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EP 6 4M8.
are -at t o
dcsc melus,. communi
tqero ariterests. tributes
dard ~a regular adrer
.a Versgqaae.
_ f a atratioa, and other legal
bbaiesm, tributes of respect and
a eedg,as as commanlca
l. rstonal ebeater must be sid
a ucxiptInpriceof the na aD Is
or tselve .meaths$ ii efer six
lb: ttea and 25
a lIs psee 2upcl4 6
cei iC lg ps at to 1
i-iertm be. - d at- regular
s,..oe doUper square. caah
m be fourd on fBa atGeo. P.
aewsapezp.Avertistng Ba
at.,) where advertisin eon
may be made for it in New Y o.
Y owers,postm:trter,aIProrle!it.
egeur at that plee
-B. H. Clie & Co.
Prlo+ IYon Can.-Newherrv
-Willeiar'b & Co.
-Wila. CoBerald Book Store.
. W .i ori, ised after a
1Hless, at the residence of his
Mr. Jas. Cofield, in Union
An the 22d of August, in the
year of his age.
'sial years the health of this
dad .respected citizen had been
ipafred,' which neessitated his
t from the aetive diuties of
;Wrl1telligence. and genial man
r e Ihn the sympathy and
al who knew him. Peace to
1q r" otattons for Thursday.
s3 m ding84; Low Middling 8j.
:. Stair Way -
iewen the stores of Messrs. S. P.
Son and B. H, Cline, Leads
fTrial Justice Henry H.
9 u e than Ever.
e invite attention to the notice
ie of the low rates at which we
teh 'nted envelopes, bill
w!d 3lttr 'eads, in~d all other
ob Printing. These prices
. ave known 'and watched the use
t Swift' Spe.cific (S. S. S.) for over
*fty years, and never have known or
Seea r "of its faiure to care any case of
Poison when properly taken.
H. L. DENNABD, Perry, Ga.
bad' tle pleasure a few mornings
of exami1ing some very credita
J emenasof crochet. work, made
asmie Cline, the accomplished
r of our' friend W. H. Cline.
a 'onisted of a mist and a tidy.
s.3amie is to be congratulated on
c : , er skill in this kind of beautiful work
aet Received.
SOar monthly is acknowleged for Au
~~ae always pleased with the
~EW~I*dy and lively neigh
The Flqra CabThet is a charming
6onthly devoted. to the varied and
beautiful in the floral kIno'o The
September number receive. Subscrip
tionprieec$.25 per year. Publislied at
22 Yesey St., N. Y7.
Rnew twa Coming. frw
e nwit was coming, frw
noised it on the breeze, the good time,
the business time, the money time,
and our friend Geo. MeWhirter, al
thoue htuissed the mark as a weather
prpet. kuowvs it also, hence he has
S et his muse to work, and breaks out
an joos -soug. Hie has moved into
the lrestore vacated by Cloud &
$mith, ad now displays a splendid
assortmlent of groceries. Visit him ye
~' people. _______
to brai,st when:s man
hhns e may as well give expression
tobi thouights. ,We do think that we
have -the prettiest and finest book and
stationery store, between Columbia
audGreeinvlle. Ithas been recently
*Jtied up and painted, and a new stock
invarious lines just received. Aito
gether we claim th-at it is a credit
F'to our town anid deserving of the
r atro.ing it receives. We cordially
-extend an invitation to the public. es
pecially the ladies, to visit it.
Moving Notice.
Humriity is generally so symapa
ubetie that it is always touched by any
thing of a moving character. It is not
oor-b:Anees now to move the publie
-totearA but rather to move them agree
abyby saying that Mr. Ri. D. Smith
wiBl to-day Thursday move bis stock
et clothing into the new Crobwell
baulng, from whence hereafter he
7\will dispose of his splendid new stoek
of getlemen's and youth's furnishing
god.Look out for his new adver
F teeat next week.
Some things happen before others,
and one of these before things is the
drinting of the Herald. It gnes to
press before the great event of the day
--the Inspection by Gen. Managault.
of that splendid body of young men
composing the Newberry Rifles. This
uoneh we can say now, however, that
the boys will do credit to themselves
and their Captain 0. L. Schampert.
They were out In full dress Tuesday
-afternoon and drilled like regulars.
Three cheers and a cage full of tigers
rifr the Rifles and their uniform.
In the absence of the Pastor there
- ere no services at the Baptist church
last Sunday.
The Rev. Mr. Smart after a long rest
preaebed to lreaudiences~ morning
and ngtat the ethodist Church.
The it Rev. Bishop Howe assis
F ted by teRev. M. Hauckle conducted
*i the service at the Episcopal church
B unday morning and afternoon. In
the morning four persons were con
firmed-one gentleman and three ladies.
The Bishop preached' two thoughtful
and holy sermons-the one in the
-morning from Gal: 6 chapter and 14
vei-se. and that in the afternoon from
t. Math: 12 chapter and 39-40 verses.
- Wasaa C. H.,5.0C., Aug. 25.1883
Sist advertised letters ior week ending
Steez1, 1883:
Luis r. Catheriue.Huffman. Emma E.
up,G.iT. I hpael, Jop -
0B6, Mrs. Julia Spermas, Dla
Uzswa Eiss 8. 3Jones, Robert
.rur, E' |Ma fe J. M
Oe~Mrs. Rebecga uMMorris, W.W.j
,ogas Lala. I Wimiams, R. D
Sad.8ite 'Wil sos, W.E
,uu Willam (2) IToong, Miss Lud~ia
Pardis eIhing for leuers will ,2essaj
avesIed. R.W-BOO E,P .
Sebha rMMfn and Pienle.
'We=are toldthat the exhibition and
pienic-given by Mr. M. M. Kinard's
oe1ess in eezr tlar. The..ex
eresesY tpi sr are saiato ia'e
ard, her of the teacher show
e j- merit as a speaker: In
a nto4he exhibition by-ttie school.
short addtesses were delivered by the
School Commissioner and W. H. Wal
lace, Esq. 'We are sorry that we were
not able 'to attend the exhibition. and
we return thanks for the cordial invi
tation that we received.
":tothe Newberry S. C.
dear . i wants you to under
st$ad aant to go i a
sah oas'ms s fashion as the
1 aales . e, scholars in
Qu'sehe0.n as yeurs
- . a Teacher."
The es written on a soiled half of.
an envelope wi received through the
Post OffIe the other day.
We know neither who "a Teacber"
is nOr what he is driving at. But if he
I. really a teacher and we knew his
iame. we wold endeavor to have him
"go in a Sehool1ouse" no longer as a
teacher "Just fira fashion'; but as a
scholar just to learn to spell andwrite.
He might- then have in his sebool a
scholar better than the present
A Prophet Handred In his own Coun
Some people are wedded to the fool
Ish notion that there is no excellence
in anything that does not bear a foreign
mark. "'Tis distance that lends en
eiantmet to the view." But we.are
vving in a practical age. High-sound
ing names were once of - much avail,
but they are found now to empty
things. aferit is the guina stamp that
indicates true worth. Here is a rem
edy that stands the tests of experience.
As gold grows brighter by usage, so is
this medicine the more appreciated as
it becomes better known. The large
and increasing sales of Norman's Neu
tralizing Cordial effected in the little
State of-South Carolina. the home of
this. wonderful remedy, is the surest 1
proof that a prophet is honored in his
own country.
'The 1i5t Y fl ir.
The Premium List of the Newberry
Agricultural and Mechanical Associa
tion for the second Annual Fair is on
our table. The Fair will begin on
Wednesday Oct. 17th and continue
'until Friday evening, the premiuns
ranging from 50 ets to $10 t' be award
ed at 2.30 of that day. Entries free,
but for all persons over 12 years of age
an admission of S-ets will be charged,
children under 12, 25 -ets. Season ]
tickets $1. The List bears the inprint i
of the )bserver Office, and is neatly i
But little time, about live weeks, is
afforded our fanner friends and others
to prepare for the Fair, and it is hoped
that they will use the intervening time
with an eye to the successful issue of
what should interest the entire com- 7
munity. Let the :air under the new I
regime he a complete suesess. I
Colored Campmeeting
The members of the A. 31. E. Church
of this place had their annual camp
mieeting at the Bandusian Spring
during the past yeek. The crowd on
Sunday was immense. In the after
-noon of that day, Bishop W. F. Dicker-i
son pre:ached a long and forcible ser-<
Rev. Abe 3Miller, Dr. Turpin and
others also preached during the week.
The first of these (Rev. Miller) it will
be remembered was once a resident of
this place and office boy ini Jones &
Thompson's, dental office. He now
preaci;a'laithe Indian Territory. He
prcehes flueia ly and intelligently.
T'he campmeetig is .'econted a sue
ess,-a great many havi:r< been con
victed and converted. The services
were held under the arbor iring the
day, but in the church a night-the
Bishop observing that mnuch better
order could be had at nigh:: in the
church than under the arbor.
"Cousin Mattie" Heard Fro. 3
A pleasantly penciled note, written
under the grateful shade of a wide
spreading oak in the church-yard att
Zoa-indgefield County, comes- 30
us from Cbusin Mattie Boyd. As every
one knows her, and to know her is to
love her, so her many friends will be
glad to hear that she is well, and clos
ing up her twenty-third Edgefield '
lass, and out of that large nuimber has
made many sweet singers. Edoefield '
still claims her serneies and will pro- t
vide her another large class, but
whether on that side of the river or on i
this, Cousin Mattile is assured that there
is always material snfficient to afford
her a class. The gratifying intelli
gence is also conveyed that her hon
ored and beloved father, the Rev.
Mark Boyd is gaining strength and
health in Laurens under the care of (
his son. Rev. Geo. Boyd. It is always
pleasant to mnake note of any of the
members of tis happy, christian ~
Southern Cultivator for September. t
The first Fall number of the above
monthly, is fii of good rer.ding for.
the Southern Agrieulturist. The num
ber opens with 'Thioughts for the I
Month"' by Dr. Jonies:; the "Silo" is
written. by Mr. Henry W. Grady, who t
gives a description of Mr. A. J. Orme's I
Silo, within a few miles of Atlanta; a
"Good Dirt Roads" and "Our Public
Highways" are discussed; the sixth
number of "Dickson's System of Farm
ing" duly appears, and in it is discussed
"The Cultivation of Corn." "Ditch
ing and Terracing," "The Legal De- s
partment," "Patrons of Husbandry" i
and 'Bill Arp's Ldtter," are all inter- s
esting features.
The September number has a plan,
with illustrations. for building a umod~el t
Gin House. The Jersey. Horse, Hog i
and Poultry Departments are full.
$1.50 will pay for a year's su'-scrip
tion ; or to clubs of five the paper is I
put at $1.25 a year each, to elubs of ten
at $1.00 each. Address Jas. P. Harri
son & Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Jlly Street Dots.
Crops are better in this section than i
farmers once anticipated. Dr. D. H. t
Werts and five or six others went sein
ing on Broad River last week, they S
captured about 200 of.the finny tribe.<
The most amusing thing of, tihe trip t
was one of tihe party catching grass
hoppers to bait set hooks; after chase
lg them around over fences, ditches
and through briers, about two hours he I
concluded it was a bad job. He is now a
knowu as orasshopper John.
A free arbecue picnic which took ,
place at Jolly Street Academy (where j
Mr. G. A. Mills he a fiourishing school
of about 40) pupils) was a grapnd sue
cess in every respect. There were
about 300 persons present. Every one
said it was one of the best they had at- ~
tended this season. The enjoyment !
of the day was croquet playing, ~
dancing and sparking. Messrs. Willie
Ruff'and Adam Aull furnished excel
lent music for the occasion. There a
was no speaking until late in the eve- (
ning, then 'wire grass did some loud I
taking. Yours &e.,i
Col. Petty of the Carolina Spar
paid our town a visit last week.
Mr. B. H. Cline returned last
lay, from an extended trip North.
Mr. Abe Foot of Atlanta was
town from Sattnday to Monday.
We were pleased to see Mr. Be
Epting of Pomaria, in town Mon
We learn that Misi Lilian Steck
xecepted a position in th'e Walh
Female College.
Mr. P. P. Langiord who has 1
erving in Greenville as juryman.
ieturined home.
Mrs. A. C. Chapman and her dat
er a returned. home last we
rom a vist.to her fathers.
Misaes Birdie Rook and Ida F
aho spent a summer vacation ou
:owa are again at home.
Mr. Samuel Sligh, of Florids. ik o
isit to hia brother, our esteemed fr'
he Rev. J. A.'Sligh.
Misses Kate and Alice Mayer
risiting in Laurens, Newberry mi
heir bright presence.
Mr. Jeff Wooten -returned from
usta on Monday, after-spending a
lays in that city.
Miss Lillie Allen, 'who has b
pending- some. time with her sist.e
a.bbeville, has returned home,.
Mr. Ed. Scholtz is in New York ]
ng in a stoek of jewelry and fi
trticles for the fall trade.
Mr. S. S. Langford iz isiting
qorthern markets in search nif uu
hing to please the publi.
Mr. Jas. Crawford is on a visit to
>ld range. We are glad to say t
is health is much improved. - -
Mr.:M. Foot- left. on Monday for
forth, for the. purchase of his J
:tock of goods.
Mr. J. G. Houseal has sold his pl
o Mr. W. C. Cromer, and will i
o town in a few mouths.
Miss Minnie Ruff has consentee
each school at Mr. L. P. W. Rise
nother scholastic year.
Mr. Andrew McCaughrin ret;urr
roni Virginia last week, very ml
nproved by rest and recreation.
Mr. S. P. Boozer has returned fr
he - Northern markets having p
based advantageously of hardwa
Mr. R. D. Smith, of the firm
,loud & Smith, the irrepressible yot
'lothier of Newberry. is back from
v orth.
Dr. W. E. Pelham returned fr
.aurens County on Monday and
;orts that Mrs. Pelham is emprove
n health.
The Rev. J. B. Campbell arrive<
own on yesterday, on a call from 1
,anpbell who is sick. He is stopp
,t Mr. Robt. Moornan's.
Mr. H. H. Samuels, son-in-law
Ir. Foot was in town on Tuesday,
eft Wednesday. His wife is stil:
Mrs. Joe. Milam who has been spe
ng some time with her relatives
ewberry. left for Atlanta yes1
L. J. Jones, Esq.. and M. A. Carl
=q., went to Laurens Tuesday af1
con with the hope of being' abl<
lispose of "an old ease.''
After being at Liberty Hall, Glem
Vest's, and various other places of
erest, the Junior begs leave tn
hat he is now at your service.
Dr. J. E. Berley has decided to
ote his life to the sacred minist
nd he will leave home for the The<
~ical Seminary, in a short time.
The Honorable David R. Phifer ti
~raphed from Dakota, to Mr. C.
luist last week, that he had succee<
a obtaining a divorce from his wife
Silas Johnston, Esq.,Master.and v
eturned from Glenn's Spring at Thu
lay last. We are pleased to say t:
(rs. Johnstonc health has improv
hile the Masters is much better.
L. W. Jones, Esq., reached ho
'hursday after an agreeable visil
le North during which he took in
arvels of the Louisville Exposit
ad the-wonders of Mammoth eave.
Capt. J. N. Lipscomib returnet
~olumbia the first of the week, afte:
isit to his brother Mr. M. B, Lipscor
he poor crops confirm his opinion t
re need more diversity in our agri<
'arlous and all About.
Business reviveth.
Nights and mornings are hot.
This is the tixth day of September
Col. Thios. W. Holloway has a spi
id field of corn, at Pomnaria.
The fire boys will create a sensat
ren they get on their new unifori
Nights and mornings ire grow
elieionsly cooler, and remind on.:
be fall, but money is still scaree.
Wood will soon be wanted by
ahabitants of the town, and this of
uts in a bid for it at once.
Read B. H. Cline & Co., new adv
sement. It is worth'the reading,
will sare you money, if you will o:
September-yes there's an R. in
V'ill you take your oysters stewed
Dr. H. L. Battle. Jr., Wadles, G
ays : "Brown's Iron Bitters are v<
opular in this section and give cn1
We learn that Mr. McGraw has sa
ut and will go to Arkansas in a sh
mie. He has bargained for a pl.
ear Richmond, Ark.
Come aind get a supply of those I
rinted envelopes, and have your
ress and business printed on th
or next to nothing.
Our Book Store has been treate<d
coat of new paint, and looks as fri
nd bright as a new trade dollar, tI
Sso far as our limited knowledge
he appearance of such a thingexten
The Palmetto Volunteers were
peted Tuesday afternoon, and
eved. Gen. Manigault gave th
n highest praise.
Mr. B. D. Smith says that he lot
tdifcult to obtain lodging in N
cork, the Hotels were so crowded. ']
are at first class restaurants 1
The Railroad commissioner, Mes'
I. L. Bonham, L. J. Walker, and
. Duncan~, have our thanks for a ec
i the Standard Schedule of Passen
nd Freight Rates in this State.
Au American lady, well known
oiety in Paris, made a sensation
ppearingat the ball of a foreign Col
a a costume of white kid, fiitting I
glove. Well, what next ?
Merit will tell. Buy the gen
rticle and do not expend your me;
n vila trash. ,Shriner's indian 3~
aifuge Is guaranteed if taken acec
a to the dfrections. For sale by :
N . Fant.
The Hampton Guardim, one of our
liveliest and best exchanges has
entered upon its fifth volume, with the
brightest prospects for its future. We
Fri congratulate its enterprising proprietor
Mr. MeSweeny.
in The Rev. R. D. Smart was full of t
pleasant surprise on returning home to f
find the Parsonage so handsomely im
ley proved outside and in. A beantifulset I
lay. of bed-room furniture added to the ti
has effect. His chief surprise was-where - V
alls did the money come frapi to pay for it i
enc Since the town cistern was filled
has last Monday. there has been a gradual
disappearance of the water ;-so much
so, that it was refilled )fonday. It is
gh-supposed that the leaking is mainly
I' through the botton of the cistern-that
part not having been completed with D
ant cement and plaster as were the sides. S
I of I So soon as the other cistern is tinished b
land filled. this one will be entirely
emplied of water: so that its defe.cts b
ni a can be nl.v accertained and remedie,d.
On Thursday Governor Thompson t<
are commuted the sentence of Jas. Brown. b
of Walhalla, to imprisonment in the
Penitentiary at hard labor, for life. r
Brown was convicted of arson last
tu- June. and sentenced to be hanged in t]
rew August. A respite was granted until ti
Sept. 7th, and the eommtntatien saves ft
his neek.
r at "L:i t Friday morning a telegraphic k
dispatch was sent from the Newberry b
. office to Edgefield Court House, and
ay- answered as soon as it was received.
ic The answer reached Newberry on the
following Monday morning ! Would it
the not be well for the outside world to
ne- ,mploy a donkey cart to bear messages
to Edgefield?
his There is one portion of the services
hat that was systematieqlly attended to
during the colored campmeeting-that
the of taking up collection. During the
-all Sunday services, for instance, three
collections were had-one in the morn
ing, one in the afternoon and the third
ace at night. The average colored brother g
)ve or sister will pay the preaehier at all re
hazards. g
to Some days ago Mr. Wm. Scott. of 1
r' No. 4, was.surprised by an unexpected ft
windfall. A gentleman from Florida
ed called to see Mr. Scott and offered to
ich buy his interest in an eighty acre tract 0
of land in that State, said to have been m
granted to a Wn. Scott, nearly a half w
om century ago. As Mr. Scott knew D
Or- nothing about the property, and felt al
re. satisfied that it was never owned by
of his ancestors, he sold his interest for 0
tug $00 tI
the For two or three mornings our s
nostrils have been azreeably tickled C.
nom with a delicious sense or smell of the ti
re- approaching money season. We smell sc
,n it in the early morning breeze, and we O
inhale it with irxtense satisfaction. tI
That it is coming there is no question
m of doubt. or our nose is not a reliable
[rs- nose. The first man who brings in P1
niany of the long-waited-for-and-hard- D
to-do-without article shall be canonized.
of Last Saturday night when a party of al
he darkies were returning home from C
at town in a one-horse wagon with their w
supplies. the mule became frightened.
ad-' by the lamp near the Presbyterian
in church and 'rari away.' He turned
er. the corner at the church and went ti
down the lane betweenthe church and
Mr. Boozer's. In turning the corner
se, in front of Mr. Ryan's house,, the
er- wagon struek his yard fence, knocking
to down two paneishft the fence,upsetting
itself and spiNing its contents in the
i', yard. The wa' of the woman and her
in- numerous of&' pring were loud and
my most doleful, i.eing heard far and near B3
through the town. A .crowd soon al
ga ~thered expecting to find the dead
d nd the dying. The victims continued
ry, howling until . light was brought to. t
1-assure "them th1at they were not dead st
-but badly frightened. No sei'ious t
~le- damage was ilone them-only some B
B. bruised limbs and bloody noses.
led ..
rs 1
to i
ou~ -~
- . - - h5
ul- se
- -.- of
COLU3Ima, September 3.-The resi- m
dendee of Col. R. . Sims, located about ai
a mile from Columbia, was burned to in
the ground about.5 .o'clock this morn- u
- lig. The origin. of the fire is not .
'known, but It is suppose'd to have be- P
m- gmi in the frame kitchen attached to oJ
the house. When the famnily were ar
on awakenedb3fthe fire the kitchen and of
as the rear of the house were both in c
'fiamesj and it is understood that Col.
ng Sims had just time enough to get his P~
of children out of the house before the
fire took possession of it. Nothing was
he saved except 'a small quantity of
le tlothes and bedding. The house was
Gee whick cotk1 not be replaced for~
9%000. The insurance on the house
er- -:al;furniture was $3,000, apportioned
or as follows among different companies: 01
1y Liverpool and London and Globe bi
$1,50l0, Royal $1,000, and Continental &
it *500. ' The kiteben was Inanred for $5
01 in the Watertown. Col. Sims'alibsaryG
was lost, and bis incidental losses are
considerable, ereiting the sympathy ofW
a.. the community.-News and Courier. C
ie T HE BoYS IN DANGER.-The Caro..g
lina Spartan is responsible for the fol-A
>ld lowing: A
rtThe young ladies have made anew U
ic departure in Darlington county. A M
.short time ag-, a fair maiden of re- &
spectable family, vjith a good educa
O% tion and unstainedl character, rose
dfrom her bed between midnight and
em day and walked six miles to the house pc
where her heart's desire was sleep- e1
to ing. She arrived there before daylight
ish and first encountered some savage
1st dogs, but as old Cupid fears neither
of locks. nor bar's, nor barks, she made
ds. her way to the house, aroused the
in- sleepy-headed swain, and then the ...
re- twain walked six niles to a preacher' -
em house, where they were made one.
It is said that Darlington mothers are
d locking up their sons at night, n ow, to a
ew prevent the girls from running away 'M
with them. is
Boys,f "eternal vigilence is the price ei
ofliberty." ,y
D. ored campmeetingat Tabernacle which- t
py commenced on Wednesday of last week
er was largely attended. From 3,000 to
5,000 colored people were on the
in ground. Saturday night a serious al
by tereation occurred a short distance frome
m~t the place of services. In the affray
ike William Lomax, colored, was severely;
*beaten andl stabbed and James Gilliam,
nwhite, was shot in the thigh with a
in pistol.-Abberi&i Mediun.
e- Within a radius of two miles of.
rd- Montmorenei, Aiken County. there are
Dr. 250 hogs fattening to be slaughtered
thMs winter anr1 most of them are fine. t..
That Mothers have had no little
rouble in getting shoes suitable
or their Children in Newberry.
'hey have so often been compelled
o take the shoe they DO NOT
rant for the shoe they DO want,
hat the time for buying their chil.
ren shoes is thought of with dread.
ow in stock over 100 different
tyles of Children Shoes is true
eyond a doubt; and if mothers
rill visit our store they will be sure
find just the shoe the children
re in need of. Zeigler' s Fine Cus
)m made shoes for ladies, are the
est manufactured, for the simple
mason that nothing but the very
est material is used in making
iem What can be better than
1e best? Hess' Hand made shoes
r gentlemen are perfect.
The Future which financially
)oks so dark and gloomy now
rightens when the glorious an.
oncement is made that we have
81-3,10 IND 121-2
.11 interested are invited to attend
ie grand Sale of Worsteds ! These
ods are honest, well made and
liable in every way, and are. even
eater bargains for 8j, 10 and
)4 ets., per yard, than our beauti
Lil lawns wore for 5 ets., per yard.
Having rented the rooms above
ir.Emporiim wherein to store our
agnificent Stock of Domestics,
hich embraces every article in the
omestic line, we are thereby en
>led to devote over one third of
ir entire store to Worsted ! Does
is mean anything? It means a
ock so vast, that no former mer
iant ever dreamed, much less
Lought of bringing to Newberry;
varied and beautiful that Every
ne can find just the style of dress
iey want; so cheap that EVEN
NE DOLLAR ($1.00) will buy 'a
retty and a serviceable dress; ONE
1,20) .will buy a handsome dress;
ENT ($1,50) will buy-a superb
ool Cashmere.
Just arrived a .case of Mdre.
hompson's celebrated perfect fit
FOR $100.
uying them in case lots we are en
~led to sell the- best corset made
r $1.00. Go no further for a bet
r .corset cannot be found. It
ands without a rival for wear,
mfort, and elegance of finish.
uy them and you will be more than
leased-our word for it.
We have a complete LINE of
id SATINS. with all necessary
rimmings, which we offer at our
stablished low prices. "How do
>u sell such beautiful bleaching
r 8* cts.,?" is asked by the de
hted housekeeper, when our ex
~llent yard wide, FREE FROM
barch "Hero Bleaching," is shown
~r, which retails regularly all over
e world for 10 cts., per yard.
Notions is our great Speciality.
re love to buy them, we delight'1n
lling them. To dispose of them
Prices which are right instead
the exfiorbant prices usually de
anded for Notions shall be our
mn. Great temptations await~ you
Collars, Buttons, Gloves, Purses,
air Ornaments, Bracelets, Breast-.
ns, Ribbons, &c. A lovely line
Hamburg Embroideries have just
*rived. We carry the largest stock
Ladies Fine .Neck wear in the
ity. The styles are unusually
-etty and attractive this Season.
ir stoek is simply immense, Great
rgains will be the. order of the
The GENTLl2MENBFruinhing
oods Department is~eeiedenat
ith choice Craga?s, Tied, Scarfs,
cllars, Cuffs, *e. We will sell a
muine linen Collar for 12 ets.
genuine linen Cuff for 20 cts.
genuine linen Shirt fog1 e ts.
nderwear of. every de&drlption.
e are prepared to sell Shirting
c., by the piece at heavy^dis
We still follow our old rule of
>lite and couirteous attention to
rery visitor whether purchaser or
B. H. Cline & Co.
Three Times A Day
Is not too often to use it, yet if once
day the teeth are 'brushed with
'oOD'S ODONTNE the greatest change
observed. Instead of brown, stain-.
I and ugly looking spots on the teeth
>u will see a brigh row of polished
marles, where te" teeth are sound
id even when they are not perfect
Ley will be kept from further decay.
rOOD's ODoNTlINE cntains nothing
hich can possibly injure the teeth but
1 the contrary is benefieial to teeth
is and breath. Trade supplied by
Wholesale Agent, Columbia, S. C.
r sale by Dr. S. F. Fant and W.
.Feb. 28, 9.-1y
XU~ esO, ond oer in
Fee, DschrgsoruDe
rtz,ec. srreresae
and elegant sto
+avird'e. Fron
Goods almost at
as we don't wani
a few days for ti
in selecting a st<
our store the
. of Newberrv an<
success far
we will spread 4
large and attract
Sanjg. 7, 32-tf.
- South Carolina
Charleston, S. C.
Cairmaa Board of Visitors.
The Second Academic year since re
establishment by Act of . General
Asembly, will begin Octo 2d next.
Applications for Cadetsilg tnmt be
made on or before September 20t1
next,. to the Chairman of Vis
itors at Barnwell-C. H.,
Pay Cadets received froi iy State.
Registers or Circulars furinshed by
Newberry ge~
Instruction in variousa :d ments
will begin Oct. 1st. ihtnruors.
tical courses in the Natural Spiences.
Prompt entrance secures great ad-van
tages. Board $10 to $12 per month.
Tuition $19 per term. For further in
formiition, address
aug 13, 33-5t Preside4t
Court of Probate.
D. Augustus Dickert -and Mary C.
Susannah Cromer, Sarah Dominick,
and David Cromer, and John L. Cro
mer, William Cromer, and Martha Cro
mer, heirs-at-law of Lemuel Cromer,
deceased, Defendants.
Summons for Relief.
To the defendants, John L. Cromer,
William Cromer and Martha Cromer,
hcirs-at-law ..of Lemuel Cromer, de
You are hereby- summoned and re
:uired to answer the complaint and
ptition in this action, which-was filed
n the oficee of the -Judge of Probate
for said County, on the first day of
arch, 1883, and to serve ae copy of
your answer to the said complaint and
petition on the subscribers at their
oficee at Newberry Court House, South
arolina, within twenty days after the
service hereof, exclusive of such
service; and if you fall to answer the
omplaint and petition within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiffs in this action
will apply to the Court for the relief
emanded in the complaint and peti
tion. Dated August 1st, 1883.
J. P., N. C.
Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
aug. 1, 31-6t.
sUccEssoa TO
I take infinite pleasure in informing
my friends and the former customers
f the old firm of H. A. BURNS, that
aving purchased his entire stock, to
Hous8ehold Articles,
so highly prized by the tasty house.
kpeper, and which no one can do with
ut, that I am now prepared to furnish
everythng needed by the most fasti
:ions appetite or taste. -All I ask is
that you call and see me; and if you do
not see what you want ask for it.
A specialty made in.Seasonngs, such
as Spices, Cinnamon, Cloves, and al]
kinds of flavorings.
New Letter Writers.
Recitation and Dialogue boo0ks.
.V J dertsesentts.
bat Cloud & Smith will move September 1st to (heir new
e. (now being built by Mr. Crotwell), opposite J. 0
now till September 1st come to the Old Stand-and buy.w
our OWt .AOtO
to move any Goods to our new Store. We will lea
te Northern Markets and
)ck that will suit our customers. We propose t mke
l second to none in the Up-Country. Having met with
)urselves more than ever.this Fall, and will lay in a ver
ive stock. -
loud. & iz
8* 3
The Racine Farm and:=ritc
July26, 3G-3m.
New and Seaso it
Are being received evey d
large and complete man
Spring and Sumner s
an ul lne wil e offeredat ra
Examine them.
March 28 13 tf
ImportantNotice.' ',
Buying p.nd selling for> j'EML
I am enabled to offer to the public
also the finest and bestEFrench Branldies,
the celebrated
for family use, at prices which defy ndeoad
for family use, one dozen Pint Bottles Bed iFaun;0a rm ar~
at reeieprmp0ttn
All order's will eevprmtaen
tion. With thanks for former ptron- .
age to this house, I respeetfully solicit
a continuance of the same. ______________
Under Newberry Opera House.
june 11, 24.-7mos. - -c;uc
ca 'rrae.c tet,n
ths ter ooeatuies.Bok
v ingH-neetons in Patents free.
I eE8. .. AE faetAt%

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