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Special an Local.
THURSDAY JAN. 3, 1884.
Mr. L. S. Bowers, postmaster,atProsperit
a oar autborized agent at that place
may be found on 1. at Geo.:
rea(0O sricespap.er Advertising
tsaetsinK he fr he i Now o
The Atlanta Constitution. -
Patente-Mun : Co. /
Pateats-c. A. Snow ? Co.
In the Pilot Roam. .
Piedmont Institute.-w.
N otis -lj S. C.
3ait 'B-i inkle.
B. B arwile.
aom Bank- . Carwile, Cashier. (s)
An Infa daughter of Mr. W. C.
Cromer, on the 31st of December.
Col . es Cresswell, an uncle of
rs. xter and Mrs McCaughrin,
bis home near Greenwood Tues
.Jobh W. Miller, formerly of
ewberrys and son of Mathias W.
. died at his home in Gainesville,
Sunday, 23d instan:.
Mrs. Sallie C. Cromer, (lied on the
h of December. '-A kind friend-a
a consistent christian-a devoted wife
and mother-a womanly woman; let
is be her obituary.
Mr. Carter Pool, the eldest son of
Col. J. P. Pool, died nf consumption
at his father's residence ont Saturday
night,.at 12 o'clock, and was buried on
Sunday afternoon at Rosemnout Cemie
tary. He had only recently returned
from Florida where he had been for
some time seeking the restoration of
his health. We deeply sympathize
with this sorely afflicted family, only a
few mouths ago they having been
called upon to bury a lovely and
amiable daughter.
IATIMME3 a IA., 101u1 ir. m
Good Ordinary ---------
Strict Good Ordinary - - - - -
Low Middling - - - - - - - - -- 819
Middling----- -------- 9 9
Good Middling - - - - - - - - - 91 91
Market steadier.
Receipts since Sep't. 1st, 1883.13.250 B.
Receipts for week ending
-Dc. 31th, 1883. - - - - - - - - -205 B.
Pay Peoples & Johnson what
oe owe them. tf.
News and Courier's Annual.
We have received a copy of the
News aad Courier's Annual, a very
handsomely gotten up pamphlet. It is
sold at-50 cents a copy.
Cruelty to Anials.
Within the last week'or two a num
ber of rabbits have been turned loose
in the street to be chased and caught
by a bench-legged black flce. If this
isn't cruelty to animals, what is it?
Liquor License.
The Town Council has licensed sev
en saloons (including two drug stores).
at $400 each, and it is thought that the
number will reach ten. Last year li
cense was granted to 12 saloons (in
Seluding three drug stores) at $200 each.
A Ponauir
The Rev.E. P. McClintock received
* happy pounding at the hands of the
menmbers of his church Tuesday night.
This is the first of the new year, and
we suggest fhat it be followed by
- others.
Florida Orange.
Ozr Christma~s was gladdened by the
rception of a box of oranges, from La
Grange, Fla. The pleasure was enhane
ed as the present was mnade by acousin,
Mrs. Lizzie M.ndell. All know how
is the Florida Orange, and can
ore appreciate the sItuation.
the Crotwell Hotel.
Dnner at lrets of the Crotwell
The pr ga Blease, gave a New
Hotel,~ Ms. Em Tuesday, to which
Year's dinner o *)orddaluvitation
we acknowldege a ut Party. We
to make one of the pl , at tend, not
regret not being able the dinner
being well enough to d&i,
SBeautifully illustrated, and cou ~
ing among other useful items of infor
mation a Business Directory of the
Town of New berry, giving every busi
ness and calling of the Town, publish
ed at the HERALD Job Office. Price
only 10 ets. per copy. 1-St.
Terma of Servic of Jurors.
The new law to regulate the drawing
and ter;n of service of jurors in New
berry County provides that "thi-:ty-six
jurors shall be drawn to serve the first
week" (at spring and fall terms of
court) 'and a like :mmber shall be
drawn to serve for the remainder of
each of said terms." This makes the
term of service of each juror one week.
An Elegint set Down.
Col. 'J. C. Chase the irrepressible
.jost of ye Newberry Hotel gave a cap
tal complimentary dinner on the
26th, to which were invited quite a
number of his frienda, among which
Swe were pleased to b: included. The
dinner was unexceptionlable, and
gave unqualiffed satisfaction.
Congaree Nurseries.
A cataogue from Mr. R. M. Sims, of
Columbia, informs us that he has start
ed a Nursery for the sale of Strawberry
plants, Raspberries, Blackberries and
Grapes, of all the best known varieties.
We wish him a large success, and be
speak for him orders which will re
ceive prompt attention. Send for a
catalogue of prices.
The dwelling house of Mr. A. C.
Welch, about two and a half miles
from the Court House, was -burned
down on Friday last. The family was
4nt at the time, and nothing was
saved. A consideraibln portion of pro
risions were also consumed. There
was 'an lnsuranice,of $1200 on the
house $300 on the fiurniture. The fire
was supposed to be accidental.
How do you Stand ?
Th3eaders of the HERAL are
asked to bear with us this issue-the
local columns leaning so largely to
bain Items. "A damb priest loses
his bei fit" you know, hente we feel
the necessity of asking for what Is due
us. Knock and It shall be opened,
seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall
reeive. And reader we will not trans
exet week. We do hope that
~.eyf8apealed to either directly -o
ndel w_l respond cheerfully and
quick.y. As we have faithfully served
(knotdia4sp nt us. Once more
asked toat the date next
me the paper, s3 se how
. R. D. Smart preached his
- The sermon in the Methodist I
fa unday last, to a large and ap
Ch ie congregation. Mr. Smart I
P the two years of his ministra
a here gained the love and esteem
the entire community, and the sever- 1
enee of the tie between pastor and peo- <
ple is painfully felt. He left here ;
Tuesday for Greenville, I
Christmas Dinner.
Mr. Louis Hammel gave a treat to a
number of his young friends on Christ
mas day, which we are informed was
quite a nice one. Mr. Hanmel unfor
tunately being a Benedict, had to en
tertain his company at the restaurant
of Mr. S. B. Jones, but it was none
the less good for all that. The next
time he gives a dinner we entertain
the hope that a wife will grace one
end of the table.
The Negro Exodus.
The Texas fever has laid a strong 1
hold upon the Newberry negroes. The t
week before last 150 left this place for 1
Texas; we learn that a large party u
will go tcnorrow, and another party d
on the following Friday. Some of
these emigrants are well to do negroes
-but they say that labor -istoo cheap n
here an(rtheir wages too hard to col
lect after they have been earned.
Rev J. A. Clifton.
The News and Courier in an editorial r
notice of thisgentleman, speaks of him
in the warmest terms. We copy the
paragraph. We learn that several s
members of his family are sick in
Charlcs_on, and the probability is that g
several days will elapse ere he arrives
here. When he does coie, h-)wever,
his reception will be cordial and warm, t)
such a receptioi as Newbe.ry ever
shows to her preachers. it
Polishing the Wrong End.
Many men daily polish their bouts "i
who ::ever give a thoaht to the condi- I
tion of their hair, except to harrow it
casually with brt:sh and comb, or sul
mit it to the paralyzing attention of 5
tiie average barb. r. What hap.e:s?
Why, this: From neglect, mental anx
iety, or any of a score of causes, the II
hair turns prematurely gray and be- f:
gins to fall out'. Parker's Hair Balsam
will at once stop the latter process and
restore the original color. An elegant ti
dressing, free from grease.
Nov. 29, Im.
The State v:. Henry H. Blease, T. J.
A warrant has been issued by Trial e
Justice, John S. Fair, for the arrest of h
Trial Justice Henry H. Ble:tse, charged
with oppression and official miscon
duet under section 2,555 of the General
Statutes. The affidavit was made by
Hart Caldwell, colored. who swears e
that he and his wife were imprisoned by o
Trial Justice Blease, a short time ago, I
in an oppressive and unlawful manner. n
The trial will take place next week. d
TLe State will be represented by 0. L.
Schumpert, Esq., the defendant, by U
Henry H. Blease, Esq. 1
No Grease for Him.
"When Greece her knees-Gieece 11
her knees-Greece her knees," stam
mered an embarrassed schoolboy, for
getting the next line of his. recitation. t1
"There is no occasion to grease any- L
body's knees," shouted his teacher.
"Go and study your piece." Neither d
is there ocasion to grease your hair.
Parker's Hair Balsam is all the dressing
you want. Restores the original gloss ~
and color to gray or faded hair. DJoes
not soil the linen; not a dye ; good ~
for the scalp ; prevents falling out.
At this sea.-on, the commencement '
of a new year, the p)roprietor of a paper S
is called upon to perform a most disa- a
greeable duty, the cutting off or erasing
the names from the subscription book,
of sundry and divers subscribers who
have faied to pay him for his paper, a
and who even neglect to write and tell C
him that they are unable to pay. How ~
much cleverer and honester it would be S
were they to simply drop. him a card ~
andl say, "please stop my paper, I en:.
not pay for it," than to continue ,
through the year to receive it, and read t
it, and enjoy it. Honesty is the be4t t
policy always, and we would think e
better of the man who' would acknow
lege his inability-and may be we 0
would send the HEBALD free, without ~
hope of pay, and in tbe hope that that ~
subscriber might be benetited. As we C
said at the outset, this disagreeable 9
duty has to be performed, and after
this notice goes forth wve will coin
enee to cut all non.-paying subscri
~r3 from off our books, and. may the
-haemercy on them, and causet
them 40 pay the dues honestly and ~
laborIoZly made, and which.wvould do
u o>good to receive than they
The New Year.,
The year l883 e$ast, and we have
entered upon the -datka and responsi- (
bilities, and the careszand the tollst
of another year. We~e one, are
thankful that we have liv6&sta igh
the year that is gone. Wh
shall live through the present
and what will be the outcome, no one
can tell. We all hope however that
1884 will be no worse than 1883. We
even go further and hope, it costs r
nothing to Indulge in hope you know,
that all things will be -better, that
crops will be more abundant, business
of all kinds flourish, and even the
HERALD'S infiuence extend, and its
prospects be brighter. We wish that
all of our readers will join us in this
hope and not only that, but give us a
kind word, here and there, and that
like good seed these kind wvords may'
fall Into good ground, anld spring up,
and bring forth much fruit to our gaim.
Readers one and all, we wish you each
a Happy Newv Year, may success crown
your every effort, and the year bring
you happlness and peace.
A Clever Fellow.
It is strange, passing strange that
subcrption money Is so scarCe. It
seens almost to have disappeared. I
We once used to see It and jingle it in
our pockets, pay our printers, and
our paper makers with it, when we.
became tired of feeling it in our pocket ;
but alas, alas, all that we now have is!
the recollection of it, and very pleas
ant is the memory thereof. We won
der if the wvandering dimes and dol
lars will gladden our sight again.. We
hope so. In the meantime we will re
ceve any kind of product in place of]
money. A subscriber can pay us in
wood, corn, pene,butter, eggs,Chickens,
ducks, turkeys-old ganders, screech
owls, bull or hound pups not Included
-even a bale of cotton will be accept-1
able, any thing In short which can be
turned Into cash, or be eaten. The
proprietor of a country paper is not
a proud or*upphh man, and to relieve
his subscribert who desire to have a clear
record on his books, but think they can
not, will take any and every thing for
past or future dues, except the items en
umerated above as objectionable. A
Newspaper proprietor is one of the
dleerss fellows on top the green
fNew Year's Party.
The Lotus Club not co::tent wi
;he dance at the Hotel Friday night la
enewed the pleasant pastime, at i
arge and elegant residence of Maj.
T. Jones, Monday night of this wee
[t was the party of the season, a;
he young people danced the old ye
ut to the sound of'music sweet, wi
airy feet. They were all on hand,
ather on feet, for the purpose wa:
rip the light fantastic, and right ma
-ellons was the tripping, particul:ar
in the part of the yo-ng men. up
he witching hour of midnight, wh
he Club was taken in hand by ye mai
ns fair, Miss Katie Rutherford beit
ifted to the important position of fli
uanager. Right royally did she exe
ise her sweet prerogative. Tl:e g"
lemen in their natural charactt
s "lords of creation" bore thei
elves finely tutiltwelve wvhei th,
vere madee to put the lady on, tI
adies takingthe leap year privilege
loitrg the gallant. It was well dor
,f course, and well enjoyed, and t
ours sped delight fully until haif-ia:
wo, when the relative pos:tions <
adies and lassies resolved it:to the na
ral channels agiu. Thus was
ouble party enoyed, 1S83 and l&
eing blended and welded tcgethe
y a bright and uerrcroywd of yous
ten and maidens. the pride of ti
wi of Newberry.
Mr. Henry Burton of Ark:o.sas wi
etura to his home next week.
Mr. James Gordon will lea% eth
t.ne day.
Mrs. J. C. Mori i=, is visiting relat:vt
1 town.
Misses Wearn, spc nt part of la-t .in
lis week in our town.
Miss B. Vance, of Greenviir s vi.i
ig her sister Mrs. D. G. )orroh.
Misses Doby, and Kirkland of Cuan
en, are the guests of Miss Mattie M<
ME-ses Mat:ti'e Pat::trd and 31:n
[miter, of Cartersville Ga., ::re v si
i1 MLsi Emma M.:K. I!er.
Mr. L. P. W. R:ser a:nd fam.!y hav
toved to town:. H 1:a; lae I hi
rm to Mr. Jack Summers.
Miss Williams, sister c-f Rev. H. I
mart, who has been spendi:g som
me with him, left for her ho:e i
[anptoa Co., Tuesday.
Mr. W. H. Clark, N ewbe:ry's of
ad favorite Photographer is i.t towl
[e will be here for a week. His rc
at trials-aud sickness have told o
ol. Sniffles.
Christmas is over, and I am over th
gg-nog, the turkey and the pre:eu:
f that happy season. It ; time thai
was settling down to work. I at
ot fond of work though, and can In
own and sleep alongside of a big da)
'ork, and sleep the sleep of the ju:
iade perfect. I wonder what the yea
S4 has in store for me, I would lik
) much to know,for,like Micawber I at
aiting for something to turn up. M
lents are of a superior order, but the
ave not been appreciated, atl th
ammunity in whic} I live and th
rorld at large have consequently lo:
le advantages which wou11l hav
llen to them, had I met with that al
reciation which I have ever considere
ne me. There is the stuff in me t
ake a great generaiYa distinguishe
latesman, a successful banker, a rai
yad king, or ? could even make a
Etor; aill that has ever been lackin
that the fortuitous circumstan(
as never turned up. I need set tie
p. It has never beeni my luck to hau
een brought forwvard. "Col. SnifTk
eminently tihe man" for suc
nd such a position, hIas never bee
dd of me. I think it hard, but
iin bear it, I have a "heart for ever
te." At one period of my lift
thought tile chanices favorable to gi
nomination for Intendant ; hand I rt
eved it, I would have been electe
namimously, and would have mad
ich a Mayor as this world hais neve
efore been blessed with. What
ither I would have nmade for th
-idow, and husband for thleorphan ;n
ixes for the poor, and the boys allowe
> pop fire crackers anywvhere. A tow
tertainment to which every one won)
e invited, would have been a feattu
f my reign, and after the dinner ther
rouldl have been a hanging of thou
ho failed to attenld. Like most per
dis in my life this one was still-born an
2e chance to distinguish myself fiashe
i the pan. It is melincholy to reca
ls failure, and there is no0 telling I
that height I may not have gone, bi
yr a lack of appreciation. 1Ilhave et
red the race for another year, notte
me friends.
alapa Items.
Christmas passed off quietly, as n
ave a dry town, so we had few or r
ghts or accidents. William Chalmner:
:olored) accidentally shot himselfi
ie hand, by carelessly handling a pil
21, wound not dangerous. We are sorr
say our esteemfedl friend, Mrs. WV.(
gb, was confined to a sick bed du
ig the holidays, but glad to say she
tw slowly improving.
1;-t.rkey dinner and egg-flog wi
njoett igy some of our townsmel
~wo of our Wi.llies bothi having the san
aitials, have regular stations niumbe:
ag 4 to take on egg-nlog, as an enlgh
akes on1 water at tanks ; well there
0 harm in eggs, sugar, milk and inu
aegs mixed.
The Oat and wheat crops are larg
han ever known and quite promisin.
luite a number of our farmers a.
roaring beautiful jeans, mlade of woo
rom their sheep, being exchangedi
Ira. Mrs. E. P. Mathews presente
mr Junior M. D. with a beautiful pa
if pants, of above alluded to jeau
low I enlvy these M. D's. in receivii:
o many presents. Col. G. S. Cannoi
S tile moat liberal man in No.5; beir
Iry year, he voluntarily forgave h
averal renters half a bale cotton1
ach horse farm.
The wild turkey gobbler alluded
amoosed; our Daniel Boone, wi
ied to kill him by tyinga tame turki
en near by is discouraged, and offe
us purse for a turkey dog. If any
sur readers as far as Texas have su<
Sdog to dispose of, he can find reat
kale. The gobbler is supposed to1
n Laurens, near Mr. Wash McCreery
N. C.
Personal Card.
Resoved, Ist.-That we regard tl
pictures of the entire Council as wor]
>f Art exhibiting G,reat Taste ai
2nd.-That we extend our thanks:
tbody and individuals to J. T. WI
3rd.-That as individuals we recol
mend J. T. Winbuirn to the Citizens
the City and County of Anderson as
lrst class Photographer.
Signed.-D). S. MAXWELL,-Mayor.
S. M. OUR,
JsssE M. SMrTH,
m A..BBWE -Jem
s: I
f - -
e w S ift'Specifie (S.S. S.) has relieved
e mhe of an obstinate case of Drv Tel ter,
st |which has troubled me for t we::ty-tive
:f years, and has baf1T-d all sorts of treat
t- ment. REV. I. R. BRANHAM,
a Jan 4f-Im. M:u.on. G.I.
I, Various and All About.
g Christma is p:ts ,
1 And all thi:ig- consi:lere.l it was a
plea,a:t one.
The year 1S83 is als' a iiig of the
li past. it was a larl year.
Se : tha li.: of premimlts ol'-red by
t.h - HERALD to <cl', erb 'rs.
The overntor ha, alpo'iied Mr.
.T:tines I bv. of Ma01yNton. Trial J1-.
1 iee.
O:tr t. ;; n is f ii "f Chri=t-:e- :un d
d New Yeur'. vi.it,r . and the eon,e
quence is that it is 1i lt1 :han usu:al.
A lively pi;tol ca:--d :t -eqire :inong
the street deark:e< Tules,i:y 1ig(It.
Wlwre were the pol'ee.
- A. la: Wendt Ileaneci s~ heavily a
- g.unst one of Dr. F aut'; :erre window
r1,1.: : s :o br :il i :e o ev.r.a pieces.
He h 't orter wnt t: ;o -o.
- C'll on Mr. L. S. Bowers. our polite
anu". e::e;."lh:n : agen1t a: Pro i' -rity. We',
ht ve aut:h',rI .. hi:1 1t: ':: von;
We have no reas, n to d:u:t that our
ubscription li-t will be leri,resel dnar
>. ing the year. The people sppree'ate a
good paper.
tI The driniks ?mbib,ed a;n Chri=tma1:s
day iu;t have been of a non-lghting
d character, as not a single arrest was
. ele by reason of b-tl c uct. Few
towns c::n show such a reor 1.
n The remnants have been gathe:ed
together, properly arranged, and ire
now ready for sale. Con e to the
HERALD Book Store. pe"rha: you -.Iay
find something von woui 'ihe -to have.
e You = est assured :ia.. C the prices
s will suit.
t We regret to learn that uncle Teague
n Leavell sustained a s--rious injury in
Y the breaking of his hip none on Tiies
' (lay. His age and had health makes
it the injury more serious than it would
r otherwise have been.
The Lotus Club had its Hop Frlday
. night, at the Newberry Hotel. and a
right enjoyable Hop it was. Even
e those unused to hopping hopped on
e that occasion. In short everyone
t hopped, and you had better believe
e that it was a b'g hop.
y- An alarm of fire was mule Tuesday
d evening about R o'clock, and was found
o to proceed from a chimney of the hou,e.
d occupied by the Rev. E. P. McClin
i- tock. .Strange thazt many in the
n house were so engrossed in 'the "p)ound
ging." that they did not hear the
e. alarm.
g"I would not live always, I ask net
e to stay.'' We (do not wonder. with
5 such a cold as yours, but there is a
h bright side to every thing, and sue
n1 shines even for those racked with pin1.
I Dr. Bull's Cou.4h Syrup never fails to
y cure the most stubborn couigh.
-'There is a ':onstant warfare being
t waged b)etweenl the varions species of
-the animal kingdom. Trhink ofth
d horribleness < f anI armny of worms
e storminlg the < tadei of life. A 'lose of
r Shriner's Indian Vermifuge will de
a stroy them. For sale by Dr. S. F.
This is the per'o.l for the turning
over of newv leaves in our life's diary.
dLet us all turn themn over friends and
e readers, and keep them clear. May
flno dirty or foul actions be recordled
eagainst us5. If ev. ry man and woman
will so determine. :t will be that much
the better for us. e e and all.
d "Do youl Owe any One anything
11 reader ?" "Ys' "Bless you for
o owning to the so't imnpeaehmnent, we~
t knew it before you ,a::swered. All
- that we have to s:ty therefore is, go
e* and pay what you owe, you will be
happier by reason of it, and yonr credI
itor will also be happier. If you owve
us please make uIs happy.."
Warner's Observatory at Rochester,
N. Y., deserves mention as one of the
efirst importa.:ee Thousand of dol
lars are paid o it by Dr. Warner to tihe
bright watche:s tif the celestial bodies
wvhde making their erratic movements
in the system; of the upper wrorlds.
SWe t'hafik him for a comlplimnentary
card of admission to his observatory?
kAt the Pomar'a stati?on, ladies and
children are s< mn-times obliged to pass
s under a freight train, in order to reach
*tihe passenger cars. Of course this
e passing under m'ght be avoided by a
.passage around the freight ; but as this
a would be somewhat disagreeable and
s lot altogether iafe, might not a pas
t. senger platform be erected at Pomaria?
We put the q: estien as 'twas put to
. Aie you dead, or are you sleepig?
e We verily believe those are gone dead
, of whose deaths we have heard noth
n ing. Please send us $2, absent n
d heard of friend, or eveni $1, or 5) ets,
ir any amount, that we muay know that
s. you live, mnove and havp your being.
ig If you are really (lead write us from
a, the other place, and( we will write
ig your obituaries, and place a great
is black rule at top and bottom, of the
to notice. We will, yes, verily.
to Remarkable but True.
Jo The -Anderson I..!elligencer tells of a
7Y lady -who is still using the same pair
rs of hair pins that she. purchased before
of she was married, and she has been
:h married long enoulgh to have a daughi
1y ter grown up. The Edgefild ChIironicle
M says that there is living in that County
*-a lady who has a set of knives and
forks, together with a set of cups and
saucers that she has been using over
thirty years.
ye As a set off to this we know a lady
ks in Fairfield County, who is so very
id careful with her household things that
she has the same cups, saucers, plates,
as knives and forks that she has used for
n- over thirty years. She has also a tin
foot tub that is as good as new al
n- though it is as (lid a- the other articles.
of What is the niost remarkable of all is
a that her bonnet claims the samne dis
tinguished age and looks to-day as
nice as one of the last fall bonnets, its
shape and the character of its ribbons
being changed once in a while. We
need only further say that this remark.
able lady is one of the best housekeep..
ers, and the most, lovable woman next
n.1 to one in our own household that we
kshav avse 1mown.
H!111 W THT W HD
Space to tell you what marvelous inducements are being offered within
that little "Bee Hive" of B. H. Clines & Co. What handsome Cloaks,
and Walking Jackets,--superbly trinmed,-arc being sold at least one
third less than their real value. How stacks upon stacks of rich and costly
Dress Goods are being sold in order that our immense Stock may be
{ reduced ; for Dress Goods unlike wine do not improve by age ! How
Plantation Boots and Shoes, are leaving the store ; having determined to
discontinue keeping heavy shoes, and having advertised them AT COST,
we will keep our promise, "Tho' the Heavens Fall!' Money is scarce,
and stagnation is Death ! Activity of trade must in the end compensate
for tenporary loss ; for dull trade always accumulates old stocks until
depreciation in values. and interest on moneys lead to greater 1-4ses. If
you have any Dry Goods to buy this week coni and see us ; we will
make it more than repay you.
What by;one visions of hai py chiitihood does this magical word recalls.
During this Festive Season let us remelnm'r the children, but let us 1et
forget those older Dear One's, who have claims upon our generosity, and
who can b'tter appr:iat.' our little kindnesses. Give the ::re !:tt!:
gift--no mnattcr how ;oor you may b:, and in making them happy, y,.u
cannot fai t' he doubly appy. Befo:. you inake your purchases look
:,t our respL' -net lir-- o Useful, Christ.nas and Holida' Goois.
Lool: and wo.l r ! noh-bat the noa i:sh designs in Ladie'sCollars.
Nc:k-we;r an2 ushig. Every thing new and desirable In Silk and
c: lod tr :2r l ilandkerchiefs. Every one who has seen our beautiful
s: ..'-yery .Ipas of them In t'rms of the"3 highest prai3e. I's ery !
i an-il : ~ ! ! lv es ! !.: Ribbons !' !!uttonas ! ! ! Perfim ries ! !!
cor: ts !!! our ee; STRONGHOLD from which we ean never he
LA ) ADi M :tLAR rC
the rulr. ! A case of whose much desired 12 and 15 ets Worsteds just
Have you boughit any of our 50ets. Ladies and Gentlemen-s Under.
Wear ? Then you know that we are selling 715 cts. Underwear for 50 cts.
Special inducements in Balmnorals. Shawls and Jerseys. Those of you
who have bought Domestics from us, know that we are indeed HEAD
QUARTERS. and that w:, sta"id without a succes-ful rival.
S Rtec"ently grcatt im1provelents have been made in
our Si1k and Trimmwing Departiments. The only complete
line of 1i0k,, S;tins, :'et4%1s, &c., in Newberrv.
I Executors Sale of Land
V I and
JPersonal Property.
- We will sell at Newberry U. H. S. C.,
-' mE on the first Mond:ay ini Jamnuary next,
~ ~ ~fl all the lands belonging to the estate of
Dav'id Kibler, deceased, consisting of
~ the following parcels in the town of
-K. Prosperity, S. C.. viz :
2 No. 13. Trhelouse placee, containIng
~3 T 6 aecr,-.s, whereon is located a fine
~ ~ (dwelling houmse w'ith seven rooms anid
all neces'ary Q.ut buildings. Both
* ~ ~ lpring and well water.
- ; -No. 11, Lot, .conaing 4 4-10 acres.
i No. 12, Lot, containing 4 6-10 acres.
I No. 1, Lot. containing 1 44-100 acres
o -" *- _____ fronting on McNary road.
Noii~ ofI~'uaI etiemen, 4 No. 2, Lot, containing1)acres front
Otie O Fital30tiemnt,RDding o:m samne road.
itila rge. . o.3 Lot. conitaining 1j acres front
We will make a finial settiement on N.4 u,cnann -0):ce
the E;4tate of Ira .Johnsto-m deceased in I~itn nsm od
the Probate Court f 'r Newbermy N.5 A~ otiigoear n
Chuu:tv, S. C.. on the 7th of .January rnigo an od
1884, 'and immediately thereafter Nm ,Lt o~iig2:4l. ce
apply for a inal discharge as executorsfr'tigoSte.
of saidl estate. N..Lt otmli Ol)ar*
BLUFORD N. JOHNSTON, N.S o,cnann 2 mrs
40-StExecuors. No. 4, Lot, containing 22 3-103 acres
-- - - _________----fron on s:dame roantt. o ln
N.Lo,containing OnonilIe acre and
frontin by latreet. W.Stck
No.7,Iot,conain:Lg2 3-1'Ja-r!
BV TIlE- CARLINA dirtntn fom Stroeety .C
No.rm. Lot, coainingl i2: ash,
BANKING COMPANY A o ta balace onatiedi of twlnd
contas ihine nre cres mre or
OF sle, seondd by thand of W tocku
NEW H Y AND BOTN ! man,~ Eilzabet ameon. HenpryeDmi
Farm MorgageLo n ie andeu o fthe Thse lt is5ill
Tlo erurdtof insureOne-! dwdin sh
BAN INGCOM ANY andon teqal "to*the credit poon tand
OF ~soal sc,b he ond popet ther
Farms Plangage ioans Thepn rharno tohsae ous David Kill
dcAsod all e rsoldat foroertbe
FOR EWBRRYCOUTY. residemnce of the said David Kibier, on
Appnly to Tuesday after sateday in January.
0. L. SCHU MP E RT, December 3d.1883.
Attorney and Counsellor, DR AYTON W.T. KIBLER,
48-3m. Newberry. S. C. REBECCA WV. KIBLEE
_____________________________ AsE Executors of the last will and
- - .testam amt of David Kibler, deceased.
FOR SALE. - **c**-ds
15 shares National Bamnk of New'- God Al
berry, S. C., stock, will be sold at pub-of ins
lie auction on thme first Monday in Jani. chaketla
1884, belonging to the estate of Mrs. ;1~i1 aii
Lucy Shelton. ,NESN iIlJIII~UJ)~ I~R
50-4t. Administrator. TH EAR OF RD
At Very Short Profits,
By virtue of authority of a chattel
mortgage given by A. W. Oxcner to.B O SE
Tozer & Dial, dated 21s:; January,; I NFVER Y
1S81, I will sell at public auction at!
Newvberry Conit House. on the first
Monday in January next to the high- M O T
est bidder, oue 40 - all Gin amid 4-t
Condenser. Terms cas____________.__
~ent for Tozer~. EAIAINO ECES
Dec. 24, 1 , 25-2t.- Tie emanal xanton f
SALE OF LANPD j ocoko hefligdy. rda
Will be sold on Saleday In Jan ' t, Jnay18,Cb eces
If not sold before, two hundred land Stra h aur 84 ht
seventy-five acres of land, in two pa- Tahr.B re fteBad
rate parcels, about equally diVided.J.CBOD
aboe lnd il beshon t tle ouThe,~ slIei-ants o exmnto of5.Th
Home on he ay o sae.use,W betwee thehors of 10s ad
TermsOne hlf cah, ~4incO one clock on prcthe fow eing ookrda
amidtwoyeas, ith nte~ fon atun nrda ih, Jnuar 1884,S htoes
ofsae,an abod ~9tDr Tae achers Byodeft Bard.
Thislan lis o th Bucom roa 50,t. .. .
abou 10mlsfrmteCor.ne
in an. easterly diecio..Pa. ftewne frTeLvso l
Unparalleled Bargains!
Defiance, and Challenges the State to a
5K doz. Pure Linen towels @ 10c. worth 2t
5( " "o "c "c " 121 "c 2F6
500 " "' " " :15 " 3
JIM " Hose -' " 5 " 10
800 " "" 8 " 15
500 " 11) " 2(
500 - " 5 " - .10
500) " " " " 8 ''
u b '.- 10l
A Fine Lot of DAMASK from Belfast.
\ou Can Buy Danask, C 25c. per yd;
L. c cc 35
0. " " 0 c" "
10-4 Sheeting, " 20
" " 25
Bed Ticki n
Straw Tick far 7Te. worth 10
10 " 1
Feather " '' 15 " 2
First Class Feather Tfick for 171
T1'he argument unanswerable."b
Put down the price and push up the trade.
Direct from the Manufacturers to Consumers.
The smallest profit attracts the.largest number.
An Intelligent Public Wants FACTS
And Not FANCY.
--I N OU R%--.--~4
La cain buy elegant Jeans for 15c., home ma~de Jen
'or 37 1 -ic., beautiful C'ASSIME RES f)r //c5c.
WZll sayj tiha! our NOT ION Stock i Complete~ inl tre -ythi'j.
We b are dress buttons frow 5c, up. 144 buttons for 5c. Pants 14ut,.
Ons per box1 10c.

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