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' erState,' reommenlations
_portantpar,and they
' isehie-as well.
Trial J#tstice system
. a3 into merited disrepute,
CnseI the system itself
defective, but also be
1as a heartys on
frte average Justice, a an
ad yet asmebody'recem
.vrage- ice! -
fias when a -good name
o be chosen than gold,
-' a'good name itth esti
put upon one by his follow
AM whileP tlere sWa very
reputation, a good name is
tbadge of a hig charac
4s.,rthepiibiecdiscernment will
me{biypenetrate the veil behind
4Mh wiotlessame seeks to shield
STies a irhbi has won a
~ao ame by patient merit and a
Slife, desefres some con
N aieet ytlwehandWof the pub
It iha imthatmeritshould
the test odipromotion ;and
duhimthat agood recoin
S should never be bsed
- -Teman, whether in private or
1~life, who dieliberately or
- Yrecommuends an ap
*ir a puitie office, without
-the personmaamd elleial
efthe applicant; doe% an in
tli~e Gverner wheee coun
'~ecmes,and indiets a
wrong upon the public.
it is right that the people
always know - by whose
sppolntments are made, for
ma ho signs the petition is
Iin -some measure, for
of an unworthy
t. For these, and other
one should never sign the
4ainof an offBce-seeker
-character and capacity do
respect; nor should
-. end another- merely be
e- is '"the only applicant'
mr State has -come to that pass
esopble men cannot be found
B~ffl vacant offices, then, let the
"4ancies stand.
'The Charlestomfews and Courier
stin a $30,000 press
i&wilWsoon be. enlarged to the
~ 1the New York Herald. To
Carolina belongs the distinc
af having the best newspaper
e south; and we hope that the
Neen and Coterier will become, as
fldeserves, a welcome visitor in
.ery home in the State.
na the last three issues of the
Herald our readers doubtless no
~.iee the presence of a new and vig
.orous pen. Jtwas that of our tal
eidfriend. L W. Simkins, Esq.,
Sbag plad us under any ob
sam ILH, September 3.
TruaiMmker Erice has not been seen
sealdays, The Impression. is
has left this ssetlon.e His father
,sbeentrykangso couraie, but
~e *e Ts too s su~.-Xews and
$?e residen.eofMrs. T. I P,l
vile, was set on-fire-by an l~n
'i ary rat lat Thursday.. The flaumes
neextinguished before mnehidamage
So mnuch has oni
the e, that
ying anything. tor
o; do not wish our readers to feel
Artemus Ward felt when he was
htin marriage by eighteen
oriowns-- 1here'eis tdoe
f a muohness."' But we wish to
say a word with reference not:so
whiehrsre cogspicuously absent
frn e bi dh and crossings, A
manat hat4aveled by prate
conveyance thrn htree counties
ked us why the County Corn
nissionershAve not had sign-boards
iut up at the 'iks and dross-roads.
?1i9 optiidonthatthese boards should
be erected is shared by all who
have experienced the loneliness
which never s0 opyresses the lost
traveler as when he -reaches the
potin at which the road forks. and
rids hoth idto indicate the right
direction; aid the matter~is of suffi
cient importance to have engaged
the. attention of our' law-makers.
The Genei1a Statutes contain this
provision: "The Superintendents
of Highways shall cause all the
roads in theirrespective districts to
beposted and nubibered, and. at
eaeh' fork of said roads, a pointer
to be placed declaing the direction
of said Toads." Any Superintend
ent of Highways neglecting to cause
sai .roadto lie posted and nun
bered; and td have pointers-erected
as afdresid, shall be liable to pay
.the sum often dollars for each and
every snchiegleet." This, like the
rest of the iaw'relating to the public
roads is practically a dead letter.
We canot say why the pointers
have not been "placed"; we can say
that tiie Superintendents have left
indor e what ought to have been
dbne. Tliey may be waiting to see
'hether the public highways-will be
dispensed- with, or whether a new
road lai will be enacted by the
next Legislature; or, to take a more
charitable view, they may be ig
norant of the present requirements
of-the law. At all events, the course
that -they -may hereafter pursue,
Swill be a matter of interest to coun
:ry travelers.
Kuxxs n GEORGIA:=The
Sapnah. (Ga.) Weekly Echo (negro
raises a cry of Kukluxism
iii eorga. In' an impassioned ar
tieisys'Wthin tlhe' past six
months sarig two hundr'ed'inno
cent, lawabiding, speaceful colored
pepe,residing in .the interior of
teState, have bqjmurdered, shot,
whipped. -4 ' d vnfrom .their
homes by iilance committees and
Kuklux~; and instead of the respect
able and most influential blass'of
our leading journals denouncing
tseontrages.and assisting to show
thei up, thede perfectly quiet.
Not a day passes but what there is
from, three to a half dozen colored
personsktilled "by Kuklur in this
State. This murdeus work has
been.going- on fer quite a while, and
as yet neither the State nor Federal
Governments.have taken any steps
by which to suppress it. Colored
farmers who have been successful
with their crops, and colored teach
era who are.doing a good work in
the interior, are.forced to depart in
haste in order to save their lives.
Something must be done 'to put a
stop to Kukioxismuin Georgia. If
the State or Federal Governments
do not nor wilitake the matter in
band, the people will,be compelled to
organize themselves into Vigilance
committees sure enough and scour
the country in behalf of the poor,
defenceless colored people in the
interior, who seem, to be at the
mercy of the most desperate out
laws ini existenee."
LoDs August 29.-A dispatch
from :Batavia, Java, to Lloyd's
says: h on of Anjier, Tjiringin
and Telokbelong have been de
stroyed by volcanic eruptions. It
also says that all light-houses in
the Sunda Straits have-disappeared,
and that where the mountain of
Kramar formeriygtood the sea now
flows. The aspect of the Sunda
Straits is mch changed and navi
gation is dangerous.
BA'rATrA, August 29.-The tidal
[waves completely ,destroyed Anjier.
Many persons there were killed and
the loss of life among both Europ
eans' ad natives at North Lzntam
was enormous. Since noon ""ester
day everything has been quiet, the
sky is clear and communication
with Serang has been restored. The
temperature fell ten degrees on
Monday, but it is now at its normal
height. The town is covered with
a thin layer of ashes which was so
hot when falling that it killed birds.
Telegraph linemen report that while
they were at work repairing the line
near Anjier early Monday morning
they saw a high column of the sea
approaching with a roaring noise.
They fled immediately without
learning the fate of the inhabitants,
and all the people of the place
The floating dock at the island of
Ourusk near Batavia is adrift and
is badly damaged.
Postmaster-General Gresham says
that Senator Brown is liable for the
losof $8,000 in the accounts of
C,ey'the snspended postmaster
oi4tlanta. Senator Brown is Con.
TE-. Sep.3--The Au
cotto re brt for the Mem
e essee -North 'isI , #orth
Arkansas and North Ala to
be published to-morrow 'by Messrs.
Hill. Fontaine & Carvill, says : Here
with is submitted a summary of infor
1natin eontned in 302 letters bearing
the average date of August 28. The
outlook detailed -in these letters is by
so means eneouraging. Drought, rust
and shedding of squares and small
balUs-. anmentioned as easessf-com
plaint in nearly every portion of the
district. Inl)|asissippi dasly four eor
respondents represent 6d injury from
LtAesecaugs. In.Arkansas,nly twelve.
report no damage. Our July report
indiexted a decreased yiefd- of cotton:
as- compared with last year of 12 per
cetit., owing to the causes alluded to
above a summary of the responses up
on which this report is based points to
a deereise in yield of fully 20 per cent.
The hot dry days and cool nights
which have prevailed for the past two
weeks have virtually closed the grow
ing season by promoting rust and shed
ding, and nothing now remains ex
cept the bolls already formed to ma
turity. Picking will become general
throughout the district by September
15. -'I he following is the aggregate of
the three huidred and sixty-two re
sponses: Twenty-eight report the
weather during August as having been
unfavorable to cotton, one hundred
and fifty-six favorable, two hundred
and four less favorable than last
year, one hundred and two more fav
orable and fifty-six about the same,
two hundred. and fourteen report the
plant fruiting well and one hundred
and forty-eight not so well; sixty re
port the plant in good condition. and
better than last year; two hundred
and' eight not so good and ninety-four
about the same ; forty-four report
pieking as having commenced and
three hiundred and eighteen not com
meneed; three hundred and twenty
six report injury to plant from drouth,
rust and shedding, and thirty-six no
injury; dighty report. a prospect of a
greater yield than last year, two hun
dred and fourteen that it will be less,
and sixty-eight about the same.
A.SU ESrIox.-If we may be per
mitted to make a suggestion to our
Georgia neighbor, the Augusta Chron
ide and Constitutionalist, we would hint
to him that he would render to
Georgia a greater service if he could
secure the passage of the stock law for
that State, as. we have it in South
Carolhia, thalf he would do if he were
to line the whole seven miles of the
A ta canal with nagnfleefit cotton
.The stock law is based upon
equity and strict justice to all parties.
Contrary to the expectation of its op
ponents in this State, it is pre-emi
nently a poor man's law, and above all
other laws, it benefits more than any
body else, the poor widow who may be
unable 'to- have rails to split to fence
her crop. In fact, every objection
which was urged against the passage
of the law has been proved, by actual
experiment, to have been fallacious.
All the laws on the statute books of
Georgia hre not worth to the farming
interests of that State half as much
as would- be the abolition of the pre
sent iniquitous and monstrous law
which requires a man to build a barri
cade. around his farm to prevent the
depredation of his neighbor's rasor
back hog. If any Georgian objects to
the stock law the probability is he
wants to let his cow browse on some
'other man's hill,; or feed upon the
crops of a ndighbor whose fence is un
able to withstand the~ attack of his
vicious ox.--Press and Banner.
PosTAL NorEs.-The post office at
Columbia yesterday received 3,000
postaf notes. The notes are hand
somely gotten up, and are for the pur
pose of sending.sums less tha,n a dollar
through the mail, but they may be
used for larger aniounts, if you are
"green." enough to do it. These notes
are always payable to bearer, and if lost
and found the finder can draw the
amount called for. No duplicate will
be issued for a lost note. They are no
safer in even dollars than if you sent
greenbacks in a letter. As far as safe
ty is concerned, the postal note is a
humbg as a convenient risk it is
handy; that is, if.at the risk of the
payee; it is all right with the payer.
In sitding one dollar or more the'
postoffice money order can't be im
proved. on, unless the postal notes are
made payable to order and duplicates
issued for 16st notes. However, as we
have iaot been elected to Congress as
yet, and the gove'rnment has thus far
been successfully- run without any sug
g estions from us being called for, uo
doubf the postal notes will find eus
tomers.-Columbia Register.
NEW ARRIVA.s.-The bad crop
year d1oes not seem to have much
adveree influence upon the popula
tion of A bbeville, for it is increas
ing. Several of our junior married
men have a broad grin on their
countenances. M. L. Bonbam Jr.,
Esq., will -have to furnish shoes for
another boy, it will take another
biscuit for G. H. Moore's second
girl and Chaucey Miller will have
to jump up many a cold night to
wait on his girl. We can see them
now in the eye of imagination.
Abbeville Medium.
It is said that the first trial of
Frank James for any offenc-the
trial now in progress-begun ojp
the twentieth anniversary of the
Lawrence massacre, in which Jesse
and Frank James did their first
bloody wbrk, and in which nearly~
all the men*who formed the original
Jesse~James gang were concerned.
The raid was made by Quantrell's
band of guerillas. The town was
sacked and many residents were
Last week Paul Evans, colored,
of Walhalla, a petit juror of the
United States District Court, was
dismissed from the Court on motion
of District Attorney Melton, it
having transpired that Evans voted
for the conviction of a~ certain pris
oner, but said confidentially that his
object ini doing so, was money.
Mr. W. G. Smith. W alhballa, S. C.,
says: "Brown's Iron Bitters com
pletely restored my wile to her
former vigor, after suffering long
with ailments - peculiar to her sex."
The plate on the coffin of Count
de Chambord is inscribed with the
following words: "Henry the Fifth,
by the Grace of.God King of France
and Navarre.
The Edgefield Chronicle says : "The
recent rains have put the crops in
most parts of our count y in excellent
condition, and with continued good
seasons an average crop will be made.''
- 2Fog 'W13 H3AWr
ierry Sept3d,'1883
MESSRs. EDftoEs:: I returned home a'ew
days ago from Glean Springs, health much
Improved from drinking that powerful and
great water. The Srst thoughttlhat struck me
after getting home was to go over to the
depot where tbdNewberry Cotton Factory is
located. and see the progress during my
absence. I found that work was moving
on very rapidly-I might have expected
nothing else, knowing the President of
the faetory. Robt.- L. McCaugbrin, as I
do-he moves every thing in a quiet
manner. that be undertakes, and with speed.
Th is Factory is 204 feet long, 100 feet wide.
and is to be a 10,000 Spind:e Cloth Mill
-Coatractor.1. -1..Davis, Saperinteudent of
building, and C. H. Holbrook, two gentlemen
otligh standing as Factory Builders. Messrs.
Leavell :& Epeers are- the contractors for fur
nishing the granite for foundation and doing
alLgsaite. work.. The Jendation will soon
be completed, and appears to me a power
fully strong .loundation; with the bemuti:al
split granite got near. the Fac:ory. I have
been taught that In bnilding care should
be taken to build on rock foundations,
a.d this Factory is so built. The contrac
tors for furn&shlng the bricks are T. C.
Pool & Co., already they bare 500.000 on the
ground of beautiful pressed brick. The
Stockholders arc all Newberrlans, and very
nearly all iit the corporate limits of town.
It wIll be considered by town and county the
banner factory of the country. This Factory
will add very much to the wealth and pros
perity of Newberry and surrounding country.
I also found on my return that our hon
orable and respected Mayor and Wardens
have purchased a Fite Engine at large cost,
from the La France Fire Engine Co., and
that they have sunk two cisterns full of
water, one in rear Court House, holding
60,000 gallons, and one on Thompson Street,
holding 30,000 gallons water. I have been
told that the Engine is managed by experts.
The fire fiend will find more trouble to set
fire and burn up our beautiful town after
this. Mollohon Block which was destroyed
in my absence is still lying in ruins,
except the two stores started previous to
last fire, by our enterprising townsman Al
fred Crotwell, they will soon be completed by
Superintendent O. S. Wells. In visiting
these stores I pronounce them the most
beautiful stores ever built in this town. I
understand the other stores on block will be
built as soon as briek can be procured. .
From what 1 have seen of farms of th is
county and talks with good many farmers,
the crop is much better than I have seen in
my travels over the up country, I think from
what I have seen and learned, this county
will make fully three-fourths of crop of last
year; some portion of county will make an
average crop. The 50,000,000 of people In
these United States are dependent on far
mers for a living. As soon -as it rains go to
sowing oats till last Oct., and then com
mence sowing wheat and keep on sowing un
til December. The farmers of this county
are not despondent, those I have seen and talk
ed with appear to think from old corn and oats
saved over from last year by growing small
grain largely this Fall, will be able to ran
their fhrms next year and will be able to pay
for their fertilizers and supplies used this
year, and have surplus over to deposit in
Bank of Newberry for safe keeping. Liens
given in this county this year are small.
Intelligentyoung men and ladies must build
up .and make South Carolina what she was,
and 1 will help you. P.
Xew Jdvertiserments.
Prices If You Can.
50,000 ENVELOPS!
We are just in receipt of alarge and
fine lot of White and Colored En
velopes, all sizes which will be
A T FROM~ $2.75 TO $3.50
Give uts a call.
King Of' The Singers!
Twenty Dollars.
Finished in the best manner with
the latest improvements ior winding
the bobin ; the most convenient style
of table, with extention leaf, large
drawers and beautiful gothie ov-er,. it
stands without a rival.
We do0 not ask you to pay for it un
til use what you are buying. We
only wish to know that you want to
buy a Sewing Machine and are willing
to pay $20 for the best in the market.
Write.to us sending the name of your;
nearest railroad Station and we will
send the machine and give instructions;
to-allow you to examine it before you
pay for it.
1882 North 20 St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Sen.r,3G arm.
Admitted by all public ginners who have used them to re the best. The revolv
ing Heads in the ends of the cotton box of these gins prevent its breaking the
roll or choking. It makes as good sample as can be made, gins thg seed per
fectly clean and does the wor rapidly.
Every Gin Feeder and Condenser is guaranteed to give perfect satisiaction in
every respect or no pay. We use nothing but the very best material in its con
struction and employ none but the very best ineehaies to do the work. We
import our own saw steel and iron for shai ting, and it is the best we can get.
Every gin thoroughly tested before ship;zed. Messrs. Aull Bros.. Newberry,
S. C.. are our agents, and will sell you one at Factory prices..
Write to or see them before placing you order.
Prattville, Ala.
june 5, 23-3m.
Parties wishing the above, addres4
SPEAKE & BRO., Kinard's T. 0., S. C.
Mar. s0, 13-tf.
BMORET PftRTP(k3 Anderson ig Schoo#
PRIC 20 ds. South for boys. For circnlars address,
HERALD BOOK STORE. aug. 1,31-2.nos.
COME TO_SEE ME. Newbe[y [eiiigl Aggdemy
Geo. McI&WIRTER TeexrieoftsScolwl
TO THE FRONT ! TeCus fIsrcinio
Ntdorbelow D. B. ineWH o n FmEeL-lg i h
ER. AT CLOUD & SMIT H'S OLD Topatcarsedfraalger
STAND. pl oS .Boe.Eq ertr
With a~ largc Stock of First Class
Attention friends ! come one, come alil. EE., luoB Cno n
At this beginning of the fall;:ejmnF ann acmd utt
Come get your Grocery Supply- taino h saeadefcso
What mn:ttiir if it ha been dry. Sme .Cno eesd
Come Newberry. Lat:m-r and Edge- adoihllndsglrteknrd
field, /adceioso h adSme V
Tho' the erops have mad po.r yield. perbfr e nteCuto
And Lexington, Un;ion and Fairfield.Prbe,t ehlatewryCot
Or any other, youl shaill have. fair deal. -et fe ulcto eef t1
Molasses, Sugar. Coffee, Ten.i n hy ae h hesi dil
Bacon, fat as fat ean be ;tai~ hud o egatd
Rice, Flour, Lard, or aught else nia-. AgstAn Dmn, P3
For cash we'll sell you int a trece.J.BFELR,7 PN.C
So come friends, come. make no tii*ay. - - -
If goods dont suit, you need not pay, YLT A RV L
But if you leave your dlimes aiid quar
ters, TESOKO
You'll sure be pleased at
begpin,on-19 SeTTIOer Y 83
0.H P AN infeo toaL Bemal TORinte
KEP CNTATY Sta BaeENo TuAtio tE.
SORTEDtoSU.PL. Boozer Eq.,T ANDcretr
AND EnvJaoeb a.llsies, Paqtiesdg.
WAERAs, lonzo .rCno andp1
ENERALLnjmin ret annfon hat.em suit to.
Amongtile oods owintoree Bitol Brt Drwig Boatrd, fAdis
be oun a hoie ad feshloto ar,ati o tn Sheets, e lf Pe r.tso
ams Baon,Lar, BankBhese r, trfre, d cmo from
Soda, picesPeppe,d2oist ll the stua stck indrhed
and creditorseef tolassed,SamueetW
Cannon,,eMeased thatethyrbetan
Vinear,Oil Sat. ran jaBppear beoe Comerial othe Courto
AxleGrese,Lye Sop Prote, Ltebe helai ap, eBrry Capr
BromsWaeranWelexkts t, arro pbiatnd reo.at1
and coplee sockof 'eora ndu Bh oeos, toaew vaie
Shos,an BggniFancy Pocet whybte, aidn
Tobaco, n exellntsock,tog t r atio hul Inot, be rs,lte s,
wit oter ood uualy fundin Given uande Banrts, Sutday
August 2M,.35-2t.
Dry uis
ThecsofN e
ing counties are aware
which destroyed Moilaoq
with other houses, laidl
the well-known CH
With great exertions a
stock was saved; and thou g
is badly burnt, a great d 1
o6 . r was he
in his a1 irre ressible styIe
min &a ~~oul1 ise
m i n e d t t -..e d e d in s e cu4
magnfen atdof #
ethr w 4 i- beautifl
DRY Y fOOD8wich he p
a heavy discount off New
R (ASI, and he is now
with pleasure, at being
customers better than eve
The stand is the fiestin
goods are pretty and well
and a well-li tefd store sh A
This fine stock, togeblia.
6oods saved frm he re,
fered tolhe public from to-i
Having procured a heav'
on this stock and receiv~
for the goods saved byire,h
position to fairly
SIaughter P
The stock comnprises abe
sortmjent of notions, Dres&
all kinds, mn azziiig profusion;
trimmings to correspond; and ai>.
less variety1of ROSIERY LO~
and in fact everything in ti~
GOODS LINE, at prices to
every one. The great g ti
commence on Monday wih
for which he is now preparing, by b iigte h
ed down, ready for the rush. Agc a;spyportu1
nt occur again to secure bargaiti5v Thi[ gootls
sold, to make room for a Fall and"Winter tdek:
yome early, as it will be moie ~aant i
The stock is so inmense.an4 __an
axhibition, that a list of either bod
but I guarantee a saving of at easd3 r e~t
y other house. A mountain of
ith a regular stock second to none in theSt.
All My Old
ire requested to call around at the nowaa 4
~hemselves. They will always receivet?~
reatinent, whether they purchase or not. gnil
o sell as many goods for $7.50 as any other hosse
3tate can sell for $1.00
ard secure some of those i-are bargains before then~
;one, and you will leave the store smiling and delig
vill tell your neighbors that the place to get bargolits

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