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The Herald.
k-P&Pa roa TE& PsOPLE.
.<, .".The Heald is intheb sFupcam
flp , devtedtOthe material inr
$ge Wthopople of this county and the
Sea. t e eextensively, and as an
:.... I Circuates md1~um offers unrivalled ad
AdItainff "or rms, see first page.
Now that the strike is about end
ed. there is a general feeling of
regret that the victory was not with
the operators. This popular sym
pathy for them is not whimsical
founded on the bare prejudice sup
posed to exist against corporations,
nor on any spirit to elevate labor
over capital; but arises naturally
from the patent injustice of this
particular case, as shown by - the
facts. On the one side an excep
tionally intelligent, well-behaved,
hard-worked and illy-paid class of
employees. On the other a strong
combination of money whose -aim
seems to be, out of this flesh and
blood to derive as large dividends
and surplus capital as possible,
without paying the legitimate expenses
their creation, viz: an adequate
compensation for the human mater
ial so used.
The demand is, that before the
present enormous amounts are pass
ed to the dividend account or (for
ery employment) invested in extra
vagant property, there shall be de
ducted therefrom enough to fairly
compensate the intelligent skill and
patient labor 'used as the prime
factors in creating these amounts.
They will even then be left amply
large to pay legitimate and hand
some dividends and to make such
investments as will keep the com
pany safe and sound.
If the company does not in this
instance voluntarily make some
concessions to the operators, it will
be, but another case of the overpower
ing of the right by might; and the
operators- have only left for the time
the satisfaction of a battle well
fought for principle, and the hope
that somehow it 'will eventually
triumph; while now they furl their
flag amid the half-sneering, half~
pitying whispers: "a lost cause."
Whatever may be the different
opinions as to Senator Butler's
views on the road and labor ques
tions, all gratefully acknowledge
his efforts on these practical sub
jects. IEt wil! be a better day for
us when public men more generally
employ their time and talents less
in speechmaking on empty or dead
h. political questions and more in
studying and trying to solve such
-- economical, substantial questions
which everywhere in the State daily
confront even~ the humblest citizen.
one thing perhaps has made
C iken so strong in his Con
gressional District as his patient
and laborious efforts in establishing
convenient postoffices throughout
his territory. So no effort of Sena
tor Butler, not even his reply to the
Senator from Maine, is more highly
appreciated than that in behalf ot
better-roads in our State. He is
striking in the right direction; and
however, he may be in error, as
regards the regiedy or details sug
gested by him, he has achieved the
main object, viz: drawn attention
to and elicited criticism on the mat.
ter; which, we confidently expect,
will eventually result in an improve
ment of our roads, either under the
old system-probably amended, or
under some better system.
The Press and Baltner has, in its
last issue, some timely words on
the amenities of journalism. We
commend them to ourselves and
our brethren. It does strike us that
too many of the press take up time
and space in impugning the motives
of those who differ from them which
should be used in discussing the
merits of the issue-assuming that
all are honest in their convictions,
unless.dere be clear evidence to
the coligary.
Again we are, too much given to tak.
ing up whole columns in issue after
issue trying to vent some personal
spleen or gratify some personal
prejudice-it may be, concerning a
matter about which the public cares
as little as Jay Gould does about
the public.
The Kentucky election was held
on the 6th, and Proctor Knott,
a' Democrat, was elected. There was
much drunkenness and disorder in
Louisville, and ten prominent j'oli
ticians were arrested in one ward
for bribery. Two negroes were
killed, two were mortally wounded,
and three other-men, two %f them
white, were seriously injured.
ATLANTA, GA., August 11.-On
Tuesday morning last, in Miller
County, Joe Fulford, a farmer, with
the aid of Harry Bradley, a negro,
brutally murdered his wife, who at
the time was unable to turn herself
in bed. The negro beat her over
the head with a club until she was
insensible. Then her husband
choked the remaining spark of life
out. Fulford-then hired his accom
plice and another negro named
Reuben Robertson to haul the body
to Spring Creek, a mile and a half
away, and sink it in the deepest
part of the water. Fulford then
reported her absence, and sought
to create an impression that she
had committed suicide by drown
ing. The neighbors searched the
country all Tuesday evening and
night. On Wednesday the body
was found, having risen to the sur
face of the water, and marks were
found upon her body bearing out
the facts given above. Fulford
was arrested, but denied his guilt,
and remarked that he would not
have had his wife murdered for
five dollars. The two negroes
were then arrested on suspicion
from some language they were
heard to use, and they made a full
confession, giving the facts as re
cited. A Coroner's jury rendered a
verdict charging the three men with
the crime. A preliminary trial was
had at Colquitt yesterday, and they
were held for murder. There Was
talk of burning the trio af a stake in
the court house yard, but wiser
counsel prevailed. Between 10 and
12 o'clock last night, however, Ful
ford and Harry Brady were taken
from the* jail and hanged to a con
venient timber near the jail. Their
bodies were perforated with bullets.
Fulford's father is a man of con
siderable means, and is respected
by his neighbors. The general sen
titent of the country will approve
the act of "Judge Lynch," since
within two years two innocent wo
men have been murdered in the
same vicinity. In one case two of
the guilty parties escaped punish
ment by breaking jail and fleeing
the country.
The famous Kimball House, prob
ably the largest Hotel building in
the South, was totally consumed by
fire at 5 o'clock Sunday morning.
The value of the building and fur
niture was upwards of $500,000.
and the insurance only $80,000.
The building of the Gate City Na
tional Bank and the stores of sev
eral merchants were also consumed.
The total loss is said to approach
a million dollars-with only $200,.
000 insurance. In the vaults of
the bank were some $500,000. in
money and other valuables- These
are probably safe. The Hotel was
the joint property of Robt. Toombs,
John Rice and Joseph P. Thomp
son. Mr. Scoville, the proprietor
of the hotel, alone lost some $10,
000, his insurance being only $1.
The fire is thought by some to
have originated accidentally in the
barroom under the Hotel; by others
to have been of incendiary origin.
It was in all probability accidental.
'This beats Newberry as to the
extent of the fire but not as to in
While many of Charleston's
citizens are having a gay time in
the mountains and at other summer
resorts, those left at home are mak
ing the best of it. Tuesday's issue
of the News and Courier' contains a
long and interesting account of the
ceremonies had there on Monday iff
honor of that day being the Centen
nial Municipal Birthday of Charles
ton. St. Michael chimed, the can
non roared, bunting flew, busts of
Hayne and Pettigrew were unveiled,
Mayor Courtenay spoke, Rev. Mr.
Johnson prayed, Paul Hayne sang,
and it was altogether a memorable
gala day! !_____
Strength to vigorously push a
business, strength to study for a
profession, strength to regulate a
household, strength to do a day's
labor without physical pain. Do
you desire strength? If you are
broken down, have no energy, feel
as if life was hardly worth living,
you can be relieved and restored to
robust health and strength by
taking Brown's Iron Bitters, a sure
cure for dyspepsia, malaria, weak
ness and all diseases requiring a
true, reliable, non-alcoholic tonic.
It acts on the blood, nerves and
muscles and regulates ev-ery part of
the system.
Isaiah Simpson, the well known
dentist of Winsboro, was assaulted
by eight masked men while on his
way home from prayer meeting, in
company with a lady, last Wednes
day night, and severely beaten.
No cause for the outrage is known.
ent week has been assigned by the
General Conference of the Metho
dist Episcopal Church South as one
to be devoted to special prayer for
the various interests of the church
and country throughout the bounds
of the church jurisdiction.
That prince of dades, Oscar
Wilde, arrived in New York Satur
day, minus his locks, and dressed
like a rational being. He has come
to superintend the rehearspil of his
new play '"Vera," to be produced at
Union Spuare Theartre August 20.
Three negroes have been arrested
in Spartanburg for attempting to
poison the family of Andrew
Daniel by puttitig strychnine in the
cofe .
GREENWOOD, August 12.-W. J.
Carr; white, who has been a citizen
of this Jlace since. January last,
:was shot irthe arm'by J. S. Bailey,
_last night, while committing a rob
bery in the store of Bailey, Barks
dale & C. Carr is from Hamburg.
Nothing further is known of him
here. A. J. S.
[News and Courier.
Dr. J. M. Klein, Walterboro, S.
S. C., says: "Brown's Iron Bitters
have given universal satisfaction.
They are famous."
Three negro preachers of Colutn
bia were put into jail, within a week,
for offenses common among the lay
men of their race.
The great telegraph strike re
mains unchanged, except that it has
extended itself into Mexico.
Over 7,000,000 hags (on four legs)
entered Chicago in a year, and not
one of them left the city alive.
Two Mormons invaded Chester
last week, but they "sloped" rather
,A Blessing in Disguise."
March 29,1881.
No family should be without Ar.ccK's
Poaous PLaSTERS; their be-.i, powers are
wonderful and their efDacy far reaching and
lasting. For years past I have seen and
known them to cre and relieve the most
obstinate and distressing cases of rheam
atism, kidney complaint, bronchitis, neural
gia, lumbago, Inflammation of the lungs and
throat, paralysis, asthma, spinal weakness,
and coughs and colds. In my own case
they have afforded me almost instant and
permanent relief. My friends consider them
an Invaluable and speedy remedy for all
kinds of aches and pains. They are a bless
ing in disguise; and no wife or mother
should be without them if she values her
peace and comfort and freedom from nerv
ous exhaustion and other ailments. As a
strengthening plaster, also for backaches
and weaknesses, they have no equal. I have
never yet found a plaster so efficacious and
stimulating, or to give so much geperal sati?
faction. Used in connection with BiAND
RET's universal life-giving and life-healing
Pr,s, no one need despair of a speedy re
storation to good sound health.
If you have been using other Plasters one
trial of ALLCOCK'S PonOUS will convinceyou
of their wonderful superiority. Take no
other so called porous plasters that claim to
be better, they are all frauds gotten up to
sell on the world-wide reputation of the
genuine article.
April 3,14-3m, eow.
MESSRS. EDITORS:-MajorJuo. P. Kinard,
from your place, gave to the -guests of this
place and people of the vicinity-numbering
in all about 200 or more, a remar' ,ble and
novel entertainment of his own genting up.
The Hall in the hotel was completely crowd
ed by an attentive and appreciative audience.
The Major seems to have a fine talent as a
theatrical manager, and his corps of actors
was well managed. His principal one was
what he styles his human African mocking
bird in the person of a colored man, who
whistles and sings comic songs in a peculiar
and original style. There was also
some fine dancing on the old time darkey,
double shuffle order, which brought down
the house and was loudly applauded. After
the Major closed and returned his thanks, he
was congratulated by ali and requested to
again get up something for ti a amusement
of the guests and he Intends to do so very
soon. When he returns to Newberry he
Intends taking his corps with him and ex
hibiting there, and also his theatrical talent.
Altho' there Is quite a crowd here, there is
room enough for more, and all will find who
come here, the healthful influence of the
Glenn's Spring water, and will be looked
after and provided for by the Messrs. Simpson
who, altho' not possessed of the hypocritical
urbanity and deceitful toadyism of the hotel
keeper of the age, are possessed of that
quality more excellent and reliable. noazar
and TRUTH. There has'not been (tho' many
good effects or the water and climate are
noted) any existence of so sudden a cure and
restoration to health as was effected by the
Major upon the editor of the NawEaBY
HERaa, who you knew was suddenly and
completely 'renovated and toned up by the
Mayor's shower bath, and left for home on
the following day. We hope his restoration
was permanent as hehas not returned. Many
of the prominent men, both politically and
socially, are in attendance here, and Glenn's
is now not only a pleasant place for the
health -seeker but also the pleasure seeker.
Trust we will see you here again soon.
.Aes8rs. Editors:-Is it correct to say:
"Where are the sli7ot and powder?" or
"Where is the shot and powdler ?"
Please answer through your paper,
and g'ive the reason for your opinion.
"Where is the powder aud shot ?" is
in our opinion correct, and, to say the
least, the better expression;, for the
same reason that we say: "Where is
the bread and butter?" and not
"Where are the bread and butter." To
our cars the singular of the verb is
certainly the more natural; for both of
these questions were often on our
tongue in boyish life and wve can't re
call ever asking: "W~here are the bread
and butter." "Where are the shot and
powder?"; but remember always bawl
ing out "Where is the bread and but
ter." "Where is the shot and powder."
You see therefore how natural it is
for us to embrace that side of the
question; we have, however, -called on
the grammarians for authority support
ing our position, and are gratified to
find that they uphold the language of
the average boy in this instance.
Reed & Kellogg's "Higher Lessons in
English," page 227, lays down the
recognized general rule as follows:
"When a verb has two or more sub
jects connected by and it must agree
with them iii the plural."
He then enumerates the exceptions
to this rule; two of which only we nteed
"Exception 5. When several sub
jects follow the verb each subject may
be emphaxsized by making the verb
agree with that which stands nearest.
as, Thine is the kingdom and the
power and the glory." Our case does
not, however, in our opinion, fall un
der this exception; for in the sentence
there are not several subjects following
the verb; nor is either of the two that
do follow it intended to be emphasized.
We quote this exception simply to show
that the general rule is by no means
"Exception 1. When the connected
subjects * * * name several
things taken as a whole. the verb must
be in the singular, as, Bread and milk
is excellent."
The same idea Is' expressed by Mr.
Holmes, on page 171 of his grammar, as
follows: "But, if the nominatives form
a single though compound conception
the verb is put in the singular; as,
Bread and butter is very good diet."
Under this exception falls our cas9e.
In speaking of shot and powder we
have in mind "a single conception"
ammunition-compounded of "shot
and powder." These articles named
are "taken as a whole." Shot and pow
der isto the gun, what bread and butter
is to the boy-its motive power-its diet.
The unparalleled bargains
we are now offering in all
Departments to reduce our
large stock shall have passed.
During the Spring and Sum
mer we have given you the
lowest of prices, and for some
weeks past we have been sell
ing goods at a fearful sacrifice,
but grateful to the Public for
their liberal support in our
efforts to give them First
Class goods at Second-Class
prices, we will show our
gratitude by giving them for
the next 10 Days still
lower prices, and still greater
inducements for successful
off Store W Be
soon filled to its utmost
capacity with the prettiest
and the mest stylish line of
goods that will be brought to
Newberry, making it indeed
an Emporium of Fash
ion. Daily we are receiving
New and Seasonable goods,
and the harassing problem
which now demands solution
is : Where shall we store the
immense stock which we are
compelled to purchase in
order to supply the necessi
ties of our customers ? Our
beautiful Spring and Summet
.stock must pass from the
shelves into the hands of the
consumer, is the imperative
solution; and it shall be done.
During the week we have
received ovsr $5,000 worth of
Ladies', Gentlemen's and
Children's Fine Shoes; and ii
the ladies will pay us a visil
we will show them the most
line ever exhibited. Our
genuine Ladies' French Kid
Shoe made especially for us,
and having our name stamp
ed upon the sole has no equal
for durability of wvear,
elegance of finish and thor
ough workmanship. Filling
the foot in a glove-like man
ner it enhances its natural
beauty, rendering any toilet
incomplete without it. Be
ing as soft and as pliant as a
kid glove, it is the very em
bodimnent of comfort. Farm
ers and business men buy J.
W. Brigham's O ustom-Made
Shoes, and save health, com
fort and money ! We guar
antee them not to rip or burst,
and to be the best and cheap.
est Shoe upon the market.
Should they prove in way
inferior you haveour positive
guarantee for proper adjust
from the best and most reli
able Houses, and with our
increasing facilities for close
buying, it is simply absurd
for any one carrying our line
of goods to state that we can
be undersold. Bind your
coats with genuine Mohair
binding. It combines the
beautiful luster of the silk,
with the wearing qualities ol
the Worsted binding.- We
have it. Hoop Skirts in
abundance. The best laun
dried and unlaundried Shirt
for 50c..-pure linen front -
we do not mean cambric
we mean linen.
Whether you stand or whether you sit,
The Diamond Shirt will surely fit.
gg' There will be no ex
tension of our great 10 Days
offer. Come at once and
save future regrets.
B.H. Cline & CO.
M7Vew .Idvi
Admitted by all public ginners who ha
ing Heads in the ends of the cotton boi
roll or choking. It makes as good sam
fectly clean and does the work rapidly.
Every Gin Feeder and Condenser is j
every respect or no pay. We use nothi
struction and employ none but the ver3
import our own saw steel and iron for
Every gin thoroughly tested before s
S. C., are our agents, and will sell you
Write to or see them before placing 3
june 5, 23-3m.
I take infinite pleasure in informing
my friends and the former customers
of the old firm of H. A. BURNS, that
having purchased his entire stock. to
Household Articles,
so highly prized by- the tasty house
keeper, and which no one can do with.
out, that I am now prepared to furnish
everything needed by the most fasti
dious appetite or taste. All I ask iD
that you call and see me; and if you dc
not see what you want ask for it.
A specialty made in Seasonings, such
as Spices, Cinnamon, Cloves, and all
kinds of flavorings.
South Carolina
Charleston, S. C.
CO. Chairman Board of Visitors,
The Second Academic year, since re
establishment by Act of the General
Assembly, will begin October 2d next,
Applications for Cadetship must be
made on or before September 20th
next, to the Chairman Board of Vis
itors se Barnwell C. H., E. C.
Pay Cadets received from any State.
Registers or Circulars furnished by
Three Times A Day
Is not too often to use it, yet if once
a day the teeth are brushed with
WOOD'S ODONTINE the greatest change
is observed. Instead of brown, stain
ed and ugly looking spots on the teeth
you will see a bright row of polished
pearles, where the teeth are sound
and even when they are not perfect
they will be kept from further decay.
WoOD's ODONTINE contains nothing
which can p)ossibly injure the teeth but
on the contrary is beneficial to teeth
gums and breath. Trade supplied by
Wholesale Agent. Columbia, S. C.
For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant and W.
E. Pelham. Feb. 28, 9-ly
Newberry Female Academy
The exercises of this School will
begin on 119 September, 1883.
Tihe Course of Instruction is not
inferior to any Female College in the
State. Rates of Tuition moderate.
For particulars send for catalogue or
apply to S. P. Boozer, Esq., Secretary
of the Board. or to
aug. 15, 33-3m.
Newberry College.
Instruction in various departments
will begin Oct. 1st. Eioht Instructors.
tical courses in the Natural Sciences.
Prompt entrance secures great advan
tages. Board $10 to $12 per month.
Tuition $19 per term. For further in
formation, address
aug 13, 33-5t President.
By Jacob B. Fellers, Probate Judge.
WHEREAs, Robert P. Wallace and
George L. Neel have made suit to me
to grant them Letters of Adnuinistra
tion of the estate and effects of James
A. Wallace, deceased.
These are, therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular the kindred5
and creditors of the said James A.
Wallace, deceased, that they be and
appear before me, in the Court of
Probate, to be held at Newberry Court
House on the 22d day of August next,
ater publication hereof. at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, to shew cause, if any
they have, why the said Administra.
tion should not be granted.
Given under my Hand this 7th day
of August Anno Domini, 1883.
J. B. FELLERS,:J. P. N. C.
Augusnt 7. 22-2t
roiuh4u m
re used then to ne the best. The revoly
of these gins prevent its breaking the
ple as can be made, gins the seed per
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in
ing but the very best material in its cor
best mechanics to do the work. We
;hafting, and it is the best we can get.
hipped. Messrs. Aull Bros.. Newberry,
one at Factory prices.
our order.
Prattville, Ala.
The County Commissioners will be
at Piester's Bridge over Bush River at
10 o'clock A. 31. Saturday, August
25th, inst, for the purpose of awarding
a contract for building a new Bridge.
In the mean while plans and specifi
cations may be seen in their office.
By order of County Commissioners.
Aug. 8th, 1883, 32-3t. Clerk.
Section 1178 of the General Statutes
requires that all landowners in the
County of Newberry shall remove from
the running streams of water upon
their lands all trash, trees. rafts, and
timber, during the months of March
and September in each year. Land
owners are notified to comply with the
By order of the County Commission
ers. JAS. K. P. GOGGANS,
August 8th, 1883, 32-3t. Clerk.
We the undersigned comprising the
firm of McFall & Satterwhite do here
by announce that said firm is dissolved
by mutual consent.
All persons holding demands of any
character whatsoever against said firm
will present the same to Dick S. Sat
terwhite for settlement-he having as
sumed payment thereof.
And all persons in anywise indebted
to said firm will make payment to Dick
S. Satterwhite-who alone is authori
zed to colleet said1 indebtedness.
Newberry, S. C., August 3rd, 1883.
Are now in the
room lately occupied
by Mlrs. Sophia Re
dus, and are closing
out their stock. of
&c., saved from the
fire, without regard
to cost.
Bargains may be
had by calling early.
aug. 8, 32-4t.
Has no superior for rapid work, well
cleaned Seed, and good sample, and is
sold at a low price, and ou accom
modating terms. Please call and see
sample Gin, with Feeder and Condens
er, at my store.
aug. 1, 31-4t.
Note Paper, first-rate quality, 15 ets.
a quire.
Note Paper, second quality, 10 ets.
aLeer Paper, good quality. 20 ets. a
Leo-al Cap, lirst-rate, 30 cts. a quire.
'I " medlium. 20 eta. "
Bill " first-rate. 2.5 cts. "
" " medium, 20 ets. "
Envelopes, superfine,.15 cts. per pack.
"second quality. 10 ets per
"common, 8 ets. per pack.
And every thing else in proportion.
june 27, 26-3t.
Published at Sumter, S. C., by
Two practical printers; the former .baring
published the first daily newspaper issued in
Columbia, over thirty years ago, being well
known by all its citisens.
vertising medium In the County for Mer
chants and other business men.
Subscrlption one $150 peryar
Sep. 14, 37-tf Sumter, S. C.
New Letter Writers.
Recitation and Dialogue Books.
Fancy Books.
HERALD Book Store.
The citizens of Newberry and adjo
iug counties are aware of the latefiw
which destroyed Mollohon Row' Asi
with other houses, laid low in
the well-known CHEAP CA .
With great exertions, a portion ot
stock was saved; and though part
is badly burnt, a great dealJis
erfect. a N sooner was he b
fae Ioface wit the disaster, the
ii his usual irre ressible style,
mined,that he should rise once
At'lat he. succeeded in scyr
gfent stand of the well
firm of
together with their beautifuusto ..
DRY GOODS "ihich he purle
a heavy discount off New York
FOR 3ASH, and he is n be
with pleasure, at be'ig t
customers better than ever.
The stand is the finestn tow;
goods are and re.
and a well- ' td sWi 4
to the best a vantage.
This fine stock, togethEr*iTi
owoods saved from the fire, wil e
fered to the public from to-umi~e
Having procured a hea
on this stock and receiv da
for the goods saved by fire, hei.
position to fairly
Slaughter Prices~ i
The stock comprises a bsautfi
sortment of notions, Dress God,
all kinds, iin dazzling profusion,
trimmnings to correspond.; and ane
less variety of HOSIERY,GO
and in fact everything in the.
GOODS LINE, at prices toatoi
every one. The great slaughter
commence on Monday with *a~
for which he is now preparing, by having evrtin &rk
ed down, ready for the rush. sucli anopportunity.ma
not occur again to secure bargias. The goods mesat b
sold, to make room for a Fall ard Wint stock: so
come early, as it will be more pleasant tlisn late in the a~~
The stock is so immense and all-hiands prbai
exhibition, that a list of either,god or:prices is im
but.I guarantee a saving of at least 30 per cent. less ta
any other house. A mountain of
with a regular stock second to none in the state.
Al1 My Old Friendi
are equested to call around at the new stand, and se
themselves. They will alwsys receive the same
treatment, whether they pucaeor not. I will g
to sell as many goods for $.50 as any other ho2se in
State can sell for $10.00
and secure some of those rare bargYain befor they
gone, and you will leave the store smiling and
will tell your neighbors that the place to get
Old Stand of McFa',

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