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SSpecial and.*Local.
1 Q A L L 5, 1S88.
' fli.- Bnsiness notices in
?c==: column are Inserted at the rate of
liae each in$ertieo.
meetiage. communi
to personal interests. tributes
&e., are ebarged as regular adver
$ .; .ts at $1 per square.
, JoiLces of administration, and other legal
a iieS, obituaries, tributes of respect and
neiiees of meeting, as well as communica
aons of a personal character must be paid
'-r i adcance.
The subscription price of the HRwaA Is
-"1 for twelve. months. $1.00. for six
4 maooths, 50 cents for three months and 25
. ests for one month, in advance. Names in
flture will not be placed on the subscription
books until the cash or its equivalent is paid.
42" All communications relating to per
-sonal int8rests will be Inserted at regular
advertising rates, one dollar per square, cash
Ia advance.
This maybe found on tle at Geo. P.
RoweDl hue's Newspaper Advertising Bu
ra 40 Spruce St..) when advertising con
temay be made for itin New York.
r.L. S. Bowers, postmaster, atProsperity,
a ursatbosed agent at that place.
- - cbZ To Nsw ADvERTISsMNrs.
Notlee.-J. W. Coppock.
Notic.-Godf cy Harmon.
Nodes to Creditors.-Dr. S. F. Fant.
~ cer en Ice.-Dr. S. B. Fant
-McFall & Satterwhite.
1. Swik &tgsine, ate.-O. N Stone.
Edate r Daughers-Bev. S Lander.
Grand Ruh for 30 Days only.-Cloud &
New and Seasonable Goods.-C. Book
niIt, m'r. & Co.
the Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Joba B.-St ndler, died on the 27th, ag
ed about17 ,months.
Mr. LIttleton l9mith, of Edgefield
- County, died' at his grandson's, on
, Friday night, June29. He would have
beeis 93 years old in October nex.
A lot of fine lamps saved from the
ire w4' be sold at ast'onishingly low
tf L. A. EAST.
Mr. L. B. Smith, Sheriff of Ef
hism Co., Ga. -says: "Brown's
l. tBitters relieved my dyspepsia
and increased my weight 40
The following delegaies have been
eleced to represent, Newberry at the
State agricultural meetino at Marion:
J. R. Spearman, M. ) Buford, J.
M. Johnstone, and B. T. T. Hunter.
Alternates-J. T. Bynum, H. H. Folk,
A. J. Gibson, and H. C. Moseley.
Work given out. On receipt of your
address we will make an offer by which
you can earn $3 to $7 evenings, at your
home. Men, women, boys or girls can
do it. H. C. WILKINSON & CO., 195
and 197 Fulton Street, New York.
May 102 m
The Aun Bros.
The advertisement of these young
gentlemen is again referred to. The
aghinery.offered for sale by them is
hrst-eiass and represent many of the
- best approved labor saving implements
now before the public. Read it over
Chicken Stealing.
OnFrid'ay night last the chicken
oseof Mr. L. 3!. Robinson, living
C en the place of Dr.-G. W. Glenn, was
raddby a chickenthief and twenty
tiofryers taken. T wenty-two buck
shot would not be too large a dose for
this scoundrel.
New English Grammar.
* We acknowledge receipt of a new
-n1ih Grammar, by Henry E. Shep
pedM. A.. President of the College
of Charleston, S. C., late Suiperinten
dent of Publie Instruction, Baltimore,
Md., and published by John B. Piet &
Co., of Baltimore.
RelIgious Notice.
By postal card. we are informed that
the Rev. C. H. Pritchard will be in
Newberry on Saturday the 7th, and
that he will preach in the Methodist
'Church on Sanday. This notice will
grylfy thenmany frieuds of this gent
Some of our exchanges were furnish
ed only a half sheet last week in con
sequence of the edition running short
by reason of the demand for our full
r and interestino~ account of the New
berry College 'ommencement exercis
.es. We beg them to excuse our short
.coming. ______
*Change is written on the tide, in the
sorest's leafy pride, in short every thing
is born of change, ever McFall &
Satterwhite dlesire. to change. We
bare no doubt but that the change
will be ai good one, for the Senior part
ner niever makes a move without uin
derstanding the cost. See their ad
The Truth Hurts.
When Galileo was made to recant his
opinion of the earth's motion, he said
in an undertone-"it moves." Al
though Normau's Neutralizing Cordial
is a patent medicine-it eures. We
admit that its formula is private, but
not more than the Latin hieroglyphies
of the physician's prescription you
e to the drug store.
The Williamnston Female College, of
which the Rev. S. Lander is the ac
complished head, will commence its
Fall sessior cn Monday, 6th August.
This is one among the best institutions
of learning for young ladies in the
State, and we cannot too highly recom
mend it to parents and guardians. Soe
card elsew~here.
On Draught and in their native purity,
Our County Fair.
The directors of the Joint Stock
Company held a meeting on Monday,
and deided to hold a county fair on
the 17th, 18Sth and 19th of next Octo
bef Entries will be made on the 15th
and 16th of that month. The. directors
intend to have distinguished speakers
from abroad, and, in addition to this,
bi*yole riding and various other amuse
ments. The liability of the old as
edation has almost been satisfied,
ad1t is confidently believed that the
fair can be made a success. The sub
selibers so the new eomnpany should
pay.ap promptly, and all should work
tegether. The premium list will soon
appear. There will be no dead-head
Attention is directed to the card o
Mr. O. M. Sf ,ofAugusta, in oti
advertising c.mans. He is the ageut
it will be seen of the NoyeLty SaW llJ
the Fds;ill Tractiion ngine. &c., am
other ftst,.class machinery. Read th
a4dvertisement, and we have no 40ub
youiwil1 find something in it you nee(
in this 'age of improved labor savin=
Another County Heard From.
Mr. W. D. Garrison, a promineni
planter of Anderson County, S. C.
says he has used Norman's Neutraliz
ing Cordial in his family and it haw
proved efficacious in every instance he
had occasion to try it. This is the
verdict from many all over the land
and a trial will convince you that Nor
man's Cordial is all that is claimed
for it.
A Flood.
Shakespeare said "there is a tide in
the affairs of men, which. if taken at
the flood leads to fortune," and our
young friend Smith (of Cloud & Smith
memory) announces a tide in his busi
ness which will last for thirty days.
This is an uncommonly favorab' tide,
and we advise everybody to take it at
the flood, and get some of the great
bargains offered.
Newberry Bank
Monday was a dull saleday. The
only property sold was 20 shares of
bank stock. Ten shares were sold to
Thos. M. Neil, at $138 per share ; five to
Pierce Langford, at $137; and five to
B. C. Carlisle, at '$137. The stock
never sold before at an advance of
more than $32. -This indicates that
the bank is sound, and has the conti
dence of the people.
50c. Bottle.
This is pronounced of the g reatest ex
cellence by Connoisseurs. 'Ihis is finer
than the French clarets and cheaper,
for sale at
Pelham's Drug store.
The Silk Worm.
Mrs. Minnie Moses, now of Sumter,
is on a visit to Newberry, her former
home. She is the president of the
society engaged in the culture of the
silk worm, in that County. She is
enthusiastie on the subject, and speaks
by the book.' She showed us eggs,
empty and full cocoons, and samples
of silk. The society of which she is
president will soon begin to reel the
silk.. Several acres of ground have
been planted with the white mulberry,
and all other things done to insure the
success of the venture.
Newberry College
Will be prepared to do thorough
and satisfactory work next session.
The trustees have elected Prof. H. Dy
singer, of North Carolina College,
principal of the Preparatory Depart
ment; and the other vacancies will be
illed before the opening of the next
session. The work of. th e endowment
agency will be,carried on by President
Holland. Synod will be requested, at
its meeting in November, to make an
annual appropriation for the benefit of
the College, and the trustees of the
ollege are confident that the outlook
s becoming more encouraging,
astle O'Neall, No.81i.
At a meeting of this castle of the
nights and ladies of the Golden ]zle
last Thursday night, the following
>fices were elected:
C. C. Chase', Commander.
J. T. .Byaum, Vice-Commander.
Thos. Cook, Master-at-Arms.
G. 3!. Giraideau, Secertary.
A. M!. Bowers, Treasu:vr.
W. W7. Hodges, Prelate.
J. L. Speak, Herald.
W. C. Cromer, Warde~r.
B. H. Lovelace, Sentinel.
J. T. Bynum, W. W. Hodges, E. P.
athews, Trustees.
Great Excitement in Charlotte, N. C.
We have just received a private dii
ptch, stating that the neighboring~
city of Charlotte was rejoicing .over
he wonderful cure effected on-aux old
entleman living there. It seems that
ehad ben suffering with chronic
Diarrhea or, in other words, iniammia
ion of the stomach over three years.
After trying all other remedies withjout
avail and having given up all hope of
ecovery, he was persuaded to try Nor
nan's Neutralizing Cordial. It acted
ike a charm, Two bottles did the
ork. The party has entirely recover
d and will verify this statement.
ill wonders ever cease? Suffering
friend, do not lose hope.
ot Able to Attend.
We regret that a severe attack of
sickness p)revenited us from meeting
ith the Press Association this year.
e have attended every ieting up
o this time with pleasure and profit,
and have looked forward to this gather
ing of the brothers with the liveliest
motion, Particularly on this oc
asion do we regret it on account of
the recent remarkis of the Obserrer.
ur preseuce may have helped the
ssociation to bear with equanimity
the shaft which has been tired at it.
We tender the Associatio:i our sincere
ondolence, and heartily hope that the
blow may not p rove mortal. and that
the present junketing may be as pleasant
s the occasions which have preceded
it, and that the members may be able
o dead.hecad it in the future as in the
ast, with honor to thenmselves andl
atisfaction to railroads and hotels.
S. C. Sunday School Convenition.
The South Carolina State Sunday
School Convention will meet at New
erry S. C., on Wednesday, July 25th,
1883, at 8:30 P, 31. The trains arrive
t Newvberry from Columbia at 2, P.
., and from Greenville at 4:19 P, M!.
Arrangements are being made to secure
reduced fair on all the railroads of the
Those who attend the Convention
are expected to be preparedl to dliscuss
the following topies
1. The whole Church in the Sabbath
2. The principles of teaching applied
o Sunday-School work.
3. Better teachers and how to pro
cure them.
4. The influence of the home upon
5. Peculiar difficulties in the Sun
day School work in the country.
6. Peculiar difficulties in the Sunday
School work in cities and towns.
7. How to overcome these difficulties.
8. The missing link in Sunday
School work.
9. What practical results have al
ready been reached by the State and
Sunday-School Conventions.
10. Normal classes with an exercise
by way of illustrations using Inter
national Lessons for July 29..
GEo. S. MoWER,. President.
Correspondinxg Secretary.
The press will do the Convention a
favor by cpying.
The K. of H.~Anniversary.
f The tenth anniversary of the institu
r tion of the order of Knights of Honor,
was celebrated by Newberry Lodge.
, No. 355, at ..their hall, last Friday
I night. Invitations had been distrib
ited and. .some two hundred and fifty t
t iests male and female were present.
I he celebration, opened with music, e
after which Dictator, J. E. Chap- t
man, delivered the welcome ad
dress, which was at once interest
ing and instructive. He spoke of C
the soundness of the order, and of 1
the high character of the men of whom
it is composed. Organized in June, 11
1873. it now extends throughout many it
States and Territories, and numbers
140,000 members. Newberry Lodge,
N>. 355, was organized Sept. 15. 187,
with 14 charter members, and since s
that time it has enrolled 78 new names.
Owing to deaths and withdrawals for
various causes, it now has 74 members
in good standing. It has~ paid into the f ,
Supreme Treasury for the Widows' and
Orphans' Benefit Fund, $0,014.30, and
it has received from said fund and paid a
to beneficiaries, 8,000. These benefits tl
were paid promptly in each case. The )
Lodge provides for members out of
empYoyment, and for the relief of the o
sick and distressed. b
He was followed by the Rev. L. fi
Broaddus, who (excuse us, gentlemen)
made the speech of the evening. Hav
ing called out the hearty good humor e:
of the audience by some facetious re- a1
marks, he proceeded to show the many ti
advantages of the order, regarding it
chiefly from a social point of view. He .i
has been fully repaid all 'he has ex
pended on the order, by the comfort r<
of knowing that he has made some sure
provision for those who are dependent
upon him. There are members who fear 1
that the lodge will die before they do ; d:
for his part, he is not anxious to die o
before the lodge. ti
After-this came an address liy P. G.
D., M. A. Carlisle, who showed the
superior advantages of the order as an
insurance league. This address was tc
followed by the most refreshing fea
ture of the occasion. The guests re
mained seated, and waiters dispensed
refreshments consisting of cake, lemon- cr
ade and ice-cream. in
The second part of the program rc
was devoted to toasting, and we saw tc
several quail on toasts.
D. G. D., S. P. Boozer, proposed, re
"The Supreme Lodge-spreading its 11
itiluence throughout the United States; w
may its fostering care ever cement us 3<
in the bonds of love and unity." This
sentiment was responded to by Sn- tl
prenme Chaplain, Geo. W. Holland.
Each response was limited to ive
minutes. ti
P. D., J. 0. Peoples, proposed
"Newberry Lodge, No. 355; the wid
ows and orphans of our order, in our
midst, attest its beneficent influence." m
Response by P. G. D., 31. A. Carlisle. C(
"Our Sister Societies ; though sepa- lo
rate in government, yet united in the
grand object of providing for and pro- o
teeting the widows and orphans." or
Proposed by Asst. Die., Jas. F. Kil- ie
gore, and responded to by W. E. F:
elham. a
Jas. K. P. Goggans proposed the
following sentiment, which was re- 'L:
sponded to by Mayor Pope : "The town n
of Newberry ; The home of refine- wl
ment,learning, industry and progress ; or
may she ever move forward to the ke
music of the 1lti century."
P. D., Geo. S. Mower, proposed,
"The ladies : Dearer than all," and er
elicited a happy response from Prof. 'p
Welch. i
"The press: Mayv she al.ways prove
the grandest educator ! The stoute to
defender of the right, and the purest
of our li'terature !" proposed by D. B. nl
Wheeler, and responded to, in behalf 'm
of the Newberry papers, by WV. Hl. th
Wallace. or
Th'le last toast of the evening was mU
to our sister State, North Carolina. It kr
was proposed by J. Y. Culbreath and
responded to by thme lHon. W. M. Rob- thi
bins, of North Carolina. The distini- E:
guished visitor paid a glowving tribute th
to South Carolina, and referred with el<
especial tenderness to the ladies o,f W.
Newberry, having himself induced a ol:
Newberry lady to become a 3|iorth st,
Carolinian. .se
Delightful music, vocal and instru
mental, was furnished b)y Mrs. J. S- th
Fair, Mr-s. C. A. Bowman, Mrs. M. A. lia
Carlisle, Mrs. R. C. Carlisle, Misses Mal- C]
lie Wheeler and L. Davis ; and "Not O'
foF Joe" a character song, waS sling by 01
Jas Packer- fit
T.ihis was one of the pleasantest en- j
tertainments we ever attended. TIo
it continued four hours, no one secmed y:
tired or sleepy, but the perfect good Iha
humor of the occasion continued with
out interruption. The success of the
celebration cannot fail to increase the P
esteem wvith which the Knights and C.
Ladies have always been regarded.
Personal. t
Miss Mamie Cline has returned honme ju
from the Cedar Springs Inrstitute. se
Dr. Clint. Tjiompjins, of Sdgefield, 9
spenm the first of the week in town. J
Er'nest Gary, Esq., of Edgefield, Sa
was ~in town on business, this week. th
Messrs. Burr Johnstohe, and Jno. M. C.
Kinard, of the S. C. College, are spend- hix
ing their vacation at home. P.
Mr. Jno. Wheeler, of the Wheeler es
Bros., is spending some time at Glenn's ~
Spring- ail
K..s Lizzie Chapman has returned ca
home to enjoy vacation from her pi
school duties. IV]
Mr. W. W. Daniel, graduate oi New- in
berry College, is preaching in the fa
Methodist church.
We were pleased to see Dr. WV. K. go
Griffin, of Greenville, in town on Mon- da
day, who paid us a short visit. th
The Hon. W. M. Robbins, of North th
Carolina, spent a few (lays with Mr. S. fi
P. boozer, after delivering the literary d
ad(ress at Erskine College. t
3Dr. Wallace Cline left Newberry th
vet:erday, for Hickory, N. C.. where ro:
1e will s'pend some timre nrear 'his old fel
home, for his health. We hope that sp
le will be benefitted by his trip. fit
Don't Procrastinate. sh
If you have signs of pulmonary trouble.
act pronaptly. "A stitch in time saves nin e."r
Compound Oxygen will certainly arrest ther
pogres of consump tIon if used in the early
stages of that disease. It has already done
so in a large number of cases. In proof of
this the most direct and positive evidence
will be furnished by Drs. Starkoy & Palen,
1109 Girard Street, Philadelphia. If you fr<
would like to submit your ease and get an
opinion of jour condition, write to them at
and state all your symptoms -clearly. IT 2
and the documentary evidence which they fit
will furnish as to what has been done by 't
their new Treatment, and also as to their
profesional standing, will put you in a posi
ion tO judge for yourself whether to use
their Treatment or not.t
Useful as cooling beverage during F
summer months. Recommended by G
the highest authorities where acids are IM
At Pelhiam's. it
Tarious and all About.
"A rattle, a rubber and a bottle."
Make your tax returns before thi
A number of Newberrians went t4
he barbecue at Rikard's yesterday.
The Sheriff is in charge of anothei
olored lunatic. What is coming ovej
he negroes?
Last Saturday we saw several fields
f fine cotton between town and Can
on's Creek church.
On Tuesday Adger Fairs dog took
,ap into the factory well, and came t<
S death. It is well.
The glorious Fourth passed away
-ithout any unusual demonstration of
artling occurrence.
Cannon's Creek church is an ok
lace of worship. Some of the in
riptions in the grave yard date as
Lr back as 1775.
Rub up your guns. The adjutant
ad inspector-general has appointed
ie 17th instant for inspection :of the
ewberry Rifles,
We are told that the rain, on tionday
last week, damaged D1r. Berley's
>ttom la nd, to the extent of four or
ce hundred dollars.
The negroes of Columbia ran a big
ceursion to Greenville last Tuesday ;
id they were joined by a number of
ie colored people of our town.
No child can be healthy if worms
>ound in it stomach. Send for Shrin
Indian Verrnifuge, the reliable
nedy. For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant,
There will be a pic-nic at Mr. John
.Scott's, ill 3ollohon, next Satur
Ly, the 7th; and one at New Chapel,
t the 28th. We have our ;rip on
[at date.
We learn that the practice of Dr. D.
Crosson, of Gilbert Hollow, has so
creased that he has been compelled
buy a second horse. We are glad to
,ar of his success.
The net receipts from the sale of ice
eam and lemonade, at the entertain
cnt, were about eighty dollars. This
duces the debt on college building
the neighborhood of $400.
We acknowledge with pleasure the
ceipt of an invitation to attend the
adsworth School pie-nie, near ffope
ell church, in Laurens County, July
1. Sorry we could not attend.
The contract of furnishing brick for
Le factory has been given to Meswrs.
ol and Banks. They have under
ken to furnish 1,250,000 brick. It is
ought that more will bo needed.
The rafters having been put up on
r. Scholtz's new house, that gentle
an "tapped a keg of beer" and treat
the workmen last Saturday-fol
wing the custom of the old country.
One of the most manly little men is
r little man, Willian McFall. You
ght to just see the grace with which
draws the delicious soda at Dr.
mt's fountain. William will make
nan yet.
Lager Beer on Ice, and not Ice in
tger, Do you understand? for it
ikes all the difference in the world,
iether you put the Lee in the Lager
the Ice on the Lager. Dr. Fant
eps it right.
Our local reporter, after taking sev
al days to consider the matter, de
airs of doing the grand skating ear
cal justice, and begs to refer you to
uffles' a'ecount of the carnival which
>k place a few weeks ago.
Let: the ladies signiiff thieir willing
ss to do their shopping inl the morn
, or before six in the afternoon, and
e nierchants will, no doubt, let up
.the clerks. Why do not the clerks
aorialize th" merchants, and make
own their wi:shes ?
We arc pleas 'd to be able to inform
efriends of Messrs. C. Bouknight,
fr. & Co., tl:at they have overcome
e difficeulty which embarrassingly
sed their br.siness a short time ago.
e rejoice th .t their store is again
ened, and that their already large
>ek will be replonished, and made
ond to none in the State.
Several gentlemen have suggested
at the citizens of Newberry should
e Mr. Guerry to paint a portrait of
inellor John stone and one of Judge
Neall. The suggestion is a good
.e, and carried out, it would be a
ing tribute to these distinguished
rists. The two portraits, life size,
uld cost $300. The college halls
uld be a suitab)le plae in which to
g them.
Mr. I. N. Gary has been drawn as a
tit juror to serve at the term of the
S! Circait Court which will meet at
>lumbia on the fourth Monday in)
vember next. .At this term, the
litical cases which were continued at
a May term will be tried. On the
r ar~e the Greenbackers. W. W. Rus
i, and .Johin Agnew, e x-Mayor, of
>lumbia. About one half of the
ors arc Democrats.
'he Cannonm's Creek barbecue last
turday, was a pleasant afTair, but
crowdl was much smaller than was
pected. Short addresses wyere de
eredl in the nmornuing by the Rev. E.
MClintock, M. A. Carlisle, Esq1.,
d Geo. B. Cromer. The dinner was
cellent. A quantity of hash and a
iber of carcasses were disposed of
:er dinner, by sale, some of the car
sses being brought to town for that
rpose. The curiosity of the day
is an immense fork used by the hash
in. It was another evidence that,
eating hash, one should tmwalk by
th and not by sight."
Sr. S. P. Boozer visited General Ha
od's farm on the Saluda river, a few
y ago, and was much pleased with
a signs of enterprise which he saw
are. The farm contains 65 acres of
e meadow land. Last year, 18 acres
this land, yielded $1800, in Bermu
grass. In order to facilitate opera
us, a $2500 barn has been erected at
e meadow, which is near the rail
id ; and the hay can be easily trans
-ed from this barn to the cars. The
irit of enterp)rise has not been con
.ed exclusively to hay-making, as is
<>wn by the presence of some 300
eep on the farm.
Flavoredl with fresh syrups made
The is nothig so healthful nor re
L(ed asn a glass- of spairkling Soda
ater made as we furnish it.
NEwBE R RY C. . 8. C-, Jane 30. 1883.
List of advertised letters for week ending
ne 301l3:
own. Miss Carrie H-: beth
afod. Gorden (Saunders, Harrison
own, William - Saunders, W L
air, Sohn (2) Simpkins, Mrs. Em
ickett, Bate .ma
vli, Robbie L. 'Tolbert, Frank
ivis, Miss Lillie Wright, Mrs E'la
imer, William IWicker, Miss Nara
reen, Fanny 1Wicker, Mrs Mollie
Neal, Mrs Eiza-i
Parties calling for letters will please say
advertised. E, W. BOONE, P. M.
"A Blessing In Disguise."
March 29,1881.
No family should be without ALLCOCK':
Ponous PLASTERS; their healing powers arr
wonderful and their efficacy far reaching and
lasting. For years past I have seen and
known them to cure and relieve the most
obstinate and distressing cases of rheum
atism, kidney complaint, bronchitis, neural
gia, lumbago, inflammation of the lungs and
throat, paralysis, asthma, spinal weakness,
and coughs and colds. In my own case
they have afforded me almost instant and
permanent relief. bly friends consider them
an invaluable and speedy remedy for all
kinds of aches and pains. They are a bless
ing in disguise; and no wife or mother
should be without them If she values her
peace and comfort and freedom from nerv
ons exhaustion and-other ailments. As a
strengthening plaster, also for backaches
and weaknesses, they have no equal. I have
never yet found a plaster so efieacious and
stimulating, or to gi- a so much general satis
faction. Used in connection with BR* D
RETH's universal life-giving and life-healing
PILLs, no one need despair of a speedy re
storation to good sound health.
* If you have been using other Plasters ot.e
trial of ALLCOCK's Ponous will convinceyou
of their wonderful superiority. Take no
o+her so called porous plasters tha t claim to
be better, they are all frauds gotten up to
sell on the world-wide reputation of the
genuine article.
April3, 14-3m, cow.
Cabre Dispatch to the New York Sun.'
Jews everywhere in Europe are
watching with painful interest the
progress of the trial at Vienna of
the Jews who are accused of hav
ing murdered a young Christian
girl in order to obtain her blood for.
use in a religious ceremony. The
evidence , against the accused is un
expectedly strong, the principal
witness being the fourteen-year-old
son of the chief prisoner, Joseph
Scharf. After detailing the man
ner of the crime and how they held
the victim so as to lose none of the
blood, the boy was cross-examined
by his father. A verb(tihm passage
will give an idea of the scene in
court, and of the general character
of the trial:
Prisoner: Look me in the face,
thou scorpion. -
President: Do - not insult the
witness. I understand your emo
tion, but behave properly before
the Judges.
.'risoner : Dost thou know me?
Witness: Yes, thou art my fa
Prisoner: What didst thou tell
the officer at first?
Witness: Nothing because you
had forbidden me to speak of the
Prisoner: Thou liest, wretched
boy; thou dost not know what a
corpse is.
Witness : Oh. yes I do. It is a
dead body.
Prisoner: Then, when I tell thee
what thou sayest is false, I tell a
lie !
Witness: Yes, you are a liar.
Prisoner : Thou infamous liar, do
I deserve, on thy false evidence, to
be hanged in the market place ?
Witness: That is no concern of
mine. I do not wish to see you
Prisoner : Why dost thou address
me as thou art doing ?
Witness: Do you expect me to
say your Grace ?
- The toleration by the Court of
such a scene as the general charac
ter of the proceedings here exhibits
has provoked the bitterest feeling~
among the Jews.
Jtune 14, 1883, at the residence of
Dr. Jno. W. Thompson, by the Rev.
W. B. Elkin, MIr. J. E. STIcKEY, of
Sumter, S. C., and Mi1ss LILLA CRoss
WELL, former-ly of Orangeburg, S. C.
At a reeular meeting of St. Luke's
Grange No. 203 the followng preaimble
and resolutions were adopted;.
WHEEEAS, God in his- wisdom has
seen fit to call a good man to his rest,
WHEREAS, death, regardless of those
sweet engagements, those ipleasitng in
tercour-ses and imposing joys which
Grangers know, has suddenly summon
ed away in the mnidst of llis usefulness
our beloved friend and brother. W. F.
Schunmpert, whose remains we have
lodged in the silent tomb, there to an
swer the call ,of the gavel of the
Worthy 3Master of the Universe. Wo
beheld the sun in its meridian and re
joiced in its splendor, it is now set and
the evening shades of existence have
closetd around him. Blessed be his
slumber, and soft and safe to him, the
mortal bed; sweet the open flowers we
plant around. We will his memory ever
cherish, his virtues emulate, and Ihis
(death deplore.
Resokred, That we deeply sympathize
with the bereaved family and friends
of the deceased, their griefs are ours,
for our loss is theirs.
Reso/ked, That a blank page be left
in the minute book of thme Grange to
be dedicated to his memory.
Resolred, That this preamble and
these resolutions be published in the
Newberry HERALD, and a copy of the
samebe sent to the family of time de
The swift-winged harbinger of death has
paid -his untimely visit to the once happy
home of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Smart of New
berry, S. C., and plecked two lovely buds
from the wreath of affection that had en
twined itself around the hearts of the parents.
Louise G. Smart, aged seven years, was
stricken down, on the 2d of June, 1883,
with a malignant type of Scarlet fever, and
grew worse rapidly, until the 5th of June
her spirit gently took its flight; death seem
ing to have set its seal upon her from the
beginning. Scarcely had the bereaved
parents time to realize the blow that was up
on them, when little Ella A., aged otnly two
years, fell a victim to the same disease, and
on the 17th of June, was borne away by the
The death of these lovely children, so
strikingly sweet and interesting as to render
them peculiar3-.attractive even to strangers,
has enshronded the parental bomne with a
gloom thait htas cast its shadows over our
em ire com munity.
- ay the bereaved parents continue to be
sustained by the Christian religion that has
so beautifully exemplified itself in them, in
their trying hours. The gloom of the heart
is relieved by the glow of the promise, that
they shall meet again in a higher and holier
clime, where little Ella and Louise will be at
the "Beautiful Gate" waiting and watching
for them.
"I take these litle lambs," said he,
"And lay them in my breast:
Proteetion they shall find in me,
In me be ever blest."
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B. H. CLINE & Co.
Medical College
The Eighteenth regular Session of
thiLsCollege will commence on the first
Wednesday in October, 1883, and con
tinue until the last of February, 1884.
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Mar. 28, 13-tf HRWBo tr

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