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Speia and LocaL:
T~HURSDAY OCT. 25 1883.
S SPCEAIA.OTICE.- Business notices in
; local cstatn are inserted at the rate of
per ne each insertion.
notees of meetings. comm'anl
atiem neag to personal interests. tribates
' i tutd &U., are charged as regular adver
at$l per square.
administration, and other legal
sbtusriot, tributes of respect and
-o ieas of tcetings, as weli as communica
os;;do a'personal charaotcr must be paid
bets avanee.
s asription pre. of the HsrLD Is
- twelve -months. $1.00 for six
'.S centa for three months and 25
iO oe month, in advance. Names in
wBI not beplaced on the subscription
s sait the cash or its equivltnt is paid.
'mannications relating to per
wil be inserted at regalar
4wL bcg rates, one dollar per senare, cash
. mra be found on sna at Gee. P.
w, x Newspaper Advertising Bu
St..) where advertine con
bmadefor ItiKew York.
U. Bowers, postmaster, atProsperity,
~ agent at that place.
rmawIll coafer a favor by exam
i printtd neat their names, and
s s aot right they will plemssinform
*.itaks will usar eometimes.-'
NNw Auvnarrxsxrs.
- I" aOw-- Foot.
&e.,-C. Bart & Co.
; 2eeats-J. B Stanley.
sad Florida-Biscox & Co.
W. T. & Rebecca Kibler.
Theodore Spehi.
Goods-Friday & Bro.
= wih the Bs$ar. -Proprietor
Sin4ant child of Mr. and Mrs.
. Au$ died last Friday night.
Osceola, son of J. B. Fellers.
n the 12th inst., aged 4 years 7
- jmbsthsa-nd 24 days. -
i do _ OmiBCTED WEW rT BY
. OWM, Cel Brers.
Vi ood Ordinary
Ordinryg--------- 91
- Receipts since Sep't. 1st, 1883. 5638 B.
ipts for week ending
23d, 1883.- - - ---- - - 976 B.
Ae room over Pelham's
Store. Call at Pelham's
rtain price. 43-tf.
40-ti. T. Q. BOOZER, Agt.
A meeting of the Boa rd of Stewards
his Circuit is called for the fourth
4 z rsdap, the 22nd of November, at
Parsonage. A full Board is asked.
order A. J. KILGORE,
An extention for the time of paying
has been granted by the Comp
DerGeneral. The time however Is
-sort and will expire on next WedaYes
day, the 31st inst. Be up and dloing,
and.14save the penalty.
I used Swift'% Specific (S. S. S.) for
aeseof Blood Poison from Ma
1a l,adam satisfied that it saved my
life, as I was given up to die.
Sup't Gas Works, Rome Ga.
Oet. 18-1m.
No Lack of Boom.
We are-pleased to notice that the
~'Columbia Hotel will be placed in con
dition t~o aedommodate Onests during
the approaching Fair. T ' iin addition
to Wright's, the Grand Central, Rose's,
13 .ad other public bouses will insure
room-for the multitude who will attend
the F'air.
The crib and straw house of Mr. B.
-P. Lake near Helena was brpken into
~vand robbed of a portion of the corn in.
it and then set fire to and burned.
Some 1500 or 90 lbs of Fodder and
frm75 or so bushels of corn were con
nrmued, at a loss of $200. No doubt
about its being an incendiary act.
~CA.stayr at- Home.
Laura S&terwhite an aged colored
wousan, the mother of eight children,
has never left the place on which she
was born and lives, Mrs. John Satter
wbite'e place. Every negro on the
place came to town last Fi~riday, but
Laura eotild not be induced to visl#
1 Newberry town. She thinks New
very wieked and fears that her morals
mnigh~t become contamiated.
- erious Cutting Aftay.
~jWe learn that Mr. Henry Counts
was seriouslI eut some nights ago, at a
partg. at - , Mel. Singley's. As the
report comes to us, he was attempting
to remove a drmnken, disorderly person
who was disturbing the party, when
he was stabbed several times from be
-bind. He er'.d, "I am cut," where
upon the lig.'is were suddenly extin
guished. A few days ago we were
told that his condition was critical.
. Th Associate Reformed Presbytery
was.In session at Thompson Street
Church, on Monday and Tuesday. The
Rev, Juo. L. Hemphill was elected
ndrator, and W. L. Pressly, clerk,
rotem. Outside the regular routine
*work little business of public interest
ed a trial sermon on Tuesday and was
hiily oomplimnented by the meeting~.
Tenext meeting of ?resbytery will
Vberheld at Due West.
by a Wagon.
'- Last Friday when the circus band
began to play a number of negroes
e> ried to get a view of it by getting up
on a wagon loaded with cotton, that
stood on the publie square. A negro boy
of about egteen years, Gilliam icGee
wa ng on the wheel-the four
blsof cotton on the wagon, being al
motcovered with negroes-when the
temstarted and he was thrown upon
lisbc,the hind wheel passing over
~'-his body just above the hips. He was
aebdously. utbt tag osy
was notkied
S have used Parker's Hair Balsam
E1ke it better than any similar pre
paainI know of," writes Mrs. Ellen
~r51wife .of Rev. P. Perry, of Cold
~b~e Sprngs, Mass. "My hair was al
*? a0#eltfty gry, but a dollar bottle
oit6Balsam hsrestored the softness.
ad2 -he brown color it had when I
~1owi-nota single gray hair keft.
~cIbegan applying the Balsam my,
hskthas stopped falling out, and I find
~ s a perfectly harmless and
~le dressing."
Dr. I "F. Smith, Hat Creek, Va.,
says: rI prescribe Brown's Iron Bit
ters izr my practice and find it most
Friday Bro's.
The card of these young and ener
getie Crockery, Glassware, Wooden
t ware, and other kind of ware, mer
chants, we hope will attract the atten
tion of the Newberry public. Their
stock is elegant, large and various,
from the tiniest article of ornamental
use to the most servieable article need
ed by the house-wife. We commend
the Messrs. Friday to the public of
Newberry. Their store is in Columbia
on the main street.
Completed. -
The Pool Room* and Bar of Mr. O.
Klettner is at last completed, that is,
the work of adornment is done and the
establishment is now a thing of beauty.
Klettner is an energetic, working man,
and a, man who does every thing he un
derxakes or promises on the square.
One of the beauties of the situation is
that perfect order reigns supreme.
His liquors are of the very best brands,
his wines, cigars, &c., of the same char
aeter. Take Klettuer and his establish
ment all together they are hard to beat.
Free Lecture at the College.
The College faculty have arranged
I for a free lecture on some topic of gen
eral interest, to be delivered each week,
in the college chapel. While they are
intended, primarily, for the improve
ment of the students, others who feel
an interest in the matter are invited to
be present. Last week an excellent
lecture was delivered by Dr. O. B.
Mayer. Next Thursday, afternoon
at 4 o'clock Mr. J. A. Chapman will
lecture on Science and Religion, show
ing that there is no conflict bteween
the two.
Brighter and Better.
Business calling us into the Law of
lice of our distinguished friend Gen.
Y. J. Pope on Tuesday last th^ chang
ed appearance and general look of of
der prevading it gave us a pleased im
pression. An elegant new carpet adorns
the floor, which together with a hand
some desk, under a fine swinginglamp,
a beautiful wash stand, paint varnish
and kalsomine all around and above,
make it one of the neatest in the range.
It is nice enough now for a lady to sit
in, and law we imagine can be made
pleasant under-the, influence of such
Goods of All Kinds,
such as kept in a
iI18tgLLt1i8 - STOIK,
At Very Short Profits,
There is no better companion for
man than a good wife, but next comes
a good book, and if it is instructive as
well as entertaining, the time in read
ing it is well spent. Dr.Foot's "Plain
Home Talk and Medical Common
Sense" Is held inl high esteem by the
judges of good literature, and all classes
of readers praise its clear style, enjoy
its variety and profit by its instruction.
Thousands have bought it, and more
have borrowed it, but every family
should have one of its own now that
the price is only $1.50, and it can be
had] by mail,eprepaid, from the Murray
Hill Publishing Co.. 129, E, 28th St..
N. Y.. City.
Peijim's new Store,
Is now undergoing the finishing
touches of. the artist's brush. Mr.J
F. Ford, of Columbia, is doing the
work, and doig it in the most skill
full and beautiful manner. The en
tire inside painting is in representation
of walnut, and the graining is superb,
refeting credit on the workmanm, and
the taste of the Doctor who conceived
It. It is without exception the hand
somest store in Newberry and perhaps
in the upi-country. The Doctor has
begun the heavy task of movig his
stock from his old store into his new
quarters, and will in a day or two
make a show most pleasing to the eye.
We advise our friends to look in and
exmine the painting.
S. C. Synod.
The following programme has been
arranged for the Synod which meets at
Pomaria, by the Rev. H. S. Wingard:
Thursday, Nov. Bth-10. a. mn.. for
mal opening of Synod; 11 a. mn., Syn
odical sermon by Rev. E. T. Horn, to
be preceded by Peeparatory Service,
and followed by the Holy Communion.
Friday, 11 a. m. Education Sermon
by Rev. G. W. Holland, Rev. L. K.
Probst .s alternate.
Saturday, 11 a. mn., Luther memorial
Lord's Day, 11 a. xn., Missionary
Sermon by Rev. J. Steck, D. D., Rev.
L. P. Hawvkins alternate. It is prob
able that the ordination of several
young men will take place the same
day at 2 p. m., Ordinat:on sermon by
Rev. J. Haivkins, D. D., Rev. P. Mil
ler alternate..
Clothing, &c. &.
Cn be found
42-tf _ __ _
From the Visitor
Dr. 0. B. Mayor, Sr., in the Luther
an Visitor asks that fifty mixed voices
break forth at old "Marpoles" in sing
ing, Hymn 68 of the.Book of Worship,
on Saturday and Sunday morning, the
10th and 11th of November at Synod.
He promises to furnish the music, both
for organ and voice, the latter for so
prano, alto, tenor and bass, to all who
write to him for it.
The Re'v. S. T. Hallman who has
been doing good work at Concord, N.
C., and whose retirement from that
charge is greatly lamented, will take
charge of the Lutheran churches at Po
maria, in this county.
Profs. G. W. Holland and H. Dysin
ger, and Rev. J. E. Bushnell, on the
ith inst. received into the Lutheran
church, Anderson Schumnpert and
Frank Jones, two colored young men
candidates for the Lutheran ministry.
The service took place in Shiloh M. E.
church, Prosp'erity. Arrangements are
to be made to send them to Howard
C. Bart & Co.
With pkasure we invite the reader
attentiou to the card of, Messrs. C
Bart & Co., of Charleston. The stcel
advertised is deliciously made a
Fruits of all kinds, Nut-j Raisins
Vegetables, and in short everythin,
that a first class Wholesale Fruit Stor
should contain. Send them your or
I love the circus, and don't care wh<
knows it, and I don't believe the mmt
lives who does not love it, irom its pe
enliar smell to the last, act on its bit
programme. I feel enthused wher
the band begins to play, and the big
horns and the little horns blow, an(
the drums beat. I rcgember awa3
back, the old amphitheatre in Charles
ton, corner of Queen and Frienc
streets, long since given place to by St
FinLarr's Cathedral. Ai that was thi
time when a boy's soul swelled as bi
as a modern meeting house ; when h<
had a twenty-five cent ticket in hi:
lst, entitling him to see Mr. Bacon iv
his great bareback ride; he felt as i;ir
as Jerusalem. In those days the ri;a
was covered with fresh saw duet, an<
the name of one or other of the actor:
scratched out in front of the seats
The cireds staid there for weeks ant
weeks, until the boy's quarters ant
the men's half dollars failed to come.
How my face used to glow and un
hair stiffen at the sight of Mr. Mer
ryman with his ol, noth-eaten "here
I am again, fellows, how are you.
I can see him now, with the marvel
ous stripes seaming his face. Hi
jokes were old then, and they are sev.
eral years older now, but they alway:
bring a laugh. When he says to the
ring master, "you are a fool," and is
threatened with the whip, and tur..
it off with "Vou should go to school,'
the house goes for him with a whoop
How nicely that was done, the an
dience forget that he has'said :ie same
thing over so many times that it i;
just as easy as falling of. a log. I fee,
like saying "bring in your horses" a:
my good old friend Dr. W. B. MeK
used to say., and bring out your band.
and your elephants, and your rhinoc
eroses, : ad your red colored lemonade,
and all else pertaining to your firsl
class show, for Sniffles love. it; it was
one of his first loves, and is as nice an
the rosy checked girl he treated to r
big red apple. Oh ! dear, the sensatior
is felt yet when the band plays, amt
the procession begins to move in the
streets. Who does not love the circus:
I don't go further than the street now.
the example is pernicious you know,
and the price of tickets is 75 cents.
An Excited Conductor.
We had always thought that Capt,
Isaacs, conductor on the C. & G. rail.
road was so well balanced that nothino
short of a first class earthquake coulc
shake him out of his elegant poise.
We remember once seeing him emerge
from a smash up, cool, calm, collected.
He crawled out of the debris with his
accustomed dignity and viewed the
"wreck of matter" as if he were used
to it, much to our admiration. We
never saw him the central figure at a
dog -fight, one of the most exeiting
scenes we imagine on' top the green
earth, and consequently cannot tell
how he would behave under such try
ing circumstances, but our confidence
in him was such that we thought himn
equal even-to that. Friday afternoon,
however, showed him to be but hu.
man. When his train stopped at New
berry, about three hundred negroes
boarded it, on their way to Prosperi
ty, and pandemonium seemed loose ;
the Captain saw that his time hiad
come. He did not-'retire to his private
sanctum to weep, because he had ne
sanctum to retire to, but he wyent for
the darkies, or rather their tickets and
their money.. It was a scene which
baffles description ; his voice was husks
from .crying tickets, money, money,
tickets. The. negroes were- circus
struck, they had seen the elephants,
the entire ten, even the one the darkey
mnocked down in Charlotte; they were
slow to respond ; the distance to Pros
perity was but seven miles; the train
wasalowed ; the Captain's voice was
thick, -and the beads gathered on his
brow, and dropped to the floor, he
could not wipe them off, so they had
to drop; it looked as if he would never
get through. But he did; as the train.
rolled in'to Prosperity the last ticket
was received, and the Captain fetched
a sigh which reverberated through th
crowded car and rattled the wmndow~
panes; the agony was over.
Westminster Carroll Co., Md.
Oct. 19th, 1883.
Mr. Thos. Greneker,
Dear Friend :-Enclosed please find
$2 to pay my subscription for thc
The HEEALD keeps us posted in
Newberry news. It is read by the
whole family, It is often a question:
who gets it first. Mr. Ben Cline was
to see us recently, and gave us all
much pleasure by his visit. Would it
not be well if Ben would follow Geo.
Cromer, E sqs example and take untc
himself a "'partner." Compliemnents
and success to George and Caro.
'When the cotton mill is ready for
operation, there ought to be a grand
opening day-kill the fatted calf
have the President of the United
States, or the Governor of South Caro
lin, or some "elect" lady, to set th(
machinery in motion-have several
good speeches, and wind up the day
with a torch light procession, and fire
works. A little Ilourish of trumpets
concentrates interest.
I wish a few men, whom I could
name, would start a Fruit Can ning
Factory. We have two in our town,i
and teni in our County. Each of themr
employing about 150 hands. They are
just now closing up with canning corn
and tomatoes. Mr. Osborn Wells
place would require very little altera'
tion to make it answer all purposes.
About $5,000 will put the whole con
cern in motion to begin with. Let five
or ten men put their heads together
and you will hear the "whistle blow'
next spring. Send several good me
chanices up here (say Wallace Cline
ind Oss W4ells) to see how the build
ings and machinery are all arranged.
Let several good financierers come to
find out the "true inwardness" of the
expenditures and profits. Shall I name
Messrs. Robert McCaughrin. George
Mower, Newton Martin, Capt. Wright,
Dan Wheeler and others. Let several
men with good farm lands near towi
also come to learn what to produce t(
advantage. Here will come in sui
men as Messrs. Wmn. Langford, Jas.
Meredith, John C. Wilson, Walter
Barre, Malcom Johnstone. Y. J. Pope.
Alf. Crotwell, and others, who havt
good garden lands near town. I asked
a proprietor where his market is, anm
he said, "mostly South anid West.'
Is it not a shame that the best coun
tries under the sun should go abroat
for their "good things" when they
could have as good, if not better, al
home? He also told me that he put ul
a million of cans this season, and if hi
only made one cent on a can hi
"could' afford to spend the winter ii
Florida." One of Prof. Holland's pre
paratory students will figure out foj
you what would be the profits. Gen
temen, "I want to see the wheels rmn
G. S. Mower, Esq., went to Gree
- ville, Tuesday, on business.
Col. I. G. McKissick, of Union, w
in town on business this week.
Mr. Ed. Christian and his wife we
to Edgefield on Tuesday to see I
aged mother who is very ill.
Mrs. Caulder, and the Misses Her
don, of Cokesbury, visited their sistc
Mrs. J. S. Fair, durhig our county fai
> The Senior is in Charleston, but w
only be absent for a few days. Heal
- and business moved him.
Mr. Junius E. Chapman went
Lexington on Monday to attend tl
funeral of his fathrr-in-law. Mr. Jn
Dr. Adolphus Fant of Union wan
town last week. He was the large
man on the hill, and balances the seal
at three hundred pounds.
The Rev. R. D. Smart being indi
posed on Sabbath, had his pulpit mo
ably filled in the morning by Prc
Dy inger, and at night by the Rev. V
Hadden. Congregai ions were large'. a
both discourses were good.
Case of Garotting.
We live in a fast time, a time too
startling events, crime is rife and r(
handed, and of so frequent occurren
that the public mind has measiab:
become used to it. It is our duty
rdcord a case of garotting which o
curred in Colunbia last Saturday ior:
ing. and which strange to say tl
wide-awake Rcyiscer or Tcoman neith
made mention of. The deed too w
committed by a citizen who has evi
borna good name, Mr. C. F. Jae:
son, and we suppose that his recei
trip to California, where he was throw
into the midst of people of all kin<
and characters has made this chaiyge
the "spirit of his dream." We cai
- else account for the deed. It was do:
too to au inoffensive man, and a visito
and the senior Editor of this pape
who was choked by a beautiful sil
neck tie. We are happy to say that
was done so gently that the visitor wi
prefer no charges against this popul:
dry goods merchant.
Various and All About.
There we:- oily fivo bale? of cotte
on exhibition at our County Fair.
The largest crowd ever seen
Newberry filled the streets on cire
The Sell's Bro's circus is gone 1
other fields, it gleaned this field prett
Fifteen hundred or two thousau
darkics filled the town, thetreets, ti
stores and the circus on Friday last.
88.000. worth of Custom ma(
Shoes at Cliue's. We will make it 1
your interest to buy from us.
It is thought that the circus inte
fered with the Fair to the extent 4
about one hundred dollars.
"A Columbia baby, five days ol<
weighs a pound and a half and wea:
the clothes of its sister's doll."
Early Monday morning it conineneo
to rain, and no doubt will rain durin
the week.
The report that a negro 7;as shot an
killed while trying to enter the circi
by crawling under the canvas, is n<
The Easley Messenger is the title
a neat and n"wsy little paper, publishc
at Easley, S. C., by Hudgens, Hagoc
& Co. We welcome its advent, an
wish it soon a larger growth.
Postmaster J. E. Gruber of Titu
ville, Fla:, scuds us- a copy of tIa
Florida Star printed at that thrivn
town. It is a live and interesting p:
per, and we thank p.m. G., our cousmi
Dr. H. P. Tarrant, an accomplishe
pharmacist, of Newberry, S. C., h1
now with D:-. Ed. Delouest, is rapidl
winning the confidence of our peopl<
He is alway . at his post.-Ocala (Fla
The Newherry Fair is over ; the e:
hibits were good. but the attendanc
except on the second day was n<
large. Per; aps the executi'.e. wet
not liberal in the use of printers ini
Gilliam 1! -Ghee, the negro boy wh
was run over by a wagon on eiret
day, was i.i the streets yesterday,a
lively as a cricket. He complalil
somewhat-complains that he didn
get to see the cir.:us.
We went into Clinme's dry good stoi
one day last week and so great was til
nsumber of customners. and so muc
taken up were the clerks that wehadl i
serve ourselves. It is seldom othe:
wise in that sto..
Much whiskey .v'as imbibed in tow
on Friday last, it as there were n<
many pugilistic :-ncounters, we pri
summe it was not r ie lighting v,hiiske;
Why will meni p..t an enemy so dren
into them?
Life is too short to try half a doze
different kinds of "Sure Cures ;" whe
one suffers with a cough or cor'd stic
to the best and use Dr. Bull's Coug
Syrup; it will cure your cough an
never disappoint you. All druggisi
sell it at twenty-five cents a bottle.
As the character of a thief is writte
in his countenance, so likewise
wvormis portray their presencee in ti
child's feature:. Hastenm to giv-e Shr
ncr's Indian Vermuifuge to destroy an
expel the pests. For sale by Dr. S.)1
It must be absence of miindl vhic
causes our subscribers to delay settli
ment of their dues. Surely it cain
be that they intend to keep us waiting
We have waited, long and p)atient]
waited, and our time of probation
out. Look at your date on the IIERIE
andl if your owe come promptly au
pay up.
It must have beeni a terrible state<
affairs, that c:used the Psalmist to asl
"Who can stand before this cold ?" I
his day the remedies were few at
doubtful; how much happier shoul
this generation b)e, that has a hous,
hold remedy, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrui
so wonderful has been its cures th:
millions rise up and call it "blessed,
We were not advised last week th:
Mr. Peter IIair had received his ou
ward adorning at the tasty hands<
our young friend and large user<
Printers Ink:, Mr. R. D. Smith. Tn~
things conV.ined h1 the award of th:
$40 suit of clothe -first thme splenmd
figure of the mian, second the el
ganit dressing.
The Novemnber issue of The'Eelect
Magazine n ili commend- itself toa
lovers of good literature. The openmir
article is a powverrul statement of tI
ethical syniticauce of Emerson's, 1
Henry Norman. There are sixtee
articles in this number. The editori
slepartments are of their usual interes
Published by E. R. Pelton. 25 Bor
Street, New York. Terms, $5 y1
year ; single copy, 45 cents. For sa
by all newsdealers.
The Ocala Banner is thd'Nivelies
brightest paper which comes toi
from the land of flowers. This is
part owing to the fact -that pears, a:
pies, peaches. limes, lemons and
anges grace its table all at one tim
.Besides these delightfledibles a mc
Sbeautiful bouquet from an unknov
.donor set off the delicious array. W
Sour -brother Wilson send us his phot
graph, thatwe may see what kind of
looking plan hels.
?t In Black an1d-Colored Cashmeres,
bought direct from the manufac
tures. We promise every Lady
r, buying a Cashmere from us, a dress,
r. which, will not only surpass all
other dresses in appearance and
wear, brt which can be bought at
to least twenty per cent. cheaper than
U cashmeres have heretofore been
sold by any House in Newberry.
in A comparison of our qualities and
s prices, with the qualities and prices
of other makes. will convince you
of the fact that this is not newspa
per bosh, but the whole Truth, and
4 nothing but the Truth.
The choicest and best selected
line of Dress G-oods in
the Up Country. Our Elegant
d WOOL Worsteds at the wonderfifl
e low price of 10 and 12 ets. per yard
o, all having unprecedented sales.
e- Unless you have two or three of
these handsome dresses, you dare
- not assert that you are fashiionable.
r Ladies' Cloths ! Ladies' Suitings !
k- in all the exquisite colors so pecu
I liar to the Fall.of 1883. Our Bich
is dress Silks. Superb Brocade and
'n Satins are spoken of by all those
e who have seen them as
and beauty. If you have bought
r.11 the Dress Goods you need, sup
n pose we go into our Domestic and
House-keeping Department, Look
at these beautiful all wool Rob Roy
Plaids, which will soon be of so
0 much service to your little ones,
and say that they are not the pretti
d est st'yles. and best goods for the
C money you ever saw. Here are all
e wool White and Colored Flannels
:o from 20 to 50 cents per yard. These
excellent Opera and Shaker Flan
nels can be bought for 40 to 50 cts.
per yard, notwithstanding the ad
vance in prices of Flannel goods.
S Next comes all the new Shades in
d Basket Cloths at 60 cents per yard;
g the very same goods we sold last
d year for 75 cents per yard. Can
is you find any Sea Islands a yard
>t wide for 8 and 10 cents per yard,
) which will compare with these Sea
Islands ? ~ BleaohingS I
d3LE~ EC HLGS ! the best values
.ever offered ! What do you think of
e these Turkey Reds and Cardinal
STable Damasks for 50, 75 and $1.00
I. per yard ? These .Bleached and
d Brown pieces for 40 and 50 cents
Sper yard ? Doylies,-beautiful ones
-too, at 6Q and 75 cents, per doz.
*Our Turkish Towels for 20 cents ;
c. linen Towels for 12, 15 and 20 cts.;
e Seersuckers for 12} cents. ; Bleach
e~ ed and Unbleached Sheetings, de
C. monstrate the fact that goods can
0 be sold in Newberry at a low per
cent. Cretonnes and Lace Curtains
'S at 15 cents.-beautify your homes !
Marseille Quilts for 75 cts. well
-e worth $100. One for $1.25, which
we could just as easily get $1.50
:o for, were we not berjt on giving
r- Bargains. Charleston Sheetings and
nDrillings ! We believe we are the
>t only Firm in the City who handle
s We would like so much for every
body to call and examine these
ii extra heavy weight goods ; for you
Swill then be convinced of their vast
-i Superiority over all others,-hhey
Sare absolutely perfect. Eagle and
Phenix, Pee Dee and Athens
h checks ; the best of checks, at
;Wholesale and Retail. Blankets !
i. Blapkets ! Yes, Stacks of Blankets
Sfrom $2.00 to $10.00 per pair. Crib
, blankets a specialty. We want to
d say something about Jeans : but as
we look upon those huge rolls
c: upon rolls of Jeans, where to begin
Sand where to end, "Aye that's the
d rub." That some Merchants do sell
~Jeans cheaper than others you will
Sbe compelled to admit when our 30
"cents, Athens wool Jeans is shown
it you: "Give me so many yards of
Sthis Jeans,-it is the best I ever
if saw for the money," is the un.
'hesitating verdict of every customer.
d Kentucky and Mississippi, (home
e- made) Jeans, as good as Jeans can
cbe made. Charlottsville Jeans
1|| iWe advertise noth
ing~o but what we have actual
id lV in Stock!I
1|ijRememnber, if you are
.in Town .any day this week
iwilpay you to call and
Ssee what B. H. Cline & Co.,
St are selling.
SB.H. Cline &Co.
"A wORDt,
Perfecrt Arrow Ties per Bund lG5
2 lb. Bagging 10o
Pieced or $2 Bagging & Ties _ 75
Ties 1140
Soda (Churches) 5
Clee-Be.t Cream i 16A
i Piedmont Shirth!g g 4j
4-4 " "t
~ Drilling -7
Simpsons Mourn ing & Black Prints ,j
Faner Standard Prints 5
Checked Homespun 9
Spool Cotton(C &C)6 spools for 250
Fruit of Loom Bleaching 4-1 10,
Bunch Thread 80
Plows 6
Kerosene Oil 15
Bacon 8
we offer other goods Embracing most
everything kept in a first class store at
porportionately low Prices, &c.
OUht 11 41 tf
I will pay (15c,) fifteen cents cash
per bushel for 10,000 Bushels SOUND
DRY COTTON SEED delivered it
this place before the first of Ile4t No.
vember. Will exchange Cotton Seed
meal for Cotton Seed.
Dysons, and Chappell's, S. C.
Sep. 26, 39-3m.
I would respectfully call the atten
tion of the public, together with their
wives, cousins, uncles and aunts, and
the balance of mankind and woman.
kind, and any one else who may be in
town or in the county, to my Large
and Elegant Stock of Goods--the lar
gest ever opened in this iu uket.- I
would call special attention to the fol
lowing lines:
Including DRESS GOODS, such as
(Black and colored)
LADIES' JACKETS from $2 to $15.
LADIES' CLOAKS from $3.50 to $20.
A splendid line of the aboue articles,
that canuot fail to please in price,
quality and style.
the very best and every pair warrant
ed at $3.50.
A Fine line of Perfumery and Tpi
let Soaps.
Men's Suits from $5 to $35. Boys
Suits from $2.50 to $15.
in great variety-Wool Hats, Fur Hats,
Stiff Hats, Soft Hats, for men and boys,
from 50c. to $5.
Trunks, Valises, Travelng
A big stock-from 75 cents to 818.
RUBBER GOODS for Gentlemen
and Ladies-the very thing for the
Winter season. Rubber Mats, &c.
CR OCKER Y of all kinds and grades
-a superior line.
Flannel Underwear-elegant variety.
from 25c. to 50c. Men's Cassimeres
from 50c. to $1.50.
DOMESTICS, Bleached and Un
bleached, from 6te. to 12*e. Checked
Homespuns, Georgia and( Athens Mills,
10c. all throught.
T IN BED-ROO S ETS-from $2.50
to $1.50O.
SADDLES, (including fine
Kentucky Saddles,) Harness, Bridles
of good make and material.
My stock of Boots and Shoes cannot
be excelled. Bay State Boots and
Shoes--cable-screw. A good boot from
.L25 to $5. Children's Shoes from
25c. to $2.
A Large Line of Carpets, from 25. to
$1.00, including THREE-PLY, EX
SELS, VELVETS,&c., and embracing
A large aasort:ients of Rugs.
Everybody is invited to call and in.
spect my stock and prices.. The abov<
is only a small sample. Come and set
fry~ourself, and I guarantee to giv<
Very respectfully,
I will pay (15e.) fifteen cents easi
per bushel for, 10,000 Bushels SOUNI
DRY COTTON SEED delivered to me
at this place before the first'of next
November. Will exchange Cottom
Seed meal for Cotton Seed.
Salnda 0. T., S. C.
* OF
Unparalleled Ba t
Defiance, and Challenges the Sata a
800 doz. Pure Linen towels ( 10c. wort 20
500 - " 25
500 " " " 16 " 15
!000 " Hose " 5 t 10
800 " " " 8 " 15
500 " it 10 " 20
500 " t b " 10
tw0 el @ 60 o 8 10
300" 121 " 2()
" 10 t
A Fins Lot of DAMASK from BiUNA*h'
You Can Buy Damask, @ 25e.:.pe d
3" " " " st: M
1014 Sheeting, t0
Bed Titcking.=
AFirsLt lssFAtheATK fr B7as
"N "LGN "O "~TF 54) "t.
Putaw Thepick.n p. for the orth10
Di earmther "aufu-r to 1o5sRe 25
The small st fi ltasts Fthe rs numbefr. F
AN -INGl o!u8TFOR50e
Yout dcan buy eliceant puash for the . trade.e J~
ilc fro th o u fcTurer Stoi Comtinsu mrs. kx
The saes rof t buttn rocts p 144 barge t ons r 5. P s t
tons pr boxlOc.
AnEIteligeT ul 3?.t IJITS
And Not FANN
WeAS have drsUnromCE.LL, 14Mttnsafor,5.Pat
tosperl box 10ct.

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