer's Academy. The
young ladies we know will look their
prettiest and do their best,, to make
the time pascs pleasantly and profitably
to the, audience. Crowd the house
ladiec gentlemen and friends and give
the young ladies your best attention.
We hope the boys will behave,
The Senior while-d away an hour or
-. two on Wednlesdaly in the Academy of
UCapt. A. P. Pifer, and takes occasion
to express gratitication at the very
maruked proficiency of the young ladies
F under his charge. Tne entertainment
afforded~ was quite refreshing. The
school has been wonderfully success
ful the past session, and we look for
ward to a large increase after the sunm
mner heats and the -vacation are over.
Saratoga Geiser Spring aler
nDraught and in their native purity,
Bad on America.
Nine tenths of the people of the
United States suffer with Dyspepsia
n d what are its many causes, Hot
ood, hasty eating, intemperance, bad
air, lack of exercise, excessive use of
tea coffee or tobacco andl anything
- that prevents the regular action of the
stomach will produce it. Its symptoms
are headache, tlatulency, loss of ener
gy, bad breath, melancholy. Its cure,
Norman's Neutralizing Cordial.
r Wright & J. W. Coppock have in
store the nobbiest lot of cheap Vests
ever seen, in white and colored Marseil
e s, andl white and colored duck.
'otton Plant.
rW. J. McKerall, makes the
:3 announcement of his inten
cue shortly an 8 page 40
ultural journal, which he
~lbe worth its weight in
echeapest paper in the
.e wish him success in so
n efi'ort, and have no doubt
successful, such a want be
G g felt in -the State. The price
only 60 cents a year, andl we
dv se our readers to remit andl secure
Useful as cooling beverage during
summer m6nths. Recommended by
the'highest authorities where acids are
At Pelham's.
It Bloomed.
Mrs. Cynthia Mower's Night Bloom
ing Cereus opened its beautiful wax
like flowers on Tuesday night. There
were eleven large blooms. This is a
modest plant and only unveils its
charms when night casts its mantle
over garish day.
A beautiful line of Silk Mits, Fans
and Dotted Suisse-at Cline's.
If you want a nice fitting white or
colored Marseilles or duck Vest, go to
Wright & J. W. Coppock's. They
have the boss Vest in quality and price.
July Jurors.
The following petit jurors have been
drawn for the July term of Court:
J. S. Bickley, J. 3i. Hartman, E. H.
Longshore, Robert Moorinan, P. C.
Henderson, Geo. D. Brown, Wm. H.
Sloan, Thomas M. Hentz, L. Q. Fel
lers, I. Z. Abrams, Wm. A. Barre, T.
F. Hendrix, F. L. Paysinger, James
Larkin. W. A. Moseley, Henry S.
Boozer, Gilliani ZPitts, Geo. C. Counts,
J. M. Smith, B. S. Golding, James F.
Epting, Albert C. Sligh, S. L. Atchi
son, D. B. Cook. C. D. Hunter, W. P.
Bedenbaugh, P.' B. Hutchison, S. W.
Wessinger, C. J. Floyd, S. S. Lang
ford, T. B. Morris, Jno. E. Cooley,
Thos. R. Workman, Thos. V. Wicker,
Wm. S. Mann, .G. L. Sease.
Cut Out and Tack Up.
June 21-Feriale Academy Exhibi
" 22-Fire Company Meeting.
23-Exhibition of Prep. De
24-27 -College Commencement.
28-Skating Citrnival.
. 30-Cannon's Creek Church
" 30-Picnic at ;ollohon Aca
July 4-Barbecue at Rinkard's.
" 4- Mr. Jonathan Martin's
School Entertainment.
" 7-Miss Fannie Setzler's School
" 7-Barbecue at Pcbsperity,
9-Court-Judge Kershaw Pre,
20-The hottest day in the
year, according to Wiggins-so get
your overcoats ready. There is to be
a picnic in the neighborhood of New
Chapel, but we havenet been able to
get our grip on the date.
How to Stop a Paper.
The following from one of our ex
changes, so fully and clearly expresses
our views &tr the subject, that we co
py it without comment : You have an
an undoubted right to stop a iiyspa
per when you feel disposed, upon the
payment of all arrearages. Do not hes
itate to do so on account of "tender
ness" for the editor. Don't you sup
pose he would quit buying sugar of you,
or meat, clothing, dry goods, etc., if
he thought he was not getting his
money's worth, and why should you
not exercise the same privilege with
him? And when you discontinue a
paper, (1o so manfully. Don't be so
spiteful as to throw it back to the
postmaster with a contemptuous "I
don't want it any longer!'" and have
"refused" written on the margin, and
have the paper returned to the editor.
No gentleman ever stopped it in that
way., no iiatter if his head is covered
with gray haIra that should be honora
ble. If yout do not longer wish to re
ceive a newspupei-, wi.ite a note to the
editor like ai mat:. sayig so.-isnd bp
sure that arrearages are raid. This is
the way to stop a newvsp.dper.
Every mtan in Newberry is invited
by Wright & J. W. Coppock to (don one
of their elegant white or colored Vests.
Flavored with fresh syrups umde
There is nothing so healthful gior ry;
fmned as a glass of sparkling Soda
Water made as we furnish it.
The July ECLECTIC has for a frontispiece
a beautiful steel engraving, entitled "The
Eyptian Girl." It also offers to its readers
an unusually striking and interesting table
of contents, ranging from grave to gay, and
from the most scholarly discussion to
gracious and airy fancy. The articles which
make up the present nt;mber are as follows:
"Carlyle in Society and at Home," by G. S.
enables; "The fascinating Side of Selish.
ness;" "Tel El Eeber,'' a brillHant account
of the battle in which Arabi Bey and hisa
army were scrushed; "The Portrait Art of
the llenaissance," by Vernon Lee, &c., &e.
As th.is num.ber begins a new volyme it is
a favorable time for newv subscriptions. It
will be sent for three months as a trial sub
sription for S1.
Published by E. It. PELTON, 25 Bond St.,
New York. Terms, S5 per year; single copy,
4M Geats. For sale by all newsdealers.
An Extraordinary Offer !
We want Live, Energetic and Capable
Agents in every county in the United States
and Canada, to selia patented article of great
merit, ON ITs MERITs. An article having a
large sale, paying over 100) per cent. profit,
having no competition, and on which the
agent is protected in the exclusiv'e sale by a
deed given for each and every county he may
secure from us. WVith all these advantaaes
to our a;:ents, and the fact that it is an article
that can be sold to every house-owner, it
might not be necessary to make an "EXTra
ORDINARY Oaf'ER" to secure agen ts at once,
but we have conclnded to make it to show.
not only our confidence in the merits of our
invention, but ia its salability by any agent
that will handle it with energy. Our agents
now at work are making from $150 to $600 a
month clear, and this fact makes it safe for
us to make our offer to all who are out of
employment. Any agent that will give our
business a thirty day-' trial and fail to c'ear
at least $100 in this time, ABOVE ALL EX
rNEs, can return all goods unsold to ns
and we will refund the money paid for them.
Any agent or General Agent who would like
ten or more counties and work them through
sub-agents for ninety days. and fail to clear
at least $750 ABOVE ALL EXPENsEs, can re
turn all unsold and get their money back.
No other employer of agents ever dared to
make such offers, nor would we if we did not
know that we have agents now making more
than double the amounts we guaranteed, and
that but two sales a day would give a profit
of over $125 a month, and that one of our
agents took eighteen orders in one day. Our
large descriptive circulars explain our offer
filly, and these we wish to send to every one
out of employment who will send u.s three
one cent stamps for postage. Send at once
and secnre the agency in time for the boom,
and go to work on the terms named in our
extraordinary offer. We would like to have
the address of all the agents, sewing
machine solicitors and carpenters in the coun
try, and ask any reader of this paper who
reads this offer, to send us at once the name
and address of all such they know. Address
at once, as this advertisement will not ap
pear again, and you will lose the best chance
ever offered to those out of employment to
make money.
116 5ildStreet,
Buy a Newport Sash for Commence
ment from Cline's.
Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine.
The July number affords the most inter
esting and entertaining reading. In literary
and artistic merit this magazine successfully
competes with the best of its contemporaries.
The Rev. F C. Ewer contributes No. VI. of
"Religious Denominations in the United
States-What is the Anglican Church?'
Those admirable papers are continued,
"Among the Natives of the North," by
Lieutenant Schwatka, and "The American
Pilgrim in Palestine," by De Leon; "Live
Churches" is a characteristic article by the
Editor, Dr. Talmage, who also contributes to
the Home Pulpit a sermon, 'Solicitude " "A
Visitor to Whittier" and "Dr Newmun on
Spiritualism" are among the other notable
articles. There are interesting sketches, es
says, serial and short stories, with poems of
great merit; a varied Miscellany, together
with Editorial Comments, ecord of Impor
tant Events, Obituary Notices, etc., etc. A
single copy is 25 cents, or S3 a ) ear, post
paid. Address, Mrs. Frank Leslie, publisher,
53, 55 and 57 Park Place, New York.
Death Among the Cats.
On Monday evening our faithful old
Tabby returned home rather shaky in
the legs, a wild light beaming from
her eves, It looked like she had been
jtnbilling some one of the strong drinks
coneoctcd In this burg, but knowing
her aversion to strong drink and her
love of savory food, we concluded she
had taken in too much of her neigh
bor's hash, and alas, it was too true.
She returned only to die, and with her
several other eats who unfortunately
attended the tea party, in whose pot
lurked death. Five others, to our
knowledge. fell victims to the hash in
which had been mixed poison. So
fearful a cat.a4rophe we have never
before had to record. Our cat will no
more get her whiskers soiled in the
milk set aside for other purposes, nor
skim the surface of the daintily print
ed fresh butter. She has left four
little kittens to fight for food.
Gaffney and the Mountains.
Mr, A. S. Todd, the handsome sec
retary of the Kputh Citrolitna Press
Association, has sent us his plea;ant
annual circular announcing the 9th,
Annual meeting of the Brotherhood
which is to take place on the 3rd of
July at that young but growing town,
known far and near as Gaffney City.
'he fun and frolic after the solid meet
ing will be a run by rail to the ancient
city of Salisbury, N. C., at the rate of
one cent per mile. From thence on
the Western N. C. R. R., to Ashville,
(taking in famous Hickory. the head
quarters of chickens, butter and milk.
Morganton And old Fort,) where the
Association will meet the aorth Caro
lina slewers of ink, and from thence a
long the glorious French Broad through
the mountains to Warm Springs and
back--all free, free as the delieious
cool water of that splendid region of
cou:ntry. The best of it all is that the
ladies who h;yve the honor of associa
tion with these Knights of the quill
will accompany them, and be entitled
to all the high privileges, the sight of
the mountains included and pleasures of
the association. We rather think that
as Todd is a bachelor, the idta of the
ladies going ,as suggested by him.
We anticipate a greai and glorious
Says he saw a natn on Saturday af
ternoon rushing about like a comet
from store to store. He looked as if
he wanted something buo did not stay
in any store long euongh for the wil
ling salesman to supply hs want. My
legs arc not built on the race horse
order, and I knew that there was no
iuse trying to follow him; he w~as as
fleet as the wipd; but curiosity t.o find
out what was wanted suggested a:)planl
to get ahead of this erratic searcher
after something. Crossing the street
I went into a store I knew lie would
enter, and waited. The next motment
in he dashed and said "did I leave a
bundle in here to-tday ?" He had 2:ot
left it there; and consequently left for
another store. Nowv i waiia to give
fatherly advice to all such characters,
every Saturday or public day they are
seen running here and there in frantic
search of lost articles. My advice is
this, let them beforc leaving home
place a ball of cord in their pocket, or
an old stocking which will easily un
ras!, and on thec purchase of an arti
le tie gne end pf ahe cordl securely to
the bundle. Should the''hundle get
lost, the loser need~feel no uneasiness,
for all he has to do is to follow the
cordl. Perhaps it may have got wound
round( a fellow or two, but it will not
take long to unwind the other fellow
ain on he gges again, until the lost ar
ticle is found- and ha i; happy.
The frequency of these losses in
duces me to advise my fellow men as
above, and I trust the advice will be
"Young Jphn" and "Excelsior."
A meeting was held in the Opera
House last Saturday night for the pur
pose of organizing a fire company.
Y. J. Pope, Esq., was elected Chair
man, and 31. Foot, Jr., Secretary. The
following names were enrolled as
memnbers of the company:
L. A. Hanmmel. Win. Leonard.
E. 31. Evans. W. T. Jackson.
D). B. Stephens. Frank Baxter.
J. E. Schiwerin. B. B. Davis.
C. A. Bowman. Geo. S. Mower.
F. A. Schumpert. J. S. Hair, Jr.
L. W. Walter. J. E. Johnston.
C. J. Purcell. M1. Foot, Jr.
W. B. Lathrop. J. P. Fant.
The followi'ng officers were elected
by acclamation, to serve till next Fri
day night, at which time the company
will be permanently organized: L. W.
Walter, Foreman; L. H. Hlammel, As
sistant Foreman; Geo. Gilliland, En
gineer; W. T Jackson, Assistant En
gineer. The Engineer appointed B, B.
Davis, Fireman, who accepted the posi
A committee consisting of L. W.
Walter, Geo. S. Mower and Ed. Seholtz.
was appointed to draft a constitutition
and by-laws for the company, to be
presented at next meeting.
On motion of . W. Walter, it was
unanimously decided that the engine
be named "Young John."~ This
brought the Chairman to the front
with a graceful speech expressing his
appreciation of the compliment. The
name "Excelsior" was then selected
for the company.
The present indications are that it
will not ba difficult to find the right
kind of men to handle the engine, and
make an efficient company. The
Chairman assured the company that
it would receive the assistance of the
Town Council when needed.
NEwBEIRY C. H., S. C., June 16. 1883
List of advertised letters for week ending
June 16,1883:
Branlium, Mrs. Callie Jackson, Isaac
Cambel, Miss Lindle ~Lord, Fred. A.
Fairal. Miss Linder Pu ce, Sam
Fairal. Miss Lilla Rutherford, Miss Nola
Far, Miss Sallie (3) Bichardson, James
Giam, William Suber, Henry
Jones, MI. Henry Woo:l, Joe
Parties calling for letters will please say
it advertised. R. W. BOONE. P. M.
Keep cool! How? W , go to
Wright and J. W. Coppo and get
one or more of their 4~ or clored
Vets. They are son
Miss Ella Blake is home from her
visit North.
Mr. Shackleford has returned to
Miss Octavia Garlington has return
ed home to Newberry.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ehrhardt, and
son. arrived at Newberry yesterday.
Prof. and Mrs. Rahn have returned
to Newberry. We are glad to see
Mrs. S. C. Turnipseed. of Greenville,
is on a visit to Newberr. looking re
narkably well.
Col. Lipscomb and Dr. Pope passed
through Newberry yesterday on their
way to examine camp of convicts on
the Laurens Railroad.
Capt. J. B. LaS::lle, well remember
ed in Newberry, where he resided
some years ago. died in Gainsville, Ga.,
last week.
Dr. G. A. Setzler, of the Pomaria
neighborhood, has gone to Glenn's
Spring, where he will spend a short
Mr. Joseph Wardlaw, of Yorkville,
left Newberry yesterday after spend
ing several days with his sister, Mrs.
T. S. Moorman.
Mrs. G. S. Mower, and children are
recreating at Seneca City. Mr. Mow,
er accompanied them to that place
last Friday, returning on Saturday.
A pleasant visit to Newberry was
made last week by Dr. F. M. E. Fant
and Mr. F. Feaster of Fairfield. We
acknowledge a call from these gentle
We were glad to see our old friend,
3Mr. Thos. Duckett, in town last week.
He speaks of moving back to our Coun,
ty, and we hope he may see his way
clear to do so.
Mr. Adam F.' Cromner, formerly of
our county, now of Hartwell, Ga., was
in Newberry this week. We are pleas
ed to see that age sits lightly upon
Ex-Judge Thompson Cook and Maj.
Whitner, of Greenville. were In town
this week attending about the forty
eleventh reference in the Rutherford
estate case.
. We are pleased to see in the list of
glad girl graduates, of the Columbia
Female College, the names of Misses
Carrie L. Boulware,.Helen O'n. Hodg
es and Miss Joe Langford, of our
Dr. W. S. Bowman, of Savannah,
will preach the baccalaureate sermon
in the Opera House next Sunday morn
ing. He is an able and eloquent
preacher, and we 're glad to make this
There is no use in talking, but
Wright & J. W. Coppock can take the
rag off the bush in white and colored
"Sprucy'" and Spicy.
A few days ago a Newberry lawyer
was crossing the Saluda, on his way to
Edgefield County, when he was sub
jected to a running fire of questions,
impertinont and otherwise, by the
colored ,Charon ,wh o was in charge of
the fiat. The following is only a slice
of the very animated conversation that
took place during the passage:
Ferrynan (pointing to lawyer's cravat)
-"Is it de fashion to wear 'em dat
a :ay?
"Lawyer (fingering his cravat whieig
had shifted around to one side)-'.'No
it crawled around."
Fer.-"I jest thought it mought be
dec fashion; I thought Mr. Y. J. Pope
mought a set de fashion. Look ahere,
do lie hol any oflis in Newberry ?"
Law.--.Yes, lie's the Mayor of yew
Fer.--"Den dat's where lie gits 'so
much money. Dat's what make he
step aroun' like lie own dec town. I
tell you, ef he aint sprucy ! I golly,
he inus' spen' a power o' money on
Law.-"Well. I don't know."
Per.--"An' Mr. Goggans, he's mighty
sprucy, I kin tell you. Dey tell me
dat he spen's S-- a mont for his vic
tuals. I gum, I haf' to scuffle 'roun'
mos' a year to git my han' on dat much
money; dat's a powerful sight o' money.
But den I spose he makes it in a day
sometimes, You spec to git a big fee
over here. donit yo?!
Here the flat strack the Edgefield
bank, and thme conversation abruptly
on our table, ahead of all others, and
even more brilliant than usual, The
Idading illustrated article Is entitled
'Where Colonel Newcombe Died,' and
will be read with the greatest interest
by every admirer of Thackeray. The
principal story is 'A Fifth Avenue Ro
mance,' a novelet of which the first
four chapters are given, and which, be
sides being w.itten with groat spirit, is
evidently from the pen of one entirely
at home in the society she describes.
The other stoies, however, are all ex
ceptionally good., andl esp)ecially one by
Frank Lee Benedict, 'From a Pretty
Girl's Note Book,' which is the best of
its kind we have seen for a long time.
The embellishmenits consist of a steel
ingraving,' 'Little Mischief,' after a
picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds ; a
mammoth, steel, colored fashion-plate;
'Thme Reaper;' 'With Her Groom;' and
nearly fifty wood-engravings of fash
ions, embroidery, etc., etc. A new
volume begins with this number, a!
fording an excellent opportunity to
sgmlscribe. We really do not see how
any lady can do wifhout this magazine.
It combines more, and of a better qual
ity, at a less price, than any other.
The terms arc but $2 a year, and with
great deductions to clubs, and hand
some premliumns to persons getting up
clubs. Specimens are sent gratis, if
written for, to those getting up clu1bs.
Address Peterson's Magazine, 306
Chesnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
A few days ago several dogs got
among Mr. B. Duncan's sheep, and
killed a number of them. We like sheep,
but we detest mean dogs, especially
sheep-killing dogs. The law provides
that such dogs ought to die, and for
once the law is right. So mote it be.
Last Sunday a week the good people
of Liberty Hill accidentally locked a
dog in the church, where he stayed till
the following Tuesday. In thme mean
time his dogship amused himself by
gnawing the inoling from the doors,
tearing the pulpit cushions, sofa, &c.,
to pieces, and otherwise damaging the
church. Dogs do not make good church
members ; so leave them at home, dead
or alive-rather dead.
A printing office is the last place. for
systematic ioating. A call, with a
'Chope I don't intrude," a shake of the
hand, "hope you are well," or any word
or two oil business is admissible. But to
sit down on the window or in any other
way and run on unmeaningly for aii
hour is objected to. Stand from under,
young men, and don't stay too long.
There is a foul ditch on the lot in
rear of the Mill of D. W. T. Kibler,
that needs attention.
There are 37.000 Jersey eattleul this
Various and all About.
Is our Fair Association dead?
This is the longest day of the year.
Leslie's Popular Monthly receive<
at HERALD Store.
The Board of Health say that Jor
dan is a hard road to travel.
A negro child died on Mr. Join
Folk's place last Saturday.
Mr. Crotwell's new buildings ar
going up rapidly. He is famous as
The gardens in and around New
berry are almost played out by th
The oat crop Is just middling, but
the reaper and the thresher cuts anc
binds as usual.
We note some Improvement in th<
meat market, that is in the quality
but not the price.
Remember that Court meets on Mon.
day, the ninth of July ; there will bt
no jury in the civil cases.
A lively friend from over Scott':
creek, says he wants a market houst
and a jail over there. What for, w(
cannot imagine.
Messrs. Keitt have put up a steam
saw mill on the Wadlington place
They have a twenty-five horse powei
Messrs. Pool and Banks are turning
out bricks at the rate of 16,000 a day.
They have our best wishes for theii
The teachers and students of the
Leesville English and Classical Insti
tute have our thanks for an invitation
to attend their comueneement exer
cises on Thursday, the 21st inst.
A party of about six gentlemen, in.
eluding Dr. 0. B. Mayer, Jr.. went to
Strother's yesterday afternoon to meet
L. W. Floyd, on his way home from
Mr. J. S. Salter, having taken his
family to the country; his retirned to
his gallery, where he Is prepared to take
pictures as usual, and invites his friends
to call on him, it.
Thousands efehilcren are saved from
disease and death every year by the
timely use of Shriner's Indian Vermi
fuge, the popular remedy. Only 25
cents a bottle. For sale by Dr. S. F.
Qn Saturday, .July 7th. a barbecue,
ln'first rate style, will be furnished at
Prosperity, by Messrs. Wyse, Maffett
and Mills, to which the public one and
all are invited.
W. IT. HTut, Jr., Esq., after spend
ing a short vaoatioh in the mountains.
has opened a law office over the office
of Johnstone & Cromer. Success to
We are glad to learn that Willie
Duckett who was seriously cut with a
hoe; is doina well. Though he lost
part of his r$ull, he has not been con
fined to his bed.
Our little friend Willie Crosson, of
Prosperity, can beat the rest of the
county on cotton. He has a stalk
which had 21 shapes, several days ago,
and will .Qo: havp blysso; s.
The Shieriff went to Columbia, last
Monday, in charge of a colored lunatic.
An abominable language is the Eng
lish. Was the Sheriff in charge of
the lunatic, or the lunatic in charge of
the Sheriff?
c ecengwledge receipt of an invi:
taffan0o attend the undbiling cere
inonies'of the Confederate monument.
on Wednesday June, 20th, at Camden.
The Hon. Wade Hampton was the
The annual exhibition of the Pre
paratp7y Deatetof N'ewherry fJol
Jeg Sill tae pla~ in the Q,pera House
next Saturday nt. Encourage the
boys with your presence-the enter.
tainment will be worth attending.
The Clariosophic and Euphradian Lit
erary Societies of the South Carolina
pliege hgve cnur thanks for an invita
tion to their Annual Debate on Wednes
day evening, June 27th, at College
Chapel. The invitation comes througi
Messrs. J. 31. Kinard and E. A. Gas
Lieutenant Garlington sailed fromt
New York for St. John's Newfoudland
on the 13th instant. From St. John'9
he will proeed northward albout the
20th In~ tne sealer Proteus, the 'united
StAtes corvette in which he sailed
from New York following. His fain
ily expect a letter from St. John's.
We are pleased to see that Luther
M. Kuhns is a member of the grad rat
ing class of Pennsylvania Coll ge.
Hie has our thanks for a~ very liandsou4e
invitation to the Commencement, on
the 28th. The Alumni oration will be
delivered by the Rev. E. T. Horn, On
the 27th.
Much valuable information is some
times picked up in our exchanges, and
our readers will be indebted to us fo,
finding the followinlg. It re14tes to the
cabbage worm. Nothing before being
found to be so good for this troublesome
pest. Give them about a half cabbage
each once a week-the larger the cab
bage the healthier will be the wvorm.
The next week will be commence
rqent, arId a laFe inimber of peo,ple
will congregate from far and near.
In the largeness of our heart we in
vite them to visit the HERALD Bool
Store and Printing office. Much can
be seen there to interest them. Pa
per, pens and ink will be found there
to (10 their writing.
Leavell & Speers, who have the con:
tract for furnishin1g thle granite and
inaking exciivatio'n for the factory foun
dation, broke ground for the founda
tion Tuesday morning. The job is
a big one, the excavation will at one
end go to the depth of about elever1
feet. But the work will now be press,
ed forward.
The Agricultural Joint Stock Corn
pany is making efforts to finish paying
the debts of the old Society, that it
may hold a fair next fall. We be
lieve the company can be made a sue
cess by the right kind of management,
and we hope it will be. We think,
however, that the announcement
should be made as soon as possible, i:
a successful fair is expected this year.
The improvement in the front of th<
Crotwell Hotel is decidedly for the
better, and Mr. Blease and his guests,
and the company generally who havt
heretofore had to sit under the shad<
of the awning, now stretch their limb:
on the charming, cool and elegan1
recess lately made in the front of this
spacious building. We doubt now i:
the sound of the dinner bell will cal
his boarders from this outside enjoy
ment, and the profits of the house will
be largely increased.
We venture to make a suggestion t<
the ladies, which thay will of cours<
disregard ; but we shall have the satis.
faction of making it, Let the mnott<
for next week be, "No flowvers.'
Wear the flowers yourselves, or leave
them in the gardens-do not worrn
the boys with them. And, above all
do not have two or three ushers prom
enading up and down, fishing out bon
quets from the audience. Don't wast<
your flowers. "The custom is fa:
more honored in the breach than the
observance;-" but we know you arl
anino- to stick to it.
Pomaria Inklings.
The Pomaria Mills are in full opera
tion. Messrs. Wedaman & Berly have
put in new rock, new machinery, new
1 bolting cloth; everything is in first
elass order to insure satisfaction.
Grind corn on Friday, -wheat every
day. This enterprise will prove of
very great benefit to our community,
as well as pay, financially, the in
Farmers, with us, with one excep
tion, have just commenced (.June 15)
planting their bottoms in corn.
Wheat and oats cutting is the order
- of the (lay. The yield of both will fall
off fully one-half as compared with the
crop of '82.
Cotton looks well and is in fine con
dition--the drought of May affording
the farmers a fine opportunity of rid
ding their crops of their formidable
enemy, grass.
Fruit crop, including the negro's de
light, the blackberry, is a failure.
Potatoes (sweet) look well. Too early
to calculate on the melon crop.
Poniaria will supply her quota of
With a little slyness, one may now be
permitted to listen to the tender notes
of the college orator as he "says" his
graduating speech to the noble oaks
hard by his paternal rAgf. It is said
the squirrels are becoming tame in
those woods since these lessons in
oratory began this deponent can't
vouch for the truth of this, though.
Mr. Jacob C. Litzsey and his brother
Langdon have bought them an Osborne
Reaper, and have cst their entire crop
with it. It did its work well, gathering
the grain and heaping in bundles better
than by the hand. One by onet labor:
saving machines are intIoduciug in our
country, til in a few years every well
regulated farm will be supplied. We
will have to do something to better
our labor, or our speed to the poor
house will be considerably accelerated.
The whistle of the steam thresher is
heard in the land, and the housewife's
heart is made glad-new flour makes
goo(l bread.
50c. Bottle.
This is pronounced of the oreatest ex
cellence by connoisseurs. This is finer
than the Fr"ench clarets and cheaper,
for sale at
Pelham's Drug Store.
The "Biggest" ani the %Aest,"
The Savannah WEEKLY NEws needs no
introduction from us. For one-third of a
century it has made its regular weekly ap
pearance at thousands of homes in the South
-an ever-relcome visitor. It has kept pace
with the requirements of advanced'journal
ism, and each succeeding year has witnessel
marked improvements, and to.day it ranks
with the best weeklies published in thiscoun
try. This m.immoth sheet contains 8 pages
of reading "uatter, comprising all the news
of the week, telegraphic dispatches, State
news, agricultural items, original serials,
etc. In addition to a first-class newspaper at
a moderate price, the publisher offers to each
yearly subscriber a copy of any of the pub
lished novels of the MoRNING NEws Li
fRA$g free. Subscription two dollars a yeas,
n advacce. Address J. H Estill, Savannah,
Ga., or get the agent here to forward your
As commencement exercises are not quite
on hand we will give you a few dots from
our school. One morning, for our own grati
fication, as the children were passing to
school, we called a twelve-year-old boy,
whom we shall call Bobble Pugh, to come in
that we might review his history in an inter
rogatory way; i jst as we were at4out through
with him, two hthers dropped in to see wheat
was going on. One by the name of Johnnie
Cason, aged nine years, from the same class.
We.took these children over the first part of
Stephens's History, asking the following
questions which, by the request of the'other
pupil, G. Y. Hunter, we send to the HERAui:
Questions. Who discoyereil.4merilcaB
The namp of Columbus's ships?
In whose service wras'he?
Whose aid had he sough t?
What were his demands?
The principal cities foud here after dis
covery ?
Who settled Virginia, Massachusetts, New
York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode
Island, Maryland, Connecticut and Dela
Where did tha first legIslature meet ?
Which were the most civilized nations
found here after the discovery?
During what rebellion was Jamestown
What was the name of the Puritans's ship?
What was New York first called ?
In what ships did the Swedes come over?
What was the basis of Maryland's first
Which are the three oldest colleges ia the
United States?
What was the name of the first slave ship ?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independ
ence :md who composed the Committee to
draft it?
What was the cause of Revolutionary \War?
What was the Stamp Act?
What Is our flag and seal and motto?
What was the name of Saltimore's ship?
What was the Navigation Act?
Who explored the Southern States, and
who the MIssissippi Valley ?
Who contended for us In English Parlia
These questions were promptly answered
with two or three exceptions, where a simple
beginning was necessary, T4he. boyra have
never committed one page of the history to
memory, but about fifteen minutes after each
reading we talk about the prominent faets
and try to make an impression on the mind
of the pupil. As we cannot have a teachers'
association will not some one else write for
our column, giving us ideas of their practi
cal teaching, and thus asstst us in our ardu
ous work? -,J A.L.
1883. 8PIN% 188.3
all of which were bought at lowest
prices for Cash, and therefore can be
Will Not Be Undersold,
and( they therefore cordially invite any
and ev-ery man w ho needs anything ini
their line frotm a pair of
Shoes up to a Hat,
including Socks, Drawers, Under and
Over shirts, Collars, 'Pants. Vests.
Coats, to call at their store in
Mollohon Row
to be convinced of wshat they say.
Call early and call late
All you may want relate,
Ask for Clothing, Hats or Shoes,
Or anything else you choose
And you shall have It from
Mar 28, 12-tf
Elips Trdo Portb
Parties wishing the above, address
SPEAKE & BRO., Kinard's T. 0., S. C.
Mar. 80, 13-tf.
When money was plentiful we could T R A L 1?
afford to pay exorbitant prices for Dry CORDIAL
Goods, but since the war we have in
deed become poor, the great question -MARK
which demands solution is: Whele is
the place that I can exuenad my little achnrois whrncflreae : .
money to a great ad sarage, which in o - ? P0O
the aiig Is draining away my very
B. H* CLI1E Co.
offer you the advantag of a larger, NEUTRALZINC CORDIAL
better s.leetai aud'' mnore attractive Is as aad hmmaa s'.
stock of Dry Goods than has ever before w
been exhibited to the people of New
berry. Patterns of great beauty in
Silks and Velvets, e bod
bought especially for 5pring and Sum- azzi-I $ l 0O
mer. un's Veilins, in the most S
fitshionable shades and colors. Worst- ~ h~&G *&A
ed Plaids in great variety, suitable for
making the little ones beautiful cos
tunmes. Cashmeres, Buntings, Alpacas, PAYNE'S 10 Horse $pt.A w
Worsteds, Dress Linen, Lawns, ju rich Portable baact10,a00ftot MI4aaPLi
abundance. A splendid lot of YLadies' o i 15 hm, ibs &M eho *ft
Ulsters: newt unique, perfect fitting
:nd durable. Counterpanes and Cro
chet Quilts, pretty, serviceable, and
White Goods ! Whie Goods !
Mull. iques, checked Nainsooks, G t
Linen de Dacca, soft finished Lawns t b0 H oets M M q
and Cambries. Ladies are keenly torew1 cut 10,CWfen im.
susceptible to the beautiful; and they our W
have indeed been lavish in expressing a a 1C
their admiration of our lovely line of
Dotted Swiss. The unprecedented sale c, I ao .
of our 10c. bleQ.ohiug still continues.
$se it . &e it ! There is no bleaching
in the world comparable to it! Sheetings, hRu ?
Towelings, and a general supply of
house furnishing goods always on hand. 3W AN~O~
A superb assortment of Ciig ;x j~
Ladies' Neck Wear Ma 7 2-y
larettes, Nekrchiefs, LaceSlk Co-B okndl fF n
Mull Ties, which are true to style. The ffhI~ Bn ffI
nobbiest display of Ladies' Purses in H j4111 i
Plu~sh, Velvet, and Leather. IL~/~ ~U DJ
Fans j Fans~ Fans! !AD
ini exquisite tints and colors. Para- LVNIOW~Y W
sols, Ribbons, Buttons, Gloves, Collars
Cuffs, Cravats, Children's Bibs, Child-Fosaetth
ren's Hoods, Combs, Brushes, Lace
Curtains, Perfumneries, and fancyHe ld B o Sor
Hosiery I Hosiery! Caladgtyu
in colors of every description. Our UL R MO T LIS
Bargain Basket of Misses Extra Fine ma29 -t.
Hose is still before the public. These
hose were too fine for this market, and I 1~o odn b h
have been marked down with a view of
closing them out. Do not let this op- SSImMN'
portunity pass of procuring your chl-H -
re oetat wW'l wear, at a nominal ~ IiWIJUI
plAce, A new supply of Veiling just Lvrad ide Cre -
arrived. Exactly what you have been
needing for a long while,, Laces, Ham,. I ILBV ORDCO IL
burg and Swiss Embroideries bought es- TH OS EFETY
pecially to please our customers. You advlal eiieee fee o i
will be charmed with their beauty and teAei. cpe sfs sl -
elegance of finish. We are constantlymeisbceknwituebeos
adding to olu.unvraineeyom nt.N *
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods oc etdIsgetvle
Department Tosnso olr
the latest novelties, as they appear, in dsetc h huai,teIilu
Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, Cuiffs, Collars, adtenros hnadla x
&c. A complete line of Ladies' andpeedothtuaracalvg
Gentlemen's Underwear always inal oi adAtrtv
stock. Try our 55c. Shirt ! It is cheap
only in price, retailing regularly, as it D 1l1' IAI OND
does, at 75c. It will give perfect satis
faction. Buy the Diamond Shirt al. RLVRAD INYCR
ways; Wamsutta, 2100Idnen, reinfore
ed. Better material cannot be put into wudi vr aeefc aia
a shirt, It has always been the am-cue
bition of every manufacturer to pro -Ifyuaeblos ogecae,
duce a shoe that would compete with hedotduLorain,- bea,
II88 AND j(MGLE'8atie
world-4amed Fine Shoes. For a great ee elw fhay ulpisI
many reasons they have utterly failed,.akadlms f o r rwy n
We are the sole agents of these cele
brated manufacturers; and, in regard t so se otl ratfayoeo
price, we are determined topac these o imn'
justly famous shoes upon the same
footing with the shoes of meaner manu- HPTCC M OM!
facture. Slippers of every kind, for
home, evening dress, balls, &c., at rock adyuwl e meit eif
bottom prices. Let us show you our DO I & WWw
Straw Hats,
before you buy. We know that weWH LS ED UCIT
can save your money.
We solicit your patronage. We will CH LET ,S..
merit it by giving you a larger and
handsomer stock of goods from which FOSAEVRWHE..
to make ytw:- selections. AdI ebryb r ..FiT
B. H. (LINE & 00. 24-y
A beautiful assortment of -P T fT .di C
with envelopes to match. suitable for ac
cpistolary purposes. from 30 to 5~fg
cents pack of 25 cards and envelopes.
For sale at
ogtt etastew.W butmf
For Whiteningrand.reserving tre e"r
The Bst Toth Pwdermade,keep
thePrieth clean,dthe.breath pure and
sweet. nmunC..FISH.R
Wholesale Aent, Col,mba,,S.U..,tA
For sale byPDrtS.lF. PantnandaW. outLof
Boards ina10hoFeb, 2l b-fy Jn ecr
WEseem st n sme ime
-/ r nammt

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