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The IeM*3Ld.
THURSDAY JAN. 24, 1884.
The Hefrld itn thehigbest respect ram
fly -4s e , devote to the material in
erests *o people of this County and the
state. It circulates extensively, and as an
AQve sed1wxL offers univaled ad
vantames. FoxTerms, ee frst page.
The law in reference to Free
Public Schools provides that each
County Board of Examiners shall
divide their county into convenient
school districts for all purposes con
nected with the general interests of
education, and re-district the same
whenever, in their judgment, the
general good requires it. Every
school district so organized shall.be
numbered, and shall be a body cor
The Board of Examiners have
never divided our County into
school districts but have adopted
the townships as sbhool districts.
In some respects this plan is con
venient, but It does not commend
itself for anything else; and the
general interests of education as
well as the public good demand
that the county should be re-dis
tricted ag soon as practicable. This
matter was called to oar attention
by one in whose judgment we have
confidence, but, apart from that, we
feel that the suggestion is wise and
Smaller and more convenient
school district would give us better
schools by developing a. livelier in
terest in them and promoting a
heartier co-operation- between the
school trustees and the School Com
missioner. The law lays it down as
the duty of the trustees to call
meetings of the people of the dis
trict for consultation in regard to
its school interests. Owing to the
size of the districts, these meetings
could not be held conveniently,
and we believe that they have not
been held. If, however, the lines of
each d-itrict embraced a particular
nejgiborhood large enough to sup
fjort two schools, one white and one
colored, the trustees would feel a
%w personal interest in their schools,
and the people could confer easily
L and conveniently in regard to
school interests. The school trus
tees are expected to work, without
compensation, for the general good,
and it is a mistake to extend their
authority over so great a scope of.
country. They would work better
and with more satisfaction to them
selves, in their own neighborhood
To see the inconvenience attend.
ing the present districts, take May.
binton township as an instance.
This towjiship, which is also a
school districts, is divided by a
river. Is it not plain, that it would
be both wisr: and more convenient
to divide it into at least two school
districts ? Township Eleven isq an
other examp)le. It is washed by
*the waters of Broad River, some
twenty miles from Newberry, while
one extremity of it lies within three
-- miles of town. It is unreasonable
to expect three trustees to manage
the educational interests of this
township wisely.
- - We hope that these suggestions
will find favor with the Board of
Examiners, and that the county will
be re-districted.
Or properly the News and Courier
daily, News and Courier weekly,
and the Sunday News and Courier,
leave nothing more to be accomplish
ed in the daily and weekly role of
papers, unless it be a continued ad
vance in the way of improvement.
and in what way possible improve.
ment can be made strikes us as one
of the things barely possible. The
Daily has long been first class and
as such has spread over and entered
into all ranks of society, until it
has come to be looked on as great a
daily need as one's regular daily
meals, and se in a lesser degree
does the great weekly stand, the
only exception being in its lesser
visits. The Sunday News par ex
cellence, is the pure cream, and
of the day on which it is published.
They are all good, and one or the
other of them no doubt -inds itself
on the table of every family in the
State. When the Lightning Press
now building is completed -and set
to running, the energetic proprietors1
we fear will run tilt against time.
and the calendar, and endeavor to
get another day into the week, as
an excuse for another paper-which
will be called the EpaDyNw
While "UDcle Sam" is spending
his money with a reckless disre- a
gard of his children's rights and
interests, we feel called upon to
make a suggestion, which, of course,i
will never reach his ears.. The t
suggestion grows out of the fact '
that the post-office has been dis- .
continued at Liberty Hall, and no
Dne can be induced to serve as post- t4
master in the absence of a salary.
The office is needed, and the neigh- b
borhood wshes its continuance, but
it Irill not pay a post-master. The ,
country store at which the office b
was formerly kept, has -been closed,
and country post-offices cannot live
apart from country stores. The
store keeper consents to keep the
post-office, not bedause there is any 6
pay in it, but because~'h& -expects
it to draw customers to his store. s
We cannot see why the govern- e
ment refuses to give small salaries
to country post-masters. It has
established a postal service which t
ought to carry its blessings in the
shape of the mails to country peo
ple. This could be done'with greater
satisfaction by giving small salaries;
and the outlay would not be felt by
the treasury. Even South Carolina,
poor as she is, is more generous
and business-like ; for does she not
give a salary of twenty-five dollars
a year to each country trial justice ?
How much abler the general gov
ernment ; and how much more im
portant are country post-offices!
Savannah's new Hotel, although
not a brick has yet been laid, is
assuming the proportions and de- I
scriptions which a bona fide capital i
of $500,000 is calculated to do. It
will be a magnificent structure and
as well a pride to its stockholders,
as to the city of Savannah. No
expense will be spared in making
it first class. We hope that the
new Hotel talked of for Charleston
will not fall to the ground.
A Southern Immigration Associ
ation is looming into prominence,
and Charleston is spoken.of as be
ing a favorable depot for this Castle
Garden. If this be accomplished
the South will no longer be subject
to the gross frauds committe :1 by
the North.
-Fron the Elberton, Ga., New south.
On Christmas day three old gen
tiemien, one a Methodist, another a
Baptist, and the other a Presbyte
rian, all met at the little Town of
Bowman, on the Elberton Air'Line
Railroad, and being old friends re
peat.edly joined in a social glass
until the spirits so animated them
that-one of them suggested that
they shd all do something to
enjoy Christmas, in which all three
readily concurred, provided they
did not transcend or violate the dis
cipline of the various churches.
The Baptist said that there was
nothing in the discipline of his
church that prohibited "singing,''
the Methodist said that he knew
nothing in the discipline of his that
prohibited "patting," and the Pres
byterian said that his church had
legalized dancing, and so the Bap
tist commenced singing, the Metho
dist patting and the Presbyterian
dancing, and thus enjoyed them
selves in the streets for an hour or<
more, when they mutually agreed<
to suspend in order to join in an
other glass and sweet repose in the
srms of Morpheus.
When you suffer from dyspepsia,
heartburn, malarial affections, kid- 1
ney disease, liver complaint and t
other wasting diseases. When you
wish to enrich the blood and purify 1
the system generally. When you 4
wish to remove all feeling of weak
ness, lack of energy, try a bottle ofi
Brown's Iron Bitters and see how
greatly it will benefit you. It sur
passes all known remned es as an
enricher of the bkcod and a perfect
regulator of the various bodily
functions. Ask your druggist.
Amos D. Lockwood died of heart I
disease, at Providence, R. L. on the 1
16th inst. He was one of the lead- t
ing manufacturers of the country. t
He was a mill engineer and, we I
think, drew the plans of the New- 'I
berry Cotton Mill and was a stock- ?
holder. He had also stock in other e
mills in various parts of the State. y
He is said to have been 65 or 70 il
years of age.
He had just returned from his
summer vacatio.n, and describing a
he beauties of mountain scenery t<
to a lady friend, he asked: "Have~
vo ever seen the Cats-kill-neoun
bains ?" aad she anz.wered : "No !
bu I have seen the Bulls-cough
syrup !"
J. Elbert Wells, Esq., lately soldd
Lis place near Johnston. Edgefield ~
County, to Messrs. M. B. Timmer
an and H. Jackson, and removed
with his family to Montmorenci,
Aiken County. He bought a farme
:f 523 acres at Montmorenci forC
LYNCHBURG, YA., January 11,- n
1rs. Carr, wife of a farmer of si
oonsborough, Bedford County, ti
ommitted suicide to-day by shoot- tr
ng herself through the head in the 'ti
resence of her two children. f
____-- ti
Mr. A. J. Merchant, St. Ge'es, tc
4 C,says: "I used Brown's aro w
itters to; decrepitude. It has w
Savannah has 312 liquqr dealers,
od Savannah folks are not happy.
Florida Strawberries sell in New
ork now-for $5.00 per quart.
The Saluda River was frozen en
rely over during the late severe:
"Rockinsaw"is the negroes' prom
;ed land.
Young Nutt, who shot Dukes, is
plead emotional insanity.
Chicago on the 30th December
ad a $500,000 fire.
Corn sold at a late sale in Barn
rell Co., -from 63 to 73 cents per
The number of students in the S.
College is one hundred and
inety one.
In the present Congress there are
5 Confederates, and 65 Federal,
Who is Col. "J. Jownes Robert
on" of Abbeville, who proposes to
nter the congressional race.
The new comet may now be seen
y the naked eye after sunset, near
he Star Vega.
All importations of hog meats
oto France will be absolutely-pro
Libited after January 20th, 1884.
A New York Lawyer shqt himself
ast week. No doubt he was a con
cientious fellow.
Greenwood is in trouble about
heir Post-office. A good man is
hbont to be removed and a drunken
kegro put in his place.
Congressman Reid of Maine
reighs over 300 pounds. No one
an doubt but that he has "weight"
n that body.
Col. J. Gadsden King of Atlanta,
xa. originally of Charleston, S. C.
vas in our city last week, looking
kfter insurance matters.
The cellars under the new city
iall of Philadelphia are the largest
.n America, their area being four
nd one half acres.
The New York World has tabu
lated the "Stealings for 1883" and
inds the amount to be $30,380,00,
with Banks a little a head, State
rreasures coming in last.
A Pennsylvania man froze to the
ozzle of a hydrant the other day.
[U any thing should freezb to some
>f our people's mouths, they would
bardly call it a hydrant.
A Census of Southern Editors
shows two Captains, seventeen
Mayors, seven Generals and 1,826
Colonels. No privates and none
below the rank of Captain.
The Chinese pay annually $154,
752,000 to quiet the spirits of their
ancestors.-But Americans pay three
times that amount every year for
spirits, and the more they get the
"worse quiet" they are.
On Christmas Eve and about 11
>'clock p. mn., ,Gen. Grant had a
severe fall on the side-walk in New
York. If it had been an Irishmnan,
the cause would at once be sus
A Company has been formed in
Greenville to Manufacture ice.
They expect to make ten tons of
ice daily. They will keep cool
next Summer, but they will take it
with mint, a long straw and
something else.
The Chi.cago Times says : Hardly
a greater evil can befall a member
:f the human family than having
aore money than he knows what to
lo with. Well, that is one evil
rom the effects of' which this por
ion of the country is not likely to
mffer soon.
The fine steamer City of Colum-~
Mns, plying* between Boston and
Savannah, was wrecked on Friday
ast while on her way to the latter
~ity. The loss of life is dreadful,
)ut of a p)assenger list of 80 cabin
md 22 steerage, one third of whom
vere ladies and children, and 45
~rew, one bundred and nineteen
vere lost. Horrible to contemplate.
A wagon load of butter that had
ravelled from Allegany Co. N. C.
o Newberry, Columbia and Cam
en, in this State without finding a
>urchaser, was sold at auction in
3harlotte the other day at frm 6}
o 8 cents a pound. It is probable
t was nearly strong enough to
tand alone when it was sold. We
~now it was pretty stout.
We are informed that the erigi
eer on the Augusta and Knoxville
~ailroad, discovered -a three year
ld child tied to the track of the
~ailroad below McCormick last
hursday while on his downward
rip. By the greatest effort the
rain was stopped just in time to
>revent the crushing of 'the child
ao a shapeless,mass. The child
as taken on board the train and
arried to Augusta, but it was too
oung to g,ive any information as to
ts name or its parentage.
A colored citizen who had been
D school was -reading the News andI
ourier, when his eyes fell on an
dvertisement "Wanted, A Woman
, Cook, His eyes protruded whiles
e ejaculated, my golly gracious am
seat dat scase in Charleston, den I
on't wundur at nigers wantin' to
it outen dis country, umph ! You
eber gits dis nigas hed set tords
at place whar da wonts to cook
'immen foks, my grashus !
The city of Columbia was visited
y a disastrous fire on Monday
ight last. It took place in the
egant jewelry establishment of
apt. R. N. Richburg, whose store
as gutted, but the valuabl estock
wed. Several other storek were
ore or less damaged and some
'xoek burned, but considering the
me of nignt, 11 o'clock, the ex
-eme cold, and other circumstances,
ze damage was not great. Our|
end Capt. Wyley, the great clo
der seems to be peculiarly subject
>fire. The losst o his stock by water
as about 500. The building in
hich the fire occurred is owned by
For the Cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Bronchitis,Croup, Influ
enza, Asthma, Whooping Cough, In
cipient Consumption and for the re
liefofconsumuptive persons in advan
ced stages of the Disease. For Sale
by all Druggists.-Price, 25 Cents.
April 1-84.
I an row prepared to furnish First
Class Board, without lodgings, to
young men and old men. -Fare good,
and charges low. Ditner furnished to
cC.Atry men at 25 cents each.
Desiring to devote our more exclu
sive attention to the practice of The
Law-we have sald out our Insurance
Business and good will to E. A. Scott,
and bespeak for him the liberal Pa
tronage extended to us.
Having purchased the Fire Iusur
ance Business and good will of Messrs.
31ower & Jones, and representing
First Class Co's., only, a . hare of The
Insurance Patronage of the public will
be appreciated.
Also Agent Equitable Life Insur
ance Society. Cash Assets Fiffty Mil
lion Dollars. Polices Incontestible,
nQ Forfeitable. No unpaid Claims on
her books.
Citizens of Newberry-among her
njost prudent Professional and Busi
ness men hold Life Policies in Equita
ble for over 820,000 a wise provision
for their Families in the future.
4-5t. Fire and Life Ins. Agent.
The News and Courier has arranged, by
cable, for the publication in the Weekly
News, of a new novel by Miss M. E. Brad
eon, the author of Dead-Sea Fruit, Lady
Audley's Secret, Aurora Floyd. and a large
number of other popular novels. Ishmael.
the lat-t work of Miss Braddon, promises
to be as absorbing in interest as any of its
predecessors, ana will and largely there
fore, to the attractions of the Weekly News.
Miss Braddon. beyond paredventure. is
the strongest of the novelists of the sensa
tional school, and now doing her best liter
ary work.
The publication of Ishmnael in the Weekly
News will take place at the same time as
its publication weekly in England. The
opening chapters. printed here from ad
vance sheets, will appear on January 30th,
and the s:ory will run or twenty-six weeks.
Long before the publication of the sketches
entitled "Our Women in thu War" will have
begux. These sketches are expected to be
conp.aued during-the whole of the present
year. --
Business transactions, though the parties
he thousand of miles from each othecr, are
quickly completed in these days. in the
morning, Ishmael was offered to the News
and Courier by the English publishers.
The terms being satisfactory, the propcsi
tion was accepted by a cablegranm which
was dispaitched from Charleston between
eleven oclock and noon. Before 3 P. M1. a
cablegram was received from England an
nouncing the completion of the bargain,
and giving the name of the new story.
.The price of the Weekly News is $2 a year.
Five copies ordered at the same time $9.25;
ten copies $17,50. Clubbing price, $1.50 a
W1ant it for 1584. The Amer ican Agricul
turist to-day is better than ever before. We
have increased our corps of Editors and
Artists, enlarged and added to all our de
partments. until the Periodical is now the
recognized leading Agricultural Journal of
the world, presenting in every issue 100 col
umns of Original read ing iatter irom the
ablest writers, and nearly 100 Original I1
lustrations. It is to the interest of every
one' whose subscription has expired, or who
changing his place of residence, or moving
West, has for time being dropped out of
our Army of Subscribers, to
aCome Back
adaccept of our Unparalleled Offer of the
For 1884. A $1.00 Periodical.
1000 IllustratIons.
Mrris' 11i1.9 Superb Plate Engraving.
Dupre's 12x17 Superb Plate~i
In- place of the Dictionary.
ALL FOR $1.70
two 2-cen:t stamps for a Sample copy. andI
see what a wander'u p)aper it is now. Ad
dress '
08ANG JIJI)D & 09. David WV. Judd, Prest.
liITCI PIL8---Symptems aud Cure. -
The systems are moisture, like perspira.
tion, intense itching, increased by scratch-I
Ing, very distressing, particularly atn ight;j
seems as it pin-worms were erawling in andi
about the rectum : the private parts are
souietime~s affected. If allowed to cont inue1
very serious results may follow.'SWA YN E'
OINT MlENT' is a pleasant, sure cure. Also,
for Tetter. Itch, Salt-Rheum, scaled-Ilea.
Erysipelas. Barbers' itch. Blotehes, r7...
scaly, erusty Skin Diseases. Box. hvrN
50 ets.; 3 tor $1.25. Address, D?P~.
& SON, Philada., Pa. Sold by D.g
Notlee of Final Settle.
taeo re.Epting in teP
bate Court foj'deiwberry Count #
., on 3Monday eQ 11th day f G
try A. D. 1881, ani'm fldltin give
siter apply for a in new b
Quardian of said estat'e, tian Sith
Jan. 9th, 1884 GarC.....rE
roilet Article. Restores growth. t
ioss, and softness- Removes Dand
sistocratic families ot Great Britian e
erfumed. Te faost f ghin At
arggtsts for Bs ljd, or 35 cts. in U. S.
Wengyo comne t go to Win
OffWinter Stoc lus Igo!
For the next g days we will
sell all heavy weight
As everyx one wel knows we have the
we have [since our opening] always
led in styles and prices, we still pro
poe felto keepup our reputation and
discount any bill,bought in ewberry,
provided first class goods are taken
into consideration.
We also have a JOB LOT of
Which we will close out at and below
COST. These Hats are allright in
every respect, and it is only tomake
t out at such a great sacrifice.
a ore the best and
lesirable goo
n Piaa~E
uilinus cllb. BEJUE J
;SG. E
Tow-NsiP No. 1.
2 buildings, 1 lot,assessed in name
of Elizabeth C. Boland, EAt.
155 acres, 3 buildings, assessed in I
name of Rev. J. C. Boy d. i
1 lot, 2 buildinpp, assessed in name
of Wade H. Coleman.
I lot, I building, assessed in namne of
Mrs. E. K. Dickert.
1 lot, assessed in name of W. H. I
1 lot, 1 building, assessed in name of
Charles L. Gary. -.
I lot, 2 buildings, assessed in name
of Maggie E. Harrington.
1 lot, 2 buildings, assessed in name
of James A. Henderson.
1 lot, I building, assessed in name of
Willson Jone..
1 lot, 3 buildin gs, assessed in name
of Emaline H. Kinard.
I lot, 1 building, assessed in name of
Jame3 Maff'ett, Est.
1 lot, 1 building, assessed in name of
Amy Schumpert.
1 lot, 1 building. assessed in namne of
Jane Simpkins.
1 lot, I building, asseSsed in name of1
Nancy Wicker, Est.
100 acres, assessed in name of Luc*,n
da Brooks.
2 acres, 1 building, assessed in name
of Malinda C:merou.
189 acres, 6 buildings, assessed in
name of George Felkman.
117 acres, assessed in name of George
W. Felkman.
53 acres, assessed in name of Miry
30 acres, assetsed in name of F. H.
Whitne. - -
90 acres, 1 building, assessed in name
of Amanda C. Harman.
120 acre, 2 buildings, assessed in
name of Mselvina Wilson,
183 acres, 2 buildings, assessed. in
name of Ailey Whitman.
TOWNsHIp No. 6.
16 acres, assessed in name of Nancy
E. Lake.
1 buildi ngs, asessed in name of .
of CJarys. Hnesn
10 lacresiln, assessed in name ofal
15 lacrebilns, assessed in nameed
10 lot, buildins, assessed ineo
James ofett ES. Wls
18 lot, 1 buiding, assessed in name
12 nere 1 buildin g assessed i neo
Jne ofiRbecaiAbams
19 acre, 1 building assessed ineo
Oxncyecrr. Et
10 acr, assessed in name of Llyn
20 acres 1 buildings, assessed in m
naeof Mary E.erri. -
18 acelotidig, assessed innaeo.So.D
Epstein.eog elmn
11 aes1bin, assessed in namerg
of Filinawns.
53 acres,2bidns, assessed in nm fMr
Gnn. fDvi ilr
30 acres, assessed in name of Fn. H.
Whicres. asesdi am fJ el
90 acres,1bdn, assessed in namewn
of AMoore . H mn
180 acres 2 building, assessed in m
nam Lago na ilStomn.
13 acres, 2 building, assessed n'
naeof ily Whitmer.
2 acrs,bulg assess ae of ac
250 acres, assesediae of Samely
18 45iares.s~sdiniaeo Red
of acrs bidns,i assssesin
58 acres, 1 building, assesse nm
of nbcainefra.mmr.am
~21a70s acrelins, assessdi
999 acres, ilns assessedi
nae oftoa E et and pathapecdig
1l,asessed iniam of uc<l
30 pare,y buidigs taxesedn i
nmofMyEe ick.r ' -esrro
E. .psryC t hs fi
2Co, udnt, assessedins n
Cace, uints,gg anlesse sidnt
ments of d suchKibler.
thLatm,hnao ayun
tinus.asesed n1 nae part J f Iel
4ar s, olssd in nae of Lawsor
35 cre, 1bildin, asese hitns n
off Demor forWheeler,
2 lots,Y4 buadn,s asetesi.,
of . eny heldeyr.gsu
25ares ase 1siMna n F
-, fS Nac. Crme.st
Savannah Morninga NeWst
On the 1at of January theSana
SORNING NEWS made a new d
:>urnalism in' this State, On that ega
o send a paper,
neluding its mammoth eight-page Sn
dttion. "to ever subscriber to tts
dition." The subscription price
he same, viz., $10 a year, or $5fo
In the fature as In the past the Xo
qEws will svipport The National Do=
Sarty, and anvocate the principles at
iwill boe, as It has been always,
lent of all plitical or person*lkal
Ather local, State or nainal. It WIl
Inue to atvocate a reduction of the Uztff
oeanse it believes tat the best IntereOWs
f the le will be served persuch -r
Inetion. It its coluns the ites"w
re all parts of the world will be fond.'
Special attention will be gfen to theZ"
ews of this St&te, Florida and South -
ina. Each departmient will be rfny.
dited. and the aim will be Itproreo
ind a higher standard of excoee
No expense willbe spared toi m
karowKn NEws the mostrnale
ind progressive newEspexi eOtt
nItwllWbe s iths eny I,
xcept the Augusta"Chronieeazid Cl
.utionallst"P which takes therAC
iupplemental Associated Press
rhe special dispatches and co
f the peonp7e NEws will be
Fear than ever before.
raily, by male or oty delifory,d7
das in the week . . .......... o
>aily, by mail only, Monda Wedne~s-.
day and FiSat, or Tan, Thurs
day and Satr day.... ................
MEEKLY NEWS ..... ...ost ---...
J. H. ESTILL Proprietor
A utIEnat whicd tae the rn a
[ spelaiat and rMlOe &D d
Wine-contno OpEuWa will efulr tosl
w. ian vrecom orie
Daly bymahl, cork:t=304Or,
dTeethn CHenk . .... *0
Daily byftl"nl,MVa', W AdMe
o a and Erday r. edonson Ta
dayiade....Sc. an..o...
E3. e.STP0LLrophit00 -
as.CFloydS andF Thos.A
boesta,hte nddaen tormedui hous nh
elleatsy Newbrrya Cmon Feru
ide,alof thd r ae a ia an a pe-~
ai actlerpnt n hanmes tate Uakorsid,T
aninontann Opumnd wiunded bymud
ate. S alyrcmne leSaa mes-'- -
dTermsn Cdrn
Prie an. nOL
al Dusisaen Da-r i Stewher
n Ta eEIQnot B own mIOthO the EETHis u
populAa deterg Fn -III Tryg -toe n
seinEBorR saleNbyW. C.FI
Ja. .. lodan hosAleD
Byvirteo n xct ed,u I -l
esate sted aet d ouveno ihta
st r scona Notiedis ry toae hupionth
esar to84 et'tblewnt n1(' ile deesd in~ th
nd asess- L e of ~ Da fdo robtefr e
Nebher berry, Cuntyd an.0d thti
e amingi onef Febury bonde uynd5son
aimeore ornds Ex OA . . ongsBLE,"
illhb ecn- Dr'~ CC S-e1LER.
tt hal e Exeeof Ja en o JDvidKi. e
Ray,e.D-r dc es.Alone(ri~
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